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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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celebration. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. and i'm richard jordan sitting in for jim handly. we have more in minutes, but we begin with a developing story, the man who called himself a joker, accused of calling a shooting spree. >> when police picked him up, he was wearing a shirt that said "guns don't kill people, i do." jackie bensen has more on the arsenal they found in his home this morning. >> reporter: we're total that kneale prescott worked at a pitney-bowes facilities that sorts mail for the federal government. we're told termination facilities may have been under way as long as four months ago. now, court documents say on month prescott made a phone call to a former co-worker. the documents say during the conversation prescott said, quote, i am a joker. i'm going to load my guns and
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blow everything else. he said he would like to see the supervisor's brains splatter all over the sidewalk. police arrested him yesterday morning at his croften home where according to sources, guns and 40 boxes of ammo. he answered the door with a t-shirt with the writing that said "guns don't kill people, i do." >> the message is if you call a loved one, call anybody and threaten to to do harm, kill people, we're going to believe you, and we did. >> we can't measure what was prevented here, but what was going on over the last 36 hours was a significant incident in the county, and we think a violent episode was avoided. >> reporter: pitney-bowes issued a statement, saying, quote -- we have clear security protocols. when we had concerns about this individual, we contacted authorities. the suspect has not been on any
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pitney-bowes property in more than four months. coming up on "news4 at 5," we'll have reaction from some of the occupants of this office park. reporting from capitol heights, jackie bensen, news4. funerals continue in colorado today. today we learned the accused gunman was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university he attended. a defense motion was brought today to discover the source of leaks to some media outlets about this information. a judge has already ordered the university of colorado-denver not to release his school records. police say holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 during a midnight showing of the new batman movie last friday. he'll be formally charged on monday. gambling is back on the agenda as the governor calls a special session. lawmakers go back to work on august 9th. they're deciding on a by ilto allow table games like poker, instead of just slot machines at
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maryland casinos. there's a proposal for a new site in prince george's county. senate president mike miller expect to works for three or four days to pass a deal. if the cenk assembly signs off, then voters will get their say. the bill would go to a referendum on the november ballot. the wait is almost over. we are now only 3 1/2 hours from the start of the 2012 london olympics. tonight's opening ceremony and lighting of the olympic cauldron will kick off two weeks of exciting competition, it will also give spectator that is first glimpse of thousands of athletes from around the world who will compete for olympic gold. ♪ >> and check this out. here's a peek at last night's dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony at olympic park. details of the $42 million extravaganza remain a closely
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guarded secret, but the director of the event said it will feature thousands of performers plus real farm animals, a cricket game, dancing nurses, and sir paul mccartney. a bunch of spectators were in the stands for the rehearsal, of course. the identity of the person who will light the cauldron is still the biggest mystery of all. for some the main event is the opening ceremony. but a lot of eyes will be poolside tomorrow for the much anticipated showdown between u.s. swim starts michael phelps and ryan lochte. phil rogers joins us live with more. hello, phil. >> reporter: hi, pat. you know, you'll get used to some new outfits. remember the blue from beijing? they'll be wear white this time out. these are the new goggles that they'll be wearing for the first time in these olympics overbay judge. they give them better peripheral vision according total manufacturers. as you mentioned, this is going to be a very, very important
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matchup between michael phelps and ryan lochte. tomorrow we'll see the first example of that in the 400-meter medley. i talked to michael phelps about this yesterday. he contends that rivalry is actually something that is a figment of our imagination. he said that he and ryan locketty are very good friends, they don't really talk about swimming. they said they would much rather playing cards, which they do endlessly in the athletes village, but remember he's competing in seven events here. he needs three medals to set the all-time record. right now he las 16 gold, two bronze. remember one thing, though, about this event tomorrow, pat. ryan lochte won the last time out when they faced off together. so lochte also makes light of the rivalry, but i think once they get in the water, as they both will tell you, they are only focused in what's ahead of them. ryan always like to say what he keeps say is -- keep going
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forward. we can't wait. should be an exciting night and first set of events. >> take a live look at london now, where the olympic festivities are well under way, but you don't have to go across the pond to join in on the fun. >> just ask our chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us live from the british embassy. hi, doug. >> reporter: hello, guys. i can officially say i'm on british property right now. so i am here, of course, previewing the olympics. they are having a major party tonight. a party that i wasn't invited to, but they're having a major party tonight, obviously to preview of olympics and talk about those opening ceremonies. outside just a beautiful place, this is actually the residence behind me. the weather today very nice, but a bit on the hot side, a bit on the humid side. with the party going on here, they're asking about the rain. we do have some storms out there. current temperature right now sitting into the 90s across the region. we're going to stay in the 90s.
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we're going to see that heat index above 95 in many locations, so we'll continue to watch out for that very closely. the wider view shows temperatures around the area. you see just how many are into the 90s. we'll stay that way with the current temperature of 94 degrees. that heed index at 97. la plata at 95, but up to the north, only in the 80s there are a couple thunderstorms, and you notice the purplish color, that is a severe thunderstorm watch that's in effect until 10:00 tonight. one storm right now about to cross over the border into maryland, this storm just to the south of woodbridge, we're going to be watching those storms very carefully, and of course we'll keep you all updated on everything going on weatherwise, and with the olympics starting in just three hours right here on nbc4. >> thanks a lot, doug. everyone knows nbc4 is your
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olympic station. you can watch the ceremony right here, and visit for a list of ehaven't you won't want to miss. in just a few minutes liz crenshaw will tell us what you won't see this year. the london olympic games are even getting center stage in the political battle. mitt romney is still apologizing after an nbc news interview where he questioned whether the british government was prepared for the games. romney heads to israel for the weekend as president obama releases more military aid for the country. jennifer johnson has our story. >> reporter: mitt romney, visiting is the embassy in ireland, is still suffering from the backlash. on the "today" show he had a new positive spin. >> after being here a couple days, it looks to me like london is ready, and of course it is hard to put on games in a major metropolitan area. >> reporter: republican strategists say in light of the
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latest poor economic news from the commerce department, the slip-up will soon be forgotten. >> how long will it last? given the scope of the economy news in terms of the gdp growth, i don't think particularly long. >> reporter: president obama's message that economic growth comes from supporting the middle class will be broost in a new tv ad to air during the olympics. >> if they're prospering, all of us will prosper. >> romney is attending the opening ceremony and heads to israel. the visit comes as president obama signs a $70 million military aid bill for israel. >> what this legislation does is bring together all the outstanding cooperation that we have seen really at an unprecedented level between our two countries to underscore or unshakeable commitment to israel's security. >> reporter: romney has critical of the policy, promising to ramp up aid, even though the president says funding is at record levels. the white house says the timing of the signing of the aid bill
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for israel on the eve of romney's visit there was just a coins accident. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. mitt romney told the british deputy prime minister that he plans to attend some swimming events. he also predicted michael phelps will beat ryan lochte. george zimmerman's parents have launched a website asking for help. zimmerman is the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with kill tray von martin. he claims he shot martin in self-defense. his parents say they created a website to allow people to get to know the real george zimmerman. they deny allegations that their son is a racist. on the site the zimmer manse also ask for money saying the living expenses have increased since they have gone into hiding. when news4 continues, a surprise decision about michael jackson's children, who's getting custody of them now? plus a with an unusual method. he steals a puppy by stuffing it into his pants.
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tito jackson will officially become a co-guardian of michael jackson's three children. t.j. jackson will take over most of the day-to-day responsibility of raising the children, but katherine jackson has agreed to a deal that would allow her to remain in control of the all allowance of around $70,000 a month. a judge suspended her
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guardianship after a weekend of her health and where abouts. the 2012 olympic games are about to begin, but before the open ser myokicks off, liz crenshaw joins us for "ask liz." >> did you like the olympic music? >> sort of helps to keep us in the mood. our first question is about changes to the games this year. what makes the london games different from thought of previous years? >> it turns out there are lots of new events, and there are changes this year. technologywise, this is the first olympics that will be streamed live. that simply means the viewers will be able to watch all the games as they happen online at kind of cool. another change, women's box been will be added as a new sport. that's cool. as will mixed doubles tennis placed at the olympics for the first time since 1968. so a couple new sports and, yeah -- women's boxing? >> that sounds exciting. now we know what will be new
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at the games this year, what are they dropping? what are they get to leave out? >> what's missing? there will be a few sports left out this year. it turns out the two of america's past times, baseball and softball have been dropped, since the last summer olympic games in 2008. the international olympic committee voted both sports out of the competition. the next chance to reinstate baseball and softball will be the 2020 summer olympic games. so don't look for baseball or softball. >> they won't be playing ball. >> no. the last question is about the eischenic symbol of the games, the five interlaced rings. what do they stand for and why are they used to represent the games? >> you would think we should have known this by now. the olympic museum in switzerland helped. it represents the five continents that participate in the olympic games. they're interlated toes to show the universality of olympicism.
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and the colors of the rinse blue, yesso, black, green and red are supposed to represent the different nations that compete. so there you have it. now you know what the rings are for. if you have a question, sent it to us. you can also connect with me on twitter, and a facebook. now we're not done. coming up on london olympics on "news4 at 5," how many athletes are participating in the london games this year? what are some fun facts about the team usa? why is this year being called the year of the woman at the olympics? we'll have those olympic answers on "news4 at 5." all right. universal olimpism. >> say that three times fast. >> thanks. taking a look at what's new at the box office this weekend, three new movies hit the big screen, including a comedy stars ben stiller and a group of aliens? nbc's rafael seth has a preview. >> every one of these people
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could be an alien. >> check her out. >> it's like she's studying a new discovery. >> ben stiller takes the law into his own hand in "the watch." they start a safety patrol that meets once a week, mostly as an excuse for buddies toe hang out together. once they discover that aliens have invaded, watchmen have no choice but to get awesome jackets and save the world. it's rated "r." it's a dance, dance revolution in "step up revolution" the fourth installments takes place in miami where a crackerjack crew is creating online buzz, when young emily starts dancing with the mob, she has no idea her father is about to tear down the neighborhood where the dancers live, and turns into a protest. it's rated pg-13. that's wonderful. >> i can't fall in love with -- she's -- >> a writer creates the girl of his dreams in "ruby sparks."
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the problem is he doesn't know what to do when she comes to life. after battling a case of writer's block, he dreams up a plucky character who inspires his new novel. he soon discovers whatever he writes, the real life ruby does. it's rated "r." that's the box office preview, rafael seth, nbc news. no movies for me. >> maybe the ben stiller one. >> i'm going to watch the games. >> that's true. coming up on news4, cameras are rolling as a fist fight erupe. we'll explain why these men picked a particularly bad place to throw down. plus it's hot outside. we'll talk about the possibility of the storms. and a live look at london as team usa picks up the uniforms they're going to wear for the opening ceremony tonight. nbc4 is your olympic station
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well, we're going to go down to the british embassy, which is going to be really hopping tonight. >> yeah, it's too bad not everyone can be in london, but this is the next best thing, right, doug? >> reporter: yeah, because you can at least say you were on english property. that's what you can say if you are one of the 700 invited guests that will be out here. a lot of local sports figures, like some of the redskins, some of the nationals players, obviously they're playing out in milwaukee, so some of the higher-ups as far as that is concerned, but this is the second time i've been out here at the british residence. it is amazing, a beautiful, beautiful place, but you also always come to parties like this for the food. we've got -- we want to introduce -- this is the head chef here, craig harndon, and from what part of england? >> southwest part of britain
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basically we have ten different pastries and assortment, about 7,500 canapes, and a shrimp cocktail. beef and yorkshire pudding, so basically an english and american twist on things on the classics, make them fun and kind of cool, a saw tear of chicken. a tomato top, like a very small pizza. >> and of course you have the fish and chips. >> the famous fish and chips. i'm going to leave that right there. just keep it warm. let's look at the temperatures, because you don't have to really keep it warm. the temperatures will do that. it's currently 94 degrees out there, with the heat index into the upper 90s right now. it is a very, very warm day, and it's going to continue to be all across our area. as far as the temperatures go around the rest of the region, down to the south, 80s to the
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north. we're talking about areas like frederick and haguerstown, but that's the way it will stay for the next few hours. if you're heading out and about tonight, we're talking very warm. you can see some showers and thunderstorms down to the south. there is a severe thunderstorm watch to the south. also culpepper until about 10:00 tonight. so watch out for some possible strong storms. we do have a few out there. one of those storms currently making its way across the river in towards southern maryland, but also some bigger storm down around charlottesville and down to the southwest. some of those have turned severe and there are a couple warnings down into that you want to watch out for those. as far as d.c. goes, i think we'll be okay. we'll stay on the dry side. the residence here should be
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a-okay. farce the temperatures for the next few days, we will see a couple chances for some rain, too, as that frontal boundary meanders around the region. tonight we're looking at temperatures that will be dropping down into the mid 80s. over the next couple days we're still in the 90s. it will be on the warm side. 93 tomorrow, 90 on saturday. we're looking at a chance of showers and thunderstorms again on saturday. then again most of next week, we have a pretty good chance for some thunderstorm, too. not a big chance for severe weather, but we will be talking about the thunderstorm, too. i have to grab some of them. i also want that slider, too. >> it has your name on it. >>s thor mushy peas? >> they are. >> here you go, guys. >> fish and chips for me. thanks. >> i -- >> they're all gone now, pat. all right. thanks a lot, doug. still to come on news4, our olympic coverage continues.
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we are there as the team usa shows off a little of that you are swag. ♪ now you're in my way ♪ and i'll be ♪ try to chase me ♪ here's my number ♪ call me maybe and next, team usa's swimmers show some skills that ♪
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[ bell tolling ] the countdown is over. the london olympics have arrived. welcome back to "news4 at 4." i'm pat lawson muse independents and i'm richard jordan.
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first lady michelle obama attended a breakfast for the athletes. she told the athletes to have fun and do their best, but she said the games are much more than just earning medals. >> as you all compete here, think of your fellow competitors back home, all those young kids who will be thinking of the visions they see of you as they go spike a ball or put their toe in that first water. they're going to look at you and then they're gil to try something, right? then they'll get a little afraid, come back and watch you, and then they'll try more. afterwards mrs. obama and superstar david beckham hosted an event. and ran through an obstacle course. today she's also scheduled to attend a reception hosted by queen elizabeth at buckingham
4:32 pm
palace and will go to the opening ceremonies. just a day after the opening ceremony, we'll get to guy into one of the most ants pated rivalries. the star swimmers michael phelps and ryan lochte will face off in the 400-meter medley. phelps brought his gold medal count to a record 14, but lochte is the defending champ of last year's world swimming competition. he got the edge on phelps during some events last month. out of pool, the two are reportedly friendly, but they had some fighting wordsor each other when they spoke to matt lauer on "today" show. >> if you can write the headlines, ryan, for what's about to happen in london, what's your headline going to be? >> ryan lochte takes over. >> how do you feel about that headline? >> i don't have to say anything to that. i don't need to say anything to it.
4:33 pm
my talking is done in the pool. >> you can watch the phelps/lochte showdown tomorrow night right here, and for more on all of the events to watch, go to, and slk on "london 2012." meanwhile, the swim team is also making waves for their skills out of the war. >> check out this video for "call me maybe." ♪ ♪ don't ask me ♪ i'll tell ♪ i look to you ♪ and now you're in my way ♪ i trade my soul for a wish ♪ and down for a kiss ♪ i wasn't looking for this ♪ but now you're in my way ♪ your stare was holding ♪ skin was showing ♪ hot night ♪ win was blowing ♪ where do you think you're going? ♪ ♪ hay el just met you ♪ this is crazy ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe
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♪ it's hard to look right ♪ at you baby ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ hey i just met you ♪ this is crazy ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ and i all the other boys ♪ try to chase me ♪ but here's my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ you took your time ♪ call you gave me nothing at all ♪ ♪ but still you're in my way ♪ i beg borrow and steal ♪ for it's real ♪ i never knew i would feel it maryland's michael phelps as well as matthew mcclain, kate zeigler and katy ledecky from bethesda. >> they're good. they have a little talent.
4:35 pm
>> more than just swimming. according to the team's website, some swimmers came up with the idea to take their minds off the competition. >> there's been a lot of parodies in that song. they were in a plane, so i think they have taken it to another level. >> i think they're pretty good. our own dan hellie tagged along with team usa as the athletes picked up their swag. we'll have more on these olympic athletes in ten minutes. you can watch his live reports on news4 at 11:00. there's more to come at "news4 at 4." a dognapping. and parents accused of leaving their 2 years old alone at the airport because h
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look at this. surveillance video was rolling when a man stolle a dog from a
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pet store by putting it in his pants. you can see the man taking the pomeranian puppy and walking out the store. this happened back in june on long island. the owner of the store is offering a $500 reward for anyone who returns the puppy. if you know of a local nonprofit organization that is moving our city forward, nbc4 wants to help form the station has launched a new grant challenge with the nbc universal foundation called 21st century solutions. at the grant a total of $100,000. any nonprofit that's about 3 years old or less in our viewing area is eligible. just tell us how that organization is using new and innovative ways to address challenges in our community. the deadline is august 15th. go to for more info. and when "news4 at 4" returns, coming up a fist fight breaks out.
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just wait until you hear where this scuffle happened. plus new audio of a phone call that gerry sandusky made to one of his
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taking a live look at london now. there you see the olympic rings all lighted up for the ceremony tonight. it looks like a great night. >> there would be a lot of parties tonight, and a big party right here in washington down at the british embassy, where we find news4's doug kammerer. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, guys, they were really getting ready for this, they say this probably will be the biggest party of the year. they'll be watching the ceremony right on our station, of course, nbc4. check out this cool chair. is that cool or what? i need one of these back at my
4:44 pm
house. i don't think they'll let me take it -- no, it would take two people. they've got these screens set up all over the residence. you'll be watching the olympics if you're coming to this party. it's an invite-only party, but they'll be watching on the large screens. and again they're throughout the house. just a beautiful location. not a bad afternoon right now in the shade. in the sun a completely different story. we're talking about hot temperatures against. that heat index is coming in at 97 degrees. as you look around the rest of the region, we're talking about some numbers on the warm side, but not too hot. yesterday 100 in d.c., and right now we do have a couple areas in the 80s. as far as the radar is concerned, we do have some thunderstorms to watch out for down to the south, and a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect to the areas down to the south. we do have one storm that's
4:45 pm
making its way in through prince william county. manassas, this storm should go just to your south. it has been losing a bit of its intensity, but we do have more in the way of storms just to the south and west of culpepper. because of those storms. those storms will make their way through, and behind it, we'll see much nicer conditions tomorrow, though i think once again, a chance for just about everything to see a few showers and thunderstorms. 72 in frederick, 75 in gaithersburg, and about 72 in leesburg. leesburg tomorrow back up to about 92. we're looking at 93 in washington, once again skashted showers, but not a bad day. don't cancel any plans. sunday looking very nice. 0 degrees, but a still cap july day. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all a bit unsettled. we'll see high temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90.
4:46 pm
it does look like the heat will try to return, but next week bit unsettled. the good news there is i don't expect to see anything severe as we move into next week. take a look at the grounds here. they have the lights all set up. a lot of people will be out and about just sitting around the residence for the british ambassador, who is here, by the way. i thought he was going to go to the olympics, but he said no, no, he will be here for his party and here to talk to us in about the next half hour to 40 minutes, so you want to tune in around 5:15. quite a night. thanks, doug. in less than three hours we'll be watching the opening ceremony. all eyes will be on the athletes and what they're rather. dan hellie is in london. he got a look at what it takes to dress the olympic team. >> reporter: inside this ordinary building in east london is an extraordinary sight. >> does that feel right like that?
4:47 pm
>> some of the biggest names in the world are here to shop. >> first things first, follow the pony to ralph lauren. they are way excited to see you guys. >> no credit card, no cash. this is pure swag, and it's mandatory. you want to represent your country, get dressed, even if you're a two-time defending olympic champion like kerri walsh. >> older, wiser, more experienced. i'm not bouncing off the walls with this kind of stuff. when it comes to competition, i'll be bouncing off the walls. >> now trying on the outfit. >> it's much more real. >> it's real. >> it's been a dream up until now. now it's starting to becoming reality. >> reporter: there's nothing little about this place. 96,000 total items. each olympian rolls away with about 100 items. >> this is your podium outfit. >> it's not obvious a room of superstars check their egos at the door, but it's not on which that the olympics come around
4:48 pm
either. >> we're an extremely small part of something bigger. it's cool to be a part of. >> a reminder, you can watch the opening ceremony tonight at 7:30 right here on nbc4. and at 5:00 we'll head live to london. and here at "news4 at 4," parents are accused of abandoning their toddler, because the girl's passport expired. what started a brawl that broke out in an unusual place?
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4:52 pm
fists were flying outside a courthouse in missouri. this violent confrontation happened wednesday after a preliminary court hearing. the man in the orange shirt is a witness for the prosecution. he punched the son of the accused killer in the case. both men were arrested. once police saw this video. polish police say they're considering filing charges again a couple who left their toddler at the airport. authorities say the family was headed to greece on vacation, but the 2 years old's passport had expired. security shows them leaving the girl at the information counter. police plan to interview the parents. the child was eventually picked
4:53 pm
up by her grandmother. up next a phone call from jergerry sandusky. for all your news just
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a man who says he was the boy abused by gerry sandusky in a penn state shower is now suing the school. >> the victim is not being identified, but his lawyers say they have evidence that sandusky professed his love for the victim as recently as last fall. ron allen has more. >> there's nothing really to hide. so, um, if you want give me a call. all right, take care, love you, hope you good et this message, thanks. >> reporter: a voice mail that a young man's attorney say was left by gerry sandusky last
4:57 pm
september, less than two months before his arrest. a week later, they say sandusky left another message. >> just calling to see, you know, whether you had any interest in going to the penn state game in saturday. thanks, love you. >> reporter: even though victim 2 did not come forward until now, sandusky was convicted of crimes against him basedotomy of mike mcqueary, a former assistant who testified he saw him in a sexual act with an unidentified boy in february 2001. mcquestionerstioner -- mcquearye told joe paterno. -- work together to keep the incident quiet. >> they showed no concern about the victim. >> reporter: paterno, before he die, and the other penn state officials, have denied any wrongdoing. victim 2's attorney say he
4:58 pm
suffered extensive sexual abuse over many years, and say they'll file a civil lawsuit against the university and others to hold them accountable for the egregious and reckless conduct that facilitated the horrific abuse our client suffered. now at 5:00, a violent threat from a man who called himself the joker. a workplace shooting prevent prevented. a maryland man taken into custody after police say he threatened to shoot his former co-workers and the shirt he was wearing read "guns don't kill people, i do." we have live team coverage. good evening, everyone. police say a croften man, who was about to be fired threatened to shoot his co-workers in prince george's county. the 28-year-old man is now in custody undergoing a mental health investigation. pat collins is live in palmer park with more on the foiled
4:59 pm
workplace shooting. >> reporter: take a look at the list of the guns and ammo taken from this guy's apartment. now, the police action today comes a week after that mass shooting in colorado. days after this guy called into his office and said he was going to load his guns and blow everybody else. according to court documents, 28-year-old kneale prescott was in the process of being fired. monday he called into his pitney-bowes office in capitol heights and told another employee i'm a joker. i'm going to load my guns and blow everybody else. >> the message here is if you call your business, if you call a loved once, if you call anybody and you threaten to do harm, kill people, we're going to believe you, and we did. >> reporter: according to court


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