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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a father of two on the fbi's most-wanted list foridnapping.
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news4 tracked him down. a threat against the first lady and why more police officers may be in trouble. a woman pinned in her car during last month's storm. a guardian angel saved her life and tonight the two met for the first time. we have breaking news out of landover hills. a gunman pulled up to a candle light vigil for a cancer victim and began shooting. this is on 68th avenue and erika gonzalez joins us with details. >> reporter: we are on the 4700 block of 68th avenue. prince george's police arrived here and said a call came in saying that a man was getting out of his car when a suspect approached and opened fire. we were told that that man was transported to the hospital by someone not but authorities. his condition is critical yet stable. but what we have found out from
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witnesses on the scene is there was a candle light vigil going on for a person named rigo who was a cancer victim and a candle light vigil was going on when this person was getting out of his vehicle and was shot by the suspect. there were helicopters over the area. not sure if that was authorities looking for a gunman on the loose this evening. still trying to find out more information this evening. we are in landover hills on the 4700 block of 68th avenue where someone has been shot this evening and transported to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. we'll have more details as they develop. we're live tonight in landover hills, erika gonzalez, news4. back to you. he is one of the fbi's most-wanted. a fugitive father accused of kidnapping his two children and
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fleeing with them to tunisia. tonight he is out of hiding and sharing his story only on news4. shomari stone has the exclusive interview. >> really i'm free. >> reporter: in a skype interview from tunisia, faisal chebbi says he will not bring his kids back to the u.s. the fbi says he kidnapped them. >> are you going to surrender to the fbi? >> hell no. no. how somebody can surrender himself from freedom to jail? i'm not going to do that. i do not trust the system anymore in america. >> reporter: a judge awarded faisal visitation rights after he and his wife got divorced. a month later he picked up the two from their grandmother's house in prince george's county and was supposed to return them two days later. instead they boarded a plane, flew to germany and landed in the north african country of
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tunisia faisal has dual citizenship. >> reporter: on wednesday, the mother says that faisal allows her to see them. >> tunisian sovereignty issue. they cannot leave. >> reporter: the fbi launched an international manhunt. >> we will track you down and bring you back. you can run and hide but we will find you. >> reporter: the fbi says you are a wanted fugitive. >> they know where i am. >> reporter: i spoke with the fbi tonight. they are in contact with tunisian authorities and the state department. the next custody hearing in tunisia is on september 18th. shomari stone, news4. a police officer accused of threatening the first lady is on
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desk duty and some of his colleagues may be punished. the officer is accused of saying he would take out mrs. obama. another officer told the supervisors. the department could discipline other officers if they heard a remark and did not report it. with president obama heading to richmond, that city fired two police officers for making threats against the first family. investigators won't reveal details, secret service agents decided there was no criminal wrong doing. the two were fired for conduct unbecoming of an officer. despite controversy and calls for him to resign, vincent gray is going about business as usual or tried to. questions continue to circle back to the federal investigation surrounding his 2010 campaign. earlier this week, a long time associate pleaded guilty to helping run a 650,000 shadow
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campaign to get him elected. today gray declined to answer specifics. >> i kept to my schedule and i will continue to do that. >> d.c.'s attorney general who is not connected to the investigation, says calls this week for gray's resignation are premature. saved by a stranger. a good samaritan pulled a bethesda woman to safety during the derecho. tonight the two meet again for the first time since the crash. >> walter? >> a long hug said it all for both. two weeks ago tonight, a tree hit susan riley's car on old georgetown road. she was trapped with the storage raging around her. riley remembers the car as her personal coffin until walter lopez pulled her out and drove her to the hospital. she was badly injured. >> and then there he was, we have to get you out. >> i believe god was looking over her because i was in the
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spot right this to give the help she needed it. i'm thankful that she is just -- i'm talking to her. >> i've got goose bumps. >> yes. >> suburban hospital took lopez's game and number and helped get the two back in touch. get ready for more rain followed by another heat wave. veronica will break it down for us. >> we've got rain out there right now. check out the showers on radar, storm 4, hagerstown and petersburg in west virginia and hancock and wardensville just down to the south. but all to the north and west. moisture gathering down through the south. and look at this, showers, storms and it's not out of the question that what we could see this weekend we could see a few spots maybe with flash flood warnings that may go up. so that's what we've got to contend with the weekend. the other big story for the weekend. we hit 90 degrees today. coming up the weekend, part of the weekend, next week it's going to be uncomfortable.
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we have another heat wave building. i'll tell you how long and bad it will be. an electrical short sparked a fire in burtonsville. the blaze broke out on castle boulevard. it took firefighters close to an howev hour to put the fire out. >> i lost everything i had. >> we got out in ten minutes by shouting and asking for hymn. >> no one was seriously hurt. the red cross is helping those who lost their homes. penn state university wants to remove one of the most powerful cymbals of the sex scandal. they want to renovate the locker rooms and showers where jerry sandusky sexually abused young boys. work can't begin until the legal cases are over.
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and they can't decide what to do with the statue of joe paterno. some want it removed after it was discovered that he covered up the abuse for more than a decade. carry kennedy has been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated with drugs. investigators say she was driving erratically and collided with a tractor trailer in westchester, new york. a rep of kennedy denies she was under the influence of drugs. she used to be married to new york governor andrew cuomo. the battleground state of virginia, president obama is campaigning in the commonwealth for two days. in roanoke he said if he wins virginia in november he'll win re-election. >> let me just say this, if i win virginia, i'm going to get four more years. >> he won virginia in the 2008 election, becoming the first
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democrat to do so in more than 40 years. the latest poll by public policy polling shows the president with a slight edge in virginia leading mitt romney 50 to 42% there. london continues to ramp up security ahead of the olympic games. the royal navy towed the hms ocean into place today. it will be a base for navy and army helicopters patrolling the skies during the games. there will be military jets and helicopters on stand by in west london and essex. several sites will have surface to air missiles at the ready as well. ralph lauren says that clothes for the 2014 games in russia will be made in the united states. the designer drew criticism from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill and harry reed called for the current uniform
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to be burned. the u.s. olympic committee said it was grateful for the support of the company. the u.s. basketball team arrived today. they showed up for a pickup game in southeast. we'll have more coming up in sports. >> exciting times. a car running a red light and goes airborne. the mistake the driver made. i said help. someone help me i think this girl drowned. >> a nine-year-old saves a girl from the bottom of a local swimming pool. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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and now i build them. i'm a bigger is better kind of guy. i absolutely love building locomotives. i knew i wanted to design locomotives from when i was very young. [ jahmil ] from the outside it looks like such a simple device. when you actually get down into the bare bones of it, there's so much technology that's submerged. [ rob ] my welds are a signature, i could tell my welds apart from anybody's. to lay down that nice bead and you look at it, i love it.
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they don't go together by themselves. there are a lot of little parts, and everyone has their job. [ scott ] i'd love to see it out there on the open tracks. and when i see it, i'm going to know that i helped build that thing. [ train whistle blows ] here it comes! [ bell clanging ] [ train whistle blows ] wow! [ charlie ] it's one thing seeing them being built, but then to see them out here, pulling freight across america, it makes us proud. ♪
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a crash caught on tape. a car runs a red light, slams into a immediate yap and takes out a stoplight before flipping through the air. the driver was not seriously hurt. he was charged with drunk driver after this wreck on june 29th. police in new jersey released the video as a warning to other drivers on what can happen when you break the law. a nine-year-old is a hero after saving a little girl who slipped under the water at a swimming pool with adults and life guards just a few feet away. camille revis was at the pool last month when she spotted a four-year-old in trouble.
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she wasn't sure if the girl was playing so she poked her but the girl didn't respond. we spoke to the lifesaver but her mother didn't want us to show her face. >> i was going to get out. and i saw the girl. she was face down on the bottom of the pool. so i held my breath and went down there and poked her to see if she was playing around and she didn't look at me. i said, help, someone help me i think this girl drowned. >> the 4-year-old is expected to be okay. the victim's mother is charged with child neglect now and accused of leaving her five kids inside the pool gate. michael clark duncan is recovering after suffering a heart attack according to tmz. his girlfriend omarosa of the
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apprentice called 911. if you like the show "parks and recreation" you may get to see the stars in person next week. the sitcom will shoot parts of the premier next thursday and friday in d.c. most of the filming will take place near the white house and lincoln memorial and reflecting pool. we don't know which cast members will be in town. we are seeing more and more people panhandling for food or money but it's a woman in ohio says she just can't live without breast implants. dressed in a bikini and perched on a harley, chrissy lance is working the streets of akron. she has a sign that says not homeless, need boobs. she hopes that the implants will help her self esteem.
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she says she isn't leaving until she reaches her goal. >> she is going to sit there the whole time. >> to the delight of drivers throughout akron i suppose. >> i have a hard time donating to someone on a harley. whatever the cause might be. >> oh, my. >> anyway what about that weather? >> steer that wheel. >> trying to make a clean break. >> we'll not have the sun tomorrow. but i'll bring you the sun in another way. some of the researchers at nasa say you could experience minor disturbance with the gps devices because of what happened on the sun on thursday. there was another one of those solar flares. that is the sun. bring it to you in a different color. that big solar flare was an x-class flare and it was the second major one that's happened on our star in less than a week.
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but we are expecting now for that to hit us at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 82 degrees the temperature outside. not bad. it's comfortable still. the dew point at 59 degrees with a calm wind. we do have again more clouds than we have rain right now. and the temperatures, manassas, 81 degrees. 71 at andrews air force base. 67 in ocean city, maryland. that is getting chilly. even though we'll be in the 80s this weekend with a chances of showers and storms during the evening and the early night it gets chilly. pack that sweater and light jacket. we start at 76 degrees. and in the upper 60s just to our west. there will be rain moving through i think between 4:00 a.m. and about 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're going to see more of that
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rain release itself from areas west and southwest and start to push on threough. we start with showers. it's dry right now. but a lot more rain down to the south. and this is the stuff i'm thinking will move into the area by tomorrow morning. and we've got more in the way of showers, storms, tropical moisture down to the south. so for your afternoon when we heat up, a possibility of thunderstorms. and with any of these slow-moving tomorrows here we are going into tomorrow afternoon, with any of these slow-moving storms in the area they could deliver downpours and the potential for flooding on saturday and sunday. look at the coverage for sunday as a cold front comes out of the midwest. tomorrow morning take your umbrella heading out. 68 to 76 degrees with a light wind. there will be showers around. and the possibility of more showers and storms in the afternoon. and it's going to be warm too.
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tomorrow will feel like it did today with a high around 90 degrees. but for sunday, 93, maybe 95. for tuesday, 97, maybe 98. and we could be just as hot on wednesday. so midweek heat. another heat wave builds and it starts saturday and lasts through thursday before it breaks. >> we better prepare for it the best way we can. >> there you go. >> it's never too late to celebrate the fourth of july right? gaithersburg is making good on the fireworks display after canceling in the aftermath of the storm. appropriately the party was called finally fireworks. the crowd enjoyed food and music and the moment they really were waiting for when the fireworks launched into the sky. >> a nice night for it. ka can you see it?
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why hundreds of people
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nats looking strong. >> it was a double dip for the nationals. first they sign their first round draft pick right before the deadline. he gets a $2.9 million signing
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bonus. that's what a 100-mile-an-hour fastball can get you. the nats kicked off the second half of the season with win number 50. jordan zimmermann with the lowest e.r.a. of nats starters. but unlucky in the win column. not case tonight. logan morrison down for the marlins. ian desmond kept it going tonight. laroche scores. mike rizzo, i don't think he's going anywhere. same score top three. zimmerman at the plate. bryce harper on first and they are both coming home. zimmerman raking the cortisone shot. did wonders for him. the nats take a 3-0 lead. in the dugd there you go, a pat on the neck i guess. bottom nine tyler clifford in to
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close it out. tyler buck at the plate. did he go? yes, he did. game, set, match. clifford with his 14th save of the year. we're in baltimore. birds and tigers. o's fans happy to see nick markakis back from the dl. bottom three and markakis did not disappoint. this a ground-rule double. betemit comes in to score. 2-1 tigers bottom four. jason hammel injuries his right knee the knee that has been bothering him much of the season. he leaves the game. and then the flood gates just open. john jhonny peralta makes it 7-1 detroit. the o's now eight games back in
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the al east. the men's u.s. basketball team leaves vegas and the wizards arrive for summer league. today was the debut of bradley beal and he didn't disappoint going for 22 points. the wizards starting their summer league taking on the atlanta hawks this afternoon. second quarter. here he is. take it down young fella. that's what he does. beal not only about offense. this isn't nick young reincarnated. gets the block and finishes with 22 but the wizards lose by 20. it's only summer league. look who is back in town. kevin durant, a regular in the goodman league games in berry farms checking out the games with team usa teammate james hard hardin who plays on the thunder with him. they are in town for an
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exhibition game against brazil this weekend. tickets are hard to come by. i did check for you. i'm still working on
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you may recall a few years bag someone thought what they thought was the image of the virgin marry on a grilled cheese sandwich. now hundreds are flocking to a town in new jersey that may also have a divine property.
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they believe this tree in west new york shows the virgin mary carved into this trunk. the neighbors worry that the crowds can get out of
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- dana carvey. and a special performance by nicki minaj. and now, jay leno!


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