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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 30, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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day two of the olympics and a major gymnastics she doesn't qualify for the all-around. how the quest for the perfect figure could be hazardous to your health >> i wish we had more answers. and, you know that's one of the reasons why i am speaking now is
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because i want to try to get more answers. >> and first on 4, a mystery that made international headlines. hearing from the sister of robin gardner, the maryland woman who vanished in aruba. good evening, everyone. it's been nearly a year since gardner's family got devastating news and the world heard of her traveling companion. tonight gardner's sister is breaking her science in her first television interview. darcy spencer has stoery. darcy. >> reporter: the last s year painful for gardner's family not knowing where she is or if she is a life. her sister talked to us in hopes the story won't fade and that anyone could help police solve this case will come forward. >> do you believe she is still alive? >> yes. >> what makes you think that or just a hope? >> it's more like a feeling. >> reporter: breaking her silence for her first television interview the sister of robin gardner. she went missing in aruba under
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suspicious circumstances nearly one year ago. >> reporter: does it cross your mind that she met with foul play? or do you fry try to block that? >> i try to block that out. that's too hard for me to think of. >> reporter: gardner who lived in fred rick travelerick travel. he told authorities that she disappeared on a snorkeling trip. >> she didn't want to get her hair that she worked, an hour on, messed up. she didn't want to get her face messed up. so, you know, she would not have gone snorkeling. >> authorities held him for months as a suspect but released his without pressing charges. he is trying to claim a multimillion dollar life insurance policy he took out on gardner and was arrested on indecent exposure charge in annapolis. >> do you know gary giordano? >> not at all. >> she never talked about him?
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>> no. >> vi yos showing gardner at a restaurant in aruba the day she vanished gave her family hope she could still be alive. >> she seemed so happy, and perky. then all of a sudden she disappears. these are the only pictures of the last time that, that i would see her. >> three months before her disappearance the family went to their brother's graduation in florida. these are pictures she now cherishes. >> this is the first time we were together as a family and the last time. until she comes back again. >> they're hoping someone will give police the information they need to unravel this mystery. >> time heals somewhat. but i will always be waiting for my sister to come hope. >> there is a vigil planned for 7. 30. wednesday night at griffin art gallery north market in frederick. it will include a video, poetry reading and prayers. her sister is hoping to travel
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to aruba with her mother and brother to retrace robin's steps and to speak directly with authorities about the investigation. jim, back to you. >> we now know the name of the man killed inside an arlington jewelry store. family members say tommy wong was killed when some one broke into capital jewellers on columbia pike friday. police released surveillance pictures of the man they believe is responsible. police sources tell news 4 they think he could be linked to a robbery in d.c. the man accused of opening fire in a colorado movie theater formally charged tomorrow. james holmes accused of killing 12 people during a showing of the dark knight rises. family members say one woman suffered a miscarriage after being shot. the miscarriage will not result in additional homicide charges for holmes because a child needs to be born to be considered alive in the state of colorado. moser also lost her 6-year-old
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daughter veronica in the theater shooting. turning to the race for the white house, mitt romney continued his trip in is reyl today. the trip an effort to beef up foreign policy credentials and criticized the president's plan. and an aide said romney would respect israel's decision to strike iran if necessary. >> my message to the people of israel and leaders of iran is one in the same. we will not look away. nor will my country ever look away. >> benjamin netanyahu called him a personal friend. tomorrow, obama will campaign in new york. former president clinton will play a prominent role in the democratic national convention, expected to place mr. obama's name into nomination and to deliver a primetime speech that focuses on the president's economic plan. the move an effort by the obama campaign to drum up support for
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the party and from voters who will see the speech on national television. former vice president dick cheney is urging mitt romney to pick his runningmate carefully. cheney says she doesn't want a repeat of 2008 when mccain picked former alaska s governor palin. he called the decision a mistake. cheney says he likes palin but felt she wasn't ready to be vp candidate. romney will announce his runningmate next month. bob mcdonald among those on the short list. turning to the weather now. rain in the forecast for part of the workweek. meteorologist, chuck beshlgs ll will the showers arrive? >> i think sol me of us will ge wet before monday is through. sunday night turning into early monday morning now. clear skies over washington. 79 downtown. look at the low and mid 60s across valley.
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ground clutter on storm 4. quiet through the overnight hours. off to a sunny start tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. up to near 90 tomorrow. showers brewing before your monday is through. how long will they last? the seven-day coming up in ape f -- a few minutes. >> day two of the london olympics. shocker for the u.s. team. jordyn weiber will not get an all-around medal. current world champion didn't qualify for the final. only the top two move on. weiber third behind gabby douglas and aly raisman. a ticket scandal of sorts under way. many were told popular olympic events were sold out. television coverage showed rows of empty seats. now, olympic organizers are giving trfree tickets to milita, students, teachers. they're trying to figure out who is responsible for the no-shows. much more olympic coverage ahead. michael phelps won his first
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medical. and dana vollmer in the pool. hear what she has to say when dan hellie joins us live from london. in 7:00. metro customers at two busy stations will pay for parking with their cell phones. programs launching at the rockville station. it uses park mobile system, same one used on dc streets. metro customers will be able to pay by phone in kiss and ride in both stations and surface lot at rockville. if the program is successful, metro could expand it to other stations. also, starting tomorrow -- commuting could get easier for thousands of d.c. workers. a new ramp connecting i-295 to the 11th street bridge opens. expected to ease congestion. a northbound ramp is set to open this fall. construction on the 11th street bridge project started in 2009. expected to continue for at least another year. still ahead -- a dangerous quest
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to look thin. a warning about how body shapers could be putting your health at risk. battle over chick-fil-a. the protest that could take over your local restaurant, twice this week. [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going.
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go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. [ male announcer ] before they soar. ♪ before they perform. ♪
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before they inspire. ♪ before they amaze. ♪ before they move us, we move them. proud to fly team usa for over 30 years. united. celebrities are becoming outspoke about wearing body shapers. stars admit to wearing multiple pairs at once. that is not safe and can be life threatening. news 4 explains why. >> reporter: body shapers aren't just for celebrities anymore. a multimillion dollar industry women say is helping them look and feel their best not just for
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a night on the town but everyday. wear a pair that is too tight or multiple body shapers at once that can load to real health problems. this doctor is an obgyn at kaeiser. >> a little bit of something is great. sometimes when you overdo it you can cause harm. and, some of the things that we worry about can range from annoying infections to actual life threatening things like blood clots. >> when women wear really tight configured clothing some times it can decrease blood flow circulation to your body. what that can do is it actually can lead to blood clots. and those blood clots can travel from the legs, from the pelvis, to the lungs and the heart and even to the brain, causing death. >> other possible complications from body shapers can include nerve damage and bacterial infections. she encourages women not to wear body shapers that are too small
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or too tight. and to also be a little more accepting of their bodies. doreen gensler, news 4 body shaper. eating right and exercise will make every male and female feel their best. shall we go to london? a live look where the sun is starting to rise there. sunday was a busy day of olympic competition in the pool and on the hardwood. dan hellie, up bright and early for us with a look at some of team usa's victories. good morning, dan. >> good morning, jim. great day on the basketball court. and in the pool. so what did i do? i spent my day at a rainy wimbledon. saw maria sharipova who won. got a chance to see andy murray one of england's own, most popular player at wimbledon today. ran into capital star, alex ovechkin with his girlfriend,
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whose match was rained out. over half the matches were rand out. on the metal stand, kim rhode, first american to win medal in five straight olympics. does it in skeet. wins a gold. in the pool, 4 x 1 t00's men, l by ryan lochte, silver not gold. >> dana volmer, what a day. sets a new world record. didn't even qualify for the olympics last time around. dominated the 100 meter butterfly. winning the gold with the time of 55.98. second swimmer to set a new world record here in london to. make her feat more amazing. vollmer lost a swim cap in the middle of the race. gold was sweet redemption. first u.s. female swimmer to strike gold in london.
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>> just one of those swims where you hear the crowd and adrenaline builds and you realize that you are not dying. and, it was just everything. it was perfect. >> on the court, perhaps more media than fans for the start of the team usa and france game. perhaps, that's because everyone knew it was going to be total, utter domination. kevin durant, prince george's county native leads the way. the guys are probably going to roll through the olympics if they keep playing like they are right now. durant, team usa putting on a show. and how about the first fan. michelle obama in the stands. cheering the red white and blue. team usa sloppy start. hit their stride. second half. tyson chandler. find durant. drains the three. 98-71 win for the usa. hugs all around for the first lady. durant, 22 points. and the former star shined in his olympic debut. >> a lot of fun.
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just, excited i am here. and it is great. fans are great. teammates are -- so much fun to play with. >> we have the first lady here. that's kind of tough to beat. >> next up for the u.s. tunisia tuesday. medal count, china, 12. the u.s. with 11 total medals going into day three. that will do it from early morning in london about 5:20 local time. send it back to you. >> before you go. saw you tweeting to day. you hadn't found fish and chips yet. have you. on the menu today, maybe? >> i don't know if it will be on the menu for today. trying to narrow down my choices to the very best spot. great thing about twitter you have all kind of people sending recommendations. keep them coming. i'm going to try a couple places. >> thank you, dan. see you later today. coming up here, a look at olympic action on nbc tomorrow
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night. ryan lochte goes for gold again. 200 meter freestyle final. in gymnastics american men and their quest to win the first team gold since 1984. men's diving crowns synchronized platform champion, all starts at 8:00 p.m. that's later today. >> yes, it is. it's 12:17. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> good day outside today. no doubt. humidity was a touch lower. lot of people mentioned that on facebook and twitter as well. chuck, didn't feel quite so bad outside today. little drop in the dew point. made all the difference for today. hopefully had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. because our friend. summer humidity. not so very far away. on it way back before you can say -- hey, wait a minute. didn't last long enough. >> hey, wait a mint didn't last long enough. >> it is back. you are too late. outside beautiful monday morning. mostly clear sky in washington. look live over the runways. main terminal.
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ronald reagan. washington national airport. not too much traffic right now. 79 degrees at reagan national. wind has gone calm. wind will be real light if not completely calm for the remainder of the overnight hours. inside the urban center. nearly 80 degrees. alongside the bay. and once s you gyou get back to west. skyline. a lot of spots. 60s. low 70s. no rain to worry about for overnight tonight. as far as hottest julys on record. how close are we. now keep in mind. last three julys have been the three hottest julys since we started keeping records. back in the 1870s. last year, the all-time recordholder, 84.5. here we are end of 29 days. we're at 84.1. i don't think we can do it. we have to be pretty much over 100 degrees the next couple days to make up that gap. if you are following scores. i would show you this. yeah, way out in front of the other. julys over the last cup years.
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not quite hot enough for last year. even though we had four more, 100-degree days this july than we did last year. still 100 last year. not much on the radar for now. as i widen out the view. quiet. mild, dry. overnight hours. a nice quiet start tomorrow morning. cloud will build in fairly quickly. by mid to late afternoon. tomorrow, chance for some monday showers. bubbling up. things will settle down a little monday night. area of low pressure off the virginia capes tuesday. could come closer to us. that might increase our rain chances. which would be a good thing. we know the rain. london forecast for tomorrow. plenty of clouds. showers, yes. not a washout. see plenty of sunshine early in the day. temperatures will stay below, 70 degrees. a lot of the chilly, athletes in outdoor activities tomorrow. headed down to start your week. outdoor fun. temperature thousands in the low 80s. on the whole. a good week at the beach. overnight. clear sky. nice, quiet. low 60s. near 70. then for tomorrow, morning
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sunshine. giving way to cloud cover. and risk of some showers later in the day. only a 30% chance tomorrow. but a 50% chance on tuesday. we might get toi crea increase wednesday chance. out of here by thursday. low, mid 90s. headlong into the month of august. >> overnight lows are nice. >> not as the bad as 81, 82s. >> chuck, thank you. ahead. how social media caused a meltdown at olympic games. and how michael phelps and u.s. men's relay team fared in the pool. crazy day for the
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nats going extra innings, crazy, right? >> hoping they would be a wild
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card contender, here they are dominating. the nationals. 21 over .500. four up on the braves. first in the nl east. they don't make things easy on the skipper. rough outing for gonzalez. nats rallied back. three times against the brewers. 11 runs later they outlasted milwaukee in extra innings to cap their road trip. 6-1. wild swing of emotions. davey johnson. top nine. brewers up 9-7. michael moore, batting one on. two-run blast into the bullpen out in right field. and morris is pumped. check out the reaction on the bench. watch this. jumps out of his shoes. the eighth home run of the season. game tied at 9. we go to extras. top of the 11th. again at the dish. he delivers again. rips it down the third base line into the corner. bryce harper. he is going to score. brian zimmerman booking it. beats the throw home. four rbi for morris.
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nats win. afterwards, a happy, warn out davey. >> i don't know about y'all, but we have a few more gray hairs. just a weird ball game. a lot of guys had weird at-bats. kept battling back. battling back. and you know this is, glad we are leaving this ballpark. not coming back. >> i tell you what. to the yard we go. os trying to avoid getting swept. oakland, 19-3 in july. bottom third. 1-0. two on. all-star, matt well. -- matt weiders. 4-0, orioles. top six, 0s up 5-0, on the mound. he was good. striking out josh reddick here. 5 and 2/3 innings. no earned runs. career high. 12 strikeouts. birds getting a much-needed win. second in seven games. beating the as, 6-1. staying in baltimore. native son, michael phelps
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trying to become the most decorated athlete in olympic sports history. failed to medal in the first race of the london games. today put it behind him. winning his 17th medal. phelps swimming second leg of a 4 x 100 meter relay. phelps turned in the fastest time for an american the rebounding nicely from saturday's 400 im to give americans a commanding lead. on the final leg, surprise twist. ryan lochte, overtaken by the french team for gold. reversal of the beijing gas. u.s. ends up taking silver. for phelps he is now within one medal of soviet gymnast, recordholder with 18. phelps could tie the mark on tuesday. redskins with the day off. for receiver leonard hankerson. winning a starting job won't be easy. then again former hurricane know house to battle. coming off hip surgery cost hip seven games of his rookie campaign. hankerson waited until week
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eight, play in the first nfl game. now he is healthy and ready for the competitiocompetition. >> i have been working, busting my tail. the whole off-season. since i had the surgery. busting my tail. i feel good. not focused on that. worried about that. i am having fun. >> i feel good about hangersoke. don't know about the hips. going full speed. last couple weeks. knock on wood. stay healthy. keep on getting better. >> skins back at it tomorrow morning. >> don't know about the hips. thank you, kelly. >> next, big week in the chick-fil-a controversy. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day we are doing our best, to make sure they are at their best. before they move us, we move them.
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♪ get a boost of natural energy with a new starbucks refreshers™, in three ways. natural energy from green coffee extract, only from starbucks. controversy over chick-fil-a's stance over game marriage continues. the company any president caused a firestorm saying he thinks mare uj shouriage should be bet and women. now some have scheduled chick-fil-a appreciation day for wednesday urging customers to stop by. friday game rights groups are holding kiss-ins at the chain. the d.c. mayor has spoken out against the restaurant stance. >> social media allowing the world experience the games like never before. international olympic committee says so many people were using twitter and facebook it interfered with broad casting during the cycling road race yesterday. an ioc spokesman said all the texting and tweeting jammed
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signals and interfered with gps technology used to track the cycli cyclists. ♪ [ male announcer ] before they soar. ♪ before they perform. ♪ before they inspire. ♪ before they amaze. ♪ before they move us, we move them. proud to fly team usa for over 30 years. united.
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one more check. all-important seven-day forecast. near 90 tomorrow. chance of showers rolling in. probably not until late in the day. tuesday, wednesday. stormiest of the week. go into august, drying it out, heating it up. >> thank you, chuck. that's our news. more olympics next. have a good night.
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