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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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with a weapon. several shots were fired from inside of the house in the evening. it didn't strike anyone outside of the home. but then around 9:00 p.m. they decided to throw in some kind of material that would make it a little uncomfortable for the man who was inside of the house hoping to force him out, but that did not work. now, fairfax or falls church police spokesperson told me just a little while ago that they actually were able to make contact with this man around 1:00 a.m. for the first time and now they have negotiating with him to come out of the house. so that's what's happening right now. now, in the meantime, the folks who live in this falls church neighborhood, they have barriers up all around this neighborhood. it is impossible to get in. we are still waiting to see what's going to happen for people who want to get out when it's time to go to work. hopefully we'll have an update from police on that in just a bit. recording live in falls church, tracee wilkins, news 4. a tense situation still out there this morning. tracee wilkins staying on top of that. >> right now, though, let's get
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to tom kierein taking a look at the forecast. tom, a little chill in the air this morning. >> quite a rude awakening when you step outside. it's really feeling more like early spring or maybe early fall to look forward here. it's unusual for late june to have it down into the 50s. that's where we are now. much of the region in the 50s. and out in fact mountains it's even in the 40s on this june 26th. amazing. there's the view from space. we have shallow high pressure moving down from the north. that's what's bringing in the chill. all those areas of blue are in the 40s. it uncovers much of western pennsylvania right down into western maryland. the hylands in west virginia, the 40s. the areas in dark green are in the 50s. you can see the northern suburb, western suburbs, parts of virginia in the 50s. areas in green are in the 60s. reagan national is at 64. anything right near the warmer waters of the potomac. low 80s, as well as the bay. anywhere around the bay it's a
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bit milder. away from the waters, eastern shore, just in the low 60s. quite a chill in the air. it's going to be with us here for another couple of hours and then it will rapidly warm up with a very high sun in late june. it's going to be near sent by 9:00. lots of sunshine. then the winds will pick up a bit by noontime. blustery around the midwest. by then into the mid and upper 70s. we ought to hit the low 80sthis afternoon. a perfect june day, low humidity, winds a bit blustery though. a few clouds racing through and then by late afternoon, all sunny, probably 6:00 back down to the upper 70s. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. good morning. problems to watch out for. first, let's start insound canal road at clark place. at least one of your trees there are blocked. police are on the scene. be aware of that sz you head inbound. outer loop of the beltway trying to get on southbound route 7. construction blocks the ramp
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over in that area. also construction this time on the outer loop again this morning. left lane blocked because of road work in that area. let's talk about that because we are having to shut down in both directions between fourth street as well as florida avenue. going to have to work your way around. should be reopened around 5:00 a.m. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. in richmond, a wicked wind and rainstorm has knocked out power to nearly 8,000 people. home video posted on youtube shows the storm's strength. it packed winds reaching 70 miles per hour and raining sideways at the airport. the wind threw around debris at the diamond minor league stadium. people there say the storm moved in fast and they ran for shelter under a covered concourse and into the bedrooms. >> it dropped out of the sky. and i told them, get to cover now. >> the storm ripped apart the
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stadium's outfield wall. this morning richmond has wide spread damage. nothing major. no reports of injuries. a shelter in prince george's county remains open. people have been sleeping at a high school all weekend. the storm ripped roofs off buildings at a nearby apartment complex. 600 people had to evacuate homes because of the damage. two dozen structures have been declared unsafe. they're determining if there was enough damage to apply for federal aid. we are keeping close tabs on a developing story along the gulf coast. tropical storm debby is moving ever so slowly, causing big time flooding. the system is parked right over florida's west coast. it isn't supposed to make landfall until tomorrow. forecasts are calling up to two feet of rain. a lot of neighborhoods there are waterlogged this morning as you see here. some parts of florida got as much as five inches of rain per
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hour. rivers spilling over the banks. all that water, even created some sinkholes. the ground fell right below one woman's house. >> thank god it didn't happen while we were here. but it's still, you know. >> the young mother died protecting her little girl from debris during a tornado near south florida. in alabama, emergency crews searching for a man who disappeared in rough surf. this morning police are searching for the man who shot two young boys and their camp counselor. police tell news4 a man began shooting at another man. suspect chased the victim on to 19th street where little children were standing. a 7-year-old boy was shot in the foot, an 8-year-old boy was struck in the shoulder. an adult, camp counselor, was also wounded. >> ridiculous. anybody that would shoot a group of kids coming down the street, regardless of what their issue is or who they're shooting at, opening fire on children is
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ridiculous. >> all of the victims are still in the hospital. they are expected to make a full recovery. local youth pastor will hold a prayer service at the shooting scene today at noon. the justice department is responding to the supreme court's decision to uphold part of arizona's controversial immigration law. it has set up a hot line for people to report possible civil rights violations related to the so-called show me your papers requirement. the supreme court struck down most of arizona's law yesterday. kept that provision that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop and that they believe is in the country illegally. the court warned the law can't be used to round up undocumented immigrants to contain people too long. the justice department's hot line phone number is on your screen there, 855-353-1010. immigration policy in prince william county, virginia, helped shape it. it allows the pris to check tim inauguration status of anyone arrested. it sparked emotional debate five years ago.
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supporters say that the policy has cracked down on crime. opponents though, say it has actually led to more crime. >> it has caused increase in crime in communities where latinos live because, again, the fear. people will target latinos because they know that they are afraid to contact the police. >> if they're here illegally and doing illegal things, then by all means, they should return to wherever they came from. >> in the past five years prince william county has referred about 5,000 people to federal immigration officials after they were arrested and found to be without proper documents. but 4700 of them were eventually turned over to federal officials. mitt romney is making a two-day sweep near virginia starting today. romney will visit carter machinery company in roanoke area around noon to highlight his ideas on energy and small business. then tomorrow the presumptive republican nominee will come to northern virginia to visit
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electronic design company eit in sterling. the visits come just a week after the romney campaign released an ad specifically in virginia. it outlines what romney would do in the common wealth in his first 100 days in office. president obama is on his own two-day four-state tour to raise money for his campaign. today he will be in atlanta and miami for fund-raisers. on monday, the president visited romney's backyard making stops in boston and new hampshire. it wasn't all business. the president took some time to have a little fun with red sox fans, thanking them for trading boston favorite kevin to his hometown chicago white sox. >> finally, boston, i just want to say thank you for kevin. like to change the color of his soc
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socks. i didn't think i would got any boos out of here. i guess i should have not have brought up baseball. i understand. >> despite the dig, it's estimated the president's campaign brought in more than $3 million at the stop. you can't mess with the red sox fans. >> touchy enough with politics, going to go to sports now talking baseball? we're talking at sports, really just getting started this morning, 4:39. rg3, some pretty unwanted attention for the red skins new star quarterback. the incident that now has the fbi involved. >> plus, the new impact massive wildfires are happen having on the state of colorado. and the shock to the system as you head out the door this morning. some very cool temperatures. a look at when we'll get a warm-up.
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here. the tourism industry says the worthwhile fire season in more than a decade is really starting to take a toll. this morning there are at least 12 active fires burning across colorado. at least 11,000 people have been evacuated. that includes hundreds of tourists forced out of their hotels and camp grounds. in utah, a wildfire burned hundreds of vacation cabins. that fire is only 10% contained right now and firefighters in new mexico just contained a
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fire. 19th century church north of santa fe. tough time for everybody out in that part of the country this time of year. these fires, finally starting to get a handle on some of these big wins. good news. >> so much damage. talking about our weather today. whoa, talking about a cooldown early this morning. >> tom kierein is there keeping an eye on it. >> it's only around 60 in the metro area. in the rural areas it's down in the 50s. there's the clear sky over the washington monument. and the first light of day showing up on this tuesday, the 26th day of june. hometown forecast by mid morning, la plata in charles county, around 70. by noontime, lots of sunshine, mid 70s. and then peaking near 80 by mid afternoon. as we get into the evening hours, another cool evening back down in the 60s by late evening. by this time tomorrow morning, right back down to near 60 degrees, 50s in some of the rural hearing starting off
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wednesday morning. big change by the end of the week, into the weekend. a look at that, your seven-day outlook at g 51. watching right now a problem on i-270 southbound just past father hurley boulevard. once you past father hurley boulevard, there's an accident there. also involving a fuel spill. i going to keep my eye on this ro road. be careful. let's head over to the beltway. you have construction there. actually route 50 at the beltway heading inbound on 50, construction there is on the left side, to the right. and traveling the outer loop of the beltway, trying to get to southbound loop 7, that ramp is still shut down by the road work in that area. back in ten minutes with another update on your traffic. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> we will see you then, thanks. time right now is 4:44. tell still to come, not giving up hope as the search for survivors buried in a mall roof
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collapse continues. the west nile virus. where in our area that disease has been detected.
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this morning rescue workers a will resume efforts to ur vooif approximately one person died in the roof of the mall at elliotts lake buckle saturday. 22 people were hurt. yesterday rescue workers say they heard tapping from underneath the rubble but they had to suspend their search because the structure is unstable. an attorney for george zimmerman says his client poses no threat and should be released from jail. the lawyer says video of zimmerman reenacting the deadly shooting helped support his self-defense claim. zimmerman faces second degree murder charges in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. this was from back in february.
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a judge revoked zimmerman's bond when prosecutors accused him of lying about how much money he raised on a website created for his defense. a defense attorney says zimmerman stayed in contact with law enforcement during his initial bail release. he has another bond hearing friday. today for the first time in history the pentagon will hold an event in honor of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride month. the top lawyer will be the key note speaker and a panel discussion called the value of open service and diversity. earlier this month defense secretary leon panetta released a video marking the month and thanked lgbtv service. opponents of same-sex marriage in maryland turned in more signatures despite the fact they already reached the number they need for referendum vote. the maryland marriage alliance is turning in nearly 40,000 more signatures on top of the 113,000 already submitted. the group needed only about 56,000 to put the issue on the november ballot.
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the group says the additional signatures are just an exclamation point on their efforts. a virginia gang member accuse of running a prostitution ring that recruited high schoolgirls is expected to enter a plea today. justin strom is due no court inial xain alexandria today. they say strom was the leader of a street gang that threatened girl it is they refused to participate in a prostitution ring. four other men have already pleaded guilty. the man oi kaccused of a se of stabbings including several in our area will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for a murder conviction in michigan that stem fred one of his stabbings. he is suspected of stabbing more than a dozen men black in several states including in virginia and leesburg. he's arrested in atlanta's airport minutes before boarding a flight to israel. western talking about this. robert griffin iii is dealing with more than just adjusting to the nfl these days. the fbi hayes rg3 was also the
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victim of a recent extortion plot. agents arrested a former baylor university basketball player named richard hurd last week. he was arraigned yesterday. they say he threatened to release derogatory information about the redskins new quarterback unless he was paid. the redskins are not commenting on the case. neither is griffin. take a look at this surveillance video. police say it shows a nordstrom employee stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a prince george's county loading dock. police arrested norman last week. they say he stole about $60,000 worth of merchandise from the nordstrom warehouse where he worked at the upper mar borrow. they say he did it over a two-month span and said norman would then sell the stolen items he got online. ten minutes before hour. dole fresh vegetables. this includes products sold in six states that includes virginia. on the recall, kroger flesh
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selections leafy romaine, kroger fresh selections greener supreme, and walmart market side leafy romaine. all of them have a use-by date of june 19th. dole says the veggies are at risk of listeria, a food born illness. but the company says there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. a warning before you head outside. mosquitoes in northern virginia have tested positive for west nile virus. according to the washington examiner. prince william county officials say mosquitoes tested positive for the disease in wood binlg. they say they found four groups of mosquitos that also tested positive. maryland officials have not yet started testing mosquitoes. the west nile virus killed one person in maryland last year. symptoms include fever, headache, anausea. having such a warm-up so early on, we heard that the bugs were going to be worse than ever. and are bigger than ever. a lot of big bugso out there.
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>> sure sign of that, it feels more spring outside right now. >> incredible break here. just coming down the back hall. the back door was open and it felt like the fall. it feels like the ac is on. there's a giant ac machine in the sky. >> it's your wind machine. >> bringing in some of gifts from canada this morning as we've had a northwest breeze blowing in over the last 12 hours in the wake of those thunder showers we had yesterday. and now a mostly clear sky all around the entire region. and it is refreshingly cool. those areas in blue are in the 40s. in fact, most elevation above 2,000 feet are in the 40s this morning. the dark green areas are in the 50s. that includes all of the shenandoah valley, most of northern virginia, most of maryland. except right around the district, the areas in green are in the 60s. right along the tidal potomac. most of those row lalocations a the low and mid 60s.
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fresh change has occurred overnight. beautiful sun rise under way. it will be coming up at 5:45. that's a live view from our city camera. by 9:00, should be in the upper 60s with lots of sunshine. and then during the afternoon, only reaching the low 80s. that's about five degrees or so below the average high for our region for this time of the year. and we'll have a breeze out of the northwest, too, gusting to around 25 miles an hour. then overnight tonight should be mostly clear. back down into the 50s again tomorrow morning. another beautiful day tomorrow. lighter winds. low humidity. highs low to mid 80s. and then on thursday, here comes the heat and some humidity but getting very hooumt humid as we get into friday, saturday, and sunday. highs mid 90s each day. and maybe an isolated thunder shower friday afternoon. only a small chance saturday, sunday, and monday. and extended heat wave thursday all of the way into the first part of next week. danella, good morning. how's our traffic? >> good morning, tom. a couple of problems. let's start with canal road heading inbound and macarthur
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boulevard. the downed tree is blocking all of your inbound lanes this morning. let's head over to i-270. update on the crash here. you can see are absolutely jammed at father hurley boulevard southbound. once you get closer to germantown road, right side of the road is blocked by a crash there involving a fuel leak on to the roadway here. so you can see big delays on i-270 as you travel southbound. let's head over to dc. new york avenue is shut down near closures are between fourth street and florida avenue. just be aware of that. that should end around 5:00 a.m. now back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. a olympic rivalry is already heating up this week in omaha. michael phelps was beaten last night in their fist head to head race. look heed pulled away from phelps, beating him by almost a second in the 400 meter individual medley. one of the most grueling events
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in swimming. the 1-2 finish earned both swimmers a spot on the team. locthe and phelps will face-off again wednesday night. you can watch it again on the nbc sports network and here on nbc4. baseball, a rocky start for the nationals road trip out west. >> he serves it right field line. michael morris gets it on a hop. eric young is home. and the rockies lead, 4-2. >> and that was the final score in last night's nats/rockies game. that loss snapped strauss berg's six-start win streak. there was a scary moment in the sixth inning, too. he hit marco in the head with a fast ball. fortunately he is expected to be okay. one of those things that happens in baseball. you hope it never does. good thing he's going to be okay. >> hard to watch. five minutes away from the start of the 5:00 hour. coming up, backing away from controversy.
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steps a popular television show is taking after an image of president george w. bush sparked outrage. but first, you might just be on to something if you feel like you're spending more time at the office than your boss is. and unforgettable photos. the wedding that made quite a splash for one michigan couple. that's all
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do you ever feel like your boss is out of the office a lot while you're stuck at work? you might not be alone in that one. a new career builders survey shows more bosses are taking vacation than their employees. in fact, 81% of managers took time off or plan to take leave this year. that's compared to just 65% of full-time employees. that survey also found that many americans consider vacations financially out of reach. one in five workers said they just can't afford to take time off. well, it is wedding season, and one michigan couple posing for their wedding pictures made a really big splash. >> look at this video from eric and megan's photographer. the wedding party was on the dock for about 30 seconds when that happened. yeah, the dock started to give way and then it did. the whole party went crashing into the water. nobody was hurt. everyone came up laughing. the newlyweds are now on their


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