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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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our expense. >> so it's the vendor's fault, not the school system. >> yeah. the school system does not print the the diplomas themselves. >> that's a good paint. stay with us. it's now 5:00 a.m. >> i just won a six-point hit for $2,100. >> why a lot of would-be gamblers found themselves out of luck. and serious mistakes. that's what kwame brown calls the missteps that led to his resignati resignation. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang on this thursday, june 7, 2012. we take look at our nation's
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capitol. 61 degrees. >> tom kierein is here to brarkt down for us. >> to get us back down to reality, the average temperature this time of year is 64 and right now many areas are ten degrees colder than that. right now we have our temperature at reagan national aurpt at 59 degrees and the dew point is comfortably dry, 54. there is dew forming around the region. all these areas in green are in the 50s. look at that. it covers a hurj age area. these areas in blue are in the 40s. that includes parts of shenandoah valley and western virginia and maryland. closer to washington, montgomery, fairfax, just a few clouds coming through and low to mid-50s. we'll have a delightful day coming up. by 9:00, the temperatures should be in the upper 60s to near 70. so we're going to have a rapid warm-up. by noontime for your lunch hour,
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we'll have your clouds building and still try. we'll have a north west breeze around 5 to 15. we should be in the mid-70s by noontime. then it's late afternoon, some of the darker clouds may be forming. some may produce an isolated thundershower rolling through. we'll drop back down to the mid-70s by early evening. i'll be back with another hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella is here with another look at traffic. good morning. >> let's head over to the outer loop at i-66. had the ramp shut down due to roadwork. that looks to be completely gone. also on the ener loop making your way past braddock road, we did see roadwork on the inner loop and outer loop. let's head over to 395. no issues here as you make your way over to the 14th street bridge. aisle give you a live look here. northbound travel lanes are open. nice and clear. same thing as southbound. no issues to concern yourself with this morning and if you're taking the rails, i'm checking
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them and they're open with no reported delays so far along the metro, the marc, or the vru. over to you. while you slept, a loud of would-be gamblers went home unhappy and not because they lost money. maryland live opens its doors last night in anne arundel county. the response was overwhelming. thousands packed but thousands more were turned away because it was too full. there were still people driving there after midnight even though it closes at 2ing in2:00 in th morning. those who made it inside are impressed. >> it's closer. the money is staying here and not delaware and elsewhere. i enjoy it, and it's beautiful. >> the casino isn't just bringing joy to the gamblers. they say it created 1,500 jobs for workers in that area and the casino will bring in more than $4 million in tax revenue to support local schools.
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another black eye for the d.c. government. this morning we're waiting for a formal statement from former chairman kwame brown. he resigned hours after being charged with feloony bank fraud >> it has happened again. another d.c. council member has resigned. this time it's chairman kwame brown. brown handed in a resignation yesterday. he did not speak to a crowd of reporters who gathered outside of the wilson building in what can only be described as a rather chaotic scene. kwame brown stepped down after being charged with bank fraud. prosecutors say he falsified documents inflating his earnings by tens of thousands of dollars in order to refinance his home and buy a luxury boat named "bulletproof." now brown is expected to plead guilty to the charges on friday. he said in his resignation
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letter, quote, i behaved in ways i have not have. i was wrong and will face the consequences of my conduct. i apologize to the residents of the great city and i apologize to the members of the council for all the negative attention my con duck has brought about. now, prosecutors continue to look into brown's 2008 campaign and hundreds of thousands of dollars that are still unaccounted for. this, of course, is another blow to the d.c. council. recently former ward council member harry thomas was sentenced for embezzling city funds. now in terms of kwame brown, we ee expecting some sort of a statement, either written or in person perhaps later today. reporting live from the wilson building, megan mcgrath, "news 4." new this morning dplakt scene in prince george's county. rescue workers had to rescue a man whose car went down an embankment into a creek. the driver was taken to the
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hospital with serious injuries. they're still looking into what caused the crash. first lady michelle obama heading to virginia this morning. she'll be in prince william county campaigning for her husband. prince william county is considering a swing county in the commonwealth. today's events at the vfw post is the first campaign trip for mrs. obama without the president. she was with the president when he launched his campaign in richmond early last month. president obama will be focusing on the economy and student loans when he meets with college students today in las vegas. interest rates on student loans are set to double if kochk doesn't act soon. today's visit comes after he met with gay and lesbian supporters in los angeles. heed to the crowd not to tolerate any attempts to roll back any rights they have gained under his add michb station. mitt romney will be talking jobs and the economy as he makes a stop at a hispanic-owned business in st. louis today. he reignited the push for latino support this week releasing a
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spanish state tuesday while he was in texas courting support. the time right now about 5:07. a surprise before a high-profile case gets under way. also, why george zimmerman will not be getting out of jail again for a long time. and tom's tracking the [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a live look outside as we approach the end of the week and the beginning of sun rise. >> isn't that pretty, aaron? >> gorgeous. you can see the capitol dome off in the distance. if the dome could be chilly this morning it just might be. >> might need a hat or something, right? cover its little head. >> it might be a thought a lot of people have this morning. >> cold as indiana limestone, what a lots of monuments are made of.
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it is in the low and mid-50s. in fact, it's even dipped into the 40s. parts of the shenandoah valley and into the mountain this morning and all around the region today we'll have a rapid warm-up. hometown forecast, hagerstown, noontime, low 70s. then during the afternoon, thundershowers may pop up by mid to late afternoon. mid to upper 70s before then. then late afternoon into the early to mid evening hours, perhaps a few more passing thundershowers coming on through. a look at the end of the week and your weekend seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic. >> if you're planning to head out, not so bad. i want to alert do you the inner loop of the beltway in the left shoulder lane. we have a disabled vehicle there. your travel lanes are open. that's a good sign. let's head over to route 50. this is your commute out of maryland. from annapolis all the way to 301, over to beltway, you're nice and clear. hardly any cars on the road.
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my camera's frozen yet again. i can tell you no accidents in the road for you as well as outbound as well -- it started back up. nice. let's head over to the rals. no reported delays along the metro, the marc, or the vre. aaron and eun, over to you. >> you have to remember to push play, danella. >> it's now 5:12. ahead, why a major airline is cutting flights during the one of the busiest times during the year. and the new
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ja spectacular sight,
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break news out of syria with reports of another massacre in that country. this is amateur video. human rights groups say at least 20 were killed but syrian activists say the death toll is much higher than that. they claim progovernment militia men first shelled the farming area before going in and killing the survivors. leon panetta is in afghanistan to see how the warrest is going and discuss plans for the troop drawdown. panetta arrived in the country this morning a day after a series of suicide bombings left at least 22 people dead. panetta admits it appears to be more organized but overall violence is down. panetta may have tough answers to answer. he calls the predawn attack
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unacceptable. nato is only confirming militant deaths but has cents a team to investigate those allegations. coming up on 17 after the hour, george zimmerman will be in jail for at least three more weeks. a new bond hearing is set in three weeks. he's charged in the shooting death of unarmed florida teen trayvon martin. he turned himself in to authorities on sunday. what was expected to be a long difficult process turned o it to take just two days. the trial of jerry sandusky is ready to move forward with a jury in place. the former penn state football coach is accused of sexually accusing boys on and off the football's campus. many have connections to the school or sandusky. the judge says it's a small community and the kerkss are unavoidab unavoidable. the judge decide not to sequester the jury saying he trusts them not to discuss the
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matter of the trial. >> he reminded them. he said, i quote, the people selected to be jurors in this case hold justice in their hands. >> the jury is now set in the trial of jerry sandusky, the former penn state assistant football coach. again, sexually accused of -- accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. the trial is set to begin next week. the white house is responding to allegation that senator john mccain made against the president, against the o administration rather that it's leaking classified information for political purposes. the arizona republican claimings the white house leaked national security data to the media to improve the president's stature ahead of the elections. he calls it grossly irresponsible. the senate plans to release a lit of kill attempts.
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>> american airlines is cutting flights. more and more pilots are calling in sick. they may be taking care of elective procedures before the airline raises their health care preem annuals and co-payments. they already cut the number of flights in june. >> today lawmakers will hold a congressional hearing on how the transportation security administration can fix its customer service. tsa administrator john pistole is expected to testify about the new risk-based screening for children and elderly passengers. the tsa also started a new toll-free information hotline for travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. this morning many are remembering literary legend ray br bradbury. the author of "fahrenheit 451." he also wrote "the marchand chronicles:something wicked this way comes" and dozens and dozens
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of books. he had popularized fiction. bradbury was 91 years old. there's new hope for those who suffer depression. a test which is being rolled o tout doctors now analyzes a patient's blood for physiological changes that occur when a patient is depressed. a paetsch ept's results is skrored on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest likelihood. sigh cry activities say most like the test because it confirms their feelings as an actual biological disorder. >> everybody's telling them it's in their head and they're making it up, that there's nothing wrong, if they would just themselves up by their bootstrap they would be fine. >> two popular websites are warning users that passwords were stolen and leaked online. business social networking sign linkedin and online dating service ee harmony have been hacked.
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they post potentially confidential information. linkedin issued security tips that companies say they should change their passwords every few months and avoid using the same ones on multiple sites. it had reset the passwords of the affects users. >> foursquare now wants to help you find great new place for dinner. the social network is adding a new feature that will add places on where they check in. originally they check into bars, restaurants and other places and got points. since 20092 company has collected two billion pieces of data on its 20 million users. the space shuttle "enterprise" has reached its final destination. the shuttle traveled up the hudson river yesterday and landed at the intrepid sea, air, & space museum in new york.
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the "enterprise" never flew into space but it was the first to perform atmospheric test flights. crews will now build a shuttle to protect it from the elements. the exhibit will open to visitor ossen july 19. >> we talked about how it never had flown so it was clean and undamaged but it hit the bridge on the way across the river so now it will have a little ding on it. >> part of its journey. >> exactly. >> let's check the forecast now. meteorologist tom kierein. another nice day ahead? >> yeah. i love that pink sky behind you. we have that nice day spreading across the region. it's a chilly start once again. it's feeling sort of like autumn in june. we're down into the 50s and upper 40s in many locations, especially out here in the mountains. all these areas in blue in the 40s. closer to washington in the mid-50s. in montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax county, and right near the bay waters and all around the region, we've got just a few clouds coming
5:23 am
through, but we have this persistent norther le flow that's continuing to give us this average weather. by then clouds building and maybe an isolated thundershower coming through. and then this evening any thunder shower activity dissipating. 50s again tomorrow morning and again saturday morning. achk highs with sunshine tomorrow. low humidity, the low 80s and then heating up summer-like weather for the weekend. saturday and sunday, near 80s. still not very humid. however, it does look like first part of next week it will start getting more humid and highs in the 80s each day. might get showers and thundershowers, looks like late on tuesday into wednesday. danella, good morning. how's traffic. >> good morning, tom. let's take a closer look at it. we did have roadwork along the dulles toll road. it's gone. checking travel speeds for you, not bad at all. you can see the volume's very light. as you make your way from hunter
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mill road to the beltway, you're at about 58 miles an hour. taking six minutes to make that trip. let's say if you're continuing onto the beltway from the dulles toll road to the interchange here, very light volume. 61 miles an hour, 13 minutes to get from the dulles toll road to the interchange. back in ten minutes. back over to you. that's change-up, well hit to right. michael is there. the nats will be in a position to sweep tomorrow. >> all right. we are officially a third of the way through the season, and the nationals remain one of the top teams in baseball. they won again last night. they beat the mets, 5-3. the nats are now ahead by two games in the national east. they ee go for a sweep of the mets this afternoon. the orioles are also in first place. they signed a pitch when camden yards was open. the o's signed jamie moyer to a
5:25 am
deal. he became the oldest pitcher ever to win a major league game. >> i remember jamie moyer the first time around in cam dep yards chlz they also signed cal ripken jr.'s son, ryan. >> he's like 6'6". >> cal ripken, one of my all-time favorites. ken durant and the oklahoma city thunder are in the nba finals. the thunder beat the san antonio spurs, 107-99 last night to bin the finals. durant played all 48 minutes last night. that is impressive. he's from washington and played at mon tros christian school at rockville before going to the university of texas. the thunder will take on the miami heat or boston celtics in finals. i'll root for him all the way. i love when a local does so well. >> for him personally or the whole team? >> not just for him personally,
5:26 am
but the whole team. if you're rooting for kevin durant, you're rooting for your the whole tieam. i don't know how you do one without the other. >> the fans will have to travel a little further to cheer on the redskins. they'll move from ashland to richmond. the headquarters will remain in ashburn, but local businesses are worried about the loss of businesses with the training camp moving down to central virginia. >> lots of customers and trainers come over here and help a lot our business in the ashburn area. >> i think it's bad idea. allot of people like seeing the players around town, they live around town, so it's always great when the relationship between the players and the community is right here it's still unknown where exactly the redskins will hold that training camp in richmond. the team's looking at old city stadium and virginia commonwealth university as new training sites. >> all right.
5:27 am
vcu going to welcome them aboard? >> absolutely. it's going be bag deal. you know, for the people who have been unhappy with the idea that training camp is going to leave ashburn or this area, it's two weeks. two weeks. it ooh going be a huge, huge impact, but a lot of people like going to the training camp. >> tell that to the people in ashburn. >> good point. our time right now, 5:27. a big blow to the county. 000 of jobs moving away. how dangerous a ct scan can be for children. a big oops. a hee school apologizing for mistakes to students. mista[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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looking at the top stories making headlines right now at 5:30, a shake-up at the top of the d.c. council. the chairman is out. in his resignation letter he admits, quote, serious mistakes. what's ahead for kwame brown and the d. krcht council at 6:00 a.m. ahead at 5:45, why it apparently wasn't large enough. and the details of the soda summit taking place in washington today. we'll have much more but first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome in. as we take a live look outside and we can see lots of sunlight coming in or starting its way into the sky. yesterday at this time, tom, we were looking at a bunch of clouds there, the sun trying to cut through. today, better. >> we had a spectacular view of our sunrise yesterday. this morning not as much cloudiness around but still a beautiful start. we've got a gorgeous silver moon and a deep blue sky in the southwestern sky now and it's in
5:32 am
the low to mid-50s. once again, you will need a jacket or sweater this morning. ite e feeling more like early may or late april rather than early june, and all around the region, we've got a little bit of dew forming. there's fog forming over the potomac. a view from space showing a mostly clear sky this morning. just a few clouds drifting in from pennsylvania into parts of montgomery and howard and frederick and up near the pennsylvania border. here is your day planner for this thursday. yes, it's going be a cool morning, but then by mid to late morning into the upper 60s and by the noontime it ought to be in the 70s. a weak trough coming in. likely building clouds and temperatures building, too, up near 80 by mid afternoon. then late afternoon into early even weg could get a few passing thundershowers. i don't think they're going to be severe. passing showers with maybe a little thunder and lightning. again, it looks like to be mid to late afternoon, perhaps into early evening. i'm back in ten minutes with
5:33 am
another hometown forecast. danella is here with another look at traffic. good morning. >> right now i'm looking at emergency roadwork that's taking away your right lane. this is traveling northbound at route 229, dale drive. let's head over to i-66. picking up some steam here as you make your way toward the beltway. your travel lanes are open and your travel speed not bad just yet. you're at about 62 miles an hourks 11 minutes to get to the beltway from fairfax county parkway. inside the beltway, nice and clear here, travel speed for you, 59 miles per hour, 11 minutes from the beltway to gw parkway. eun, over to you. >> thank you. 5:33. a bev battle will play out over the next two days. health officials and nutritionists are in town for a so-called soda summit. they'll discuss ways to reduce americans' consumption of sugar soft drinks. it comes after mayor michael
5:34 am
bloomberg placed a ban on sodas. >> today, first lady michelle obama will be taking a more serious approach when she hits the campaign trail. sheel speak to campaign supporters and volunteers in prince william county, virginia. virginia is considered a swing county. today's event at a vfw post in dale city is the first public campaign trip for mrs. obama without her husband. she was with the president when he launched his re-election campaign in richmond early last month. parents may want to consider other options before having their kids undergo a ct scan. a new study finds they increase a child's risk for cancer. a study conducted by researchers in great britain say the scans cause small but significant increases in the risk of leukemia in children. researchers say the results do not mean that ct scans should be avoided entirely, however, they say the test should be performed only when necessary and with the lowest possible dose of
5:35 am
radiation. later today more than 2,000 former nfl players and their families will file a lawsuit against the nfl over concussions. the players are consolidating close to a hundred lawsuits. they say the nfl deliberately hid the link between concussions and long-term disabilities and injuries. they say the league glorified big hits that caused concussions. the fnl officials say they have always advocated for player safety and the lawsuits have no merits. the dow could see even more gains today after its biggest day of the year. futures are higher and most asian markets closed up today. the dow surged 286 points yesterday gaining almost 2.5%. the big gains erased last friday's huge losses after a disappointing jobs report. federal chairman ben bernanke will be on capitol hill answering questions on where the economy is headed. lawmakers are expected to ask him if the recent hiring slump is a temporary setback or a
5:36 am
bigger problem. he's also expected to address europe's crisis and how it's causing issues here in the u.s. exxonmobil is moving its employees from fairfax county as it corn sol dates its offices. it's shutting down its office in fairfax and moving its employees to houston, texas. all 2,100 employees will move beginning in 2014. they're now looking for another company to move in to the campus. parents, listen up. you'd better make your voice heard if you don't want your kids in school year round. and a new tax that may increase the cost of your dry cleaning. it's a beautiful m
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it is 60 degrees out there. a beautiful touch of sun in the horizon. >> i had nothing do with it. i take no credit. >> did i say -- >> you said, wow wee. >> you know who gets credit? tom kierein. >> tom, do you take credit? >> sure. somebody has to. the sun coming up in three minutes. at 5:40 around the region, we're chilly once again. an unjune-like morning. those areas in blues are in the 40s. that includes the shenandoah valley, the mountains of west virginia and western maryland. all those areas in green are in the 50s, in fact, low 50s. much of maryland and virginia. the district, mid and upper 50s. eastern shore, 50 degrees. look at ocean city, 50 degrees. certainly not a beach morning there. and though the weekend as it approaches, it's certainly going to be great beach weather and pool weather and between now and then we're going to have chilly mornings.
5:41 am
in royal, it's a clear sky. during the afternoon, we ought to get into the upper 70s. a chance of an isolated thundershower popping up. by then, into the mid-60s. a look at the weekend and into next week. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. how's traffic? >> if you're taking the beltway, it looks really good. we'll take a closer look. if you're traveling the beltway, not seeing any delays for you. a live look at central avenue. here it is right now. very light volume. and, in fact, as you travlt through prince george's county, making your way toward the wilson bridge, no issues here and if you're crossing the wilson bridge heading into virginia, i'll give you a travel speed. it needs bad. you're at about 60 miles an hour, looking really good. now, i'll be back in about 10 minu minutes with a look at the rails. >> 5:41. 61 degree.
5:42 am
a good laugh for local graduates. what a local district is doing about a mistake handed out on thousands ofdy employee mas. >> plus a car that could make it from here to new york for just $2 in gas but you'll pay in ♪
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a good laugh for local brand-new casino. maryland's newest casino is open for business. maryland live opened last night in anne arundel complete with a red carpet fit for vegas, but it wasn't all fun and game. thousands were turned away from the casino because it was too crowded. i sat in some of the traffic on bw parkway. tracee is out there. are people still out there?
5:46 am
>> reporter: no. it's amazing they're not still out here. the casino closed at 2:00 a.m. in this morning but they had the turn people away at 1:00 a.m. this is absolutely amazing. the parking lot was packed and traffic getting in here backed all the way up to the bw parkway and beyond. now, if you actually made it to the casino, the line to get inside stretched beyond the casino's property when police started turned would-be patrons away. we were told it was all very orderly, but this was the scene well into midnight and into the early morning hours. live is the largest casino in maryland. they have 3,200 slot machines here. last night's vegas-style opening including dancers. there's bobby flay's burger palace and cheesecake factory
5:47 am
and more. they're expecting more than a $400 million profit here at the casino. all of that is going to be going to education in maryland. now, i want to bring your attention to this little diagram that they have on the live website here. back out here live taking a look at my ipad. this talks about the travg patterns and the changes that they've made to allow folks to get in here smoothly. well, obviously they were not prepared for that extraordinary line that they had of folks trying to get in here last night. now it opens back up at 8:00 a.m. i can't wait to see what that's going to look like. trac tracee. back to you. >> man was rescued after his car went down an embankment into a creek. police say the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. they're still looking at what called the crash. a day care owner's son is in jail this morning accused of sexually assaulting a
5:48 am
3-year-old. police say it happened tuesday at day care the woman ran inside her home in woodbridge. the woman's son, day kwon michael miller is accused of assaulting the child inside the bathroom. his mother told "news 4" she is devastated. >> i am so sorry to family. please forgive me. i am so sorry. i would never want to hurd nobody's child. they were just like my babies. he said he didn't do it. he said he was upset that he was accused of something like that, and we believed him. >> still believe him? >> no. >> day kwon miller is being held without bond. a man convicted of driving drunk and hitting a mother and her son face 2/2 years in prison. 22-year-old victor aldana was found guilty of all counts.
5:49 am
police say aldana was drunk and possibly high when he hit both the child and his mother who were walking on a foot path off duke street in alexandria. maria chavez broke her legs and pelvis in that accident and testified in that trial. aldana will be sentenced in august. virginia's favored appears to in the lead. curb nelkne former dnc chairman terry mccollough appears to be the loan democrat interested in becoming virginia's next governor. he's expected to enthor the race officially next year. the race for virginia's u.s. senate seat is much closer. it shows democrat tim kaine with a one-point lead over republican george allen. inpen derchdependent voters cou key to that cass. should virginia offer year-round schooling? it's a question the commonwealth
5:50 am
is asking parents. they're surveying parents as lawmakers consider skpemding the school year. they're asking how a year-round calendar year would affect their academic achievement as well as vacations. if there's enough support, some say they will push for funding next spring. the last day to fill out that survey is tomorrow. here is a story that will make all of those kids who were in town for last week's spelling bee cringe. prince george county school administrators are apologizing for a typo in 8,000 diplomas. "program" was misspelled. that's a simple word, nothing like ingluvies. if you look closely, you see an "r" missing. >> everybody was like, yo, that's crazy. they're messing up. >> school administrators say they're working with a printer to fix that typo and will send
5:51 am
outdy employee ma dy ploe mdy e possible. >> they sate wasn't all of the high school diplomas. the vendor misprinted it. they're going to redo it. >> so it's not that the school didn't know,000 spell program. it was a typo. embarrassing. >> it is for sure. after you see the video, you're going to wonder how this next story turned out okay. >> take a look if you can. a little boy narrowly escapes falling four stories. i can't wachlt he is dang liliny his head. he had been on the balcony when he slipped through a crack. a man climbed from an apartment below and pushed the boy back to safety. thank goodness that man saw what was going on and helped that little boy. >> those of us with big heads
5:52 am
are very happy for big heads when you have a case like that. >> aaron, oh, my gosh. >> it's okay. >> i know. >> he's okay. >> balconies make me nervous, open windows make me nervous. as a mom, i can't take it. >> i can see that. >> yes. >> let's bridge in tom kierein. gievet this gorgeous sun. >> it is just delightful. looking in the other direction, here's a view from our nbc 4 hd sky watcher camera. there's the moon in the western sky. silvery moon in a deep blue sky there. but there is that exquisite sunrise over the potomac from our live view hd city camera. reagan national at 59 degrees and the dew point a comfortably dry 54. we have dew forming and fog over the potomac river. right now it's in the low to mid-50s across most of virginia and maryland and right near the bay it's near 60 degrees. look at cambridge down to 52. in fact. it's dipped into the 50s.
5:53 am
culpeper down to 48. 48 in cumberland in western maryland, stanford, virginia, shenandoah valley. we had showers and thundershowers rolling through but they're long gone. temperatures by 9:00 will be warming up quickly. we ought to be in the 60s to near 70 with just a few clouds coming through and partly cloudy by noontime and we'll have a northwesterly breeze. temperatures by then in the mid-70s. near 80 by mid afternoon. late afternoon we'll likely have isolated showers and thundershowers widely scattered around the region but only a 30% chance your neighborhood will have one coming through and this evening any of those around will be dispalting and tomorrow morning in the 50s again. friday, sunday, low humidity, a beautiful day. afternoon highs low 80s and feeling like summer for your the weekend. still on tap for saturday and sunday. upper 80s to near 90 in the
5:54 am
afternoon. not very humid and comfortably cool. could get some showers and thundershowers tuesday afternoon and evening maybe into wednesday. danella, how's our traffic now? >> tom, i'm watching the rails. had a seven-minute delay of the marc train, but it's down. 6 six minutes. not so bad, right? metro and vre not reporting any delays at this time. heading over to the road, dale road, the right lane is blocked by emergency roadwork. please stick to the left and approach with caution. let's head up to i-270. seeing big delays in this area. had an earlier crash southbound at 80. it's now moved to the left shoulder lane but you're seeing some delays because it was the roadway for you. i can give you look at 109 because once you pass 109, not bad at all. aaron, over to you. >> thank, you danella. well, now here's a car
5:55 am
that's going to save you some money on gas, but it will cost you up front, my friends. the epa gave the honda fit electric car the highest fuel efficiency rating ever. the 2013 sub compact car got a rating of 118 miles an hour, but the mileage doesn't come cheap. the electric fit is nearly twice the cost of its gas powered version which starts at about 15,4. analysts say it would take 11 years before the owner makes up the difference and begins saving on fuel. >> i wonder if that makes it worth it. >> some would say yes, others would say no. >> if you drive it with care, it will last you a good long time. >> it would have to. it has to. >> and where you're driving. all right. well, today, transportation secretary ray lahood will make a major announcement about a new national distracted driving initiative. he's also expected to announce a specific project to keep drivers on the road. every year about 3,000 people on the road die because of
5:56 am
distracted driving from texting. righters on the virginia express may use a mobile ticket app instead of paper tickets. the ceo of vre says local companies will submit proposals. they operate two lines that bring people from fredericksburg and manassas to washington and back home. >> it is busy and could slow down traffic even more. the u street corridor is expected to become a major construction zone. sidewalks and roads will get face lifts and curbside parking will restricted. a trade dispute could end up costing you when you go to the dry cleans. the u.s. department of commerce slapping higher tariffs on hangers made in the vietnam. they ee being sold in the u.s. at less than fair value. since many dry cleaners get their hangers from vietnam, whole sale prices are expected
5:57 am
to jump from 5 cents to 9 kreptss on a cost that will likely be passed onto you, the customer. this morning we're hearing one man's incredible story. he says a blow to the head helped turn him into a musical genius. derek amato says he was drawn to the keyboard ever since he hit his head in the shallow end of the swimming pool in 2006. he suffered a concussion. now he is working on his second album. he doesn't know how to read music and he has never had a piano lesson. what an incredible story. >> he didn't realize what happened when he hit his head in the pool. came out, didn't realize he hit his head. cow. hear anything, found he had a concussion, went back to say good-bye to his frnlds, saw the piano and just sat down. >> if you tap the right things, i could be playing the cello
5:58 am
tomorrow. why one of the biggest companies in the world is leaving virginia. leaving virginia. what former when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." leaving virginia. what former romney is saying he'll deny women the birth
5:59 am
control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. the head of the d.c. council resigns. what's next for kwame


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