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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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next sunday afternoon. >> fans will start looking ahead to next week's game a little later in the week. today, they'll be celebrating their biggest victory over the year and against their biggest rival. >> first time in 14 years. 1999. one guy. rg3. i mean, i'm so excited. d.c. is alive. just a great time here. >> it's time and we know we're going do it. we got a quarterback, we got a team baby. wither in the playoffs baby. redskins, baby! we are in the playoffs. yeah, baby. >> more than 82,000 fans packed fedex field for last night's game. that was the largest home crowd of the season. if you're hoping to snag tickets to next sunday's game, be near a computer at noon today. that's when tickets go on sale to the general public. the cheapest seats are a little over 58 pds. the most expensive we found were
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$485. we checked stub hub. $132 are the cheapest. the kickoff is at 4:30. >> that guy was great. we are in the playoffs baby! >> that's what v.j. was screaming this morning when she came in. i had to stay up later to watch some of the game. i didn't want to miss it like so many other people this morning. if you're heading out, it's cold out there. meteorologist veronica johnson has your forecast. >> it is cold out there. as soon as the game ended, it seemed like the temperatures started dropping really fast. out there this morning, we have temps that are in the 20s, folks. in the 20s in the northern and western suburbs. even d.c. at 29 degrees. still a little bit of a wind left at 5 miles per hour after that gusty day that we had yesterday. current windchill reading at 24 degrees right now. look at the readings throughout
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the area. lay tensville, maryland at 28 degrees. springfield, virginia, 21 right now. 27 degrees over in buoy, maryland. we do have some cloud cover in the area. it's a partly cloudy sky. we're going to turn mostly cloudy later today. we're even talking about the possibility of a few sprinkles, maybe a flurry well up around the maryland/pennsylvania border. that will come from this system here that's going to congeal across the ohio valley. for your morning commute, a cold start. 26 to 32. by lunchtime today, 37 to 42 degrees. not a bad day. i think for the most part we will be staying dry. let's get a look at first 4 traffic with alexa davis. >> thank you, veronica. looking at the roadways, no incidents reported on the beltway. however, 66 westbound is another story. right out near chantilly, 66 westbound at route 28. sully road.
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we had a tractor-trailer accident there this morning. all lanes were blocked. looks like they've just opened up the left lane. three lanes to the right are still shut down. you can get by to the left. looking now up and at 'em live video here, you can see that the traffic is moving around it to the left. traveling elsewhere, 270 looking good as you head in southbound. >> all right. thanks so much, alexis. we've got breaking news this morning. over to the live desk with derek ward. >> good morning. iraqi officials say a parked car bomb killed three people and wounded 21 south of baghdad. now, a police officer says that the explosion took place in a busy street in a southern city where local government offices are located. accounts also say the blast occurred as pilgrims were making a trip to a nearby holy site. not sure how many were among the casualties. it's about 60 miles south of baghdad. derrick ward, live at the news desk. it's down to the wire.
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less than 24 hours from the miss cliff deadline. congress is reportedly inching closer toward a deal. the house will reconvene at 9:00 this morning. the senate will return to capitol hill at 11:00 a.m. talks hit a standstill yesterday after mitch mcconnell proposed social security cuts. democrats rejected the plan, aides say. there has been what they call constructive movement on key issues like taxes, including a compromise on where to set higher rates for wealthier americans and avoid a jump in inheritance taxes. vice president joe biden is taking over as lead negotiator for the democrats. >> still time left to reach an agreement. we intend to continue negotiations. >> i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner. >> if a deal is not reached by midnight tonight, taxes go up for 9 out of 10 americans and 2 million people without jobs will not get unemployment insurance starting tomorrow. sharp cuts in defense spending and domestic programs will kick
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it in on january 2nd. if nothing else, it looks like there will be a deal to keep the price of milk from skyrocketing. they have both agreed to an extension. that deal will avert a spike in milk prices to as much as $8 a gallon. the plan still has to be put to a vote in the house and senate sometime today. we're following a developing story this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton will remain in a new york hospital today so doctors can treat her for a blood clot. they discovered the clot yesterday in a follow-up exam for the concussion from earlier this month. they won't elaborate but doctors are treating her with ant coe ago lantz. she was supposed to return to work before the blood clot was discovered. >> the homeland security committee will release a new report criticizing the u.s. for the response to the attack in benghazi, libya.
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the committee finds that bad security allowed militants to essentially walk into the compound. the report criticizes the state department for failing to sufficiently respond to requests for additional security. family, friend and former classmates are remembering a football player murdered in fairfax county. dozens gathered for a vigil in hay market in memory of xavier string fellow. he played football there. he was a sophomore in college in virginia. he played on that football too. he was found stabbed to death in a van in vienna friday night. his girlfriend is trying to cope with it. >> it's unbelievable. i'm floored. i don't know what to do. i don't know how to take the next day and the next. >> police arrested 22-year-old johnny bonilla in gainesville. the two did not know each other, but arranged a meeting. no word on a motive in the case. same sex couples in our area will be celebrating more than just the start of 2013 tonight.
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they'll also be celebrating many weddings. same sex couples will be able to get married in maryland as soon as the new year begins. some couples plan on tying the knot right away. at least one couple plans to say i do at 12:01. right now hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to ring in the new year at times square in new york city. the crowds will begin gathering later today. the confetti is already in place. organizers have been preparing for tonight's ball drop, too. >> organizers lit and dropped the 12,000-pound waterford crystal ball yesterday. everything worked properly. as for security, thousands of police officers, canine units and counterterrorism teams will be on hand and you can see the ball drop on new year's eve with carson daly. he will ring in 2013 from times square. >> we're not just showing you red and yellow underwear for nothing.
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we'll talk about that in a minute. >> whose underwear is that? >> not any of ours. 4:37 is the time. ahead on news4 today, out with the old, in with the new. the item you'll be turning the lights off on as we ring in the new year. >> plus, the place to visit if you're looking for a little luck in 2013. >> then a really chilly start to the morning as you get ready to head out the door. what you can expect next with weathe.
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at the stroke of midnight, you may want to have a luck charm or two to bring in the new year. hundreds of people bought luck charms at a market in mexico city. they small toys to red and yellow undies. those who support the yellow are thought to attract money. if you want both, you need to double up. >> i don't have either of those colors. but i'm not going to that store to get them. i don't like any of those. >> you have to go shopping. >> they have pockets if you want. love and money. >> underwear with pockets. another thing we used to do, put luggage at your doorstep. that means you're going to do a lot of traveling v.j. >> how about we try all of that together. we are going to be asking folks to tell us what they're going to be doing, right? >> absolutely. you can tweet any one of us. >> there you go. all right. i tell you one thing, you want
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to dress for some cold weather today. because certainly the early part of our day, it's going to be cold. we're starting out way below freezing. 26 degrees in laurel, maryland. 32 in college park. clarendon, virginia, current temperature 27 degrees. 29 by 6:00 this morning. we'll hit about 33 at 9:00 a.m. clouds will be on the increase today. so you'll notice more cloud cover as the day unfolds. 45 degrees your high temperature there. pretty indicative of elsewhere. by the time we get to the stroke of midnight, it's going to be dry and fairly mild. not as cold as last night. let's get a look at first 4 traffic now. good morning, veronica. still no incidents on the beltway. the accident still in chantilly. blocking three northbound lanes on sully road. you can get by to the left. the three right lanes are blocked. the topside of the beltway, no
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incidents reported as you travel on the inner or outer roops. live look now at connecticut avenue on the inner loop. 10-minute drive time. veronica and richard. 4:42. still to come, action after the tragedy at sandy hook. president obama's message on gun control heading into the new career. the [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls.
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the 3wbody of the man who fired inside a -- the hartfo"ha couran courant". before going to nearby sandy hook elementary school, killing 20 first graders and six adults and then he killed himself. a private funeral was held for lanza's mother.
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since the connecticut shootings, a debate on gun control escalated from a simmer to a boil. just after the shootings, president obama promised to do something to prevent a similar incident from happening. yesterday on "meet the press" yesterday, the president plans to keep that promise. >> with public opinion, there's nothing you can't do. without public opinion, there's very little you can get done in this town. so i'm going to be putting forward a package. i'm going to be putting my full weight behind it. i'm going to be making an argument to the american people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at sandy hook elementary does not happen again. >> the president called the day of the shooting the worst day of his presidency. in new york, thousands remembered two firefighters killed during a christmas eve ambush. the flag-draped casket carrying michael chiapperini was brought into a high school auditorium in webster. chiapperini was one of two
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firefighters killed during an attack in which a man set his house ablaze and shot several firefighters. his colleague was also laid to rest over the weekend. nine people are dead after a tour bus skidded off an icy oregon highway. police say the bus lost control in eastern oregon yesterday, crashing through a guardrail and down a 100-foot embankment. rescue crews had to get down the hill using ropes. the bus crash was the second deadly accident along the same highway in the same day. the woman who police say admitted to pushing a man into an on coming subway train will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. menendez is charged with murder as a hate crime for pushing an indian native to his death. during her arraignment, menendez reportedly laughed so hard that the judge forced her attorney to quiet her down. prosecutors say she pushed the man to her death because she blames muslims and hindus for
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the 2001 terror attacks. hugo chavez is suffering setbacks from his recovery from cancer surgery. his vice president says chavez is dealing with new complications, quote-unquote. he's being treated for a respiratory infection. no one has seen or heard from him since he underwent his fourth cancer-related surgery nearly four weeks ago. he's been battling pelvic cancer for more than a year and a half. police are looking for a man who left the scene of a deadly crash. he's accused of rear ending another car in fauquier county last sunday. police say mendoza hit a scion forcing it off the road. this man died in the crash. mendoza ran from the scene. if you know where he is, call police. d.c. detectives are asking for your help to find the person who shot and killed a man in southeast. it happened early yesterday morning along kropf it place.
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investigators found 23-year-old angela payne lying on the ground with several wounds. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that helps them solve the case. we now know the name of the woman killed in a fire. prince george's county say betty starry died in the friday night fire. two others were injured trying to escape. the fire broke out inside a town house on laurel hill road. they're still trying to figure out what caused it. if you live in maryland, you only have a few hours left to fill out paperwork for the homestead property tax credit. today is the deadline to apply or retain the credit which ensures that property taxes for homeowners doesn't skyrocket even as their property's value increases. the credit has been applied automatically in the past. you must apply for it now. you'll find everything you need to know on the maryland department of assessments and taxation's website. the federal government is prepared to help some of superstorm sandy's victims in
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maryland. those residents in somerset county will be eligible for food stamps as part of a federal aid program that helps vic tils of natural disasters. victims will receive one month of benefit. they must live in a disaster area and be affected by the disaster itself. residents can apply from january 7th through the 13th. it is cold out there. i think a lot of people would like to know, is there any chance of seeing any other snow ar rain. yesterday was dry. >> this is going to be a quiet week for us. yesterday was dry but windy. it was the kind of day where you as quickly as possible want to get from point a to point b. quiet week for us. we have a small system to talk about this week. it's going to come over the next 24 to 36 hours. out there right now, we have a partly cloudy sky. as we said, it is cold. at least we have a light wind right now. it's at 5 miles per hour. it's out of the south and southwest. we're at 29 degrees.
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your windchill reading, even with that light wind right now, is at 24 degrees. yesterday we had ample sunshine. again, cold and windy. you can see how clouds have moved in over us right now. we're going to get a little break today. and turn back over to some partly cloudy conditions. then more clouds will be moving in later today. and for your evening hours, could produce a sprinkle or two. that is the next weather system we're talking about. it's going to be a small one. maybe a tenth of an inch of precipitation out of this in the form of sprinkles or flurries. today, again, partly sunny conditions, chance of a sprinkle from your evening into tonight and even through a portion of the day tomorrow. at midnight, there you are. sprinkles throughout the area. not a big deal. not everyone will be wet. as we move through the day tuesday, still cloud cover across the area. maybe even some flurries appear around hagerstown and frederick.
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even in northern montgomery county. there is a possibility of that with this next weather system that will be moving in. for the area today, your forecast, partly sunny, cold to start. sunup at 7:27. 28 to 34 degrees. by the time we get to the afternoon, increasing clouds, not as cold. 41 to 46 degrees. as we head on into the evening hours, sunset at 4:56. possible sprinkles, 36 to 40 degrees. your new year's eve forecast, definitely not nearly as cold as it was last night or this morning. look at this. 34 to 39. just a chance of a little sprinkle coming through. as we start 2013, it is looking cold but not bad. 42 the high temperature for tuesday. then at 36, 38, 39 for your wednesday, thursday, friday. those couple of days definitely looking bitter. >> get a look at traffic with alexis davis. >> thank you, veronica. the beltway, still no incidents reported. everything is flowing very smoothly as you travel the
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beltway. still dealing with that accident in chantilly. northbound 28 sully road. a tractor-trailer accident blocking three right lanes. traffic getting by to the left. as you can see here from this live vdot camera. taking a look elsewhere on the roadwa roadways, 95 and the vw parkway, looking good there. things are flowing at speed at 55 miles per hour. no incidents there. i-95 as well. here's a look at 95 southbound at 216. at 63 miles per hour there. richard and erika. thanks so much, alexis. the new year brings new light bulbs. starting tomorrow, companies cannot make or import the 75 watt incandescent light bulb in the u.s. retailers can still sell any remaining stock in their stores. but there's a green reason behind turning the lights off on the 75-watt incandescent bulb. >> 90% of the energy that the bulb generates is wasted. so what they replace them with
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are much more energy efficient bulbs that are just as bright and just as good and will actually save you money over the long run. >> traditional 60 and 40-watt bulbs will go away in 2014. you can buy compact fluorescent light bulbs or led bulbs instead. learn something new every day. >> right. 4:54 is the time. good morning everyone. the clock ticking on 2012. coming up at 5:05. we'll go live to new york city for a look at how the city is preparing to ring in the new year. first, putting speed cameras under the microscope. why maryland lawmakers may make some changes. why you have to act qui
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changes could be on the way for maryland's speed camera law. lawmakers plan to look closely at the law in the upcoming general assembly. they expect to tweak the state law allowing local governments to install the cameras. this comes as baltimore's speed camera program comes under intense scrutiny. the cameras have been issuing tickets to cars that are not speeding. including one that was stopped at a red light. this is your last day to enjoy $2.25 on will dulles toll road. rates go up 50 cents at midnight. the rate hike helps to pay for construction of metro's new silver line. if you take the toll road each day to work, you'll pay at least
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$260 more a year. rates will jump another 75 cents to $3.50 next year. on this new year's eve, many public transit agencies are running on modified schedules. metro rail will stay open two hours later closing at 2:00 a.m. metro rail and buses are running on a weekend schedule. the marc train will operate the penn and -- no service on the camden line. the virginia railway express is running on a holiday schedule as well. the national archives is commemorating the 150th anniversary of one of the most important documents. the emancipation proclamation went on display yesterday. president lincoln issued it during the civil war. historians consider it a steppingstone to outlawing slavery. visitors lined up for a rare
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glimpse of the original document. >> amazing to see abraham lincoln's signature. >> very uplifting experience. it's a very important document. >> the emancipation proclamation will be on display until tomorrow. it's only available for public view several days each year because of its fragile condition. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. running out of time to make a deal. where neglect smagss stand at this hour as we edge closer to going over the fiscal cliff. >> the dream season continues for redskins fans after the team's big win over the cowboys. has them playoff bound this morning. can you believe that? >> going to be a happy new year for everyone. good morning, i'm richard jor n jordan, i'm erika gonzalez.


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