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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a state of emergency. ferocious storms flow through sparking fireballs, destroying homes. >> the tree just fell on to the hood of my car and i kind of felt a jolt. >> and killing at least four people. >> all of these branches came down, aened i got hit in the
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head, here, tonight more than a million people are without power on a day that reached 96 degree, and the air conditioning could be out for days. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm erica rosales, if could be a week or long brer the lights are back on everywhere. virginia and d.c. declared states of emergency tonight, and maryland has plans to follow suit. >> also, water restrictions are in place in mount gumry, brins george's and loudoun countys and local 911 systems had a host of problems today. the situation in fairfax county is so bad, residents have been told to go to the police or fire station to report their emergencies. tonight we have eight reporters fanned out across the metro area including tisha thompson in virginia, derrick ward in d.c. and darcy spencer in maryland, but we want to get right to storm 4 meteorologist time kieran who sakei tom
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therien. say it's not a repeat performance. >> thankfully not the widespread wind damage like last night. we have a strong thunderstorm that is developing. it has been developing and growing over culpepper county. there's a close-up view of the radar and this storm is beginning to develop and is pushing off to the south and east. right now raining really hard in culpepper county as well as just about to move into spotsylvania county moving east at about 35 miles an hour. the towns affected over the next half hour or so probably into fredericksburg in 35, 40 minutes or so. this going to continue to track off to the east. we may get others, too, popping up here as we do get into the rest of the afternoon and into the evening hours, into mid-evening and late evening, we still have the possibility of more of these storms popping up, and we have got the heat in place, too. this entire yellow area is a severe risk zone. you can see it covers all of
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virginia, all of maryland, in west virginia. this is all the way into the evening and perhaps after midnight tonight. a risk for some of these strong storms. it's going to be getting along cooler and settled for sunday. details 0en that. we'll look at the latest for our severe risk coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much, tom. meanwhile, this is going to be another hot, miserable night for more than a million of us without power. the power companies are working around the clock, but warn it could be days until the electricity is restored. pge says some customers might not be back on until late next week. okay. here are the numbers break this down. pepco, more than 414,000 customers are out of electricity. dominion, virginia, 369,000 outages. bge has just over 189,000 customers out in montgomery, prince george's ann arundel and howard counties, smeco, more
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than 27,000 outages. virginia and d.c. under states of emergency because of massive power outages and widespread damage, of course. maryland governor martin o'malley will make that declaration also. that's allowing officials to apply for financial assistants from pt federal government. >> fairfax county was hit especially hard. fallen trees killed two people in one neighborhood. thousands there have no power. so a lot of people are turning to their neighbors for help. news 4's tisha thompson is live tonight for us w. >> reporter: jim, we are at a hotel in tyson's corner. all afternoon, people are checking in. look down there, you can see power crews starting to check into the hotels, because folks here just do not think they're going to get their power back anytime soon. we talked to governor bob mcdonnell earlier today, and he says the reason there's so many power outages is because ten large transmission lights, the big one, not the little residential one, went down
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during the storm, and about 2 million people across virginia have lost power at some point today. as a result, this is the largest non-hurricane outage in the state's history. it's a state of emergency in northern virginia. >> a very dangerous and concerning weather event that occurred in virginia last night, but more importantly, the effects of which will likely last for several days. >> reporter: virginia govern bob mcdonnell says falling trees killed six people including a woman in her 90 its who neighbors say was asleep when a tree slammed into her bedroom. on the same block, trees hit at least two other homes including bill's house. >> i looked this way, and just saw these trees just -- a swirling, and -- and it was not just the normal wind blowing, storm. was a different sound. and i thought, uh-oh.
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>> reporter: everywhere we've looked we've seen huge trees come down. this pine tree snapped flight half, but as ugly as it looks it's the thing that makes you realize that this is the stuff that brings out the best in your neighbors. this man pulled out at saw to help their 80-year-old neighbors. >> a neighbor, too old, two old folk, can't do it. we had to help them. relatives are not here to clean up the mess. >> just such a big help for people who are not able to do it. >> reporter: josephine roberts says even though she has power, she stood in line for ice, because she's a neighborhood block captain. >> my elderly neighbor, a lot of senior citizens in our neighborhood, and so lots of time that's where we learn to -- we formed our neighborhood watch program, and we helping them, you know, to survive. because there were dire circumstances. >> reporter: the governor says he is most concerned about the next 24 hours when the
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combination of no electricity, no air conditioning, and possible thunderstorms comes to virginia. he says it is after the storms where you see the most injuries and the most deaths. so he said, if you can, and you haven't done so already, go see what your neighbors are up to and see if you can lend a helping hand. in tyson's corner, tisha thompson, news 4. >> nice to see people working together. well, the storm also killed a man when a tree fell on his car. the scene, he was driving on old keen mill road in westfield just before 11:00 when the tree slammed into his vehicle. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. no montgomery county a 71-year-old woman found dead in her home in silver spring. the cause of death has not yet been confirmed but officials believe a large maple tree that fell on the houses is to blame. montgomery county police are asking neighbors to check home where is there is major tree damage. also to call 911 to report any
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concern. some dramatic video now of a massive transformer fire. this is in prince george's county. crews battled these flames near aerospace drive. not far from goddard's space flight center. fortunately, no one hurt. officials are investigating whether a lightning strike caused the fire. how powerful the winds were last night. they blew off parts of this roof. right off. the apartment building in riverdale. that's where we find news 4's darcy spencer, live in lanover hills where the damage is just as impressive. hi, darcy. >> reporter: yeah. bear with us. we're in a little bit of a construction zone here. take a look at what's right here. this is a canopy, a very heavy metal canopy that literally blew off of a gas station here. it's a bp gas station late last night. you can see workers tearing it apart piece by piece. a crane has been brought in to literally lift the pieces out of here and put them in a dumpster. look over here at the front door
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of the store area here at the gas station. you see it's boarded up. you know why? they say looters tried to break in here last night. a severe storm packing high winds ripped the roof of this riverdale apartment building on riverdale road friday night displacing hundreds of residents. what was it like in there? >> scary. i was returning. i heard the roof fall, looked out, seen it peeling back. i just -- instinctively just ran. >> reporter: troy crawford says he'll have to move to another unit after his apartment sustained major water damage. he says the roof is still being cleaned up. one car buried under a tree. >> ripped off one away from myapartment on both sides. didn't get me real good. while it ripped i still had space over top of the roof, space there. all of this stuff here was on the side of me on both sides of me. so -- i just got lucky. >> reporter: many folk here's are relieved the storm didn't seriously hurt or kill anyone
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but the damage left around 200,000 without power in this extreme heat. the lights and air conditioning may not come back on for several days. what do you tell county residents who are wondering what's going to happen here in the next few days? >> to be patient. two, stay hydrated, stay out of the heat, if possible, and to contact the emergency operation center if there's anything we can do for them. >> reporter: getting around in the county has taken extra time to say the least. more than half of the traffic signals are dark. police are directing motorists at some of them. overnight a man was rescued from a burning apartment in landover hills and a transformer blew on aerospace drive near goddard space center. at this bp gas station, wind blup the canopy over and broke a pump. a woman pumping gas narrowly escaped unharmed. managers here say someone broke into the business after it shut down. but nothing was taken. >> how severe would you say the wind was to cause this kind of damage?
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>> probably 70, 75 mile-an-hour. something like that. yeah. yeah. >> reporter: and then it looks like someone may have tried to take advantage of you guys? >> yeah. we closed right after and a couple hours later got call, someone tried to break in and this whole door was busted. >> reporter: back out here live, this has been a double whammy here for people in prince george's conti. last week a microburst hit and these severe storms last night. the difference this time, there is extreme heat and a lot of power outages. county officials are urging residents, do not sweat it out in your hot home. go somewhere cool. go to one of the cooling stations that have been set up here in the county. there are a bunch of them. find out where they are by going to our website at reporting live from landover hill, darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy, there are water restrictions for people in that area to be aware of. living in montgomery and prince george's continue counties.
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they're telling customers stop outdoor water use, take short showers limit toilet flushes and postpone using washing machines and dishwashers. all water is goode to drink but slowed down the systems. all the downed power line, debris, all of that causing major backups on roads and closures. joining us no, deneleh. >> tricking if you're thinking of heading out of the house, use caution. first of all, not only facing power outages, when you come to traffic lights a lot of them are out. you're facing debris in the road. flooding as well as trees blocking many of our roads. you have to be careful. let's look right now, old georgetown road at battery lane. all your lanes blocked because of debris in the roadway. 2r568ing this time on 197, collington road closed between 50 and 450 due to a utility problem in that area.
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along i-270, not bad southbound. as you approach germantown road, debrip in the roadway possibly blocking a couple lanes in that area. i would advise you to be careful if you're thinking of heading out. back to you. >> thanks. just getting started with extended coverage this evening with lots more pictures after last night's wild weather to show you. a live look at d.c. under a state of emergency. we are heading their next. also, a live look at the radar. watching pop-up thunderstorms expected. meteorologist tom kierein and his forecast coming up.
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welcome back to our extendsed coverage. this proved to be a deadly storm in the district as well. one person lost his life because
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of downed power lines adding to the danger, some lines still down and wrapped in huge trees. >> look at that. just -- you just -- you're rendered speechless. some streets are still blocked with tons of debris left to haul away. news 4 derrick ward is live in northwest tonight. hi, derrick. >> reporter: how are you? for the past 24 hours or so we've been pretty much show ug a gofer's eye view of the city. take a look. lots of oak upturned trees, lots of exposed tree roots. that's the order of the post-storm incident here's in the district and it's been enough damage, not just tree roots, downed power lines and other things that the city is say mong the jurisdictions declares a state of emergency. a night of violent wind and rain in the district and in one case the consequences can deadly. here on 31st street in yornlg west a fallen tree took down a power line and landed on a car. >> caused a fire. he came out to deal with that and unfortunately made contact and i believe his wife was also injured in this process.
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>> reporter: fallen trees mingled danger ourselfly with utility lines all over the city. by mid-afternoon, a state of emergency declared. not surprising, given the scope and breadth of the damage to property and premises. the storm even cancelled a day at the folklife festival on the mall. high winds took down some tents. the city's infrastructure was also hit hard on parts of capitol hill, but not how most people expected. >> eve in really bad storms we have power on the hill. that's nerve are happened, been here ten years. to wake up with no water -- >> reporter: a stressed water main ruptured leaving folks dry for part of date. a long, hot day that may indeed become several days if not weeks of recovery. you know it's serious when the red cross is on call. >> anticipated to be a multiday response effort. our regional disaster coordination center is up and running. we have team there's who are monitoring the situation around
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the clock and mobilizing volunteers. >> reporter: joining me now is city administrator and also joined by fire chief ellerbe and some of the men out here work wig this incident post-storm. a state of emergency declared. that talk answer the scope of the damage, also talks how the city wants to move forward. doesn't it? >> yeah papallows us to tap fedl funds and possible sources that might help defray some of the costs impacts on the city right now. >> reporter: how long will the state of emergency last? >> running at 15 days. >> reporter: and chief, i understand now we're going get help. the city's going to get help from other departments as well in the next few days? >> that's possible. we need mutual aid we're making that request. i want to acknowledge the guys behind us doing a lot of hard work over the last 24 hours. how much we appreciate their work. >> reporter: indeed we do. especially in these temperatures. gentlemen, thank you all very much. in northwest, a state of emergency declared for the next 159 days that will hopefully help the city recover quickly
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from this devastating storm. derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you. usually you see pictures like this after a hurricane or tornado. the intense winds last night just ripped the roof right off of this barn in poolesville. all the debris came drashing down on that classic yellow car. oh. scenes like this played out all over montgomery county after the storm. >> times like this, if ever you need to dial 911 this would be it. on top of the cleanup a serious problem with 911 call centers throughout northern virginia. >> right. 911 operations have failed in the city of manassas as well as fairfax county and prince william counties meaning if you have an emergency, you may not be able to get through to 911. >> fairfax county board of supervisors bulova says her count hi a total failure. shep says problems like this are just not acceptable. >> the first time in my memory
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we've had a total failure of communications, emergency communications, in fairfax county, and i've been on the board for a long time. this is absolutely not okay. and we need to make sure that we have a permanent fix, and that this does not happen again. >> here's the temporary solution. fairfax county officials say anyone way true emergency, go directly to the nearest police or fire station. you can also sign up with the county's emergency e-mail system. the 911 problems are not limited to fairfax, however. prince william county is also unable to receive emergency calls. so if you need to call for police, firefighters, paramedics use the non-emergency number and here it is. at this number we are told is working. 703-792-6500. falls church has not been able to set up a secondary number for their 911 center. so if you have an emergency, you need to go to the nearest fire or police station for help. falls church police officer,
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also patrolling the city to provide assistance. amazing what has resulted as of last night's storms. >> yeah. certainly adding to the confusion and desperation for anybody who's really in serious trouble. all right. tom kierein in storm center 4 is watching these pop-up storms that are now developing and we're expecting some throughout the evening. right, tom? >> yeah. this is really a completely different scene from last night. don't be overly alarmed. not getting any widespread wind damage like last night, but go have isolated cells that have popped up just in the last 45 minutes or so. south of washington. there's the wide view. there's also a cluster of other storms that have been developing and look like they would get stronger, that were in illinois and indiana. now those look to be diminishing, but right now, south of washington, those areas you see in the red and the orange, those are some strong storms, and they are now just pulling out of culpepper county
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and heading into orange county and they're advancing to the east. these are the cities that are going to be affected by this. it's heading off to the south and east moving at about 35 miles an hour. and you can see all of these towns are going to be affected by this over the next hour. we do have about three different very strong cells here. separate ones. unlike last evening when we had a wide area. this is fairly small comparatively. another cell here that is developing farther to the north. that may be getting a little closer towards fredericksburg, maybe in the next, looks like half hour or so. they're moving at about 35 miles an hour, and the only real threat with these may be some brief, strong gusts. maybe gusts to as high as 60 miles an hour, but the warning that is in effect now, it is -- until 6:45. includes these three cells here. you can see they're expanding a little bit. just to update. these are continuing to grow a little bit. so we could have some even
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stronger storms here developing. we're going to be back with frequent updates throughout the program over the next half hour or so, and as we do get into the latter part of the evening, there's a wide zone. this is a wide, severe risk zone. it coves north carolina all of virginia, all of maryland, all of west virginia for the risk of strong storms. again, isolated storms unlike what we we had yesterday, and right now, 95 at reagan national. so it is still pretty hot. but it's not quite as humid. the dew point down to 62, and as we take a look at going around our region here we don't have all of the stations reporting temperatures, because they don't have the power. but right now it's in the low to mid-90s throughout most of the area, and as we go forward through the night, all the areas in color, the zones, potential storms popping up. settle down by midnight. might have a lingering shower by dawn tomorrow. then things more settled during the day on sunday. how thing, looking for the rest of thichevening.
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temperatures dropping back to the low 80s by around perhaps midnight or so and then by then we'll have any chance of storms pretty much dissipating, and as we get into storm, a slight chance of an isolated storm but another hot day on sunday. highs reaching near 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and then on monday, we do have a chance for some passing storms, main lyn mainly in the afternoon. and the fourth of july a possibility of perhaps a few storms popping up. mainly during the afternoon, but they might affect the fireworks display on the mall. that will be wednesday evening, and another chance of storms on thursday. settles down friday and saturday and than is the way it looks. back to you. >> all right. >> fixing the damage after the storm is going to take a lot of time. i wants to mention this tweet from bge who said they have another 1950 out of state utility workers coming in. 650 total. still talking about the repairs taking at least a week. it's going to take a lot of time. it's going to take a lot of
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money as well. >> in bethesda, some homeowners looking at huge prepare bims as restaurant owners are trying to keep down their costs. we have the story. >> reporter: hit your horn, hit the gas or hit the brake, traffic signal was out at hundreds of intersections. like this one at arlington wilson and old georgetown in bethesda. about a mile up old georgetown road a tree hit by lightning brown down power lines and caught fire. treeing fell all over in neighborhoods damaging property and endangering lives. >> all of these branches came down and i got hit in the hip and here, but luckily, the bigger branches got held by the car, and then, you know, if i stayed upright, i could have been killed. >> reporter: the wind was so strong it shattered the glass at this restaurant. their hoping to get power restored soon. >> i have a lot of stuff coming today. >> reporter: a lot of food? >> a lot of food coming and i still wait on the food today.
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>> reporter: the restaurant says a weekend without electricity could be costly. >> my boss was smart enough last night to get dry ice delivery so we can put it in our freezer and cooler so we don't lose a lot of product. >> reporter: homeowners got hit hard. this tree crushed a garage totaling the suv inside. >> everybody is safe. so, you know, this can get cleaned up and repaired. >> reporter: on seneca lane in bethesda, two houses next door to each other both got hit. this scene is one of many throughout montgomery county. a giant oak tree that fell during this storm. taking the porch off of this house. the top of the tree through the roof, into the bedroom. luckily, the family was downstairs. now they've moved out to plan repairs. in bethesda, news 4. >> our live team coverage of these wicked storms continues in a full hour of news 4. >> reporter: i'm jackie bensen in bethesda. lights out. a four-way stop.
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so stop already. i'll have that story coming up. trees down over here. power lines down over there. traffic signals, out up there. but you haven't seen anything yet. i'm pat collins, more storm stories from fairfax coming up. news 4.
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