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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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usa star athletes this morning after stumbling in the spotlight at the london olympics. but first, the man accused of opening fire on a crowded movie theater is prepared to hear the formal charges he will face for that crime. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i eun yang. we're going to look outside now at 4:30. it is 73 degrees out there. a little bit muggy. want to know how the weather is shaping up? >> actually, fairly pleasant morning as we have the humidity drop a little bit yesterday.
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any storminess yesterday and now overnight with weak high pressure over the region, we've got a mostly clear sky. those bright spots in the eastern sky, that's jupiter and venus rising this morning in a clear sky. it's very pleasant temperaturewise. all those areas in green are in the 60s. the pleasant 60s across most of virginia and maryland and west virginia. few locations upper 50s western maryland. right now, nearby suburbs, prince george's county, the 60s. mid 70 nasdaq washington. but by 7:00, upper 60s. beautiful morning by noontime. mid 80s. late afternoon, there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. still not terribly humid throughout the day today. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here now with the first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. right now i'm checking on a
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situation in silver spring, maryland. if you're traveling northbound at georgia avenue there's a road hazard in the road. take colesville road instead to continue northbound. heading down i-95, northbound at lorton blocking the right lane out of the roadway. i'll give you a live look right now if you're traveling from prince william parkway. prince william parkway, lanes are open northbound as well as southbound. nice and clear this morning. about 64 miles per hour. 13 minutes to drive from prince william parkway to the capital beltway. here's a look at duke street, very light volume. in fact, in both directions. eun, over to you. today the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting will be in court. james holmes will be formally charged in that shooting spree that killed a dozen people and injured 58 others. leanne greg is live in
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centennial, colorado, with more on today's hearing. leanne, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. this will be his second court appearance. last week he was read his initial rights. today he will be formally charged with possibly hundreds of counts. a court documents indicate that he will be charged with 12 first degree murder t accounts. in addition to multiple attempted first degree murder accounts and many other charges, too, possibly in conjestion with the booby trapping of his apartment. the courtroom is expected to be packed. there will be extra security. no doubt some family members of the victims, perhaps the victims themselves. last week he seemed dazed and very unable to focus. so all eyes will be upon him again today to see his demeanor, to see how he acts in court. another issue that will be discussed is a package that holmes sent to his psychiatrist who was on a faculty member of the medical school where holmes
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because ph.d. student. they will discuss whether that package will be allowed in court. there are unconfirmed records that package contains sensitive information about his alleged plot to carry out the massacre. eun, that's the latest from centennial. >> leanne greg live in centennial, colorado, for us. thank you. in ohio a kent state university student will be arraigned on charges he made a threat against the school. 19-year-old tweeted he planned to shoot up the campus. breaking news back here at home out of laurel. emergency crew on the scene of a hazmat situation. news4's megan mcgrath is live for us this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: aaron, it looks like the fire department has a handle on this situation. just a few moments ago a group of employees who had been just on the other side of this fence kind of milling around in the parking lot. they were given word that they would be allowed to go back toward the building again.
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a little while ago saw this large group of people walking back toward the building. this is a hazmat situation here this morning at this mail processing facility. apparently a nytric acid spill in one of the bays. hazmat crews were brought here to the scene to do their work, to start to clean this up. again, within just the last few minutes though, employees were allowed to walk over back by that building. no report on injuries or factually how this spill occurred. >> all right, thank you. and this morning, two teens are facing adult charges for the murder of a man. prince george's county police arrested 16-year-old andre attaway and 17-year-old james murray. police say they confessed to the murder of 54-year-old. police found his body near his home in the 5200 block of newton street. the teens robbed, chased, and
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beat him. right now prince george's police need your help finding a missing woman who has alzheimer's. police are looking for this woman, 69-year-old barbara battle. she was last seen on saturday leaving west mill avenue in capital heights. she was wearing a blue and white blouse and khaki pants. if you know anything about her or where she might be, call prince george's police. that number on your screen, 301-772-4901. 4:36. you can expect to see fewer empty seats when you watch the london olympics. the chairman of the london olympic organizing committee say troops will receive free tickets to events to help fill the many unused seats at a number of venueses. students and teachers from east london will also get tickets. the empty seats have become a bit of an iembarrassment but may are angry because they had their request for tickets rejested months ago. to the competition itself, a stunner in women's gymnastics. jordyn wieber will not get to compete for an all around gold
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medal. she finished behind teammates aly and gabby. they can only have two gymnasts in the all around finals. wieber was favored to win the gold medal. michael phelps and his teammates won a silver in the men's 4 x 100 free relay. ryan lochte could hold off france. it puts phelps one medal away from becoming the most decorated olympian in history. we'll have much more throughout the morning. our own dan hellie will be live in london. we have quite a few athletes there this go around and talk about what it means for them to be competing for their country. >> so exciting to watch the games. but these fierce competitions. it breaks your heart, cutting to the final seconds. >> the best of the best out there. >> i feel really bad for jordan
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weeber, too. too much twitter? the problem social media sites are causing for london. ominous sign in the skies as a massive cloud rolls over part of the southwest. it is shaping up to be another warm one around our region. ahead with w
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it is 4:40. a bird's-eye view of a dust storm rolling through phoenix. just a massive cloud of sand covering the city. it's hard to see anything out there. the storms can be extremely dangerous because of the limited visibility to drivers. no one was hurt in this sandstorm. storms like this one called caboobs. >> not around here, though. 4:41 is our time. tom kierein is in the storm center4. >> 60s to near 70 throughout most of the region under a clear sky. that includes waldorf. hometown forecast there. by 7:00, low 70s. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. by noontime, mid 80s. peeking in the mid and upper 80s by mid to late afternoon by 5:00 back down to the mid 80s. just a slight chance of isolated thunder shower popping up. then by 11:00 tonight back down to the 70s, a look at the week ahead and the weekend in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how is traffic?
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>> following breaking news on the roadway. if you're traveling in silver spring, maryland, right at georgia avenue, all lanes blocked by a downed tree in that area. best bet from 16th street is to jump on colesville road. if it's not clear, you know it's going to be a problem. i'm going to keep watching it for you all morning long to make sure that tree is out of the roadway. in maryland as well as i-95, nice and clear. no issues to report. >> it is 4:42. still to come this morning, talk about the number one fan, the events first lady michelle obama took in at the london olympics. >> amazing performances so far. we have a look a
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welcome back at 4:44. we now know the name of the man murdered inside an arlington
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jewelry store. tommy wong say he was killed when someone broke in friday afternoon. police released surveillance pictures of the man they believe is responsible. police sources tells news4 they believe the suspect could be linked to a jewelry store robbery in washington, d.c. this morning an annandale family is planning a funeral for a mountain climber died in peru. they found the bodies of them on saturday. horn is from virginia. wise is from new york city. the pair vanished earlier this month. on their way down the men slipped off a ridge and fell nearly 1,000 feet. horn's family said he loved climbing and he's called it a spir churl experience. >> he wanted to live and seek truth and better himself. >> the way he lived his wife was very principled and based on his love of nature, his love of the outdoors, his love of god and his love of challenges.
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>> horn hiked the appalachian trail at the age of 19. he also served in the peace corps in kurdistan. loan athletic department money in order to pay a $60 million fine. the school's president says a combination of funds including the football program's reserved fund will be used to pay the fine. last week the ncaa handed down the fine for covering up. penn state received a four-year bowl game ban. president obama heads to new york today to raise money for his campaign. he will attend a dinner and fund-raiser at manhattan's nomad hotel. the president tried to make up some ground here in the fund-raising department. mitt romney has out-raised him for two straight months. president obama will campaign in leesburg, virginia, on thursday. and mitt romney travels to poland today. his final stop on his of one-week overseas trip.
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the presumptive nominee spent the weekend in israel. he declared jerusalem the capital of the jewish state yesterday. romney vowed to do everything in his power to protect israel from iran. >> ayatollah is in tehran are testing our moral defenses. do you want to know who will object and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one in the same, we will not look away, nor will my country ever look away from our passion and commitment to israel. >> romney is trying to bolster his foreign policy credentials with this trip. he's also trying to show -- rather, win support from jewish voters. recent survey show jewish supporters are for barack obama. dick cheney says sarah palin was a mistake for john mccain. the former vice president believes palin wasn't ready to be president which he says should be a quee quality of a vp candidate. cheney was also critical of how
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the mccain campaign did the vetting process. first lady michelle obama is back from london. she cheered on team usa on opening weekend of the olympic games. the first lady was there as the u.s. men's basketball team beat france yesterday. she also attended the opening ceremony friday night and reception for heads of state at buckingham palace. in just a few hours team usa swimmers will try to pick up a few more gold medals to take the top spot on the leaderboard. danella sealock is here. >> all eyes on the american men today, both in the pool and t in the gym. swimmers ryan lochte as well as michael phelps back in action today. lochte will be going for the gold again in the 200 meter freestyle final. as for phelps, also in the pool twice. he's taking part in the men's 400 meter freestyle relay qualifier and the 200 meter butterfly semifinals. let's head to 17-year-old missy franklin. she's going for her first gold
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medal in the 100 meter backstroke. it will be an enormous challenge for her with the 200 meter freestyle semifinals less than 30 minutes before this final. and in gymnastics. the american men will try to win their first team gold since 1984. now, the key thing so watch out for is a performance on the pummel horse. this is considered to be their weakest event. another fine event to watch today is is men synchronized platform diving. here's a glance at the medal count. as you can see here, the u.s. is currently ranked second in the medal count with 11 total including three gold medals. china is still in the lead with 12 so far and italy is in third place with 7 medals, followed by korea and france. back to you. >> thanks. across the pond so many people are texting and tweeting from the olympics it's apparently overloading the networks. a live look now at the olympic oval just before 10:00 a.m. on sunday. at 7:00, though, they couldn't
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track men cyclists because data couldn't get through the system. people who line the streets there sent so many messages it overloaded the system. organizers fixed the problem before the women's road race. now they're asking people to limit their social networking during the games. and make your home for the london olympics. you can find everything from results to profiles of local athletes. we've also got a link to the best olympic rivalries to help you get ready for every competition. a lot of athletes with ties to our area. you can go to our website and find out about them and when they're competing and what time you can watch. fun to keep track of everything. >> it is. root for the home team. all right. let's check the forecast once again. meteorologist tom kierein here wondering how hot it's going to get. we're going to stay nice and dry and cool? >> she wants everything right now. >> i have so many questions about the forecast, tom, on this monday. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> come on. i can just tweet them to you. >> there you go.
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no, no, you'll overload the system. and this morning there is london. we'll talk about that first. a few clouds. oh, look, there's the queen parachuting again. no, no, that's just the sun coming down. mostly sunny day there today. should be beautiful for the outdoor events. high in london, only 65. wish that was happening here. a light southwesterly wind there. here, we're under a clear sky. there's washington monument. 75 at reagan national. dew point is at 70. humid. calm wind this morning. elsewhere, temperatures down into the 60s. most of virginia, most of maryland, right near the bay waters and tidal potomac, mid and upper 70 there's. now as we take a look at the view from space we've got a clear sky all around the region this morning. a couple of showers on the eastern shore. we'll have a beautiful morning by 7:00 we'll be in the upper 60s. and maybe a low 70s in the cities with the light southea southeasterly wind. by noontime, clouds building. it will be the low to mid 80s. rather humid.
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not sweltering humidity, thankfully. by mid to late afternoon, clouds getting a little bit thicker and darker. might have some scattered thunderstorms around. we'll be near 90 mid afternoon. tomorrow, into the mid 80s. a lot of clouds around. perhaps some afternoon showers and thunder showers. on wednesday, partly sunny. could get afternoon storms and highs near 90. notice, no 100-degree temperatures. this is the department of reredundancy department. 90 each day all of the way into sunday. highs near 90. morning lows near 70. that's typical for early august. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here with a look at traffic. >> first4 traffic report, tracking the situation northbound 16th street at georgia avenue. all of your northbound lanes are blocked because of that downed tree. let's head over to i-66 in virginia, checking westbound at route 123. earlier we had road work. it's still here but in the process of clearing. that's good news. what was happening was only the left lane was getting by the road work there.
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good news for you, they're taking the cones up right now and getting them out of the roadway. your lane should be opened shortly. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic and a look at the rails. aaron and eun, over to you. one other traffic alert. things might be easier for some commuters driving through the district. the ramp connecting i-295 to the 11th street bridge will open after today's morning rush hour. this will help drivers heading southbound across the river. mayor vincent gray will cut the ribbon to open the ramp earlier this morning. gas prices are on the rise and don't expect them to slow down any time soon. the hike in prices is because the price of crude oil is going up. gas stations are passing on the costs to customers. d.c. drivers are paying $3.73 a gallon. 24 cents more than a month ago. virginia is at $3.35 which is a jump of 19 cents. it's $3.48 in maryland, up 16 cents from a month ago. drivers in west virginia are paying $3.49 a gallon, only five
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cents more than a month ago. today metro riders can pay for parking using their cellphones. metro is starting the pilot program allowing riders to use park mobile at some stations. metro riders will be able to pay by phone in the kiss and ride lots. if the program is successful metro could expand it to other stations. they allow meterses in district. the olympics may be getting a lot of the sports headlines these days but the nationals do remain one of the hottest teams in baseball. breaking ball. fair ball. scoring is harper. zimmerman coming to third. it takes ryan braun a long time to get to it. and nats get a couple. >> the nats came back from behind to beat them 11-10. tied with the reds for the best record in baseball. >> we are hot, hot, hot. >> keep it going.
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>> how fun is it? making baseball so exciting. all right. it is now 4:54. 73 degrees. not taking criticism lightly. coming up at 5:15, the question that had oprah lashing out at a follower on twitter. but first, the trial that could have a huge impact on the technology question buy. call it a sibling rivalry.
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today a legal battle begins between two of the biggest electronics companies in the world. apple will face a jury in federal court and say that samsung deliberately copied popular products. apple says samsung's new phones and tablets bear too close resemblan resemblance. but samsung says apple patents its products to stop competition and to have a monopoly on the smart phone and tablet market. last month a judge ordered samsung to stop selling the galaxy nexus phone which had a program similar to apple's siri. a new york mother gave birth to twin boys on two separate highways. >> the boys couldn't wait for mom and dad to drive to the hospital. the parents were on their way to the hospital saturday morning when they pulled over because mom went into labor. dad called 911 and mom gave birth to gavin john anderson on a stretcher. paramedics packed mom and dad into the ambulance but had to stop again because she gave birth to her second son.
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both boys are six pounds. the boys and parents are doing fine. see when you start off that way, the rest of their lives, who is going to go first, who is going to be best. >> you know who gets to go first, because he came out first. but i would imagine, you know, wouldn't you think -- not necessarily. >> the first one comes, you probably neat to sit still and wait for the next one. >> i guess the doctors would think it would be better if we got to the hospital. >> or try at least. >> yes. congratulations. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. some of america's top swimmers are looking to redeem themselves this morning after a disappointing day in the pool. also today we learn the charges against the man accused of killing 12 people in a crowded movie theater and whether he'll repeat his bizarre behavior in court.


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