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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  July 8, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. on this sunday night breaking point as more heat records are broken and the death toll rises some are starting to get a break from all of this severe weather. tonight a new threat of more dangerous storms. under attack, the vicious virus that may be hiding in your computer. what you need to do tonight before it's too late. adult play grounds taking the gym outside in one of the hottest new exercise trends. best of all, they are free. and back to the future. how did a grown man find a way to interview himself when he was 12 years old. tonight the man behind the video that's gone viral.
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from nbc news world head quarters in new york this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening as this long holiday week draws to an end so does the crippling heat wave that has taken 66 lives since late june. temperatures dropped to the mid 80s in parts of the midwest that only a few days were sweltering under triple digit temps. it remained dangerously hot further east in place s like washington, d.c. which got into the 10 0s. we are still under excessive heat advisories and warnings and more than a half a dozen daily heat records were set today but fewer than yesterday when over 200 records were set. we'll check in with the weather channel in a moment. we begin our coverage here in
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new york with michelle. >> reporter: temperatures still hit 90 degrees here in new york city but about 10 degrees cooler than a day ago. that drew out more people here to central park, one of the cities here enjoying a breath of fresh air following that unbearable heat streak. finally a break in the heat wave, enough of a drop to get most of the country out of triple digits but with temperatures still in the 90s not out of danger. >> since we had triple digit heat around we are thinking the 90s is a break. >> reporter: in missouri the violent winds left a trail of destruction. authorities say flying debris killed a 28-year-old woman sitting in a car in a grocery store parking lot. in new jersey a woman is in critical condition after being struck by lightning following a fast moving storm. >> the woman with family and
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friends was leaving the beach. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol temperatures broke 100 degrees for the fourth day in a row. >> we have seen quite a number of patients with heat-related concerns. >> reporter: the heat is being blamed for at least 66 deaths in the past two weeks. in indiana police in greenfield have charged a man with the death of his four-month-old daughter. they say she died after being trapped in a vehicle. in neighbors fishers a 16-month-old is released from the hospital. since the beginning of june nearly 300 all-time record highs have been set stretching from the plains into the mid-atlantic and the southeast. in the last two weeks 36 states have reached triple digit temperatures. the mercury in chicago hit 100 three days in a row tying the record last set in 1947. the ten-day streak in st. louis
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is second only to the dust bowl in 1936. a slight dip today a welcome break whether competing in the new york city triathelon or having fun the old fashioned way. some other people in several states still enjoying the cool temperatures. some estimated 100,000 residents still without power more than a week after the storm-related outages hit. for more on what to expect from the heat wave we turn to weather channel meteorologist kelly cass. >> 80s sound pretty warm but we will take that over the triple digits. raleigh, north carolina getting up to 105 degrees setting a new all-time record high nine out of the last ten days in the triple digits. for the carolinas we continue to have the heat advisories in effect also for portions of the ohio valley. the northeast is cooling down. we have a trough in place. it is the west's turn.
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look at the temperatures. well into the 90s. 99 degrees in salt lake city. we are paying the price here into east as the cooler temperatures come in. we have the severe thunderstorm watches in effect including washington, d.c. watch out for damaging winds and possibly hail with some of the storms, as well. we noticed golf ball sized hail in some storms into nashville with a severe thunderstorm warning still in effect. >> we are looking overseas to europe. we have an update on the severe flooding there in southern russia the death toll rose to 153. most victims were from one town and were sleeping when the floods hit. more than a foot of rain fell on the area in less than 24 hours. president vladimir putin took a look by helicopter. to syria where the deadly crisis shows no sign of ending. today there was tough talk from the united states and syria's
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president. martin fletcher is following the story from cairo for us tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. speaking of japan, secretary of state hillary clinton warned syria that time is running out for president assad and the estate of syria could collapse. >> not only will fewer people die but there's a chance to save the syrian state from a catastrophic assault that would be very dangerous not only to syria but to the region. >> reporter: and with another 100 syrians killed today the u.n. special envoy said the mission is a failure. assad isn't climbing down. military exercises this weekend his armed forces were defending syria from outside aggression. he found support in iran,
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syria's closest ally and warned catastrofy if there is no solution soon. assad said he is not afraid of meeting the same fate of the leaders of egypt and libya. back in this country a cyber threat is making a lot of people nervous tonight. the prospect of a nasty computer virus could cut off internet access. we will get more of that story from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: a system run by the federal government has helped computers infected with a virus connect to the internet. that fbi run system shuts down midnight sunday for some in the u.s. logging on monday could be a problem. odds are your computer will not be affected but if it is you can blame this man, one of six
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astone ians charged. affected computers were hijacked into using internet servers that sometimes redirected them to sites the user didn't want. the scammers made money for ads they posted. >> absolutely brilliant what these guys were doing. they had found a way to tap into one of the most lucrative sources of money on the internet and they have online advertising. >> reporter: when those behind the scam were arrested affected users were allowed trouble free surfing. the fbi estimates about 45,000 computers in the u.s. are still infected. you can check yours by logging on to this website, most internet service providers can help, too. >> the odds aren't very high that you will be infected.
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if you are infected you probably don't know. and on monday if your internet goes out you are going to have a hard time fixing your computer. >> reporter: a simple test now to save potential trouble later. pete williams nbc news washington. friday's lack luster jobs report showing the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2% has provided mitt romney backers plenty of fresh ammo. but the obama camp is not lacking ammo of its own on the subject of jobs. >> reporter: the president today back from camp david to a sweltering south lawn as republicans kept up their fire on the weak economy. >> the president is the head of this country. >> reporter: a conservative super pac is out with the $25 million ad buy hitting the president on jobs. >> obama has lots of excuses for the bad economy. >> reporter: wrapping up his
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vacation mitt romney spent the day fundraising appearing at the south hampton home of david koch. price per ticket $50,000 a head. not everyone was on message. >> thank you for being here today for mitt romney. >> reporter: roll call reported that house speaker john boehner was asked can you make me love mitt romney. boehner responded the american people probably aren't going to fall in love with mitt romney. he says the election is a referendum on president obama but under scored a gop concern. >> pioneers at helping companies. >> reporter: the president has launched his own ads with claims disputed by romney that romney shift jobs overseas while at bain. >> obama advisors continue to portray romney as out of touch.
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today they raised more questions about romney's personal wealth. >> the best way to figure out if mitt romney is complying with american tax law is have him release more of his tax returns. >> reporter: president obama visits two more swing states, iowa and virginia. mitt romney heads to colorado on wednesday. another kind of contest being watched closely today the men's tennis final at wimbledon. all british eyes on andy murray. nbc an bell roberts was at wimbledon today. >> reporter: knew too well the hopes of a nation rested on his shoulders. imagine this not since 1936 has a british man won the singles title at wimbledon. in murray's hometown in scotland the champagne was on ice.
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fans had camped overnight to be sure of a space in front of wimbledon's big screen. >> he is going to win. he has to. >> reporter: the eye of the nation turns to center court. the duchess of cambridge watches. raising a smile from david beckham. then the rain came and the players left the court while the roof was closed. for some reason murray's game took a dive. he stumbled. he slipped. federer proved unbeatable. this is his seventh wimbledon win, a record he shares. >> i couldn't be more happy so it feels great being back here as the winner. >> reporter: murray struggles with the bitter disappointment of his loss. >> i'm getting closer.
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the support has been incredible. so thank you. >> reporter: there is a great sense of disappointment here but also recognition of roger federer's amazing achievement. andy murray has played well. >> he is still young. >> reporter: and there is the olympics. both men will be representing their countries right here in three weeks time. when "nbc nightly news" continues on this sunday night, taking your workout outside at play grounds for adults. it's a hot new fitness trend. later how one man went back to the future interviewing himself when he was 12 years old. ...98, 99, 100! ready or not, here i come! ♪ found ya! you always find me. you always hide here. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker
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prueba prueba prueba prueba test. prueba prueba prueba prueba test. prueba prueba prueba prueba prueba prueba prueba prueba test. prueba prueba prueba prueba test. test. test. fit. if you belong to a gym then you know it can be expensive and force you indoors. now more and more cities are turning to an outdoor alternative. nbc's ron allen has the story for us tonight. >> don't quit. five. come on. just like that. >> reporter: play grounds aren't just for kids anymore. just ask al freda toyer to the account of her trainer. >> it's hot. it's early. >> it is. >> reporter: you are out here. >> yes i am because i want to lose weight and stay healthy and fit. >> reporter: 30 pounds lost she says, 30 more to go at new york's first adult playground. it's just like a gym. >> this is a gym. this is our gym. >> reporter: there are more than just a few workout stations. adult play grounds like this one in miami has equipment that
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works a lot like the stuff in the expensive sports clubs. that is what just about everybody says is one of the best things about the public places. they're free. >> it helps a lot with your biceps. >> reporter: they are pumping up from mimiff aami to los angeles new york's park commission says the play grounds are with a ban on smoking. >> we want everybody to get exercise and this is one more way for people not to have an excuse. >> reporter: this playground is actually a test. if it works out well and it sure seems to be new york plans to bulk up and add two dozen more. companies that used to just make children's play grounds have found a money making niche.
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>> the growth has been explosive in the last 18 months. >> reporter: if you doubt the play grounds are place s for serious workouts just ask. >> i don't think this is for kids. >> reporter: you are not intimidated by some of these guys? >> i'm here to work on me. >> reporter: here at the playground every morning living a healthier life she says, not for fun and games. ron allen. nbc news new york. up next late word from hollywood, the death of an oscar winning star. are choosing advil®. here's one story. i'm keith baraka and i'm a fire fighter. it's an honor to be a fire fighter. my job involves life or death situations and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore, i have a headache, i'm not at my best. advil® is my go to. it's my number one pain reliever. advil® just works for me. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil pm®.
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we're back now with safety concerns involving a growing family sport. riding those all terrain vehicles or atvs. turns out june and july are the peak months for injuries and deaths associated with them. >> reporter: 14-year-old james was five hours away with a friend's family when caroline
6:52 pm
anderson got the phone call, there had been a terrible accident involving an atv and james was unconscious. the andersons didn't know james was riding an atv that weighed 700 pounds. i asked him is my son still alive. he said no. i'm sorry. we did everything we could. >> reporter: the kid who loved baseball, fishing and played the saxophone died before his parents could get to the hospital. in 2010 at least 55 kids younger than 16 were killed in atv accidents. more than 28,000 were seriously injured leading the american academy of pediatrics to warn simply put atvs are dangerous to children and the risks are not limited to kids. >> every year 700 opeople die and 136,000 go to the emergency rooms because of atv related
6:53 pm
injuries. >> reporter: a lot of that has to do with bad behavior with plenty of examples on youtube. it's why the atv industry has put great emphasis on safety. now in classes across the country industry instructors are stressing the golden rules like always wear a helmet, never ride on a public road. never ride with a passenger and one size atv does not fit all. that's especially important with kids. this yellow atv is not supposed to be ridden by anybody under the age of 14. this bigger blue one not supposed to be ridden by anyone under the age of 16. they need to be on one designed for their abilities. >> reporter: atvs have never been more popular. 11 million are now in use. a growing family sport but with risks.
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and a wedding announcement this weekend for a prominent member of congress. barny frank was married to his long-time partner. frank became the first member of congress to marry someone of the same sex. earnest borgnine died today. he starred in dozens of film roles. he often played the villain but it was his role in 1955 as a love sick butcher in "marty" that he won an oscar for best actor. earnest borgnine died in los angeles. he was 95 years old. when we come back here tonight the man who found a way to go back to his own future. [ male announcer ] it isn't just your mammogram. it's your teenager's first varsity game. it isn't just your annual exam.
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don't ignore dry mouth... look for biotene in your oral care section today. this has been medifacts for biotene. finally tonight one man's version of back to the future. it's gone viral on the internet. a conversation between the young film maker and himself at age 12. 20 years ago he left himself a videotape. when he combined it with video
6:58 pm
today the results were an instant hit. >> reporter: for anyone who has ever wished -- >> i think i would like to talk to myself in the future. >> reporter: 32-year-old jeremiah mcdonald and his 12-year-old self from 1992 have made it. the result is a youtube sensation. over 4 million views in just three days. >> very clever, jeremiah. >> reporter: mcdonald says he taught of it as a 12-year-old fooling around with the camera and obsessed with time travel stories but never thought this to the future. >> i just started talking to him. are all your questions going to be about pets? >> yes. >> the answer is they are all dead. >> reporter: the elder mcdonald and his preteen counter part spar over things that have changed.
6:59 pm
>> older than 32 you mean? even better. >> reporter: and the things that haven't. >> do you still like dr. who? >> no. >> reporter: while it is a light hearted look at life mcdonald who also works as a parking attendant hopes the video might relaunch another career. >> no. i don't draw much anymore. >> reporter: he has gotten thousands of requests for drawings on his website. after a reference to a dating status. >> no wonder i'm single. >> reporter: offers for dates have been pouring in, too. >> in a way announcing i was single was the smartest move i made in the thing. >> reporter: leaving more to talk about if mcdonaldal decides to question his future self. >> the internet is a thing you'll know in a few years. that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. brian williams wille


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