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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we could get some later today this is associated with a cool front way out west. gradually sweeping through the rest of the day. as it moved on through it will trigger heavier showers later on. right now, areas in dark green and yellow, from near annapolis and bayside, on up toward severed river and farther to the west, a band of light rain, northern prince georges and across the county line into montgomery county, howard county. light rain falling in frederick county maryland. and most of this is blueridge east. much of loudoun county wet. a few light showers here and drifting off to the north and east. so even though it may be dry where you are, you will need an umbrella. likely getting wet here soon. near 70 degrees through most of the region. reagan national at 70.
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day planner, into the mid 70s by mid morning. a passing shower, generally a 50% chance by noontime, and the likelihood of showers, thunder and lightning too. highs reaching the low 80s. how much longer will this continue? we'll have a look at traffic. good morning. good morning. watching the roadways, another accident. inner loop of the beltway, approaching the interchange, a crash blocking the right lane. be aware of that. and seeing wet pavement, give yourself extra time today. i-95, looking good, heading out of woodbridge, making your way toward the beltway. no issues to report. a live look at lorton. very light volume, but increasing northbound, no major delays just yet, and you are accident free in this area. i-270, leave look at clarksburg. travel lanes open, even all the way to the lane divide and northbound as well. nice and clear, no accidents, but you can see very wet
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roadways here. wet all morning. again, give yourself extra time. back to you. 5:01. new this morning, d.c. police investigating a series of stabbings and shootings in southeast washington. two men stabbed along gainesville street. canine units were brought to the scene to look for clues. both men taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. earlier in the night, a man stabbed near 13th place, around 7:00. the man stabbed in the parking lot. he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. his name has not been leased. police called to a shooting along sumner road, just before 8:30. a man shot during a basketball game. his name and condition not released. so far there haven't been any arrests. and john bryson takes medical leave, just days after
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he was involved in a pair of accidents. he rear ended a car in southern california. got out, spoke to the other driver and took off. police say he rammed into another vehicle a few minutes later apparently. police found him unconscious in the other car at the scene of the second crash. bryson had a seizure and doesn't remember much about what happened. it is not clear whether the medical episode happened before or after the accidents. bryson has not said how long he'll remain on leave. he is back in washington today. and decision day in the commonwealth. polls open around 6:00 a.m. for virginia primaries. u.s. senate race one of the most watched. governor george allen vying for seat he lost in 2006. up against three challengers to clinch the gop nomination. the winner will face tim kaine in november. polls close this evening at 7:00. arizona holding a special election to replace gabriel
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gifford gifford. she spent the last couple of days replacing for her former aide barber. gifford resigned from the house of representatives in january to focus on recovery. this could be a big day for the future of gambling in maryland. a group of state lawmakers will hear from analysts looking for a proposal to allow table games in maryland casinos, and also studying drawbacks of adding a casino in prince georges county. martin o'malley says he'll call a special legislative session next month if lawmakers could reach an agreement on gambling. a two-man battle brewing, at large members, vincent orange and phil mendelsohn both home to replace kwame brown as chair. he plead guilty in a felony fraud scheme. the board will vote tomorrow on
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an interim replacement. voters will decide on a long-term replacement in a special election set for november 6th. d.c. law will allow vincent orange to run for the council seat and keep his at large position. new developments in the search for the gunman charged in a gunman in a deadly shooting at auburn university. police have left a home they scoured over night looking for des monte leonard. they used thermal imaging and teargas to try to flush the person out. the tactical team left without believing anyone from the home. is he charged with three counts of capital murder after police say he opened fire at a pool party near auburn's campus saturday. three killed, including two former auburn football players. a game of chicken injured a 23-year-old man in montgomery county. his girlfriend told investigators he wanted to see
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how close he could get to a train in rockville last night. he got too close when a csx freight train hit him. taken to the hospital with injuries to his leg and head. no word on his condition beyond that, though. 5:06. 69 degrees. putting a face to our tough times. how severe the economic down turn has been on the average family. a tough day of testimony as a young man talks about his alleged relationship with jerry sandusky. your hospital stay may be making tougher to west rest. hit the road a little early this morning. rain coming down as we speak. the impact on the morning commute so far. commute so far. when it will
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when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." commute so far. when it will romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions
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and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. good morning, everybody, nine minutes after 5:00. a warm 69 degrees outside our studios. take a look at this live
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picture, lots of clouds over the district this morning. >> you know what those clouds are doing? >> what are they doing? >> making rain. >> how does one make it rain? >> tom makes it rain, don't you, tom? >> that's right. i just wave a magic wand. good morning, time for weather and traffic early on this tuesday morning. yes, you will need an umbrella, some passing showers moving through the metro area over the last hour. the area in green you see on the storm 4 radar, now raining lightly, northern prince georges county. anne arundel, howard, montgomery, loudoun county and fauquier county. much of the shenandoah valley dry. day planner, have an umbrella handy. a passing shower through noontime, and likelihood for this afternoon to early this evening. low 80s by early afternoon. evening planner, probably still need anum brela may be dodging
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lightning bolts between 7:00 and 9:00. and a much smaller chance by late evening. most of the will be finished by midnight tonight. a comfortable change coming our way tomorrow. search-day outlook in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> right now, i'm following breaking news on the roadways, traveling gw parkway headed southbound, a downed tree blocking one of the southbound lanes. gw parkway southbound. approach with caution. checking on road work in our area. traveling the beltway, work zone set up, shut down the road to the dulles tollway. lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway approaching the interchange. an accident still blocking the right lane. approach with caution. slick roads outside. give yourself what time. and taking the rails, make sure
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you have your umbrella and galoshes. no problems on the metro, mark, or the boe. >> you have your galoshes this morning? >> i don't have my galoshes. i do have my umbrella. >> i wanted to see those galoshes. a little secret. at in this line of work have potty mouths. >> no. >> it's just the way it is. >> i've heard the worst language in this business. >> heard some tough stuff out there a lot of folks let a swear word slip from time to time and doing that could be a little costly. also ahead, are they truly a better
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an exclusive wild fair
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jurors in roger clemens'
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perjury trial will hear closing arguments today, eight weeks after the trial began. deliberations expected to begin today. jurors have sat through testimony through 46 witnesses through the marathon trial. prosecutors accuse clemens of lying to congress for testifying that he never used performance enhancing drugs or human growth hormone. the first witness in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial testified that he was abused as a young teenager on campus and sent him creepy love letters. the now 28-year-old testified that he was 13 when sandusky began showering with him and touching him inappropriately. publicly, the witness said he treated him like a father, but in private, he treated him like a girlfriend. >> on cross-examination, he said
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he regretted not coming forward earlier. he felt gimym guilty maybe he w responsible for the other victims. >> sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. he denies allegations. the coast guard is expected to discuss its investigation into what it calls a costly hoax. it says someone falsely reported explosion on a yacht off the coast of new jersey yesterday afternoon. the caller claimed many of the 21 people on board had been injured. rescuers spent hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for theat and its victims. instead, they found neither. fire fighters in colorado say a wildfire is burning out of control. firefighters plan to bring in more air tankers and water-dropping helicopters to contain the flames.
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dry weather and strong wind causing the wildfire to spread. it scorched 64 square miles and devoured more than 100 homes. homeowners are using sprinklers to sprinkle the ground around their homes. >> we figured if we can keep the trees wet it will keep the fire from coming up over the house. >> firefighters gained ground on another fire in new mexico. a new study shows noise may be keeping hospital patients from getting the rest they need. researchers at brigham & young looked at 12 sleepy health volunteers. the first they slept without interruptions, the second they were interrupted with noises and they found that a noisy environment led to a worst
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night's sleep. and five healthy fast food meals. at the top of the list. chick-fil-a healthy grilled nuggets and cheese burgeer happy mooel and a kids meal from burger king. sonic kids junior meal. denny's build your own junior grand slam has 100 more milligrams than sodium that's recommended for kids to consume at breakfast. >> but i can have a kids meal. >> you can have a kids meal, you will want more than one. >> i need a smaller serving size anyway. >> no more kids meals. you got to -- >> really for adults. >> okay. 5:19 now. getting a look at how brutal the economy has been on the middle class. according to a federal reserve report. americans suffered a record declined in wealth between 2007
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and 2010 as home values tumbled. median family's net worth tumbled from $126,400, to $77,300 in 2010. a 30% drop. incomes took a hit, sinking nearly 8% from $45,800. >> these numbers go a long way to explain why the recovery is so modest and still so fragile. >> during the same three-year period, families tried to reduce debt, particularly credit card debt. the number of families carrying balances on credit cards dropped nearly 7%. you better watch your mouth if you visit one massachusetts town. >> residents of middleborough say they have heard enough cursing in their community and they are putting their money where their mouths are, literally. they voted to approve a ban on cursing. get caught dropping a
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four-letter word, be fined $20. reporter says they are trying to limit free speech. they say they just want to limit profanity in sparks and other places? boom, $100. >> i'd be poor. i'm joking. a lot of places do that, maybe not to that level of severity. a lot of places have laws, you can't stand on a street corner in d.c. and go on a profane tira tirade. >> i have heard that. >> but a police could give you a ticket. don't go to middleborough if you have a potty mouth. >> time to look at your rainy forecast. >> i've got your bleeping weather. it's raining across maryland and areas west of washington. light rain now falling in loudoun county, up to frederick county, maryland.
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a few scattered sprinkles in shenandoah valley, and around the metro area no, rain falling. just a few sprinkles. wet pavement right in the metro area, a band of showers that came through about an hour ago. later this morning, occasional light showers may have you cursing with the traffic with the roads covered with wetness from overnight showers. allow yourself extra time. you know any time our roads get wet, we have fender benders and that is likely the story this morning. later this afternoon into this evening, moderate showers may snarl the afternoon commute too. maybe thunder and lightning. all ending by midnight. we could pick up an inch or two of beneficial rains by the time it ends by midnight tonight. and a beautiful, comfortable ìáhp &h% highs, low 80s, and a bit of a blustery wind, and on thursday, friday, into the weekend each day, not a lot of humidity, not too hot, beautiful pattern here for
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mid-june. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, each day, highs near 80. morning lows around 60 and a few clouds in and out. and as we start off next week too. not very humid. highs, low 80s and partly cloudy on monday. back again with another closeup look at storm 4 radar in ten minutes. a closer look at traffic. good morning. broking news. part of the gw parkway shut down for a downed tree. tracee wilkins on the scene. >> reporter: what it looks like behind me. able to get this wrapped up quickly. the far right hand lane was shut down, headed toward the beltway on the gw parkway, right by the cia building. he was able to quickly cut the tree up and get it out of the roadway. they have an officer on the scene blocking this right lane so that folks won't try to drive into the tree as they continue to clean it up. but this should be taken care inform a few minutes.
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that's good news. be careful while you are out there on the roads. plenty of wet roads and drizzle here, so be dafl. i'm tracee wilkins, lives from the gw parkway. live to daniela with a look at other traffic. >> good morning. a lot of wet pavement. maryland at 216. rain fogging up my camera travel lanes open connecting to the beltway. not an issue as far as volume or accidents, just wet roadways. ing traveling on the outer loop no accidents on the out every or inner. 55 miles per hour at 495. that speed not bad, but give yourself extra time this morning. and taking the rails, no reported delays. a good way to go this morning. metro, marc, çóvre, all looking
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good. still use a paper card for metro? the agency is making you an offer hard to refuse. starting september 1st, worker who's buy smarttrip cards, they will get a $3 rebate. meaning you pay just $2 for the card. registering also means you will be able to use an auto reload feature in the fall, which will add money to the card when the balance drops to a certain level. metro says it will have smart trip vending machines at stations by september. hollywood has turned into hockeywood. >> for the first time in their 45-year history, the stanley cup for los angeles. the kings are the kings! >> the l.a. kings, dominated game six of the stanley cup finals 6-1. all decided in the first period of the game too. new jersey committed a bad penalty and the kings capitalized, scoring three goals
5:26 am
during a five-minute power play. the king' first stanley cup in 45-year history. the city was rocking. l.a. known for its basketball success, fully embraced the kings' playoff run. fans streamed into the streets after the big victory. the lowest seed team as well. capital fans watched kings fans. nationals are looking more and more like a playoff contender. >> laroche gets a hold of one. see you later. second deck. >> first place by three games after beating the toronto blue jays 6-3. price harper, three wins in that win. the nats' fourth straight victory. 5:26. coming up, answering a decades
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old mystery about a dingo and missing baby. what a new investigation is revealing. how a community is honoring several firefighters hurt batt
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30, the republican nomination for u.s. senate in the spotlight today. voters in virginia head to the polls. expect more graphic testimony as the trial involving jerry sandusky continues today. and commerce secretary john bryson off the job for a while after being involved in a pair of strike accidents. much more throughout the morning. good morning. >> welcome back to news 4 today on tuesday, june 12th. you look outside today, the sun is starting the track into the sky. a lot of clouds blocking out the rain today. rain falling in sam spots. >> you know what happens when pavement gets wet.
5:31 am
we have fender beeners. >> it doesn't have to be very wet either. >> slightly wet throughout much of the region. overnight showers coming through over the last couple of hours, so most of northern virginia, much of maryland and parts of east and west virginia, some of the pavement wet. speeders and tailgaters, you may spin out and crash. one band of moderate showers, that area in dark green, north of washington, from loudoun county to southern frederick and maryland, and montgomery. howard, northern -- extreme northern prince georges county. and central anne arundel. farther south, a few light showers in fauquier county, drifting into prince williams. much of southern maryland. clouds around. patchy drizzle. right around 70 degrees, much of the area will hold steady for about another hour or too. mid morning, in the mid building 70s, a 50% chance of a passing shower.
5:32 am
day planner through the afternoon. heavier downpours with thunder and lightning and a likelihood of everything being wet. highs reaching low 80s by mid afternoon. a look at your evening planner. and daniela with a look at traffic. checking out things on g.w. parkway. right lane is blocked. you approach the area with a downed tree. workers are working to make sure it's completely out of the beltway. beltway, 193 university boulevard. i'm checking cameras. don't see major delays and don't see the accident, but i have to give you a heads up just in case. approach with caution. over to you. >> daniela, thanks so much. this morning, the 32-year-old mystery surrounding the death of a 9-week-old australian baby is finally over. a coroner ruled that a dingo did, indeed, take a baby from thener accused of killing her
5:33 am
child. any goth with more on the emotional ruling. >> reporte >> a packed courtroom erupted into applause. the 2-month-old disappeared during a camping trip. her body never found. her family claimed she was taken by a wild dog. some clothing was found in a dingo's layer. despite the claims, the baby's mother was convicted of murder. lindy and her now ex-husband say finally they have a chance to put their daughter's spirit to rest. >> i'm here to tell you that you can get justice, even when you think that all is lost. >> no longer will australia say that dingos are not dangerous and only attack if provoked. >> the ruling follows the fourth
5:34 am
inquiry into azaria's disappearance. new evidence of dingo attacks on humans, including one that culled a 9-year-old boy, was presented. this story has been the subject of many books and movies. the end to a story that captivated the world for decades. the navy trying to figure out why a drone crashed on maryland's eastern shore. no one was hurt when it went down during a test flight near blood worth island. the navy said no property damage and that unarmed drone was part of a fleet used overseas. president george h. bush celebrating his 88th birthday. jenna bush hager sat down with him for a one-on-one interview.
5:35 am
>> what's it like turning 88 years old? >> pretty darn old. er in thought i would get this far in chronology, but i'm glad here. i'm shooting for my 90th birthday. >> your goal is your 90th? >> that's a goal. i've got a lot of goals. >> the two talk about his thoughts on dying and his war years. watch more of the interview with george h.w. bush on "today" show that starts at 7:00 a.m. prince georges county investigating a shooting in capital heights. shots rang out along marlboro pike. one victim taken to the hospital. we're working to find out that person's condition. no other details released at this time. fire investigators back out to the site of a warehouse to determine what caused this massive fire in baltimore. the five-alarm fire broke out yesterday afternoon in a vacant warehouse in the fells point part of the city. the roof collapsed, forcing
5:36 am
firefighters out. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. seven prince georges firefighters hurt battling a fire in riverdale will be honored for their bravery. donna edwards will host a ceremony. seven of them suffered burns while battling a fire in sfeb february, since ruled an arson. one man spent two months on the hospital's burn unit trying to recovery. okay. 5:36. 69 degrees. still ahead, parents venting their frustrations with their school board after a round of painful cuts. plus, even the nobel prize is not immune from tough economic times. a rainy start to your morning. could be the sign of what you sh
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♪ jimmy bond i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works welcome back. 5:39. wedding season under way. even on the metro. on the weekend, a rider took this video on a yellow line. a wedding broke out.
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if he knew a wedding was going to go on, he wouldn't have worn flip-flops. >> seems like this couple, they like the fact that d.c. supports marriage equality. they wanted to be married in t d.c., but they wanted to get married in d.c. 5:40 is the time. forecast for you this morning. a look outside first, live, 69 degrees, and rain falling in places. tom kieran. blue/gray cloud cover over the region. a few sprinkles in washington. storm 4, showing a band of moderate rain passing north of the metro area. that is moving right through howard county, northern anne arunle and baltimore. exiting montgomery county. wet across most of frederick county into loudoun county and
5:41 am
frederick county, virginia, into west virginia, a few sprinkles toward the panhandle of west virginia. a few light sprinkles south. and we have the gray sky that will be with us throughout the rest of the day. a passing shower. 50% chance. a likelihood with thunder and lightning and this afternoon, likely will taper off and end. daniela, how is traffic? >> g.w. parkway southbound, had a downed tree blocking your right lane. as you approach the c.i.a. building. ith nit's now gone. volume increasing in this area. no major delays just yet. nice and clear. i'll give you awe live look as you may your way past the rest area. volume increasing. no major delays. outside or inside the beltway, live look as you make your way past glebe road. back over to up. >> thank you. up on 5:42. what we can expect in the
5:42 am
courtroom today after hearing graphic and sometimes painful testimony from one of jerry sandusky's alleged victims. the prank that put a stop to
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5:45 am
15 before the hour now. prosecutors in the jerry sandusky child sex adduce trial plans to call their second witness today. after an explosive first day of testimony. we have more fr. >> reporter: jerry sandusky charged with more than 50 counts of molestation. in all, eight men expected to testify, to tell a similar story of a trusted father figure who allegedly violated that trust
5:46 am
over and over again over the course of that relationship. explosive testimony yesterday. the first prosecution witness on the stand, a 28-year-old known as victim number four. he said that sandusky initially initiated contact with him back when he was 13 years old. he testified that it started as horseplay, as the two were showering in a locker room at penn state university and letter escalated to something much more similar. he says it lasted a period of about five years. when asked on cross-examination why he never came forward while the activity was allegedly going on, he said that, number one, he was embarrassed to do so. and number two, he really liked the access to penn state and the gifts that sandusky provided at the time. joe am joe am ee eeamendola is trying
5:47 am
that was why. he was asked if he is machining to file a civil lawsuit at some time. and he said some of the things being testified to the trial are not necessarily crimes, things like showering with young boys. the defense, again, expected to try and paint this as a grab for money and we expect more testimony this morning. >> chris, we know that in the sandusky being charged, done some interviews that looked to be a bit incriminating. any indication at this point whether sandusky will testify? >> no indication of that. i think at this point joe amendola will have to see how this goes and decide whether it's in his best interests. the prosecution said in its open statement that they certainly plan to introduce those who elements, the bob costas interview on nbc and "the new
5:48 am
york times" interview, so they are planning to use sandusky's words against him, no doubt. >> thank you, chris. prince georges county police are trying to identify skeletal remains found in temple hills. a group of children discovered the remains in a wooded area. police could not tell if the bones were human. the medical examiner's office will do further testimony. police looking for a suspected kill whoever escaped from a prison work detail. conrad paynes was last scene working with a road detail. he has one year left on a ten-year prison sentence. police say is he dangerous. if you see him, call 911. we are learning why a man says he intentionally crashed into a downtown d.c. building. prosecutors say that 32-year-old charles ball believed his family was in danger and wanted to get the attention of the fbi to help
5:49 am
him. he crashed a rented suv friday night. he wanted to create a fiery explosion. he faced a judge yesterday. the judge denied bail. a man in prince william county hope that video will help find the people who vandalized home. sometime last week, someone broke windows, punched holes in the walls and burned carpets. there is more than $6,000 in damage. it is a rental unit. no one was living there at the time. today, the maryland ìáhp &h% drawbacks from expanding gambling. legislators are thinking about expanding gambling in maryland casinos to allow table games. they made ahead add a casino in prince georges county. martin o'malley says they may
5:50 am
call a special session. they will have to improve gam blipg expansion. faculties at university of virginia wants to know why the university president is resigning. she agreed to step down after two years on the job. the university's board of visitors announced that decision, citing a difference in philosophy about the school's future. sullivan's last day, august 15th. no word on who will replace her. the proposal in fairfax county may lead to more rest for sleep-deprived high school students. some fairfax county students get to bus stops at 5:45 in the morning to be at school on time by 7:20. some are pushing to start high school after 8:00 a.m. they say it could affect learning. others say changing start times could have a greater impact. >> i think it's okay the way it is. i think with the schedules, it would change everybody's schedule quite a bit and it
5:51 am
would impact traffic even more. >> once we see the benefits are so important to our students, we can work the transportation around what we believe is best for our students. >> the fairfax county school board, not expected to vote on the issue until sometime in the fall. testy moments during the fauquier county school board meeting. >> i'm angry with you. it's going to take a long time to get over it. >> they gave board members an earful about the decision to eliminate competitive sports programs for middle school students and high school freshmen. intermural sports will be spared. the school says it has to make budget cuts. a lot of parents aren't buying it. >> we don't have a revenue problem. as the superintendent claims. we have a spending problem and anyone who claims otherwise is being dishonest. more than enough being spent on administrators getting fat at the taxpayers' trough.
5:52 am
. >> the school board points out other virginia school systems, including the one in loudoun county, don't have middle school sports programs either. time to get a look at the forecast. tom kieran will tell us more about the rain we're getting and whether we'll see it all day. >> the final days of school too. watch out for students waiting at bus stops this morning. wet. need an umbrella, passing showers, we'll have them through much of the morning. friday night, went went out and looked for the international space station. after it did, one of our viewers turned telescope on saturn. the color to the right is refraction off the lens. saturn, beautiful sell he copy view of sat tesaturn. post photos to our facebook page. we appreciate that. the last few hours.
5:53 am
one band of rain, in green, passing north of the metro area, pulling up toward the pennsylvania border it left pavement wet in most of maryland. farther west, a few light sprinkles in the shenandoah valley, and points west to the mountains, not much rain at all. a mild morning, near 70 degrees cross most of virginia and maryland, the eastern shore, out in the mountains, generally in the 60s. most of the shenandoah valley, we'll hold steady over the next couple of hours. through much of the afternoon and early evening, highest amounts of rain. areas in blue will be the higher amounts, one to two inches, much of the shenandoah valley, north and west of washington. areas in green will get a half an inch, and much of the metro area. and then tomorrow, a big change moves in. i want to call your attention to wednesday's forecast.
5:54 am
breezy, less humid, afternoon highs, low 80s, a beautiful day and low humidity. thursday all the way through the weekend, highs near 80 each day and not very humid. beautiful pattern setting up, beginning tomorrow. how is traffic? >> tom, we just have to get through today. all right. let's take a look. i-270, delays started as you head southbound out of frederick, maryland, and continue around 109. slow in this area. travel speeds approaching 80, slow. please give yourself extra time, clear as you head down to the divide, and even connect to the beltway. no issues to report. travel times along the inner loop along with the outer loop, still clear at this time. ory to you. 5:54 now. european stocks edged higher
5:55 am
amid spain's bank bailout. dozens of protesters demonstrated against the aid package. the plan, to lend spain up to $125 billion to help its faltering banks. asian stocks fell, u.s. futures are up. one of the world's most prestigeous prizes isn't immune from tough economic times. nobel prize winners will receive 20% less for their award. the noble foundation is cutting cash award from $1.4 million to $1.1 million. it is the first reduction in nearly half a century. the prize is the result of some bad investments, the noble foundation made. that tanning salon frequented by the woman knownxds the new jersey tanned mom is in the hot seat with the health department. the city tropics salon fined $5,200, for several violations,
5:56 am
including overexposing customers in the tanning booths. the health department says this fine is part of an unrelated inspection. a very creative way to identify a crook breaking into lockers. watch this one. take a look. the manager at the vida fitness gym says thieves have been targeting lockers and stealing wall wallets, using an old college and marine corps prank. flour fell out of the locker, all while surveillance tape rolling. >> we came in, scoped out the locker room facility, found out it was empty and decided, well, i'm going to go for the easiest target, when you open that up, he got hit by the flour, and thankfully, it was his first locker he tried to break into and it was the last for the day. >> the man accused of breaking into the locker checked in at
5:57 am
the front desk. police now looking for him. >> offer your shouts on the corcoran gallery of arts decision. the museum holding up a series of public meetings. the first at are 6:30 p.m. they are thinking of selling its downtown building for financial reasons. they have been together longer than most humans have been alive. >> aftercentury, a pair of giant turtles are calling it quits. they have been together almost since birth. long-time love has apparently soured. staff at the zoo in austria says one turtle has been attacking the other. the zoo tried a little marriage counseling, offered good mood food. they think the pair simply can't stand the sight of each other any more.
5:58 am
>> you think they could make it work out. >> sometimes it's time to move on. ♪ ♪
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