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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 13, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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lawson muse. >> and i'm handley. it was another day of graphic testimony at the jerry sandusky trial. today more accusers took the stand. >> an exclusive interview would figure prominently in the case. brian moore reports from bellfonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: more accusers took the stand to say they too were abused by jerry sandusky. it's an attempt by the state to establish a pattern of behave behavior. one testified he was just ten when he fended off the first of many fondling attempts and repeated physical advances, but under croc under cross examination, he explained he had blocked on the the incidents. >> joe amendola did a marv his job of cross examining him there were a number of things he was able to point out that this
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witness had not testified to before he obtained private counsel. >> they produced a scholarship form for the second mile charity in which the witness mentioned sandusky as a, quote, kind and caring man, and someone who changed my perceptions on life in a positive way. like witnesses before and after him, the young man said sandusky initiated a physical relationship with a touch. >> every one of the victims so far to testify has described the contact with sandusky beginning with touching of the leg in a car, and there is that thread runs through all these victims. >> reporter: the jury also heard from two other men that told similar stories. for the first time, the jury heard from sandusky himself in this interview with nbc's bob costas -- >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> reporter: also testifying, the father of key prosecution
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witness mike mcqueer ry. the dc council tapped phil mendelssohn as the new chairman. he replaces kwame brown, who pled guilty to felony bank fraud and resigned. he was elected by an 11-1 vote. he'll serve until a special election held in november. the council has lost two members to criminal convictions this year. mendelssohn says he wants the counselle to become an institution people can trust. don't be confused if you see a new metro station. it's not a new station, just a new station name. from now on, the station that had been known as new york avenue, florida avenue, gallaudet u, will be called no-ma gallaudet. it's short for north of massachusetts. both names will be on the
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signage for about a year to help in the transition. the humidity did a disappearing act on us today. it felt like a great day out there. veronica johnson has your first photograph. >> hey there, guys, an energizing kind of day for us, right? we have the pretty blue sky, the dry air moved in. so just some high clouds as we take a look around the area right now. some high clouds. we've got mostly sunny conditions throughout the area. check out the temperatures throughout. right now 77 degrees in maryland, trinidad coming in at 81. arlington and great falls 81 also your temperature. even down to the south around fredericksburg, start, around waldorf, the temperature is now 78 degrees. running just a few degrees below the average. satellite and radar shows all those clouds making their way eastward off the coast. right now areas east of i-95
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probably with the most cloud cover down on towards fredericksburg. we'll see a bit more cloud cover around our area as a low pressure near the coast starts back toward us and head down to the south. we'll talk more about that later. the extended forecast, though, your good night forecast for 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., a lot of sunshine, down to the mid 70s by 7:00 p.m. sunset at 8:34. by that time i'm expecting a clear sky, so first a clear sky, then we're talking about clouds moving back in on us. tomorrow morning, seasonably cool. the beach forecast for the next couple days coming up. thank you, veronica. growing concern about the crisis in syria. there are new reports that syrian government troops have drich rebels out of a town near the turkish border. there were concerns a massacre may be under way.
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the united nations peacekeeping chief issued the same opinion yesterday, and secretary of state hillary clinton took the rare step day of publicly accusing russia of supplying weapons to syrian president bashar al assad. >> we have confronted the russians about stopping their shipments to syria. we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria. which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically. today the nato chief urged russia to help broker a political solution to the crisis. now to decision 2012. mitt romney came to washington and slammed the president's economic record. the presumptive republican nominee addressed a group of business leaders at the newseum
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today. he said he would authorize more drilling for oil and natural gas and would reverse the regulations from the obama era. >> if you look at his record over the last 3 1/2 years, you will conclude as i have that it is the most antiinvestment, antibusiness, andy jobs series of apologies in modern history. >> the obama team says the attacks are dishonest. romney will campaign in ohio tomorrow. he and president obama are scheduled to speak just minutes apart. the head of j.p. morgan chase was called to account up on capitol hill today. the bank just lost $2 billion or more in bad trades. lawmakers demanded to know what happened. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: jpmorgan chase is a hero of the 2008 crash for keeping his bank in good shape. but his huge loss this year brof him to a senate hearing.
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>> this guy should be going to prison. >> and brought protesters who got arrested. >> dimon admitted his minimum lost is $2 billion. >> we'll lose some of our shareholders' money, and for that we feel terrible, but no client, customer or taxpayer money was impacted by this even haven't. dimon testified the crisis came when top staffers in london tried new ways to reduce risk. >> isn't that really gambling? >> i don't believe so. >> dimon admitted to cnbc he got a warning memo. >> that's going to come out. i was copied on a memo that said -- i paid virtually no attention to it. >> reporter: he called early news reports a tempest in a teapot. >> it was a small thing, blown way out of proportion. i obviously believed it. i obviously was wrong. >> reporter: banking critics said, here we go again. >> we have the same too big to fail banks engaging in the same
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high-risk investment and trading that risks yet another failure and another bailout by the american taxpayers. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: but dimon argued against more regulation. >> we have the widest, deepest and best capital markets in the world. it would be a shame to shed that out of anger. >> reporter: there is anger, but also fear, as a top banker describes billions in sudden losses again. >> investors like jamie dimon's performance up here. if the stock shot up 3% at midday. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. a new report proves what we already know, it's expensive to live in the dc area, one of the most expensive places in the world to live, according to mercer, washington d.c. is the fifth most expensive city in the u.s. new york city comes in at number one, followed by los angeles, san francisco, and white plains, new york. the most expensive city in the
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world, to be jo, japan, karachi, packs stan ranked as the least expensive. southwest airlines is offering super-cheap fares, the prices are based on the length of the flight. flights 500 miles or less cost $49 one way. with 501 and 1300 miles, it's $99 one weigh, and more than 1300 miles, $139 one way. you have to travel between august 13th and november 14th this year. tickets have to be purchased by tomorrow night. lebron james, kevin durant, the game went to local basketball star kevin current. he went to montrose christian school in rockville. he led the thunder with 17 of his 36 points in the first quarter. they came back from a first-half deficit to beat the heat. game 2 tomorrow night. the washington nationals winning streak continues thanks to
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rookie tyler moor. he hit two home rum today against the blue jays. it was his first major league home run of his career. the nats have won 6-2, and won six in a row. the team has a 38-23 report, the best ever for the franchise. first lady michelle obama is getting more involved in social media joining pinterest. the account is run by the campaign. the pins are signed by m.o. she shares several of her memories. pinterest allows people to share interests by pinning them on their page. at last check she had more than 6,400 followers. she gets busy fast, doesn't she? >> she does. picking a baby name can be a very tough decision, but can you imagine paying someone to name your child for you? the deal of the day coming up. controversy over the miss
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usa pageant won't go away. now there are some new allegations. and a little boy became a star for his super bowl commercial. we remember it now, the little darth vader is fighting for his
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the man who inspired the mafia hit "good fellas" is dead. henry hill was 69. he earned his place in history during the 1978 lufthansa heist at the kennedy airport that netted a then record $5 million. the former mobs terse became an fbi informant when he felt his life was in jeopardy. in his later years he opened a restaurant and began his own line of marinara sauce. his girlfriend sis his heart
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gave out. springhill is a small town in canada. they've decided springsteen has a nice ring to it, they're changing the name of the town for at least one day, and hope to cash in on concert that bruce springsteen will play nearby. the day before the town of springsteen will hold a day-long festival in the hopes of luring concert goers. it's worked before. last year think staged a u2 day. the blockbuster amazing spider man hit theaters in tokyo. several members of the cast including andrew garfield were on hand for the festivities. the latest flick goes babb to the beginning and look how peter parker went from a regular kid to a super hero. it hits theaters here on july 3rd. naming your baby takes a controversial turn, a celebrity coming is calling it quits.
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and a second contestant says the pageant was rigged. joining us is georgia al freitas co-host on k.a.s. we start with rihanna on the defensive for the new ad. >> she new a new perfume, and they said there was a body double. we know how she loves to show her body all day long. why in the world would rihanna ever get a body double. here she is here. we know that we've seen it a million times all over twitter and the internet. she blasted "the sun" newspaper for saying this. she was like -- does this woman also have a tattoo? why would i use a body double? i'm with her. >> we've been looking at it for a long time, taking a close
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look. name you are your baby takes a controversial. >> is groupon crazy? they are going to name your baby for $1,000. i'll do it for $200. they've got the name, this is real, this isn't fake. it's klemba, that's the name. they say any other name would be an imitation. guess what? somebody has already team them up on this offer. $1,000 somebody has paid. i don't even understand that. i hope i'm pronouncing it the right way. somebody's already spend $1,000. >> and they bought it? >> they bought it. >> i can't believe it. will be, i'll do it -- forget it. viewers, $100 for you. miss pennsylvania resigned her title last week after claiming she discovered the pageant was rigged. pageant owner donald trump has sued her, but there's another contestant who is supporting
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her. >> she has another contestant corroborating her story, but this contestant is anonnews. but she's basically saying the same thing, that misflorida came backstage, she was flustered and upset because she had seen a list of five, when really they hadn't picked 15. that is the same story, yes she's -- that's the same story that miss pennsylvania gave. so maybe there's some truth to it, maybe not. i don't know. it should be interesting. >> we'll see what trump has to say about this. stay tuned. >> yeah. finally they've been separated for a white, courteney cox and david arquette are officially calling it quits. >> they are. they separated about 2 years ago. arquette was the one saying we might reconcile, maybe we'll get back together. she was going, no, it's not going to happen, we're better as friends and co-parents. he signed the papers in march and this is just now coming out that he signed the papers in march.
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they thought courtney would be the one to sign those papers and end the marriage. interesting there. i wonder what really happened. >> a big day friday on "today." justin bieber on the plaza. >> yes. >> already lining up, i understand. >> what? who -- are you lining up? it's wednesday. it doesn't happen until friday. are you kidding? look at this. >> tents, umbrellas. two days. >> tomorrow it will be triple that, i'm sure. >> they'll remember forever that they stood in line for two days -- >> they'll sleep through it friday morning. >> it's a bonding experience. >> and they'll be the front row, so that's cool. >> coming up for you tomorrow? we've been tickets to just about everything you said to see, nikki, go to kys. >> jill scott. >> you're a jill cot fan. i'll --
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>> not together. >> no, not knowing. thanks so much. >> thanks for coming in, on a wednesday, too. >> no prob. thanks for having me. the party across the pond isn't over yet. how the queen and kate middleton spent the afternoon. a new twist in a murder-for-hire plot. a guy who's accused of trying to get his wife killed three different times. go to
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if you like today, you are going to love what's in store for us. >> that's what we're hearing. >> the next couple days. there's a little hiccup tomorrow. you know what happens when people hiccup, sometimes something comes out. >> that's right. >> do we look up or not? >> there will be a few clouds around the area. a few clouds, maybe some of that. there you go. let's see what's going on outside. this pretty blue sky has been around the area. i hope you've noticed just how great up. we've a bit of wind today. breezy today.
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reagan national airport up to 25 miles per hour, 21 miles per hour, the dew point temperature of 47 degrees, that's awfully dry. what we've been doing today with this wind anywhere between 20 and 25 mmp gusts is we've been drying it out, taking that moisture from yesterday and wicking things away. 81 in mt. erie, 81 degrees currently in d.c., 79 down south. so everyone getting in on the seasonal warmth for today. during the overnight period, we'll see skies clear for a time. after midnight, there would be clouds moving back in. here areas 9:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. that will be with the clear sky, and tomorrow morning at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., clouds will move back in, 61 to 63, your sunrise tomorrow at 5:42 a.m. here's what's going on. the satellite loop, the one thing you notice is the massive clouds off the coast, that's the
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area of low pressure that will start backing. it will provide us with a few clouds, then the possibility, watch that low, the possibility of a few isolated showers across southern maryland. it's not going to be a big deal at all. for the most part, though, area of high pressure will make its way from the midwest to the northeast. we're talking about nice conditions on friday with sunshine, and talking about a spectacular weekend for all you dads coming up. 6 we're clear, we're breeze request, and pretty darn comfortable. there will be a few clouds around by then. your afternoon high tomorrow anywhere between 76 and 0 degrees, again a nice start to the day, a nice way to kind of get into the weekend, i guess, because 80 degrees, with mostly sunny skies on friday, your weekend, saturday, sunday, 81 to
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82. we kick things off with a dry pattern really starting on friday, again after that hiccup tomorrow. >> all right. thank you. hold your bred, count to ten. still to kung, here from the parents of the child who played little darth vader. he's going under the knife. plus a special fashion show at a very famous loc
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welcome back at 34:230, you have been. everybody. more accusers took the stand today? theierry san dulles kiffin trial. prosecutorsled played an exclusive interview the former
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penn state coach is charged with abusing ten boys over 15 years. phil mendelssohn was selected today. the veteran legislator replace it is kwame brown who resigned last oui week. he'll several until is a special election in november. the new metto step will now by called no-ma. it's an abbreviation for north of massachusetts. the old name will remain on signs for a year to help with the transition. on wall street, stocks fell in the final hour of trading after a credit rating agency downgraded spain. the dow fell 77 points, nasdaq dropping about 24, and the s&p 500 ended with a nine-point loss. a little boy was the mvp of the super bowl without setting a foot on the field. he's the mini darth vader,
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you'll remember him who starred in the volkswagen commercial? >> how could we forget him? many people didn't know he was ballotsing a problem with his own. today he's having open-heart surgery. nbc's erica edwards has the story. >> reporter: he was the little darth vader in this popular commercial that aired during the 2011 super bowl, who used the force to start his father's car. now 7 years old max paige is preparing for heart valve replacement surgery on thursday. >> the artery that carries the blood between the hard and the lungings is still almost the size of an infant. it's like trying to pump gas through a straw. >> he was born with the rare heart disorder. so far he's been suffering with a pass maker.
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>> max has not known how good he can feel, so this will enable him to become even more active, which is hard to believe, and help him out tremendously. >> reporter: his parents have known this day would come. >> we're going to be really happy when it's friday morning. >> reporter: understandably, it's an emotional time for his parents. max has chosen to look on the bright side. >> if you use your force and dream big, you can achieve anything. >> reporter: he's made a list of things to look forward to. >> book club, drums, paint pottery. >> reporter: and he's helped his parents turn their home into a fun house to help through a long recovery. >> is the garage is covered in science projects and paint. >> reporter: he's using the commercial star power to raise money for help others with this condition and has traveled to capitol hill to lobby against funding cuts which could impact children's hospitals. erica edwards, nbc news. he's got the force with him. max's heart condition affects
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about 5 out of every 10,000 babies born. a group of airlines passengers is suing jetblue airlines over the recent pilot incident. they say they feared for their lives. the pilot had to be physically restrained after running through the cabin and screaming about religion and terrorism. it happened during a new york to las vegas flight back in march. ten passengers filed a lawsuit today. they claim the airline was grossly negligent. osmond was arrested and faces federal charges. he's due in court friday to determine if he's mentally competent to assistant trial. >> there was a royal visit to nottingham today to mark queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. she traveled alone, because her husband prince philip is resting alone after being hospitalized with an infection. prince william and his wife kate met the queen at the station and later the royals stood on the balcony of the nottingham council how us while the crowd
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sang "got save the queen." the art of fashion and works of together came together. s salvatore ferragamo had the catwalk, featuring mostly cream-colored dresses, gowns, pants and boots. the company was granted this unprecedented access to the space in farther because of it sponsoring an exhibit there. when we come back, a fast-food restaurant plans a special meat-filled treat for the summer. plus if you rent a car during this busy travel season [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all,
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it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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we're used to dot-com, dot-org, but what if someone gave you a web address that ended in dot-pisa. those are nearly one of the 2,000 ideas submitted the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers will ultimately decide which ones
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will be phased in. the public can also raise any concerns over trademark and copyright violationses. ben & jerry's is recalling pint containser the chocolate newt trunk allergy information is missing from the packaging. various stores across the country sold the recalled frozen dessert, no injuries, though, have been reported. if you have the ice cream, you should just toss it out immediately and call ben & jerry's for a replacement coupon. burger king's launching a new sundae at restaurants tomorrow on a limited time basis, the vanilla soft-serve ice cream with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a slide of bacon. do the math, 510 calories, 61 grams of sugar, but you get a bit of that sweet and savory at the same time.
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>> i like basin on anything. >> on ice cream? >> yes, there's a place in cleveland park that puts it on an ice cream sandwich. >> it sounds strange. >> we may be on to something. the potential risk if you're about to rent a car for summer vacation. >> should some scars be allowed on the road?
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pride now a small airport made an emergency landing at dulles. the plane had engine trouble in the air. one engine was not working, but it appears that it was a very safe landing. we saw it touch down just seconds ago. these are live pictures coming in from dulles international. it certainly wasn't weather related. we have beautiful skies here in the nation's capital. >> that we do.
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the only thing today has been a bit of wind. so we're going to go from breezy conditions to seasonably cool, and then some uneventful clouds by tomorrow. and if you don't have anything yet for fare's date, i have a great. that's right, jim. mostly sunny skies right now through out the area. some of the high wind gusts we have gotten today, up to 23 in fredericksburg, virginia. as strong as 28-mile-per-hour wen in maryland. temperatures throughout the area, from 75 to 81 degrees, ocean constituent right now, ocean city currently at 77 degrees, so what to get dad for fare ate day, why not take him to the beach? >> mostly sunny skies. right on the coast saturday
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sunshine, then a few clouds coming in for sunday, but glorious weather we'll have throughout the area. that wear temperature running at 70 degrees. so pretty nice, right? just you know, wrap up a beach ball and tell him which way he's headed. up to our north again, a school start, but seasonably cool start. we'll have less wind around the area. then notice this quiet pattern that will stake hoff for your friday, saturday, sunday, even for your monday. it will be quiet, a dry pattern for us, check out the school nights running around 61 to 63 degrees, that's in d.c., so outlying locations low to mid 50s. low humidity, too, so it will be quite comfortable when we back it up for you there. one thing you'll notice, next couple dales, no high heat until
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we get to tuesday and wednesday of next week. pretty nice. >> that's a nice father's day gift. thanks veronica. today there are new questions about the safety of some rental cars. >> a mother in california's demanding rental companies change the way they do things after two daughters died in a crash. the mom says the car should have never been on the road. nbc's tom costillo has our store story. >> reporter:-on highway 101, a horrific crash after the pt cruiser two sisters were in caught fire. rachel and jackie didn't know the car was the subject of a recall for a steering fluid leak that could lead to an engine fire. enterprise car rental had rented the car without making the fix. >> i was appalled. it's egregious. it's ridiculous, because it's
4:46 pm
simple to fix. this is not a fledgling industry that, you know, is on the border of collapse at any moment. >> reporter: enterprise admitted it was responsible, and a jury awarded the family $15 million. now congress is considering a law that would make it illegal for rental car companies to rent or sell cars that are part of a safety recall before they're fixed. until that law is passed. kallie houck and members of congress have asked all company toss make a promise not to do so. >> no rental car company should allow an unsafe vehicle to be rented or sold to a consumer without being fixed first to the manufacturer's specifications, which have been approved by nitsa. nhtsa. >> reporter: avis/budget repaired only 53% that quickly. hertz was even worse with only 34% repaired within 90 days, now
4:47 pm
afc/budget says we do not and will not rent a vehicle which is subject to an -- we apologize. apparently we're having some trouble with that piece there. we've got much more ahead on "news4 at 4." some creative people bring soapbox derby races to a whole new level. >> plus a high school student doesn't have to worry about getting a check every week. his lottery luck tale is coming up next. coming up on "news4 at 5:00" a special ade teacher arrested. a warning for parents about a popular social networking app. one mother is sharing her story, hoping to keep others safe from child predators. coming up at 6:00, while
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quell come to the wacky race in estonia where speed doesn't matter. 22 people took part in this crazy soapbox race over the weekend. there was no prize for the car that finished first, but there were lots of prizes for style and create activity. this was good news for some racers, since some cars didn't even make it to the bottom of the hill. that one looks like it's on fire.
4:52 pm
>> it did, didn't it. a teenager from brooklyn is the youngest to ever win the scratch outgame. 18-year-old robert sallow bought a $2 ticket last week and beat the odds to win the big prize. after coming forward today, he's $1 million richer and will now get $1,000 a week for the rest of his wife. he says he plans to use his winnings to go to college. wise investment. good for him. >> really. that's a lot of money, isn't it? he's only 18. coming up a in turn in the twisted murder for hire lo plot. for all your news, follow news4 online. on facebook and twitter.
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spectacular day today. of course it felt really good with lower humidity. the temperatures today around 80 degrees. we cool off tonight and we're going to see clouds move out for a spell until we go in the other direction and have clouds moving back in. 53 north around frederick, only
4:56 pm
in gaithersburg, down toward falls church. 54 for a star tomorrow, then a high temperature coming up are not 80 degrees. coming up in a couple minutes doug will have a look at your forecast. today a bombshell report on a story that's already made national headlines because of a number of strange twists and turns. a texas man is charged with masterminding three failed murder for hire plots against his wife. now, janis shamablyian reports that his mistress is accused. >> when yvonne stern reconciled with her husband henry, there was disbelief. the houston area woman survived the attacks in 2010, but the last one, a gunshot wound to her abdomen almost proved fatal. while jeffrey denied any involvement, his former mistress, michelle guiser
4:57 pm
explained stern was the brains and the bankroll. she pleaded guilty to solicitation after capital murder in exchange for her testimony expected at next month's trial. now guise are from behind bars is accused of planning a hit on jeffrey himself. >> michelle guiser from her jail cell has plotted yet another murder. she has solicited an inmail to murder jeffrey stern for $20,000. >> reporter: it says she wrote a four-page letter to an inmate who turned it over last month. i a detail stepbystep guy. whatever you do it must not look like a hit. it's got to be an accidental death. obviously even a close range shot doesn't get rid of the wife, so you have to shoot elsewhere to finish it or a knife in the neck. cut the carotid neck and it's done. >> three separate attempts on
4:58 pm
yvonne stern's life, now one reportedly on her husband jeffrey. the couple says they are living here with their children in fear. >> the fbi task force confronted ms. guiser last week, and according to the fbi task force, she confessed that the note is in fact hers. >> reporter: the fbi says it can't comment as the case is pending, same from the district attorney's attorney. as for michelle guiser, her attorneys tell nbc news they've just been made aware of the allegations article are raiding, always that she, michelle knows more than anyone that the entire scheme against yvonne was concocted by jeffrey stern. stern goes on trial next month for the three attempts on his wife's life. the couple now lives together and the wife is going to be at the trial to support her husband. now at 5:00, an emergency landing at dulles airport. off the top tonight, more claims of courtship and abuse from alleged victims in the
4:59 pm
jerry sandusky trial. a 74-year-old man mauled by dogs on his way to work. tonight his daughter reveals how he's doing and who he credits with saving his life. and how officials are revamping the rule book to protect kids who play pop warner football. good evening, everybody. i'm just handley i realize and i'm wendy rieger. just moments ago a plane had to make an emergency landing. the propeller turning is on and the plane is not -- one of them isn't spinning. we're told this was an a united express flight shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported an engine trouble and decided to turn back and turn off one of those engines. they're still trying to determine what caused that engine to malfunction. a special education t


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