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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we are crushing records throughout our area today, and we're not getting relief just yet. consider yourselves lucky. you are indoors right now. good afternoon everybody. i'm jim hanley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. let's get straight to the weather. the latest on the temperature from storm 4 meteorologist doug cammer. >> we'll continue to see these numbers, over 100 degrees probably right on through the rest of the evening hours. once again, we've got 103 right here in washington. look at the heat index. 111 out there right now. the record high temperature for today was 102. so far today we've reached 104 and sitting at 100 in hagerstown, 101 in martinsburg. look at the hundred-degree temperatures here. even 102 towards la plata. the heat index in leesburg right
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now, 117 degrees. that's one of the highest numbers i've seen in this area. 112 in fredricksburg at 110 and culpepper at 112. please limit your outdoor activity. please make sure you're drinking plenty of water. wear the light-colored clothes, check on the pets and the elderly. we have a heat warning in effect for the rest of the evening tonight. a heat warning for all of northern virginia, parts of the panhandle of west virginia, the district and the city of baltimore all under the heat warning right now. once again, that goes through 9:00 tonight and there is an excessive heat watch in effect for the day tomorrow. will we see any relief? we're going to be watching this right here. as a matter of fact, coming in through washington, maybe later this evening we'll be talking about this line of storms making its way our way. could it hold together? if it does, we could be talking about very strong to severe storms. we'll talk much more about that
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plus how much this heat will last in my full forecast. >> the heat whaef isn't just uncomfortable, but is down right dangerous. news 4 richard jordan tells us how some people are beating the heat. >> reporter: the blazing sun likely brings a triple-digit day. a lot of people with water in hand. some runners prefer to get a het start. >> sometimes people don't drink enough the day before, that's where they get dehydrated and what no, sir. >> reporter: health experts say everyone should stay indoors and limit their time in the sun, drink plenty of water, wear loose, lightweight light-colored clothing. check on neighbors at risk and without air conditioning. keep children and pets indoors. dr. bill frona says heat sxhults and heat stroke are a serious threat. >> if you start feeling nauz ated, vomiting, can't keep fluids down and have been out in
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the sun or heat, get yourself checked out. >> reporter: the working outdoor festivals are prepared, vendors are stocking up on water and expect h2o to be the first to go. ice cream won't sell as fast. >> people come out, no. >> people need to be careful, make sure they have plenty of fluids and take breaks when they walk and don't take for granted that it's like the day before when it was cooler. >> reporter: it is a friday leading up to a holiday week, but doctors here say everyone should avoid drinking alcohol. that will lead to dehydration, especially with these high temperatures. at washington hospital, richard jordan, news 4. >> not only is the d.c. metro area under an excessive heat warning today, it's already under an excessive heat watch for tomorrow. metro is allowing people to take water on buses and trains to stay cool. the dmv inspection station
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closed early today and will close tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon, an hour earlier than normal. there are cooling stations all over the place to make sure people stay safe. stay with news 4 throughout the afternoon for continuous coverage of this heat. coming up at the top of the hour, a live report on people who have to risk their lives to work in this. now breaking news in the celebrity world. tom-kat is calling it quits. after five years, katy holmes and tom cruise are divorcing. here is shawn robinson of "access hollywood." should we have seen this coming? >> if you did, we didn't. everybody is really shocked by this news. we had interviewed the couple separately just not too long ago. both of them speak very affectionately about each other, and i've got to tell you, i was just at the "rock of ages"
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junket talking to juliann hough. katy holmes did file for divorce from tom cruise, and both of their reps just released a statement. let me read it to you. kat katie's rep say this is is a personal and private matter for katy and her family. her primary concern remains as it always has been, her daughter's best interest. let me read to you tom cruise's statement. it says tom is deeply sad denned and concentrating on his three children. please allow them their privacy. it almost seems like tom cruise was taken by surprise. we're going to have more about this divorce and the way they were. remember when tom cruise was on "the oprah winfrey show" and jumped on the couch declaring his love for katie. this couple has always talked
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about how much in love that were and how romantic things were between the two of them. was that a giveaway? i don't know. we'll have more on details of their divorce and about what possibly could have gone wrong. >> we cannot get that image of jumping out n the sofa out of o heads. we haven't seen much of katy holmes too much. do you think we might see more after this resolves itself? >> yeah. i think she's always been somebody who said she wanted to keep working. right now she does not have a movie to promote, but she is scheduled to start shooting a movie next month. obviously that's going to be keeping her very busy amidst all this very terrible news. right now she's concentrating as her role as a mom to her daughter surry. i don't know. we wish both of them the best. but this is definitely very,
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very shocking news. >> all right. shawn robinson from "access hollywood." we'll be watching 7:30 tonight. now to the devastating wildfires out west. today president obama toured the disaster in the colorado springs area. he called it's nor mouse but said we're starting finally to see progress. nbc's jinah kim joins us in colorado springs with the latest information out there. >> reporter: hi there, pat. that is true. the outlook on the fire is looking so much better by the day. i just want to show you a little bit. you can see it over my shoulder. just this morning weere starting to get a little bit more alarmed by that smoke that's coming up. on the other side of that mountain there is even more smoke that we've noticed just in the past half hour or so. so that's a little bit concerning. at the briefing this morning, firefighters were saying no, no, we've got it under control. we've had two consecutive days
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of fairly good weather. that smoke is burning away from the home. not getting too alarmed yet. it goes to show you the nature of this fire, which is nobody can ever tell with certainty what's going to happen in the next moment. also, one person was found dead. this is the most destructive fire in colorado history with 346 homes lost. they said one person was found dead in one of the burned down homes. we just learned, an update, that there may be dozens missing. the number we heard was possibly as many as 76. officially they're saying approximately ten, but we got an insider report that it could be much more than that. we've got a lot going on here. as far as president obama is concerned, he's still touring the worst-hit areas right now. he says he is shocked at what he is seeing. >> jinah kim live in colorado springs, thank you. a worker is still missing the day after a roof collapsed
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at a massive warehouse collapsed in cheverly. the structure crumbled around 10:00 at recall, a document storage company on cabin branch drive. today two large cranes were brought in to remove debris so rescue crews can continue to search for nigs man. they tried to find the victim last night but had to pull out because the building was so unstable. >> the weight for the 40 to 50-foot high shelvings and the amount of product on those shelves was enough to bow out the walls. >> workers say a forklift accidentally filled a 50-foot-high storage rack. it triggered a domino effect. the roof collapsed and the walls buckled. 16 workers were able to escape. a massive blame in northwest. the home on glenbrook road near
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american university, the blaze was so extensive firefighters had to run extra hoses. no one was home when the blaze began. the neighbor called 911. there's report that the house was undergoing some type of construction. investigators are looking at that as a possible cause. it's going to cost you more to ride the metro this weekend. >> starting sunday rail fares are going up five cents, bus fares ten cents, parking rates a quarter. if you're using a paper fare card, that will cost an extra dollar. the peak of the surcharge will be eliminated. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00, soccer star david beckham reacts to the stunning news he won't play in the summer olympics. it's official. the "today" show names the new co-anchor and she has roots right here in washington. "the tonight show" has some fun with the president's
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reaction to the supreme court's health care decision. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men
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for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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♪ ♪ so are you dancing in your seat. adam levine and the guys from maroon 5 on the "today" show this morning. about 12,000 showed up at rockefeller plaza, one of the biggest crowds in "today" show concert history. madonna and her backup
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dancer boyfriend weren't hiding their romance on stage in berlin. the couple performed a steamy dance routine during the sold-out show. she's on her first tour in three years promoting her mdna. according to the daily mail, she's thinking about his proposal but hasn't given an answer. madonna is 53, married twice before. she has two shows scheduled for the verizon center in september and both are sold out. a big announcement from superstar adele. she's revealed she's expecting her first child. she says she and her boyfriend simon kinechy are delighted and over the moon. she's famous for her songs on "heartbreak," "rolling in the deep" from her second album won six grammys this year.
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♪ i thought it was better not to fight ♪ >> that's the sound of the flaming lips. they're the music world's new road warriors having just set new guinness world rose for most live shows in a 24-hour period. the psychodelic rockers from oklahoma finished their last of eight performances in new orleans last night, having started a day earlier in memphis. lead swinger wayne coin has called their performance an absolute joy. there may finally be an end in sight to the case that's come to be known as the wardrobe malfunction. >> we still remember. that case stretches back to super bowl 2004. janet jackson's breast was bared during the performance. the fcc fined them. the fine was thrown out today
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the u.s. supreme court refused to hear the government's appeal. chief justice john roberts, busy man this week, cautioned that future episodes of indecency could be subject to fcc fines. this is a great weekend to spend a few hours in the cool, air conditioned movie theatre. in the mood for a comedy, seth mcfarland's new project "ted" is getting a lot of buzz. >> tyler perry's madea is back on the big screen. you could find something more racy. raphael seth has the new box office openings. >> could really talk to me. >> you're my best friend, john. >> reporter: a boy's magical wish gets too real instead. mark walberg still hangs with his childhood best friend, a talking teddy bear named ted. when things get serious with his girlfriend played by mila kunis, changes are in store. this one is from "family guy"
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creator seth mcfarland. it's rated r. channing tatum works a different magic in "magic mike." hots hot nights, available women and loads of cash. bheents the hard to get sister of one of the new dancer, she urges him to pursue other dreams and give up spandex and bow tie. rated r. if i come back up these stairs i'm going to get naked and get up there and spoon. >> reporter: madea's witness protection, eugene levy finds out his company has been run ag ponzi scheme backed by the mafia. to make matters worse, he's set up to take the fall. the federal agent decides the best place to hide them is at madea's house. pg-13. ple like us."e meets a sister he he goes looking for elizabeth banks after their father suddenly dies and leaves a stash of money for them to split.
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pine is a struggling sister with a pile of debt. he wants to get to know her while he wrestles with his conscience over the inheritance. pg-13. raphael seth, nbc news. some of the late night talk show hosts shared their two cents on the health care ruling last night. >> take a look at what jay leno had to say about president obama's reaction. >> did you see president obama's reaction to the supreme court ruling. you could see he was feeling pretty good. here he is today. ♪ >> is that the president? sure looks like him. just a little excited there. leno also poked fun at mitt romney and at cnn for initially incorrecting reporting the court's decision. >> the moonwalk. how do they do that? that's hysterical.
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>> it was funny. there's big news about the "today" show today. >> savannah guthrie has been named co-anchor of nbc's flagship morning program. you may recall her from days here in washington as nbc news white house correspondent. but we go back even further with savannah. >> yes, we do. she reported for news 4 right here from 2000 to 2002, a student at georgetown law school at the time, graduated with honors in '02. soon after the september 11th terror attacks in 2001 she reported on the deployment of a national guard unit. >> at the d.c. armory, savannah guthrie, news 4. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> regular viewers of "today" may have knowsed that the show began without its customer open announcing the names of the
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anchors. ann curry left yesterday. guthrie's official debut will be monday. >> we wish her well. >> indeed. dangerously hot, humid, record breaking day. >> not just talking about records, talking about all-time records for the month of june. 103 right now in washington. 102 in richmond, 101 in roanoke. i'm update you on the before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems.
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talk about breaking records. >> this isn't just the daily record. >> a century record? >> we go back all the way 142 years, never been as hot as we have been today in the month of june. 104 degrees, that's the new record that we have out there today. that's not just at d.c. talking about areas all across the region getting well over 100 degrees today, and it feels even warmer than that. it just looks hot and sticky out there this afternoon. you can see the haze in the afternoon, an incredibly hot day all across our region. right now current temperature at the airport 103 with the dew point of 70.
4:25 pm
humidity, it says only 34%, but that's a little bit deceiving here, the dew point of 70 degrees. any time your dew point is close to 7 0rks you feel oppressive outside. june 29th, that's today. the old record 101 in 1934 and 1874. we crush the record, the all-time record for the month of june. simply amazing. take a look at the 100s, 100 in manassas. 104 in charlottesville. temperatures along the eastern shore also close to 100. you add in that 69, 70, 71-degree dew point and you get a heat index in the 110s. feels like 111 in washington and la plata. 112 in manassas, leesburg hars been high all day with a heat index of 117 degrees. a day you want to stay indoors if you can. if you have to go outside, limit
4:26 pm
your outdoor exposure. that's why we have the heat advisory for many parts of warning. there's excessive heat warning for all of northern virginia and parts of west virginia. because of that heat index, over 110, this includes the district and baltimore. please watch out this afternoon. something else we're watching is chopper 4 which is right now over the shenandoah valley. you can see another fire here. this is one of the fires they've been watching for the last couple days. hundreds of acres have been burning. we've been talking about the colorado fires. we have fires of our own very close to home here. you can see all the smoke associated with these fires, too. i've gotten a lot of pictures from this. i was smelling this smoke just the other night in bethesda. it is making its way over there every once in a while. as far as rain is concerned, we need to see some rain. i think we'll get some tonight. i don't think it's going to be a good scenario because we have a chance for severe weather. look at this. this is a mcs. it's a cluster of storms. you can see all the severe
4:27 pm
thunderstorm warnings associated with this. this is expected to bring winds of 80 miles an hour into portions of ohio and is moving our way. i do think it will move through our area as we go through tonight. we'll watch it closely for you. you can see it here on our future weather. comes right through our area. tomorrow we get hot again and we have a chance for strong storms during the day tomorrow. temperatures the next couple days, 100 tomorrow, 99 on your sunday. then we cool off relatively speaking. high of 94 on both monday and on tuesday. once again, our average high temperature this time of year now up to 88 degrees. there's your heat over the next few days. stay indoors if you can. >> all righty. thanks. still ahead on this hot friday, a soccer snub. david beckham reacts to the news he won't be playing on his country's national team for the if you have copd like i do,
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discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. we're breaking records today, folks, when it comes to this heat. under an excessive heat advisory right now. there's an excessive heat watch already issued for tomorrow.
4:31 pm
metro is allowing passengers to carry water on buses and trains. there are cooling stations around town to help people stay safe. president obama is out west touring the area's devastated by wildfires in colorado. the fire burning in colorado springs is now the most destructive in state history. more than 30,000 150i residents have been forced to evacuate. at at least ten people are still missing. >> a florida judge says he needs to weigh evidence presented in the bond hearing before deciding whether to let zimmerman out. earlier his bond $150,000 bond was revoked after misleading the court about how much money he had. to many it's a stunning and surprising snub and a big disappointment for his fans. soccer superstar david beckham won't be playing on britain's olympic soccer team even though he's been the face of the games.
4:32 pm
michelle kosinski has more. >> reporter: soccer great david beckham not only campaigned hard to bring the olympics to his hometown, he then literally carried the flame from athens, lighting the torch on english soil. many assumed he would play for his country. this year the 37-year-old's olympic dreams were extinguished. not chosen for team great britain. he said through a spokesperson, naturally i'm very disappointed, but there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me. before the decision, beckham recently opened up about his hopes to meredith vieira. >> how badly do you want to be on the team? >> i would love to be on the olympic team. >> are you nervous because they haven't made the decision yet? >> i'm not nervous. i'm excited. even if i'm not on the team, it's proud to be part of the team that has brought the olympics to a part of london where i grew up as a kid. >> reporter: a goal he worked on for seven years.
4:33 pm
the chief of the olympic organizing committee says becks is our number one supporter, let's give him some special role off the field. interestingly his wife victoria may be involved if her former group, the spice girls, is asked to play in one of the ceremonies and if she goes along with it. the olympic trials continue tonight. starting at 8:00 ryan lochte swims the 200 meter backstroke and so does 17-year-old jack congresser of rockville. at 9:00 watch the olympic trials in gymnastics. all the action can be found right here on your olympic station and on the olympic games bring lots of tourist and confusion along with them and with them, there are lots of opportunities for criminals. police in london have been cracking down this week targeting pickpockets, purse snatchers and burglars. 80 people have been arrested in raids on organized criminal
4:34 pm
networks that police believe were targeting tourists. from theft to cash machine fraud to handling stolen merchandise. the younger brother of bernie madoff has pleaded guilty to being part of the largest ponzi scheme prosecuted in the u.s. 66-year-old peter madoff admitted to conspiracy and falsifying records in the multibillion fraud that destroyed savings of thousands of investors. madoff told the judge he was deeply ashamed and terribly sorry about the scheme but he didn't know about it until his brother revealed it to him in december of 2008. the plea is part of a deal expected to get him a ten-year prison sentence. reports out of france today claim former international monetary fund chief dominic strauss-kahn and his wife have separated. strauss-kahn lost his job and his place as a leading candidate for the president of france after he was accused of raping a
4:35 pm
hotel maid. prosecutors dropped the charges. he's facing an investigation about his possible involvement in a prostitution ring. his wife, ann sinclair is a wealthy heiress who relaunched her career as a news editor recently. wikileaks is branching out to entertainment. they're producing a cd. >> called "beat the blockade." julian assange says his website has been shut down by a u.s. financial blockade. assange is currently refusing to comply with an order to surrender to british police. he has taken refuge at ecuador's embassy in london and is seeking asylum. assange is trying to avoid expedition to sweden to face rape and assault charges. a collection of entertainment memorabilia will be up for auction in london on tuesday. among the highlights, original
4:36 pm
lyrics handwritten by singer bob dillon. they were for his 1962 anti-war song entitled "let me die in my footsteps." the song wasn't released until many years later because record executives were worried about the political nature. the lyrics are expected to fetch top dollar at the auction. why some experts say getting up early could be the key to your success. grandmother sets out to break a world record, swimm
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the first day of her world record attempt to swim 103 miles from cuba to florida. penny pum free started her swim in cuba, covered 8 1/2 in the first four hours. she's expected the entire journey to take about 40 to 50 hours. she would be the first women to
4:40 pm
cross the straits without a shark cage. >> i think it's my time to -- my window in live to do something i love to do. i don't believe that i can do it much later in life. this is my opportunity now. >> palfrey is using special equipment that surrounds her with an electrical field to keep away sharks. she is british and australian citizen with two grandchildren and has been an endurance swimmer for 20 years. >> she's got a long way to go, but off to a brave start. >> a brave swimmer. are you a serial snooze button press ser? you could be missing the most successful time of day. >> i confess. i press it and press it again. experts say mornings can make or break your day with early risers being more productive and optimistic while the rest of us are sleeping and snoozing and pressing that button. laura vandercam, author of "what
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successful people do before breakfast" says with a little e6 fort everybody can be a morning person. >> there are some people who are confirmed night oels owls. keep track of how you're spending your time. keep a time log, write down what you're doing. often the solution to morning dilemmas come from the night before. we want to get up early but we're tired. and the reason is we didn't go to bed on time. work your way into it slowly. start slow. go to bed 15 minutes earlier, wake up 15 minutes earlier until that starts to feel good. keep doing this little bit by little bit until it starts to become a habit. >> vandercam says it's always helpful to picture the perfect morning, one that gets you excited to get out of bed. >> like a friday morning. that always does it for me. >> yes, picture it in your head. >> called fantasy i think. when we come back, the search for a man who police say is a predator who killed a
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4:44 pm
how warmest out there now, doug? >> 103 and it feels like 111. >> oh, it's that "feel like" part. >> is that steam coming from your ears? >> yes. i was just outside and you feel the heat radiating right off.
4:45 pm
>> you're glistening. >> thank you. my wife would say smelling. let's show you what's happening out there right now. again, you are talking about some very warm numbers, not just warm numbers. it's record-breaking heat. that's really what it is, excessive heat. stay indoors if you can. 103 the current temperature out there with the heat index of 111 with a dew point of 70. i think we'll see similar numbers during the day tomorrow, maybe a degree or two cooler tomorrow in most locations. as far as our numbers go across the metro area, 102 in rockville, 101 in college park, 101 in camp springs. st. belvoir, back toward the west, warrenton at 103. the heat index towards hunting town approaching 120. that's where we are in leesburg at 120, 110 in rockville. 104 in college park, 109 in camp springs. these numbers seem a little too
4:46 pm
high i think. but still, it's something we just don't see here. once again, please, give yourself some time. we need some rain. wet don't need this rain, however. take a look at this line of storms. this is what we call a bow echo. any time you see a storm system bow out like that, that means you've got very strong winds coming right through portions of the area. with this a wind gust of 91 miles an hour was just had at ft. wayne international airport. again, a very strong line of storms making its way down across the region. i do expect it to make its way our way overnight tonight. this is something we're going to watch for the next couple hours. you want to make sure you stay with us here on nbc4 for the latest on that. you can follow me on facebook or twitter. if the line is able to hold together -- i don't think it will -- if it does, we could be in for big problems. 76 in leesburg tonight. 76 in la plata. once again, showers and thunderstorms likely overnight. by tomorrow morning they'll be out of here. then we'll warm up. highs again around 100.
4:47 pm
100 in washington and manassas. 97 along the eastern shore. could we get above 100 again? it is possible. if you're thinking about heading toward the beaches, not a bad idea, a little cooler down there. temperatures around 90 tomorrow. we will see a chance for thunderstorm activity there as well over the next couple days. really not all that bad. the water temperature has been rising. it's now at 76 degrees. here is the next four days showing 99 on sunday, 94 on monday, 94 on tuesday. and we stay in the 90s for july 4th. we have july 4th on the wrong day. i just noticed that. it is wednesday and not thursday. i'm going to have to have a talk with the person who did that. >> now i'm doubting all your numbers like that. >> do you have a mirror? i want to have a talk. look, buddy. >> it needs to be moved. >> i'm moving it right now. >> thank you, doug. new york city kicked off the controversial idea. now a city in massachusetts is
4:48 pm
picking up on it. >> city leaders in cambridge are talking about limiting the size of sodas and other beverages with sugar in them. the idea is kicking up quite the debate. john maroni reports. >> reporter: in central bridge, a chance owner richard faulkner says it shouldn't be regulated. >> i think it should be an individual's choice of what they want. >> cambridge is looking at limiting the amount of sugar drinks sold in the city because of health concerns. the mayor is making the recommendation based on a similar proposal in new york city. >> the free refills and big gulps, that's hurting our kids and our adults, too. some way at getting at some of those portion sizes is what i'm really after. >> reporter: the new york city proposal limits the size of bottled or sugared fountain drinks to 16 ounces as long as the drink contains more than 25
4:49 pm
calories for every eight ounces. diet sodas would be exempt as would drinks that are at least 70% fruit juice. >> i really think we drink too much associated dachlt it's making americans more and more fat. >> i think people should, you know, be able to drink soda as much as they want. >> reporter: this debate oversewed da and sugared drinks is not unlike previous debates over public smoking and trans fats in food. >> it makes sense to use a public health approach to limiting the danger people place themselves in. seatbelts, same thing. >> i'm suddenly very thirsty. >> for water or soda. >> h2o does it for me now. coming up on news 4, a race through the busy streets of madrid that is turning a lot of heads. the world's new ugliest dog returns home and it's not
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now. it's home to celebrate. look at that hat. this is mugly, folks. >> he's not ugly. >> no, not to his mom anyway. the world's ugliest dog was crowned last weekend in craft. the rescue dog beat 29 other canines from all over the world to win this title. mugly is an 8-year-old chinese crested dog that lives in peter borough, england. he was also named britain's ugliest dog. that was several years ago. the winnings from this competition, a year's supply of dog foot, $1,000 all being denated to charity. >> he needs a trim around the face. >> he looks very sweet. take a look at this. these aren't just your average runners. these guys are brave runners. they're running in heels. this event takes place in
4:54 pm
madrid, and it kicks off the city's gay pride festival. there were all sizes and styles of stilettos and pumps, shoes that even women can't walk in. the guys heard cheers from the crowd, got a lot of encouragement, the winner doesn't just go home with sore feet and bragging rights, he also takes 600 bucks home. >> i think i spotted a cheater there in running shoes. i looked closely. are those running shoes, too? >> those are heels, too. >> they're moving like running shoes. shoes. coming up on news 4 at 4:00,
4:55 pm
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police in utah are hunting for a predator who killed a 6-year-old gir. her body was found duchl pd in a canal near her home. nbc's michelle franzen has more on the search for the killer. >> reporter: outside the home where 6-year-old sierra newbold lived and the place she was reportedly last seen, a makeshift memorial and a community in shock. >> it just puts a little stake in your heart, i tell you. >> reporter: police says an autopsy say it is little girl whose body was found dumped in a canal only a block from her home was sexually assaulted and murdered. >> there's obviously a predator out there that is a monster that
4:58 pm
has murdered a child. is this predator targeting other children? i have no idea at this point in time. >> reporter: police say sierra's mom kathy reported her missing from her bedroom tuesday morning around 7:30. sierra's dad brad had already left for work. within a half hour of the call, police found sierra's body. investigators aren't revealing the cause of death or how long she had been dead. information along with other clues, experts say, that could help find the killer. >> what appears to be most critical right now is law enforcement saying there is evidence she had been sexually molested. to me that says the potential of dna evidence. >> police have focused their search where sierra reportedly disappeared, at her home, and say they have interviewed her family. >> we have not ruled out anybody yet. the parents are fully cooperating with us. >> reporter: neighbors say they will remember sierra as the energetic girl who was enjoying her summer and excited about starting first grade. >> she was just always smiling, always running around, really happy.
4:59 pm
>> that was michelle franzen reporting. if you think you've never seen this kind of heat in june, you're right. right now a roof gives way trapping a man under 50 feet of debris. the situation too dangerous for rescuers to go in. video that leads to shock and outrage. small children fighting while a grown man eggs them on. our top story on this friday, heat so intense it feels like 110 degrees, the hottest day we have ever had in june. good evening. it is sweltering out there. i'm wendy rieger. >> we're baking, folks. i'm jim handly, our high today a sticky sweltering 104. that is a dangerous temperature. some in our area have been over come by this heat. >> tonight we have live team coverage. derrick ward has more on how emergency officials are


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