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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  September 24, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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>> okay. >> we moved on to her "laverne & shirley" costar cindy williams. penny didn't hold back. >> any issue between you and cindy? there were a lot of reports that things didn't end the way you wanted. >> well, no. it ended, her husband [ bleep ]. excuse me. bleep me. >> bleep, bleep. >> he wanted her to work certain hours. she was pregnant. i said, listen, lay in bed, i don't care. i'll do the running around. just take the lines, you know? but, you know, she was in love. we got along great. i spoke to her yesterday. the rags are the ones who write, oh, yeah, fighting on the -- leave us alone. >> when penny switched to movies she was the first female director in history to break $100 million at the box office with "big". >> several leading men up for the role? robert de niro. >> all the leading men turned it down. >> even tom hanks? >> yes. so i went to someone who was a
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mad man who does behavior great which is bob. he didn't have the innocence of tom, but i would pay to see him dance on a piano. they wouldn't pay him. >> how did tom get the role? >> bobby said yes and everybody wanted to do. >> i penny teamed up hanks, madonna and rosie o'donnell for a league of their own. >> there's no crying in baseball. >> tom wanted the part because he had a couple of flops. >> you told him to gain weight. >> uh i told him to eat, eat like the wind. he ate his way through chicago and indiana. >> don't forget a great wit. safe to say penny is one of a kind. >> she was tough but s
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travel consideration provided by -- celebrating "e.t." weekend birthday on saturday, tom felton turns 25. celebrating on sunday kip pardue turns 26. jermaine dupree is 40. and who holds a black welt? mireille enos who turns 37 on
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saturday. >> monday, "entertainment tonight" at the emmys. sofia, tina, juliana, the red carpet hits and misses. >> i love it. >> what you didn't see on tv's biggest night. then usher's ex-wife. >> this is your very first television interview. >> it was time to finally clear things up. >> what she's only telling "e.t." inside the mansion they once shared. >> why would a judge give usher primary custody? >> that's monday. >> that's it for this weekend show. hope you had as much fun as we did. for more on the stories you've just seen and the late breaking hollywood news go to >> time to rock out. we reported to you earlier usher was joining the voice. here's "scream" from his chart topping album "looking for myself." >> good-bye, everybody. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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(pnuematic drill pounding)
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i can't do it. i can't testify. mr. campbell, the attorney general has put together a grand jury based primarily on your testimony. that's right. if you don't take the stand, we can't indict joey salucci. we can't try him for murder. look, unfortunately for us, the evidence is circumstantial. but with your witness account, this case is a slam dunk. exactly, the most renowned gangster in miami, and i could be responsible for putting him away. that's a death sentence. no, that is why the city has arranged for this safe house. eric and i are personally escorting you into circuit court today. i'm just so tired of looking over my shoulder. that's over after the hearing. that's why we have you and your family set up to go right into witness protection. mr. campbell, this is incredibly difficult.
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and i am very sorry. but keep in mind that a.j. watkins lost his life, and so will many other people as long as joey salucci is allowed to be a free man. i know. you're right. you're right. you're right. you mind running through my testimony with me? of course. okay, let's start at the beginning. you were at a club? yes. spiral bar. had to entertain a couple of clients. did you have anything to drink? just a half a dozen club sodas, disguised as gin and tonics. keeps the mind on business. we were there till last call. i said my "good nights" and hit the restroom. and that's when i saw a.j. watkins. (club music playing) hey. what's up, man? i went into the second stall. i wasn't there but for a few seconds, and it happened.
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(scuffling, man grunting) man: hey, man. (cocks gun) joey salucci. know the name? this is for emma. (gunshot) and you distinctly heard the name "joey salucci"? yes. no doubt in my mind. right then, i knew what i was up against. (gunshot) (footfalls) (footfalls) what'd you do? thought i was a goner. so i called 911. figured if anything, someone would figure out what happened to me.
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operator: 911, what's your emergency? (whispering): this is william campbell. there's been a murder at spiral bar on washington. hurry. i need help. i went out when the coast was clear. and the guy's body, it was... gone. it's very difficult to prove murder without a body. that's why what you're about to say is so crucial. delko: all right, guys. we've got to get going. i'm going to radio ahead to the uniforms at the elevator and the rear entrance, tell them to prepare for transit. all right? (sighs) get down! (glass breaking) (yelps)
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eric?! i'm stuck! i can't get to you! william?! (panting, floor creaki) (crumbli) william! calleigh! william! grab my hand! grab it. look in my eyes. stay with me! stay with me! stay with me. my family. (body thuds)
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no one's being allowed up until the building damage can be surveyed. the fire department says the structure's still unsound. the cause of death is obvious, but, uh, i'm gonna document the scene for the case files. you okay, eric? yeah. calleigh calleigh is, uh... she's okay. she gave her statement, and she just ran off to track down the crane operator. did we find anything? not yet. whoever did this is long gone. his name is joseph salucci, eric. campbell could've closed the books on him for good. it's not unlike him to do anything to stay out of prison. no, it's not, and he just used the biggest murder weapon in miami.
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♪ listen, you did everything you could to save him, calleigh. man: officer duquesne? they said you were looking for me. yeah. you the project manager? yeah, travis blake. uh, how can i help you? you can start by telling us who operated the crane today. well, your guess is as good as mine. i know that that crane has been idle, because i pulled the plug on this construction site a week ago. delko: yeah, why's that? well, housing market's in the toilet, bank's pulled both of my loans. that basically turned this building into a ghost town. delko: the safe house was done. and it was fully furnished. yeah, well, that's the model. it was supposed to help us make sales. i didn't sell a single unit. after this is done, i doubt if i ever will.
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you know a joey salucci? who? the hard hat do a number on your memory? joey salucci, he's in the construction business. or at least that's his cover. joey... joey salucci. yeah. yeah, it rings a bell. yeah. yeah, i know him, why? we're finding it an odd coincidence that you volunteered your place as a safe house for our victim. duquesne: maybe you ran the crane today. do salucci a favor, take some of the financial pressure off of you; is that how it works? that's a hell of a scenario that you just laid out. now, you got any evidence to back it up? working on it. don't go far.
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caine: how are you, joseph? i see you're out of jail. show some respect, huh? i'm visiting my daughter. you know, you locked me up for two years. i could've spent a lot of time with her in those two years. i come here every morning. but it'll never be enough. never. nobody should ever lose a child, joseph. two weeks ago, she goes to some bonfire on the beach, falls asleep. left there all alone. (waves crashing) (fire crackling) (atv motors humming) come on, hurry up! south pointe's the best place to see the sunrise.
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(grunts) oh, my god! they say she didn't feel any pain. it was an accident. difference of opinion. and it seems that you've taken your revenge at the spiral bar. never been there. i had a witness that can tie you to the murder, joseph. is that so? i say "had," because he's been killed, too. it's news to me. but what the hell, huh? we all gotta go sometime. some sooner than others. oh, god. okay. not gonna look down. don't look down. duqune: hey, ryan, hoyou doing up there? you're about 200 feet. i'm doing great.
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in fact, cue the wind. (panicked breathing) i feel like a ringling brother. the contractor's playing mr. innocent, saying nobody was up there all day. see if you see anything to the contrary. no. cab's pretty clean. system's offline. there's a computer on board i'm guessing has an internal monitoring system. you mean like some sort of a black box? yeah. it records every movement and action of the crane. he never said anhing about that. (laughs) it's probably for good reason. you know what? i think i can jack into this, and, uh, bring the information ba to the av lab. (thudding) whoa! whoa! what the hell is that?! what was what? (sighs) no, i said... i was saying... "look..." i was saying "look at that." it'suite a view. i... did i mention what a good time i was having? calleigh...
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i think we got some blood up here. hi. hi. so, how we doing with that blood from the crane? nice get, by the way. that sample was pristine. thanks. made it very easy to pull up a profile. think it's ironic that after all that destruction, this whole case could come down to one drop of blood. yeah. check this out. now, there's a face only a mug shot could love. wolfe: kurt greenfield. caine: mr. greenfield, how you knowjoseph salucci? who? bell's not ringing. maybe it'd help if we talked a little bit slower. man was killed by a runaway crane. you're the crane operator. caine: we found your blood in the cab. tripp: salucci put you up to murder, didn't he? oa, whoa. this about that thing that happened downtown? you're way ahead of me here. well, then try and catch up.
2:29 am
employment records say at one time, you worked for salucci. back in the day, yeah, but i got out of that racket. even look the wrong way with a guy like that, suddenly you're taking a dirt nap. now we've got evidence of you at our crime scene.that. you're looking at a permanent vacation, sport. at the gray bar motel. all right, look... i did some work there under the table. but i got canned last week when the site shut down. so you opted for a little payback. no, it wasn't like that. ax came down so quick last week, i didn't have time to grab my stuff. and i needed... i needed my pills. your pills? uppers, man. my cross tops. used to pop 'em on the job. only thing that keeps the lids open on a ten-hour stretch. but look...
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i wasn't in the cage when armageddon hit, man. you got to believe me. mr. greenfield, i don't have to do anything. (distant siren blaring) you're the officers who were with william? yes, ma'am. we want to thank you both for coming down and talking to us. we wanted to tell you in person how sorry we are. and just explain to you what happened. i know exactly what happened. the state attorney filled me in. the only reason we came down here is so you could look us both in the face, and tell us why. dad said you'd protect us from salucci. (stammering): that-that you... that you... delko: listen, we were thorough. we did our best.
2:31 am
i mean, we really felt we had all of our bases covered. even though you knew that that wasn't possible with a guy like salucci. and now my husband is dead, and i can only assume that we're next. the two of you are not a threat to him. and the offer for witness protection still stands. do you have any idea what this case has done to our lives? and for what? i supported will's decision to testify, as much as every fiber of my being told me otherwise. you want to know why? because it was the right thing to do. william was an incredibly brave man, and... you do not get to talk about him, ms. duquesne. (crying): you don't. not today. delko: all right. we're going to find whoever did this, okay?
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just trust us. i trusted you once already. i won't make the same mistake twice. mom? come on. let's go home. you okay? (sighs) duquesne: no. no, i'm not. there's something that we're missing. i'm gonna go back there. absorbs faster in your body than fish oil, and you just need one small pill. schiff megared,
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in targeted formulas hey. is that the av hummer? yeah. you know, i heard what happened with the wife today. are you okay? well, i guess if you heard what happened, then you know i probably don't want to talk about it. fair enough. okay. so, uh... so, what are we looking for? tire treads. somehow our killer was able
2:37 am
to find the location of the safe house. the site's been shut down for a week, so no other cars should have been here. these treads are fresh. wolfe: yeah, and they ran over the debris. so, someone drove here after the crane crashed into the building. and from the looks of it, they didn't get away scot-free. (camera shutter clicking) this glass has charcoal-gray paint transfer on it. hundred bucks says this is auto paint. (glass shattering, debris clattering) i'll get started casting the tread. actually, there's a quicker way. the new software allows us to photograph the treads, and then send the 3-d image back to the lab, or in this case, the a.v. hummer, wirelessly. (computers chirping) width: nine inches. tread depth: five-sixteenths of an inch. wheel base-- 112 inches.
2:38 am
i'll download the specs to the north american vehicle manufacturing database. combine it with charcoal paint trace. wolfe: which gives us a bmw 645ci convertible. now, how many of that model and color are registered in the city? let's see. that's a long list. there's only one that's a known associate of joey salucci. mick ragosa. okay. i'll put out a bolo. pilot: air 20. suspect vehicle sighted. adams and fifth. repeat. adams and fifth. (helicopter blades whirring) (car engine idling) hey, shut that off! you mick ragosa? yup. step out of the car, please. (car door closes) caine: there's quite a bit of damage on your car, mr. ragosa. (sighing): it sucks. happened to be driving through downtown when that crane hit the high-rise.
2:39 am
joseph salucci. what about him? we play poker time to time. that's it. tripp: then i'm calling your bluff. no way you just happened to be at our crime scene. might be time to pay a visit to joey. tell him some lies about you. you wouldn't. try me. it's only monday, and i've already had one hell of a bad week. fine. with his daughter gone and all, the last thing that joey needs is another legal headache. we got word about the safe house, so i followed that campbell guy down there. thought maybe i could t him to back off. refuse to testify. suddenly, it started raining glass. (loud rumbling, glass shattering) (debris smashing car, engine roaring) i barely got out of there with my life. did you happen to see who was operating the crane? nope. and salucci never even knew i was there.
2:40 am
guy's been through enough already. can't you just leave him alone? mr. salucci needs to go back to jail, and i'm gonna send him tre. is tt the data from the box that ryan found in the crane cab? yup. there's a reason they call this a tattletale system. there isn't much it doesn' know about the crash. like what? for instance, angle of the crane arm at impact-- 72 degrees. miles per hour-- 11. time of impact-- 8:22 a.m. it's too bad the tattletale can't tell us who the crane operator was. well, it can, in a way. there are two manual joysticks in the cab controlling the crane. each reports data back to the cpu. but watch the replay of the crash. see that graph over there? (computer chirps) yeah. nothing's happening. exactly. meaning that those controls weren't even being used during the crash. so, the crane was being remotely operated. yup. the killer was never even in that cab. that just means
2:41 am
that it could have been operated from anywhere. au contraire. the remote operating system only has a range radius of 500 feet. let's check out the surrounding area. okay. (computer chirping) remote would have to be within this area. and the killer would have had to have known that campbell was in the safe house in order to make sure that the crane took him out. and you can't get that eye line from ground level. exactly-- he would have had to go higher up, so he would have had to been on a neighboring rooftop or something. let's take a look and see how many rooftops have that line of sight within the radius. well, there's ne... but there is a parking structure just down the street. perfect. delko: here we go. it's just like natalia said. it's a perfect vantage point into the safe house. so the killer stole the remote off the crane d then waited out here until they knew campbell was inside? yeah, and never put it back after using it, which explains why we never found it at the construction site.
2:42 am
so there might be a good chance they still have it? you ever see one of these things? they're pretty big. it's not the kind of thing you tuck under your shirt. so maybe it'd be smart to leave it behind? yeah. yeah, but dumb to get caught. maxine, eric said that you had the neck strap from the crane remote? yeah, the remote didn't have any prints on it. he thought i might have more luck with the strap. did you? we'll see. cross your fingers and hope some skin cells sloughed off our killer
2:43 am
while doing the deed. (beeping) duquesne: okay, there must be some sort of mistake. there's no match in codis, and i thought for sure that... joey salucci and mick ragosa are both in the system. means they didn't do it. okay, will you run this against the elimination samples from the case, please? sure, no problem. 96% probability match to william campbell. that's not right. that's our victim. ithiss a familial match.y. xy, male. his son. how could you do it? do what? i-i'm not sure what you mean. don't. just don't. you killed your father.
2:44 am
no. no, i... what did you do, noah? what did you do? i didn't mean to, i swear. don't say anything else. you need an attorney. i'm gonna get you an attorney. no, mom. dad risked everything just to tell the truth. now i have to. when he decided to testify... ...he made that decision all by himself. no, that's not true. he discussed it with me, and we decided that that's what he had to do. but he never asked me. the witness protection program? i have a life here. school, friends.
2:45 am
but your... your life is with us. we're your family. it doesn't matter where we live. but it's not fair. all this talk about "doing the right thing." the right thing for who? how did you do it? how did you operate the crane? everything's... on the internet. so i... ...swiped the remote. o-only thing it doesn't tell you is what to do when things go wrong. (crane whirring) come on. (rumbling crash) (glass shattering) (duquesne whimpers)
2:46 am
(duquesne screams) it was out of control. i couldn't stop it. i only wanted to scare dad. so he wouldn't testify. so, so... so things could be the way they were. you wanted a life, noah? you just took away all of ours. i'm sorry, ms. duquesne.
2:47 am
salucci: what a beautiful day. huh? come on, have a victory drink with me. caine: i wouldn't be too quick to celebrate, joseph. my lawyers tell me that, uh, campbell's kid killed him. tragic. very tragic. very shakespearean. maybe you can back off now and leave me alone. in due time, joseph, in due time. you proved it yourself i didn't kill the weasel. case closed. a.j. watkins. the guy who killed my daughter? didn't he, uh... disappear a few weeks ago? no body, no crime. not yet... joseph.
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now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. now with the scrubbing power (elevator bell dings) h., i got your phone call. what's up? a.j. watkins. unfortunately, still at square one. without campbell's testimony, the grand jury won't convene. so what exactly did mr. campbell witness? well, he was in the bathroom. he heard someone threatening a.j. man: hey, man. joey salucci. know the name? (gun hammer cocks) this is for emma. (gunshot) then he heard a shot go off and he called 911. operator: 911, what's your emergency? so we need the 911 recording. that's right. while he was on the phone with 911, 911 was listening to the room. i just got the 911 tape from eric. are we looking for something specific? we're looking for something
2:52 am
that wasn't in william's testimony. a unique gun noise, the killer's voice, anything. operator: 911, what's your emergency? campbell (whispers): this is william campbell. there's been a murder at spiral bar on washington. hurry. ieed help sir, are you hurt? mrcampbell, are you there? (club music, water splashing) whatas that? part of the music, maybe? i don't know. can you isolate that noise? (computer trilling) (toilet flushing) sounds like a toilet flushing. william wouldn't do that. he wouldn't want to call attention to himself. that audio perspective is from the next stall. so the killer shoots and then takes a bathroom break? no. wait. the shooter was cleaning the scene. he was flushing evidence. we've got to get back to the bathroom.
2:53 am
wow. a.j. watkins disappeared almost two weeks ago, and this place looks just like night shift left it. yeah, well, this club got a lot of unwanted publicity after the shooting. so, uh... they closed their doors. bad for them, good for us. evidence might still be intact. now that is the second stall. so that'where william was hiding. so this is obably wre the shooter disposed of something. looks like they already printed the toilet. yeah. we, that means we're going to have to go to plan b. it also means... we're going to need thicker gloves. (sighs) wolfe: there is a chance that whatever was flushed down here hasn't made it into the city's sewer system yet. okay, that's it. i'm out of line.
2:54 am
what the hell? people flush the weirdest things. including what might be a nine millimeter shell casing. hmm. have you had lunch yet? all right, you ready for this? yes, yes, just... do it. (sewage pouring, boa vista groans) h., i heard you were working on the casing. i thought that the, uh, water and the sewage did a number on this thing. ryan couldn't pull a print from it. doesn't mean it's not there though, does it, eric? what's this? this... is a new acquisition.
2:55 am
i think i've heard of this. this is the technique where you can detect corrosion, right? that's correct. it occurs... when human sweat... touches metal. so if you touch a casing before it fires, your print literally burns onto it. problem is, this level of corrosion is impossible for the human eye to see. so, in order to make it visible, we run a charge through the casing, add the conductive powder, and.... there's your print. you guys can't seem to get enough of me today. mr. ragosa, in the world of criminal prosecution, that's not always a good thing.
2:56 am
delko: we found a casing. it matches the bullet you used to shoot a.j. watkins. caine: it turns out that william campbell wasn't the only tness to the murder. delko: 911 was there, too. they heard you trying to send the spent casing through the city sewage system. what the...?! (gun hammer cocks) joey salucci. know the name? this is for emma. wait, no! (gunshot) (clinks) (muted club music playing) (toilet flushing) what did you do with a.j.'s body? what body?
2:57 am
right. i didn't think so. good luck pinning anything on me. caine: stick around, mick. take him. what do you think we should do now? you heard the man. let's take him up on his offer. go ahead be spontaneous because you use replens long-lasting feminine moisturizer. millions of women like you trust replens to stay hydrated and rejuvenated to be ready for romance, anytime! replens -- the feminine moisturizer more women trust. a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done.
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swiffer. great clean in less time. i can't believe a thug like mick ragosa
3:00 am
gets to drive a sweet car like this. well, not for long. we are so close to finishing what william campbell started. if we can prove that this was the car that mick used to transport a.j. watkins's body-- which i have a hunch it is-- it'll be over. i've got blood. why stop there? nice murder kit. wait a second. this shovel's got trace on the end of it. so, mick transported a.j.'s body in that car. maybe we can use that to prove where he buried him. i tell you what-- i'm going to process this myself.
3:01 am
don't worry, calleigh. we're going to get this guy. h., the debris on the edge of the shovel were silica and quartz. it's sand. yeah, which unfortunately for us, is all too common. what was not common, however, was the morphology of the sand. the, uh, the particles were melted. they're burnt. that's right. and the mass spec picked up kerosene, which leads me to believe that a.j. watkins was buried at the beach near a bonfire. and, unfortunately, i can't be more specific than that. on the contrary, mr. wolfe, you've been very helpful. duquesne: salucci wasn't messing around. he had mick ragosa bury a.j. right on the spot where his daughter was killed.
3:02 am
packed him tight, too. slowed decomp. hang on. william campbell said he only heard one shot, right? yeah. why? well, the only entry wound is in his kneecap. he wouldn't have died from that injury. why not shoot to kill? i don't know. maybe you've got the answer. any idea of the cause of death? yes, actually. looks like our killer planted an american flag. excuse me? red eyes, white skin, blue lips. all consistent with strangulation. actually, it looks like his shirt covered up some evidence here. got a thin residue of something. sometimes, even a touch of evil can close the case. so, a.j. watkins was strangled.
3:03 am
yeah, tara confirmed that at the post. but the killer left something behind. talk to me. calleigh found some pollen on the neck of the victim. uh, said it's from a lily. problem is, there's over a hured varieties. a lily. i called the dade u botany department, to see if they could narrow it down to one. that's not going to be necessary, eric. you found pollen on a dead guy. so what? it's not just any pollen, joseph. white lily pollen. (scoffs) you'd stoop that low to desecrate her burial site? you dithat all by yrself. you told me you go to ea's grave every day. this is over. you know, you can try everything in your pathetic little arsenal.
3:04 am
ragosa's the guy. he shot watkins in cold blood. it's his bullet, not mine. mick started the job on a.j., but you finished it off. (grunts) where are we? what are you going to do with me?! (muffled screams) (groans) (screams) judgment day, watkins. it was an accident. (cries): i swear to you. i-i didn't, i didn't see her lying there. you gotta believe me! you can make up all the excuses you want, it's not going to bring my daughter back. what do you want me to do? i'll do anything you want! please!


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