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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of caption max, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. >> dan:on fourth and two to tie it up. ben roethlisberger takes it down fieldgoal before the half up 17-14. >> shannon: 199, three touchdowns. when you can run it like this, matt schaub looked tough. later touchdown.
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>> boomer: a clinic out there right here 20-3 over san diego. >> bill: michael vick you have to know where the blitz is coming from. derrick rose off the corner. falls on the ground, picks it up, he's going to go 93 yards on fumble recovery for a touchdown. news flash, ladies and gentlemen. they're winning 24-0. do something. >> james: you got to tell us about this one, dan. >> dan: jamal charles, off and running. 91 yards for a touchdown. in over time, ryan kicks the game winning fieldgoal from 31 yards, brew breeze talks about disappointing 0-3 saints. >> there's no doubt in my mind we'll turn this thing around. and i don't know what that is going to result in in regards to
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how many wins or playoffs or whatever. but we're going to be a great team. sam buccaneers were up early but takes hand off. 11 yards. >> dan: what? >> shannon: he said he would do it. >> boomer: andy dalton, they go on to win. very exciting game in the nation's capital. >> bill: buffalo bills, ryan fitzpatrick, three touchdown passes on the year. zero interception. unbelievable season. sprained his left shoulder. mri tomorrow. >> dan: reeves gets hurt on this. going to get mir -- mri tomorrow, sanchez with -- 306
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yards. in over time, 33 yards, 23-20 jets. >> boomer: they all work. >> shannon: jags came back, hail mary, she wasn't home. jail that he was in tennessee i got to tell you over a thousand yards of offense, 85 total points. shawn hill from maryland going to find -- the lions kick fieldgoal to tie the game. they go for it on fourth and one. jim schwartz, what kind of decision ask that? >> that was miscommunication to draw them offsides. crowd was loud, we were just -- we were going to take the time out, ball ended up gotting snapped. >> bill: the crowd was loud? you have a quarterback with two touchdown passes on the day. ran for -- 24-13. >> james: the bears defense was all over sam bradford, six
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sacks, two interceptions. 183 yards. one interception. bears win 23-6. >> bill: it happens, boomer. it happens. >> boomer: coach, please. >> james: seco
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>> ian: halftime in the bay area, pittsburgh leading oakland 17-14. the raiders looking for their first win of the season, pittsburgh looking for its first
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road win. come back to oakland after this message and word from your local station. you're watching the nfl on cbs, home of super bowl xlvii. there are a lot of warning lights
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and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. >> ian: here in oakland a quick start for the steelers, ben roethlisberger couple of touchdowns to heath miller. the raiders rally, palmer, darius heyward-bey, suisham the fieldgoal they got the lead 17-14 as we get ready for third quarter action take look at the
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directv ultimate picture cam, carson palmer getting a little roughed up. >> dan: first are you of the day, goes 64 yards and diving through the pylon in the end zone. other than that one play, raiders offense haven't been able to do anything whether on the ground or through the air, they did take advantage of the dwyer fumble in great field position got their points off that. >> ian: ian eagle along with dan fouts number wise is lopsided in favor of the pittsburgh steelers. but raiders have had a couple of big playsa turnover the mcfadden run, oakland this is a desperate situation. >> dan: got to find some way to get to ben roethlisberger. you can see the turnovers and points off, both teams have been able to capitalize on that. roethlisberger has thrown the ball 31 times in the first half. i don't think he has been knocked to the ground one time. >> ian: second half pittsburgh won the toss but they have
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deferred to the second half. the steelers will have the football to open this up third quarter. janikowski kicking off. pittsburgh will have it at the 20 yard line to open up second half. >> dan: roethlisberger last week completed passes to ten different receivers. he's done that already in the first half today. against a depleted secondary of the oakland raiders. a lot of injuries to the corners, have been forced to play on the corner position but there have been no pass rush to help you'd that secondary for the raiders. >> ian: here is the pass distribution for pittsburgh. wallace the leading receiver with four catches for 57. miller the two touchdowns. but basically everybody available to roethlisberger he has gotten involved. maybe leonard pope will pop that receiver mark. a flag --
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>> dan: false start against the steelers. bad way to start the second half. >> referee: offense, false start, 68. >> ian: that's penalty number seven against steelers costing them 45 yards. oakland does not have a penalty called against them. >> dan: what? you got to be kidding me. the raiders? no penalties playing steelers? >> ian: that's real. that's fact right now. >> dan: that's amazing. >> ian: you mentioned marcus gilbert he looked banged up. dell vin becharm is in at right -- kelvin beecham is in. he played left tackle, he was called on the penalty. roethlisberger pump, dials up the deep ball. mike wallace the intended receiver, incomplete. pat lee back there defensively for oakland. >> dan: one of the fastest if not the fastest wide receivers in the league. told us yesterday when he runs his go route, stop and go that
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time got behind pat lee with ease but roethlisberger had that ball sailed to the outside out of bounds. >> ian: what's the term he used? like to stack the defensive backs. >> dan: get behind him have him trail you in a stacked position. >> ian: that one he got separation if the ball there was would have been easy completion to wallace. second and 15. here comes the rush. they handle it, captain get pressure. incomplete. antonio brown in the vicinity, michael huff drawing assignment for the raiders. >> dan: two bad throws by roethlisberger to start the second half. brown had his man beat. michael huff on the outroute that ball was thrown about five yards to the outside. >> ian: 33 pass attempts, no sacks. for oakland. and clean uniform for number seven. third and long for the stoolers.
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first possession, second half. they have more than doubled oakland's yardage total. feeling some pressure, roethlisberger on the road to mike wallace for a first down. roethlisberger took a shot. and limping as he grabs at that left leg. >> dan: philip wheeler with the hit on roethlisberger. that should be a penalty, you cannot do that to the quarterback. you cannot go low on the quarterback like that. wheeler gets away with it. that's definitely illegal. >> ian: 22 yard hook up to wallace. new set of downs for pittsburgh just across the 35. a hand off, keeps the legs churning as he crosses the 40 yard line.
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mcclain and bryant combine on the stop. >> dan: go back to that hit on roethlisberger. beecham is 68 he's going to push wheeler, wheeler continues to crawl then hits roethlisberger below the knee. >> ian: guess who is back in there? marcus gilbert. bad leg or not. beecham had penalty called against him. involved in that play with wheeler. now gilbert returns for pittsburgh on second and five. roethlisberger set and connects with antonio brown. across the 40 yard line in to oakland territory, 19 yards and it's roethlisberger brown. roethlisberger to wallace and brown, two tremendous connections of chemistry. >> dan: five-man rush for raiders don't get anywhere near brown. brown is just too quick for
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juliolio hanson to keep up with. terrific pace for the steelers offense on slant to antonio brown that covers 12 yards. and a first down. first possession second half. roethlisberger punts, throws, too high along the sideline for brown working against huff. >> dan: that was excellent job by huff that time to limit brown to just the sideline there. physical player, that time it works perfectly. roethlisberger had to throw that ball out of bounds. watch the job that huff does
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here. brown saying that contact was after five yards. >> ian: second and ten for the steelers. raiders crowd the line here now back off, roethlisberger, another kicked play on the outside. trying to break free as pat lee made the tackle in the open field. >> dan: you can block after the catch, you just can't go in there knock the other defender down before the ball is thrown. >> ian: watch wallace come in, ball is thrown and caught then he blocked. it's a legal play for the steelers. >> ian: third and five for the steelers. spread formation, empty backfield for pittsburgh.
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roethlisberger steps up. roethlisberger look at the room in front of him, he throws, back of the end zone, wide open wallace, touchdown steelers! ben roethlisberger buying time and manufacturing a touchdown. >> dan: could have very easily run for the first down, but always keeping his eyes down the field. mike wall also continues to run the entire back of the end zone. here is wallace right here. watch him go up and all the way to the back, giordano loses control and loses sight of where number 17 is. look at roethlisberger had all this room to make first down with the legs. sees wide open 17. >> ian: is there anybody who is better at extending plays than quarterback position right now in the nfl, touchdown steelers. versus southwest. [ starter's airhorn ] these executives have earned reward flights...
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♪ one more dance with you ♪ and i know you have ♪ always been ♪ the only one ♪ yeah, the only one ♪ by the nfl for the private use of our audience. any other use of this telecast or of any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of the game without the nfl's consent is prohibited. >> ian: 22 yard touchdown roethlisberger to wallace. giordano was hurt on the play. and giordano is now limping threw the tunnel back to the
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oakland locker room. suisham the extra point. 24-14 pittsburgh and a strong statement to start this second half, wallace by himself in the back of the end zone and roethlisberger loving it. ford f-150 with ecoboost. smash-mouth v8 power with long-yardage v6 fuel efficiency. the best combination of torque and fuel-economy, it's the dual threat the competition can't match. check out ford f-150 with ecoboost. touchdowaby. now get 0% financing for 60 months plus a grand toward your trade-in on f-150 at the built ford tough sales event.
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>> ian: nine plays, 80 yards took 3:20 again roethlisberger masterful on third down and hooks up with wallace for the 22-yard touchdown. steelers in front. suisham kicking off to goodson the former carolina panther. goodson gets a lane, goodson down the sideline and forced out of bounds. he got pushed from behind by curtis brown. 48-yard return for goodson it's
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>> ian: next sunday features key divisional match up, patriots take on the bills and titans face the texans, raiders meet peyton manning an broncos all starts with nfl today presented by southwest airlines and noon eastern right here on cbs. excellent field position for oakland first possession of this
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second half. just across midfield. carson palmer six of ten for 37 yards. >> dan: raiders only run 19 plays in this game. steelers 52 plays. pittsburgh 24:56. first an ten for oakland. pittsburgh 48. trailing 24-14. draw play, mcfadden. gets to the second level. bangs inside the 35. good block by stefen wisniewski and marcel reece to help spring mcfadden loose.
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>> dan: mcfadden right there. see ryan clark come out. and he's going to give a little shake and bake and fly by. palmer, off the hands of heyward-bey. incomplete. he had ike taylor in the end zone. watch taylor take off there. rare to see defensive back farther down the field. heyward-bey with a good ball just couldn't reel it in. >> ian: second down now for oakland. palmer will make a change here. we saw this earlier. the change turned in to a 64 yard touchdown run for mcfadden. play clock down to


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