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romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. right now at 11:00, states of emergency declared in maryland, virginia and the district as millions along the east coast brace for impact.
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sandy could bring nearly a foot of rain, high winds and snow. >> also that monster storm is already having a major impact on the campaign trail. both sides have canceled weekend event in virginia beach. >> tonight, all eyes are on sandy. the storm could be one for the record books and we have it covered. >> erica gonzalez has evacuations along the beaches. the local storm preparations but first, chief meteorologist with the latest. >> we look at the latest track right now, what is th is going to show you, this storm still a hurricane with winds of 75 miles an hour to the north at about 7 miles per hour. the pressure is down just a ttle bit. and it is going to continue on that northerly track. as it does that, it will then shift out to sea, as we have been talking about, becoming a tropical storm. back it hurricane potentially and notice the latest shift here and it has come from the
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philadelphia region up toward the north in the corner of uncertainty now. still has our region in it but it is closer to our region. we are watching very closely. this has positive impacts on us, that is some good news. that storm right now is down towards the coast of florida. that's where jim cantore has been all day long. >> hey, doug, good evening. our conditions here are certainly improving in terms of the wind and rain, unfortunately the surf is still very, very high. it doesn't take much to have one of these waves just roll up the beach, push a little over the debris further than what we have seen. we are just past high tide now. but i will tell you, the resort we are staying at doesn't anticipate this kind of wave action. even though the storm is over two miles away, we are still getting huge waves. those waves will get bigger and impact larger areas. these are of historic proportions. almost hard it graps meet logically from what we saw five days ago to now what has been pretty much the story. the models have been sticking with this and sticking with it.
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as far as me, i'm heading up to new york city with the models kind of honing in on that area and certainly the potential to stop the city that never sleeps. that is something that i will be covering for the weather channel come tomorrow night. back to you. >> and new york city, definitely one of the places that could be hardest hit as the storm continues to move up. we will see the rain and winds starting during the day sunday. and then the storm coming up, just to our north. we are going to see some major impacts from this. what are those impacts going to be? what does it mean when it is further north? is that all good news? we will talk about it in a minute. >> thank you, doug. people along the delaware beaches. some of them are packing up and heading out tonight. residents in low lying areas are told to evacuate as sandy gets closer. erica gonzalez continues live coverage. erica? >> this is not a sleepy fall beach. there's going to be thousands of people here tomorrow and there are already thousands of people here tonight in anticipation of an annual halloween festival. that could mean cancellations
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and long lines as people try to leave this city. >> as the waves ease along the shore, it is almost o picturesque to believe an epic storm is headed here. dubbed the perfect storm, sandy is no joke. the mayor, samuel cooper. >> everybody will need to take some action, i think. at minimum, bringing your lawn furniture and all that sort of thing. at most would be to evacuate. >> don't wait for mandatory evacuations. make your preps now to move. that's the word from the emergency ops director of sussex county to those living in low-lying areas and mobile homes. >> it is a beautiful day. it has been beautiful all i do long. it's been gorgeous. >> randy huber, who had this vacation home since the 80s, refuses to budge. >> if it is going to be as bad as they say, we will get out of here. >> in matter of days, sandy could bull lit beach and residents with rampant rain and intense winds. >> 1962 with northeastern march
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was a storm of record here. and on the worst case scenario, this could be more devastating than 18962 was. >> they have a costume parade scheduled for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. that is scheduled to go on. we are talking about possible evacuations that could come as early as tomorrow afternoon. you want to talk about irony, we ran into a couple a few minutes ago that was here last year during irene, got engaged, then said we will come back for our honeymoon and got the word of sandy. now they have to go wack to new york. y you want it tato talk about fol trying to make the best of this situation. >> to prevent problems, the utility had 150 minemen on the street today and 440 contractors
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as well as 300 tree trimmers. they started running robo calls and requested 2500 additional linemen to work after the storm. >> the u.s. navy is on the move tonight getting his ships out of norfolk and out of sandy's path. the ships, including the aircraft carrier, uss harry truman are going out it sea until the area is clear it return. they are the world's largest naval installation. no cancellations at the airports yet but major airlines are offering passengers a way out. putting flexible travel policies in place so that passengers can change or cancel flights next week without paying a fee. >> a lot of people are doing whatever they can to get ready for sandy. flood sag real concern. so folks are arming themselves with sandbags and stocking up on supplies. darcy spence enner alexandria n with that part of the story. darcy? >> we're live along the alexandria waterfront. if you take a look behind me here at the marina, you can see it is very quiet, very tranquil.
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people spent the day and evening getting ready but say they are not quite sure what to expect. at the cleveland park metro, sandbags are in place to protect against flooding as the region prepares for hurricane sandy. >> i think could or could not happen. and it could be further south, further north. >> governors declared emergency as did d.c. mayor gray. >> we could have flooding in some areas of the city which we are working hard to try to avoid that but this is a tropical storm. it could have severe consequences for the region. >> earlier, there was a run on generators as people brace for the potential for massive power outages. people spent the day stocking up on supplies, including safeway store in d.c. >> i'm glad to get a bottle of water. any kind of water. anticipating the storm, i think
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folks are going to be raiding all of the stores and picking up as much water as they can. >> these d.c. residents say they are not sure what to expect but they kbrgrab supplies, includin jugs of water just in case. >> we stocked up on batteries earlier to be prepared. >> in alexandria, darcy spencer, news 4. >> sandy is being blamed for at least 40 deaths in the caribbean and the threat for us is far from over, coming up at 11:15. a closer look at damage down there. plus, find out what other major cities are doing to prepare and for the latest updates any time of day, you can log on to nbc >> breaking news in charles county maryland. a husband and wife both shot while walking their dog off hampshire circle in waldorf. this happened near westlake high school at about 7:00 tonight. the woman was killed. her husband is said to be in serious condition at hospital. no word yet on motive or on any suspects. >> a strange series of event in
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tacoma park today. two men armed an armored car in broad daylight. shots were fired and a bystander was car jacked. we have the play by play. >> my head is messed up. >> choo choo sumo is confused, trying to understand why gunmen car jacked and shot his hospital, sending him to the hospital. >> he never bother nobody. he is a hardworking man. goe goes to work. never caused trouble with nobody. >> tacoma park police tell me two suspects fired shots at an armored truck guard carrying a bag of crash. the guard shot back. people duck for cover in stores. >> ways scared. because people were screaming all over. and we had to hide inside. >> investigators tell me there was a guard inside the armored car and one walking to it with a bag of money. >> gunmen stole the cash and sped off in their get away car.
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they ditched their car and that's when police say they shot and car jacked choo choo sumo's father. >> going to the hospital right now. >> investigators found the car in northwest d.c. while police and fbi sear. for the shooters, choo choo searches for answers. tacoma park, news 4. >> harry reid is out of the hospital tonight in nevada. he suffered minor hip and rib injuries after a chain reaction crash on interstate in las vegas. senator reid's security detail took him to the hospital as reaction. >> harsh reaction from d.c. council after watching our i-team investigation about traffic officers who break the very rules they enforce. tisha thompson explains how one city official want to solve the problem of illegal parking. >> dramatically, disappointing. >> d.c. councilmember mary chase says her jaw dropped when she watched her undercover i-team
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investigation exposing d.c. traffic control officers parking illegally all day. while they go out directing traffic or writing tickets. >> it really needs to be stopped. >> for the last few weeks we've been watching you park this car with a handicap plaquard. [ inaudible ] >> sorry, say again. [ inaudible ] >> you don't want it give a comment? even though this employee didn't want it talk about what we caught on camera, chase says she wants employees to be held to a i here standard. >> vast majority are honest and have to follow the rules. but they have to be told it is especially important for to you follow the rules. when people look at you say it is a governor employee, it makes us cenacle, angry, we are disgusted. >> i will talk to traffic control officers and make sure we are doing enforcement there. >> right after we did this interview with d dot spokesman john lyle we noticed cars we watched no longer using plaquards and getting tickets.
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>> handicap issue itself is hard one to enforce. first of all, it's free. and there's no way of knowing whether the person is parked there, you know, has a valid disability or not. >> councilmember chase says it may be time to do city wide recall to make sure only those with legitimate disabilities get a plaquard. she is also interested in teaming up with maryland where police have access to the handicap plaquard data base to quickly check for violators. >> maybe we can exchange data bases. they can have their list of valid plaquards. we can have our list of valid plaquards and we can switch and have the software in both of our, you know, handhelds. >> they both say they hope the city's red top meter program will eliminate plaquard problems. starting next year, even those with plaquards will have to pay the meter. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> the news of sandy continues. a lot of people haunted by last
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year's hurricane irene, see what they are doing to prepare. >> also, pictures
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>> hurricane sandy expected to come ashore on monday and people across the north east are making plans to try to get out of harm's way.
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hurricane sandy is blamed for at least 40 deaths in the caribbean. >> it is now turning towards the u.s. bringing heavy rains, high wind and flooding to much of eastern seaboard. daniel lee has the latest now from chesapeake beach, maryland. >> hurricane sandy poundedity way through the caribbean today, ripping homes apart and leaving streets under water. at least 40 people died in haiti, cube why and jamaica. as sandy moves up the coast, setting to clobber the northeast, people are preparing for the worst. >> we just have to do it, m mill ford beach connecticut, boarding up his brand new home. last year's hurricane irene forcing him to rebuild, now he is hoping sandy won't do the same. >> you know, you have to prepare. >> from virginia to new england, several governors declaring emergencies and issuing warnings. >> assume there is an elongated period of time in which you are without energy. >> in connecticut workers cleared street of debris and in massachusetts, homeowners pull
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batteries flash lights and mother emergency supplies off shelves. >> we have the generator, make sure we have lighters and stuff. >> taking their prized possessions to safety. >> today protecting my boat and interests and batoning down the hatches. >> one couldn't keep up with requests. >> sorry, we aren't keeping bets out of the water. >> and heading out to sea along the storm. homeowners gathering sandbags. flooding is a real concern as a high tide pairs with sandy surge. >> it is all hands on deck thing. >> everybody pitching in, to get prepare pepded. n /* /-. >> doug is here with more on the storm. it is not a question of if, now. it is when. >> yeah. you're going to hear me say that track moved further north. it does not matter for our
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forecast. it really does not matter if this thing comes on shore up towards new york. well see the extremely strong winds here in our area. so once again, don't be fooled by this storm. even if it does weaken over the next 24 hours as it is supposed to do. looking at a nice night, expect to see some fog, however. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. there could be areas of drizzle when you wake up tomorrow. but then we will see clouds lift a little bit. mostly cloudy during the day tomorrow. hurricane sandy, barely a hurricane, really tough for the hurricane hunters today to find winds of 75 mimes an hour. starting to look no longer like a hurricane, more like an extra tropical storm, a typical storm in the mid latitude. can you see all of the rain into portions of florida, just off the coast here and just dry period out there into the middle of the atlantic. in the this too, notice carolinas. you see that rain starting to move on shore into the carolinas. that is just the start of the rain, moving up the coast. and it will continue to creep
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across. here is our cold front back west. these two systems will come together with an upper level low that will create this perfect scenarios for w a strong storm in the northeast. winds at 75 miles an hour. moving north at 7 miles per hour. pressure comes down a little bit. but it is not going to stay there. over the next day or so, it should decrease in intensity and rapidly increase in intensity as it makes its way towards our way. again, the track moved up north. but the wind field is going to be so big with this storm, we will see 50 to 60 mile-an-hour winds from boston, all the way down toward richmond so once again, a very broad system as it makes its way in here. what this does mean though, south of this line, the title surge will not be nearly as bad. so ocean city, down through chesapeake, looking much better right now and now all eyes for the tidal surge and for flooding around long island and right downtown in new york city. they could really be under the gun here. talk about the impacts.
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once again tomorrow, impacts, high impact. right along the coast. low impact further inland. as we move toward sunday, still in fairly low impact state, meaning wind won't be a big problem. we will see rain but it won't be all this heavy until late wednesday -- or sunday night. but down towards the coast, that's where we will see the highest impacts from sandy on monday. about everybody seeing high impact along the i-95 corridor and everybody seeing them monday night into early tuesday with very heavy rain and strong winds. strong winds, coastal flooding likely. heavy rain and power outages. i cannot stress this enough. there will be numerous power outages, would almost expect your power to go out here, at least prepare for that threat. now, potential wind, tomorrow. really not all that bad. maybe 15, 20 miles per hour as far as wind is concerned tomorrow. notice what happens on sunday. we start to increase those winds. upwards of 30, 35 mile-an-hour wind gust during the afternoon. and here we go into monday with winds of 50 to 60 miles an hour
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depending where you are. and they are only going up from there potentially, upwards of 60 miles an hour plus during the day monday and into early tuesday. so watch out for this storm. it is coming. tomorrow morning, cloudy skies. areas of fog, some coulding dense. starting 234off low to mid 50s. next couple of days within looking good for tomorrow. cloudy skies, to 69 degrees. 30% chance of showers later in the afternoon. sunday night, heavy rain moves in. monday and tuesday is the worsest storm. tuesday, strong winds, heavy rain, 47 degrees. that ugly. >> that sounds ugly. at least we have the weekend to finish with the preparations. >> and get ready, yes. >> we have sport coming up. >> we[ male announcer ] up. if barack obama is re-elected,
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what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors.
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five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. this is the xfinity sports desk brut to yought to you by x. >> final tune up tonight before the season begins for the griz. >> i will say probably should just bypass the east coast. straight to san antonio for their opening game, don't you sni right, if they're smart. washington wizards open up the new year on tuesday. who is going to be the starting five? we still don't know. we have a better idea after watching tonight's preseason finale. i going for the third win in a row. did you hear about this?
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splashing it in. 11 of the first 13 wizards poin points. wiz up 3 at the half. to crawford, he jams it home. wizards take a one-point lead. but too much spurs down the stretch. steven jackson knocks the ball from chris singleton. going the other way. jackson on the other end. he wi he will fin wish authority. he was held scoreless. 0 for 6 from the field. lucky, this one did not count. redskins might be missing their defensive captain sunday. london fletcher who has been the iron man of the nfl is being listed as questionable. fletcher did practice today. first work out of the week. he still has a limp and is closely monitored for balance issues. since he's been suffering for a couple of weeks with this.
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he will be a game-time decision. senior night in damascus as horne hornets. i love when the parents get the flowers. game time at 7:00, chase williams to john hanley. 14-7, hornets at break. third quarter, seneca valley at own 33, that's calvin to james jones williams, making it long here. 67 yard score. watch them play, though. tweaked his left hamstring. eagles miss extra point, so they are trailing by 1. that's crucial. chances are, this is the end. picked up by rashard, all 6'3", 285 pounds of him, d line's dream coming through. edging seneca valley, 14-13. these two could meet again in the playoffs. an encore performance we will all be watching. >> i was impressed with the refs
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table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. sandy's going to be ugly but sounds like it is better in d.c. that new york. >> yeah, they will get the biggest flooding, that's for sure. that's good news going north but we will still get winds and have power outages. get ready now. prepare for that. saturday and sunday, looking good. both days, i think sunday
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however, we will see rain move in. you do want it make sure you watch out for that rain and it will continue. watch out for wind on sunday. monday and tuesday is the worst days of course with very heavy rain. very heavy wind. one thing we want to you do, we want to you go aun download our storm team 4 app. enter nbc washington weather and
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