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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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york. public service comingen to abrupt end. david petraeus has resigned and admits to having an extra marital affair. president obama took a strong stand on taxes for the rich, but could set the stage for a showdown on how to avoid that fiscal cliff. a community in prince george's county but years later they still don't have much more than empty fields and a pile of dirt. good evening, i'm jim. now the process is under way to find a permanent replacement. chris k clackm has the latest. >> reporter: david petraeus who took over at the cia in 2011 wrote "after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by
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engaging in an extra marital affair. both behavior is unassessmentable as a husband an as the leader of an organization such as ours." petraeus resigns just days after his boss won re-election and president obama accepted it saying about petraeus and his wife, holly, i wish them the very best at this difficult time. >> it's a lite bit too soon to tell today because of how sudden this was. but for lack of a better term, petraeus is a legend one of the few generals to get so much credit for so many things. >> reporter: scheduled to testify at house and senate hearings on the terrorist attack in september and the american embassy in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead, including ambassador chris stevens. >> so, this is really probably the most politically uncomfortable. just on the benghazi question, the most politically uncomfortable moment the guy has had since he reached the national stage. had to be a really hard time for him. >> reporter: the resignation of the highly decorated former
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combat commander caught even washington, d.c., off guard. nbc news. the resignation of general petraeus raises a whole lot of questions. david gregory of "meet the press" joins us now with more on the potential fallout from the cia director's resignation. the hardest thing to keep in washington is a secret. was this affair widely known? >> no. not to me. i think that washington seems to be collectively very surprised by this. the president was surprised by it. found out yesterday. they talked. the president thought about it overnight and accepted the resignation. senator feinstein said publicly she wished the president had not accepted the resignation because it's a real blow. this is a real surprise. i mean, as the piece sets up, the timing is so curious with the benghazi stuff bearing down and people close to petraeus says it has nothing to do with that. find this incredibly surprising and the election is over and the
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washington intrigue has just begun. >> how long before we know who the other party is, do you think? >> i don't know. i mean, in this media age, i don't know if it will take a long time. there are reports about the fbi looking into people close to him who had had some access to classified materials. so, i think there's going to be not others trying to find out who that is and i'm sure that those questions will keep getting asked. >> is the president in a difficult position now in terms of, one, justifying this and separating it from benghazi and replacing him. he has quite the reputation. >> he does. been thriving in that job. he and the president did not get along that well and i think that had been smoothed over and, of course, petraeus had such a big portfol portfolio, having led our troops in afghanistan and iraq and the counterterror efforts and the cia director. so, there will be a void and, you know, this is a part of a new administration. we already have that flux in turnovers and now continue and
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be more level. >> shift gears now to this looming fiscal cliff, which is going to dominate the news for the rest of the year. both the president, john boehner making public comments and neither one sounding like a compromise is anywhere -- >> well, the tone is certainly nicer than what we've heard, right? the president saying i'm not wedded to any one aspect of this. i'm open to compromise and new ideas. what i heard the president say and talking to white house officials, he certainly feels like this election gave him a victory on his point of view about taxes. he wants wealthier americans to pay more. he wants that balanced approached and he wants to drive a hard bargain on that piece of it. i would look for this to happen in some stages. avoid going off that fiscal cliff and spending cuts and tax increases by the end of the year and maybe take an initial stab at tax reform and maybe this happens in bits and pieces. >> talk to senator schumer and coburn and reaction to the
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petraeus resignation and more on what the republican party does in the future now after this loss. >> david gregory of "meet the press" thank you. >> it airs at 10:30 sunday morning here on nbc 4. leon panetta says the military did all it could to respond to the attack in benghazi libya in september. in a letter to senator john mccain today, panetta addresses the claim that the military could have dispatched fighter jets to stop the attack. secretary panetta says they did not have aircraft near libya at the time. four americans were killed, including ambassador chris stevens. panetta made the statements ahead of next week's congressional hearings about the attack. d.c. police are looking for the man who fired shots near the white house. all started with a robbery early this morning and ended with the victims chasing the suspects. jackie benson at the scene now near lafayette park with more on this. jackie? >> well, jim, it ended when the victims drove in to lafayette
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park with a vehicle, with a fresh bullet hole in the windshield is bound to get the attention of law enforcement. one of the victims believes the robber suspected he'd be carrying a large amount of cash. >> maybe i had money, but i didn't. >> reporter: the bullet hole in the windshield of the porsche cayenne shows how close the victims came to serious harm. they ask that we not identify them. >> i'm out of it. >> reporter: the men say they were part of a group of five people who had just left mia lounge, a popular late-night club on 18th street northwest when they wer approached by three men with guns. two were wearing ski masks. there was a scuffle and the robbers took many and cell phones and fled in the waiting get away car. that's when two of the victims jumped in the suv and started following them until a bullet came through the windshield. >> chased the car and that's when they could stop.
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they don't follow them. >> reporter: police caution it's important not to take the law into your own hands. >> if you see the tag, note the tag, but d't try to take the matter in your own hands and i would not follow, especially if someone is harmed. you don't want to put yourself in that position. >> reporter: the club's owner says he usually has a cloedzing time, but on this particular morning, that person wasn't there. police are searching for the three armed robbers and the get away driver. the vehicle described as a silver lincoln with d.c. lice e license. reporting live in northeast washington, jackie benson, news 4p. firefighters surrounded the complex in northwest d.c. about 2:00 a.m. from the ground, you could see flames and smoke coming from the rooftop. firefighters rescued one woman from the building. she did not need to be hospitalized. we're told the fire was mostly contained to that balcony, but minor damage to the living room of a penthouse. investigators are still trying
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to figure out what started this fire. a new aquatic center is approved for people who live in prince george's county. it will be built on missouri avenue off of route 301. the community meeting about the project was held last night. as tracee wilkins reports now, some people are concerned they'll have to wait for years before projects like that one could become reality. >> i have been coming twice a week and there's no one here working. as you can see, it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: residents in southern prince george's county are worried about the lack of work park and planning seem to be putting in to improving parks in the area, especially since some of the projects have been paid for for years. >> they say okay to these projects, but it takes forever for them to build it. >> reporter: some students here say they wanted a place to ride their skateboards. so, the delegate went to annapolis and got $250,000 in bond money to help build this skate park. four years later, this is as far
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as the project has gone. >> the pois that talk to me about the skate park are graduating from college this year. >> reporter: maryland state delegate says he's secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds for park projects that have not gotten off the ground. this wooded area is supposed to be the home of a new aquatic center serving everyone from children to seniors but he's afraid that it, too, will be put off for years. >> we keep getting excuses after excuses. >> reporter: starting in 2007, proctor secured $300,000 to provide lights for three existing football fields. he also secured 250,000 for an additional field at north keys park and 250,000 for the skate park. >> so for us $800,000. >> reporter: and not one project done? >> not one project done. >> reporter: maryland park and planning was supposed to match the funds secured to complete the projects. after five years of providing fundi funding, proctor and residents
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are wondering, what is the hold up? >> they have mentioned all these things and i don't know if something with the funding changed in the county or they're putting the money intuther things. >> the money is available, then it needs to be used for the programs and projects that it was allocated for. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> representatives with maryland park and planning were not avaible to comment on the story, but they say the aquatic center is expected to be completed by 2016 and the skate park should be done by 2013. it's a pretty nice friday, fall evening out there and the weather is going to get even better this weekend. doug kammerer has good weather news to share. >> it's about time. come to me with good news. 53 degrees the number out there and winds out of the north about five miles per hour. temperatures dropping, but not quite as cold as it has been. here's something to note, the sun sets before 5:00 p.m. from today all the way through january 4th.
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the sun actually went down today at 4:59. how about that. we are going to see that continue for about the next month or so. chilly weather tonight, but not too cold. down to about 41 degrees when you wake up early tomorrow morning, step out on your saturday. i show you just how warm i think temperatures could get coming up in just a minute. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, mail carrier to the rescue. an elderly woman is beaten and robbed and tonight her hero is speaking out. the deadly attack in syria continue. now the president wants to know who is to blame for the bloodshed. the voice of an r and
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as the fighting in syria intensifies, civilians are rushing to flee their homeland. about 11,000 syrians have crossed into nearby countries in just the last 24 hours. syria's president remains defiant. >> reporter: it's been another deadly day in syria with several key developments helping around the country. they have seized an important crossing point along the syrian/turkish border. the border crossing could be one more access point for weapons
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and fighters into syria and an exit point for refugees trying to get out. in the past 24 hours the refugee agency says more than 11,000 people have fled into neighboring countries and 8,000 into turkey alone. that brings the total number of registered refugees since the conflict began 19 months ago to 4,000. the community of the red cross says it's no longer capable of meeting the humanitarian needs of the conflict. >> despite the fact that this code of operation is increasing, we can't cope with the worsening of the situation. >> reporter: the violence continues across the country in new amateur video posted online but not independently verified. people are seen scrambling to rescue wounded sevilcivilians kg 15 people. syria's president al assad remains defiant. he says it was not a conflict between him and the people, but
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rather a war of terrorism that is being fueled by western countries to destabilize syria. >> it's about terrorism and support coming from the group to support terrorists. this is our war. >> reporter: he made the comments in an interview with inrussian news channel, in which he also said he would live and die in syria and never leave. and in the capital, arab and western countries are trying to unite syria's opposition to bolster it. the hope is that a united cohesive opposition could be the transitional government, if president assad leaves power. nbc news, cairo. fiscal battle here at home. today president obama and house speaker john boehner both laid out ideas to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. that would happen when automatic tax increases and spending cuts are due to hit in january. the president invited congressional leaders to the white house to talk about a bipartisan deficit plan to avoid that crisis.
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steve handelsman reports now, democrats and republicans are still far apart. >> in a speech at the white house, president obama claimed the election proved most americans agree with his plan, but he calls wla s balanced. cutting taxes to avoid the fiscal cliff. he says he's flexible, but -- >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> reporter: he's calling in members of congress for fiscal cliff meetings next week. but the main republican negotiator, again, will be speaker john boehner. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more than half of them are small business owners. 700,000 jobs would be destroyed. >> reporter: boehner insists the
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middle class and the government would get more money if tax rates dropped. >> we know that we're going to get more economic growth. it will bring jobs back to america and bring more revenue. >> reporter: americans won't budge on taxes unless democrats agree to cut the out of control costs of social security and medicare. raising the minimum ages to start. it's the same debate president obama had with mitt romney. in a campaign that left him drained, this emotional video just released of his thank you to staffers in chicago. tears on barack obama's cheeks looking a bit like john boehner. but now they will battle. for the past four years, republicans up here have been super unified. not one defecting in some of the biggest fights. now, even before his second term starts, president obama's vowing to get gop allies for this fight. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news,
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capitol hill. after more than a week of long lines, drivers in new york say the newly implemented gas rationing program appears to be working. it is similar to the program in new jersey. vehicles with odd numbered license plates fill up on monday and vehicles with even numbered plates do the same the next day. only quarter of new york city gas stags are open as that city still recovers from superstorm sandy. wi widespread destruction from that storm will make it the largest relief effort from the red cross since hurricane katrina. >> a long time before things get back to normal. for us, the prospect of a glitch this weekend ahead, huh? >> delicious, yes. i seldom use that term in weather, but, yes, quite that. delicious. very nice weather with plenty of sunshine over the next couple of days. i do think we'll see some clouds from time to time, but i also think sunday is going to be one delicious day. let's take a look and show you
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how it was earlier today. this is out towards frying pan park and the horses enjoying a little bit of sunshine, although temperatures still a little below average today. the wind blowing, too, and the pigs, the pigs always enjoying it as you make your way out and about today. take a look at the temperatures out there. of course, one of the bad things about frying pan park, always good to get out there and go to the petting zoo. 58 degrees the high temperature today. once again, below average but today was the warmest day in almost two weeks and, yes, of course, it is the warmest day so far in the month of november. tomorrow will be warmer, sunday will be even warmer and monday, maybe even a little warmer. 53 right now, winds out of the north at five miles per hour and still a little bit of a chill in the air and you'll need the jackets. down to 5 45 in gaithersburg. if you're hitting a movie and out to dinner, again, you'll probably need the jackets, but that's about it. maybe not the heavy coats and the gloves like you needed the past couple of nights. radar, no rain to show you
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across our region and that is the case over the next few days. dry air all across our area. i'll show you this, though, right here. see these clouds back towards kentucky, they're not much of clouds, but they'll make their way our way and see more cloud cover tomorrow as we see a frontal boundary. a warm front move across the region. we don't mind a warm front every now and then. 72 in st. louis and 83 in dallas and 72 in memphis and that warmer air will slide our way overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow and that's why i think tomorrow we'll get back into the 60s. plenty of sunshine today with high pressure dominating. here come those clouds in here tomorrow. we'll call it partly cloudy and i think we could see mostly cloudy periods during the day, but, still, warm enough to get above 60 degrees and that will be the arverage high temperatur tomorrow. on sunday, nothing but sunshine and get up to 70 in many locations.
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again, sunday looking fantastic. nice evening and 54 degrees, and some areas there might be colder than that. tomorrow morning about 30 degrees in some of the coldest areas and 41 degrees in the city. once again, increasing clouds and nice and mild. temperatures 60 to 65 degrees and winds light tomorrow, but those winds will be increasing on sunday out of the south and that will push us to 70 on sunday and monday coming in at 72 degrees and veterans day looks very, very nice. a lot of people out of school and out of work looking good on tuesday. next chance of rain, as the that's a pretty potent frontal and bringing storms early in the day and also help to cool us down. temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday only in the 50s, once again. don't get used to this warm up, but enjoy it while it's here. that same storm on tuesday the
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same storm bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the west. it's not coming here, but a monitor storm out west right now. >> okay, make the most of our good fortune this weekend. >> let's do it up. coming up tonight, food trucks versus restaurants. the fight could force some tougher rules into businesses. iteam discovers the revival of a dangerous drug and taking a toll on our emergency health care. coming up in sports, the turps get ready to open up the season against the defending national champions. the wizards look for their first win against the bucs. d.c. united move on after a
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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sent police officers above all other it's not crack, heroin or even prescription pills. >> it's pcp and it's back in our region. tonight the news 4 iteam shows us why so many are so worried about the resurgence of what many call the most dangerous drug. >> you want to take me on? i will cut you, man. i will cut you right here. >> reporter: prince george's county police say this is their new reality. >> sir, we're here to help you. >> reporter: a training scenario offering a glimpse of something
6:27 pm
they hoped they wouldn't ever seen, again. >> drop the knife, sir, drop the knife! drop the knife, sir. taser, taser. >> we go through scenarios all the time to have to deal with people that are on pcp. >> reporter: major mark is trying to prepare his officers for a worse-case scenario. >> we believe it is back and back a little different from what it used to be back in the early '90 when it was very prominent. >> reporter: people used to buy the powder form called angel dust and now 70 bucks get you a vial fill eed to make dippers. dipped into a potent cocktail. >> it's probably the most dangerous that we deal with. >> prince george's county 911 -- >> reporter: one of the most frightening examples happened in college park. >> i think he's smoked some pcp and he swears someone is after him. >> reporter: andre has a gun and
6:28 pm
the pcp is making him paranoid. >> he wants us to leave. >> ma'am, go, go, take everybody else and go outside. >> nobody i in the room. >> reporter: police say mccoy forces his mother outside, police will later report they shoot and taser him before he steals a police cruiser. arresting him only after he crashes. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the news 4 iteam found half of the police involved shootings this year involved pcp. the major person says officers are trained to first try nonlethal techniques. like tasers. paint pellets and the swarming technique. they strap suspect down before carting them to the hospital. >> pcp patients are on a scale of 1 to 10 at a 15 coming in the
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door. >> reporter: emergency room doctor michelle carter says pcp takes a terrible toll on e.r.s because everybody from security officers to doctors gets pulled into restraining the patient. >> they're screaming and they're yelling and they're hollering and they're sweating. some are dressed. some have taken off their clothes and are trying to keep sheets on them. they're spitting, they're cussing. >> reporter: a news 4 iteam analysis shows there has been an upswing of pcp deaths, hospitalizations and arrests concentrated in prince george's county in the eastern half of the district. >> we have definitely seen a surge. >> reporter:titia thompson, news 4 iteam. >> experts say they aren't sure why there has been an increase in the incidents. they say pcp is cheaper than many drugs and the high lasts longer. doctors also fear that a new generation not familiar with pcp might now be experimenting with it. >> andre mccoy is awaiting trial and faces more than a dozen
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charges. first degree murder, stealing a vehicle and multiple assault charges, including assaulting a police officer. retired four-star general david petraeus stepped down from his post as director of the cia. he admitted today he had an extra marital affair. he called his behavior unacceptable both as the leader of that agency and as a husband. his exit comes just a week before he was to testify before congress on the bombing at the u.s. embassy in libya. just days after the election, the supreme court says it will consider overturning the landmark law that prevented discrimination at the polls in the '60s. justices agree to hear a constitutional challenge to the voting rights act of 1965. that act gives the federal government oversight over voting rules in 16 states, including virginia. challengers say race relations have improved enough that that oversight can be lifted.
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the justices plan to look at whether the law in its current form might be outdated. tonight a teenager is charged in the beating of an 81-year-old woman inside her upper northeast d.c. home. it was the mailman who came to her aid yesterday. matt collins spoke exclusively with the man who stepped in to help. >> i saw her, i never did miss anything in this community like that either. strange. unfortunately, it had to happen with someone like her. >> reporter: this is teddy settles, he's the mailsman in this neighborhood. he came to the rescue of that 81-year-old woman beaten and robbed in her home on mckinley street. >> i knocked on the door to give her her mail and i noticed she was disturbed and she reached out to me and said, you've got to help me. i said, what happened? she said she was attacked and robbed. i said, do you need the police? she said, yes, could you please call them. >> reporter: this happened
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wednesday. police say an 18-year-old broke through a basement window and robbed the woman who lives here. >> she had a big bruise and a bump, you know, on her forehead. she was assaulted or something, you know. but she, and she was disoriented. >> reporter: he lives next door. this 81-year-old victim has lived here on mckenley street for many years. they say she's legally blind, hearing impaired but very self-sufficient. each day, they say, she takes her especially marked cane and tucks it under her arm and then walks from chevy chase to bethesda and back. >> for someone to take advantage of an 81-year-old woman, at best, you could say, evil. at worst, deranged. >> reporter: arrested in the case, 18-year-old tyran mcelrath.
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he was picked up yesterday on savannah place in southeast. sources say they believe he had been in the neighborhood looking for potential targets before that break in. after his arrest, suspect mcelrath told police, i messed pup you got me. that lady could have been my grandmother. i feel sorry for her. in northwest, pat collins, news 4. >> the union representing principals and administrators in the prince george's county schools is suing the school system. a $100 million federal class action lawsuit was filed by the union in federal court. the suit was filed last friday and it names the county's school board and former county school superintendent dr. william height. the suitor alleges that 100 school administrators and principals were the target of age and race discrimination when they were demoted or fired
6:34 pm
during height's tenure. >> dr. height alone replaced almost half of the principals in the schools. that kind of action reflects on what is happening in the schools. when you have administrators in the schools that are so demoralized, it's going to roll the balance of the children. >> there are nearly 30 plaintiffs named in the suit. prince george's county spokesperson says they will not comment on the lawsuit until it goes to court. food trucks is a lunchtime fixture for thousands who work in the district downtown, but food truck vendors say newly proposed regulations threaten to put them out of business. derrick ward talked to vendors who say some went too far. >> reporter: lunchtime often meant a smiling face offering you good wholesome fair and now lunchtime often comes from a truck but still could be good fair. >> i just tasted beef brisket from the barbecue truck down there. >> reporter: these aren't the ice cream trucks we chased for
6:35 pm
blocks as kids. many of these vendors come from serious -- >> for two years just a food truck and now we've opened a fixed location at the new union market in ward 5, washington, d.c. trying to impose brick and mortar style regulation on these vendors like the ten-foot rule saying ten feet of unobstructed sidewalk for vendors to operate curbside. sidewalks that would work, even with the tree boxes, plenty of unobstructed room for people to line-up and walk by, but not a lot of places like this and that's what has the vendors worry. the ten-foot rules is great if you have a sidewalk cafe, not great if you're working curbside. >> eight out of our ten hot spots wouldn't comply. >> terrible for our customers who love to come out and enjoy the food trucks. >> it gets people out of the office. you just see a lot more people.
6:36 pm
just nice to be out. >> i think it's a good thing because we get a variety. >> reporter: the vendor association says they like some of the proposed regulatory changes like ditching old rules that applied to rice cream trucks. but the vendors say changes that are being proposed essentially to keep clear sidewalks may clear them all too well. >> this just proves that this is what they want. i hope they let us be here. >> reporter: news 4. coming up tonight an r&b star from virginia is gone. and everything is on ice at the national harbor. >> what have you got, doug? >> not on ice, but the areas way back to the west out towards denver and montana, blizzard warnings there. that storm moving our way. we've got a great weekend ahead of
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♪ that one of the more memorable performances or one of the more memorable songs from r&b singer major harris who died today in a hospital down in richmond. hometown. he was a member of the delphonics back in the '70s.
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his family said he died of congestive heart and lung failure. major harris was 65 years old. if you've looked at a football field lately, you may have noticed that some of the players are looking a little smaller. that's because some of these guys are changing the way they eat and exercise trying to stay healthier on the field and into the future. washington redskins lorenzo alexander is one of them. he says doing pilates has helped him take his game to the next level. >> i was caught up in that whole stigma of doing pilates. a whole bunch of women, i don't want to be in a room with a whole bunch of women. women enjoyed it and really helped my game. >> more on how some of these guys are tackling weight loss tonight on news 4 at 11:00. >> you just don't expect to see that dude -- >> on the pilates. >> making moves. >> of course, he had to lose the weight for his livelihood. >> they wanted him to change
6:41 pm
positions and they needed him to be faster. sorry, am i supposed to go on to sports yet? >> now is your time. we're not talking redskins today. can you believe it? good times for the black and red. still rolling. a dramatic vict refor d.c. united. excited to open things up
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everybody looking at a pretty good day out there today. 53 degrees. can you tell it's friday? weekend coming up and wind out of the north at about five miles per hour. a nice evening tonight and, once again, you'll need the jackets but not need the hats and gloves that you've needed. 43 degrees in the cool spot and not showing any rain, not going to see any rain this weekend, don't worry about that, but waking up tomorrow morning. a lot of people have to get up early for their kids' football practice. temperatures on the cool side. 41 in washington and 32 in leesburg but the sun will come up and start to warm things up pretty quickly tomorrow. that's the good news and i do think we'll see more cloud cover
6:45 pm
tomorrow than we saw today and, still, temperatures getting into the 60s for many of us. to the north, frederick, baltimore, maybe in the upper 50s as a result of those clouds and down to the south, more sunshine and warmer temperatures. 66 in fredericksburg and 63 degrees coming at la plata and good day on saturday and i'm holding the saturday forecast, because i have to, for about another ten minutes. >> hold on, it won't be long. talking about a great time of year and we're talking about college basketball and all these guys that we're seeing in the pros next year. because they'll play once. >> one and done, especially tonight. we'll see them in kentucky, right? the season opener for the maryland terrapins is tonight and returning to big time college basketball. whether or not they can compete, that's one of the questions they'll answer. facing the defending national champions. the kentucky wildcats. otherwise known as the one and dunners. tonight's season opener a reunion of sorts for the head coaches. the terps have been practicing
6:46 pm
all week at the comcast center in college park. a player on the kansas team. when he was an assistant under larry brown. now, they're going to face off from opposite benches tonight at the bar clays center. everyone is excited about the possibilities. turgen is also grateful for the oprtunity. >> john could have called anybody in the country and he called me when i got the job and said, hey, do you want to do this? we both knew we were going to have young teams going in. so, i thank him for giving us this opportunity because of the publicity we'll get from this game is big for our program, win or lose. >> great team, great program and the coach has done a great job since he got there. compare him with the job he's doing and i can see similarities in the way that they do things. just a tough team and really athletic and really focused and driven and they work hard. this is going to be a challenge for us and we just have to get
6:47 pm
in there and play hard. >> tipoff tonight from brooklyn at 8:30 p.m. well, the rule of holes, if you're in one, you stop digging. wizards have put themselves in an 0-3 hole and trying to dig out tonight against the bucks. milwaukee visit the verizon center. if coming close in games counted, wizards would be in great position taking the celtics down to the wire in back-to-back games this past week. even forcing overtime at the garden. there's the rookie bradley beal finally hitting them. 16 points for him on wednesday, alas, they could not finish either game losing both by a combined nine points. happy to bring the show back home tonight, want that w. but winning isn't always the only thing. >> winning and as long as we continue to see improvements, like i said, we've been able to
6:48 pm
overcome some slow spots. and the wl it's the start of the game or not. the defense has been a positive. and we can becoming, obviously, more consistent from an offensive stand point and we can make some shots and we can get our offense clicking. >> they tip at 7:00 from verizon center. highlights at 11:00. jum didn't like that. winning isn't the only thing. coming close and showing progress. come on! >> coming close. >> two starters -- well, there's nothing like a shot of red bull to get you going. d.c. united got a big one last night in the semifinal showdown with new york. turned a negative into a positive and some wings flying into the conference finals. take you back to red bull arena to recap. united faithful packed into buss and made that five-hour trip up north for the rematch and they were in for a treat.
6:49 pm
70 minute no score and breakaway and united goalie. he challenges, see it, again. mead gets a red card and is ejected. backup keeper joe willis comes in and immediately has to deal with the penalty kick. cooper right down the middle and willis is long and looks like a red bull goal but the referee calls encroachment. they have to kick it, again. tension building. tough spot and on the weak kick, huge save to remain scoreless! 88th minute now, we skip ahead. united on the attack. robby russell, what a feed to nick dalion and the rookie's seventh of the game and none bigger than this and united advance to the eastern conference finals. can you believe it? >> we hung in there and we bailed another guy out. we bailed bill out and that's kind of the m.o. of this team
6:50 pm
right now. when the chips are down and there's a certain speirit about them. it has nothing, these guys have just come together by themselves. and sometimes belief is enough. the maryland football program making headlines this year, not the good kind. they have lots of injuries. first all four quarterbacks have gone down. the fifth stringer is a freshman and they converted. sean petty his second start this weekend in death valley against clemson. the terps news this week heading into the game and now the defense taking a hit. losing demetrius hartsfield. staying the course, no matter what. >> there's nobody regardless of what happened can pull this apart. or have us deviate from what we wanted to work to accomplish. and all we're going to do is go out and give our best effort each and every day and do the
6:51 pm
best we can and that's all anybody can ask of us. that's the thing i have been so impressed with. they haven't, they haven't batted an eye. nobody walking around this building, feeling sorry for themselves. there's nobody saying what if. or if this didn't happen. and okay, what do we have to do today to get better. >> doing a lot. a lot of work from the terps this year. we have to speak of a primetime match tonight. we previewed it earlier in the week, but georgetown hoyas are hitting the battleship. it is from the "uss battan." >> put the brakes on it. it is a long way down. coming up, 'tis the season
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
sculptors are putting the finishing touches on the displays for the annual holiday attraction, ice at gaylord resort. this year's theme the movie
6:55 pm
shrek. that looks fun, doesn't it? 40 ice carvers spent the last month sculpting the movie characters. that show opens next friday. dress warm, it's cold in there. >> they have coats for you. they actually give you coats. >> the coolest thing. >> that's a big attraction every year. >> i want to go into the cold this weekend, though. >> i think a lot of people are going to be enjoying the sunshine, especially on sunday. i think sunday will be a great afternoon to get out and about. 64 on your saturday and then sunday plenty of sunshine and same deal monday for veterans day and looking pretty good into tuesday. that's when our next best chance of rain moves in and pretty strong cold front that will cool us off. again, enjoy the weekend. >> thanks. many years ago i taught english at the philadelphia public school system. in my school system there was two parents nights each semester and anywhere from 32 to 38 kids in each class, i remember that. in two and a half years in that
6:56 pm
school, i think i saw about two dozen parents. more than 400 kids, 24 parents. most of my classes were ninth graders, a good number of them were not crazy about going to school. i was reminded of that sad fact when i read about the truancy, calls it a crisis, points out that you can't teach a kid who's not even there. some council members have chimed in and they want her to fix the problem. well, i think the fact is she, not by herself. surely measures henderson and other administrators can take to address the problem. make the education experience more attractive, but, quite frankly, i'm not sure getting a kid to go to school is not their responsibility. doesn't the burden fall on somebody else like maybe a parent, a guardian or some adult who knows all too well the consequences of not getting an education. i know at least three very
6:57 pm
accomplished successful men now, true role models whose decision to take advantage of education opportunities was not spoiled by their parent who tried, but a guy in the neighborhood you could usually find in a pool hall. a ph.d. and he knew if they didn't go to school and he wouldn't have it. they wouldn't listen to their parent but they couldn't avoid him because he was in all the places they thought they wanted to be. but he was hoard on theard on t loved them so much. he drove one of those dudes out from philly so that the kid could register to go to school. i don't know if it takes a village to raise a child, but i am certain of the wonderful influence that could be had from someone outside the family circle, somebody who simply cares. by the way, there's 24 parents i mentioned earlier, their kids
6:58 pm
were in school every day. that's
6:59 pm


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