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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 29, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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brace yourselves, folks. we are under an excessive heat warning. we are expecting three straight days of temperatures near or even above 100 degrees. good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm erika gonzalez in for barbara harrison. much more on the dangerous temperatures in just a moment, but, first, a developing story in maryland. rescue crews attempting to locate a missing worker at a warehouse collapsed. they are being kept out of the building because it is simply too dangerous to enter the structure. it crumbled at about 10:00 last night at a paper company on
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cabin branch drive and that's where we find melissa mollet who joins us live with the search. melissa? >> stores documents and i can tell you, structural engineers have been out here at recall since 9:00 this morning. they're expected to be out here throughout the day. once they determine exactly what happened, they can start shoring up the building and then continuing their effort to find this missing worker. from high above the document storage warehouse, you can see the hole in the roof of the loading dock. from the ground, looking inside, rows of shelving twisted and smashed and debris like drywall and metal dangling from the roof and thousands of boxes that tumbled now just in a pile. investigators believe the missing worker is somewhere in the storage section. they had surveillance video of the man in aisle six just before the roof collapsed. the man's wife and 16 co-workers who were able to escape remained
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at the warehouse for much of the morning. though they did not want to go on camera, one of the workers told new 4z a fork lift driven by another employees hit one of the 50-foot high storage shelves inside and then after that it was a domino effect, shelf after shelf tumbling over. one of the shelves may have hit a support beam bringing down a portion of the roof. >> inweight of the, you know, 40 to 50-foot high shelvings and the amount of product that is on those shelves was enough to bow out the walls of this brick building. >> reporter: engineers plan to bring in heavy equipment to remove bowed brick wall. the canine searches were ongoing overnight, but around 6:00 a.m. the building became too unstable for anyone to go back inside. some of the walls began buckling. firefighters say they were hearing cracking sounds inside those walls, but have not heard any cries for help.
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>> certainly, it could have been enough to kill somebody. again, we're still looking at this being a rescue operation and we're doing the best that we can. >> reporter: the missing man's shift started at 3:00 p.m. thursday. he was scheduled to get off at 11:30. we spoke with the company, recall tells us they're working closely with the rescue crews and the owner of the leased building here to locate the employee and determine the cause. now, the missing man's wife is still here on the scene with investigators. she has not left since being brought here by a prince george's council member since last night. she has been here since and just very, very upset and trying to figure out exactly what will happen throughout the day. again, once these jers can determine when they can strt start going inside, that's when they hope this rescue effort can continue. melissa mollet, news 4. >> can't imagine what she's going through right now. thank you. as you've probably noticed
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it is a scorcher out there today. it is so hot the d.c. metro area is already under an excessive heat warning today. and, under an excessive heat watch for tomorrow. metro's allowing you to bring water on buses and trains to stay cool. the dmv inspection center will close today and tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., an hour earlier than normal and there are cooling stationalize over to make sure that people stay safe. temperatures are already in the 90s, folks. it's not even noon yet in the d.c. area and we could be climbing to 100 degrees. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. tom? >> this is serious heat and a big area under an excessive heat warning and includes all of northern virginia and all these counties in pink and the district of clum bexau the baltimore metro area and this is in effect until 9:00 this evening and this is a result of high heat and high humidity. now, right now, temperature reagan national an astonishing
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97 degrees here just past 11:00 in the morning. last hour it was 96 and it only has to climb another five degrees to tie the all-time record high for the month of june. all across virginia, much of maryland and west virginia, we're already into the 90s and as we look at the heat index, look at the heat index now reagan national is at 103. heat index is what it feels like with the combination of the temperature and the humidity. so, for the rest of the afternoon, we'll have our temperatures peaking in perhaps 101, maybe even 102 in a few locations and the high humidity in place and then dropping back down to the upper 90s by early this evening. how much longer is this going to last? i'll have all the latest on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. we'll look at that and the fourth of july holiday weekend. back to you, erika. >> this heat wave isn't just uncomfortable, down right dangerous, folks. richard jordan joins us from washington hospital center with more ways to beat the heat.
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hi, richard. >> hi, erika. the hospital here says they have not seen a spike in heat-related illnesses yet. doctors want to make sure that people don't become victims to the heat. they say the most important thing to remember is to have water. the blazing sun likely brings a triple-digit day. a lot of people with water in hand, but some runners prefer to get a head start to beat the heat. >> people don't drink enough the day before and that's where they get dehydrated and start losing conscious and what not. >> reporter: the excessive heat can be dangerous. health experts say everyone should stay indoors and limit their time in the sun. drink plenty of water wear light, loose weight clothing and check on neighbors that may be at risk or without air conditioning and keep children and pets indoors. this doctor from washington hospital center says heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a serious threat with consecutive days of excessive heat. >> if you are vomiting, can't
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keep fluids down and you've been out in the sun or heat, get yourself checked out. >> reporter: vendors are stocking up on water and expecting h2o to be the first thing to go. ice cream won't even sell as fast with the ice cream man anticipating few people to come outside. >> people don't come out. they cannot. no. >> people need to be careful. they need to make sure they have plenty of fluids and take breaks when they walk and don't take for granted that it's like the day before when it was cooler. >> now, it is a friday leading up to a holiday week, but doctors here say people should avoid drinking alcohol. that will lead to dehydration, spae especially with these high temperatures. richard jordan, news 4. >> thanks so much. an early morning fire destroys a home in northwest washington. look at these flames coming from this house. the 4800 block of glenbrook road. no one was home when the fire
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started and a neighbor wound up calling 911. the fire was so extensive that firefighters had to run extra hoses to get enough water. there is a report that the house was undergoing some type of construction. investigators are looking at that as a possible cause. no reported injuries at this time. and we have breaking news on the roads. danella sealock joins us with the latest. >> erika, a couple problems to look out for. this is at rugby road. all those northbound lanes are blocked due to a crash in that area. another thing you're dealing with this morning is this time northbound at fullerton road. all your lanes are blocked due to a gas main break in that area. if you want to continue northbound in that direction, you may just want to jump on i-95 and then reconnect because it's nice and clear in that area. also want to bring your attention to some road work, bridge work, in fact, crossing over the 14th street bridge. that left lane is blocked here as you make your way across and you can seeing delays right
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around boundary channel drive. but after you pass the construction, you're pretty clear as you make your way into the city. erika, back over to you. drivers hit a bit of a rough patch. a dump truck clipped an overhead highway sign near edge salt road. they had to shut down the two right lanes of the highway in order to work on this sign. traffic was moving, but slow all morning and the lanes reopened just before 77:00 a.m. new today, george zimmerman is in court hoping a judge will allow him to walk free for a second time. zimmerman was forced back behind bars almost a month ago when jailhouse calls with his wife revealed they were hiding how much money they had. prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife, shellie, spoke in code about donations and had access to more than $130,000. the defense has called a financial analyst to testify and clear up the confusion over zimmerman's finances. his family says they can't
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afford a bail of more than $150,000. the same amount as his first bail. the defense has also showed the police reenactment video during this morning's hearing. and also right now, three suspects are in court to face charges for a hate crime. police say three men attacked a 16-year-old boy because he was gay earlier this week. they yelled anti-gay slurs at him and then held him down and stabbed him near the howard theater. the teen suffered multiple stab wounds, but is expected to make a full recovery. also today, the d.c. council is holding a hearing on hate crimes in the district. talk to police officers, witnesses of hate crimes and government officials to try to figure out how to cut down on the crimes. this is the third such council hearing on hate crimes in the past year alone. d.c. police are investigating whether someone stole money from the campaign bank account of d.c. council member michael brown.
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news 4 has learned the account's treasurer is at the center of this investigation. brown says he discovered the problem last week. and sources tell news 4 that the amount of money taken is "substantial." a statement was released by brown's re-election campaign and it reads in part, "as the one who discovered the alleged theft, i have decided to personally take over as the treasurer of my re-election campaign to demonstrate my commitment to opaerate the campaign books transparentally and ethically." good morning, everyone. the time now 11:11. the dow climbs more than 200 poirnts in ea points in early trading. bernie madoff's brother arrested early today. fighting a wildfire in virginia. homes are in danger this morning. stay with us, we have much more
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a hundred, a hundred and one ways to save. this really happens, huh, guys? virginia's attorney general is challenging health care reform this morning. a day after the supreme court upheld the law in a historic vote. holding a press conference with a richmond small business owner to highlight how he says the bill will hurt job creation. it comes on the heels of the a-4 decision to uphold the law's most controversial tenant. the individual mandate, which will require all americans to have insurance.
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virginia governor bob mcdonald reacted strongly after the decision. >> the majority of the people of the united states, 60% plus oppose it like i do. i think that president obama spent so much time and energy the last couple years on this when he should have been focusing on debt reduction and job creation. he has been a failure in that area and now we're stuck with this unbelievable mandate on the people and the states and i think we need a new president. >> house republicans have already planned a vote to repeal the law for july 11th. >> shame on you. shame on you. shame on you. that was the scene outside the capitol building after house republicans voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. house democrats boycotted the vote and walked out yesterday. holder was questioned over operation fast and furious. a controversial gun trafficking program. he and the obama administration refused to hand over certain documents regarding the program,
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which hope to hunt down mexican drug cartels. after the vote, holder dismissed it as a cheap political stunt. >> today's vote is the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided and politically motivated investigation during an election year. >> holder is the first ever cabinet member to be held in contempt of congress. the u.s. attorney for d.c. must now decide whether to press charges against holder. right now, the younger brother of bernie madoff is in federal custody. the fbi arrested peter madoff, who is expected to plead guilty later today for his part in the largest ponzi scheme in history. prosecutors say he's agreed to a ten-year prison sentence and will forfeit all of his assets, all of them. the brothers scammed thousands of people out of billions of dollars and bernie madoff is currently serving a 150-year sentence in prison. and also new this morning,
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virginia will be granted a waiver to opt out of the no child left behind law, that's according to a person within the obama administration. the waiver allows the state to develop their own plans to improve student and teacher performance. an official announcement is expected later today. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. it is amazing how we have seen the temperatures shoot through the roof. >> i stepped outside to see what it was like and i came right back in. >> what did you advise everybody earlier? stay inside, watch nbc 4. >> you'll stay informed and frequent updates all throughout the afternoon and you do have to respect this heat. it is dangerous heat, already now we have our heat indexes exceeding 100 degrees. that's the feels like temperature. here's what it looks like. this is the view from our hd city camera. you can just see that thick haze hanging over the potomac river. there's reagan national airport there in the foreground and that's where they're sensing a
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temperature now there at 97 degrees. dew point at a steamy 69 degrees. big area under an excessive heat warning. all these counties in pink, including all of northern virginia, the district. this is in effect until 9:00 tonight. all the other counties in orange are under a heat advisory, which means temperatures may not be quite as hot, but it is certainly going to be dangerously hot across all the rest of maryland and this includes baltimore and the only way to escape a lot of this extreme heat is the islands of western maryland where, even out there 91 in cumberland and predawn and temperatures out of the mountains already near 90 degrees and that is how deep that heat is, high pressure and near 90 all around virginia, maryland, look even right on the bay, it's 95 degrees and we're just talking about after 11:00
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in the morning and it's already exceeded 100 degrees many locations and culpepper, reagan national and red brick and all 100 to 105 heat index and actually going to get hotter than that as we get into the afternoon. we're not alone, it is extreme heat from the plains all of the way to the atlantic seaboard. we have temperatures into the 90s already now and it's not even noon yet. all this due to an enormous area of high pressure that's just circulating here over the mid-mississippi valley. slowly drifting off to the east and with us over the weekend and for the rest of the afternoon. extreme heat. highs reaching near 101 or so. that's the record, we'll probably tie it and maybe even break the record by a degree and then dropping back to the upper 90s by early evening. so, tonight, it's going to be hot, too. even through the night, not much relief. we'll drop from the upper 90s early evening and then it will begin to cool down by midnight
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to the upper 80s, but, still, very humid through the rest of the evening but haze and humidity around overnight. it may bottom out in the mid-70s in the rural areas tomorrow morning but low is probably 80 degrees around the metro region starting off saturday. saturday another day a lot like today with high heat and high humidity and that heat index, again, tomorrow, probably 105 to 110 during the afternoon. if you have outdoor plans, you may want to rethink that for the afternoon. just to be safe. the best idea is to stay in the ac. as we get into sunday and monday, might have a few more clouds around and maybe a greater chance of an evening thunderstorm on sunday night into monday morning. only a slight chance here tonight as well as saturday night. then, just in time for the fourth of july, it's going to cool down. we're going to be just near 90. just, but it's still pretty hot on tuesday and wednesday for the fourth itself. a little less humid, too. so, not too bad. but today mucho calore.
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>> very nice, tom kierein. all right, and let's get a check of the mid-day traffic now with danella sealock who joins us. >> hi, erika. we have good news on the roadways. some roads opened up. if you're traveling northbound fullerton road had a gas main break there that blocked all those northbound lanes. they've reopened. also open now, northbound fairfax county at rugby road and crash there is cleared and your northbound lanes are open and heading over to i-95 in maryland. a problem there heading northbound, just past route 1898. a crash there involving an overturned vehicle off of the roadway, but you can't expect some rubber necking delays as people drive by, you know, just to see what happened. so, please be aware if you're traveling northbound making your way through the laurel area. back over to you, erika. still ahead on "news 4 midday" we'll hear from one of the stars of the newest movie "ted." why she didn't have a teddy bear
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growing up. more on that. plus, the advice police have for the people heading out to the at&t national golf tournament. first, here's a look at what's hot on
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the at&t national is under
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way at the congressional country club in bethesda. a tough second round so far and has fallen off the lead. tiger woods, right now, he's hovering around the event. if you're planning on coming out to enjoy the tournament this weekend, police are advising people to park in the satellite lots and take a shuttle bus to and from the country club. they say this weekend's extremely warm temperatures are dangerous and to take the shuttle if possible is going to be your best bet there. with his biggest rival out of the pool for the night, michael phelps cruised to another win. phelps won the 200-meter butterfly last night. that is his signature event. the win keeps america's best swimmer on track to compete in eight events in london. that's the same amount that he competed in in 2008. tyler fleary came in second earning his first trip to the olympics. ryan lochte will have two races
11:26 am
coming up tonight. some of the late-night talk show hosts on the health care ruling last night. take a look at what jay leno had to say about president obama's reaction. >> did you see president obama's reaction? you could see he was feeling pretty good about it. >> yes. that is the president doing the party rock. leno also poked fun at mitt romney and cnn for initially indirect correctly reporting the court's decision. in the next half hour, the latest on wildfires in virginia and colorado. one person is dead out west this morning and an important visitor today could mean more help. tom kierein is back with more of the conditions and when the most unbearable part of the
11:27 am
day will be. with the fourth of july falling on a wednesday this year, when are people supposed to travel. to trav[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee.
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right now, rescue crews are waiting to be allowed into the collapsed warehouse in cheverly. one worker is believed to still be trapped inside and building
11:30 am
inspectors have refused to let rescuers in because it is simply too dangerous. also right now, predz obama is on his way to colorado. the commander in chief left just a few minutes ago and heading to colorado springs to get an upclose look at the devastating wildfires. earlier this morning, he declared it a major disaster site and promised the state would get federal aid to deal with the fires. the president's visit comes after fire officials announced one person died in the waldo canyon wildfire near colorado springs. two people are still missing. right now the fire is about 10% contained. more than 35,000 people have been evacuated so far more than 18,000 acres have been scorched and almost 350 homes completely destroyed. >> some of these people are going to have a very hard time, i think, with this. this community is going to surround them with love and encouragement and we will move forward as a city, better than we ever have. >> there are still at least eight fires burning this
11:31 am
morning. colorado governor john hickenlooper declared the fire stricken state a major disaster. that will boost federal help for devastated communities. that's good news for them, at least. a wildfire in virginia is inching closer to surrounding homes. it is burning in the washington and jefferson national forest in warren county. the blaze has grown to more than 350 acres since it sparked. and it is only 5% contained. also moving very rapidly to private land and has moved to within a mile of several homes, including that one right there. residents in the area say they're starting to get concerned. >> well, after seeing the fires in colorado, that's wiped out all those homes and just traveling so fast, if that could happen, i'd be real concerned. >> that thing is like a tinder box, you don't know where it is going to go. >> the forest service is hoping to bring in at least another 20 firefighters today to help the already more than 100 that are
11:32 am
battling the blaze. they also have to focus on another fire. that one is in shenandoah national park and that one has burned at least 250 acres. another top story this morning, this is our big blockbuster. the weekend heat. let's check in, again, with tom kierein and the latest on our forecast. good morning. >> the heat has been building quickly. around our region, an excessive heat warning and it covers all of northern virginia, including the district of columbia and all these counties in pink and the philadelphia metro area up towards new york city and this is a huge area of deep heat and we have excessive heat around as a result and you need to take precautions. here are some tips for you. these are tips that you need to keep in mind. if you have to spend much time outside, do what you can to drink plenty of water and wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light colored clothing and do what you can to check in on at-risk neighbors. maybe those who do not have air conditioning. make sure they get into the ac by mid-afternoon and keep kids
11:33 am
and pets indoors, as well. now, take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we have exceeded 90 degrees already. reagan national is at 97 degrees and it is in the 90s all around the region. the heat index, it's over 100. shenandoah valley all the way to near the bay, heat index at reagan national, 103. that's what it feels like with the humidity and air temperature and we will have the afternoon high peaking around 101 degrees. that is tieing the record and may exceed it by a degree or so and then back down to the upper 90s and then 70s to near 80 tomorrow. but another day tomorrow a lot like today and then sunday, monday and a bit of a break from the high heat, but still very humid and might get storms sunday night into monday morning, bought lot better for the fourth of july. that's the way it looks, erika. >> thanks a lot, tom, we'll follow you on twitter for more updates. more liquor stores in virginia will be open on sundays. the general assembly approved the openings of the 206 stores that are currently not open on
11:34 am
sundays. the sunday hours will be from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. several new laws in both virginia and maryland also kick in on sunday, july 1st. in virginia, voters will have to bring i.d. to the polls. women will have to start undergoing a preabortion sonogram. this new law drew large protests in richmond as state lawmakers debated and passed the measure, if you remember that. virginia residents will also start paying sales tax on amazon purchases and, finally, people convicted of drunken driving will be required to have ignition interlock devices on their cars. now, in maryland, starting sunday, residents will be paying more on their sewer bills. the flush tax means people will see an increase from $30 to $60 annually to upgrade waste water treatment facilities to reduce pollution also in the chesapeake bay. it will cost you more to ride the metro this weekend. start pulling out the pennies, nickels and dimes. rail fares are going up 5%.
11:35 am
bus fares. how about those. also 10 cents. parking rates up a quarter. using a paper card will cost riders a dollar extra for each trip. the good news, there is some. the peak of the peak surcharge will be eliminated. so, the extra money that will be used to help balance the transit agencies operating budget is what you're looking at there. metro riders can expect delays on the blue, orange and red lines this weekend. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between stadium armory and new carrollton for track maintenance. the new carrollton and deanwood and minnesota avenue stations will all be closed. on the blue line, buses will replace trains between benning road and also single tracking on the red line. and it should be finished by monday morning's rush hour. marc riders, listen up. announced changes to the brunswick line schedule. there is now a 5:00 a.m. eastbound departure from west
11:36 am
virginia. new schedule also adds several montgomery county stops in both directions. you can check it out online. the new schedule takes effect july 16th. shrinking gas prices mean that you may be seeing a lot more people traveling with you this holiday weekend. a lot more. according to aaa, record 1 million people in the d.c. area are expected to travel 50 miles or more for july 4th. that's up more than 5% from last fourth of july. and it's a nearly 50% jump from 2009. aaa officials say after years of putting off vacations because of bad economy, people are finally ready to get back out there and get into the swing of things. and speaking of which, let's check in on the mid-day traffic now with danella sealock who joins us with the latest. >> a lot of people want to go to the beach today. it's hot, sun screens, sun shades await you if you're trying to head out to the bay bridge. your day looks really good.
11:37 am
from the beltway as you make your way to annapolis, no issues to report for you. i-95 southbound, you're starting to hit the brakes right around route 123 and then pretty sluggish for you as you continue towards the occoquan. traveling very slowly i-95 south. everyone wants to head out for the weekend. taking i-95 from the beltway, you're traveling at 35 miles per hour. pretty slow and that drive will take you about 22 minutes. back over to you, erika. >> thanks. a lot of tour buses roll into the d.c. area during the summer, but one of those buses may turn heads when it comes to town next monday. take a look at this. oh, yeah, you're seeing that right. that's because this bus is full of nuns. it's part of a nuns on the bus tour which is crisscrossing the country right now. the nuns onboard are protesting p
11:38 am
-- investigators need your help in finding a man who started a fire that severely damaged a silver spring barbershop. the fire broke out around 2:30 yesterday early morning at the ebony unisex barbershop. the blaze caused about $100,000 worth of damage. witnesses say earlier that morning they saw somebody break through the shop's front door. if you have any information on this fire, please call the arson tip line. that number is on your screen, 240-777-2263. two prince george's police officers are accused of kidnapping and assaulting three teenagers. christopher perry and michael rowe were indicted yesterday. the charges stem from a memorial day party in charles county. the teens say they were handcuffed, threatened and driven around in a car before being released. the officers could face prison time if convicted. police are searching for the president of a muslim organization in virginia after his car was found abandoned.
11:39 am
58-year-old mohammed was last seeb yesterd seen yesterday morning. his gold lexus was later found parked between occaquan. he was possibly suicidal although his family says he is not. he is the president of the muslim association of virginia and also a leader at the islamic community center. still ahead on "news 4 midday" why getting up early could be key to your success. plus, what you will see at this year's boat fly festival? stay with us.
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a warning for parents this morning. close to 230,000 pairs of kids pajamas are being recalled because of a fire danger. the consumer product safety commission says rigo international were all made in china and did not meet flamability standards here in the u.s. one injury has already been reported involving the pajamas catching fire. expecting a baby? well, you may want to stay off your feet as much as possible.
11:43 am
researchers say too much standing during pregnancy could impact the growth of a fetus. they say that women that hold jobs that require long periods of standing had babies with smaller heads at birth and that's a sign of slower growth rate. the study also implied that women who worked more than 40 hours of week during the end of their third trimester also had babies with smaller heads. are you a serial snooze button presser. you know, over and over and over? you could be missing the most successful time of the day. experts say mornings can make or break your day with early risers seeing more productivity and optimism while the rest of the world is catching some extra zs. laura vandercam author of "what the most successful people do before breakfast" tells matt lauer with a little effort everybody could become a morning person. >> confirmed night owls, but everyone else is more in the middle. with a little work, you could be
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more of a morning person. keep a time log and write down what you're doing. the solution to morning dilemmas come from the night before. we want to get up early, but we're tired. work your way into it slowly. you can stay slort and go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up 15 minutes earlier until that starts to feel good. keep doing this little bit by little bit until it starts to become a habit. >> i don't know about that. some people will beg to differ. it also is helpful to picture the perfect morning. one that actually makes you excited to get out of bed. big gains this morning on wall street. let's check in with cnbc semma and she joins us with more on that and the rest of the business headlines. hi, there. >> the dow up better than 200 points and being fueled by developments out of the eu summit and direct recapitalization of banks and relax econditions on emergency loans and traders still trying
11:45 am
to figure out if this rally is going to fade. only time will tell. the s&p 500 up around 25 points. in terms of some stocks that we are watching this early afternoon, shares of research in motion down sharply after a dismal quarterly report in which the company announced the delay of the blackberry 10 and 10,000 job cuts. they're laying off a third of the company. they told the whole world about their next platform in products including the blackberry 10 a year before they're ready and now left the delivery date to slip. far more disturbing was the drop of blackberry handset shipments and more than 40% year over year. and lastly, global concerns weighing on two very different companies this afternoon. nike reporting profit and revenue below expectations thanks to a restructuring effort in western europe. that included a number of job cuts and ford says its international losses will triple during its second quarter largely because of weaker sales
11:46 am
in europe. those are some stocks that we are watching today from cnbc global headquarters. i'm seema. >> thank you, have a good day. hey, you're home early. that is not your normal teddy bear. in the raunchy comedy "ted" a young boy makes a wish list that his teddy bear was a alive. and his wish, guess what, comes true. now, 20 years later the beer drinking, skirt chasing ted is causing problems between his owner and his girlfriend. mark wahlberg, enough said and mila kunis star as well as voice of director seth mcfarland. "ted" is rated r, folks. comedic look into the world of male exotic dancing. did i read that right? yes, i did. "magic mike" channing tatum mentors a new dancer in the fine
11:47 am
arts of partying. women and, of course, making easy money. the film also stars matthew mcconaughey is based on tatum's own experiences. "magic mike" also rated r. >> madea -- >> hello. >> madea is back, folks. this time she is in charge of keeping a family safe in witness protection. when eugene levy is busted for running a ponzi scheme, him and his family have to run and have no choice but to head into witness protection. but madea is different than any other safe house they've ever seen. madea's witness protection program is rated pg-3 13. >> chris pine, and olivia wild star in "people like us." klein returns home to settle his late father's estate when he realizes he has a 30-year-old sister he never met.
11:48 am
now he and his new family must get to know each other while dealing with this tragedy. rated pg-13. the time right now is 11:47. coming up, how to get a date with ang single mom. tom kierein will be back with how hot it is
11:49 am
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11:51 am
thousands of panels from the aids memorial quilt are on display on the national maul for the first time since 1996. the quilt is part of the smithsonian folk life festival. the first panels were sewn those who died from aids or hiv complications. the quilt includes 94,000 names and digital media center on the mall can help anyone looking for a specific name or even a panel. moving on. why mila kunis grew up without a teddy bear tops the mcfly report. tommy mcfly fresh fm is here to explain. >> how are you? >> i'm fantastic. happy friday to you. >> happy friday to you, too. we're so excited about "ted" the movie. it's my pick for best picture.
11:52 am
>> you said the word was proliffic. >> the greatest movie of our time, absolutely. >> what makes it so great? >> it's hysterical in so many different ways. i don't want to ruin any of it for you, but someone who just played a wolf trap makes an appearance in the movie. pretty pivotal role in the film. it's unexpected and fantastic and we spoke to mila kunis and i said, what was your teddy bear or blanky growing up, what did you have as a kid? >> i didn't have much, but let's be clear, when i came to america, i wasn't about to bring anything. but when i was 9 years old a family friend of mine gave me a bear. i wasn't attached to it the same w way. >> you also talked to jenny mccarthy this week and she is busy with a new show "love in the wild". >> she described it as a mix
11:53 am
between "survivor" and "bachelor" and i asked her, how do you date and what's the way to get a second date with a single mom, a smoking single mom like jenny mccarthy? >> i met a lot of guys where they didn't get the next guy because they were rude to the waiter. guys, listen up and tip well. >> how does your son play a role into your dating life? >> he doesn't. it's hard. i try to keep that separate until i know. >> wow, that's really good. that's sound advice, i would think. >> it does make sense. >> gosh, i think she just gets better with age. >> totally. >> she looks phenomenal. the trend in viral video seems to be singing dogs. >> yes. >> we showed you one using "call me maybe." >> the latest one the girl who won half a dozen grammys this year, adele, done by a bull dog of sorts. a bull dog mix. ♪ >> oh, wow. >> and they're so well done.
11:54 am
the videos, they're like exact replicas of what the real videos are. >> all right, okay. we need to you tube that one. tell us about the special ice cream party that you attended last night. that was pretty cool. >> there was this little guy named ryan who is 21 months old and he has a heart condition and down syndrome. his parents were told there was nothing more they could do. instead of getting bears and flowers and, you know, money, just have a banana split for dinner with your kids and make a memory. it went beyond viral. over 70,000 families across the country and the world have done this. and taken a picture and put it on facebook. "today" show talked about it. we decided yesterday at carmines. >> oh, my. look at that face. the video of him is just heartbreaking. but the parents have taken this absolutely terrible story and made it inspirational. you have people all around the world because of this little guy making memories with their family.
11:55 am
that's what we did at carmines where we had 50 of our fresh listeners come out and other friends having banana splits with their kids. the giant titanic dessert, which was fantastic. a bur >> it is friday. what are the big weekend plans? >> i'm going to pennsylvania this weekend to hang out with my parents. >> really? >> miking the trip home and i got my shades on, they're $9 because i break them and i got my flip-flops on because tom kierein said it is hotter than heck outside. >> do you have your sunblock on? >> spf 9,000. you can get burned through the sunroof. >> keep all your hairs in place and don't toast your little noggin. >> extra sunblock there. >> all right, tommy mcfly, thanks so much for joining us. let's take a look now at some of the stories we're following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us with a preview of what is to come.
11:56 am
>> it is hot out there. coming up at 4:00, more on the weather and how people are coping as they're sweating and trying to cool off. also coming up this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, the next city that may soon declare war on supersized sodas and sugary drinks. it is still stirring quite a debate. quick bites. tom takes us to a small restaurant with huge taste. all those stories and the very latest on the heat coming up tonight on news 4 starting at 4:00. erika? >> thanks, pat. time for a final check of our forecast with tom kierein. hot, hot, hot. what othut other words do you w use? >> dress like tommy mcfly and the flip-flops, shorts and loose fitting clothing or just stay inside and watch nbc 4 for the rest of the afternoon because we'll be here with frequent updates every half hour all afternoon to keep you posted on
11:57 am
this extreme heat. we have heat warnings out of all those countings in pink. also includes washington and also includes baltimore until 9:00 tonight. this is going to last all the way for the rest of the day today and into this evening. what are the temperatures now? reagan national, 98 degrees at noontime and the record for the day is 101. only three more degrees to tie the record and look at the current heat indexes. this is what it feels like. feels well over 100 degrees now and that is probably hovering near 110 the heat index through the rest of the afternoon and then this evening, not going to improve much. back down to up thor 80s by midnight. so, no relief through the evening. if you plan on going out tonight, still hot and humid. by dawn tomorrow, the 70s to around 80 and then during the day and hazy sunshine and tomorrow's record 100 and will
11:58 am
probably break that tomorrow afternoon. and then on sunday, again on monday, still hot and still humid, but not quite as hot, maybe a little greater chance of an evening thunderstorm sunday night into monday morning, otherwise only a small chance tonight and again saturday night and then, finally, just in time for tuesday and the fourth of july, cooling down. highs near 90 and a little less humid. stay tuned, we'll be here with frequent updates throughout the afternoon. that's it for "news 4 midday." tune in for news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we'll see you later. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less?
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