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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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connection with multiple home burglaries in waldorf since september. they allegedly stole jewelry, cash, guns, and electronics. if you see them or know anything about these burglaries, please call police. the man seen attacking an elderly woman in her apartment building will be in court today. tyron mcclach broke into the woman's home on wednesday. he punched the woman in the head and took off with her apple computer. she was found by the mailman wednesday afternoon. neighbors are in shock. >> she's a very fine person. i'm surprised anyone would hurt her like that. >> the victim is in the hospital. she's expected to make a full recovery. coming up at 4:31 on this friday morning. want to turn to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. after more than a week of you guys being hammered with crazy storms, you get to do an easy
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forecast. >> it's looking great for the weekend. we deserve it, and here it comes. although we're off to a cold start. not as cold as it was yesterday morning. quite a chill in the air. there's the view from space. as we take a look at temperatures, all those areas in the dark blue, they are in the 30s and near freezing out of the mountains. in the lighter blue area, right around 40, parts of northern virginia and right near the district in southern montgomery county, prince george's county, and many locations in southern maryland, northern neck of virginia, also right near 40, near the waters. inland, away from the waters, much of northern virginia mid and upper 30s, but all above freezing. here's how we're looking for this friday. off to a cold start. winds are still a little blustery. not as blustery as yesterday, but gusting 10 to 15 miles an hour, hovering in the 30s. by noontime, low 50s. ought to climb to near 60 by
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midafternoon, lots of sun. wind should diminish by late afternoon. a look at friday evening coming up in ten minutes. a look at friday morning traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. checking on road work in our area. if you're traveling connecticut avenue, northbound towards the beltway. you're going to see in the northbound lanes construction. it is blocking two of your left lanes. you have to stick to the left to get by the road work there. also, road work on the beltwayment beltway. inner loop and outer loop at university boulevard. let's start with the inner loop. you have to stick to the right lane. approaching university boulevard on the outer loop, two of the left lanes are blocked, stick to the right. that should be just about wrapped up. traveling along 395, nice and clear. a look at glebe, no issues northbound. southbound all lanes are clear as you cross over the 14th street bridge. aaron, back over to you. >> danella, thank you. president obama's first day back at work since being
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reelected. he will urge congress to avoid going over the fiscal cliffme. the president is not expected to offer a specific plan. instead, he'll tell both parties to put their differences aside. they must reach a budget by the end of the year to avoid a series of tax hikes and budget cuts. a grim picture offered of what will happen if we plunge off the fiscal cliff. the cbo warns we'd go back into a recession with the unemployment rate jumping to 9.1%. the report assumes that no budget deal will be reached for a while, which means the tax hikes and spending cuts would be in effect for the whole year. one democrat is already looking ahead to next year's virginia gubernatorial race. terry mcauliffe says he's running for governor again. he lost the first time.
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lieutenant governor ken cuccinelli are also seeking the republican nomination. just days after question seven was passed, there's already an effort to keep a new casino from being built in prince george's county. residents of the national harbor filed a civil suit against the governor and other state leaders. they say the gaming center would compromise their quality of life. the suit is based on voter turnout. it claims not enough registered voters came to the polls to meet the required majority that is needed to approve question seven. many voters in our area had to wait in long lines on tuesday, and it's leading to an investigation in virginia. at least one line in prince william county stretched for five hours, and several polling places were not able to close until 11:00. politicians on both sides of the aisle say similar backups did not happen in 2008 when there was record voter turnout, and now they want a full report from the state board of elections. >> why did it go so poorly this
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year? why were these long lines experienced? again, we're going to be a battleground state, so we don't want this to happen. let's fix it. >> if they think they're going to face a two-hour wait, they don't show up or give up. that's bad for democracy. >> things like a shortage of poll place volunteers, outdated equipment, and prep time cut short by hurricane sandy may have all been part of the problem. there is growing frustration for hundreds of thousands of people in new york and new jersey, this after a snowstorm slammed the northeast, setting back sandy relief efforts just a week and a half after the storm. the record-breaking snowstorm is adding to the power problems. between the two states, 200,000 new power outages were reported. new york's governor andrew cuomo calling for an investigation, accusing utility companies of being unprepared and badly operated. new jersey governor chris christie says all 400,000 outages in his state should be fixed by saturday. in an effort to shorten long gas
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lines in new york city and long island, a new system of rationing will start this morning. drivers will be able to buy gas on alternate days according to license plate numbers. the odd-even fueling system is similar to the one being enforced in new jersey. plans are under way for a huge concert in new york city to help those affected by hurricane sandy. the event at madison square garden is dubbed 12-12-12 because it falls on september 12th this year. it's being used by the same company who does the 9/11 benefit. that same company had big names like paul mccartney, jay-z. meanwhile, people around washington are working to help victims of hurricane sandy as well. st. paul apostle in silver spring is just one of many places collecting clothes, food, cleaning supplies, and money for storm victims. today all of the donations will be packed up on a truck to be taken to new jersey this weekend. metro taking advantage of the long veterans day weekend to get work done on three lines. on the orange line, buses will
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replace trains between east falls church and clarendon. same thing between grosvenor and friendship heights on the red line and greenbelt and college park on the green. it is now 4:37, 41 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," moved to tears. what left president obama so emotional during a speech.
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check out some of these photos from what's being called the world's most powerful camera. the camera captures what's called dark energy, which scientists believe causes the universe to expand. do you even get that, aaron? get this. the camera is able to see light for more than 100,000 galaxies or 8 billion light years away in a single shot. >> i get it. >> you get it? i mean, if you're looking at something that far away, would you even know what you're looking at? >> the scientists do, and i trust them. >> thank goodness. >> i've been a star trek fan since i was 7. i believe all of it. >> good thing they're scientists like our meteorologist tom kierein. >> he's keeping his eye on things a little bit closer to the atmosphere, for example, this live picture from national harbor, the wilson bridge there
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in the difference. 41 degrees outside as we approach 4:41. tom? above the wilson bridge, we've got a crescent moon smiling like a cheshire cat. good morning. by 6:30 this morning, la plata, maryland, 39 degrees. by noontime, low 50s. all around the region today, here's your hour by hour forecast. we'll reach near 60 by midafternoon. clear sky and breezes gusting to around 15 to 20 miles an hour will then settle down by late afternoon. going out tonight? here's your friday evening planner. chilly and a calm wind under a clear sky. we'll be down to the 40s after sunset. mid-40s by midnight. a look at the weekend and into next week. detail is in ten minutes. danella, good morning. we're going to head up to i-270. checking cameras in that area,
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and we'll fly over it together. nice and clear. looking for road work, and not seeing any accidents either as you make your way through frederick northbound and southbound. a live look at gaithersburg and even in the rockville area, your lanes are open. taking the spur to the beltway, things look good if you continue and head towards the outer loop and the american legion bridge. outer loop and inner loop, no accidents and no delays. it is 4:42 now. coming up, the illegal operation police say four men ran out of a bookstore at george washington university.
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the pentagon revealed yesterday that an iranian jet shot at a drone a week ago in
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the persian gulf about 16 miles off the iranian coast. the drone wasn't hit and returned to the base. the defense department says this was the first time an unmanned u.s. aircraft was shot at in international air space over the gulf. a new video game may be a bit too realistic for the military. the navy is punishing seven members of secretive s.e.a.l. team 6 for disclosing classified information to the games maker. the military says the s.e.a.l.s worked as paid consultants in developing medal of honor, war fighter. they apparently showed them some of the combat equipment that's unique to their unit. the s.e.a.l.s received letters of reprimand which can end careers. they also were docked pay. they won't face jail time. a soldier who is accused of massacring afghans had blood on his uniform. the expert says the blood of two males and two females were found on his clothing.
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she also said she only tested a small sample of the stains. the current hearing is to determine if bales will face a court mart shal. the man behind the worst mass shooting in u.s. history will face a lifetime in jail, but not before he came face to face with his victims. those injured and families of those killed by jared loughner lined up to face him yesterday. including the primary target of his attack, congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband mark kelly spoke for her saying, "after today, after this moment, here and now, gabby and i are done thinking about you." it's clear emotions are still raw. >> i'm very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. >> kelly also criticized arizona governor jan brewer for not doing enough for gun control and mental health in the state. caught on camera. a pilot wanted for murder tries
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to make a getaway by stealing a plane. this dramatic video from a utah airport shows the man hopping a fence and stealing a 50-seat sky west passenger jet. the plane's wings ripped through a building before crashing in a parking lot. the man who is wanted for killing his girlfriend back in july shot and killed himself shortly after that crash. no one was hurt. this morning we're learning about how four men convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of textbooks committed that crime. take a look at this sting operation video at george washington university's bookstore. one of the men placed the new books on the table. another boxes them up and takes them to the loading dock, where they were picked up. the books were resold online. the men stole $200,000 worth of textbooks from december of 2010 to january of 2011. >> feels like they're stealing from the university, and all the students who paid for the books originally. i don't think it's a good thing. >> one of the men will be
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sentenced next friday. the other three will be sentenced in january. police are looking for two men they say robbed a recording studio right after recording a rap song there. ♪ police are looking for the men singing that song. it's called larry hoover. police say the robbery happened early yesterday morning at copy cats studio in laurel. police say the suspects got away with the victims' wallets and phones. no one was hurt. the president of one of virginia's colleges says he's terribly disappointed with students' reactions to president obama's victory saturday night. the college claims students who were upset that obama won broke bottles and shouted racial slurs at the minority organizations. some students could face punishment for violating hampton sidney's code of conduct. a very emotional response from president obama after his
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victory. >> you all went to the polls. i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. and what you've just done -- >> the president got choked up when he thanked members of his campaign staff wednesday. he told his staffers and volunteers that he is confident they will do amazing things in hr lives. a traffic alert in potomac, maryland. a movie production may slow down your commute on river road. according to the potomac patch, the bbc apparently is shooting a film for a second day. this is happening at the intersection of river road and norton road between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> time to check the forecast now. it's pretty cold right now, but i am so looking forward to this weekend for so many reasons. >> going to be a nice little treat on so many levels. tom kierein is here to deliver the good news. >> oh, tom. >> only thing is we don't get to turn our clocks back another hour. that would be nice to do that
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every weekend. we do deserve it. almost two weeks we've gone colder than average, and finally we're going to get above average by sunday. as we take off on this friday morning, though, it's cold. there's the washington monument under a clear sky, crescent moon in the southeastern sky this morning, and the autumn constellations are twinkling in a clear sky. absolutely crisp and cold morning. reagan national, though, is warmer, on the warmer waters of the potomac, and a northwest breeze at around 10 to 15 miles an hour. makes it feel even colder. right now as we take a look at the view from space, we have a clear sky, just a few clouds up in pennsylvania. and as we look at temperatures, yeah, down into the low to mid-30s much of maryland and virginia. in the nearby suburbs, prince george's, montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties generally upper 30s. that wind makes it feel even colder. meanwhile, farther west, down into the upper 20s, parts of the shenandoah valley and mountains of western maryland, west
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virginia. many locations below freezing. the winds are lighter there. we have a bit of a blustery wind around the bay and the eastern shore. for the morning commute, 6:45, clear, cold, breezy. wearing your warmest winter gear. temperatures in the low 30s to 40s at 6:00 this morning. then for the lunch hour, we'll be warming up to low to mid-50s. wind still gusting to 20 miles an hour out of the north and west. we'll have that bright sunshine. it will feel nice anyway. later today, we'll reach near 60 during the afternoon. 61 is the high for this time of year. we may be near that with clouds coming in saturday afternoon. sunday even warmer. does look like we'll soar to the upper 60s and maybe a few locations near 70 degrees on sunday afternoon. it will feel like summer. as we get into monday, the day we observe veterans day, going to be in the mid-60s with increasing clouds. that will be ahead of a front. that front moving in, does look
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like, on tuesday. looks like morning and midday is the timing on that, bringing some showers. highs in the mid-60s. after that, we'll cool down, dry out on wednesday and thursday next week. i'll return in ten minutes. a look at your friday morning commute with danella. good morning. >> good morning. i have to admit, tom, i'm running through my weekend now with great temperatures. what am i going to do? first we have to focus on traffic and get through friday. good morning to you. let's talk about the dulles toll road heading westbound. construction happening there at 5:00 a.m. you're going to have to follow directions to work your way around it. let's head over to 66. this time westbound just past 123. paving taking away your shoulder lanes. it's alternating between your left shoulder and right shoulder. that should last until 6:00 a.m. travel lanes in that area look open. let's talk about eastbound from the visitors center. heading on 66 as you make your way towards the beltway, not seeing anything slowing you down. inside the beltway on 66, eastbound and westbound, it's a live look at glebe. no issues in this area.
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they say that good things come to those who wait. d.c. united fans, they say yeah. >> it's a goal! inside the final three minutes! delirious for d.c. united! >> d.c. united moving on to the conference final. they beat the new york red bulls 1-0 in the second and deciding match for their playoff series. nick de leon scored the winning goal with just minutes left. that match was supposed to be wednesday night but was postponed because of snow in new york. the march to march madness begins. college basketball season tips off tonight. georgetown is taking part in what has quickly become a veterans day tradition. the carrier classic. the hoyas will take on the tenth ranked florida gators aboard the aircraft carrier "uss baton" in
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jacksonville, florida. georgetown climbed into the top ten last season but will likely have to battle harder to make it back this year. there's not a single senior and only two juniors, making for a very young squad. the terps kick off their season against the defending national champs, number three, kentucky. maryland has some of its best scorers returning. they also just learned that transfer dez wells will be able to play this season. tip-off at 8:30 tonight in brooklyn. you know what this means? months of me saying go terps, aaron. aren't you so excited? >> we wouldn't have it any other way. i always love your excitement. >> very exciting on so many fronts. very cool. your time right now is 4:54. >> next, the d.c. mother's baby delivery that just could not wait until she got to the
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welcome back at 4:57. just days before veterans day, a four day long ceremony is going on at the vietnam veterans memorial. >> david a. land. louis e. milan. >> the names of the more than 58,000 people on the vietnam veterans memorial wall in d.c. are being read aloud for the
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30th anniversary of the vietnam wall. the reading of the names begins on thursday and stops sunday night for only only a few hours. the americans tribute has "american idol" winner ruben studdard and the american air force band. it's a privilege for me to participate in this event. it will air live sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. >> but will you sing? >> maybe. it could happen. you've heard of babies being born in the back of taxis or stuck in traffic. this morning we're learning about a woman who gave birth on a sidewalk, poor woman. heather whitlow was walking outside her home on "l" street in southeast washington on sunday. she felt mild labor pains. she called her husband, and he drove home to pick her up. she said those labor pains took a sudden turn. >> all of a sudden, things shifted, and i just knew this baby is coming right now.
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>> she rested her hands on the car, and she was standing up. i held my armed underneath, and the baby fell right into my arms. >> no way. and look at the baby. doesn't even know what happened. doctors say the baby boy alexi is just fine. his parents say they can't wait to tell him the story of his birth when he gets older. on the sidewalk? kudos to dad catching the baby. can you imagine? >> sometimes instinct kicks in, and you know you've got to catch it. are you mad at the baby? how could you do this to me? congrats to the family. what a beautiful baby. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. new from overnight, fire sparks in one of the most recognizable buildings in the district. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for


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