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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. storm damage. this morning people across the region are waking up with a mess to clean up. the deadly storms left nearly 2 million people without power in the middle of a heat wave. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm erica gonzalez. angie goff is off this morning. we're bringing you extended coverage of the storm damage. it is saturday, june 30th, 2012. >> and it sure is a mess out there. we've had a lot of downed trees. also power out in many areas as well. >> absolutely. but we have live team coverage
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this morning. and we'll begin with julie kerry in just a few minutes. but first to veronica johnson who joins us this morning. it seems like this happened in an instant. >> it did happen in an instant. this is a storm system that came in hard, it came in fast with hurricane force winds. a lot of folks unprepared on a friday evening. maybe they had their guard down for whatever reason just thinking that we're going to get run of the mill thunderstorm. but what we had yesterday was a derecho. this long line of storms. we saw it midnight on friday back in chicago holding together for a very long distance, over a very large real estate, moving pretty good. and by the time we got to around midnight 1:00 a.m., this thing was still holding together from philadelphia down to richmond. what a derecho does. rare for this area. we only see one about every four years whereas areas through the
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ohio val se aley and plains geta year. fred rixberg, virginia, 80-mile-per-hour winds, reston, virginia, 79-mile-per-hour gusts coming through. and seat pleasant 76 and leesburg, virginia, getting 69-mile-per-hour gusts from that system coming through during the evening yesterday. 73 degrees is where we are right now. another day of very high heat that will be through our area. we'll see storms fire after 5:00. i do not think we're going to see another widespread severe event like what we had last night, but we could see some isolated to scattered strong to severe storms. hot and humid taking it up to 100 degrees by 2:00 p.m. up to 98 degrees. we'll probably max out around the 8:00 hour. there are those storms coming through, if you missed it. started at 9:00. by 2:00 a.m. they were on the maryland eastern shore. you see they don't have that
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bow-type of shape to the line of storms as was the case yesterday or around midnight, i should say, after they left chicago. we do have a big cluster, though, of storms that's likely to make its way down toward the south and southeast. that's what we're looking for later today between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. our temperatures sit in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. there's a look at the high temperature for today, anywhere between 98 and 100 and a heat index around ten. >> those temperatures are going to be brutal. >> if you know someone maybe that has their power out, invite them over. invite them over. just be a good neighbor. >> we'll be checking with you periodically. >> the violent storms decimated parts of fairfax county. fallen trees kill two people in separate incidents and thousands are without power. >> reporter: good morning,
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everybody, this is the kind of mess that hundreds if not thousands are waking up to this morning. but this powerful storm has had tragic results. two people are dead in fairfax county as a result of the powerful storm. let me give you a look at the scene. i'm on columbia in falls church. just about every street that you go down in this neighborhood you'll find something like this. we have half o of an enormous tree that snapped off. fortune it will for these folks, you see the car buried under the branches and the power lines. doesn't look like a whole lot of damage to the car. but as i mentioned, some people are waking up to very tragic news in some neighborhoods this morning. let me take you out to the scene last night on old keen mill road in the springfield area. that is where during those powerful winds a tree toppled on to a car, a man was driving that car in fairfax county. police tell us that he died at the scene. he has not yet been identified. then just a short distance from
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old keenville road near the springfield country club on a street car place rns a little cul-de-sac. you can't see it in this video but a tree fell on the roof and we're told that an elderly woman inside that home has always been killed. she's not been identified this morning. coming back to the falls church area, video from mansfield place. that's another home where a tree came crashing down during the storms, but the woman in that home, she had taken cover in the bayment. this is what she told you about what it was all like. >> well, we were sitting downstairs watching tv and heard a big crash and we thought it was the umbrella on the deck table that had gone over. and then it started creaking some more, and we thought, wow, this was something bigger. >> reporter: so two fatalities as we reported. other injuries reported but none we are told are life threatening at this time.
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but today obviously for thousands of people across the area, we're going to hear those chain saws going. we're going to see a lot of cleanup. strangely right here even though we have the power line down, the electricity is on in part of this neighborhood, but much of falls church without power as i drove here this morning down the beltway and 66, many of the neighborhoods black and nice to have the sun up so people can start assessing the damage. julie carey, back to you. >> looks like a big mess, julie, thanks so much. marylanders are waking up to damage this morning, storms knocking out power and littering the streets. chris gordon joins us from a business in bethesda that has been severely damaged. good morning. >> reporter: we've had crews out all night with flashlights looking at damage like this. broken glass shards here at the
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fu foong lin restaurant. all the glass and electrical from fairmont avenue to the corner at norfolk avenue here at bethesda, as you come behind me, you see there is stripping from the sign down on the street. and this is beth es ka u.p. they just arrived and they're trying to clean up the shard of glass that went right through the intersection. we want to show you some videotape now take last night of this area. so you see the damage shortly after it happened. the owner of foong lin restaurant, well known chinese restaurant here in bethesda. he heard the wind, the rain, and he said that the glass just came down in his face. luckily he was not hurt. but traffic was trying to get through this area. glass in the street throughout our area.
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we had businesses and homes and trees that were all affected by the heavy wind and rain. old georgetown road had a major tree down. i'm told there was a fire in a space across an electrical line. there are trees down on wilson lane, over cars, obviously, and blocking traffic on the beltway inner loop only one lane got through right around connecticut avenue because of a tree down. and on connecticut avenue heading south from the beltway there were trees down in that area as well. but just in the past few minutes or so, you see bethesda kind of waking up to a cleanup. downtown bethesda, the group here, bethesda up is trying to get businesses open today. they have a farmers market that is scheduled for today here
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along norfolk avenue. so they're trying to clean up here. as you see, they're trying to set up. some power outages throughout the area for some businesses, some power is on, for example, at tasty diner just up the street. and we have a resident who has been out and about all night, eric pate. what's the worst you saw? >> i saw a large tree go go over on its side. >> where was that located? >> over in chevy chase. >> have you had any sleep? >> no, we lost power overnight. we had a houseful of kids and oh, just horrible. >> thank you for your time. and that's the story for so many of us throughout the area as we continue to cover it and update it for you. live in bethesda. >> thanks so much, chris. some of the worst damage in prince george's county can be found at an apartmentble in riverdale. as jackie bensen reports hundreds are out of their homes
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this morning. >> reporter: residents in the seven-story apartmentble on rivdale road say it happened very fast and very unexpectedly as the storms winds slammed into prince george's county, the roof blew off. >> all i heard -- i was in a house. all you heard was a big boom. the windowed started shattering. then the next thing you know the lights started flickering. you could hear people screaming in the hallways. >> all the noise going on, the chaos. >> reporter: this is what is the situation here at the park tanglewood apartments. you can look here see in the parking lot, this is part of the roof. this is why everyone had to come out of here tonight when these wind came through because the roof was literally sheared off a good section of the building. the fire chief notes the damaging storm came exactly one week after vicious weather caused similar damage in the bladensburg area. >> in this case, a
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multifamilible so ovmultifamily building and the building next door lost its roofing material. we have building inspectors en route, we have evacuation centers set up just down the street at the riverdale elementally school. and in west virginia, more than 500,000 people are without power after storms ripped through the state last night. governor earl tomblin has declared a state of emergency. it is expected to hit 100 degrees later today and the heat index as veronica johnson was telling us earlier, will make it feel much hotter than that. we'll talk about that. >> when you're in a home without any air circulating in there, that will be unbearable. >> check or your neighbors. thanks for joining us on this special coverage. still ahead, we'll take a
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you're watching news 4 today. violent storms swept through the east coast killing a northern virginia woman. she died when a tree fell on to her home. the strong winds and heavy rain knocked out power to more than 2 million people. it knocked down trees on the metro train tracks. metro expects the system to be up and running in just a few minutes at 7:00 today. d.c. took a hit after the strong storms. show marry stone shows us the damage. >> the damage is extensive
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across the d.c. area. take a look at this car right here, this honda. this tree is on top of it. this thunderstorm packed with heavy wind, rain and lightning snuck up on the d.c. metro area. >> just didn't see it comes at all. it was absolutely insane. >> reporter: after it was over john womack took a look around. a strong wind gust snapped this tree like a toothpick, landing on his jeep. >> seeing a car on top of my car was disheartening. >> reporter: this one crushed a truck in southeast d.c. in northwest on 31st street this one fell on top of power lines pulling the live wires on this parked car severely burning the driver and passenger sitting inside. medics rushed the couple to a hospital, at least one is in critical condition. on northwest u street firefighters climbed the ladder truck. the chief told me fierce winds blew the roof off this apartment building. take a look here, we're at
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massachusetts avenue and 34th street. d.c. police have roped off the area. why? well this massive tree is extending across massachusetts avenue. we're outside, vice president joe biden's house. where a block from where you saw that tape. police want drivers to stay away from here. >> i was kind of shocked it was happening to washington, d.c. >> reporter: john womack is also shocked. he puts the damage to his jeep in perspective. >> i'm sure there are a lot of other people that are worse off, but you know, i'll deal with what i got to deal with. >> reporter: crews are going to have to come and chop trees up like these right here to remove this one and remove trees throughout the d.c. metro area. to quote one person i talked to, this storm came with a one-two punch and took a lot of folks by surprise. in d.c. -- >> all right, thanks so much, shomari stone. many of you have captured the most amazing pictures of last night's storms. >> we received snapshots. kim martucci joins us with more
6:18 am
on that. >> good morning. now that it is daylight, more will be coming in, i'm sure. i'm here to share with you the pictures. thank you for sending them in to us. let's start with joe from ashburn. he took this lightning shot. we had a lot of lightning shots across the area. katie clark in frederick, maryland. more lightning from up there. a lightning display and a wind storm. greg reese had this golf ball-sized hail with intense winds. and picture of a tree that just missed a house. steve hollis and ann king in german town sent us that. the big phew yes, in the backyard. this limb four to six inches in diameter just missed their house. they didn't lose power because lines are underground. send you your snapshots at you can tweet them to me, i i'm @weatherkim.
6:19 am
and thanks for sharing your pictures with us. be careful, don't go near any downed power lines when you do this. >> the time is 6:18. >> we check out the damage in ohio as well as chicago. >> we're also going to give you the report of power outages scattered throughout the area. plus veronica johnson is here. she'll tell us where the storms are headed next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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good morning, everyone. at a time when we are experiencing record heat, more than 2 million people in our area are without power this morning. because of these deadly storms that we've been talking about. >> joining us now on the phone is pepco spoebsm s is pepco spoebsmpokesman clay
6:23 am
anderson. >> we're looking at 420,000 customers that are out of the pepco region. that includes 220,000 customers in montgomery county. these are estimates. district of columbia, 63,700 and prince george's 136,000. at the height of the storm we had over 430,000 customers out last night. >> we know you are working hard to restore everyone. is there an estimate on how long it will take to get everyone back online? >> no, there is not as of now because we're in the assessment phase. many people have questions about what that means. quickly, because of the trees that are down, the branches that are down, the poles and wires that were snapped, we were out patrolling the area up and down the streets to neighborhood last night. now that the sun is up, we'll take a closer look and determine where we are as far as the damage to the system. because we have substations that bring up thousands of people at a time, we have to get those substations up first, then we move into the neighborhoods with our feeders. that will take several days
6:24 am
before we bring everyone back, unfortunately. >> how many crews are out there right now, clay, do you know? do you hav any idea? >> we have our full complement of crews. we had folks out last evening because we had some heat-related outages. now we've reached out to our mutual assistance folks. the problem there is that because ohio got hit, indiana got hit, virginia got hit up and down the i-95 corridor, so everyone is reaching out to wa we call mutual assistance. so we're all going to be working together to get these hundreds of thousands people back. >> clay, you know we're expecting hot temperatures today. that means people will be blasting those acs as quickly as possible or as high as possible. is there anything that they can do to help ease the demand to try to get everyone else back on? >> well, the important thing this weekend is safety. i mean, both today and tomorrow with temperatures approaching the century mark, our phone number 1-877-737-6226.
6:25 am
1-877-pepco-62. if you have air conditioning and your neighbor does not, it would be nice to reach out to them and cool them. so we want our customers and your viewers to reach out to one another and provide air conditioning because the heat will be very dangerous. we're telling our customers to reach out and we'll try to restore that power throughout the day and into the weekend. >> clay anderson from pepco, thank you for joining us this morning. if you have any questions or need to report anything. 1-877-pepco-62 is the number to call. talking about triple digit temperatures. when we have rain temperatures cool down. that is not the case today. >> that is not the case today. it is really an extreme event for us. the heat wave continues. we've got two more days to get through the entire weekend where the worst of it. get through the weekend we'll be doing better for fourth of july week. let's talk about that system and where it is and the next system, what it's going to do for us
6:26 am
along with heat also being in the mix today. out there right now we do have a few clouds. 73 is your temperature, wind out of the north at 7. meanwhile other location through the area, yeah, still warming up. upper 6 upper 60s to low 70s. that system roared on through here with intense lightning. about 11,000 lightning strikes every ten minutes and, of course, that lightning was going somewhere, not just cloud-to-ground, but we had a lot of -- or i should say not just cloud-to-cloud, we had cloud-to-ground. we are looking at this one in northwestern ohio that i think will be making its way quickly south and east. a chance of isolated severe storms. you heard clay mention those other states west and northwest of us also hit the same with a lot of power outages. i don't think that will be the case with this system today. heat index around 110.
6:27 am
winchester to culpepper, we're at 70 already in leesburg and 70 in d.c. high temperatures will top out from 97 to 100. d.c., manassas, culpepper, factor in that high humidity and it will feel like 110. then we'll be getting a little bit of cooling coming our way, brief cooling. the thunderstorms again firing about 5:00 to our north and west, then roaring on through here again very quickly 11:00 p.m. to midnight. it will be stormy for our late afternoon and for our evening hours. then on sunday i think there's a little less threat of seeing storms around here. if we see any fire, they'll be far to our north and west. the beach locations a good bet. 74 degrees if you are fortunate enough to get in the car. still saturday, sunday, 89 to 90 degrees for a high temperature.
6:28 am
if you can't get to a neighbor's house to stay cool, maybe you can get to an area mall or shopping center and hang out there for at least a couple of hours today. take a look at the weekend. record heat for today. 100 is the record temperature coming off of that 104 and the all-time june record we hit and two degrees away from the highest temperature ever in d.c. monday, tuesday, 94 degrees. so the heat will be easing a bit by the time we get to fourth of july around 93, 94 degrees. >> veronica johnson, thanks so much. time right now is 6:28. good morning, everyone. >> next we'll continue our storm damage coverage. a look at the deadly destructio from fairfax county. >> strong winds sent tree brarchls into the streets.
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and now, this is news 4 today. >> deadly storms with strong winds up to 70 miles per hour move through the entire region. this morning the cleanup is just beginning as nearly 2 million people are waking up without power. good morning. and welcome to news 4 today. i'm erica gonzalez, angie goff is off today. >> the day after the storm. we'll begin in fairfax county where two people are dead from falling trees and thousands are waking up without power. julie carey is live in falls church. how are things looking there. >> reporter: for thousands of people in northern virginia, probably tens of thousands, this is the kind of scene they're waking up to this morning. we're on columbia street. in fact the property owner just came out of the house. he's still a little too shell shocked to talk to us now. the damage starts up on the roof there. this homeowner was lucky.
6:33 am
a little piece torn down. and this enormous tree in front of the house split in two came down taking down some of the power lines. the family's car is buriyed under there. not too much damage, this is one big mess for other families far more serious consequences to this storm. lot me show you pictures that cannon smith gathered last night. this is the scene on old keen mill road and bower drive where one of the two people killed in last night's storm has been found. that victim is 27-year-old kiet nguyen. he was driving along old mill road when a tree fell scarily on his car and he died there at the scene. not very far away from there also in the springfield area, near springfield country club on a street called carr place that backs up to the country club, another victim. a tree fell on a house. you can't see the tree well in this video, but inside that home
6:34 am
an elderly woman. she also perished from her injuries as a result of that tree on the house. all across the area, just perilous, treacherous conditions. you will see some power lines coming up here where the trees came down. they were sparking and flaming. the scene in street after street after street. back now live here on columbia street in falls church. just about any road you go down in this neighborhood, you are going to run into something like this. some of the streets are passable. many are not. there are many people out and about this morning trying to make their way around and running into one deadend after another. best to sit tight at home right now. remarkably found something over here in the rubble this morning. there are a few people getting around. i'm amazed at the determination of some of them. the paper carrier somehow made his way through all of this mess. they got their paper this morning. they'll be preoccupied not with that but with starting to clean up this mess. i'm julie carey, back to you.
6:35 am
>> we know a lot of times the neighborhoods and the streets that aren't heavily traveled are the last to be cleared out. have you seen any workers out there trying to clean up the mess? >> reporter: we do see right now a cable company worker down at the end of the block. haven't seen any power crews here yet. but there is somebody starting to assess the damage. that process is beginning as early as it is. >> thank you so much. >> storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here with us. we were talking a minute ago that it seemed like this developed out of nowhere. yesterday morning we were not talking about rain. >> here's the thing. we could see this storm system on radar. a lot of times when these storms are miles away. this was in eastern indiana by the morning show yesterday. by the time we got to 2:00, 3:00, we knew this was a storm system that would hold together. the national weather service reached out to all the tv stations and give them a heads
6:36 am
up. and they were on the air saying this was coming early in the day. this dew point, 69 degrees. a hot, sticky day for us. the scorcher continues around here. the heat wave, we've got to get through the weekend before we get out of the heat wave. 98 to 100 your temperature. it will feel more like 110 throughout the area. much of our viewing area under that excessive heat warning from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. this goes late. we're talking about more than just a few hours with temperatures being extreme. we're talking for several hours going into the evening. there's a look at the storm reports from yesterday. the thing that i liked is that we didn't have extensive hail through the area. we didn't have tornado warnings but straight line winds, those powerful winds coming through our area. >> absolutely amazing to see these tremendous trees just topple in to the roadways as if they were just brarchls. >> very humbling the power of
6:37 am
mother nature. >> d.c. didn't dodge the damage caused by the powerful storms. was many summer storms in the past, trees are the biggest threat. we were just mentioning that specifically in the district. derrick ward joins us from capitol hill. >> reporter: washington is often referred to as a city of trees, but we don't often get to see them like this except when we had a storm like we had the blow through here. look at the root base. this appears to be a healthy tree, but it was taken down and the roots were snapped. gives you an idea of the intensity of the wind that blew through here. all across the city we have scenes like this. we're up on foxhall road where trees have come down and blocked the street and taken utility poles with them. we did talk to a gentleman who said he knew the storm was
6:38 am
coming and he got a personal warning from a relative about what was to come. >> my brother called me from martinsburg, west virginia, and he said, it's storming real bad down here. my lights are out and a tree has fell on my next door neighbor's roof. from the looks of things, the storm is headed towards washington, d.c. and i said, you sure? he said, yeah. in fact, he said, it should be there within the next hour. i had paid no attention. before i knew it, lights were flashing and the sky was lit up, the wind was blowing 80 miles per hour and waves of rain was coming through. my building flooded, the hallway flooded, trees were being tumbled over, as you can see right here. i just came up through the park area. all those trees were falled
6:39 am
over, hitting on cars and stuff. it was a fast moving storm, but it was a good storm. >> reporter: indeed it was. as you can see by the yellow police tape here, someone knows about this tree, but when someone will actually get to it, when crews can get out here and cut this tree down and reopen seventh street near pennsylvania near the eastern market, that's a good question. they definitely have their work cut out for them. for motorists, earlier today we were out, there was a fallen tree, the street was blocked but on the other side, there was a motorist trying to drive through the branches. you could hear branches popping. they couldn't see there was a utility pole that was taken down. you have to assume the wires were live. when see a tree like this, and you see lines, stay away from them. but you have to be careful until
6:40 am
crews get their work done and get these trees out of the way. more of this coming up later on news 4. >> sound advice, derrick ward thank you so much for that. in prince george's county the storms decimated an apartment building leaving more than 4,000 without shelter. it knocked the roof off the building at park tanglewood apartments. no word of serious injuries but county officials say this is the worst damage they've seen so far. people inside the building during the storm described the chaos. >> i was in a house. you heard big boom, the windowed started shattering, then the lights started flickering. from there you heard people screaming in the hallways and people were running out. one of my neighbors started badging on everybody's doors and telling them to get out. we knew the elevators were gone, so the stairs were packed. >> evacuation centers are set up for people at riverdale elementary school.
6:41 am
the county is coming off of the heels of dealing with severe storm damage last weekend over in bladensburg, so this is something that couldn't come at a worst time for them. >> we want to turn our attention to virginia and get an update on the outages there. >> dominion power spokesperson joins us on the phone. where do things stand for you guys? >> good morning. we have currently 350,000 customers in virginia without p power. we've seen catastrophic damage more than we've seen in recent storms that we've had. we've clocked some locations at 90-mile-per-hour winds. we have trees mostly that have caused the power outages, with trees toppled on to power lines, brig down wires. so at this point we work through the night and we did restore power to some customers but the focu be on putting our eyes on the damage
6:42 am
so that we can assess what type of work need to be done in order to get the lights back on. so once we complete assessment and this is going to be most of the day today, we are going to have better ideas of restoration time so that we can provide people with more accurate information. >> based on the nbsumbers i hav you have been able to restore 325,000 people last night. >> i don't have a crew count, but we've got everybody working. we've called people back from vacations and we've added additional resources from our contractor range, so we have lots of people that will be working today. we've reached out to neighboring facilities asking for additional assistance from them. but what we're finding is our neighboring utilities are also experiencing the same sort of issues that we are, and they've
6:43 am
got damage to repair in their respective locations before they can come out and help us. but we are working with other utilities and hope to bring some other people into our service area to assist very soon. >> le-ha, what is that number that folks need to call in order to get in touch with you this morning? >> the number to call downed wires report outages is 1-866-dom-help. that's 1-866-366-4357. we ask people to stay away from downed wires and report them to us so we can come out and safely get those out of harm's way for folks. that's the same number to call for outages. please don't assume we know you're without power. le-ha anderson with dominion power. 2 million people are waking up without power. the latest numbers, pepco has
6:44 am
more than 420,000 people without power this morning. dominion who we just spoke with le-ha anderson is reporting more than 450,000. bge has more than 12,000. po tom ache edison close to 50,000. smeco 4,225 without electricity pi. >> no, ovec, 28,000. mon power reporting from maryland more than 16,000 customers without power. if you are stuck at home without power, there are telephone numbers to call. >> and like le-ha was just saying please do not assume that these power companies know you are without power. jot down these digits and give
6:45 am
them a call this morning. it's important that they try to head to your area as soon as possible because we are facing record temperatures today, some triple digit heat coming our way. there's another number for you for novec-703-335-0500. >> we'll be repeating these numbers. if you missed them now, grab and pen and paper and we'll share it with you. >> still ahead on news 4 today, we take a look at pictures that viewers sent in.
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well, you are also part of our photography team this morning. the damage and destructions was captured by you. >> we're seeing dozens of amazing snapshots of mother nature at her worst. >> hat office to will elliott. he took this one in d.c. off of
6:49 am
fifth and m street. look at this huge tree uprooted. sylvia sent this in from springfield, virginia. a common site everywhere, a tree on a car. john harrison got in one just in time. a lightning strike over the city. another lightning strike, lisa from chantilly sent this one in. thank you. you can be a part of our team. join us by sending your weather pibs to we'll share them with you throughout the morning. >> veronica johnson is with us now. when you see this damage, it's extensive. >> it is extensive. that's just a thing that when we have a hurricane we have all these days to plan, we know it's coming, but the damage we had, hurricane force damage covering a lot of the area. serious storms and heat. i'm not talking about yesterday i'm talking about today. i'll go east coast for the philly cheesesteak omelette.
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welcome back, everybody. record heat forecast again today. i do not think we're going to hit 104 degrees as we did yesterday. but we could easily hit 100. that's the record for today. take a look outside, plenty warm, hazy, poor air quality for today and excessive heat warning has been issued starting at 11:00 a.m. 73 is our current temperature. dewpoint temperature at 69 which means it is quite humid out there already. with an air temperature that's going to be at 100, heat index easily for several hours around 110 degrees. so many areas under this excessive heat warning. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and goes up to 9:00 p.m. a few spotty showers up around hagerstown maryland. those are way off to the east. we could, however, see some more
6:54 am
storms come through our area. we're looking at this batch around cleveland, around cincinnati. around areas of central indiana. like the last storm, it could make it way southeastward. but this is not a derecho type of bowing storm system that is going to be as powerful in effect as many people, so we could see scattered to strong storms around our area. 5:00 today there it is north and west of the area hagerstown down toward frederick and luray. the storms will continue to make their way to the east probably, though, with some wind damage with some of the strongest of storms. i don't think we're going to see winds up around 70 miles per hour, but isolated strong winds to come through. as far as the high temperatures for today, this will be most critical. 96 to 101. that heat index at 110. for the evening 95 to 100 with
6:55 am
the storm starting at 5:00. tomorrow morning we're at 70 to 76. storms should be east and showers should be ending, but high heat for today and high heat for tomorrow as well. the temperature 99, then as we go through next week we'll have highs in the low to mid-90s. a slight chance for storms on the fourth of july. >> amazing to see 95 and 100 in the evening planner. just tremendous. be careful out there, folks. the time right now is 6:55. thanks for joining us. >> the latest on the power >> the latest on the power outages throughout the
6:56 am
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hundreds upon thousands of people are waking up this morning in our area without power. pepco is reporting more than 420,000 customers without power.
6:59 am
dominion has 450,000 customers without electricity. bge more than 12,000 reporting outages in the area. smeco, they're reporting about 45,000 customers that do not have electricity pi and novec 28,000 people without power. >> those crews are really in for a brutal day. >> several hours. by noon time easily over 90 degrees. the heat index will be unbelievable today. not just here but for the eastern half of the nation we're talking about this extreme heat. today's high temperature we're going for record heat. between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. today they'll be scattered, not widespread, not as powerful as the storms we got yesterday. high heat continues tomorrow. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. wel


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