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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  August 17, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone, welcome to news 4 midday, it's friday, august 17th. 2012. its a parent's worst nightmare, leaving they are child in a hot care. today the government is launching a campaign in hopes of getting parents to look before they lock their cars. megan mcgrath joins us live from alexandria with more on this effort. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara, it's a busy world. parents are juggling children and dropping them off at day care and heading out to work. it's very easy to become distracted and forget your child is in the car. unfortunately that can prove
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very deadly. in fact, eight children nationwide died last week alone, that brings the total this summer to 23. a terrible, terrible statistic. organizers of this event set up a memorial garden so that people could see the faces of these children who have died, read their names and look at their ages, just a horrifying situation that drives home the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. to try to prevent these tragedies the department of transportation and department of health and human services came up with the look before you lock campaign. they are providing educational materials to head start programs and child care centers around the country, materials that will help educate parents about the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. among those helping get that message out are reginald mckinnen, his 17-month-old died because he forgot she was in the back of the car and left her there for four hours.
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>> something that i don't wish upon anybody, to have to go through. it's something that i continue to have to deal with on a daily basis along with my family and friends and you know, it's something that i still don't have any answers to, why this occurred, but it's a promise that i made to my daughter to try to get more education out there. >> children are at higher risk for injury from heat stroke, particularly because their bodies heat up three to five times faster than an adult body. >> now, of course, the number one message here is to never leave a child unattended in a car, even if you have the windows rolled down. it does not take long at all for a car to heat up and become potentially deadly. there are also tips out there, for example, if you're not the person who normally drops your child off at day care, if your spouse or someone else does
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that, have someone call you after you would have done that dropoff, just to make sure that everything went okay and you didn't forget and just going into your regular routine and there's a child in the back seat of the car you didn't realize was there. also, of course, if you ever see a car that has a child inside it unattended, don't take any chances, call police immediately. reporting live in alexandria, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. turning to the weather now. it's a cool comfortable start to the morning. kim is in for tom today and joins us with our first forecast. >> good morning, we're off and running with a beautiful start. i wanted to start with the radar to show you we have no showers nearby. so far your friday is great. no trouble. might not be the same later tonight. there's that 82 sitting pretty right here. hagerstown, 77 and i love that 72 in cumberland. where the clouds are thicker, that's because you guys are closer to the front that's going to be bringing us the showers.
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right now they are approaching the greater pittsburgh area. the computer models are slowing this front down. so while we have a slight risk of severe weather, it's mainly off to the southern shenandoah valley, does not include the metropolitan d.c. area and the slight risk for severe weather transfers to the coast for saturday leaving us partly to mostly cloudy. i don't think the weekend will be a washout. what you need to know today. by 5:00, we'll be partly sunny with storms developing, especially to the west. today is our last day, i love to say this in the 90s. i'll tell you more about the weekend weather forecast in a little bit. >> we look forward to seeing you in here. a traffic alert, hundreds of motorcyclists are heading to town to honor the 911 pentagon victims. their route include parts of the dulles toll road and 66. they'll be arriving in the area sometime this afternoon.
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yesterday the group advivisited fleet 93 crash site in pennsylvania. tomorrow the group will ride to ground zero. northbound 95, just outside baltimore is finally back open after being closed more than 8 hours because of a deadly truck crash. lumber,11:00 last night, a slammed into a barrier wall. the crash caused two fuel tanks to burst into flames and it was a pretty nasty situation. the flames fully engulf the truck's cab and the driver was killed. there were no other injuries and no other cars were involved in this crash. we're going to check on the midday traffic now and see how things are moving out there. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. happy friday to you. if you're traveling the beltway, here's the situation, mdot is reporting emergency road work just past georgia avenue. and you are seeing big delays, jammed even. i'll show you as you make your way past new hampshire avenue,
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very slow and sluggish. i'll give you a travel speed from i-95 trying to get to 270. driving at 19 miles per hour and that drive will take you 30 minutes. let's head over to the 14th street bridge. earlier there was a disabled vehicle in the right lane. travel lanes are open. no issues across the 14th street bridge or 395. barbara, back over to you. >> starting today, nearly half a billion dollars will be up for grabs to fix crumbling roads and bridges. transportation secretary ray la hood will announce more than $470 million will be available for transportation improvements. the transportation department set aside the money for special projects. under the plan, the states must identify how the funds will be used by october 1st. >> as we speak, paul ryan is campaigning in virginia. mitt romney's running mate has two campaign events, including one which gets under way at this
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hour. it's a rally at a high school in glenn allen. he'll also head to fairfax where he'll visit west springfield high school. this is the second trip to virginia in less than a week. romney introduced him in the commonwealth just last saturday. >> may not look much like paul ryan, but chris van hollen will portray the vice president nal nominee during the debate preparations. van hollen is the ranking member on the house budget committee and works closely with ryan. democrats are putting new pressure on mitt romney to release more of his tax returns, the only way to defend his claim that 13% of his income went to taxes for the past several years. >> did go back and look at my taxes and over the past sen years, i never paid less than 13%.
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i think the most recent year is 13.6 or something like that. so i've paid taxes every single year. >> and that was yesterday. romney also says he's given a lot of money to charity. he says when you combine those contributions to the taxes that he has paid, he has given up more than 20% of his income each year. he also denies an allegation harry reid has made that he paid no taxes for some of those years. a wounded warrior and his family have a new home today. they received the keys just this morning. and the best part, they don't have to worry about a mortgage. tracy wilkins is at that home in fort washington. >> reporter: this is without question a dream come true. the father of this family has been serving and defending this country for the past ten years and after living in transitional housing, they finally have a new place for them to call home, a mortgage free home here in fort washington. let me tell you, i was inside
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and it is absolutely beautiful. this new home in fort washington is simply perfect for this family. plenty of room for them to grow. this husband and wife have two little ones and another one on the way. johnal brekt served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan where he's been injured. he's been injured three times and now on medical retirement. their new home was donated to them through a partnership with j.p. morgan chase and operation home front. for years operation homefront provided assistance to families to vets offering financial and even food assistance. but providing an actual home is a fairly new endeavor for the non-profit. so far they provided 16 families with homes and they are in the process of preparing 90 more. most of these homes were either for closed or given back to the bank. it was an opportunity to turn something sad for another family into a blessing for some of america's heroes. >> it's amazing that we're able
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to give a home to a proud warrior and his family who have served our country so patriotically. >> it's still shocking, little bit in shock. it's a lot to take in. so a lot of room. it's great. >> operation homefront's goal is to have 350 military families in one of their rehabbed homes by 2013. and they are not just providing homes but also assistance with a caseworker who helps the family manage through the transition. in the fort washington, tracy wilkins, news 4. >> and our time right now, ten minutes after 11:00, the founder of wikileaks remains in london despite ecuador's offer of asylum. we'll look when the standoff could end. we sat down with spike lee to talk about his brand-new movie that's hitting the theaters next week. th[ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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two members of the afghan security force turned their gun opening fire. military officials say the gunman was a member of afghan local police who was recruited just five days ago to a village defense force. he shot and killed two service members before being shot and killed himself. a second attack happened in the province of kandahar but no one was killed there. six other service members have been killed in similar incidents in just the past week. british officials say they will not allow wikileaks founder julian assange safe pass ang to leave the country. assange has been holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy for two months. he's wanted in connection with a rape case, however the british more than ministry says they
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have no plans to storm the embassy to arrest assange. ecuador says without asylum he could be extradited to the u.s., where they believe he would not be given a fair trial. some local fire crews are joining the fight against some of the more than 60 wildfires burning across the west. virginia's department of forestry sent an eight-person crew to idaho. firefighters have also been sent to arizona, nevada and california. in washington state, officials are keeping a close eye on the destructive taylor bridge rage. it could kick up the fire which has already destroyed more than 70 homes and 200 other buildings. storm 4 meteorologist joins us now to talk about our weather. any storms coming our way? >> a little bit. the outfit, the green, maybe representing green on the radar
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later this evening. most of the day will be dry. if you have afternoon plans getting around town, it shouldn't be a problem. later tonight, if you're going to be going out for friday night activities, that's when you need to have the umbrella. we have sunshine outside for the time being. it is 82 degrees. the humidity has come up a little bit since yesterday. yesterday the humidity levels running in the 30% range. now we're up to 54%. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. and as we look around the metro, we have comfortable temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we'll take it. in fact, today will be the last day we hit the 90s for a high for a long time. and that is music to my ears. hopefully you're looking forward to that. here's a check at digital doppler. no storms in the immediate area. as we look to the west, that's where they are coming from. they are marching towards pittsburgh right now and western west virginia. now the computer models have slowed things down a little bit. so instead of maybe pushing the storms in by the beginning of rush hour, i think you might get
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a lot of rush hour through without the storms slowing you down, unless you'll be out towards 81. different story out there. out here we have a slight risk of severe weather today through the evening and tonight. it doesn't affect the metropolitan area but this will transfer to the coast for tomorrow's weather forecast. along with the front and along with the rain. check out the front in motion. the storms developing later today. the timeline is in the title. what time is this map for? it's right up here. here comes the front. it will push everything through this evening and tonight. tonight is the most unsettled part of the weekend. then we're playing cleanup for saturday and sunday. this front will head to the coast not the best beach weather tomorrow at ocean city but at least we'll get by with a little bit of sunshine heading into saturday afternoon and sunday. not a lot but not a washout. let's put it in writing for you. today we're looking at the morning sunshine fading, developing showers, mainly late.
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i think this is going to be more of an evening event. temperatures once again into the 90s but the last day for 90s for a while. into the evening time, that's the busiest time for thunderstorms tonight and meteorologist chuck bell will be all over that. we're not looking at a severe weather outbreak. 83. as we look at the morning and tomorrow, an early shower, the clouds linger and we'll see breaks of sun. look at the 80s for the high. that's going to be so much nicer than the 90s. we keep 80s on the extended weather forecast through the week. our next chance for showers looks to be again on monday and then nice weather sets up shop on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. love that. >> and you're looking good. how much longer do you have? >> just about a month to go and we know it's a little girl cooking in there. >> congratulations, kim, that's terrific. >> thank you. let's check again on our
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traffic. good morning. >> if you're taking the metro, larg go, town center, metro station, the situation is lost power, no escalators or elevators. the station is open but you may want to take a shuttle bus instead. be aware of that. heading to the roads thinking of taking i-95 south, you're in for a slow ride. i'll show you a couple of live cameras. very slow southbound, no accidents and everybody is looking to get out of town, continuing all the way -- it's a slow trip back over to you. >> thanks a lot. it's 19 after 11:00 now. lunches that pack a punch as kids head back to school. parents fight between what kids want and what they need. we still know how to rock the hisle. >> i don't know what you just said. ♪ ♪ >> plus a very funny husband and wife rapping team. but first, here's what's hot on
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packing a school lunch isn't always easy. parents are looking for healthy options to fuel their child for the whole day. we wrap up back to school week with heather staufer. good morning, welcome. >> thank you, barbara. >> you have lots of ideas on things we ought to be thinking about but probably things kids don't want like organic foods. tell us about that. >> organic foods is worth thinking about heading back to school. it's important to think about how we can make our kids' foods healthier. and think about what foods your child eats and take those foods and at least make those organic. >> most kids don't want carrot sticks or apple slices unless
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there's sort of something inventive about it. what are some suggestions? >> barbara, take the foods they love and make they will healthier. if they eat a lot of dairy, for example. >> cheese and so on. >> make those organic. if they eat a lot of pband js, organic breads and so on. give them choices and let them make the decision. carrots. >> do they ever pick broccoli? >> they do. you'd be surprised if you let them decide. i also encourage kids to talk about colors. the more colors that you can put into any recipe that you make, the healthier it is. >> you have something that you do, you will have a night of dish and then what you have leftover you make that into a lunch. you have fajita night. tell us what you do for lunch the next day. >> that's one of my family's favorites. we take whatever we have, in
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terms of fruits and veggies and if it's chicken or steak or fish or shrimp. and then we put everything out and let the kids decide. i challenge my 7-year-old. let's see how many -- if you can put seven ingredients into your fajita and let's see how colorful yours can be to the 2-year-old. with leftovers, what do you do the next day? >> start with a big flour tortilla. >> i call a rainbow wrap. i'm just -- i've got a spinach tortilla and i'm adding cream cheese and a little bit to the edge because that helps seal it and make it cleaner for the child to eat. then i'm going to add a few pieces of chicken. which is good protein to keep their bellies full and keep them focused throughout the school day. >> you will have cooked that the night before? >> that's right. that's from leftover fajitsa and
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i've chopped up mango, i guess we should start with red, rainbow order. so red, orange and kids -- >> red peppers? >> right, red peppers and we have yellow pine apples, make it a little bit sweet. crunchy red peppers and different textures and different tastes for the kids. and then just a little bit of l l lettis so green. >> blue berries in there too but that wouldn't be much of a fajita. >> i call this a rainbow wrap. i've challenged the kids to make yours a rainbow. and send it off in the lunch box. you can put it in -- this is a reusable lunch sack, a local company. >> let me put it over here. this is some of the things you've packed in the lunch along with the fajita.
11:27 am
>> here i've put the rainbow wrap with leftover fajitas into the reusable lunch skin bag and apple and some mom made fiesta rice. >> beans and rice, that's a good idea. >> that looks good. >> it's okay cold. >> it is, yep. it's perfectly good cold. >> that's great. >> and then i've added, this is a mom made munchy, apple pie, which is a nice desert. again, it fits perfectly in the lunch skin bag. >> we thank you so much for sharing these ideas. great idea with the fajita night, i think i'll try that for myself this evening. sounds good. there are more ideas on your website, mom made people can check that out. thanks for coming. >> they can find them in whole foods in the freezer aisle. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next half hour, the push to prevent days of long power outages like the ones we
11:28 am
saw this summer. plus, we sit down with director spike lee to talk about his new movie, his broadway debut and more. >> a chance of rain in today's forecast. kim will join us a
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right now, paul ryan is in virginia, campaigning this morning. he'll be in fairfax county later today at west springfield high school. this is ryan's second trip to virginia in less than a week. mitt romney introduced him there as his running mate last saturday. a security guard shot inside a conservative christian organization is recovering in the hospital. police say 28-year-old floyd corkins walked into the family research council wednesday morning claiming to be an intern. corkins started yelling about the organization's policies and shot security guard leo johnson in the arm. johnson gave a firsthand account of the confrontation to his
11:32 am
mother. >> he said, the man was taking too long to do what he was doing. so when he went around, you know, to see him and then that's when he pulled the gun out on him. then they got into a little altercation and i guess that's when he shot him. >> meanwhile, corkins made his first court appearance yesterday afternoon and ordered to undergo a mental evaluation behind bars. he is due back in court next friday. the head of the family research council is blaming the attack of reckless rhetoric. tony perkins fault the alabama civil rights organization that tracks and litigates against hate groups. the law center labeled the family research council a hate group in 2010 for what it called the organization's anti-gay stance. it is calling perkin's accusation outrageous. a warning for women after a disturbing encounter on the
11:33 am
metro. police are searching for a man behind two upskirting incidents. it happened twice this week at the tacoma park metro station. the same man approached her asking for directions. both times he kept rubbing his bookbag against her leg. on wednesday, the victim noticed a cell phone recording video under her skirt through a hole in the book bag. police say the woman tried to take the bag but it ripped. the man got away with the bag and the cell phone. >> government officials, community members and utilities are looking into the possibility of burying power lines in the district. mayor vincent gray announced a committee to study undergrounding wires yesterday. it's co-chaired by the city's administrator and pepco holding ceo joseph rigby. the mayor wants the group to figure out what has caused outages over the past decade, how much money has been lost and how much it would cost to bury the lines. the panel's report is due out by
11:34 am
january 31st. we're going to check in with kim martucci outside the news 4 weather patio. >> this is the place to be, for the time being. it's gorgeous outside, especially with a nice shady tree to stand underneath. i'm checking out the satellite loop. this is about 22,000 above the ground and keeping an eye on things. as of now we don't have trouble. a little bit of green on the screen off to the west and that is going to be the rain that comes later this morning. 82 is the number, 84 in fredericksburg and winchester at 81. you'll see the thunderstorms first today. here's future weather. this snap shot is at 2:00 this afternoon. you can see right around the rush hour the storms still seem to be west of d.c. we're still going to get wet but they are going to be moving through primarily during the evening and overnight. tomorrow morning it transfers to the coast. speaking of that beach weather, nice today at ocean city, 87,
11:35 am
the water temperature is 77. the stormiest day of the weekend is tomorrow, 81 at ocean city with thunderstorms and sunday a leftover thunderstorm but not a washout and 80 degrees there, barbara, back to you inside. >> all right, thank you so much. >> well, if you're using metro to get around this become, expect delays. there will be track work on four of the system's five lines. on the red line, the brookland and rhode island avenue stations will be closed. you can take a free shuttle bus. only for green and yellow line trains and single tracking on the orange and green and blue lines. work starts at 10:00 and should be finished by monday morning. let's check on our midday travel. >> well, you're tacking about metro, we have good news on metro. earlier largo metro station lost power. the power has been restored so
11:36 am
you'll be able to use the escalators and elevators and wonderful air conditioning. let's travel i-95 southbound, if you're heading down to virginia taking on 95 south, here's a look as you make your way towards lorton. let's talk travel speeds, about 21 miles per hour, that drive taking 36 minutes. back over to you, barbara. >> thanks. >> that's blood territory over there. >> i don't want y' all here no more, right? you should know letting him here without instructions. >> i want to go home. >> spike lee takes us back to brooklyn in his film red hook summer. a boy is sent to the red hook prongs to spent the summer with his grandfather. spike lee joins us with more on the movie and other upcoming projects. >> glad to be here. >> tell us about the movie
11:37 am
first. i know you grew up in brooklyn, is this a little bit of a auto biography? >> not at all. i think there's -- there are auto biograph cal moments from the film but more from the screen writer, james mcbride. this kid is being sent to spend a summer with his grandfather who he has never met before who is also a baptist peacher. >> tell ugs about the baptist preacher. why did you choose that role? i know that's an important role in the black community? >> i had done it before with oz y davis character in jungle fever. the black bishop preacher deacon has a special place in the african-american community, even today. >> can you tell us a little bit about what he says, what he does? does he change the life of the boy? >> from the very first minute his eyes set upon his grandson
11:38 am
who he has never seen before, he's trying to get him to accept the lord, to accept jesus into his life. and the kid, his name is flick, he's never been to church so he's very resistant. >> what year is this film set? >> today, contemporary. >> you have said you think brooklyn has become pretty gen t trified since you grew up. >> it's not all the way in red hook yet. you still have the red hook projects there. >> what part of brooklyn did you grow up in? >> fort green. has it become -- >> it's gone. >> where do you live now? >> i live in manhattan. my office is still in brooklyn though. >> it's hard to leave that part of the city. >> can't leave brooklyn. i can't. >> and you have got a lot of things going on right now, a lot of projects. one of them involves a guy that on your shirt there, tell us about that. >> before we get with that, before the other michael, i just
11:39 am
finished directing mike tyson broadway. it was a great run for 12 performances called mike tyson. he was phenomenal. he got standing ovations every performance. >> do you think you want to film that? >> probably for show time or hbo hopefully. >> how did you decide to do something with mike tyson? >> he's not a bad boy anymore. he's a very considerate grown man. i've known mike over 25 years and he had done this show in las vegas. i heard about it, called him up and said, let's work it together and put it on broadway. >> do you think he's always been an actor? >> he said that every time he stepped in the ring, he was acting, putting on a show. >> he did a great job there because folks really liked him. >> and this right here, i just finished a documentary called bad 25, which is about the
11:40 am
making of the bad album, michael jackson's "bad" album. this august 21st will be the 25th anniversary. it's about into everything that was made into making the all bum i got full access to the ar chifz so we have stuff no one has seen before. >> has his family been on board with you about this? >> we're doing it through the he state and sony epic records. >> have you worked with the kids at all? >> this is -- this is just about to making of -- i hear paris has talent but this is just about the making of the bad album. >> maybe there will be a sequel to that. >> not -- the next one would have to be thriller off the wall. the trilology that he did with quincy jones. i want to talk about politics, are you worried about the upcoming election? >> yeah, because i'm thinking it
11:41 am
could go either way if people don't come out and become galvanized and energized the way we were the first -- >> four years ago, yeah. >> are you going to be part of trying to bring that about? >> well, i'll do what i can do. >> and what are you planning to do? >> whatever they ask me to do. >> you met mitt romney at reagan national airport, is that right? >> yeah. >> did he recognize you? >> yeah, we said hello. this is like way -- like before he even made it public he was running for the president of the united states. >> did you like him? >> yeah, we shook hands and said hello. he asked about the knicks. >> knew you were a knicks fan. >> we got on our plans and left. went out two separate directions. >> always the separate directions with you and the republicans. >> no, we got one plane and i got on another plane. >> okay, well we'll talk politics again the next time you come. right now we want to celebrate
11:42 am
the red hook summer -- >> opening a week from today, august 24th. >> we're always happy to see you here. >> always loved d.c. >> i know you do, you toild me that before. >> come on back, whenever you feel like it. great to see you, spike. and still ahead, whitney houston's last movie "sparkle" hits theaters this weekend. plus, we hear from one of taylor swift's ex-boyfriends is her new song about him? his answer coming up. we'll
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small gains on wall street. let's check in with hampton peerson. >> remember the gap? apparently it's cool again with investors. part of what's been keeping stocks in positive territory, looking at the major averages, the s&p 500 up 1. gap shares are up 2.5% after boosting its future outlook and posting a 29% jump in net income. so it looks like the operator of gap and the old navy stores is
11:46 am
finally on the way to a turnaround and first to come in with stronger sales and earnings. apple stock on the rise after a major wall street analyst readvised the target to $900 a share. right now it's trading at $600. they are anticipating new products, including the next generation of the iphone and mini ipad and apple tv. looks like consumers are becoming more optimistic. the latest reading on consumer sentiment stands at the highest level and low interest rates has more and more americans boosting their buying plans. finally food for thought for those consumers. a new coupe upon survey found 3 in 4 u.s. adults wish they had been more educated about finances as children and found to stop the cycle, nearly 8 in 10 parents are currently
11:47 am
talking to their children about the importance of managing money. and that as we all know is a lifetime learning experience. >> indeed. and a great idea for parents to start early. thanks so much. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. a little hollywood magic lit up part of new york. it was part of a staged stunt for boardwalk empire. a series involving 1920s atlantic city. new york firefighters and police were on hand to supervise the explosion. tv and film production around new york is booming. the mayor's office says the industry brought in more than $7 billion last year. taking a look at some of the movies being released this weekend, some of the world's biggest action stars are together again in the expendables and number two sylvester stallone leads a cast,
11:48 am
they are all part of a crew working on a mission that involves weapons grade plutonium. it is rated r. if you're more moo family films, you may want to check out "the odd life of timothy green." a couple unable to have a child of their own and write a description of an imagery child, that child becomes real. that is rated pg. whitney houston's final film performance hits theater as well and stars aside jordinsparks. one of the girl's search for fame leads her down a dangerous road. "sparkle" is rated pg. we're remembering a member of the wrc family, dan daniels worked here at prc from 1969 to
11:49 am
1979 and also the broadcast voice of the washington senators in the 1960s. he was 90 years old. our time, 11:48. coming up, the parent rap that's going to make you laugh out loud. plus, meteorologist kim martucci will be back with the weekend wi[ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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the redskins will be back in action tomorrow. they head to chicago to take on the bears on the second preseason game. robert griffin iii will start as quarterback. redskins/bears game will be shown here on nbc 4. kickoff is at 8:00, a special pregame at 7:00. a boy band tops the mcfly report. tommy mcfly is here with his tv made reunion. welcome back. >> thank you very much. might want to call them a man band at this point. 98 degrees. >> let's look at them as we talk about what's going on. making a comeback here. they were on the "today" show this morning. >> doing all of their hits. and ladies, daughters, mothers,
11:53 am
all freaking out with excitement. so the speculation is, are they getting back together? >> and what do you say. >> nick la cha was on our show and all but confirmed it. >> they've gone their separate ways, what have they been doing? >> drew has been broadway and did some shows and nick has been great, the other two, i'm not sure. >> let's listen. >> also, you got the big get together on the "today" show with the guys. >> we always kind of left the door wide open on that and we took this opportunity to get back together and performing saturday in hershey, pennsylvania at the summer mid state festival and we're going to try it out and see how it feels to get back together. if it's feeling good, maybe we'll do some more. >> he still looks pretty good. >> sounds like a confirmation, unconfirmed confirmation they'll get back together at some point in the near future. >> let's talk about taylor swift
11:54 am
and her new song. out to get somebody, right? >> she dates these men then writes songs about them. if she wasn't famous, it would be like obsessive compulsive, she makes them into great songs. we are never ever getting back together is what she says a real relationship. >> who do you think it's about? >> immediate speculation was john mayer, jake gijilen hall. or nick jonas, he called to say it was not him. >> they are saying it's about you or john mayer? >> is it about you? >> i can say it's not about me because i don't think we've ever tried another time so -- i can tell you it's not about me. i like the song. i think the song is great and taylor does pop music really well. and i'm happy for her. >> they seem to be completely happy. >> you found yourself in the
11:55 am
middle of an unusual situation last night. >> my host and i were at happy hour in dupont circle and dudes in blue dresses going running past. we asked why they were doing that. >> and? >>. >> it turns out it's an annual event and this guy is going to tell us. he said it's every year to honor monica lewinsky because it was the anniversary of president clinton -- >> that was a blue dress? forgotten the color. >> no one had berets on. but every year they honor around the circle in honor of monica lewinsky. >> now you know. >> i don't look good in a maxi dress. >> let's talk about blue fish tv with the funny rap from a husband and wife. let's have a listen to it. ♪ watching pg 13 movies and staying after dark ♪
11:56 am
♪ now we be rolling with our own little posse in the mini van ♪ >> this has gone crazy an we talked about it this morning and moms are like, yep, that is me, i do have pb and j all over myself. >> it was great. they rocked it. >> come up with another one after that. >> maybe the toddler rap is next as the kids get older. >> great to see you again. >> see you next week. >> have a good weekend. >> thank you, tommy mcfly. let's look at the stories we're following this afternoon. pat lawson joins us with a preview. >> tonight, a man accused of spying on a woman by cutting peepholes in the bottom of her house. that's not the only disturbing thing he did. plus, what gabby douglas and the rest of team usa are looking forward to now that they returned from the olympic games. a top chef star opened up
11:57 am
another restaurant in the district, so tonight washington post food critic will dig in at bandolero. can't wait to taste that. >> thank you, pat. time for a final check on our forecast. >> i like what i see outside. it is gorgeous, having just stepped in. the humidity is low, 85 is the new number and 82 winchester, gaithersburg at 84. we'll keep it that way for several hours, don't worry about a friday washout but the storms will be moving our way. they target the later evening hour time. severe weather risk is very small and mainly to the west across the shenandoah valley. not looking at widespread damaging weather. highs today in the 90s. this will be the last time we see the 9 o's for the next serve. let me break it down. showers later today and thunderstorms and 50% chance. tomorrow they'll be in the morning then clouds linger this
11:58 am
weekend, not the best weekend but not a washout. the 80s go into next week. tuesday's high of 86 and looking mostly sunny. >> more 80s, heading into fall. >> heading towards school time. >> have a great weekend. that's news 4 midday. we thank you for being with us and tune in at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, tonight at 11:00. the redskins are here this weekend, 8:00 tomorrow morning. don't forget to join us monday morning 11:00 a.m. for "news 4 midday." until then, have a great weekend and terrific friday. see you monday.
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