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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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smooth commute this morning after a weekend of problems left passengers stranded. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie gonn if for yuan ya eun yang. it is monday, july 16th. if you're stepping outside early you're going to be greeted with a little bit of stuffy temperatures. but it's not as bad as it was yesterday. >> that's right. tom kierein is here to give us the 411 on the forecast. >> yesterday was just stupid humid. >> why were you out doing yard work? >> i know. >> what were you thinking? >> i think, oh, it's 10:00 in the morning, only in the 80s. the humidity was just sweltering, but it did dry out a little bit overnight spop things have improved a little bit. but if you have to work outside today, still respect the heat and humidity and all those showers, downpours, and thunder and lightning, all dissipated right now. we have a little sprinkle there. that spec of green in northern charles county. that's drifting off to the east and elsewhere.
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skies cleared out to our west. temperatures are pleasant now. we're down to the low to mid 70s most of the region. except near the bay, upper 70s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties most locations dl are just in the low 70s. here's your day planner for this monday. by 9:00, we'll be in the low 80s. it will be rather humid but not as high as yesterday. near 90 by noontime. the middle of the afternoon, we ought to peak in the mid 90s. just a slight chance of an isolated thunder shower, maybe mid to late afternoon. by 6:00, though, we'll just have temperatures back down to the low 90s. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. aaron? >> thank you, tom. metro service back to normal this morning after a crippling computer problem stopped service twice this weekend. news4 tracee wilkins is live at the carrollton station with more on what happened this weekend and now metro plans to fix all this. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. well, it was a huge problem this
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weekend. while the system is back up and running this morning. metro officials still don't know what caused this computer glitch, which means it could happen again. now, on saturday afternoon passengers were stranded for 45 minutes due to an unexplained glitch in the computer system. the computer problem left controllers in the metro rail command center unable to see where trains were going onlines and they could not control switches remotely. 44 trains were told to go to the nearest station and wait. about 45 minutes later, trains were operating normally. then shortly after midnight sunday, there was another glitch that difficult bill tated the system for another 30 minutes. now, last check, metro technicians were still trying to figure out what caused the computer problems. officials are stress that the systems that keep trains spaced at a safe distance were working during both incidents. now, this morning they say they have extra folks working on the rails and also in i.t. just in case there is another computer glitch. but of course all fingers are crossed in hopes that that won't
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be the case. tracee wilkins reporting live in new carrollton with more on how the rest of our commute is going to look this morning. danella is back in the studio. good morning. >> good morning. i have my eye on an accident right now, northbound i-95 at prince william parkway. tow truck is on the scene to tow the car out of the roadway. now blocked is your right lane and also your shoulder. right shoulder lane as well. police are on the scene. now, continuing northbound on i-95 things look good connecting to 395. no issues here. live look at duke street northbound as well as southbound, you're clear. northbound to the 14th street bridge driving at 59 miles per hour. and over to the railss a tracie membersed, marc or vre are not reporting delays as well. angie, over to you. >> thank you. this morning a manhunt is under way for maryland man suspected of shooting two people including his ex-girlfriend at her workplace. late last night police found tuan pham's car abanndoned on
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alan lean in columbia. he's accused of shooting the mother of his two kids, lan phan it happened saturday night at the nail and haircare spa. he also shot a friend who was there to drive her home from work. both victims are in critical can. phan had a protective order against her ex. she also filed for child support. if you have seen pham, call howard county police. funeral services will be held today for the toddler beaten to death by her 12-year-old foster brother. prince george's county police say bachelor died of blunt force trauma earlier this month. the boy is being charged as a juvenile. he's currently at a juvenile detention center. he's due back in court on august 2nd. maryland governor martin o'malley holding the first of two meetings today that could determine the fate of expanded gambling in the state. meeting with prnlg and montgomery county's executives as well as mayor of baltimore likely need those leaders support to push forward with
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legislation that would allow for a casino in prnlg county and table games at all casinos. the governor meets tomorrow with maryland senate president mike miller and house speaker michael bush. thinking of calling a special legislative session this summer. maryland voters have to approve any legislation that expands gambling. team usa is working hard to prepare for the olympics. just 11 days away. but one team took time out of their practice schedule to honor our nation's troops. the men's basketball team visited arlington national cemetery yesterday. l.a. lakers star kobe bryant helped lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the entire team spent some time getting to know the chair machine of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey. tonight you have a -- >> tonight you have a chance to once in a lifetime chance to see this year's dream team in action. dream team. right here in d.c. the usa men's and women's basketball teams are playing at the verizon center tonight. the biggest names in basketball
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have been in town all weekend. on saturday, they held an exhibition for troops and their testimonilies of the d.c. armory. as for tonight's game, players say it will be odd not to hear a chorus of boos when they run out on the verizon center tunnel. >> you know, just coming back here is different than coming baing here playing with the new york knicks as with the usa team because now i don't have some wizard fans cheering against me. we have the whole crowd on our side. >> the women's team kicks off the action tonight at 5:30 against brazil at verizon center followed by the men's team at 8:00. and nbc4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. the opening ceremony on july 27th and, of course, visit the london 2012 section of to keep track of all the games and to get doug camera's preview of the olympic eats to see what visitors will be chowing down on while they're in london. i'm not a hater of this year's basketball team. >> i know. >> i'm not a hater. >> just a lover of the 1992 one.
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>> that dream team. that's the one that's in my head. i'm going to stick with that. but these guys obviously are are phenomenal. >> you have a chance to see them because there are tickets available. >> yes. all right. still ahead, the time is 5:07. president obama is hitting the campaign trail again as a war of words between he and mitt romney heats up. ahead this morning, why walking could give doctors a path to track future mental problems. plus -- >> not the kind of unplugged concert that fans had in mind. why organizer pulled the plug on two music legends. the warm start to the morning. just a sign of things to come. just how hot things are going to get, next with weather and
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our country is is in the
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middle of one of the top ten worst droughts in t past century. that is expected to be the finding of a new report due out today by the national climatic data center. 60% of the lower 48 states are effected by severe drought conditions and 30% of the corn crop is in poor or very poor condition. eventually you'll see effects of the drought in the grocery store as food prices are expected to rise more than 3% by next year. >> we're fortunate we haven't quite reached the drought level around these parts. heavy storms, getting little bits of rain. >> little bursts. we need the rain. >> we need the rain. so, tom, i guess every little bit helps, right? >> it does. we only have a small chance later today. hometown forecast for quantico, prince william county. low to mid 70s. much of the area, including quantico, near 90 by noontime. few clouds developing mid afternoon. by then will be in the mid 90s. this evening, by midnight back down into the low to mid 80s.
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a look at the rest of the week and weekend at 5:21. danella, how's traffic? >> the crash northbound i-95 at prince william parkway was blocking the right lane. just now in the right shoulder lane. so travel lanes are open. over the bridge in both directions, nice and clear as you make your way into virginia and maryland, no issues to report. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back over to you. >> thanks, danella. 5:12. new hope in the fight to stop the spread of the aids virus. >> potential safety risk that has ford pulling the
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three women still missing after a massive landslide in
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western canada. they vanished when several homes were accept away. a wall of rocks, mud, and trees cascaded down the side of a mountain destroying three homes. this morning two men are dead and another is hurt from a lightning strike at a soccer field. the men were sitting under a tree taking shelter from a thunderstorm. it stopped their soerk match in houston, next, yesterday. the lightning hit the tree, traveled down the trunk and then hit the men. one man died at the scene. the other died at the hospital. the third man is suffering from burn injuries. witnesses say they heard what sounded like a bomb go off and saw sparks and fire go down the tree trunk. about 200 athletes were at the field at the time. breaking news now in pakistan. gunmen are holding hostages in a police building and have reportedly killed at least one officer. the attack is happening in the city of bonu outside peshawar in the northwest tribal region of the country. the gunmen attacked the intelligence wing of the
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building using hand grenades and exchanged fire with police. it's still unclear who is behind the attacks but the pakistani taliban attacked a prison in the same city in april. freeing more than 400 prisoners. president obama returns to ohio today for the eighth time this year. they will hold a fund-raiser and campaign event in cincinnati. the president took a two-day bus tour across that battleground state earlier this month. also chose to launch the re-election campaign at ohio state university in columbus. right now the president holds a slight lead over mitt romney in ohio. according to real clear politics average of recent polls. president obama says he won't apologize for a tax he's waged on mitt romney's tenure at bain capital. the president is is accusing him of outsourcing jobs when he ran that firm. he is also questioning exactly when romney left bain capital. romney has said he hasn't had an active role there since 1999 but documents indicate he was still
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its chief executive three years later. his supporters say president obama is just trying to deflect attention from yet another disappointing jobs report. >> independent voters don't care about tax returns and bain capital. they care about getting the greatest country on earth out of debt and back to work. >> as mitt romney says once to his own republican colleagues, stop whining. i give him his own advice, stop whooining. >> many romney supporters are urging him to stop defending himself against the tax on his past and focus more on going after the president on the economy. scientists say after decadeses of research in aids vaccine may finally be within reach. a 2009 study in thailand used a combination of two vaccines help cut hiv infections 30 %. that may not seem like much but experts say they only need a 50% success rate to make a huge dent in the aids epidemic with the advances scientists are hoping to put a vaccine on the market by 20 19.
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meanwhile -- the national cathedral will be hosting several panels of the aids memorial quilt over the next week as it celebrates the 25th anniversary. it will go on display starting tomorrow, including a panel that was blessed by archbishop tutu earlier this year. then on saturday, the cathedral will hold an inner faith memorial service. that starts at 7:00 p.m. a new study says subtle changes in the way a person walks can be an early warning sign of alzheimer's disease. researchers looked at the relationship between brain function and the person's walk measuring things like speed, rhythm, and stride. the study found people with early signs of dementia walked slower than their memory savvy counter parts, particularly when asked to perform a simple task like counting backwards while walking. doctors say more research is needed to understand the relationship between exercise, motor skill, and mental function. we're kicking off this workweek with a little bit of
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mugs. not too bad. >> that's true. let's check in with tom kierein with the forecast. >> rather muggy but not quite as humid as it was yesterday. there's a live view with the steamy sky over washington on this monday morning. the sky is kind of hazy. we do have one sprinkle here. this little patch of green right on the prince george's charles county line. northern calvert county over the next 15 minutes or so. where else to our west and north, we have a mostly clear sky and temperatures are down to near 70 in montgomery and howard and frederick counties in maryland as well as washington county into western maryland, panhandle of west virginia. east of there, much of northern virginia in the low 70s as is sporn maryland right near the bay, though, mid and upper 70s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties in the low 70s most locations. and then later today, we will
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climb to the mid 90s mid afternoon. few clouds popping up. slight chance of an isolated thunder shower. overnight tonight back down to the 70s after midnight, near 70 by dawn tomorrow. a pleasant start tomorrow morning. during the day on tuesday, should be mostly sunny, hot up near 100 and, again, near 100 degrees on wednesday. and more humid though and likely some afternoon and evening storms. some could be severe on wednesday. as we get into thursday, friday. both of those days, chance of showers and thunderstorms. but a bit cooler. then lower humidity and cooler, just in time for the weekend. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. checking travel speeds in our area. traveling on the dulles toll way eastbound and westbound. moving right along on hunter mill and. the dulles toll road all of the way to the interchange, both directions, nice and clear here. travel speed on the outer loop, 63 miles per hour. 13 minutes to make a drive from the dulles toll way to the interchange. clear in this area as well
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although outer loop is getting busier than inner loop. but no major delays. outer travel loop speeds, 60 miles per hour. ten minutes to get from i-95 to i-270. good news if you're about to head out this morning. nationwide gas prices dropped seven cents the past three weeks. that's according to the lundberg survey which puts the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded at $3.41. so we just checked it out. aaa says it will cost you 19 cents more here in d.c. the average is about $3.60 right now. it's cheaper in maryland at $3.43. even less in virginia where the average right now is $3.25 for a gallon of regular gas. ford is recalling more than 10,000 suvs to fix a carpet padding probm. the car company says the problem is in the 2013 models of ford escapes manufactured from march 8th through june 7th of this year. ford says the carpet padding could get in the way of the
5:23 am
braking. dealers will remove the padding and replace a console trim panel at no charge. so far, no injuries have bn been reported. police investigation at the tour de france under way this morning after somebody threw some tacks on the road during yesterday's stage. this happened about 25 miles from the finish and forced about 30 cyclists to stop and change their tires or switch bikes. in a show of good sportsmanship the race leader slowed the main pack to allow the cyclists to catch up. steven straussburg is one of the league's best pitchers but proving he can hit as well. >> bouncing ball. threw. and he can't get to it. es the nationals have got a 1-0 lead. >> straussburg drove in a run with a single and the nat's 4-0 win over the marlins. he struck out seven hitters in route to his tenth victory of the year. the nationals have the best
5:24 am
record in the national league. they are in first place by three games. and talk about a sticky situation. marlin's manager ozzy guillen had words with bryce harper during yesterday's guillen claimed harer had pine tar too far up his bat. >> the only thing i say he is a great player. what he did today was unprofession unprofessional. yo i don't want to tell you what it was. >> we changed it. he was still chirping about it. it got on the umpire's nerves. it got on my nerves. you know, he was trying to, you know, intimidate my player, i guess. it's not going to bother our player. >> pine tar helps the ball travel farther. it's against the rules of baseball to have the goop above the label of the bat. >> play by the rules. the time right now is 5:24. you think a concert featuring bruce springsteen and paul mccartney would end with cheers. >> but sometimes things just
5:25 am
don't go as planned. >> boo! boo! >> the rock legend show this weekend in london ended in boos. you heard it there. this is one of the fan's video of the concert. organizers actually pulled the plug literally as they were wrapping up their show. apparently they had actually gone over their sound curfew by half an hour. concert was held in hyde park and the residents had complained about late night noise there in the past, so they were supposed to be done by 10:00. stretched it out until 10:30. they literally unplugged the microphone. >> i know. but it's the boss and it's a sir. those britts are not messing around. >> i'm just saying, you've got to play by the rules. if you've got to be done by 10:00, got to be done by 10:00. >> sounds like it was a great show though up until that point. the time is is 5:25. coming up, we're watching your commute right now after problems leave metro trains at a stand still over the weekend. plus, a photographer trying
5:26 am
to solve a mystery. take a look here. this the after they captured this heartfelt moment on camera. >> great story. temperatures, they're already in the 70s around our region this morning, but it's going to get a lot warmer. the heat wave in store for us ♪
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looking at the stories making headlines right now. metro is taking steps to ensure a smoout commute today after a blich left many riders stranded. today could be decision day on whether maryland tries to expand gambling this year. dream team is taking in the sites around d.c. as they prepare to play one of their final exhibition games before the olympics. good morning, everybody. we're going to have much more on
5:30 am
those stories throughout the morning. but first, i'm angie goff. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this monday, july 16th. as we look live outside this morning and start to see the first rays of sun on this monday. 73 degrees outside our studios as we turn to meteorologist tom kierein and talk about just how hot it's going to get today. >> yeah. another hot day. similar to yesterday but not as humid, thankfully. in fact, it turned a little bit less humid overnight and as we take a look around the region, here's what it looked like 12 hours ago 5:00 yesterday afternoon. rather stormy. heavy downpours scattered across virginia and maryland. and then overnight, a lot of that activity tapered off and ended. although some of the pavement is still wet. watch out for that. still ponding where the water and heaviest rain fell yesterday. right now things are improving dramatically. there is one thunder shower here rolling across southwestern pennsylvania. it's drifting southeast. it may make it into northern
5:31 am
maryland. maybe in another hour or so. i'll keep an eye on it for you. this little speck of green here through the county. temperatures in the yellow are in the low to mid 70s except right near the bay it's in the upper 70 there's. these areas in green in the 60s. few locations, nord and west of washington have -- dipped down into the 60s. the temperatures today are going to be warming up quickly. in fact, by noontime, near 90. ought to hit mid 90s mid afternoon. thunder shower and not too humid but it will certainly be hot. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here now with our monday commute. >> thanks, tom. if you're traveling along i-270, we'll fly over it together because things look good if you're heading out of the house. southbound making your way towards clarksburg, nice and clear. no issues to rockville and even to the lane divide and connecting to the beltway. no delays in this area. however, on the rails, big
5:32 am
delay. brunswick east twain number 870, 18-minute delay right now. metro and vre aren't reporting delays. running on or close to schedule. speaking of the rails, today metro technicians will try to figure out why service came to a screeching halt two times this weekend. tracee wilkins is live at the new carrollton station with more. still a mystery this morning, huh? >> yeah, it absolutely is, angie. good morning. that's part of the problem here. now, as it stands, metro is up and running as usual. because they don't know what caused these glitches over the weekend, absolutely means it could happen again. now, on saturday, for about 45 minutes due to an unexplained glitch in the computer system tl there was a computer problem that left them unable to work from the command center. they could not see where the trains were on the lines and could not control them remotely. passengers were left stranded for 45 minutes. 44 trains were told to go to the nearest station and wait.
5:33 am
about 45 minutes later, trains were operating normally but then shortly after midnight sunday, there was another glitch that debilitated the system for another 35 minutes. now, this morning we spoke with passengers to see what they think about all of this. >> thankfully it occurred over the weekend and it was after friday, before today. so let's hope that things are okay. it's a fact of life. >> it's not good. basically not good. you know, people are already dissatisfy with a lot of things going on at metro. however, some of us, this is our only means of getting around in and out of downtown d.c. >> reporter: metro officials are stressing that the systems they use to make sure that trains are a safe distance away from another were up and running throughout this entire process. so they say that that was not an issue. this morning, they're going to have i.t. folks out here and also some extra folks on the
5:34 am
rails to make sure that if something happens again, they have the folks on hand to help deal with the issue. hopefully there won't be any problems. reporting live in new carrollton, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thanks for the update. metro safety will be the focus of a federal transportation meeting today. president obama sintd the first ever federal safety standards for rail transit systems. just last month the bill was introduced by maryland senator in the wake of the metro rail crash of 2009. that accident killed nine people and injured dozens. the standards up for discussion today include improved evacuation and rescue features and a new requirement that metro trains carry data recorders. right now prince george's county police looking for a missing man. take a look at your screen here, folks. this is oscar washington. the 75-year-old was last seen yesterday morning in his daughter's backyard in bowie. washington suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. if you've seen him, call the number on your screen.
5:35 am
that's 301-390-2101 for prince george's county police. today we hope to learn more about apparent murder suicide in falls church, virmg virginia. police found the bodies of two men at the eden center in the 6700 block of wilson boulevard saturday night. police say it appears one man took his own life. still trying to figure out how the other man died. their identities have not been released. if you have any information, call falls church police. and police are looking for this maryland man, tuan pham is accused of shooting his exgirlfriend lan phan and her friend who was picking her up from washing at the hair and care nail spa on saturday night. they found pham's car abandoned but found no sign of him. a witness who works near the spa stels news4 what he saw. >> a guy comes out of the nail salon, like speed walking. and he's like -- his shirt is covered in blood and he has a gun in his hand. i looked down at his gun, oh, my
5:36 am
god, we he has a gun. as soon as i seen the gun i ran and i ran back into my store and i was like, everybody, he has a gun. call police. >> both victims are in critical condition. phan had a protective order against pham. she recently filed for child support. if you have seen pham, call police immediately. hearing a set for today to discuss reopening a controversial nightclub in prince george's county. the owners are trying to reopen the msg nightclub in capital heights under a new name, che y cherry's lounge. the club shut down after banks was shot and killed. another man was hurt there. no arrests have been made in bank's murder and this morning's meeting is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. the time root now is 25:36. a man talking about those who helped him after two dangerous dogs attacked. plus, there's an all-out sprint under way in london. it has nothing to do with this year's olympic athletes. the showers are gone. now comes the
5:37 am
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. a wildfire threatens nearly 200 homes in northern california. the fire destroyed one home and three buildings and firefighters are using those air tankers to
5:40 am
get the fire under control because it's burning in an area with extremely treacherous terrain. strong winds and the hot temperatures are not helping firefighters. the fire injured 11 firefighters already. it's about 20%, only 20% contained. >> yeah. long way to go for them fight that fire. a lot of folks looking another dry conditions around the country. around here we've been getting rain in fits and starts, it seems like. >> we've been getting a little rainbow, too. we got that over the weekend. speaking of pretty sights we are waking up to a beautiful morning here in washington. but the heat, don't be fooled here. we got the heat on the way, huh, tom? >> please let the power stay on. please let the power stay on. we are going to need the a.c. later today. and again tomorrow and wednesday. here's what's been happening over the last few hours. we had those overnight showers dissipate. got one sprinkle there just east of chesapeake beach and crossing the bay. elsewhere, skies clearing out.
5:41 am
there is the pink grapefruit sky over potomac. look at the potomac river like a glass reflect that sky. capitol hill under this mostly clear sky. by 9:00, low 80s. rather humid day. highs reaching near 90 noontime. mid 90s mid afternoon. a look at the rest of the week and weekend. how long will the heat wave last? detail on that in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> tom, that's a good question. see you in ten minutes. traveling up i-95 as well as 295, let's start with 295, make your way southbound 62 miles per hour as you pass 32. travel lanes are open. no major delays. i-95, we'll check travel speeds. 19 8 to the beltway, nice and clear. 66 miles per hour southbound. traveling on i-95 in virginia i'm going to let you know where i'm see you hit the brakes in ten minutes. angie and aaron, back over to you. >> danella, thanks. it is now 5:41. not all fun and games. how this year's olympic dream team is honoring those who served our country.
5:42 am
plus, the mystery of photog
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15 before the hour and a news4 exclusive now. the morning we're hearing from a man attacked by two pit bulls. the attack happened yesterday afternoon along south oakland street in arlington. max says he got out of his truck and the pit bull's charged. when they tried to scare them off his property he was bitten at least a dozen times. that's when his son ran out of the house and threw a shoe at the dogs to try to scare them off. >> i don't know how i fwot the croc actually. but somehow i managed to throw it at it. >> the dogs, they really want to
5:46 am
bite me for my neck. that's when he here. police shot one of the dogs when it charged an officer. the other was taken into custody by the arlington animal welfare league. funeral services will be helped today for the toddler police say was beaten to death by her 12-year-old foster brother. bachelor died of blunt frors trauma earlier this month. he's being charged as a juvenile and currently at a juvenile detention center. he's due back in court on august 2nd. a woman's attempt to escape an armed robbery ends with another man dead in prince george's county. police say three masked men approached a group of people who were standing near a parked car. this was in the fairmont heights area sunday morning. the robbers ordered the group to lay down on the ground. police say a woman was behind the wheel of the car. she got scared and drove over one of the men who was on the ground. he died at the scene. neighbors are worried about
5:47 am
their safety now. >> i serve the lord and i pray for protection, but it makes me want to buy a gun. used to have a lot of guns and then i sold them. i figured i didn't need them anymore. >> the suspects ran away after the victim was run over. they got away with nothing. the pole left hanging in a precarious position is in a safer place this morning. take a look. this is how the utility looked yesterday afternoon. it had been this way for two weeks since the derecho. neighbors got their power, the cable, and internet back in the days after the storm but they couldn't get anyone to come and take down the pole. news4 made some calls and tom hucker, a democrat, who represents that area and then comcast, verizon, and pepco all came out and finally got the pole down. you should note comcast is a parent company of nbc4. crucial week for supporters of expanded glam ling in maryland.
5:48 am
governor o'malley meets with prince george's and executives as well as baltimore's mayor as he weighs calling a special session. they'll discuss possible legislation that would let a casino pop up and allow table games in all casinos. tomorrow they will meet with the senate president and house speaker about the issue. maryland voters would have to approve any expansion of gambling. with just 11 days until the opening ceremony in london, olympic park still does not look like it is quite ready for the spotlight. london's olympic committee says the venues were completed on time and on budget but they are still installing about 1,000 seats a day putting up signs and planting flowers and cutting the grass. tv crews from around the world with starting to arrive which means miles of cables and hunts of cameras are being installed and disguised. there are new security concerns in london this morning after reports that people on a terror watch list made it into that country. british newspaper "the observer"
5:49 am
reports that immigration staff at heathrow airport have missed several passengers that should have been reported to counter terrorism police. some officials are worried potential threats could be missed at heathrow has people flock to the country for the games. it comes as the britain's militaryded more troops to venue afters a security contractor announced they could not meet the demand for guards. and team usa's basketball squads taking time out of practice schedule to honor our nay nation's troops if men's basketball team visited arlington national semtory yesterday. l.a. laker star kobe bryant helped lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. they got time to meet the joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey. you have a chance now to see the teams tonight in the district. the usa men's and women's basketball teams playing at verizon center tonight. the biggest names in basketball have been in town all weekend. on saturday, they held an exhibition for troops and their families at the d.c. armory.
5:50 am
and players say all of the week's events help them realize that they're play for something bigger than themselves. >> winning the championship and winning the gold medal are two completely different things. it's tough to category rise them of being one in the same or one better than the other. i will say it's more pressure to represent your country because you're playing for something that's more significant in terms of the history that comes behind being an american citizen. >> the women's team kicks off action tonight at 5:30 against brazil at verizon center followed by the men's team against brazil at 8:00. nbc4 is your home for the 2012 olympic games. the opening ceremonies happen on july 27th. of course, you can visit london 2012 that section of the site to keep track of all the games and to get doug's preview of the olympic eats to see what visitors will be chowing down on while in london. >> such a tough assignment. >> i know. >> that doug. >> hard to be out there doing
5:51 am
all that eating. doug likes to eat. this morning, a nevada photographer is asking if your help. >> she was photographing the monuments here in d.c. when she captured a proposal. she took these pictures at the world war i memorial on july 2nd. it shows a member of the air force kiss his new fiance the moment after they got engaged. she took the picture using a zoom lens. she says she wants to find the couple so she can give them the pictures. >> what a great photograph. >> i know. and they have no idea that it's out there. so if you recognize them, please, please let us know. we can make the connection. >> i think she's tweeting that or trying to find them on twitter. we all know the power of twitter these days. >> absolutely. all right. 5:51 is our time. tom kierein is here. we had a little rain overnight. kind of eased out some of the humidity out there. >> a little bit. a little bit. it's a little more comfortable but still rather humid. there's the sky over the potomac now. live view from our hd city camera. right now, 77 at reagan
5:52 am
national. wee we are about seven minutes away from sun rise. sun rises are getting later and later. we still have dew points. that is still quite humid. not quite as humid as yesterday. due points yesterday morning in mid 70s. sweltering. south central pennsylvania. drifting southeast. may make it into maryland. just a few sprinkles on the eastern shore around the atlantic beaches. otherwise, clear out there, too, it has over washington and points west where the areas in between are in the 60s in our northern western suburbs. much of shenandoah mountain in the valley. southern montgomery county. all of prince georgia's, the district and fairfax. 77 now at reagan national. it will be humid around 80 degrees. noontime, clouds building. climbing around 90 on noontime. quite humid but not quite as sweltering as it was yesterday.
5:53 am
then during the afternoon we'll peak in the mid 90s by mid afternoon and back down to near 90 by early evening. mid afternoon, slight chance of an isolated thunder shower. then tomorrow morning down to near 70 and during the day on tuesday. it's going to get hot. afternoon highs tomorrow, near 100 degrees. thankfully still not extreme humidity but hazy sunshine. it is going to get more humid though on wednesday. wednesday probably going to be the hottest, most humid day of the week with highs near 100 degrees. swell terg humidity. may feel like 110 with the humidity. then after that, we may get some strong thunderstorms as the front comes in. some lingering storms maybe on thursday and again early friday. then drying out after that. just in time for the weekend. and cooling down, too. highs 80 saturday and sunday. danella, good morning. >> checking things on i-95 in virginia, starting to see delays. if you're traveling northbound, slow from stafford as you make your way just past triangle. once you get to fairfax county
5:54 am
parkway, disabled vehicle in your left shoulder lane. i am seeing volume here. a little bit on the brakes in this area from fairfax county parkway northbound. no accidents though. you can see as they're zoomed in seeing volume in the hov lanes as well. head over to rockville, maryland. lights are on flash at the intersection of mills road and first street. if you come to h intersection, street it as a four-way stop sign and use caution as these cars are doing right here. back in ten minutes. angie, over to you. >> thank you. you may need to tweak your commute just a bit if you do take marc to work. the brunswick line is changing its schedule for the first time in a decade. meaning your train will or live a little earlier or a little later. for example, the first train will now leave brunswick at 4:50. the first train will leave frederick at 5:00. that's ten minutes earlier than usual. many trains are having lines added or removed in the afternoon. some trains will leave union station a little earlier than
5:55 am
previously scheduled, as well. p penn state board of trustees has not made a decision on the future of the joe paterno statue outside the school's football stadium. the statement came after a report that the statue would be staying put. that was on sunday. many have called on removing the 900 pound bronze statue of the former coach in the wake of the free report. that report said paterno was an integral part of decision not to contact outside authorities about all investigations of child abuse involving jerry sandusky in the campus locker room showers. basketball star jason kidd not commenting on his drunk driving arrest over the weekend. police in long island arrested the new york knicks guard early yesterday morning after he crashed his suv into a telephone pole. he had minor injuries after that. kidd now facing a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated. today a judge will hold a bankruptcy hearing for the california solar energy company that received more than $500
5:56 am
million in federal loan guarantees. solyndra laid off 1100 workers and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year. republicans criticized solyndra as an example of wasted government spending and the government received green energy subsidie subsidies. chicco is recalling a high chair because of a safety issue with the back leg. the company says kids can get cuts or bruises from falling against pegs on the legs of the chicco polly chairs. there are reports of 21 kids getting hurt. four of them were cut so badly they needed stitches. the chairs were sold from january of 2005 through this very month at major stores, including babies are us and bye-bye baby. we posted more information on our news4 today facebook page. imagine flying out of town for out under 100 bucks. several airlines are waging a fare war with southwest airlines offering a number of flights for $69 each way.
5:57 am
competitors are matching the prices and offering impressive sales of their own. we just found one flight for just $50. the cheapest fares are for tuesday, wednesdays, and saturdayss. take note if you want to travel this fall. there is nothing like a frozen treat to help cool down on a hot summer day. >> you can say that again. some women had their hands full taking on an ice cream eating contest near l.a. not. >> not the right video there. no ice cream involved here. meanwhile, we'll go ahead and pass along with you national ice cream day was yesterday and there were six different heats for the frozen treats. there was a winner each category. >> they got free ice cream for a year. all the money they had to pay to get into the competition. now you see some of the women, the women's competition. just spoon fulls. they each had to eat -- i lost it. >> you lost the number.
5:58 am
>> strawberry, vanilla, and chocol
5:59 am
right now we are keeping a close eye on metro. riders hopping on trains with


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