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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news tonight in the district. sources tell news 4, a man deliberately doused himself with
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gasoline and dproef inrove into lobby of an office building. >> at 1050 connecticut avenue. the fbi surveying the scene. jackie benson is joining us live from the area with developments. jackie. >> reporter: this its causing a lot of concern. i want to show you what the scene looks like down the street at 1050 connecticut avenue northwest. now the suv went into the building which is the home to morton's steakhouse, 7:45 when officers realized the driver and interior were soaked with gasoline they quickly cleared the block and called the bomb squad. >> the red jeep patriot smashed through a huge plate glass window and plowed 30 feet into the lobby of 1050 connecticut avenue northwest before coming to a stop. d.c. police officers who had been nearby quickly realized this was more than driver error. sources tell news 4 the man was
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behaving erratically and there was a strong odor of gasoline on him and inside the vehicle. the driver appeared disoriented and was taken away by ambulance. fbi agents from the joint terrorism task force responded to the scene. so did d.c. police chief kathy lanier. >> at this point it looks like he intentionally drove into the building. our initial investigation raised concerns for us the we want to make sure we have. people don't normally drive into a building intentionally like this. we want to get more information. >> the building has steel covered pylons outside. leaving a nearby gym when it happened, says the driver appeared to steer the vehicle between them. >> he just come, when it come it stop first after it go back and it go to this direction it go inside. >> police rerouted traffic along connecticut avenue. but the farragut north metro station remained open. right now connecticut avenue is
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closed southbound at l street northwest. there is definitely traffic backing up in the area because of that. i can tell you that -- this is still a very active scene. they are nowhere close at this point to removing that suv from the building. so, the streets, connecticut avenue, a couple streets around it are likely to remain closed for some time this evening. reporting live in northwest washington. jackie benson. news 4. back to you. >> d.c. police say a man mysteriously died after fighting with four police officers this afternoon on p street in southwest. investigators say 38-year-old anthony chambers became combative with officers who were called in to help mental health officials. officers say chambers assaulted them before they were able to subdue him and put him in handcuffs. then chambers lost consciousness. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the four officers have been put on administrative leave. >> the search is on for three gunmen who tried to steal cars
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from three different people last night. in prince george's county. one attempted carjackings caught on surveillance video and it happened outside hangar club on old branch avenue in clinton. the men tried to steal the woman's car when she was picking up her order. the men fritried to carjack two others, one car didn't have any gas and the other victim they targeted was a police officer. >> d.c. teenager held up at gun point they wanted his sneakers. tonight the boy is sharing the story and warning others that are lining up for the release at midnight of some other new sneakers. shomari stone has the our report. >> here in northeast d.c. sitting in a chair. this is what folks are sitting in overnight. as you can see they lined up. they were here all evening long hoping to get their hand on the nike air ez. >> they're worth over $1,000. >> the teenager shoeless, too scared to show his face a day
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after two men robbed him for nike air jordans in d.c. >> it made me angry that somebody had to come towards me and pull out a gun. >> he collects the popular nike shoes that cost as much as $100 apiece. he is concerned about sneaker lovers, waiting for the kanye west designed nikes. >> what advice can you give them? >> well, the advice i can give them is to, if you wear the shoes, you have to walk in a group. >> dtlr one of a couple of stores selling the shoes in the d.c. metro area saturday morning. the folks lined up friday evening and will wait ten hours. >> they're nice-looking. >> rapper kanye west designed them with a unique swoosh and the rear sculpted like a reptile costing $250 and reportedly already selling for $93,000. >> i saw them on line today. thought they looked hot. >> this teen says he will be more careful from now on.
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>> people that are less fortunate than others feel the need to rob you. >> back out here in north east d.c. metropolitan police are here. they're going to be here to make sure people remain calm, get their shoes and go home safely. here in northeast d.c. shomari stone. news 4. >> investigators say it was a language barrier to blame for a security scare at national airport. four people attempting to use the restroom stood up as a delta regional flight was waiting on the tarmac this afternoon. a federal officer on board thought that activity was suspicious. so the plane was returned to the game. everyone had to get out and be screened again. the flight then took off and went to detroit after a four-hour delay. the four passengers involved were put on a different plane. >> there were tears from kwame brown and stern words from prosecutors, as he pled guilty to bank fraud and campaign charges today. brown appeared in federal court and d.c. superior court two days
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after he resigned from the council. he chokedup, issuing an apology. >> to all those that i have let down -- to the people of this great city. >> brown is facing misdemeanor charge related to campaign spending that allegedly went underreported and a felony charge for overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars and forging a signature on documents so he could got a personal loan. >> this wasn't the case of a child forging a parent's name on a report card or changing a bad grade. the case of a grown man, elected city official, forging bank documents for his own enrichment. >> prosecutors promise to go after any elect owed official caught in corrupt dealings. kwame brown faces fines and up to six months in prison when sentenced in september. a former culpeper, virginia,
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police officer is out of jail now after pleading not guilty to killing a woman in a church parking lot. daniel harmon wright released on $100,000 bail today. the grand jury indicted him for the murder of patricia cook. wright says he was questioning cook in february after a confrontation he claims she tried to drive off with his arm stuck in her car door. and he was forced to shoot her to avoid getting dragged. prosecutors are gou thgue that not need to fire his weapon. >> set back in court for the lawyers representing the man known as the east coast rapist, aaron thomas is his name. lawyers wanted a second mental health evaluation to determine whether thomas is competent to stand trial. but a judge in manassas denied that request. a previous report concluded thomas was faking a mental illness. he is accused of attacking three girls in prince william county in '09. thomas is suspected in assaults in maryland, connecticut and
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rhode island. >> on the eve of the biggest day in horse racing the horse with a chance s to win the first triple crown in 34 years is retourired from the sport. the call made this morning to scratch i'll have another from tomorrow's belmont stakes and retire the horse from racing. this decision came after the horse's final gallop because of a swollen leg tendon. the first time since 1936 that a horse that won the kentucky derby and the preakness is not running in the belmont. we're going to have reaction from the trainer coming up later in sports. comment from president obama today on the economy triggered some political backlash from his opponents. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> the president later clarified that to say the private sector has made progress, but that the economy is not doing well overall. that did not stop republicans from pouncing on the remark. >> he said the private sector is doing fine.
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is he really that out of touch? >> the associated press reports the private sector has in fact added more jobs than the public sector since the official end of the recession three years ago. but, private job gains have been weak in recent months. >> well it is a beautiful evening in washington. the outdoor cafes were packed this evening. but it is going to be a warm weekend. veronica with your forecast. >> that is right. we managed to get through the whole week with comfortable condition tuesday. temperatures a little higher. average high, 82 dupgz theegree there. we have been creeping upward. it's got to happen. we are going to go from comfortable to uncomfortable this weekend. quite warm to just downright hot. as the we get higher heat. and higher humidity. on top of that. so some folks not so much liking that. we'll take a look at your forecast. take a look at the weather north in the belmont stakes, not so nice there. and our next big weather system headed this way. >> thank you, veronica.
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>> next -- a skateboarder survives the ride of his life after slamming into an oncoming truck. >> people ran for cover. a severe storm moved in. and threatened a high school graduation. >> major milestone for a victim of shake ep baby syndrome to.
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wild weather. take a look at this. it took over a high school graduation near atlantic city. students were in their seats for the ceremony yesterday. excuse me, when ominous clouds moved in, hail started coming down, the students and spectators everybody ran for cover. no one was hurt. meteorologists say this was not a tornado, it's not clear what kind of cloud it was, ominous, just one of the adjectives one could use. >> in northern virginia, seniors at herndon high school will not be allowed to walk on the stage at graduation. because of a prank, last week, six of the kids spread baby oil on a school staircase and pulled the fire alarm. all of the teenagers involved were suspended. three of the students who were seniors have been banned from walking across the stage, next thursday. >> all the what ifs, teachers that were pregnant and school and kids that were disabled and
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had crutches and stuff. honestly, at the end of the day nobody got hurt. >> classmates have launched a twitter campaign in an effort to get administrators to change their mind. the school says those kids should have known better. >> a victim of shaken baby syndrome is beating the odds. news 4 introduced you to sean mccrory 20 years ago tucoday w caught up with him and his family to capture a major milestone. >> on his last day of high school. his trademark yelp of enthusiasm echos through the highs. as plenty of hugs and high fives come his way. >> it is no way to describe it. you could put every positive word on sean, match him perfectly. >> but 20 years ago sean's parents weren't sure their baby would survive. at 8 months owed he was violently shaken by a babysitter and suffered brain injuries, impaired vision and lost the use of his arm. seen here at 16 months he was
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trying to learn to crawl over again. >> we got questioned like what are you going to do with sean after this? >> the couple refused to give up on their little boy. >> it is a shame to put limits on somebody with a disability. >> at southern high school, the teachers and students have made sure sean would thrive. for five years he has been in the lifestyles class there. but most importantly. sean has been embraced by his classmates. he proudly shows off his crown after being named prom king. >> he loves life. he has a great time. doing everything. >> but nothing could prepare mccrory for what happened today on graduation day. the principal arranged things so sean would cross the stage last. >> and sean mccorry. >> as sean celebrated on stage with hugs and holding a certificate up high, his classmates rose to honor him. so did their parents and friends
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until the whole show place arena was cheering right along with sean. >> we wanted him to have his moment. really we are truly going to miss him. his spirit is -- amazing. >> indeed it is. congratulations, sean mccrory. upper marlboro. >> he is adorable. just love him. what kind of cloud was that at the other graduation where the people had to run for cover. that looked pretty nasty. >> wall clouds, nonrotating wall cloud. so, easy to see why a lot of folks there were scared to death, of course, there was hail dropping. there were reports, down the jersey shore yesterday of hail. they have been getting some more showers today. we are going to take the radar up there this evening. but for our radar it is quiet. we have had a lovely evening. i even had a couple report into to me they saw the international space station at 9:00. that was great. we started the day at 60 degrees. your high, 85 degrees.
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but now for the weekend we are talking abut hea aing about hea. for all of you weekend warriors where you overdo it. see i can relate to that. because that is me. overdo it. make sure you hydrate this weekend. 74, the temperature now. the dew point pretty comfortable. 57. we will see it creep into the 60s this weekend. perhaps as high as 70 by sunday and monday. 63 to the north gaithersburg. woodbridge, quantico, 69. we have 71 at pax river. cooling off to the upper 50s to mid 60s right in d.c. during the overnight with a clear sky. now, wanted to pan west of the area, look at the heat today. 88 in chicago. saint louis, memphis, tennessee. that's where heat is, temperatures there have been running, 5, 10 degrees above average. moving this way. belmont park racetrack. look at that. we have showers coming through the area.
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light showers right now. down through the parts of the jersey shore. possibility, 30 to 40% chance there will be some showers. perhaps even thunderstorms for the big race tomorrow. and some showers down south around jacksonville, florida. they have been pretty cool. the big anchor this weekend. the area of high pressure will give us sunshine. maybe a few clouds. sneaking down sunday. don't think we will have any rain. just a few clouds that will try and move into the area. for the second half of the weekend. right now for tomorrow morning. 59 to 67. we are clear. we are comfortable. going to bow a very nice start to the weekend. actually i consider today the start to the weekend. summery condition for tomorrow. 85, 90 degrees. you take a look at sunday. high of 91. heat index probably 95 degrees. monday, still hanging on to some sunshine right now. close to 90 still. and, also humid. we get some showers and some storms on tuesday. that's the next weather front that will be moving in. a 40% chance on tuesday.
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and that system could be sticking around for a couple days giving us some opportunity for some rain. and that is -- a good thing because when you get the heat, over the weekendai lot of folks, you know their flowers dry up, lawn dry up. little rain cupping ooming our .
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>> did straussburg have a nice anniversary. >> didn't think you knew who
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straussburg was? >> i got that. >> two years ago today, nationals fans were celebrating, remember that. a 14-straight debut of the fee nom. tonight they're up in boston. interleague play now. two years later, once again, in full effect. we start in the third. and nats are down. ian desmond is up. two out. runs scored. doubles to right center. bryce harper comes into score. ryan zimmerman scores. and 3-2. next inning. 4-2. harper says, i ain't done yet. he grew up a yankees fan. you know he is loving this. sixth home ruvent sn of the sea. they take a 6-2 lead on the mound. str straussburg. david ortiz. go home. nothing there.
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six strike yuts thrououts. bases loaded jam. 3-2 pitch. tied season high, 13 strikeouts. not happy. and said the wrong thing. go on, boy, take a shower you are done. nats win, 7-4. strasbou straussburg, 7-1 on the season. not bad. and the och. arrieta. and deep to left field. two-run home run. phillies take a 3-0 lead. later in the inning, we have two on. two out. shane victorino. mark reynolds. and two runs come in to score. and the season opener. the os have lost 9 of 12 games.
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a triple crown. the kentucky derby. the preakness stakes. a swollen left front tendon. discovered this morning. he is in retirement. here is trainer doug o'neal. >> this is extremely tough for all of us, though it is far from tragic. no one died or anything lick thlick -- anything like that. it is extremely disappointing when you have human or equine@ly every time you step on the court or on the track you are suspect to -- to injury. and i had been hoping and praying he would stay injury free. and you know it didn't happen. >> good for them for doing the right thing. >> right. >> girl scout night at verizon
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center. mystics, new york liberty. mystics, once down 26. they're coming back though. and hits back to back threes. that brings the mystics within three. and -- but the liberty, strikes back. the second three. college teammate at rutgers, carsons remain, nails a trim of her own. liberty win. 76-70. they drop to 1-5. they indeed are struggling. but it ant over till its over. right? >> that's right. >> did you have fun?
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staff of nbc 4 getting a field trip to the front yard today for the peacock olympics. president, general manager, jackie bradford getting things started. teams competed in everything from water balloon toss to the big foot race and there was also a ring toss, tug-of-war, and the tryke relay, the video is off. we got no work done. we couldn't edit it. that was the bigfoot walk. there is the tug-of-war. there is the race with our boss. and there is the food because if it is us you got to feed us. we eat. >> we will eat. >> that is the winning team. babs harrison and her winning team. >> and so it goes.
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>> yes. >> good time had boy all. skateboarder in mass s massachu mass really lucky to be alive. he got hit by a delivery van. see that. skate boarding down an alley into the path of the truck. sent him 35 feet into the air. he wasn't wearing a helmet.
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