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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> hello. i'm bruce johnson, everybody. thanks for joining us. a virginia man is in critical condition tonight after being hit by an alleged drunk driver in clara done. the 27-year-old was struck in a popular bar and restaurant area. that's where ken molestina is standing by live tonight. ken? >> reporter: that victim was
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taken to george washington university hospital where he still remains in critical condition tonight. i've been talking to folks out here. they say this crash illustrates just how dangerous this strip out here can be. this picture taken shows the damage to the front windshield of the car that slammed into the pedestrian. police say the driver of the car, 22-year-old tyler willis was drunk and speeding when he hit the 27-year-old man who was not on a crosswalk. willlies was arrested by -- willis was arrested by police on the scene. >> i've seen a lot of drunk people that kind of meander into the middle of the road and not really look both ways. >> it's always pretty congested and people, you know, just trying to get where they need to go and get a little aggressive. >> reporter: those who frequent the area say it's often crowded with both cars and pedestrians and when alcohol is involved, these streets become a very reckless place. >> i've seen a lot of people
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that run straight through red lights. >> after drinking all night, most people aren't paying attention to what they're doing, traffic signals and what not. i definitely see that as being a problem. >> reporter: the pedestrian hit isn't being identified by name, but police say he suffered numerous broken bones and cuts throughout his body. people enjoying a night out in claradon are left in high alert hoping something like this doesn't happen to them. >> you never know where a car is going to be coming from or what someone else is going to be doing, whether or not they're going to be distracted. >> reporter: if you're out in this area, or if you've been out here before, you know how congested it can be. i can tell you standing here, we've been seeing a lot of people seemingly intoxicated, jaywalking through the streets, as well as several close calls with cars just trying to make turns around here. again, this can be a very dangerous area. the driver of that car, tyler willis, we're being told is being charged with dui tonight. he could face even more charges
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depending on the condition of the victim. for now we're live in claradon, ken molestina, 9 news now. breaking news right now. a pedestrian is dead after a fatal hit and run crash in suitland, maryland. it happened a short time ago at silver hill road. police are still on the scene looking for the driver of what might be a white chevy impala. elsewhere, the nats did their part. still looking to clinch the east division tonight. the braves won their game in atlanta while the nats were going extra innings in st. louis. that's where dave owens is reporting tonight. what's the mood out there? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, bruce, i was all ready for a celebration tonight. i had my goggles ready. i've got a poncho over here. you can't see it, but i was ready for the champagne. but tonight's game one of the weirdest we've seen in awhile. let me take you to the first inning. i'll have kristen berset detail this a little more later, but mike morris hits a home run that appears to be a home run.
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the umpires say it's not a home run. all kinds of confusion ensues on the base pass. they eventually tag out mike morris and replay the play. they come back, it's called a home run. so everyone's got to come back out onto the field and go through the motions one more time. so they call it a home run grand slam in the first inning. so let's fast-forward in the ninth inning now. drew on the close, he couldn't do it. john jay, a sacrifice. we go from 4-0 to 4-4. then to the tenth, kirk suzuki drives in a couple and the nats finally win 6-4. wow. as you say, bruce, it was quitea wild night out here in busch stadium. the braves won their game so the magic number goes down to one. we're staying in st. louis one more day. for now, we are at busch stadium. we have sound bites coming up from the team. they're in the lock earn room right now -- locker room right now. we'll get that for you and talk
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to you later during the sports section. the presidential candidates took a break from the campaign trail before the first scheduled debate last week. as drew levinson reports tonight, both candidates sent their vice-presidential candidates to battleground states saturday stomping for votes. >> reporter: gop vice- presidential nominee paul ryan joined in the ohio state football cheer, spelling out one of the most crucial states in this campaign. ryan used his stop in the battle ground state to point the finger at the president for not improving the economy when the democrats controlled congress. >> what we have is more debt, more deficits, more people struggling to find work, no solutions that actually work. >> reporter: vice-president joe biden appealed to older voters in another battleground state, assuring florida seniors medicare would be around for future generations. >> the action the president took has actually strengthened the medicare trust fund and
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exceeded its life up to 2024. >> reporter: off the campaign trail, president obama and challenger mitt romney are prepping for their first debate. in practice sessions, romney will get help from ohio senator rob fortman, who will play the role of the president. president obama will look to massachusetts senator john kerry to stand in for romney. behind in recent polls, some campaign watchers say romney has more riding on the debates, as well as more to gain, than the president. >> the challenger has the opportunity to establish he is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the united states. a challenger who accomplishes that in effect wins the first debate. >> reporter: wednesday's debate gives both candidates a chance to explain their plans for health care and the economy. drew levinson, cbs news. >> the first of the three presidential debates is wednesday at the university of denver. it will focus on domestic policy. the vice-presidential depates will take place on october 11th
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. lee boy malvoy has talked to the washington post. he was convicted along with john mohammed of the shootings that left ten people fr. prison he tells the newspaper that he remembers each of the sniper shooting details. but it's the linda franklin slaying that haunts him most. he gave the go order and looked across route 50 in 7 corners at the target. mohammed hidden on a hill above pulled the trigger and killed linda franklin who happened to be going about her business at the home depot in virginia at precisely the wrong time. mohammed was executed in november of 2009. malvo, then a teenager, was sentenced to life without chance for parole. he's now 27 years old. i was a monster. that's what he told the washington post reporter. a plane crash leaves two
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people dead tonight. the plane went down after 5:00 this engineer the shannon airport. it crashed near kerry court. the victims names have not been release. hundreds of homeless dogs scheduled to die are now flying high and headed to loving homes here in the washington area. armando trull has the story. >> reporter: on this flight, the copilot had four legs and a wagging tail. >> she was in my seat the entire flight. >> did she do any flying. >> no, she just washed the instruments. >> reporter: more than 300 dogs from high kill shelters in north carolina scheduled to be put to sleep were rescued by volunteer aviators from an organization called pilots and paws. >> we remember the joy samantha gave us, so we know every dog i put in the airplane will do the same for someone else. >> reporter: we heard these flights cost about $1,000 but
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dave darragh is trying to make it a bit easier. how are you doing that? >> i give them 20 cents off my best price. right now my best price is $5.45 cents a gallon so they're getting it for $5.25 a gallon. >> reporter: several of the rescue dogs known as fly aways are with volunteers in virginia. >> our foster homes are so important. they take dogs into their home and provide the food and shelter. we provide the vetting. they keep the dog until it gets adopted. >> these dogs will go out to the shelter and get adopted from there to their forever homes. >> reporter: today's event is the biggest fly away ever by pilots and paws. the group says it saves 12,000 animals every year. in warrenton, armando trull, 9 news now. >> if you would like to learn how you can adopt one of these dogs, go to our website, a motorcyclist is dead tonight, killed in a local collision with a box truck.
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it happened at georgia in wheaton after 7:00 this morning. police say the motorcycle crossed into the truck's lane causing the crash. 31-year-old ega egbemimon edorh- ananou was pronounced dead at the scene. coming up on 9 news now this saturday night, how california drivers who have been caught by red light cameras are now fighting back. you want to hear that story. police trying to stop thieves cutting the tails and manes of horses to make jewelry. it was a beautiful day. your wakeup weather, temperatures in the 40s in the outlying suburbs. we'll get into the 60s by 10:00 a.m. still a little bit cool. i'll tell you about the threat for rain in your sunday forecast coming up in just a few minutes. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪
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>> in pakistan, some 8,000 men marched through the streets to protest the anti-islam film that enraged muslims throughout the world. several islamic groups participated in today's peaceful protest. they said the demonstration was intended to send a message of peace. 15 people were killed during
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protests friday in several pakistani cities. a victory of sorts for drivers in california caught by red light cameras. new state laws make it easier for drivers to fight the tickets, some as high as $500. a computer glitch sent a san jose woman five red light tickets though the license plate was a digit off from her own vehicle. >> the license plate number was one letter different. >> technology can fail, and does. >> the new california law makes it easier to fight tickets. it requires the cameras to be placed in locations for safety reasons and prohibits their use solely for revenue. how do you know? it also requires the posting of signs that say tickets are nearby and those signs require an innocent ticket recipient to identify the actual driver who committed the offense. a crime wave in colorado is getting a lot of attention, but so far few arrests.
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it's horsehair theft. thieves are cutting the tails and manes of horses and using the hair to make jewelry, bring bridals and horsehair extensions. >> owned by an older lady, came the next morning and found his tail cut off and his mane chopped up. this horse's tail was very thick, clear to the ground. so it was a nice hunk of tail for somebody to steal. >> horsehair sells for as little as $10 for a bag of hair to hundreds of dollars for a full tail. still ahead on 9 news now this saturday night, terrifying moments at a fair when a tornado rips through the area knocking over a ferris wheel and injuring dozens. and a dry weekend, but some showers could be headed our way next week. erica has the full forecast on the way.
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heavy flooding in southern spain forced some 600 residents to flee their homes. ten people were killed as a result of the floods. roads and public transportation were thrown into chaos. popular tourist area of milago bore the brunt of the storm. the heavy rain comes after
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months of drought. meantime in the spanish town of gandhia, 35 people were hurt when a tornado swept through a fair ground knocking over a giant ferris wheel. it damaged several rides and knocked out electricity to the fair. 15 of the injured were seriously hurt, all workers at the fairgrounds. nasty weather in europe. >> yeah. not too bad here. >> we had a beautiful day today. tomorrow won't be quite as nice as it was today. >> okay. >> all right, so heads up there. take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam. we're looking at a really pleasant night though it is a little bit chilly. 60 degrees out there with a few clouds. the dew point 48. we are looking at a little bit of a drop in the humidity right now with a light breeze out of the north at about 5 miles per hour. your weather headlines, we have the threat for a sunday shower. other than that, it will be dry tomorrow. so it's pretty nice throughout the day. the temperatures are going to
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stay nice. we're going to see those numbers remaining right around average for this time of year. then monday looks great, a dry day on tap but tuesday there's a threat for a storm system arriving. that could bring us heavy rain as we head into our tuesday. right now, temperatures are good, of course, because we have those dry conditions out there. right now, it's 52 in leesburg and frederick. it's 54 in manassas and 56 in fredericksburg. 55 in culpeper. these temperatures are going to slip into the 40s in some of our out lying suburbs overnight tonight. keep that in mind. a cold front that moved throughfinally got that push out to the east as we moved into our saturday. now on the back side of this storm system, a few showers developing. that's what typically happens during the daytime. you get that sunshine leading to the pop-up showers. that's what we're going to see again as we head into tomorrow, except this time everything will shift over toward us here in the d.c. metro area. so we'll see those showers
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developing especially right around dinnertime, as we head into tomorrow. so futurecast definitely picking up on the possibility of some of those pockets of rain, but it will be a short- lived shower. we're not going to see a lot of activity. and it will pass to the south of us as we head into the overnight hours on sunday. then monday stays dry. it looks like a great day. the nationals are back in town basically doing their victory lap at this point. it looks like it will be dry for them as well on monday. our lows overnight tonight, dipping down to 47 degrees in frederick. 51 leesburg. 50 in that mass sass. it looks like -- manassas. a nice night in the d.c. area, 54 degrees for your overnight low downtown. tomorrow a few clouds. not a lot of cloud cover in the morning. it will be a bit cool with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the west wind at 5-10. increasing clouds in the afternoon and that's when we're going to see that potential for a shower. it will be a short-lived shower, as i mentioned before. highs between 70 and 75, so pretty typical for this time of
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year request withthat northwest breeze at 10-15. as we take a look at the zone, 73 degrees for your high inwarrenton tomorrow. 73 in leesburg and manassas. it looks like a nice day for the most part. that threat for a shower is not a big one. 73 degrees in annapolis and 74 in georgetown. over the next three days, that stray shower on sunday, that's it. then a really nice day on monday with a high of 75. but tuesday, we have this storm system approaching. that will bring us more rain. it's going to be a mild day, too, with a high of 80 degrees. then in the seven-day forecast, we're going to look for that threat for rain continuing into wednesday. there will be kind of typical what we see on the back side of the storm system, where it's just a stray shower. all right, so 80 degrees on tuesday. 82 on wednesday. so very mild stuff in the middle of the work week. then thursday and friday look fantastic. 78 degrees with lots of sunshine on thursday. 70 on friday.
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it looks like it will be a little bit on the cool side as we head into next weekend. returning the calendar over to october, and it's not going to feel like october on tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be kind of dreary with that rain though as well. victory lap for the nats. is that what you said? >> victory lap, yes. >> weren't able to win tonight, but kristen berset is up next with the highlights of the action.
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>> after tonight's game in st. louis, nationals shortstop desmond tweeted the words cardiac nats. that describes tonight's game and the whole rest of the season. they couldn't clinch the division but it was still an extra inning nail biter. it was an interesting start to the game. with bases loaded, mike moores hits what appears to be a home run to right. looks like it. but they're saying it's still in play. he gets runed down to first, gets tagged out. that definitely shows it was a home run, a grand slam. just like that, nats up 4-0. cardinals come back within 1. drew in for the save. one run comes in and we've got a tie ballgame. to the tenth we go. two on for suzuki. he sends one to the gap in left center. the nationals hold on to win this one 6-4.
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chipper jones and the braves still in contention for the division. he was hit but his teammates came through. braves hold on to beat the mets 2-0. because the braves won, the nats couldn't clinch the division tonight, but their magic number is down to one. dave owens in st. louis. he joins us now live. dave, i see no champagne shower tonight for you. sorry, buddy. >> no champagne room for me, and you know how i like the champagne room. just joking, of course. but the nats, they seem to have this game on lockdown. they were in cruise control throughout the night. jordan zimmerman who struggled in this stadium, busch stadium before, he struggled again tonight. could not make it through the 7th inning. he was picked up by his offense. kirk suzuki with the big knock. we caught up with zimmerman. here's some of his comments. >> we're one win away.
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i've struggled against the cardinals. to have this game definitely feels good. you know, we'll come back tomorrow and try to get the win. >> i really feel bad that we didn't save it for him. he pitched a heck of a ballgame, a really great ballgame. unfortunately, we didn't save it. >> yeah, davy johnson also saying these kind of games are good for this young baseball team as they head into the post- season. playoff type atmosphere. so as you said, k.b. and you described it very well, the magic number down to one. let's hope tomorrow i'll actually be wearing these things. we'll see. back to you in the studio. >> all right, dave. thanks so much. up the road, orioles hosting the red sox. the game was tied in the 7th when rookie manny lachado rips one over the left field wall. tim johnson comes in for the save doing what he does best.
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orioles win 4-3 and thanks to a yankees loss earlier, the birds once again tied for first in the ale. there was some football being played at fedex field today. obviously not the redskins, because they're in sunny florida. virginia tech in cincinnati meeting on a neutral site. look who was in attendance, hall of famer bruce smith checking out his alma mater. what a game it was. with less than two minutes to do, corey fuller takes it 56 yard for the score. virginia tech goes up by 4. we are not done yet. under 20 seconds to go, with the heave and check out damian julian, beautiful sliding catch into the end zone for the 4. they stun the hokies 27-24. virginia hosting louisiana tech. uva was up in the third but the law tech bulldogs took command. here the handoff 11 yards for the score and the lead. the bulldogs scored 34 unanswered points


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