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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we're expecting them to return later on once the sun comes up to continue piecing together exactly what happened. now as to whether this body is that was michael poe, that is unclear at this point. no identification has been made. of course, we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest. reporting live in adams-morgan, megan mcgrath, news4, back to you. >> thank you. 4:30 now. 32 degrees outside our studios. going to be a cold couple of mornings here. let's check in with tom kierein for the first forecast. good morning. much colder in the western and northern suburbs. most of the area below freezing. we have some high clouds drifting over, obscuring a bit of the moon and also some of the meteors that were falling earlier this evening. getting breaks, though, in the cloud cover. and as we look at the temperatures, it is cold. areas in the lavender into the teens, much of western maryland into the northern part of waste virginia. look at elkins down to 16 degrees. pittsburgh only 10 degrees now. reagan national is at 31.
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our western and northern suburbs generally down into the low to mid 20s, eastern suburbs upper 20s including prince george's county. and our western suburbs, arlington, forecast, also the upper 20s under this partly to mostly cloudy sky. by later this morning, becoming sunny, a sunny afternoon with highs reaching 40 degrees. sunrise, 7:27. sunset, 7 5:59. we have a traffic alert for travelers in northwest d.c. there's a water main break on wisconsin avenue a block from the friendship heights metro station. an eight-inch line that broke about 6:00 last night. all three of the southbound lanes were closed as a precaution. wssc crews spent the night working to fix the main. right now one of the southbound lanes is open. no word on when the other two will reopen. for more on the commute, here's alexis davies in for danella.
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>> reporter: overall the beltway is running smoothly. there's a water main break as you mentioned. two southbound lanes closed between cumberland and dorsett avenue. elsewhere, taking a live look at 270 here, northbound lanes are the headlights heading into the screenment very little problems being reported there. elsewhere on the roadways, live look at 395 here at duke street. then again at the 14th street bridge, a 12-minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. aaron and eun? >> thank you. 4:32. news4's melissa mollet with more. good morning. good morning. we're getting information about two u.s. drone strikes overnight in northwest pakistan that killed 13 people including a senior taliban commander. he was ayoung nine people killed in a house. he had been injured in a suicide bombing in november. just to the north another four people were killed when a missile hit a vehicle. as soon as we get more
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information, we'll pass it along. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news4. this is a big morning for students and staff at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. today the survivors of las month's tragic shooting will return to class in a new building. an unused middle school seven miles from their old building will become the new sandy hook elementary. crews have been working for weeks to clean and refurbish the school. they tried to make classrooms look just like the rooms in the old building and renamed the school sandy hook elementary. >> that is a big thing for the kids, that their class looks the same, that they'll be sitting next to the same people. that they've got the same friends in the same places, teachers in the same place and everything on the walls looks the same. >> there will be one noticeable difference. students and staff will see a heavy police presence. this is in response to last month's mass shooting that killed 26 students and staff members. classes at the new sandy hook begin at 9:00 this morning.
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today, now faces make their way to capitol hill as the 113th congress begins. here's a look at the capitol this morning. returning lawmakers and new members elected in november officially convene at noon with swearing-in ceremonies happening throughout the day. shortly after lawmakers gather, the house will vote on the speaker for the new two-year session. john boehner is expected to be re-elected to the position despite some criticism from his own party during the fiscal cliff negotiations. d.c.'s delegate is fighting for her right to voted on the house floor as the new congress begins. the draft rules for the 112th session do not allow delegate eleanor holmes norton to vote in the committee of the whole which considers changes to legislation. that goes against the ruling of a judge and limits norton to only voting in committees on which she sits. today she will file a notion force the house to examine the constitutionality of those rules. new morning, the measure to prevent the devastating effects of going over the fiscal cliff is now law. while you were sleeping, president obama signed that bill in hawaii where he's on
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vacation. the legislation raises taxes on the wealthiest americans and extends long-term unemployment benefits. it also delays billions of dollars in spending cuts for two months. the bill does not put the nation's fiscal crisis behind us. economists warn the government must do more to lower its deficit if it wants to keep its top credit rating. the house will vote this week after all on a bill to provide aid to the victims of sandy. house speaker john boehner's scheduled a vote for tomorrow on approving $9 billion for the national flood insurance program. there will be another vote on another $51 billion later this month. boehner has been blasted for postponing a vote on the aid package until the new congress takes office. >> america deserves better than just another example of a government that's forgotten who they are there to serve and why. 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> the senate will also have to
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approve the legislation because votes will be taken in the new congress which begins this afternoon. senators hope to act tomorrow shortly after the house votes. 4:35. secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital after spending four days there for treatment for a blood clot. she was seen smiling inside a van as it pulled away from the new york phospital. it's believed the blood clot developed after she hit her head in december. she's expected to make a full recovery. a virginia death row inmate is expected to become a free man later today. justin wolf is scheduled to be released by 5:00 this evening. he was sentenced to death for the death of daniel parolee. he hired owen barbie to kill him. in july, a judge threw out the conviction saying barber lied. a federal appeals court could still intervene to stop the
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release. ahead, calling for action. the changes justin bieber wants made after the death of a photographer. the immigration battle that's keeping a woman from her husband and home in virginia. bundle up before you head out this morning. a look at if a warmup is in the future. next, weather & traffic
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welcome back this morning sydney harbor looks more like a bathtub thanks to
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this huge rubber ducky. the duck is 50-feet high. it is one of several massive ducks designed by a dutch artist for the city's summer festival. the artist believes the duck is an eye opener that brings people together. certainly a talker. the duck will stay in the harbor until january 23. >> can you imagine you're driving over a bridge, and you're -- what? >> little kids everywhere want to jump in. >> throw soap in there. >> my rubber ducky's not nearly that good. >> no. all right. 4:41 about now on your thursday morning. we want to look at our forecast for this chunk of time we have together. let's check in with tom. i don't know where i was going with that. good morning. just saw a live picture of the washington monument. it's under a mostly cloudy sky, just a few thin spots in the overcast this morning. under the clouds, it is cold. temperatures below freezing all over the region from national airport to the bay. pax river at 33. so is fredericksburg. elsewhere, just in the low 20s
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much of the region. we're going to stay cold through the morning. manassas, mid 20s by 6:30. then by noontime, should be in the mid-30s there. hometown forecast manassas and prince william county. here's the forecast for the entire region today. up around 40 by mid-afternoon with lots of sunshine and a light wind. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. alexis davies in for danella with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. the beltway is traveling smoothly. no incidents being reported. low volume on the roads. taking a look, we have the water main break still closing down two southbound lanes on route 355 between cumberland avenue and dorsett avenue. elsewhere on the roadways, here's a live look at 66 at fairfax county parkway. as you see, low volume on the roadways. the eastbound lanes on the right side of the screen. and another look, 95 just north of the occoquan. aaron, eun? >> thank you. 4:41. breaking news concerning the search for a missing bethesda man. ahead, the court ruling that could change how you leave
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reviews on web sites like yelp. why one of d.c.'s own police officers is crying foul over a speed camera ticket he got in the mail.
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i'm at the live desk. police in montgomery county are searching for a missing bethesda man. 43-year-old frank jonathan herbal lives along southport drive. he was last seen at 3:45 in the afternoon wednesday. police say he's without his medication and they're worried for his well-being. herschel is 510 h.p. and weighs 170 pounds. anyone with instructioformationd to call investigators. there are still no signs of leaking fuel from a drilling ship that ran aground on a remote alaskan island.
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officials checked it yesterday. it ran aground during a strong storm monday night. the coast guard says it's too early to decide when to try to move that ship. justin bieber is calling for a crackdown on paparazzi after a photographer was killed trying to shoot pictures of the pop star's car. the photographer died tuesday night. los angeles police say he was hit by a car shortly after taking pictures of bieber's white ferrari on the side of the roadway. bieber was not inside the car at the time. the pop star released a statement saying he hopes the tragedy will lead to a new law that will protect the lives of celebrities as well as photographers. 15 before the hour. new this morning, police say they are ready to file murder, rape, and kidnapping charge against the men accused in the gang rape and killing of a 23-year-old woman in india. the medical student died from her injuries. she was attacked on a bus in india last month. prosecutors will likely seek the death penalty against the five adult suspects. a sixth suspect is a minor. no word on whether he will be charged as an adult. today family, friends, and
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fellow officers will pay their respects to a fallen prince william county police officer. a wake for officer chris young will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight at the hilton memorial chapel in woodbridge. his funeral is at the chapel tomorrow morning at 10:00. young was killed monday afternoon when he collided with a minivan while responding to a call. he's survived by a wife and three children. police need you to take a look at some surveillance pictures to help them find the man responsible for a stabbing and assault on a metro bus. take a look here now. the photos are from early new year's morning. the man wanted was with three others who got on a 93 bus headed toward congress heights. police say one man got into an argument with two women, then stabbed one of them and beat the other. the four men then got off the bus and ran north on martin luther king avenue. both women are expected to be okay. dozens of candles now sit on the side of the road where a teen died last week. family and friends held a vigil for tarsha jackson last night. the 16-year-old was trying to cross new york avenue at 1st
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street in northwest last friday when she was hit by two cars. the driver of the second car did not stop. jackson died at the hospital the next day. police are still investigating that accident. in the day ahead, prince george's county police will add more officers on patrol. beginning tonight the department will add 125 officers on the streets to help in the narcotics squad gang unit traffic enforcement and other special teams. the officers will focus on certain areas as part of its transforming neighborhoods initiative. it is part of a month-long initiative to cut crime and get guns off county streets. the virginia supreme court reversed a judge's ruling on negative online reviews. yesterday the state's highest court threw out the injunction issued in fairfax county last month. deetz development is suing jane perez over comments she posted on yelp and angie's list. perez claims the contractor stole items from her home and did subpar work. the contractor claims the reviews are false and cost him business.
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virginia lieutenant governor bill bolling says he may still run for governor. the "washington post" is reporting that the republican is considering a run as an independent. he says he's been polling voters and meeting with legislators to help make the decision. he suspended his campaign for the nomination in november. that makes attorney general ken cuccinelli the presumptive republican nominee. this morning a virginia man is fighting a visa bad to see his wife again. adam ross and his wife got married six months ago. three weeks after the wedding, apena's mother in thailand got terminally ill. the problem -- she left the country before finishing the process to get a green card, and that kept her from returning to herndon to be with her husband. she's been stuck in thailand for five months now, away from her new husband. >> i haven't seen any humanity from these people. they can't imagine themselves in my position. they're just a result of very, very bad bureaucracy. >> adam ross says he reached
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tout elected officials who tried to intervene, but immigration officials won't budge. two days, two losses for the wizards in the new year. washington fell to the pacers last night 89-81. d.c. fell behind as much as 17 points in the first half but battled back to keep it close. jordan crawford led the team with 20 points. it's the wizards' 11th loss in the last 12 games. there was some good news. bradley beal was named the eastern conference rookie of the month for averaging 13 points a game in december. d.c. mayor vincent gray has a lot riding on this sunday's redskins/seahawks playoff game. he made a friendly wager with seattle's mayor. the winning team's flag will fly over city hall in the losing team's city on monday. mayor gray made a similar bet with st. louis' mayor last fall when the nationals took on the cardinals in the division series. as you see, that bet did not turn out so well for gray and our city. i am hoping this time around
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that mayor gray is going to win and we'll see d.c.'s flag over seattle's city hall. love it. >> hoping for that. ten minutes before the top of the hour. meteorologist is here this morning. dramatically colder. >> it is. should be milder on sunday for the weekend but it would now. 2012 ended up as the warmest year on record at reagan national airport. these are the final statistics, climatologists yunched the numbers. 3.3 degrees above average for the year. that makes it the warmest year on record at reagan national airport. also the warmest year on record at dulles. also, we ended up dryer than average, 7.3 inches for the year. hares how things have been looking. cloudiness streaming over, blocking some of the meteors that we had overnight. new a few thin spots in the clouds. a bit of the moon showing
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through. we'll have the clouds continuing to move east. it is cold. farther to the west, only in the teens. much of west virginia and into the ohio valley. east of there, it's below freezing most locations, 20s. reagan national now at 31 degrees. much of prince george's county only the upper 20s as is southern maryland, charles, calvert, st. mary's, and western viewers in the arlington and fairfax region are only in the low to mid 20s now. and that includes most of northern virginia. and into the panhandle of west virginia. for your morning commute, sunrise, 7:27. we'll have temperatures hovering in the low to mid 20s. maybe upper 20s around the metro area for 6:00 to 7:00 this morning. we'll have the clouds continuing to break up a bit. thankfully we've got a light wind. then by the lunch hour, it will be mostly sunny but still cold. above freezing, though, we should be in the low to mid 30s by noontime with a light wind out of the west. then the rest of the afternoon, maybe briefly touching near 40.
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clear, cold again. down to the low 20s again on friday morning. friday looking mostly sunny. afternoon highs may briefly touch mid 40s. that's about the average high this time of year. and then on saturday, 20s in the morning, sunshine in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon. we'll have a front approaching. up into the mid 40s saturday afternoon. saturday night, cloudy into part of sunday, cloudy. might have a few scattered flurries. only a small chance of that, otherwise good weather for the skins' game. highs in the mid 40s sunday afternoon. sunny, cold start again to next week. a little milder by midweek. i'm back in ten minutes. alexis davies in for danella with first 4 traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. still looking at a very nice ride traveling on the beltway. no major incidents or delays being reported on the inner or outer loops in virginia or maryland. taking a look now, route 355, two southbound lanes are closed between cumberland avenue and dorsett due to a water main break. taking a closer look, the outer loop at new hampshire avenue,
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you are clear. traveling the outer loop all the way to connecticut avenue, no incidents reported there. another live look here at the dulles toll road, it looks like you have about a seven-minute ride heading in from hunter mill to 495. aaron? >> all right. thank you. this morning, commuters may have an easier time getting around the bethesda metro station. new elevators are up and running. it's the first time elevators have worked at the station in seven months. there has been frustration among riders at the station since elevator outages have often coincided with escalators not working. construction to replace the station's three escalators is set for early 2014. and commuters who take metro, marc, or vre got their legislation in the fiscal cliff bill. it will raise the federal benefit to take public transportation to $240 a month. most federal workers and some contract employees are eligible for the incentive in our area. the benefit was just $125 a month in 2012 and was blamed for reduced ridership on metro and
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vre. the provision is also retroactive meaning federal workers may be able to recoup some of the extra costs they paid for public transit last year. a d.c. police officer is raising concerns with the speed cameras in the 3rd street tunnel. sergeant mark robinson is a 22-year veteran of the force. he recently received two speed camera tickets while driving through the 3rd street tunnel in his personal car. robinson says the camera in the tunnel is not accurate. he says the camera is still set for the normal speed limit of 45 miles per hour. however, the posted speed limit dropped to 40 miles per hour because of construction. >> i'm outraged because npd, even though i reported to detention, did not do anything. >> robinson took this case to the dmv which agreed that there were discrepancies with the ticket and it should be tossed out. if that is the case, it could be the same with thousands of other tickets, costing the district nearly $2 million. 4:54 the time now. touching a nerve. coming up at 5:15, the
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invitation to relatives of the aurora theater shooting victims that has people upset this morning. first, the actions a local community is taking to get these buzzards to buzz off. plus, proof that many of us can't make it through the day without internet access.
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welcome back. 4:57. look at these vultures in
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leesburg, virginia. nearly 200 have set up in the northeast part of the town. police say they can cause a mess. they also say the waste the birds sleeve a health risk. starting next week, wildlife experts will try to move the vultures away by setting off fireworks using lasers and noisemakers. daily operations will begin at 4:00 p.m. and last about an hour. the chesapeake bay appears to be on the mend. the chesapeake bay foundation says the health is improving, giving it a grade of 32 out of 100 in the latest state of the bay report. that may sound dismal but is an improvement from the grade it received in 2010. the chesapeake received a grade of just 2 it in the early -- 23 in the early '80s. this announcement after reports that the oyster populations are rebounding. the u.s. is officially a wired society. apparently there are now more internet-connected devices than people in america. according to the research firm npd group, there are 425 million internet-connected gadgets in u.s. homes. that is compared to 311.5
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million americans. the connected home report says the trend is fueled by devices like gaming consoles and blu-ray disc players adding internet connectivity directly to the tv. it's not just mobile devices, it's -- >> all -- >> everything else. they're making refrigerators now where you can connect to the internet and -- i guess it's a good thing. >> we shall see. all right. stay with us, "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. a developing story out of adams-morgan as police work to see if a body found late last night is that was a missing man. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday, january 3, twoirlt. let's take a -- twar2013. let's take a look outside, 32 degrees. feels colder than yesterday. i don't know if it's me or if that's the way it is. >> tom kierein can tell us. there's the live view


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