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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right off i-95 and prince william parkway. this is the first of a two-part plan. they first receive a warning this then beginning july 2nd, those who park illegally will be ticketed or towed. illegally parked cars are a hazard not only for drivers but pedestrians and emergency vehicles, as well. taking a live look outside, tom, i actually had some rain drops on the way in from northern virginia. >> okay. >> yeah. >> maybe there is something to that. meteorologist tom keierein to tell us more about that today? >> there's the cloudy sky over the nation's capitol on this monday morning. good morning. right now as we look at the view from space. satellite radar showing an area of rain. that moving color moving in from west to east. a few sprinkles around the metro area. farther to the west, these areas in yellow, that's the eastern pan hand of west virginia and
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western maryland, drifting east. don't have any thunder or lightning. don't see any of that in the systems here picking up down into the southern shenandoah valley. seeing a few sprinkles around the metro area. temperatures off to the cool to mild start. it's in the low to mid 60s in washington. although cooler on the eastern shore where it's still clear. the clouds have yet to arrive there. ocean city down to a chilly 52. and just in the 50s around much of the bay in the eastern shore. farther south and east, too. farther west where the cloud cover is in. it's in the low and mid 60s on this monday. for the rest of the day today, yes, you will probably need an umbrella from time to time this morning and through noontime. it's going to be rather cool day. cooler than afternoon. about ten degrees cooler than average. highs only reaching mid 70s by mid afternoon. we've got a smaller chance of many more showers, or maybe a rumble of thunder this afternoon. otherwise a cloudy afternoon coming up. i'll be back in ten minutes with
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a hometown forecast. >> good morning. well, if you're taking the dulles toll road, that ramp to the outer loop of the beltway is shut down due to road work. let's take a live look right now along i-95 at the rest area. no issues here as you make your way southbound as well as northbound. your travel laenes are open. possibly seeing wet pavement here. let's head over to 395. that edsall nice and clear. 14th street bridge, no road work. i'm back in ten minutes. 4:32. today the university of virginia's board of visitors will meet are leaders of the school's vac cull. the senate held an emergency meeting to discuss sullivan's firing just two years into her term. it cast a resolution to express a vote of no confidence in the board of visitors.
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many faculty members are curious no one is explained why sullivan is let go except to say, quote, philosophical differences. >> we do not understand and ranger that there is a lack of communication. >> i feel like the way she was removed is not in the spirit jefferson wanted for this university. >> it's more than just if faculty angry over sullivan's firing. top donors is threatened to stop contributing to that school because of the move. right now markets around the world are responding positively to the result's yesterday's elections in greece which seemed to alleviate fierce the country will drop the euro. greece's pro bailout parties won in the second national election in six weeks. already today the euro hit a one-month high. asian stocks jumped more tan 1 1/2%. and u.s. stock futures rose. greeks have been at odds over how to handle the country's debt crisis. other european countries have
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attached strict mae ur shoes to billions of dollars in loans they're offering. some greeks think the country should simply leave the eurozone instead of accepting those terms on loans. europe's debt crisis will likely dominate the talks at this week's g20 summit in mexico. the summit begins today in loss cab boss. president obama's first meeting today will be with mexican's president calderon. they're expected to discuss security and other issues. the president will also meet with russian president vladimir putin. he's expected to urge putin to ease support for syria's government. wisconsin, the presumptive republican nominee will campaign with scott walker who won a recall election about two weeks ago. congressman paul ryan who is often mentioned as a possible running mate for ryan will also be at the events. romney began a five-day bus tour through six states last friday.
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the supreme court could rule as early as today on president obama's health care law. the president's health care initiative has been under fire even before it was passed since lawmakers passed the initiative in march of 2010. republican lawmakers are opposed to requirement that most individuals must buy some sort of health care. they said publicly that even if the supreme court upholds the law they will work to appeal it. today jerry sandusky's defense team is expected to begin stating their case. last week eight of his accusers testified saying sandusky's sexually abused them and then tried to cover it up. former penn state assistant football coach is expected to testify. legal analysts say if sandusky does not take the stand it all but assures a guilty verdict against him. >> you've got eight different people who came here and steeld t. told their story. some are very gut wrenching. if he doesn't present his side of the story, i think the prosecution will win by default.
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>> sandusky's defense team might present the possibility that he suffers from a personality disorder. mental health expert will be available at the trial to examine him if necessary. the man suspected in a disappearance in a maryland woman in aruba now wants the insurance money he took out on her life. according to the "today" show he is suing american express for $3.5 million. in court documents he says robin gardner is presumed dead and american express should pay the full death benefit. his exact policy was one factor that made police suspicious of him in the first place. he has maintained that gardner likely drowned while they were snorkeling. 4:36. now, this morning police need your help finding the family of a man who was critically injured in a hit and run crash. they are also looking for the driver who left the scene. 33-year-old mohammed shabor and
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17-year-old friend was walking on the sidewalk of fairfax boulevard in fairfax city friday night. someone in an suv struck him from behind. he landed partially underneath a parked car. the driver did not stop. a witness saw a light colored suv similar to this one. >> he saw a white suzuki leaving the scene and the main thing about the suv, the rear tire mounted on the back and says the word suzuki over the tire cover. >> investigators are looking at surveillance video. he remains unconscious. police have not been able to contact his family. i head on news 4 today, remembering the man whose beating sparked racial tensions in los angeles. plus, losing control the. the latest challenge facing firefighters as they try to
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contain a massive fire f. fire. how long will the rain be around and the impact it's having on your commute.
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welcome back. strong winds will make it harder for thousands of firefighters battinging this deadly fire in colorado. it charred more than 56 thousand acres and destroyed 181 homes. the most in state history. firefighters managed to get the
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fire 45% contained but expecting up to 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts which could spread it. lightning sparked the fire more than a week ago. around here we had such a wonderful weekend weatherwise. >> we yeah. >> we got a lot of relief. but i hear big changes are on the way. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> this morning, still pleasant start. although there are a few sprinkles around r over capitol hill and the monuments. that's a live view from our city camera this morning. storm 4 radar showing us moving color. this is all rain. right now we are getting a little bit of light rain in fairfax county, montgomermontgo district. and stretching along the interstate, frederick county. farther south along 95, too, along southern fairfax and eastern prince william county. drifting off to the east. and for the rest of the day today, we will have some passing
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showers and maybe an afternoon thunder shower. hometown forecast, la plata, still have a few light showers around noontime. 70 by then. early afternoon, hitting the mid 70s. passing thunder shower that may linger into this evening. a look at the big warm-up. that's in ten minutes with your seven-day outlook. danella, how's traffic? >> checking out the beltway in virginia, the road work, road work there takes away your right lane and the exit ramp for raddick road right now. i can tell you on the beltway, the travel lanes are open as far as no delays. you just have to watch out for that right side there. traveling the beltway on the inner loop, making the the trip to the beltway in prince george's county. again, very light volume here. same thing in montgomery county, in fact, on the inner loop as well as the outer loop of the beltway. 193 university boulevard, no
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issues to report right now. travel lanes are open. i'll be back in ten minutes. it's 4:42. 64 degrees. still to come, how conversations george zimmerman had with his wife while he was in jail could impact the upcoming murder trial. plus, what disgraced former council member harry thomas jr. is telling
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welcome back. we are following developing story, at least two people are dead after an attack near the egypt/israeli border. officials say a terrorist opened fire and killed an israeli citizen close to the gaza strip. soldiers then arrived and killed one terrorist. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the votes are still being counted in egypt but the muslim brotherhood has claimed their candidate won the country's
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first democratic presidential direction. the group mace saemd morsi inched out shafik. hours before the polls they ruled they have power over the future government. they promised civilians that will hand over control to elected office shuls but many doubt that will happen. the man whose arrest and videotaped beating helped spark a nationwide debate on race relations has died. >> can we get along? can we stop making it horrible? >> rodney king died at his california home yesterday morning at the age of 47. back in 1991 a videotape showed four police officers beating king after a high speed chase. the officers were charged with assault but later. it the riots lasted three days,
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killed 55 people and destroyed parts of the city. police are still investigating the cause of king's death but does say it appears to be an accident. fon calls between george zimmerman and his wife while zimmerman was jailed for shooting trayvon martin or accuse of shooting trayvon martin -- or shooting trayvon martin. the conversations are set to concern financial information which was not disclosed to the court, a judge revoked zimmerman's bond earlier this month after prosecutors argued he misled the court about his financial situation. his wife shelly has since been charge with perjury. hunters with written a new tell all book called "what realry happened, john edwards, our daughter, and me." in it she says he is a good father and sads that edwards were convicted he wouldnd up in low security prison in virginia. last month edwards was acquitted
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on one count of accepting illegal contributions. jurors were deadlocked on i've other felony counts leading to a mission trial. if the sound of fighter jets woke you up, don't be alarmed. it's an air defense exercise. norad is conducting training exercises this week. they involve air force f-16s, a helicopter and control plane. it should wrap up by 5:30 this morning. one begins tonight at 11:00 and at 5:30 tomorrow morning, the other one begins tomorrow night and ends at 5:30 wednesday morning. the national parks service called off the search for four members of a japanese climbing team who are presumed dead in an avalanche. the men were in alaska on thursday when they were swept into a yes vis more than 100 feet deep. officials called off the search sunday when they found climbing rope and debris at the bottom of the ycrevice.
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this morning a 53-year-old morning is severely burned from a flash fire at her home in northern virginia. fire officials say the woman was trying to light an outdoor fireplace when there was an explosion and a fire. the fire happened saturday morning in a 300 block of north fayette street in alexandria. the woman suffered second and third degree burns over 80% of her body. rescuers took her to med star burn center in d.c. at some point everyone gets called for jury duty, even the mayor of the nation's capital. today d.c. mayor vincent gray will report. it is unusual for the may your to be called but technically he is an eligible juror just like any other d.c. resident. former d.c. council men harry thomas jr. is expected to begin serving his prison sentence this week. thomas will report to a minimum security federal prison camp in alabama. he'll likely spend 2 1/2 years
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thereafter pleading guilty in january to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants that were supposed to go to youth programs. all right. we're going to take another look at the forecast. we've been enjoying this gorgeous stretch of weather in june. we're getting a little spoiled. >> below average temperatures. can we keep it going? the man that can answer this question is meteorologist tom kierein. >> i hope to keep it going or ten minutes. >> i'm going go outside and i'll be right back. >> soak it all in. >> we're going to need an up well a, too, because we do have a few sprinkles. there's the cloudy sky over the washington mondument and the jefferson memorial. early on this monday morning. if you're up early, getting ready to step out the door, don't leave without the umbrella, yes, we have a few sprinkles falling there. 64 there. we've got a light southerly breeze. and humidity is still not too bad, but it is going to be
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gradually increasing today. we can say bye-bye to the pleasant weather we've seen for the last several days. we've got a weak warm front coming in giving us a few scattered showers. these blotches of green and yellow, loud den county, frederick, montgomery, fairfax. line down 95 toward quantico and dale city. farther south just some clouds but it's still not clouding up yet, southern maryland, eastern shore. cooler there. many of those locations. temperatures are only in the 50s under that clooi clear sky. look at cambridge. only 50 degrees there. very dry air. and farther west over the clouds have closed in. getting a little bit of light rain. just in the low 60s right now. much of the region is from northern virginia all of the way into the shenandoah valley. and through the day today, by 9:00, we may still need an umbrella. we'll have temperatures in the 60s, holding steady with a chance of a passing shower through mid morning and again for your lunch hour, too, when you're darting out you may need an umbrella with highs reaching,
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this afternoon by mid afternoon, out to get into the mid 70s. then low 70s by late afternoon. smaller chance of an isolated shower or thunder shower late this afternoon. then tomorrow morning, down into the 60s again and partly sunny. but you will notice the humidity will be higher tomorrow. temperatures, mid 80s. that's the afternoon high this time of year. maybe an afternoon shower or thunder shower. small chance. the big story, mid week, highs 90s. and by the end of the week, cooling down a little bit. looking a little better for the weekend. highs, eight theitys. maybe a shower or thunder shower sunday. right now let's head up to maryland on 295. no issues there between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway. traveling i-95 southbound, the 2 16. you had road work here. just sped up in the right lanes. on the right side of the roadway, stick to the left and you will get by just fine. i-66 eastbound, westbound at 50 we had overnight road work there set up on the left side of the
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roadway. possibly in its final stages. but if you do see it and you're approaching it, use caution and stick to the right, you will be just fine. it is now 4:53. today is your last chance to check out some amazing historic ships and naval vessels in baltimore. celebration wraps up tomorrow as the tall ships parade out of the harbor. the steady stream of boats will be leaving between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. more than a million people are estimated to visit the ships this weekend which came to town to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. and it was an especially sweat father's day for golfer webb simpson. >> and webb simpson is the 2012 united states open champion. >> simpson clenched the u.s. open championship, his first ever major win. he had to swaed it out in the
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clubhouse as he and his wife, pregnant with his second child there, looks great, grached graham miss a putt on the final hole. he takes home almost $1.5 million for the win. tiger woods had a rough final round. he finished tied for 21st. the big surprise, all eyes on this kid. 17-year-old beau, he finished the tournament tied for 29th place. better than pros like ricky fowler, phil mickelson and last year's u.s. open writtener rory mcilroy. that ball drilled high in the air. deep left center. harper can only watch it. and robinson puts the yankees on top. >> perhaps the nationals should have stayed on the road. they just got swept at home by the yankees. 4-1. the three straight losses came right after the nats won six consecutive sgams on the road. still in first place though by
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four games over the braves. >> those yankees. >> i know. they stole a game a couple days ago from us. unfair. energized the crowd. standing room only. now, 4:55. the olympics are about a month away but scandal could put a cloud over the upcoming games. coming up at 5:15, the ticket controversy that could leave some fans out in the cold. it was supposed to be the summer of $5 gas but that may be more than just talk. how low praise prices may fall in the coming weeks. you still
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if you're enjoying the summertime slide at the pump, expect it to continue. aaa says prices are at the lowest level since february. came couldn't more over the weekend. national average for a gallon of regular is $3.50 right now. in d.c. paying $3.57 a gallon. maryland drivers, paying $3.40. virginia seeing the the lowest prices. they're looking at $3.27 a gallon. west virginia had the highest at $3.58. loud den county leaders will meet again this morning to extend into the county. the county's board of supervisors.
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fearing to project will mean tolls. the board of supervisors must decide whether to commit to that project by july 4th. well, if you've driven to any airport in the region you already know to plan ahead and expect traffic delays. now a new study proves it takes longer to get to airports than it did eight years ago. the national capital region transportation planning board said rode since 2003 during peek hours. a trip to tysons corner to reagan national takes 44 minutes. that's up from 25 minutes. a frip from green belt to bwi marshall now takes 32 minutes. that's up to fr about 27 minutes. ree searchers blame traffic congestion for the longer trips. as someone who lives near the tysons corner area i also add construction to that mix. >> in all hours. weekends, day, night, evening. it just doesn't -- it's always backed up. >> let me tell you if you're making your way to the dulles toll road do not speed, even if


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