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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 13, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the town of college station rocked by a deadly shooting just offcampus. >> police tell us two people have died, including a police officer. they tell nbc news another male victim died, but have not released any details about his age. we want to show you video, live pictures from a chopper over the scene. four others have been injured, including two who are being treated at area hospitals. these are live pictures. again, we're told the gunman is in police custody at this hour. authorities are planning to hold a press conference within the hour. we'll continue to bring the latest information as it comes into news4. back here at home, one man is dead, a fairfax county police officer is in the hospital after a head-on crash early this morning. the crash happened at the enter section of franconia road and gum street. >> reporter: the severity became
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evident. the county crewer's passengers compartment largely intact, but the infiniti burned. >> the driver of that car, believed tore the sole occupant, died at the scene. the officer was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: it happened about 3:00 a.m. when it happened. the infiniti was traveling west. >> that car for an unknown reason veered dramatically to the left and struck the cruiser. >> the officer was trapped, but he was able to radio the call into his dispatcher that there had been a crash. police say the officer may have been responding to a call, but not an emergency call using lights and sirens. the crash is still under investigation. fairfax county police are looking for witnesses. >> if anybody did see the crash, please call us. >> reporter: folks familiar with this stretch of franconia road say it can be treacherous. they recall doesn't, but nothing along the scale of what happened
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here this morning. derrick ward, news4. >> we'll have the investigation on "news4 at 5." three workers in leesburg fell 40 feet when a church roof collapsed. today one of the men was pinned beneath the beams until rescued. he and another injured worker are expected to recover. the third man on the roof was not injured. police and safety inspectors are working to find the cause of the collapse. terrifying moments for a woman on a morning run when someone tried to abduct her. at around 8:00, this happened on saturday, the 22-year-old was jogging along highland road when a man in a car stopped to ask her a question. she told police she couldn't understand what she was saying, so she walked up to the vehicle. that's when the man grabbed her, pamplly pulling her inside. she managed to break free and run away. the victim describes the vehicle as an old white car with four doors and red closest interior.
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an embarrassing and bizarre security breach at jfk airport. officials say a stranded jet skier managed to bypass the airport's $100 million security system over the weekend. he reportedly got stuck in the middle of new york's jay maka bay. he swam ashore, and walked past motion sensors and security cameras without incident. a delta employee finally stopped him. the man is charged with criminal trespassing. new york's port authority is now investigating. now to the race for the white house. the four candidates from both tickets are campaigning in battleground states today. medicare would have been the headline today, but the president's appearance in iowa altered the script. steve handelsman explains. >> reporter: his opponent got the weekend buzz by picking a running mate, but in drought-stricken iowa today, president obama created his own buzz, as only an incumbent can,
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ordering the federal government to buy $150 million worth of meat and fish from hard-hit farmers. >> we've got a lot of freezers. the president says the farm bill, froch on capitol hill, would help more, and singled out mitt romney's running mate for helping block it. >> so if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to way and our rural communities. >> reporter: iowans seeing ryan today. a chaotic event, his speech repeatedly disrupted. >> stop the war and the -- >> we don't want a welfare state. we don't want a debt crisis, we don't want to prolong in recession. >> reporter: but in st. augustine romney charged obama care did that. >> to cut it. that's not the right answer. we want to make sure we preserve and protect medicare. >> until obama health care, medicare payments to doctors and
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drug companies will drop, not the benefits to seniors. up ryan's proposal, seniors would get vouchers for private insurance, ending medicare as a government entitlement. >> he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision, but the problem is that vision is one that i fundamentally disagree. >> a reuters/ipsos poll finds that so far ryan on the ticket has not raised the approval numbers. i'm steve handelsman, news4. a second poll by "the washington post" and abc news find that 38% of the people polled have a positive reaction to paul ryan, while 33% have a negative reaction. let's turn to the forecast now. what a beaut out there. this may be the best day of the week. >> heavy winds and storms may be headed our way. veronica has the latest. >> that's right, jim and pat. it has been a gorgeous day today. that nice weather continuing off the sunday. take a look at the satellite and
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radar review of the last couple hours. you can see a few clouds here, over the last three hours through. we have a lot of sunshine mixed with a few puffy clouds, as we look at storm team 4 radar. tomorrow we're talking about not just showers, but probably some thunderstorms that are going to be showing up. that's what we're going to talk more about later. as for your temperatures throughout the area, we are in the 80s, from the low 80s to around 90. fairfax, a city right now, great falls and reston, all at 86. down towards culpepper, 84 user temperature. up north right now in damascus and gaithersburg, 82, that is our cool spot. puffy clouds, clouds on the increase for the evening hours, and especially past midnight. so at 5:00 this evening, we'll be at 89 degrees, a warm evening, a nice evening, 85 by 7:00. down to 78 degrees by 11:00 p.m.
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so, again, the possible of some storms tomorrow. as far as the week ahead, w5r789. we'll see where the temperatures will be sitting in just a couple minutes. jim, pat, right back to you. now that the london olympic games are over, thousands are making a mad dash to get back home. more than 100,000 people are expected at heathrow airport today. martha fairly talked to some@threets and travelers as they want so long to the host city. >> reporter: this is expected to be heathrow's busiest day of the olympic games, with an estimated 116,000 people flying away after yesterday's closing ceremony. amongst them, 6,000 athletes, who will be passing through this very special temporary games terminal that's been constructed to give them a british-style send-off. this has been built like a london park, park benches, red phone boxes, a post boif and memory treat where athletes are
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being asked to write down their greatest moment. >> my gosh, i have so many memories from these games. besides getting this, which is the best race of my life, a great memory, getting to see the other athletes compete is amazing. >> reporter: amongst those memories they have left behind are victories, wins of gold medals, but also the fantastic support from the crowds and also the help of the volunteers throughout the games. despite the huge number of people flying out, things are going very smoothly. this is martha fairly for nbc. news4's dan hellie is heading back. he'll have local highlights, including katie ledecky's record-breaking swim. that's coming up in our second half hour. when "news4 at 4" continues, some concern today about antibacterial soap and the impact it may have on your health. a vicious attack caught on camera. why police say this bus driver was beaten by a passenger.
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another company cuts ties with football player chad johnson following his arrest on domestic violence charges. we continue to following the breaking news out of texas today. two people killed after shots ring out n
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us news just keeps getting worse for chad johnson. >> late yesterday the miami dolphins cut johnson from the team. today vh-1 announced a reality show based on the couple is being pulled from the schedule. >> gil ma avalos says the troubles all started with a miss tiery receipt. >> i promise aisle getting arrested while we're off. >> chad johnson making a jokes, here he is walking our broward county jail after being arrested for domestic violence against his new bride. they've been married for just a little over a month. the two have never shied away
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from the limelight. she often makes cameos on "hard knocks". >> when i scored a touchdown, was -- >> but the wedded bliss came to a hit after allegedly a receipt for a box of condoms was found. she told police she called her husband and this got into a heated argument. >> using expletives to describe what he felt, that he didn't care, he didn't care about his career. >> lozado said she was hurt when johnson head-butted her. he claims that they leaned into and butted heads. >> she had quite a laceration on the forehead, described as 2 to 3 inches in lent. as we all know, head wounds bleed a lot, but her face was covered in blood. >> reporter: according to the complaint affidavit, lozada took off running, as johnson drove
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around looking for her. he was cooperative and was arrested am at home. his teammates offered support. >> first thing we can do as a football club and as teammates is just be there for him. >> johnson is charged with domestic violence. he could get a maximum of one year in jail. the new season of "the voice" about feature a twist. >> the executive producer says coaches will be able to steal contestants from each other. there will also be a new knockout round to cut the numbers of contestants. burnett added that substitutes may be needed in the future to replace the coaches, because of their busy music careers, but the original four will have, quote, chairs for life. the new season starts september 10th right here on news4. after years of public heartbreak, everybody's favored friend finds love.
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miley says good-bye to any resemblance to hannah montana. and the girl power was back again last night. did you see it? joining us is entertainment news is "access hollywood's shawan robinson. let's start off with jennifer aniston. she might be getting married before brangelina. >> according to the mayor of the town where they are now, he has kind of loose lips. he said it was supposed to be this past weekend, but it just may be next weekend. i'm sure brad and angie are not happy about the information he's giving the press, but he's saying it might be next weekend. but last thursday, or rather last friday, jennifer aniston and her boyfriend justin deroe got engaged. i am so happy. they seem like just jennifer is filming in north carolina, and justin on his 41st
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birthday flew and propose. i haven't seen the ring or anything like that, but the first person that jennifer called was her father, because they have a very good relation-. it was recently that they took this romantic trip to parys, so that may have got him in the mood to propose to her, but i am so happy for her. jennifer has said she's always wanted to be a mother. she's 43, which is okay, but hopefully maybe they'll have some kids soon. >> we're happy, too, we hope this time words for her. >> yes. >> let's talk about mylie cyrus. she got rid of her dark hair, and she cut it off. what are people saying? >> well, you know, she doesn't care what folks are saying. we know about 76% of her fans gave the haircut the thumbs
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down. it's kind of a pixie cut. it's short on one side, and miley, she said she's never felt more free, never felt better than she did after she cut her hair. she had -- i don't have the exact quote, but if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, because the hair is attached to my head and not anybody else's. i applaud her. i applaud anybody who says, i don't care what people think i should look like, this is how i feel good about myself, so right on, miley, you rock that new hair. it's going to gro back. >> it's a whole new look. >> britney spears, who shaved her head, it could have been that. >> or just get some extensions. that's easy, too. >> they lit up the stage last night. the spice girls are back in a big way. they've still got it. >> i'm going to ask you, which do you think is the hottest? >> i thought they all looked
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pretty hose last night. >> you don't have a favorite? >> victoria was pretty hot. >> victoria, i guess. >> don't they all look great? they all look absolutely fantastic, the entire night i thought was really great. the spice girls were definitely my favorite. they one direction annie lennox on a pirate ship. they had the beatles tribute. that 3-d image of john lennon. harry and kate were in the stands. they were having a great time. where was william? where was william? do you know where he was? >> no. we don't. >> i was wondering, though. >> we will tell you took on "access hollywood." if i give it away now, you don't have a reason to tune in. >> we'll have to wait and watch. that's one of the features too long? >> that's right.
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we'll have that and a lot more for you guys. >> we're going to get harry on the phone and try to scoop you. >> i just want to hang out with harry for a weekend. he seems fun. >> that guy is a fun guy. >> they both seem like fun. >> we'll see you a bit later at 7:30 on "access hollywood." and
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we have some breaking news out of stand county, virginia. firefighters are on the scene of this two-alarm fire at an did the assisted living facilities. this is above the parkers adult care home, the 200 block of shelton shop road. facility has room for 16 people. right now we are hearing there's no injuries, but it looks as though it's a complete loss. live pictures from stafford, virginia. the iranian government has raised the death toll from saturday's earthquakes to 306. more than two thirds of the victims were women or children. 3,000 others were injured when
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the quakes hit. the first quake registered a magnitude of 6.4, the second quake followed minutes later with a magnitude of 6.3. rescuers called off the search for survivors yesterday. several countries with embassies in tehran have offered help, but rannian officials say they do not need any foreign aid. the state news agency said a rescue team from turkey was turned away when it arrived without prior permission. oklahoma had powerful storms ripping through sunday evening. 60-mile-per-hour winds pushed over trailer homes, toppled trees. five people went to the hospital after a house collapsed, transportation them imsigned. crews are still working to restore power to homes and businesses. wow, rough times there. >> yes. here, beautiful weather. >> i cannot ahead to get outside. i'm heading out for the next
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weather. >> >> take us with us. >> okay. i will. it's the same weather system that came through oklahoma. for it will it will be a bit of a weaker system, but still i'm concerned about tomorrow afternoon. let's head to the weather wall and we'll talk more about it out there right now. look at the gorgeous puffy clouds. these are the type of clouds that kids like to look at and say, hey, that looks like an airport. right? today it felt nice. 90 with low dew point, low humidity, just at 33%. we have a light wind, too, at 9 miles per hour. so where where he go from here, well, for this evening, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m., we'll see a few clouds around the area. your temperature 81 degrees by 9:00. 78 by 11, and then tomorrow morning, a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, i think, depending on where you are,
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could even be some light showers west of our area, but a mild morning indeed at 72 to 74 degrees from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. here's a look at storm team 4 radar. just how quiet it is off to the west, around areas of cleveland, we have some light showers. this is all part of the same weather system headed this way. look at how strong those showers and sfp storms are. the main threat for us will be high winds. we could see some high winds out of those storms tomorrow. here's high pressure over the area today. it will be moving out of the area, and in will be the clouds for tomorrow morning. the blobs you see here, that's the light showers that could be around the area again, mainly north and west, around louden county. we get the thunderstorms during
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the afternoon, any time after about 2:00 or so. we're quiet after about 9:00, and we fire up against with the actual front that comes in on wednesday. it is against a slight risk throughout the area tomorrow. we could have some severe storms. haguerstown, and so nice 76 to 83 for tomorrow morning. against that mild start for us with clouds around, maybe a few sprinkles. tomorrow afternoon 87 to 91. it is going to be plenty warm tomorrow. threat of rain the next two days with storm embedded, and then we're hot for the end of the weekend from the front lawn. >> nice out there. still to numb on "news4 at 4," the first lady gets involved in a brand-new venture. how she plans to help parents get their kids back to school. the bus driver attacked by the passenger, all
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welcome back. at 4:30, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. authorities say three people are dead after a shooting near the campus of texas a&m. police confirm the gunman is among the three who died after
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an officer shot him. an officer and male civilian are the other two victims. we're told two others are injured. this is an active investigation with officers on the scene. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour. new research from the centers for disease control about the country's rising obesity rate. in the district court 22% of residents are considered obese. virginia has a 26% obesity rate amount maryland ace rate is 26% is. here is more about why -- >> reporter: the cdc report says overall a third of american adults are obese, which comes as no surprise to most of us. >> i think we're rushing around, a lot of fast foods. >> when you're spending so much of your day inside the car, you're not out, not walking. >> you go to the grocery store, healthy food is actually a lot more expensive.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: the centers' state obesity map has states where 1 in 3 is obese followed by 25 others where the rate drops, but only to 1 in 4. disappointing news after decades of trying to get americans to lose weight. >> our public health care efforts have really not been very successful. it's a very scary problem. >> reporter: bariatric surgeon says health care costs are running at $150 billion a year and run the risk of bankrupting the system. >> obesity is a major, if not the major driver of increased health care costs. we've got to figure out a way to control this problem. >> reporter: the problem, he says, is brought on by the usual suspects. increased ka like intake, decreased at this time. >> we just finished the olympics. americans had a record number of medals. we're watching the athletes, we're not doing the activities ourselves. >> reporter: not one state in
4:32 pm
the cdc survey had an obesity rate less than 20%. chris clack many, news4. the pope's former butler will stand trial in a vatican scandal. a judge ordered palo gabrielle to face charges that he leaked documents. they exposed infighting and possible corruption they highest levels of the church. the vatican has promised a public trial, but there's no date set yet. another person is charged with aiden and abetting. a navy ship that collided with an oil tanker in the persian gulf is now in port in dubai. check out the damage that was caused to the "uss porter." it collided with a japanese-owned tanker over the weeke weekend. no one was injured, but it store a 10 foot by 10 foot hole in the ship. the navy is larging an
4:33 pm
investigation. a bus driver in florida is recovering from a concussion after being brutally attacked. this happened on july 19th in tampa. the video shows a woman getting onto the bus, paying her fare and punching the driver repeatedly. both the union that represents drivers and the transit agency are now investigating. a new type of reality competition hits the air tonight on nbc. it's called "stars & stripes." the show partners celebrities with current and former members of the military or first responders, then puts them in missions inspired by actual military exercises. those challenges include a different still set than many of these celebrities are used to. >> for me, you know picking up guns, using them, shooting grenade launchers, rappelling off of buildings. i didn't think those would be things i wanted to do before. >> as they advance through the stages of the competition they increasingly earn money. that money goes to veterans'
4:34 pm
charities. it's a good cause, education and a good cause for our veterans. all the action gets under way took at 8:00 right here on nbc4. looking forward to that. yeah, there is a lot more to come on "news4 at 4." a live al gatherer show takes a dangerous turn at a state fair. and new concerns today about an ingredient used in antibacterial soap.
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there are plans to build a no-man's-land, a city exclusively for women. it's being built. the goal is to allow more women to work and gain financial independence while allowing the gulf kingdom to follow its ultra-conservative sharia law. women are segregated, not allowed to drive and make up only about 15% of the workforce. the new industrial city will have firms run strictly by women. developers say it will be up and running by next year. mrs. obama has agreed to be an online editor for a week on i village. she's focusing on going back
4:38 pm
to -- the series a called rev up your back-to-school routine. we should note the web side is part of nbc universal, the company that owns our station. new concerns about the kemmial used in antibacteria products. a recent study found that one of the chemicals found might interfere with muscle function. in test tube studies, the keck cal made it harder for heart and muscle cells to contract. negative effects were also noticed in mice and fish. officials say it's still too early to know if it can have a negative impact on humans. a show at a state fair takes an unexpected turn and reminds people of a tragic accident from the past. plus the price of the latest iphone falls.
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sunday. let's head out to the front lawn, where they're not serving up food, but they're soaking up a lot of sunshine. veronica. >> this is what i'm talking about out here. this is my kind of weather. some kind of yummy. look who's bombing my weather shot today. >> it's nice out here. i heard there was a grill out here. >> grill? yeah, right, somewhere. we're going to get right on that. >> i do not want to leave this. this is like a little house. >> we're going to continue to fix it up, so we can treat our guests nice. >> you and doug are out here when it's nice. >> no, doug's out here more when it's nice weather. >> you get busy. i'm just bombing you. >> see you guys. let's pan up and look at the clouds. we have some puffy clouds up there, not delivering any rain. tomorrow they'll be giving us some showers and thunderstorms.
4:43 pm
don't waste this evening. the montgomery county fair is still going on until next saturday. it might be a destination spot for the evening. right now our term is at 81 at thurmtthurmon thurmtthurmont. ,. 81 so today about 89 to 1 degrees, but you're going to notice the humidity rising a bit. the other thing, too, more scattered light showers. and then the threat of storms during the afteron tomorrow, so your future cast goes like this. there's your morning showers. the blobs of green, by the afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, the showers, the storms with the afternoon heating, they will be
4:44 pm
sparking around the area. the main threat will be that of high winds that could come through. martins burg and winchester still looking at rain by the evening. we clear out a bit, but then for early wednesday morning, we're back to more showers around the area, even a few thunderstorms down to the south, then showers and storms possible to continue south and east of the area for wednesday afternoon. right now your evening forecast, partly cloud y. nice and mild. 76 to 83 degrees. tomorrow morning 66 to 76, not bad with isolated showers against. so take the umbrella tomorrow. 87 to 91 degrees, thunderstorms possible, some of them strong, all right? then for wednesday, just a 40% chance. so probably the sogiest day of our workweek will be tuesday, but still not rain throughout the entire day. we step it down to 88 with more closure on wednesday. thursday and friday right now,
4:45 pm
we're calling it hot. 91 to 93 degrees. we get the sunshine back, probably still, you know, one of the nicest days out of the workweek, right now as you're looking ahead to the weekend, saturday and sunday, jim, pat, jim, i know you're back in there, you have a chance for showers the first half of the weekend. not too bad. certain no stream heat. >> this is the summer the way we like it. >> um-hmm. coming up on news4, the circumstances that led a man to drive his car the wrong way down the highway for more than seven miles. and the washington-area olympians who made a big splash in 2012. dan hellie has the highlights of our local athletes. coming up, we're following the breaking news out of the college station, texas. three people dead, including the shooter, just off the campus of texas a&m. plus news for your health
4:46 pm
tonight, a new study says thinking your fat could actually make it happen.
4:47 pm
i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.
4:48 pm
people used to cheer when they got their hands on the new iphone 4. retailer cutting the price to get ready for the new model. apple is expected to produce it
4:49 pm
in september. targets is selling the iphone 4 for $180 down from $200. best buy dropped the price for the base model. prices are expected to cut even more once apple reveals the new iphone. it didn't take long. they're moving in the right direction. >> that's for sure. the final chapter has been written and the book is closed on the 2012 olympics. dreams were realized, new legends were born. >> that's for sure. where d.c. area olympians, the biggest splash was made in the pool, but a 15-year-old from bethesda. >> what's going through your head? >> honestly i just remembered watching all those podium ceremonies when i was a little kid and seeing how inspiring those were, just being on that gold medal stand was unbelievable, a dream come through. potomac falls and uva graduate
4:50 pm
matt mclain was part of the team that made michael phelps the winningest olympian in history. >> it was awesome. i knew my teammates would take care of it. to be on there with the guys in the morning was an honor and to help the team in the night was exactly what i saided to do. >> kevin durant, pride of led usa to a gold medal. scoring 156 points in the olympics more than any team usa player ever. >> i hope people back in the states appreciate it, and, um, we'll come back and bring the gold back and enjoy it tonight. >> alex jennings brought home a bronze in tae kwon do. a rarity in the u.s. >> what was it like? >> a little bit disbelief. when they put it around my neck, it hit me and i smiled. it's real. >> it wasn't all mimes.
4:51 pm
matt was so close to a medal in the 1500 meters, he could feel it, but he misses out on a bronze by 0.005 of a second. . she's already thinking about the 2016 games in rio. bethesda's julie zetlin admitted to feeling the pressure. but her greatest feat was just being here, the first american rhythmic gymnast to compete in eight years. >> as soon as i stepped onto the carpet, the first thought that went through my mind is i'm officially an olympian. you know, that feeling was just like, i don't know, i felt like a power zeng through me. >> what's next, you ask? sochi is next, the -- and alex ovechkin is already catching olympic fever. >> when you see how people are excited to come here, like i
4:52 pm
just saw the display against the british athlete, and you can see how home fans support, you know, it's just unbelievable. >> wow. >> favorite moment? >> so many. >> my gosh, there were so many. >> there's michael phelps, there was the kerri walsh jennings and misty may treanor. >> i'm with you, though, i have to go with phelps. history made right there. that was it. >> exciting moment saturday, that 4x100 men's relay. we didn't win, but it was quite a race. >> doesn't get any faster, never has before. still ahead on "news4 at 4," how a trainer was able to escape after a gator turned on him. >> for all your news, be sure to follow news4
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a man in his 80s who drew he car and camper for 7 1/2 miles in the wrong direction on a busy highway, had his license taken away today. that happened in australia back in february. in court the attorney for the driver said he unknowingly suffered a stroke in the lead-up to the incident which could have
4:56 pm
caused his confusion. in the end the 81-year-old pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was fined $1500. scary moments at the indiana state fair over the weekend. a stagecoach flipped over and injured five people. it was participating in free entertainment activities when it fell over making a turn. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. the accident happened on the eve of the anniversary of a stage collapse last year. that killed seven people and injured more than 60 others. an alligator demonstration at an ohio fairground went terribly wrong. the gator snapped down on the trainer's arm. pamela osborn talks to the man who captured the whole ordeal and posted it on youtube for the world to see. >> but if something were to touch, you would all see a different reaction. >> reporter: for more than 15 years, the alligator show has
4:57 pm
been thrilling audiences at local fares and festivals, but on thursday night at the cuyahoga county fair grounds, the show took a dramatic turn. >> just started recording. all of a sudden things went wrong. >> he recorded the cell phone video from the audience. he is attempting to show them how quick think and forcefully the alligator can snap. the crowd cheers. >> give him a nice big round of applause. things go wrong. the alligator lashes towards him. >> he snapped down on his arm. you heard the bone crushing or something. >> children in the audience scream as the alligator clamps down on his trainer. the announcer drops the mike.
4:58 pm
>> then went and got a stick. >> 21 seconds later, the alligator finally lets go. >> there was blood and guts and muscle, bones just showing in hi arm. just something i never expected to the. dan walks offstage and is taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. one lucky man. up next, three people killed in the shooting near the campus of texas a&m. news off the top tonight, three people are dead, several others are wounded in a shooting near the campus of texas a&m. >> that took place in college station about two hours northwest of houston s news4's darcy spence are is in the newsroom with details. >> that shooting happened just two blocks from the texas a&m campus. authorities say a police constable and severalian were killed when a gunman opened fire. the gunman was fatally wounded
4:59 pm
in a gun battle with police, according to the associated press. please identified the constable as 41-year-old brian bachmann. three additional people were also hurt s. including two police officers. the nature of their injuries was not immediately available. earlier in the day, an alert was issued on campus for an active shooter. police say they don't know if the shooter was a student and what led to the gunfire still remains under investigation. back to you. more breaking news in the colorado movie theater shooting. it looks like we may have to wait longer than expected to get certain details about james holmes. just moments ago a judge denied media outlets' requests to unseal court documents. the judge also decided not to release any university of colorado records related to holmes where he was a student. the 23-year-old is accused of opening firing during the scre


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