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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  June 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a deadly accident wils kills a woman and a child. the late night murder at a metro station. the new information we're learning this morning about the shooting. good morning, everyone, welcome to "news4 today," i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang today. it's wednesday, june 6. glad you could join us. taking a live look outside, a nice, crisp start to our wednesday morning. that sun is spectacular. i think there's a bug on the camera. he wants to enjoy the great day. >> wants it soak up the rays and feel the worm that's coming later on. >> that's right. a beautiful start. the air is fresh and cool, thanks to a large circulation over eastern new england. that area of low pressure giving us this northerly flow. it's been bringing down the cool air, and it's going to continue to be with us throughout the morning hours. it's also, as it comes into somewhat milder area, triggering a few showers south of washington, getting sprinkles
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now in southern fairfax county to near mt. vernon, then it breaks up a bit down 95 toward fredericksburg. a patch of some light rain there west of fredericksburg over near warrenton, south of culpeper. that's drifting east. getting heavier downpours in north carolina. those will stay well to the south. leak at the areas in dark green. those are areas in the 50s. the areas in blue are in the 40s. look at this, north and west of washington, much of maryland in the 40s. out into western maryland and the highlands of west virginia, as well. quite an unusual chill here for june 6. 59 at reagan national. day planner, still on the cool side through mid morning. a lot of cloudiness. by noontime, chance of a shower, south and west fe. otherwise, partly sunny, a chance of a thundershower. we ought to reach the mid 70s by mid-afternoon. another hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella's here with a look at traffic.
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good morning. good morning, thanks. traveling up i-270, we'll take the trip together. i am seeing delays for you southbound from 85 as you make your way toward clarksburg road, 121. here's a live look passing 109. you know how much slow this gets. i'll give you a live look from chopper. really after you make your way past clarksburg through germantown all the way to the spur here, southbound lanes, they're open. not bad at all heading from germantown to the beltway. traveling along i-95 in virginia, i have your commute up next. we're going to talk delays. a live look from backlick road. you see the volume increasing, but again, we'll get into details in ten minutes. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, danella. a frightening accident overnight leaves a woman and child dead in fairfax, virginia. you see the aftermath. this happened around 11:00 on lee highway at germantown road. tracee wilkins live with more. >> reporter: good morning. now that we have sunlights, you
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can see the markings left by investigators. you can see how far the car went out of the lane, striking another vehicle. we have an update from police. the 6-year-old girl is deceased. and police say that that 6-year-old girl was not properly restrained for her height and her age. an 8-year-old girl is in very critical condition after undergoing a number of surgeries. their mother, a 28-year-old woman, was pronounced dead on the scene. let me show what it looked like earlier in the evening. there was a honda civic traveling east on lee highway, carrying one woman and two children. police say that civic sideswiped an suv on lee highway, then hit a honda van trying to make a left-hand turn to go west. the driver of the van had to be rescued and pulled out of his van. police say the accident ended when the civic hit a median, knocked over a sign and came to rest in the eastbound lanes of lee highway. the driver, the mother, was
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pronounced dead. she was inside of that civic and so was one of her daughters, also pronounced dead there. the second child is still undergoing surgery. again, in critical condition. the 38-year-old man driving the honda van is in critical condition, as well, and is still in surgery. a man who who came to the scene after hearing the accident. he described it as a loud boom that he could hear from quite a distance away describes what it was like when he got here. >> an event people will never forget. every time they drive by this area. you know, it was a horrific scene to -- to even drieft pave let alone actually see happen. a memory that will never fade. >> reporter: the speed limit here is about 45 miles per hour. fairfax city police say that witnesses are reporting that this mother was going two to three times faster than that speed limit. they are still investigating to figure out why, but they say
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that speed definitely played a part in this crash. no information yet on any possibility of drug or alcohol use. reporting live in fairfax city, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. the southern avenue metro station is open this morning. while police search for the gunman who shot and killed a man there last night. the shots rang out around 9:30 at a bus stop outside of the station in temple hills. police say a man who appeared to be in his 40s was shot in the head. he died on the scene. witnesses say the gunman took off and ran through the station. police have just a vague description of the suspect. 6:05. wisconsin governor scott walker survived a bitterly fought recall effort and will stay in office. the republican defeated challenger tom barrett, milwaukee's democratic mayor. walker told supporters his vic industry an affirmation of political courage. >> voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. [ cheers ]
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>> the recall challenge was the result of governor walker's divisive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers last year. walker is the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall election. president obama heads west today to hold fundraisers in san francisco and los angeles. the president also scheduled to speak this evening at the lbgt leadership council gala in los angeles. he helped create the group five years ago too help the gay community organize and raise money. the gay community has rallied against the president since he came out in favor of same-sex marriage last month. mitt romney added to his delegate total despite having enough to win the republican presidential nomination. the former massachusetts governor one five primaries yesterday. he won in california, new jersey, south dakota, new mexico, and montana. just one primary remains, utah holds its primary later this month. a major blow for al qaeda. that's when the white house is calling the death of the terror
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group's second in command. abu alibi was killed monday in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan. he was the operational leader and general manager of al qaeda and considered media savvy and charismat im. he was considered a -- charismatic. he was considered a hero because of an escape from an american military prison. maryland's largest casino is ready for business. maryland live opening to the public at 10:00 tonight. the casino at the arundel mills mall covers more than three football fields with slot machines, restaurants, and the traditional retail space. the opening celebration will connect events on the plaza connecting it to the mall. a former redskin becomes the first professional football player to publicly announce he's gay. the rough ride for the shuttle "enterprise." it as way to the final resting stop. the story behind this
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picture. leaving a lot of people in disbelief. >> we're off to a cool start this wednesday.
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singer sheryl crow has a brain tumor. the 50-year-old told fans at a concert. she said she found out last year when she was worry good her memory. she had an mri done that found the rare tumor. crow battled breast cancer several years ago. we started would have some clouds this morning. tom, looking at the skyline, i like where this is going. >> yeah. beautiful in washington. points south getting sprinkles. cloudy now. storm 4 radar showing this moving area of green. those are just light sprinkles now culpeper to fauquier, prince william, charles county, and the
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eastern shore between oxford to cambridge. these are drifting off to the east. south of the metro area. and we'll have as we look here at the storm 4 hometown forecast, college park, by noontime could have more showers popping up there in prince george's county. near 70. during the afternoon, reaching low to mid 70s. could get showers and thundershowers popping up by late afternoon. maybe lingering into the evening, in the 60s by then. this time tomorrow morning, another cool start. back down to the 50s as we start off thursday morning. but warming up for the end of the week and the weekend, your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? not so nice on i-95. traveling from virginia, let's start with the first set of delays out of stafford. slow pretty much northbound the entire way. continuing past dale city, just want to show you the slow spot here. again, making your way past route 1, slow as you head to the beltway. i want to show you the fairfax county parkway, a live look now. you're heavy on the brakes in this area. your average speed, 37 miles per hour. taking 37 minutes now to get
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from quantico to the beltway. angie and aaron, back to you. >> thank you. a former redskin becomes the first nfl player to say he is gay. and watch what happens when a graduation ceremony goes wrong. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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so, where to next? "planned parenthood we'res gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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with gold bond intensive healing cream. it targets the underlying causes of itch and irritation. gold bond. intensive healing for lasting relief. that wasn't supposed to happen. a choreographed dance number complete with differs gone as planned at a high school graduation in florida. hundreds of family members were sitting in the bleachers when a wayward fivework exploded under them during the commencement. six people suffered minor injuries. the local fire department was in charge of the fireworks display. 6:16. this morning the space shuttle
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"enterprise" set to begin the final leg of its journey to its new home. let's hope today goes better than sunday when the shuttle floated down the hudson river on a barge. the right wing sustained minor damage when it scraped a railroad bridge during that ride. around 10:00 a.m. today the shuttle will leave port elizabeth, new jersey, for the incurrentid sea, air -- intrepid sea, air, and space museum. the trip should take two hours. "enterprise" will be lifted on to the flight deck and put in position facing the hudson river. that process should take three hours. the exhibit will open in july. deep cuts to the postal service are creating a new problem -- how to protect a number of historic post offices. today historic post offices will be added as a group to the list of america's 11 most endangered historic places. preservationists say historic sites could be lost in towns and cities large and small once the
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postal service shets them down. they want to make it easier for develop force take over facilities so they can preserve them. jury selection is moving faster than expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former football coach is charged with molesting ten boys over the course of 15 years. so far, nine jurors have been seated. they include a retired bus driver, high school teacher, an engineer and a walmart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticket holder. three jurors and four alternates need to be chosen. opening arguments are scheduled to begin on monday. this morning we are hearing from a washington county volunteer firefighter whose quick actions saved a man's life. the 24-year-old just happened to pass by a fiery crash in montgomery county. rob gregorio said he was driving when he saw what he thought was radiation steam. it turned out it was a car on fire on dickerson road in maryland.
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investigators say the car left the road, hit a stone railroad bridge overpass and caught fire. gregorio pulled a man to safety but couldn't save the driver despite all his efforts. >> took out the rear window and tried to move the seat and free her, but it wasn't happening. >> he says the steering wheel and dashboard trapped the woman. she was pronounced dead at the scene. she's not been identified. gregorio said another man helped him rescue oscar martinez. he's in critical condition. investigators say he was not wearing a seat belt. a former redskin is coming out of the closet. wade davis says he's gay. the former cornerback attended training camps for the skins, seahawks, and titans betweens 2000 and 2003 but never made a regular season roster. he said he knew he was gay in high school but never went public with his sexual orientation out of fear he may lose his job.
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davis encourages any gay football player to come out. >> i want anyone whether you're the first man or 295th man or last man, even someone on the practice squad to say, you know what, i'm gay, i'm still a great athlete. i'm an even better human being. >> davis does campaign work for president obama. it is another first for nats -- the nats' bryce harper. >> that ball is hit hard -- and that's the game winner! bryce harper! the nats win it 7-6! >> thaunk you, bryce. he got the game-warship inhinni. the first walk-off hit in harper's career. the nationals 31-22 on the season and a full game ahead of the marlins for first place in the national league east. you know it's a good story when you're reading it and tom kierein jumps in with a whoo! >> heard that over there. >> tom loves his nats.
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>> love them. this year has been sun. i've been to several games already at nats park. if you have yet to go, you've got to go. it's a wonderful experience. now around the region we have a few high clouds giving us that gorgeous sunrise. to the south the clouds thicker. patches of green, sprinkles in charles county. showers from near oxford, maryland, to cambridge. those are sort of drifting a little farther east. a few sprinkles here in southwestern fauquier, into culpeper. that's drifting off to the east, too, toward fredericksburg over the next hour or so. maybe a few sprinkles. otherwise, the big story, the chill in the air. this is certainly not feeling like a june morning. it's just in the 40s to near 50 degrees throughout most of the region. here's your four-day forecast. might have a passing shower this afternoon with a little thunder and lightning, as well as into the early evening. before then, partly sunny, the mid 70s. warmer tomorrow, and also an afternoon or evening thundershower is possible. then here comes summer on friday, saturday, sunday, monday. each day into the 80s. maybe near 90 sunday and monday
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afternoons with sunshine, great beach and pool weather. it's going to get humid, too, by the end of the weekend and first part of next week. danella, good morning. how's traffic now? good morning. if you're traveling along 29 in maryland, not seeing any issues between columbia as you make your way to the beltway. here's a look. lockewood southbound as well as northbound, nice and clear. let's head to route 50 in maryland. your way inbound, volume is increasing. travel speed looks good. 55 miles per hour, six minutes from the beltway to 295. and taking a look at i-66 at fairfax county parkway, making your way eastbound here, not bad. when you get to route 50, are you slowing a bit. your travel speed from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 43 miles per hour now. looking like a 14-minute trip. i'm back in ten with another look at traffic. aaron and angie, back to you.
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>> thank you. ahead, what a d.c. council member said during an impromptu news conference as pressure builds on him to resign. an important health alert. the simple blood test which can [ obama ] i'm barack obamah can and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt.
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so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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loyalty program hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. imagine seeing this on your way to work. police in colorado took this photo during a recent traffic stop as part of a click it or ticket campaign. there's a toddler not properly restrained and sitting next to a gas can that's belted into the car seat. police call this one of the most extreme incidents they've seen. the mother who was behind the wheel was not wearing a seatbelt either. neither was a 14-year-old passenger. the mother was cited for no proof of insurance and three counts of seat belt violations. in "news 4 your health," a
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simple blood test may one day help doctors predict whether breast cancer will return. researchers sat anderson cancer center found the higher amount of tumor cells in the blood stream, there's a higher chance the cancer will relapse or even cause death. the blood test could replace the current evasive -- invasive test that's rely on lymph nodes, estrogen receptors, and biomarkers for women. scientists still need to figure out exactly which kinds of tumor cells are linked to the cancer coming back. 6:27 now. in case you missed it, we'll show you the rare sight which none of us will see again. and why a voter slapped a politician in the face.
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a voter slaps a politician in the face moments after losing a historic election. but could other politicians feel the sting come november? good morning and welcome back to "news4 today," i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, june 6. none of us will see venus pass across the face of the sun
6:31 am
green. at least not in this lifetime. chopper 4 tock this incredible video of the rare celestial event called the transit of venus. the planet appears as a little black dot. the next one will happen december 10 in the year 2117. >> spectacular. >> you tried to see it -- >> it was too cloudy where i live in southeast. a lot of people saw it. >> yeah, we had a few breaks in the clouds. it allowed folks to see it. at that point, venus was 24 million miles away. about the same size as the earth. you get an indication of how big the sun is -- >> we're nobody. >> and the sun is up now. got that view from our h.d. city camera. and look at this splash of color on your screen. you know, i love springtime around the washington area. we have so many yards filled with flowers, this photo incent pie liz to our facebook page, sent to, and you're certainly welcome to send in your spring photos to us. as we look at what's been
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happening over the last 12 hours, we've had this continuing northerly flow bringing in the cooler weather. we've had passing sprinkles here. the patches of green, storm 4 radar picking up a few light sprinkles now in culpeper county. drifting east, heading toward fredericksburg. sprinkles in charles county, and these are passing south of the area. main story this morning is the chill in the air. it is chilly. the patches of blue in maryland, that's in the 40s in montgomery county, howard county, northern prince george's up to the pennsylvania border. the areas in the dark green, 50s. reagan national at 59. for the day today by noontime, a small chance of a shower, partly sunny, near 70. mid to late afternoon, a greater chance of a passing shower or thundershower. don't anticipate severe storms. before then, the mid 70s. danella's here a look at traffic. how are we doing? traveling on i-95, not so well. here's a live look from chopper 4. making your way really past
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fairfax county parkway. this is the view that you're seeing, but the delays actually start pretty far back. in fact, from quantico, you're slow, about 25 miles per hour. 54 minutes from quantico to the beltway this morning. let's check travel speed in our area because if you're continuing on to 395, you're slowing at 36 miles per hour from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. also if you're traveling the dulles toll road from hunter mill road, not bad to the beltway. you're at 59 miles per hour. i can tell you i'm checking speeds on i-66 inside the beltway, and you're slow now. the beltway to glebe, just 28 miles per hour. that trip taking 13 minutes. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. new from overnight, a woman slaps milwaukee mayor tom barrett for conceding in the wisconsin recall election. barrett says the woman was kind enough to ask if she could slap him. he told her he would prefer a hug, she popped him one anyway. no word if any charges will be filed there. in the meantime, wisconsin governor scott walker will stay
6:34 am
in office. the recall cllenge was the results of governor walker's divisive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers last year. his vic industry scene as an endorsement of the controversial plan to curb stated spending. walker is the first governor in sumptd history to survive a recall election. many pundits say the victory could serve as a warning for president obama and other democrats come november. d.c. council chairman kwame brown is talking about the ongoing ethics fleebs are becoming a bit -- probes that are becoming a bit of a distraction in d.c. government. he's not saying much. he spoke to reporters after the council passed a new budget yesterday. the usa attorney's office is looking into how brown raised and spent about $300,000 in campaign money in the 2008 election. brown says he did nothing wrong and has no plans to resign. >> i don't think i broke any laws in the 2008 campaign. that's all i'm going to say about the 2008 campaign. >> brown's statements came as mayor gray announced three
6:35 am
appointments for the newly formed d.c. ethics board. people who catch a cab in the district are close to seeing big changes. the d.c. council gave initial approval to a taxi overhaul fwhal would require cab companies to install credit card readers and satellite navigation systems. the most noticeable change for riders -- all cabs would be painted the same color. the final vote is expected later this month. maryland's highest court putting speedar cameras in the spot. it will hear from drivers in montgomery county who claim the cameras are being run illegally and should be turned off. the drivers say the cameras break the law because a portion of each traffic fine is paid to the company that maintains the cameras. however, lower court rulings have sided with police. bad credit is costing manassas park's school system thousands of dollars. school board rientdly try today to borrow $150,000 to lease through buses. but board members claim cal first, the bank with the best
6:36 am
offer, pulled the deal from the table. school leaders suspect that it's because of the city of manassas park's bad credit rating. >> there is no letter of why, no explanation of what happened. so we had two other bodies the table. we tax our third bid from alliance bank, incident flee manassas park. >> the third spid the high ear -- higher than the one the school district originally agreed to. city officials say manassas park's credit score fell in recent years as a result of the housing and credit crisis. they say things have picked back up, and property values are once again on the rise. 6:36. coming up, what we're learning about the late night murder outside a metro station. and the new web site which is being called the next big thing to come out of siof silic valley.
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one of the contestants in the miss usa pageant says the competition is fixed. miss pennsylvania turned in her crown. she says the miss usa officials chose the five finalists before sunday's show. on facebook, she called the pageant "fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent, and in many ways trashy." the pageant denies the claims. taking a live look outside -- it looks like you can see the heavens. >> just about. the sun cutting through thin clouds out there. 6:41. 60 degrees. we're in for a pretty nice looking day. at least a good chunk of the day. >> and that 60 degrees one of
6:41 am
the warm spots. elsewhere, in the 40s and low and mid 50s on this wednesday morning. good morning. right now, storm 4 radar showing specks of green on the eastern shore there near easton, getting a shower. sprinkles across northern virginia. otherwise, cloudiness drifting across the region. 40s and 50s. 40s throughout much of maryland. 50s across much of virginia. 59 now at reagan national. west virginia, low and mid 50s. by noontime, hometown forecast for fairfax city, near 70. might have a shower then. during the afternoon, maybe some rumbles of thunder with a few passing showers into the low 70s. and then this evening, any shower activity beginning to break down by mid evening. the 60s then. and by this time tomorrow morning, rights back down to the 50s as we start off thursday morning. a look at a big change for the end of the week and weekend. that's in ten minutes with your seven-day outlook. danella? checking the outer loop in montgomery county, you are under speed at new hampshire avenues where you're starting to hit the
6:42 am
brakes. looking at about 36 miles per hour from i-95 to i-270. let's head ever to route 50. not bad at landover road. the cars are starting to slow down once they pass landover road and head inbound toward new york avenue. your travel speed here about 38 miles per hour from the beltway to 295. so far, that trip will take but nine minutes to do so. and if you're taking the rails, i'm not seeing any delays reported on the metro, marc, and vre. aaron, back to you. >> thank you, danella. a horrible scene in fairfax, virginia, overnight after a deadly accident leaves a woman and a young child dead. this video shows how serious the damage is to two cars there. it happened around 11:00 on lee highway at germantown road. news4's tracee wilkins live there with more. >> reporter: good morning. this was a shocking accident. you see behind me all of the paint on the roadway left by investigators as they try and figure out what unfolded here.
6:43 am
we have an update from police. spoke with them. they tell me that the 6-year-old girl who died here on the scene turns out is part of their investigation, they have nund she was not properly restrained. while she was restrained, she was not in the proper booster seat for her height and her age. her 8-year-old sister is still in very critical condition and undergoing surgeries as we speak. their mother, a 28-year-old woman, died here on the scene. let me show you what happened after the accident happened. there was a honda civic traveling east on lee highway carrying the mother and her two daughters. police say that that civic sideswiped an suv on lee highway, then hit a honda van. the van was trying to make a left turn to go west. the driver of the van had to be rescued. the accident ended when the civic hit a median, knocked over a sign, and came to rest in the eastbound lanes of lee highway. the driver was pronounced dead. he was inside of the civic. that was the mother there and
6:44 am
her daughter also died on the scene, as well. the 38-year-old man driving the honda van is in critical condition and still undergoing surgery. a man who heard the accident from a few miles away drove here and described what it was like after he got on the scene. >> we were a street over putting out road signs. we heard the loud noise and saw the paramedics and everything coming. when we came here, it was two cars and complete shambles. you couldn't even tell that it was a minivan or a sedan. it was just crushed. both of them were crushed. >> reporter: now the speed limit on this road is 45 miles per hour. fairfax county city police told me they have been talking with witnesses who were saying that the mother was going at least three to maybe two times beyond the speed limit while she was driving. they are investigating to try and figure out why she was going so fast. people trying to recover from this tragic accident.
6:45 am
reporting live in fairfax, news4. >> thank you. police in prince george's county are looking for a gunman who killed a man outside a metro station. the victim was shot in the head at the southern avenue metro station in temple hills. police say the victim was standing near a bus stop around 9:30 last night. witnesses say the shooter opened fire and then took off through the metro station. he has not been seen since. the shooting is not impacteding this morning's commute. -- impacting this morning's commute. police in canada are trying to determine if an adult film actor accused of killing his ex-lover also mailed some of his victims' body warts to tparts t schools in vancouver. a day later police arrested the man? germany. they say he videotaped himself killing and dismachining a man and mail -- dismembering a man and mailed body parts to canada's top political parties. investigators say magnatta flew from montreal europe after the murder. he could be extradited to canada
6:46 am
this week. 15 before the hour. jury selection moving faster than expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with molesting ten days over the course of 15 years. so far noon jurors have been seat -- nine jurors are been seated. >> we asked the jurors where they worked. 14 indicated they are employed by or retired from penn state. then they were asking if any new jerry sandusky personal. four people held up cards. >> the jurors include a retired bus driver, high school teacher, an engineer, and a walmart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticket holder. three jurors and four alternates need to be chosen. opening arguments are scheduled to begin next monday. mitt romney is piling up delegates. the form form massachusetts governor won more -- won five
6:47 am
primaries. he won in california, new jersey, south dakota, new mexico, and montana. romney already has the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination. he won't become the official nominee until the summer's gop convention. president obama heads west today. he'll hold several fundraisers in san francisco and los angeles. the president is also scheduled to speak this evening at the lgbt leadership council gall in l.a. he helped to create the council five years ago to help the gay community organize and raise money:the gay community has rallied behind the president since he came out in favor of same-sex marriage last month. today on capitol hill the senate banking committee will hold its first hearing on jpmorgan's $2 billion trading losses. the company says the money was in a portfolio that was supposed to manage the bank risks with its own money. officials say the portfolio turned tout to be more volatile
6:48 am
than previously thought. a day after campaigning with him, former president bill clinton spoke out in favor of thoughts president obama opposes. he says all bush-era tax cuts should be extended at least temple earlier. he it says will give -- temporarily. he it says will give congress a deal to apply an extension. he opposes tax cuts for people earning more than a quarter million dollars a year. starbucks teaming up with the company behind red box. cnbc's hampton pearson with that. good morning. that's right. starbucks striking a deal with coinstar, the maker of the red box dvd kiosks, to roll out coffee kiosks in supermarkets, drug stores, and other retailers. they'll feature starbucks, seattle's best brand, serving coffee, motor vehicle allay they and other detroit red wing at $100. and virgin mobile is said to be the second pay as you go
6:49 am
wireless carrier to offer the iphone. virgin mobile, owned by sprint will announce this week the apple device will be available as soon as july 1. leap wireless will start selling a prepaid phone on june 22 across its cricket ban. over to you. >> thank you very much. forget checking your facebook friends' profiles. today you can chat through a social network. airtime from the guise who brought you napster goes live today. it allows you to share videos or talk. technology experts describe it as skype without the software. let's hope airtime is better than its star-studded launch yesterday. jimmy fallon and other celebrities were on hand for a demonstration. however, the demo was plagued by technical glitches. the video occasionally froze. the stars struggled patching people through using airtime. you got to make sure it works before you bring in the stars --
6:50 am
>> the big guns and it doesn't work. all right. let's get another look at the forecast. >> love this fresh, cool weather that we've been having. it's washington and june. it will get hot and humid. looking like spring. yards bedecked with gorgeous flowers as is this one. this photo sent in by enarchimbould. beautiful tiger lilies. you can wasted to our facebook page or the sun and high clouds. to the south, cloudy, southern maryland, parts of the eastern shore, scattered sprinkles there, as well as across northern virginia. just west of fredericksburg, just now exiting culpeper county, drifting east. the patch of green, sprinkle activity. madison, green, west of there, shenandoah valley, into the mountains. most locations cloudy. the main story is the chill in
6:51 am
the air. so unusually chilly, this is more like late april and early may. 40s north and west to near 50. around the beltway, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, most of those locations low to mid 50s. 59 at reagan national. and there's the sun gleeking off the potomac. you'd need the jacket this morning. mid morning, mid 1996. hitting low to mid 1997 after a passing shower. tomorrow, warmer. could get an afternoon or evening thundershower. a chile start -- chilly start friday morning. friday afternoon, a pattern change. the storm bringing cool winds, that's exitsing. winds shift to the southwest. we warm up to the low 80s. lots of sunshine for the weekend.
6:52 am
beach and pool weather. it's probably going to get steamy. upper 80s. near 90, the heat continues. where's traffic? on i-66, here's what it hooks like on route 50 -- here's what it looks like on route 50. at travel speed. the travel speeds to the beltway, a 20-minute trip as you drive 30 miles per hour. on i-95, slow. just a long stretch of delays here's fairfax county parkway. out of quantico, are you under speed pretty much the entire way at about 25 miles per hour. slow, but i can tell you on i-95 in virginia, checking for delays. i'm checking for accidents. not seeing any accidents. just general congestion. aaron? >> thank you. a critical vote is expected today that could impact the future expansion of metro's silver line. this issue, union labor. the washington airport's
6:53 am
authority will vote on whether to leave a controversial pro-labor provision in its construction plan. the plan has angered lawmakers in virginia which is a right-to-work state. they are threatening to withhold $150 million in state funding if the labor provision remains. feeling lucky? today is your chance to try and strike it rich. maryland live at the arundel mill mall is opening to the public tonight at 10:00. the massive casino covers more than three football fields. gamblers can play one of more than 3,200 slot machines or visit six restaurants. the opening will include a variety of live entertainment in the scene oh and the plaza -- casino and the plaza connecting it to the mall. there will also be a ribbon cutting ceremony. a last-place finish of a runner ohio lifted not just one of her opponents but thespire stadium. -- the entire stadium. [ applause ]
6:54 am
>> megan vogel was in the final stretch of the two-mile race when she stopped to help arden mcmath who had collapsed 20 meters short of the finish. vogel helped mcmath to her feet, and then carried her across the finish line. vogel says she's prized by all the praise since any girl would have done the same for her. >> i didn't think twice. i dwu i'd help her out. if you work to get to the point of the state meet, you deserve to finish no matter who you are. i was going to make that happen for her no matter what. >> and check out this statement -- on vogel's shirt, a slogan, part speed, part stamina, all heart. her classmates say that perfectly sums upon the girl who found victory while finishing last. >> and after this was post the, megan says she was inundated with twitter messages, as well as facebook messages from all over the world. all over the country. people saying they were inspired by this. >> you hope young completes will see it and find the value of the
6:55 am
sports that they play in -- just humanity. >> one guy on twitter has it right when he says vogel should be on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week. >> that would be nice. let's get a look at the out-the-door traffic and weather. >> it's june but feeling more like late april, early may. we're in the low to mid 50s to even 40s across the region. seven-day outlook showing a pattern change into the weekend. later this afternoon, low to mid 70s. might get a thundershower. on o thursday, another chance of showers and thundershowers. 50s again friday morning. friday afternoon winds shift into the southwest. we warm into the low 80s. then saturday, near 60 in the morning. afternoon highs in the upper 80s. near 90 sunday and monday.
6:56 am
danella, how's the commute now? let's look at the 14th street bridge. pretty slow as you head into the city. -- 395 northbound, delays start at the beltway into the 14th street bridge. you're looking at about 29 miles per hour. taking 22 minutes to make the trip. traveling on i-95 out of quantico, you're slow the entire way. average and angie? >> thank you. that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. currently we're looking into a report of a fire in suitland near regency park. we'll have the latest on that, and you can always catch us at
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