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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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just so upsetting because
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gone at 19 years old. >> friends react tonight to the murder of a 19-year-old fairfax county football player. good evening everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. xavier stringfellow was found dead last night in vienna and tonight police have made an arrest in the case. news 4's darcy spencer talked with former high school teammates tonight who are devastated by the news. >> ryan and xavier stringfellow show off their rings after winning the state football championship at battlefield high school in prince william county in 2010. swingle was devastated to learn his former teammate was found murdered in this van friday night in vienna. >> i was heart broken. it was really hard because he was one of those guys who brought me under his wing and kind of showed me what to do, what not to do. it hurts me that he's gone like that. >> reporter: investigators say the 19-year-old manassas man was stabbed to death during a struggle with someone he did not know but had arranged to meet.
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they wouldn't say why. detectives charged 22-year-old johnny bonilla with murder. he was arrested at his home in gainsville saturday afternoon. stringfellow was found behind the wheel of the van around 7:00 p.m. near chambridge road. he was a star player and a leader on and off the field. coach mark cox told me the all star player was recruited to play nose guard at ferrum college in virginia where he appears on the roster in 2012 as a sophomore. cob said he was a great football player and human being. swingle's mom, lorena, said she knew stringfellow since he was a kid. >> he is a good kid, takes care of the other ones, came to the games, would be on the sidelines, trying to hype up the kids, and it's just so upsetting someone like that would just be gone. >> reporter: swingle and the other players return to high school this week made harder now
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that stringfellow, number 53, is off the field forever. >> especially hard without him because he was the one that was always having the positive attitude, positive outlook, and just looking out for everyone. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. to the weather now. snow fell around our area earlier today but little of it stuck. there were flurries in d.c., virginia, and maryland but by late this afternoon the snow had turned to rain so tonight transportation crews are concerned about icy roads. v dot deployed trucks to pretreat bridges and highways to prevent treacherous conditions. temperatures are expected to dip well below freezing tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci is here with what to expect overnight. >> in addition to dropping temperatures we have to talk about gusty winds. they're already beginning to fire up, up in hagerstown we've clocked wind gusts at 32 miles an hour. needless to say, we are going to have cold wind chills tonight. already it feels like 37 in d.c.
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but it feels like 22 in hagerstown and 28 in martinsburg. overnight we'll see those wind gusts make it feel like the teens. so when you step outside tomorrow morning, to pick up that paper, it'll feel a lot colder than what the number says on your thermometer. as for the snow, it's winding up across new england. i'll forecast abotalk about tha west virginia and whether it will affect us and how things look heading into the new year and all the new year's eve celebrations. my full forecast is a few minutes away, jim. >> thanks, kim. work continues behind closed doors tonight to get a last-minute deal that steers us away from the fiscal cliff. sources tell nbc news party leaders in the senate are drafting a small stop-gap plan. the question is whether minority leader mitch mcconnell and majority leader harry reid can draft a bill that will pass the house. any bill that does come up for a vote tomorrow or monday will likely not address massive spending cuts but lawmakers are trying to avoid tax increases for most americans. nbc's david gregory talked to
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president obama about negotiations today in an interview that airs on "meet the press" tomorrow. the president continues to be optimistic but he, i think, in part is doing the interview on "meet the press" because he wants to keep the pressure on republicans to get something done and made very clear in the course of the interview that there's a political cost to be paid if there is not a deal. you can see the full interview with the president from the white house tomorrow morning on "meet the press" at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. some good news for former president george h.w. bush tonight. he's out of intensive care. the 88-year-old's been in the hospital for five weeks now. he was recovering from bronchitis last weekend when he developed a fever and was moved to the icu. the bush family released a statement today saying they're thankful for everyone's prayers and good wishes. tomorrow is the big day for redskins fans. they face the cowboys of course with their division title on the
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line. jason is here as we gear up for tomorrow's make or break game. >> it seemed like the day would never get here earlier this week but now it's finally here. just one more day. no matter who wins or loses this is one of the games redskins fans will always remember. it's moments like these that can define a season. a career or even a legacy. the redskins understand what it would mean for this franchise to win tomorrow. with so much on the line, you better believe mike shanahan and his team are ready to leave it all on the field come sunday night. >> these are the games you'll remember for the rest of your life. win or go home. i don't care what playoff game when i look back at an assistant or head coach you go back and you think about the great experiences you had or the bad memories you had because you want to take advantage of the opportunities when they exist. they don't come around every day. when they do you want to make sure you play your best and you're prepared. you prepare yourself the best possible way. >> and don't forget cowboys/redskins will take place
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right here on nbc 4. it will start with redskins showdown. our pregame show. be sure to stick around for news 4 at 11:00 followed by redskins final at the game. coming up in sports we'll have more on the redskins and cowboys. now the skins plan to contain receiver dez bryant. can't wait for that ball game. >> win or go home. that says it all. >> pretty simple. >> see you in a little bit. still ahead right here tonight new dash cam video. the moments right before a plane veers off a runway in russia. also we're learning more about the suspect accused of pushing a man in front of a new york subway. her surprising confession. and new photos from mars.
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that's new dash cam video tonight of a deadly plane crash in moscow. this was posted on youtube and shows the moment a red wings airline plane overshoots the runway at russia's third largest airport and comes to rest near the highway. there were no passengers on the plane and apparently no one on the ground was hurt but at least four members of the eight person crew died. investigators still trying to figure out why the plane veered off the runway. we're getting our first look at the woman accused of pushing a man in front of a subway train in queens. police have charged 31-year-old erica menendez with murder as a hate crime. she was arrested this morning after someone recognized her from this surveillance video. menendez is accused of shoving 46-year-old sodano sen onto the tracks as the train approached on thursday. police she she admitted to doing it because she said she hated
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hindus and muslims since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. he was a hindu immigrant who had been living in the u.s. for more than 20 years. nasa released new photos of the red planet. the most amazing is a self-portrait of the mars rover "curiosity." the 50 image composite provides a better view than the self-portrait from november. there it is. behind the rover you can see its ultimate destination mount sharp. when "curiosity" arrives it will test for of course any signs of primitive microbial life. the storm system is out of our area but left behind much cooler temperatures. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci will tell us what we martucci will tell us what we can expect for the rest of
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firefighters in prince george's county spent the day going door to door checking to see if residents have working smoke detectors. a deadly fire broke out at 9:00 last night along court of laurel hill road. firefighters put out the flames in about 15 minutes but after they did they found an elderly woman dead inside the home. neighbors say they heard a commotion and could hear people yelling for help. >> i came home an heard screaming. i went out to my back yard and i saw just flames shooting out of the back window. >> and then the fire got worse and it started coming out the roof and it was building out the windows and the firemen knocked out some of the windows. >> two other people were hurt as they tried to get out.
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they are both expected to be okay. investigators are still not sure what caused the fire. a fire ripped through a shopping center in montgomery county. this started in a restaurant at university boulevard in new hampshire avenue. firefighters had to deal with some snow but they were able to get the flames out pretty quickly. no one was hurt. and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. an update to a crash we told you about last night at 11:00. a 16-year-old girl hit by a car at first street and new york avenue northwest has now died. d.c. police say she crossed against the signal and outside the crosswalk around 6:00 last night. she was hit by a car and then run over by a tan suv with d.c. plates. the driver of the car stayed on the scene but police are still looking for that suv. from the midwest to the northeast winter storms are going to make many areas of the country white for the new year. thousands of travelers had to battle the weather as they made their way home from christmas. roads from the ohio valley to the boston area were slick.
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the weather caused several accidents as you can imagine on roads that look like that. >> no fun. they're getting hammered up in new england right now. boston, even cape cod. >> a lot of snow up there. >> yeah. >> it didn't take much in our area up in northern maryland. i was coming south of 95 today. doesn't take much to make it slippery. >> they got several inches out there in western virginia and northern and western maryland. we have some pictures that you guys have been sharing with us. we want to start off with a snowy scene. in western virginia here this is over between round hill and hillsboro. really beautiful farm. you can see the snow coming down. i got several inches out there. the most i found so far is out in frostburg, maryland 4 inches and west of there garret county even more. now this is earlier today. this dog had a good time and i would imagine he probably brought in a few muddy paw prints. what do you think? >> wet. >> you're a dog owner. you know about these things. >> they love it. >> all right. here's what we are in storm 4.
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the big chill is on the way. snow is gone. gusty winds up neck. this means chills in the teens tonight and it'll feel like the 20s throughout the day tomorrow. so what about new year's day also? we have a little system that will be skirting just to the south bringing us a little rain or snow maybe. lows tonight though you got to say a lot colder than where we've been. down into the 20s actual numbers with around 30 in d.c. so everywhere at or below freezing and again it is going to feel like the teens in the morning. we're at 40 now so not so bad. this is deceiving. our winds have been gusting. at the moment they're calm but earlier tonight we had a 39-mile-per-hour gust at national. right now other temperatures across the area show 36 in martinsburg, west virginia. still some lower 40s just to our south around fredericksburg over toward southern maryland. but these are the wind chills. this is what it feels like outside. it feels like 37 in d.c. it feels like 22 lonely degrees up in hagerstown. these are the numbers you have to dress for come tomorrow.
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those chilly numbers. if you're looking for the snow just head on out to western maryland. they're still under that winter storm warning and will be piling it up big time around 12 inches for storm totals when we say after tomorrow afternoon the winter storm warning goes until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we'll get up above the ground and check out the storm departing up across new england. and this batch of activity is going to hit the upslope areas of the mountains. those are the slopes facing the northwesterly wind and then the air will dry out on the other side of the mountain range. we're not going to see any of this moisture here in the form of any snow. we're just going to have those gusty winds. actual lows around 30 tomorrow morning and the high right around 38. again, feeling like the 20s throughout the day. the skins are playing cowboys tomorrow night. 8:00. at fedex field. it's going to be in the low 30s but probably going to feel more like the mid and lower 20s if you're going to the game. here is our new year's day forecast coming at us. maybe a little bit of moisture i think new year's eve celebration
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should be dry. we're turning windy and cold in the morning. 25 to 30 when you get up feeling like the teens. tomorrow afternoon the sun is back. a blustery, cold day. that's all you need to know. 31 to 38. extending this forecast now. that hiccup coming our way new year's day. the storm system throws clouds for sure. maybe a snow or rain shower. and then we kind of keep it cold so that's my weather forecast. the big story. the gusty winds and the cold weather for tomorrow. >> it is windy. it's going to feel like the 20s at the game. >> yes. dress for that. >> bundle up. okay. thanks. coming up in sports th
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the big buildup to
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tomorrow's game you've got 24 hours to talk about it. >> you know, it's at night. i know redskins fans probably wish it was earlier but you get buildup. it's right here on nbc 4. >> just get on your couch and keep it on all night. >> both cowboys and redskins have reasons for managing to turn around the season. for dallas the growth of one player in particular, receiver dez bryant on a tear the last five games catching eight touchdown passes during that stretch. making the challenge of containing bryant that much more difficult. >> he is a heck of a football player. he has all the physical assets to be a great football player and just had to put it all together and looks like he has and he has great hands, great speed and a big body so we've got, it'll be a great challenge. >> he is a playmaker. even in our football game he made plays. you know, we know that. we know that about him.
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he knows that about himself. i pulled him aside after the game and told him, you know, just keep playing. keep playing. keep fighting. you know, maybe i shouldn't have given him that advice. you know, any time you got a playmaker like that at that position that's that dynamic, he's going to make plays. he is definitely able to do that. >> don't forget cowboys/redskins right here on nbc 4. it all starts with the pregame show. redskins showdown. be sure to stick around for news 4 at 11:00 for redskins final after the ball game. moving on to the college level, pin stripe bowl at yankee stadium. west virginia and syracuse getting into it before the game. this one was testy. second quarter early on, up 12-0. smith finds stedman bailey on the quick spring pass. bailey does the rest. breaks a few tackles. he's gone 32 yards for the score. that cut the lead to 12-7. third quarter now same score. the snow starting to come down.
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drops back to pass, looking for his tight end. ball gets tipped but it does get to wells for the score. syracuse, they won the pin stripe bowl, 38-14. hunger bowl taking place in san francisco. navy up against arizona state. second quarter sun devils up 21-0. mitch trying to get back in, keenan reynolds stepping up finds matt aiken in the end zone. three-yard touchdown. navy is now down, 21-7. late in the first half sun devils up 28-7. taylor kelly going deep to rashad ross. he brings this one in for the 52-yard score. one of three touchdowns in the game for ross. arizona state, they cruise, 62-28. last night the wizards won their fourth game of the season against the magic. although they still have the worst record in the league it was a victory to build on. tonight the team is in chicago hoping to put together back-to-back wins for the first
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time this season. although the bulls are struggling, they didn't let up tonight. their mascot, he didn't let up either. benny the bull getting up close and personal with the official. you can't touch the referees. automatic ejection. chicago looking good early. the fake shot and drive and basket. ymca would be proud. third quarter, bulls lead by four. mac with the bounce pass. knocks down the j. 11 points and 18 rebounds for okafor, down by just two, wiz. robinson drives the lane. he's going to stop them. pretty little finger roll there. chicago, they beat the wizards, 87-77. down a level terps hoping to win their 11th straight game hosting delaware state. first half, maryland down by one. look at seth allen making the move. ditching to charles mitchell who puts it in. 19 points and 14 rebounds for mitchell.
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maryland up one. later on the pass, howard gives it up to dez wells. cleared for take off. monster jam by wells. set up beautifully. up 25 and logan inside to alex for the big-time jam. 79-50. their 11th straight win. fire up the bat. it's george mason basketball visiting south florida tonight. second half action tied at 22. johnny williams goes old school. watch this nice little post up move, hook shot making it. takes the lead 24-22. a few plays later south florida with the ball. anthony collins, knocks down the three-pointer. 14 points for brock. bulls on top by one. later in the half, up by six now. collins throws up the alley-oop to rudd. patriots come back but south
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florida, they hold on and win it, 61-50. that's your sports for tonight. looking forward to the big time game tomorrow. redskins and cowboys. should be a good one. >> do we like these conditions tomorrow for the game? >> the redskins are at home so i like that. >> it's an advantage. >> crazy cold weather right? >> cowboys play inside all the time in their own stadium. >> all right. lots to talk about tomorrow. >> yes. >> thanks. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is up next. have a great
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