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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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back in jail. george zimmerman an inmate once again after a judge revokes his bail in florida. good evening, everyone. i'm chris gordon. we begin with that developing story out of florida. zimmerman turning himself in just before 2:00 p.m. he's charged with second degree murder for shooting trayvon martin in february. jay gray has the new details. >> reporter: after six weeks, george zimmerman is back in jail tonight. >> he is quiet and cooperative. >> reporter: the 28-year-old who shot and killed trayvon martin
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turned himself in on sunday, two days after judge kenneth lester revoked his bond. >> i find that good cause exists based upon the material misrepresentations that the court relied upon. >> reporter: the decision came after prosecutors argued that during his initial bond hearing, zimmerman and his wife hid the fact that they had raised money for his defense through a website. >> he was misleading, and i don't know what other words to use other than it was a blatant lie. >> reporter: the zimmerman's attorney countered saying it was an omission, not a blatant lie. >> why was it today that it was discussed and why did he forward all the money i asked him to forward the day we asked him to forward it. >> reporter: zimmerman is charged with second degree murder of trayvon martin. they said the bond ruling questions that he acted in self-defense the night the teenager was killed. >> the credibility is the major issue and we think it's the most
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important ruling so far in this entire case. >> certainly there is a credibility question that now needs to be sort of rehabilitated by explaining away what they were thinking when they did what they did, if that's what happened. >> reporter: an explanation the defense hopes to offer judge lester in a new bond hearing they will ask for in the next few days. jay gray, news4. the national weather service now confirms at least nine twisters touched down in maryland on friday. three were in montgomery county, two in carroll county, and anne run dell counties saw two twisters each. estimated wind speeds of 86 to 110 miles an hour. well, nice and sunny here in washington on this sunday evening, but some unsettled weather could be moving in during the week ahead. meteorologist kim artucci is in
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storm center4 with a first look at the forecast. hi, kim. >> good evening. a few spots have seen showers today. in washington, d.c., showers for the afternoon. you can see them moving south and east. i'm going to zoom in on the northern neck of west virginia. we don't like to leave you guys out, colonial beach. this is going to skirt by extreme southern maryland, but i'm also watching this line, chris. look up to the north. these storms have a warning on them. they're going to be affecting north central maryland and the baltimore area probably by 8:00 down into the baltimore area. it will probably weaken by then, but if you have plans to drive up 95 in the next hour or sorks you'll -- so, you'll be running into this rain. >> all right, kim, see you then. back in april a security guard placed himself in harm's way during a brutal attack at a daycare center. that security guard was severely injured and is still recovering. news4's derek ward spoke with his family today.
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>> 18-year-old jaylen farmer is still recovering from his injuries. his vision may never be what it was before the fateful day in april when he was beat with a baseball bat at this daycare center. his hopes for a pro football career remain up in the air, but those who know him say he has touched more lives than he may know. he showed up at this daycare center asking to use the phone. when he was told he couldn't, he became violent. he wrestled it from him and was attacked. the man grabbed his car keys and escaped, only to be caught later in the day. the staff said what he did was nothing but heroic. he put himself between a threat and young children. for that they're all grateful. >> when this occurred, there were 18 four-year-olds practicing for graduation. they were looking at him and the only thing they kept saying was
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it was a jay leno day. >> the path way to sports was averted on the road to recovery. >> he said, i'm going to make all of you proud of me one day. >> he has a big heart. he looks out for everybody. >> reporter: and especially the children he protected that day. >> would anyone else have put themselves out for the children like that? i can't say they would have. >> reporter: meanwhile, the waldorf jaycees are putting together an appreciation dinner for jay in july. the proceeds will go to fund his recovery. >> he's coming along. he has a long road ahead of him. a woman had a rude awakening when a car came crashing through her bedroom window. it happened early this morning at the chestnut ridge apartments in riverdale. a car jumped the curb and crashed into a ground-level apartment. after it happened, a neighbor went to help the woman who lives
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in that unit. >> she was disoriented. >> is her bed by the window, by any chance? >> yeah, her head was right by the window. >> both the woman who lives in the apartment and a second person went to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. well, tonight police say they've arrested a man in connection with a deadly shooting in south d.c. it happened overnight in the 1100 block of chicago street southeast. police identified the victim as 32-year-old henry miller. a short time after the shooting, officers arrest aid succeed a s northeast washington. they've identified him as 48-year-old david allen shepherd. now to the race for the white house. following the latest unemployment numbers, the obama and romney campaigns are once again dueling over jobs.
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last month's 69,000 jobs were more than expected. both sides are fighting over what it will take to get the economy moving again. >> this past week brought discouraging jobs numbers. and in an election that's going to be all about the economy, mitt romney's campaign says the buck stops with president obama. >> the problem is this administration and this president, policies are hostile to job creators. >> reporter: the white house is blaming congress. >> these are the architects of obstruction and now they're complaining about the pace of the recovery. >> reporter: in his weekly address, president obama said congress has been sitting on his jobs ideas since september. >> there's no excuse for that. not when so many people are still looking for work. not when so many people are still struggling to pay the bills. >> reporter: the white house wants to raise taxes on the rich. republicans in congress say no way and that the president is risking a $500 billion tax increase for everyone.
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some have called it taxmageddon. make no mistake. every single working american will see his or her taxes go up on january 1st absent action. >> an election year standoff over an economy that's barely moving. the white house is pointing to 27 straight months of jobs creation, but republicans are focusing back on last month and an uptick in unemployment. brian moore, news4. good news at the gas pumps. prices continue to fall. the national for a gallon of regular is 3.55. that's down 21 cents since last month. here in the district, an average for a gallon of gas is still above that at $3.72. in maryland it's down to an average of $3.51, and in virginia, it's all the way down to an average of 3.39 dlf$3.39, factor being crude oil prices that have dropped 20% since may
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1st. he spent close to ten years watching families feud. >> 100 people surveyed, top five answers on the board. here's the question. >> after thousands of kisses, richard dawson is dead at the age of 79. plus the important document release that could uncover new details about the watergate break-in. and millions of spectators look on as the diamond jubilee
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more than 150 people are presumed dead after a passenger jet crashed in nigeria's largest city. the plane went down in a densely populated neighborhood in legas today. it careened into a furniture store before stopping in an apartment building. officials say all passengers were killed. and there are likely more casualties on the ground. it is still unclear why the plane crashed. the justice department is willing to unseal some documents related to the watergate scandal. a history professor requested access. he thinks the materials could help answer questions about the break-in that led to president nixon's resignation. the government says it is not against unsealing the documents. now the professor says he'll ask a judge how to proceed.
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legendary tv game show host richard dawson has passed away. he died late last night in los angeles after a battle with cancer. dawson hosted family feud and was famous for kissing all of the female contestants on that show. a producer for the show estimated that during his tenure of nine years, he kissed about 20,000 people. well, before family feud, he appeared as a prisoner of war on hogan's heroes. richard dawson was 79 years old. a celebration on the tems. queen elizabeth and hundreds of spectators take part in the flotilla. a beautiful day today, but some unsettled weather moving in for the work week.
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the pageantry continues across the pond today to mark queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. the queen sailed down the tems river leading a 1,000-boat flotilla. it marks the queen's 60th anniversary on the throne. also on the boat, her grandson prince william, his wife kate and grandson prince harry. some spent the day at the queen
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vic. that's a traditional pub on h street in washington. there was plenty of good food, and of course plenty of beer. in the days ahead, our own doug kammerer is head to go london to cover all the festivities. look for his live reports tomorrow on news4 at 5:00. >> that's going to be a lot of fun. i can't wait to see doug there. living vi cacariously. >> you said earlier look up to the north. >> yes, it looks like storms are marching our way. but before i tell you about the rain coming in, i had no idea there was a school in the navy yard. some of those clouds did grow into a random thunderstorm or two, and i've got them all for you. 79 is where we are at reagan
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national. look at that bone dry humidity at 35%, west winds blowing at 10 miles an hour. i am tracking thunderstorms moving from the north right now into maryland and they'll probably be in the baltimore area by 8:00. if you're running down 95, you'll run into these storms by 8:00, and i suppose the fredricksburg area will be looking at weather moving in, too. everyone is looking at 50s for the overnight low. we also have a stray thunderstorm, not severe, over the northern neck of virginia. it's straddling the potomac river here, and it's going to squeeze by southern maryland, but up here this is a line i'm tracking for you, again, diving southeast at about 30 miles an hour, and the timing would be, again, generally speaking by 8:00 right around here and we're watching these storms north of hagerstown and frederick to be skirting down as well. so stormy times ahead. i expect this line to weaken as it continues to move south and east, but right now we did have a few warnings up here with
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these storms east of harrisburg toward york county, pennsylvania. all of this is being triggered by an upper level low. all of these things take a while to move so our weather will be unsettled for several days moving through the week. 72 in manassas. showers moving around in that cool pocket of air aloft. but this is next weekend's weather warmup, so we have to just get through this week of unsettled times. not a good week to wash the car by any stretch. you will see the sunshine, but that will lead to showers. that's just how this forecast will go. this evening we have the storms across our north, and we'll be seeing temperatures ease back into the 60s. by the morning, 50s and 60s with mostly cloudy skies, just a stray shower. and tomorrow we'll do it all over again, but probably just some isolated storms. extending that forecast and looking ahead with me through the next seven days, it's unsettled and cooler than average. our average high is around 80. notice during the work week
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we're in the 70s, but next weekend looks like a keeper for all the graduation ceremonies going on around the area. >> today felt like new england. there was no humidity, just a few raindrops. thank you, kim. coming up in sports tonight, the nats get a boost from an unlikely source. plus, tiger woods
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we saw the eye of the tiger in his big smile in the back nine today. >> it was good to see it again. this kind of came out of nowhere. since he won the arnold palmer, he's tied for 40th twice and missed the cut once. but at the memorial today, a different story. we all know about jack nicklaus. he has the one record tiger hasn't shattered. his record is four more than tiger's, a fact made more incredible when tiger plays in the memorial, jack's tournament. though it wasn't the memorial this weekend, it was tiger's last chance to gain momentum this weekend. tiger came into the round just four strokes off the lead. 16th hole, tiger was one shot back from leader rory sabatini, and watch this. from the rough, i think it's
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safe to say tiger is back. in the hole, that vintage pump. that moves tiger into the lead at 8 under. at 18, there's jack nicklaus looking on. tiger in sole possession in the lead at this point. a 4-hole putt and he finishes in style. tiger shoots a 5 under 67. he finishes the tournament at 9 under and wins the memorial for the fifth time in his career. to baseball one month after steven stratford was named nfl pitcher of the month for april. junior gonzalez has been awarded the honor for the month of may. also announced today, brice harper is the nl rookie of the month for may. looking to keep the pace in june facing another dominant starter, tommy hanson. but not so much today. in the bottom of the 1st,
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mundozi takes it deep to right. that is his first career home run. check out the nats dugout, that's cold. the silent treatment. then they come in and congratulate him. brice harper gets in on the action. a moon shot in the upper deck. the kids loved it. look at the harper eye black. this is the season for brice. nats up, 2-0. jason hayward batting with the bases loaded and he delivers. a base hit past the diamond e in desmond. braves take a 3-2 lead. gonzalez was pulled just after 4 2/3 earnings. bottom of the 8th, after mundozi and harper walked to start the inning, comes up short. grounds in the 4-6-3 double play. zimmerman now 4 of the last 8. nationals have lost four of
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their last five games. here's brice harper after the game. >> we had a great game, and we just tried to do a little too much in certain situations, i think, and it was just stuff that happened, so nothing we can do about it. >> the positive about it is you look at our bullbepen. they came in and kept us going as long as possible. they were fighting. you see that sign of life and showing they want to compete and they're going out there trying to get you a win, it's a positive thing for me. >> let's go to sunny florida. gorgeous beaches in st. petersburg, but the orioles were inside tropicana field playing the rays. matt weeder tagged matt moore. orioles starter jake arietta after walking three batters and loading the bases in the 5th, he's facing b.j. at the dish.
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b.j. slices one up the third baseline. two runs come in. rays go up 4-2. they go on to win this one 8-4 and they take 2 of 3 from the orioles. arietta drops to 2 and 7 this season. let's go to nascar and the fedex 400 just a few hours away there. hendrick motorsports have dominated the sprint cup series so far. they won four consecutive races. hendrick's latest winner, five-time nascar champion jimmie johnson. today they were at dover international speedway. the patriotic flyover. tony stewart in the 14 car. he tackles the 83 car and then stewart is hit by reagan smith. he's in the 78 car. those two crash on the inside wall there on turn 2, and that causes a chain reaction behind them. 13 cars are involved. it is the biggest accident of
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the season and the crash brings out a 20-minute red flag, the first in the last eight races. there's jimmie johnson. he wasn't touched in the crash. he led for 289 laps of this race, including the last 76, and he is your winner. it is johnson's seventh career victory at dover. going back to tiger, how much fun was that watching it in the newsroom? >> since he's coming to town, great fun. >> he's going to be here for the congressional. we'll be there for sure. we'll be back here at 11:00. hope you are, too. good night.
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