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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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power line fell on her property, electrifying her fence and her home. she said the doorbell even burned out. nobody got hurt though. scary stuff out there. the winds were so ferocious. you missed it all. >> i didn't miss it. i'm glad i wasn't here for it. >> welcome back. good to see you. and turning over to tom, those microbursts, that was pretty incredible stuff dl. >> and a nice change for the weekend. beautiful weekend. thunder showers have dissipated. let's go back in time. we can see north of washington. now things have settled down. and we've got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky starting off this morning. there are some showers and thunder showers up there in pennsylvania. that's along a cool front drifting down our way later today. now, let's look at temperatures. all of these areas in green are in the 60s. yellow's in the 70s. around swepts in the bay. lower part of the eastern shore,
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southern maryland. much of our suburban area, north and northeast of washington and west, generally down into the mid and upper 60s right now. 76 right now at reagan national. a cool 54 in west virginia. up there behind the front. state college, pennsylvania, only 61 degrees. some of that cool air will be riding here tonight. today, mid 80s. there's a small chance of thunder shower or shower mid morning. a greater chance, noon until around 2:00 or 3:00. after that, dry out. breezes will pick up. lower humidity moves in. we'll cool down. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. now our monday traffic. >> good morning. if you're traveling i-95 northbound at 395 had early morning crash but it's out of the roadway. i'm not seeing any delays as a result. that's good news if you're getting ready to head out of the house. crossing over the wilson bridge, had construction over the weekend. slowing things down and taking away your lane northbound as you
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cross the wilson bridge and make your way into virginia. nice and clear right now. good news here. if your travel lane past braddock road on the outer loop of the beltway. blocked by the cones in that area. you will be good. volume is light in that area. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> thank you. following a developing story in the gulf coast. tropical storm debby could make landfall this week. it's the fourth named system of the year. the most named storm before july since record keeping started. tropical storm debby practically standing still there, churning 100 miles off the panhandle but still packing a punch. the storm spawned tornados that ripped off roofs of houses and up rooted trees. one death is blamed on a twister from debby. forecast model s do not show a clear path. people along the gulf coast are bracing to be without essentials for a few days. >> water and batteries and just
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flashlights and that's about it. just canned food maybe. >> debby could grow to a category 1 hurricane before making landfall and dump as much as 25 inches of rain. mitt romney will once again campaign in virginia this week. the presumptive republican presidential candidate expected to visit the roanoke area tomorrow. bob mcdonnell, one of his biggest supporters, will not be there. instead he will be headlining a fund-raiser here in washington. romney made two campaign stops in virginia last month and spoke at liberty university's graduation. president obama will be stumping for votes in new england today. he has events planned in boston and new hampshire. new hampshire says this could prove to be a key state this november. the president holds a slight lead over mitt romney in the granite state. we're expecting two key supreme court decisions this week that could heavily impact the race for president.
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one case involves the tough immigration law. the other involves president obama's health care law. 26 states and national business group urged the court to strike down the law's central requirement that all americans must buy health insurance. >> the supreme court finds itself in the middle of a storm, a political storm in the presidential election b that's coming up because it's the president's signature achievement. this is about health care which touches all of us. >> our air's immigration law challenges a number of issues including one provision that directs police to check legal status of people they stop. 4:34. a southeast d.c. neighborhood is mourning after 14-year-old was killed in a scooter accident. this happened saturday night in the 2200 block of hunter place. police say willis and a friend were driving on that scooter when they hit a speed bump and crashed into a car. the two were taken to the hospital where willis died. the other rider suffered minor injuries. police are looking for a woman responsible for a stabbing on a metro bus.
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a metro spokesperson said the 18-year-old got into a fight with another woman, then stabbed her multiple times. rescuers took the victim to the hospital. we're told she does not have life threatening injuries. the stabbing happened at sixth and chesapeake streets in southeast as the bus we headed to the station. now new cameras on that bus are helping police track down the woman who ran off. >> this is one of our newer model buses which is equipped with cameras not only on the outside of the bus but only on the inside so we'll be using that footage as part of the investigation. >> investigators say it is not clear if the two women knew each other. major marijuana bust in virginia, police in west more rand county confiscated hundreds of marijuana plants. in all they confiscated more than 700 plants worth nearly $2 million on the street. many of those plants were spotted from a national guard chopper last week growing near a middle school. one man has already been arrested. they expect to make additional
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arrests soon. the university of virginia's ousted president may get her job back this week. the school's board of visitors will meet tomorrow to discuss whether to reinstate teresa sullivan. thousands of sullivan supporters healed a rally on the charlottesville campus yesterday. thousands more watched the protests online. students, professors and deans demanded the board reconsider its decision to force sullivan from her job. >> the board of visitors will be enhanced. this is the great paradox. it's the reinstate terry sullivan, most of us will come away with a renewed appreciation for the board. >> this past friday governor bob mcdonnell threatened to replace the entire board unless it gets ahold of this growing controversy. >> watch that closely this week. 4:36 is our time. ahead on "news4 today," getting out of control, what sparked a massive melee outside an area restaurant that left several people hurt. calling in more help as a
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struggle to contain massive wildfires continue. and storms have moved out of the area. the start of some big changes for our area. tom will tell us what to expect.
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firefighters in colorado try to contain eight massive wildfires raging across that state. officials say 248 homes have been destroyed. thousands of people have
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evacuated their homes. two c-130 military transport planes will assist fire crews today. fire officials say dry and hot weather conditions along with strong winds are fueling the flames there. >> i believe this is the worst wildfire season they've seen in the last decade. >> i heard some -- most of the fire planeses in the country are moving into that area to help with those flames out there. hope they get a handle on this soon. as we come up on 4:41 right now, no big danger along those lines to deal with here. live look outside. we are looking at a few clouds out there after some storms overnight. >> cool start to our workweek. hi, tom. >> good morning. as we start off this monday morning, that's a live view from our hd city camera. we've got a mostly clear sky over the metro area now after we did have a fi passing overnight thunder showers. those are gone now temporarily. we have cool front arriving later today. right now hometown forecast manassas, prince william county, mid 60s there now. and by later this evening, it
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does look like it's going to be cooling down. by this time tomorrow morning, we will be down into the 50s and highs tomorrow near 80 degrees. a little bit breezy as we get toward the end of the week though, it's going to be warming up a bit. the weekend is looking steamy again. i'll have details on that coming up in about ten minutes at 4:51. danella has a look at our traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. traveling along route 50 in maryland, had construction between the beltway and 410 east west highway. but it's gone. all travel lanes are open in both directions. also traveling the beltway. this time in montgomery county, nice and clear as well. live look past university boulevard. on the outer look as well as inner loop. nice and clear. driving 62 miles per hour. drive right now. if that's your commute, you want to stick around. back over to you both. time right now is 4:41. still to come, the charges facing the director of an area
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zoo after the death of one of their animals. plugs, a search for survivors after two freight
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three people are missing in oklahoma after two freight trains collided, sparking a massive diesel fuel fire. a spokeswoman for union pacific railroad says a two-person crew was aboard each train which were going in opposite directions when they smashed into each other. the one worker who was found after the accident is okay. fire crews first need to get the fire under control before searching the trains for the missing crew members. at least one person is still trapped after a roof collapsed at a mall in ontario, canada. one person was killed in the accident. the part of the roof that serves as a parking area crumbled down two floors near the food court
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saturday. the collapse also triggered a gas leak. rescue workers say they have trouble reaching possible victims because the structure is unstable. 22 people suffered minor injuries. just one day on the job and newly elected president of egypt is in a power struggle with military rulers. election officials declared muslim brotherhood candidate morsi the winner. before he took office a military counsel announced constitutional amendments that stripped the president's office of most of its powers. morsi supporters vow to stay in cairo's square. a maryland community is mourning the loss of a marine killed in afghanistan. lance corporal eugene mels was killed in combat in the helmond province on friday. he was from laurel and stationed out of camp lejeune, north carolina. mills wanted to join the marine for years, especially after
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the 9/11 attacks. he was 21 years old. montgomery county place say one was shot and others stabbed after a massive brawl in a restaurant yesterday morning during rapper karaoke night on muddy branch road. a fight broke out between two women inside that restaurant. police say 100 people took that melee into the parking lot. >> total chaos. people running. using salt shakers as weapons. >> police say all the victims is expected to make full recoveries. the restaurant owners say they plan to cancel all similar events. police believe alcohol and speed contributed to a deadly car crash in prince george's county. police say it happened yesterday morning in the 5600 block. one car was heading northbound on baltimore avenue from dell
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worth street if driver making the turn, 40-year-old bernard coatly, was killed in the accident. he did not yield the right of way to the other driver. the driver and passenger in the other car are both expected to be okay. a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a tractor trailer. she was trying to walk across georgia avenue in silver spring when she was hit. montgomery county police say she tried to cross against the do not walk sign. the truck was turning left on georgia avenue. police say he was not at fault. this morning the director of the reston zoo is facing animal cruelty charges. police arrested 26-year-old m megan friday. suspicious death of an adult wall laab wallaby. they say you.
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a hurt battling a massive fire. flames erupted around 3:00 a.m. yesterday on 32nd street. the injured firefighters suffered burns to part of his body. he has already been treated and released. vacant house is a total loss. this morning, firefighters say a large brush fire should be fully extinge quished today. crews worked through the night putting out hot spots on camp island. they say the fire is about 90% conta contained. it scorched 40 acres before firefighters got control. some people who live in the area had to be evacuated. >> it's been a very dry month. tom kierein is here now. are we still in the area where rain would be a good thing? >> yes. depth is still five i rememberes in the year. we should use it. some of it is looking a little
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bit dry, getting brown around the edges. we k. could certainly use some rain. we do have a possibility of some of that happening perhaps late this morning and into early to mid afternoon is the way it looks right now. here's a look at your sky over washington right now. we have a mostly clear start after a few overnight showers. thunder and lightning passed north of the metro area. right now reagan national airport is at 76. mostly clear there. it is rather humid. dew point's at 68. we've got a light southerly breeze now. that's going to be shifting into the northwest. that will bring in lower humidity and cooler weather moving in later today. but over the last few hour, we've had these passing thunder shower, north and south of the metro area. one right around cambridge now. that is generally diminishing. elsewhere, we've cleared up. there are some other showers and thunder way up in pennsylvania ahead of that front. that will be arriving here perhaps later this morning and mid afternoon, is the way it looks right now. it's in the upper 60s near 70 in
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prince george's county. mid 60s much of montgomery county. upper 60s in fairfax county. arlington right now is generally low to mid 70s. farther west, upper 60 nasdaq virginia and west virginia. though it's cooler, only near 60 there. the rest of maryland, eastern shore, lower part there, it's in the low to mid 70s right now. by 9:00, likely still be in the mid and upper 70s with some clouds building back in. there's a small chance of a shower mid morning but by noontime we've got a greater chance of showers, thunder and lightning. temperatures by then will be climbing around 80 degrees. by late arch we'll begin to clear out. the sky will turn breezy, too. we'll have gusts from 28 miles an hour. back down to around 80 by around sunshine which today is at 8:37. then by midnight, 60s and then this time tomorrow morning, the cool 50s. wonderful break from our high heat and humidity this time of year. tomorrow, breezy and sunny, dry.
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more of the same on wednesday. a little winds will be set 8ing down. getting hot around thursday. still not very humid. afternoon highs in the 80s. heat and humidity return for friday, saturday, sunday. highs in the 90s each day. a small chance of isolated afternoon storm. i'll ba back in ten minutes. good morning. >> good morning. if you're traveling around i-95, nice and clear. making your way out of quantico traveling northbound. nice and open. live look as you go past fairfax county parkway. very light volume in this area. no road work in store for you this morning as you head along i-95 and good travel speed. drivers are driving at about 65 miles per hour. 23 minutes to drive from quantico to the beltway. continuing across the beltway heading on to 3:95. here, clear as well. again, north and southbound lanes. clear both directions. travel speeds in this area, 60 miles per hour. 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street
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bridge. if you're taking the rails, i'll have your commute in ten minutes. back over to you. the nationals head west this week. they open a four-game series with the colorado rockies tonight in denver. they'll try to recover from this past weekend. they fell to the orioles 2-1 yesterday. baltimore took the lead in the eighth inning on a two-run home run from widers. 1-2 of the three games of the series. one denver area brewery is welcoming the nationals to town with open arms and a brand new lagger. >> the beer is actually dedicated to brice harper. it's called clown question. saw that one coming. that's after the catch phrase that was made famous by the nat's rookie phenom. a reporter in toronto, you see the video here, asked harper what kind of beer he bland to drink to celebrate a mammoth home run he had just hit. harper, who is just 19 but old enough to drink in canada
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replied, you heard it, that's a clown question, bro. the denver beer company thought clown question would be a good name for adult ranlg. now you have it, a beer available at the brewery starting today. they're going to do test tasting. apparently this brewery very close to the ballpark there in the denver area. and it's supposed to be served as a pilsner. they're only going to produce it for a short time. not outside of this brewery. we won't see it coming here to the washington area. >> i wonder if you can import it in. >> it's going have a very short run. but so there's a little bit of controversy around the whole thing because apparently right after brice harper said that's a clown question, bro. he filed for a trademark -- you know, to get a trademark on it. so, you know, they're going to start putting it on t-shirts and the whole nine yards there. >> we had senate majority leader harry reid, he busted out with the response when the roll call reporter asked him about dream act, which is kind of funny and made its way around the blogs.
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it's picking up. he actually got the word from his brother's friend who uses it as an adjective a lot. >> maybe there's a trademark infringement there already. we don't know. >> we don't know. we'll see. the time is six minutes away from the 5:00 hour. failing to protect kids from food allergies. why so many kids continue to be exposed everybody after their diagnosed. first, more relief when you stop get to get some gas. how low they will fall in our region.
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gas prices keep dropping. prices actually dropped 14 cents in the past two weeks. checking more prices this morning. in the district, aa, a reports the price is $3.53. maryland drivers, you're paying about $3.35. virginia, the average is $3.21. west virginia, your average is $3.50. a group that supports a casino at national harbor is hoping a new survey con vipss state lawmakers to expand gambling in maryland. the poll finds 55% of maryland voters support a plan to expand gambling just 36% oppose the plan. survey also finds that 56% of voters would support mgm's proposed casino at national harbor. 38% of marylanders are against that. the poll was conducted on the
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behalf of the building trades for the national harbor. the proposed casino at national harbor could generate hundreds of jobs for its members. did you get that morning run in this weekend? >> maybe not a run, but a walk. how about that leisurely bike ride or enjoy swim at the pool? well, some enjoyed all three. hundreds turned out for the first annual celebrating heroes triathlon yesterday. this great new event benefits the met star national rehabilitation network. they help patients with brain and spinal cord injuries. nbc4 which helped sponsor the event also had some competitors including meteorologist veronica johnson. >> it brings us all together and it inspires us and encourages us to make ourselves better and, in turn, make others better. >> another great feature, it featured both able bodied and physically challenging@leases.
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amazing day. weather was cooperating. veronica looked great. we were following her tweets. she was doing all this and stil still uploading pictures and -- >> she does it all. always been a big athlete and very much a part of sharing the spotlight with folks who are doing good things, challenging themselves. >> wonderful day to be a part of it. we both agree we never want to go up against vj on anything. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> and now, from washington's leading news station. this is news4 today. parts of florida getting soaked right now as tropical storm debby continues to hold strong in the gulf. >> welcome to "news4 today." it is monday, june 25th. taking a live loong look outside. it's nice and clear. we're waking up actually to pretty pleasant morning. things are cooler than the temperatures.


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