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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you were sound asleep. i don't know howou missed i. >> it's these hours. >> i was awakened by a tremendous light show and thunder. let's go to kim martucci. it's looking good out there. >> the best time of the day is for the next hour or so. we have a lot of rain coming in. you can see it on the radar screen, moving across winchester and parts of west virginia. all of the rain showers have a tropical connection to isaac. when they rain, they will rain themselves out. so here they come in earnest. i think they'll be pushing into the d.c. area not long after lunch. again, if you can get stuff done this morning you'll be in much better shape. front royal, some rain over you for the time being. yes, this goes all the way back to ohio and down into central virginia. it will be with us this around. showers likely, with temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees.
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how about the labor day holiday, how about the beaches and the nats game? i have all those details when i see you in a bit. >> thanks, kim. well, the rainy weather is set to throw a monkey wrench into all sorts of labor day plans as kim had mentioned. that includes the vj day ceremony at the world war ii memorial. that's where we find derrick ward. he is live with a report and derrick, did you take kim's advice and bring the umbrella along for the day? >> well, it might be a good idea to bring it along today. you may get drizzle, we may get a downpour. they're making plans. this ceremony will go on today because it's earlier and of course, you know, this is the labor day weekend, but there's another significant commemoration going on today and that is the commemoration of vj day. that's happening here at about 9:00, right about now here at the world war ii memorial. now, this indeed is vj day where we commemorate the victory in
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japan. it's day that commemorates the allied victory in japan. it's a day of somber contemplation. and the people that come here each year will tell you that every year there are fewer and fewer of those who served that are able to take part. but their service and sacrifice will be remembered long, long, long from now. we actually spoke to one man who was the veteran of the battle of guadalcanal. when he landed in the higgins boat -- this is a boat where they had to go over the side. he said when he was landing on that beach in guadalcanal, he didn't think he'd be around today to attend a ceremony like this. >> i never expected anything like this. >> really? >> yeah. there's not many of us left anymore. and -- but i sure wish some of my buddies could be with me. >> reporter: now, later today there will be a labor day concert. long after this ceremony is over, there will be a labor day
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concert on the mall. again, that is weather dependent. you're being asked to contact the park service -- they'll make the decision probably around 11:00 as to whether or not that concert will be held on the mall or at the alternate location of the kennedy center. you might want to stay tuned to channel 4 and see what kim martucci has to say about the weather. we're live at the world war ii memorial. >> derrick ward, thanks. the remnants of isaac are also spawning several tornadoes. one apparent twister caused extensive damage at a small airport in arkansas yesterday. strong winds tore off roofs and walls of several hangars and pushed planes around like toys. look at that video. isaac has produced 39 twisters since making landfall, but a typical tropical system usually only averages about 18 tornadoes. so you can see there's a huge difference there. this morning power crews are
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making progress restoring power along the gulf coast. but the lights are not coming on quick enough. more than 284,000 people in arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, they are still without power after isaac. the slow-moving hurricane knocked out power to almost a million homes. louisiana's main power company entergy say crews are working as quick as possible. a family owned grocery store just got electricity back yesterday, but they lost half a million dollars worth of inventory. >> we didn't see any trucks. i don't me where they were. i don't me where these phantom electricians were. but they weren't out here working trying to get the people back up. >> and in new orleans at one point, more than two-thirds of the city was without power. the power company says the outage could last another week. okay, so summer might be almost over, but the heat is still causing problems in our area. more than two dozen people got
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sick during the university of maryland football game yesterday. police say all of them were suffering from dehydration or other heat related problems. seven people went to the hospital. they're all expected to be okay. this morning police are looking for a man who shot a clerk in prince georges county. it happened last night at the tiger mart in laurel. police say man tried to rob the cashier. but the cashier fought back with a chair. the robber pulled out a gun and shot the cashier. the victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. people living in georgetown hope that a new security camera is going to stop some crime. the citizens association of georgetown installed these new cameras on wisconsin avenue in northwest. they hope to catch thieves in the act breaking into cars and houses and stealing phones on the street. they'll turn the video over to
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police after a crime is reported. two more cameras are expected to be installed as well. now to decision 2012 where the democrats are getting ready for their convention. what does president obama need to do to get the upper hand in the upcoming election? "meet the press" moderator david gregory joined us earlier today. he believes the president will attack mitt romney's vague ideas on how to improve the economy. >> talking to the president's advisers really what they want to do is be more specific. i think where they'll attack governor romney is, you know, that he went on the offensive against president obama, but didn't give the american people a road map for how he's going to usher in a better economy. i think that'll be the big attack line. >> the president will be looking for a bump from the convention. new polls from the rasmussen reports show that mitt romney is ahead of president obama 47-44%. just five days ago, the two were tied in this poll. similar shift happened in battle ground states.
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rasmussen polled voters in 11 swing states and showed romney and president obama are tied. the president is leading by four points five days ago. the republican national convention could explain the recent bump which is typical when the event wraps up. it's a busy day on "meet the press." david welcomes former president obama chief of staff and current chicago mayor rahm emanuel. you can also catch "meet the press" right here on nbc4 at 10:30 followed by "press pass." >> as for mitt romney he plans to take a break from campaigning and prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. he and vp nominee paul ryan visited the battleground states of florida and ohio yesterday. ryan went to the ohio state football game against his alma mater miami university of ohio. they told the crowds that president obama is to blame for those without jobs. romney likened it to football saying that if the team isn't winning, then it's time to get a new coach. this morning president obama
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is back on the campaign trail building momentum for the democratic national convention. in charlotte, north carolina. the president is waking up in denver, colorado. today, he will campaign at the university of colorado boulder. the president will then head to toledo, ohio. yesterday, he campaigned in sioux city, iowa. he's on a tour through swing states before the convention which starts on tuesday. meanwhile, protesters are preparing to march in charlotte today ahead of the dnc. organizers are calling it the march on wall street south. they are drawing attention to unemployment. the demonstration will focus on economic inequality, social injustice and other issues. it will kick off a week of protests and rallierallies. we'll report live from the convention starting tonight on news4 at 11:00. so in case you didn't know this, paul ryan is known as a
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workout fanatic. he's pretty buff. but his exercise routine has gotten him into a little bit of hot water. ryan told a radio host last month that he once ran a 2:50 marathon. that's an extraordinarily fast pace, but runners world magazine did a little digging. you can find everything. they discover that ryan only n run -- ran one marathon, there we go, i can't say that. try that. in 1990. they finished -- he finished it in a little over four hours. not 250. ryan said he had accidentally said two hours but he meant to say three. did we mention it was four? you know? >> now i'm confused. all right. well, in the week ahead, a former campaign aide to d.c. may mayor vincent gray will be back
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in court. thomas gore is set to be in court on tuesday. he faces 12 to 18 months in prison. he is the first of three campaign workers who pleaded guilty as part of an on going federal investigation into gray's 2010 election campaign. the mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing. >> there's anticipation ahead of friday's august jobs report. 163,000 new jobs were added in july. hopes are high that even more were added last month to bring the national unemployment rate down even a notch from 8.3%. drivers in d.c. take note. you better keep an extra close eye on your speed starting tomorrow. 11 newly installed speed cameras will start handing out tickets -- or people will start handing out tickets if you run the lights. nes range up to $250. some of the new locations include 17th street northeast and massachusetts avenue southeast.
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something to consider on your monday morning commute the you're indeed someone who is returning tomorrow. if you're planning on enjoying the holiday weekend, soak in the fun now because you'll get soaked. we have to say good-bye to summer in two days. expect a mess on the roads. what you can do to help ease through terrible traffic tuesday. and new health screenings for babies this this region. don't let the rain ruin your plans. we are on twitter and facebook throughout the morning. just search news4 today. we'll be back in a moment. we'll be back in a moment. stay with us. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for...
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all right. so you thought the traffic was bad this summer? wait till tuesday. millions of drivers will return to work and school. clogging the roads.
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dubbing it terrible traffic tuesday. we have a report. >> reporter: well, after the joy of labor day fun, we all face the dreaded terrible traffic tuesday. i'm joined with lon anderson from aaa. what exactly is terrible traffic tuesday? >> well, i think we all know that in the washington area, we've been enjoying some pretty light traffic especially this august. it's been wonderful. you get on the streets an guess what, you can actually move. we forget that we have the worst congestion in the united states and then guess what? schools go back in session, we come back from vacation. and oh, no, we don't move on the roads. of course the tuesday after labor day, that's when all of the local school systems are finally back in. all the school buses are back on the roads and all of the parents are home from vacation. and they're all right out there on our roads. >> reporter: what are the biggest trouble spots? >> biggest trouble spots, you know, obviously, 95.
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66. 50. you call them every morning, danella. you know. >> yes. >> and the shame of it is is that it means a lot more hours of lost time for everybody out on the roads. everyone is going to get a pretty quick reminder in the few days after terrible traffic tuesday, you know, of just why we have some of the worst congestion in the united states. >> reporter: well, do you have any tips for us, outside of chartering a helicopter to avoid the roads? what can we do to make it better? >> move next door to work, but if you don't have the extra half million dollars to buy that home, adjust your attitude. things will be worse. laying on the horn, tailgating and getting frustrated isn't going to help at all. you know? turn on some soft music. do something. but remember, it is gonna be bad on the roads again. so ed aadjust your attitude, le
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little earlier and adjust your work hours. >> reporter: if only that could happen. >> oh, if only. >> reporter: lon, thank you so much. we hope it helps you out this tuesday. now back over to you. well, coming up the city streets transformed to make room for lead foot drivers. how much rain can you expect as you head back to work and school? kim will tell us. out with the old to make room for the new. how one d.c. community is welcoming major change to their neighborhood.
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so a lot of people wondering about game day. and the cardinals and nats -- >> 1:35, first pitch. >> i wonder if it will get rained out. we still don't know yet. >> by the seventh-inning stretch, there will be a rain delay. that's what i'm saying, i'm going with it.
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>> by the seventh inning stretch. i'm out there with it. let's get going. we have wet weather to talk about today. wait until you see the tweets i got from berkeley spring, virginia. you had a flash flood last night. you had three to six inches of rain in less than three hours. that'll do a number on you. let's get started with a look around. we have mostly cloudy skies. pair of sevens on the map. it's okay for you. it's like, what rain, kim? please don't do anything this afternoon without your umbrella. this afternoon, different story. humidity is already 90%. the atmosphere is ripe and unstable and just like waiting for a trigger to cause the rain to fall. here are the numbers. already up to 79 in mow nas ses. it will be humid too.
9:22 am
sticky and uncomfortable. by this afternoon, 1:00, showers intensifying. by 6:00 with lots of storms around. heavy downpours. here's berkeley springs. i want to say hi to the folks up at the nbc sister station in hagerstown for tweeting this. look at downtown berkeley springs, west virginia. this was last night and evening, when it stalled over them and soaked them. you can see the car. we tell you never to do this, so easy to have your car swept away. you do not want to be trapped in a vehicle in flooding water. looks like unfortunately this part of the viewing area, berkeley springs is getting more tropical rain. they'll be getting some more this afternoon. along with us. this will be setting up shop for a couple of days here. winchester knocking on your door at the moment. it will be spreading from west to east. and closing in on the beltway not long after lunch which is when the nats game will be
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starting, 1:35. a frontal boundary is stalled over top of us and that's the sponge wringer out of over the next couple of days. as long as we have that tropical leftover isaac moisture, we have a way to wring out the atmosphere and get heavier rain. we could get another two or three inches of rain across the area. and we already got an inch and a half last night over reagan national. that's going to put a dent in the rainfall deficit. tomorrow is labor day. and as we look beyond that, we still have the showers here on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the way i see it, friday and saturday are looking a little better. yeah, we like that. tweet me your stuff. by the way, brenda davis went to our washington here twitter page
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and said it's a good idea to get the closets cleaned out. we agree. thanks for finding us on twitter. >> or just eat ice cream and watch a good movie. thanks, kim. well, college football is back. that means the return of a great college football tradition -- tailgating. maryland fans got their party on at home ahead of their season opener against william & mary. swarms showed up to college park to cheer on the terps. how did they do? highlights are coming up in a minute. the tailgaters came out for howard university. fans of the bison gathered outside rfk as they took on morehouse college. at&t teamed up to show the dangers of texting and driving. they had a simulator out there for students to see how just how distracting texting while driving can be. and they also had this cool guy on stilts. >> which angie has said that she
9:25 am
wants. you want -- >> it's on the bucket list. >> i know. it's bizarre. all right, let's keep with sports. a wild game for the nationals and navy plays football across the pond. >> carol maloney has it all in this morning's sports in a minute. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carol maloney and we start with baseball. cardinals/nationals, game 3 of their set. this one goes into the ninth tied at nine until david freese hits an rbi single off drew storen. that wins it for the cards. stephen strasburg takes the mound for the final game of the series today. to college football, randy edsell and the terps and the tribe led 6-0. then the terps find the end zone. a six-yard touchdown for justicepicket. maryland picks up the victory, 7-6. navy traveling across the pond to dublin, ireland to take
9:26 am
on who else? the fighting irish of notre dame. a big day for notre dame. team rushed 293 yards against navy. they cruised to beat the midshipmen, 50-10. in other football news t virginia cavaliers, howard bison and west virginia mountaineers, they pick up victories on saturdays. i'm carol maloney. have a great sunday. the engines are revving today in baltimore. drivers will be putting the pedal to the metal for the grand prix in baltimore. drivers will race around a two-mile track hoping to capture the title. this great new race was almost cancelled as last year's promoters left the city with millions of dollars in unpaid bills. but a sports marketing firm took over the event and ensured this race will be better than last year's.
9:27 am
so won't be dealing with slick pavement to make things dicey. well, speaking of the roads coming up, why arlington plans to paint some lanes green. and a special election that will
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hi, everyone. welcome to news4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm erica gonzalez. september 2, 2012. it was pretty stormy last night in case i was the only one i heard it. it was really loud, it was really bright. quite a lightning show. and today looks like it could be the same. >> yeah, that's right. meteorologist kim martucci is on shower watch. >> hey, guys, yes. we'll give the showers until
9:31 am
around the lunch hour for metro d.c. but off to the west we have them pushing in from the shenandoah. it's 79 in monasses and if you're wondering if it will be like this light stuff, let me show you what's behind it. no, moderate tropical showers moving in. you took it out to the lakes, deep creek this weekend for the long holiday weekend. it's probably going to be a lot of torrential rain for you. cumber land, 80 today. and around d.c. a good bet for thunderstorms. see you in a bit. >> kim, thanks. voters in northern virginia will head to the polls tuesday. residents in alexandria and arlington must pick a new
9:32 am
representative in the 45th district. voters will replace david englin. the polls are open tuesday from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. one of the top officials at the immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. has resigned amid charges of inappropriate sexual behavior. suzanne barr was a long-time aide to janet napolitano. she is accused of inappropriate behavior toward three employees. she denies the allegations but says she's stepping down to end distractions within the agency. the house homeland security will continue to investigate all the allegations. the oldest original safeway store in the district is going to shut its stores. the crews will tear it down in
9:33 am
the northwest to make way for a new residential and retail building. it's the latest in a series of high profile changes in the petworth neighborhood. the new development will feature a bigger safeway on the ground floor and apartments above it. neighbors are excited about these changes. >> i like that, you know, the seniors are still represented in the neighborhood, in their homes. >> this community is really -- it's coming together. and really nice, it's good for everything. the senior citizens. all the hbusinesses in this are. >> the safeway closes on saturday and the new store will open in 2014. police have identified the woman found dead in prince georges county. police say 22-year-old lizet martinez-alvarez was found dead in a park. and she was identified after pictures of some of her tattoos were released. still no suspects or even a motive in this case. the faa is investigating a deadly crash during an air show
9:34 am
in iowa. an eyewitness said three jets were flying in formation when one veered off and crashed. the pilot was killed immediately. no one on the ground was hurt by the crash. investigators believe high speeds and worn down aircraft parts contributed to the accident. ♪ ♪ do you know the way to san jose ♪ >> you know the tunes. hal david has died. he have one of the writers between popular hits like rain drops keep falling on my head. last year, david news told 4 he wanted to be a journalist but instead became a songwriter. he died yesterday in los angeles from complications related to a stroke. he was 91. and an event today will help mark an important date in american and world history.
9:35 am
today is the 67th anniversary of vj day. it marks the ally's victory over japan in world war ii. an event at the world war ii memorial is just getting started. the national park service marked this date with a wreath laying ceremony and the brass quintet will perform as well. drivers in arlington county are seeing green on the roads and it has nothing to do with money. we're talking a about five bike lanes getting a makeover. the green lanes will get a rumble strip to alert drivers to the cyclists. county officials say this is to make sure drivers are aware of bikers and to prevent accidents. they also said that the county may paint more bike lanes next year. >> i think that's smart. that's growing. they're looking at expanding it. not a bad idea. coming up the labor day
9:36 am
tradition changing for first time. secret no more. the white house reveals the beer recipe to serve the commander in chief. we'll pa
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[ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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flights have just resumed at reagan, dulles and thurgood marshall airports after a ground stand. the faa says there was a small fire at the radar facility in warrington, virginia, was tracks regional flights. about 15 had to be grounded. the fire is out and no one was hurt. and the ground stop lasted 25 minutes. in this week's wednesday's child, we meet a wonderful young man with a few dreams he hopes
9:40 am
will become a reality. one of his dreams did come true when he got a chance to visit nationals park. here's news4's barbara harrison. >> these days it's not easy to find this place empty. especially when the nationals are actually in town. are you excited about being here? >> yes. >> 16-year-old rodney was definitely excited to be here at nationals stadium. and couldn't believe he was actually going to get to meet some of the players. guess who we have right over here? pitchers geo gonzalez and edwin jackson invited rodney to play a little catch. >> how you doing, man? ready to go? >> yes. >> we'll let you get lit ah little more comfortable. >> rodney came dressed up because he cares a lot about making a good impression. although he has some development challenges, he's a wonderful young man with a lot of hopes and dreams. >> he's very inquisitive. he loves to cook, he loves rap music. he likes to build. he built his social worker a wonderful birdhouse. he loves to investigate things,
9:41 am
he wants to know what everything is about. he's a very intriguing and interesting young man. >> we did it. we turned him into a nats. >> the red glasses were rodney's idea for sprucing up his look. he has a wonderful sense of humor. >> show me a toss. >> he proved to have a good arm and they were impressed. >> two hands, you saw that? that's the basic way you see that? nice. >> geo and edwin talked about their dreams as kids. >> the dream that we live, you know, we get to come out and you get to be the main attention on the mound. >> center of attention. >> nobody can play until you play the ball and you have 40,000 people all the seats filled up. >> he asked rodney about his dreams for the future. >> i would like to play for this team one day. >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. we'd love to have you. >> but mostly rodney wants a family to love him.
9:42 am
>> i would like to have a family like that i would start home visits with and start visiting in the holidays and stuff. and then after i start visiting them for a long time, i could -- they would think about adopting me. >> would you like to be adopted? >> yes, ma'am, i would. >> a signed baseball was one of the gifts rodney got to take home, but the biggest gift was learning that dreams can become reality. >> and i hope my dream come true. >> barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> what a standout kid. if you have room in your home and your heart for rodney or another child who is waiting, please call our special adoption hotline. or go to our home page at and shifting gears over to --
9:43 am
>> news4 your health. in maryland, all newborns have to be screened for heart diseases. it wraps one sensor around the baby's hand and foot. the test measures the saturation of sox generoxygen in the baby'. the disease can be often diagnosed by ultrasound, but 40% of cases are missed. let's go to the weather -- actually, we'll keep with the news. the ceo of a drug that caused thousands of babies to be born with disabilities has apologized. some women took thalidomide to combat morning sickness but that caus caused babies to be born with shorter arms and legs.
9:44 am
10,000 were affected worldwide. if you're gearing up to take on the day and the extended long weekend, you need galoshes, umbrella, a poncho. >> once again i get to deliver happy news. >> at least you're not delivering a baby. >> we'll keep her hopefully in incubation a little longer. 9:44.
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9:47 am
all right. don't be fooled by the limited sunshine and just cloudy skies because we're going to be having some showers around storms today. let's take a peek. i know you're thinking of the beach weather. and i'm thinking about it too. i'm thinking, boy, it would be nice to be there right now. because this is the best time to be at ocean city. this afternoon, scattered storms, but storms more likely for your labor day and leftover showers still on tuesday with some lower 80s in the offing for
9:48 am
you. if that's where you're headed. at reagan national a pair of sevens keeping us company. the humidity is 90%. those higher humidity levels it feels tropical outside. it will feel uncomfortable today. and the day planner shows by 1:00 showers increasing around 84. then as we head into the late afternoon lots of storms around 80. some downpours can be quite heavy. a lot of water vapor which is like gasoline to a fire. so 79 manassas, it is 81 right now at laplata. moisture moving in on winchester and creeping along 66 here. soon to be in warrenton's backyard. look at the heavy radar returns here. in the west virginia. that again is moving eastward and should be in the d.c. area not long after lunch. remember, the nats game starts,
9:49 am
at about 1:35. i think there's probably going to be a delay or two associated with that. here's our stationary boundary. all is what was associated with hurricane isaac. that's nowhere for it to go, everything is kind of road blocked. so as long as we have this front here it can just wring out the atmosphere like a wet sponge with all the tropical moisture. that's why we're anticipating so much rain coming our way. over the next four days or so, i wouldn't be surprised if d.c. picked up another one to three inches. some isolated spots even more than that. keep that in the back of your head. if you have the umbrella, one in the car and one in the foyer of your house, you should be covered to get in and out. mostly cloudy with showers likely at any given point this afternoon. 82 to 85. this afternoon will be humid, some tropical showers. look at the high tomorrow, despite that, 79 to 84.
9:50 am
here we go. extending the forecast through monday and tuesday, wet weather for you with 80s and then beyond that, i think we stay kind of damp for another couple. thursday is improving. friday is my pick of the week. mostly sunny and 84 and on saturday, we should be around 82. a little cooler and partly cloudy, ladies. so we have had some suggestions on following us on twitter to clean out the closets. what's your suggestion for a rainy day fun? >> i told you, eat ice cream, stay in and watch bad reality tv. >> erica? >> honey boo-boo. >> great tv choice. >> it had 3 million viewers. during the convention. amazing. i say take a nap. >> take a nap. sounds good. >> all right, ale to the chief. maybe stay in and drink some beer. next the white hou
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9:54 am
welcome back. nbc is your place for politics. coming up next is "the chris matthews show." >> after that, "meet the press" with david gregory. here's a look at what they're working on for today. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00, as the democrats roll into charlotte, how has mitt romney framed the challenge? did he put the president in the box or will president obama take the upper hand this week? will the president be the man in charge of this debate even with the baggage of a bad economy? plus, paul ryan was a smash. the energy he injected may challenge vice president joe biden. will the 27-year age gap be a plus for ryan? and huntley's debut, and then
9:55 am
the arrest of john chancellor in 1964 and our own dan rather getting shoved around in chicago in '68. join me for great roundtable. now for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here's david gregory. >> thank you, chris. coming up the republicans had their turn in tampa and now the democrats will stage their convention. we'll examine the stark choice between president obama and governor romney and we'll look at it with one of the architects for the president's first term in office -- rahm emanuel. then an all-star roundtable, tom brokaw, newt gingrich, tom friedman, carla fiorina. and also the politics of the conventions. don't forget, press pass as well. our daily conversations from the republican convention with some of the key party leaders and speakers. >> david, thanks. tonight kicks off the 46th
9:56 am
annual muscular dystrophy association telethon, but this year's event will be different than fund-raisers in the past. for the second straight year, jerry lewis will not host the event. this year's show was cut down from six hours down to three. and they renamed it. it is now called the mda show our strength. the event's location is also different. instead of being held in las vegas, it was taped in los angeles, new york and nashville. over the years, the telethon raised more than $1.6 billion for muscular dystrophy relief. and there's a new beer out there that's going to make you say ale to the chief. after pressure from seemingly everybody, president obama finally unveiled the secret recipes of the two custom white house beers. he has talked about the beers for weeks, but refused to reveal the ingredients until yesterday. the recipes for the white house honey ale and porter include honey, of course. light malt extract, amber crystal malt and corn sugar. it is believed to be the first
9:57 am
beer brewed on white house grounds. and you can get the complete recipe and the instructions on how to brew your own beer on the white house website. cheers. >> he wouldn't be the first one to make his own drink. george washington distilled whiskey at mount vernon. they have been doing this a long time. >> learn something new every day. with a job like that i'm sure you could use a drink. >> right. >> don't forget their own little bee hive there for the honey. >> on the south lawn. good luck getting through secret service to get some of that. that's going to do it for this edition of news4
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