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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are counting down to the battle with seattle as the redskins prepare to take on the seahawks. this morning, players share their expectations of the fans. plus, the football fever taking over the redskins region. and something to cheer about as we get ready for a nice weather weekend on tap. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. today is saturday, january 5th, 2013. just moments ago, a 7.6 earthquake hit off the coast of
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alaska. it happened about 75 miles southeast of cordova, alaska. a tsunami warning was issued for parts of alaska and canada. at this point, there are no reports of damage. let's go to meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. happy new year. hopefully you enjoyed your holiday season. we're off to a seasonably cold start early on a january morning here in washington. temperatures in town are in the mid-30s. you don't have to go too far out to the west or to the north before you get back down closer to the freezing mark. 30 now in gaithersburg. 33 in martinsburg. nothing showing up on storm team 4 radar for now. that's not going to be the case necessarily all weekend. little chance of moisture well down to our south. it is racing in our direction.
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it will bring clouds back here tonight and maybe a little passing snowflake or two. your saturday planner, nothing to worry about. sunny and cold today. a little bit of a breeze as well. of course, tomorrow, 4:00 in the afternoon, skies will be clear. the sun will still be out at 4:00, but it will be generally a dark time for the game. clear skies out there, upper 30s, low 40s. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks, chuck. redskins mania is reaching a fever pitch this morning as the team gets ready for their return to the postseason. the battle with seattle is just a little more than 24 hours away. >> and after five years away from the playoffs, players say the excitement of the fans could be the difference for them tomorrow. here's a preview of the game. >> good saturday morning. the skins are 1-0 all time at fedex field in the playoffs, that game coming 13 years ago, a wild card win over the lions. so there's not a lot to go on historically. if you're trying to predict what kind of advantage the skins will
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t this weekend. what we do know is the current playoff bound skins are counting on having the 12th man. the postseason pandemonium, what really started at fedex field last weekend versus the cowboys. skins are riding a seven-game win streak, four straight at home. skins are 13-2 all time in home playoff games. the seahawks are just 1-0 on the road in the postseason. the players say the fans have a job to do this weekend. >> i expect our crowd to come up, come out and be loud and support us. you know, there's no reason they would be any less excited than they were for the dallas game. for the dallas game, they were awesome. having a good home crowd really does a lot. i think seattle is 8-0 at home. you know, if we can get that kind of atmosphere for our game, it should mean a lot. >> they been great throughout the year. the atmosphere last sunday when we played dallas was so electric and exciting for us.
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and i know exciting for this fan base. they deserve a team that wins. they deserve someone to root for. it's good we can be at home to give them that. >> chris cooley, beyond excited for his first ever playoff game at fedex field. he said in '07, the seahawk fans were so loud he couldn't even hear the plays being called in the huddle. sounds like a challenge. now it's pay back time. >> sure is. thanks. when fans head to the stadium tomorrow, they'll likely get a show by two of the most electrifying quarterbacks in the le league. they both happen to be rookies. here's more on the phenom rookies. >> this sunday showdown between the skins and seahawks will likely come down to the performance of two rookie quarterbacks who have lit up the league this year. rg3 and russell wilson have both had record seasons. wilson had a great year. he's tied peyton manning's rookie record with 26
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touchdowns. he had just ten interceptions. he's thrown for more than 3100 yards and rushed for nearly 500 yards. rg3's stats, they're just as impressive. he had fewer touchdowns than wilson with 20, but he has had half as many interceptions, just five. that's a rookie record. griffin also passed for 3200 yards and his rushing yards were totaling up to 800 this season. off the field, on a personal side, wilson married his long-time girlfriend last year and rg3 is engaged to his college girlfriend. so in case you were wondering, they're both off the market. >> well, thanks, jim. stay with news 4 all weekend for full coverage on the battle with seattle. and show us how you are getting ready for the game. we want to see you, your kids, your house, even your pets decked out with redskins pride. send us your pictures to
6:06 am or you can tweet us at @nbcwashington. also this morning, police are trying to figure out who's behind a drive-by shooting that sent a maryland teenager to the hospital. this happened last night around 7:30 in the town of great mills, st. mary's county. police say three teens were out walking when a small vehicle pulled up and someone inside started firing shots. the 15-year-old was wounded. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. people in montgomery county are warned to keep an eye on their mail. police are investigating a series of thefts involving outgoing mail with checks. if you have important mail, you should take it directly to a post office or a postal service mailbox or consider not putting up your mailbox flag because it could alert thieves there's mail waiting in your box. and a warning for dominion virginia customers. if you get a call saying you have two hours to pay up or else
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lose power, it could be a scam. they tell people they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, telling them to loan the money on a prepaid green dot card. the company will never ask for a payment over the phone. if you feel you may be a victim, the company wants to hear from you. the time is six minutes after 6:00. next, taking no chances. how passengers took matters into their own hands on board an international flight. plus, the warning for parents after a child unwrapped suspicious candy. and the argument over a tv show landed one man facing serious charges. and redskins versus seahawks. who are you rooting for? we spend a lot of time on the feed
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because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." an american eagle pilot is facing charges after tsa agents say they found him drunk on the job. the 48-year-old was arrested friday morning in minneapolis while doing preflight checks in the cockpit of a flight bound for new york.
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agents say they smelled alcohol on the pilot before he even boarded the plane. the pilot was given a breathalyzer test and removed from the plane. no passengers were on board at the time. a bizarre scene on board an international flight to jfk's airport. passengers taped a drunk man to a seat. holy cow. the passenger was described as drunk and out of control. he prortedly treportedly trying woman next to him. they did take a drunk passenger into custody after the plane landed, but he was not charged. i hope he could breathe. wow. a scare at the nation's busiest airport. police had to shut down part of atlanta international airport yesterday after employees heard a ticking sound coming from a passenger's bag left curb side. the sound turned out to be an electric toothbrush that was turned on. travelers were diverted to other
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parts of the airport for a while until police determined there was no danger there. the time right now is 6:11. the redskins aren't the only local team getting ready for a big game. >> next, the transformation happening in baltimore ahead of the ravens matchup. >> plus, tracking one of the worst flu seasons on record. what doctors have to say about your chances of getting a flu shot if you haven't already.
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president obama will return to washington after finishing vacation in hawaii. he and the first family are wrapping up a vacation there that was cut short last week by fiscal cliff negotiations. locals and tourists alike caught a glimpse of the president and the first lady as they had dinner last night. the obamas are set to fly home later tonight. and we're starting to get a better idea of what the president's cabinet will look like in his second term. former republican senator chuck hagel of nebraska appears to be front runner for defense secretary. the white house says the president has not made a final decision. last month the president nominated john kerry to be the next secretary of state. this morning, house minority leader nancy pelosi is defending a photo of congress that was photoshopped.
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it shows all 61 democratic women of the house. the group met on the steps on thursday after their official swearing in ceremony. the four women in the back row were not part of the original picture. they were running late and had to be added in later. pelosi says it is still historically accurate, and she added that it was freezing cold when they had been waiting a long time. ailing venezuelan president hugo chavez could postpone his swearing in if it's not able to take the oath next week. that's according to the vice president. he made the comments in a televised interview yesterday. opposition leaders argue that new elections must take place if chavez is unable to be sworn in on january 10th. they say the constitution allows for him to be sworn in by the supreme court at a later date. chavez is recovering from his fourth cancer surgery. caught on camera. a man leads police on chase and
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then tries to get rid of the evidence. dashboard cameras were rolling during this chase through a georgia town with speeds reaching as high as 85 miles an hour. suddenly, the man pulls over along a bridge and chucks a bag full of cocaine into the flint river. then he surrenders. but it was all for naught. the bag was vacuum sealed, floated in the river, and that made it easy more police to find it. >> very smart there. police are warning parents about a new way some kids are getting away with drug use. take a look at this. police say it looks like candy, but it's actually marijuana. a suspicious parent outside of philadelphia brought it to police to have it looked at. detectives say it's designed to have the same effect as smoking pot but avoids detection by not having to light up. >> this is something that would easy fly under the radar. >> it was something new in terms of, you know, doing drugs in
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school and ways to hide it, so i'm not really surprised. >> investigators also say it's parents who have to be the first line of defense against drugs. a new york man accused of killing his grandmother in a fight over what tv show to watch is due in court this morning. police arrested 25-year-old clarence newcomb in king's park yesterday. he and his grandmother were arguing over what to watch on tv. the medical examiner has not determined how she died. no weapons were found. police say newcomb is unemployed and lived with his grandmother. the pharmacy at the center of a nationwide meningitis outbreak says a cleaning company it hired is also at fault. the new england compounding center says the cleaning company should take some blame for the outbreak. universe says the charge is without merit. they say they offer cleaning services once a month to the pharmacy and used their own cleans solutions. some 14,000 people received the
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tainted steroid used to treat back pain before the fungus was discovered. this year's flu season is on track to become one of the worst ever for the united states. according to the centers for the disease control, 48 states are reporting widespread flu activity. doctors say cases in the district started spiking here this week. the strain of flu they've seen is circulating -- it's particularly severe. to avoid the worst of it, get your flu shot, even if you haven't already. >> it can keep you out of the hospital, prevent you getting pneumonia, even though you may have a touch of the flu. influenza is the viral infection every winter that can put even a healthy person into the intensive care unit in 48 hours. >> doctors say there is no shortage of vaccines this year, and if you do get sick, stay home. >> sorry, guys. >> whoops. too late, right? >> sounds worse than it really
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is. it's just a head cold. >> that's good to hear. a little chilly outside this morning. if you're not feeling 100%, take your time, stay inside a little while longer. it is going to be a pleasant enough day. if you're feeling up to it, plenty of sunshine for your afternoon. not a bad day to be outside. it will be on the chilly side. outside this morning, it is a clear and fairly cold start out there. certainly nowhere near the records. the record this morning, 3 below zero. not even within a mile of that. temperatures are in the middle and upper 20s in most of the colder suburbs to around the freezing mark in and around town. downtown inside the urban center, 37 now at national airport. winds remain out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. that little bit of a breeze this morning will definitely put a windchill factor in your early morning plans. temperatures, low to mid-30s out to the north and west. 23 in manassas. 28 in fredericksburg.
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you fak ctor in the wind, generally in the upper teens to low and mid-20s. don't leave home without your scarf and mittens. no real rain for us just yet, but look to the south and west. this moisture is aimed in our direction. it's racing our way. the thing that's good or bad about it, depending on how you feel about your snow chances, not much of a snow chance with this one, but we could see passing flakes late tonight into early tomorrow. your weekend, chilly and dry to get you off and started on your saturday. plenty of sunshine out there for today. clouds come back very quickly late tonight. here we are stopped on our future weather forecast. at 11:00 p.m. this evening, the clouds are back. we might be able to wring out a snowflake or two between midnight tonight and early morning sunrise tomorrow morning before the clearer and drier air moves back in tomorrow afternoon. great weather coming up for the redskins game tomorrow afternoon. a dry start to the coming week. by 1:00 a.m. this morning, doesn't look like a whole lot
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out there. 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, a little ribbon of moisture coming through here. temperatures will be just at or above the freezing mark around town. just at or below to the north and west. by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, an opportunity for a touch of snow out here to the north and west. that should be tapering off quickly by sunrise tomorrow. doesn't look like anyone is going to get more than an inch. today, morning sunshine. some mid and high level clouds coming in later. breezy, chilly today. upper 30s in the high spots. tomorrow, kind of the reverse. we start out with the clouds around but becomes mostly sunny by tomorrow afternoon. here's the extended forecast. enjoy your weekend, everybody. any precipitation chances should be generally while you are sleeping, between midnight and sunrise. there's the seven-day forecast. dry and sunny weather into the early parts of the coming week. next chance for what looks to be a primarily rain event will be wednesday night into thursday. you can always stay ahead of the weather and follow me on twitter. >> thanks, chuck.
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griffin landing right on top of two young kids at the staples center when he went to save a ball. it was a rough landing, but griffin made sure everyone was okay. people in the midwest are still digging out from snow over the last week. in green bay, shoveling the bleachers at lambeau field is a familiar sight. this weekend, the crews don't have to worry about the turf. the packers are using a system that actually heats the field and keeps it from getting ice eye aicey and dangerous. that's just one of the playoff matchups you can catch here on nbc 4. watch as the cincinnati bengals take on the houston texans. that's followed by the battle between green bay and the vikings. keep it here after the football games for news 4 at 11:00. meantime, the baltimore ravens are getting ready for a big playoff matchup. people there are showing their team spirit in some pretty creative ways.
6:27 am
baltimore gas and electric lit its downtown headquarters with purple lights last night, casting its entire building in ravens colors. they'll keep the lights this way for as long as the team is in the playoffs. the ravens face the indianapolis colts in baltimore tomorrow. a lot of team spirit. we have a lot of ravens fans in our area as well. >> that's true. >> it is a good time. 6:27 right now. up next, we run down the must-have menu for football game time. the list might have you running to the grocery store. and the new app that d.c.'s top cop says you may want to download right now.
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let the trash talking begin. this morning, we are counting down to the battle with seattle. from the game day hype to game day food. we're running down everything ahead of tomorrow's big redskins game. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. an update to breaking news. a tsunami alert has just been canceled after a 7.6 earthquake
6:31 am
shook off the coast of alaska. it happened about 75 miles southeast of cordova, alaska, north of vancouver island. emergency officials say the quake does not pose danger of a tsunami to the coast, and there are also no reports of damage or injuries. >> there were some reports of maybe a small tsunami being seen, but that's still being investigated. however, for us, we have nice weather. >> we do. for more, we're going to check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, everyone. your weekend off to a quiet start. the first weekend of 2013. skies are clear outside. 37 now at national airport. a clear sky outside early this morning will allow for a very pleasant afternoon to shape up before some clouds come back our way. current temperatures, though, in montgomery county as well as 23 in manassas. 33 in martinsburg.
6:32 am
storm team 4 radar, nothing to worry about just yet. closest drops and snowflakes back down across parts of the midsouth, towards memphis, tennessee. that moisture is racing in our direction. the air mass in place over us is really, really dry, so it's going to eat up most of the rain drops and the snowflakes as they come our way. nonetheless, late tonight, there may be a passing snowflake or two. temperates today in the low and mid-40s. we'll talk about your redskins forecast for your sunday afternoon coming up in just a few more minutes. >> all right, chuck. thank you. new this morning, police and firefighters are investigating a fire that tore through a home where a woman had to be rescued. chopper 4 flew over the home just off the expressway last night. the woman was flown to the hospital with critical injuries. no word this morning on exactly how that fire started. >> another fire rescue yesterday. this one with a dog and a retired fire lieutenant springing into action. smoke poured from the home in maryland yesterday. inside, the homeowner who was
6:33 am
hurt and couldn't get out, but she was in good hands. a retired firefighter was in the area and smelled the smoke. when he got there, the woman's dog pumpkin was waiting and immediately led him to her. >> he came up to me and started jumping up on me. next thing, he got down and ran over to the door where she was at and trying to get back in there. when i looked, i could see her underneath the smoke. >> he managed to pull the woman to safety. she was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. the battle with seattle is going to be a grudge match between two teams who have struggled in recent years. that is why the x-factor may be you, the 12th man. it's the first home playoff game in 13 years, and the fans can play a major role. >> reporter: one definite advantage the redskins will have over the seahawks this weekend is home field advantage. >> that's why your first goal is winning the nfc east because
6:34 am
you're guaranteed a home playoff game regardless of what your record is. you can be 8-8. if you win your division, you're guaranteed a home playoff game. that's why everybody shoots to win their division. >> seattle is probably the loudest stadium -- not probably, without a doubt the loudest stadium i've ever played in. i remember playing there before, not being able to call plays in the huddle it was so loud. not only in the line of scrimmage, but the entire time we had the ball. that's a huge factor in how offenses operate. >> reporter: historically, the redskins have been a very good playoff team, especially at home. meanwhile, the seahawks have been just as bad away from home. they've only won one playoff game in the last 29 years on the road. >> it's definitely better, whether you're a rookie or whether you're a veteran. obviously, seattle is a tough place to play. home field advantage should definitely help out. >> i expect our crowd to come out and be loud and support us. you know, there's no reason they'd be any less excited than they were for the dallas game. for the dallas game, they were awesome. >> just being at home during the
6:35 am
regular season is an incredible feeling. the support we got throughout the season, whether winning or losing. i'm definitely excited for the atmosphere we're about to walk in to. >> reporter: skins fans have been craving a home playoff game. tickets for this game sold out on monday. >> and some fans would do almost anything to get one of those tickets while others are content with watching the game from home. if you want to host the perfect party, our own pat collins continues our team coverage with food for thought about sunday's big event. >> playoff platters. you just can't have a big football game without some big football food. what is your favorite football food? >> buffalo wings. >> spinach artichoke dip. >> hot wings and pizza. >> french fries. >> buffalo wings with all kind of dips. >> got to have that dip?
6:36 am
>> i'm a big dipper. this is my dipping hand. >> you work that out. >> see how my wrist do? >> hot tickets. what would you do for a ticket to the redskins game on sunday? >> a jump. >> jump? jump. >> yay! >> i would run around without my clothes on, streak around the whole -- >> don't do that. >> i would do a toe touch. >> these are what the tickets look like. they're e-tickets. they're paper. upper bowl, how much? >> get ins can run you $200. >> lower bowl? >> $250 to $300 to get in. >> parking? >> $75 to $100. >> not cheap. >> no, not at all. >> proper pom-pom procedure. the redskin cheerleaders will definitely be at the game with new routines. today, tiana and ashley gave me
6:37 am
lessons in proper poming. >> grab the bar. >> okay. grip the bar in here. number two -- >> figure eight. >> with your hands. >> your hand only. >> just your hands like this. and never, ever drop your pom-pom. when you drop your pom-pom -- >> you drop the game. >> a-ha. >> wow. close call there, pat collins. >> yeah, i think the redskins have a new cheerleader. >> they do. he's great on the sidelines. everybody would come to watch him for sure. >> i would. well, the town is deck thedt in burgundy and gold. >> so what's better than having the man whose name reflects all things washington kick off the game tomorrow? ♪ and the rocket's red glare
6:38 am
>> that's the voice of d.c. washington. that's actually his real name. washington blew the roof off fedex field last weekend, and the team asked him to pump up the crowd again tomorrow. the 57-year-old father of three is not a professional singer and says he doesn't even warm up. with a name like that, you can't go wrong. also, stay tuned to news 4 for continues coverage of the redskins battle with seattle. we'll have all of the highlights tomorrow night. of course, you can get the latest at the time now is 6:38. coming up next, how your tweet could become a part of history and housed right here in d.c. and why one mother is excusing her son for not calling or texting when he traveled with his high school band to london.
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if you're taking metro to the redskins game or just trying to get around town, you might need some extra time. there is track work on the red and orange lines this weekend. on the orange line, buses are replacing trains between vienna and east falls church. on the red line, trains are single tracking between shady grove and twinbrook and between judiciary square and rhode island avenue. all work should be done by monday's rush. a woman groped while jogg gg in annandale may be another
6:42 am
victim. the woman told police a guy grabbed her, she screamed, and he ran away. no arrests have been made, but police believe this man could be responsible. he's believed to be behind at least 14 other attacks in fairfax county since early september. acquaintance or date rape in the district saw a marked increase last year, especially on college campuses. news 4's jackie benson found a new smart phone app that offers help, and it's getting high marks from d.c.'s top cop. >> it's being used on a lot of universities and campuses for young women who are not sure what to do when they have an acquaintance or known person involved in a sexual assault. >> the new app has been praised publicly by d.c. police chief. in 2012, her agency dealt with an increase in sexual assaults, many of them on college campuses. >> this has had 108% increase in acquaintance and known where the suspect and the victim know each other. >> the smart phone app is funded
6:43 am
by the district government and funded by a d.c. based group called men can stop rape. >> a lot of our work is focused around sexual violence, sexual harassment, rape. >> the information is tailored to each of the nine universities in the district. it lists specific resources, their addresses and phone numbers, and even directions. >> the other thing that's nice about the application is a friend or family member can use it if someone comes to them and says, you know, something happened last night and it was a really bad situation. i don't know what to do. >> the app was developed with input from. students themselves. >> having the direction to do so, that woun beneficial. >> knowing exactly where to go no matter what university you're at or even just as a woman in d.c. would be very helpful. >> a national study indicates that 90% of on-campus rapes occur in the first semester a student is there. jackie benson, news 4. today we'll learn more about
6:44 am
a new mobile app for some schools in d.c. the d.c. charter schools is hosting an expo for parents this afternoon where the school system is supposed to launch its new app. the mayor is expected to be on hand for the unveiling of the my d.c. charters mobile app. it's designed to provide details information for parents. today's expo runs from noon to 4:00 p.m. thousands are expected to attend. it's a huge milestone for a local organization that's touched so many in washington's community. >> tomorrow kicks off the jewish community center of greater washington's 100th year long celebration. this weekend the organization is celebrating a century of memories with a day full of events. the family friendly fun kicks off tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> very cool. >> go for it.
6:45 am
the "today" show is next. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt is joining us live from new york. >> good morning. coming up, will lance armstrong admit to using performance enhancing drugs? this morning we'll have the latest in a bomb shell report that claims he's considering making a public admission just months after he was stripped of his tour de france titles. also ahead, the flu season is off to an unusually high start. we'll tell you what you can do to lower your risk. and dr. oz sharing tips with me on how to get a healthy start to 2013. plus, the new movie "zero dark thirty" chronicles the search for osama bin laden, but questions are being asked about whether the cia gave away too many secrets to filmmakers. and it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a caped crusader. whatever it is, it's been getting a lot of attention online. no, the caped crusader of batman. we'll have details in our weekly rewind when we get started on a
6:46 am
saturday morning here on "today." i'm trying to get my superheroes straight. >> keep drinking those big green glasses of whatever that was. >> you know, it looked horrible. it was actually pretty good. >> i'll take your word for it. thanks, lester. in 2012, new media continue to grow by leaps and bounds. so now that it's the new year, what's around the corner? here's a look at tech trends that will change how you live and work online in 2013. ♪ >> from viral video spoofs and record breaking moments, 2012 was a big year online in d.c. the question now, what's coming? expect more ways to pay with your phone with apps like level up. if uses a qr code to charge the card without exposing your numbers. wave and point technology is in. leap lets you control everything
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from answering e-mails to plague ga -- playing games with hand movements. more changes are ahead for facebook. for businesses, facebook will offer premium pages with advanced tools to analyze comments and customers. an e-mail acquisition option will be available too. as for twitter, many wonder, will it ipo? growth numbers show marketers are liking the platform more and more with an estimated of $1 billion by 2014, going public is a good question. what about going viral? if a south korean pop star with an invisible horse could rule the world, why not a fishmonger from pakistan? his catchy "one-pound fish" has hooked people into the new year. it's reeled in more than 16 million views on youtube and already an itunes hit. >> chuck bell's favorite song on his ipod. also, buzz words to look for in
6:48 am
2013. speaking of twitter, tweets may only be 140 characters, but that apparently doesn't lessen their historical significance. the library of congress has collected about 170 billion tweets in the last two years. what's likely to be the most noteworthy, the very first tweet posted back in 2006. librarians say they're working on a way to store and search all the messages. >> it never goes away. it will always be there. >> sounds like a future trivia question. what was the first tweet ever? >> i don't know. >> exactly. that's why it's a very good trivia question. >> wasn't the first e-mail ever like merry christmas? >> maybe. >> i think it was. >> anyway, we're off to a cold start on a saturday morning. looks like it's going to be a relatively good weekend for anything you want to do outside. this afternoon and tomorrow
6:49 am
afternoon look great. there is at least a chance that someone will get a snowflake or two over the course of the weekend. not looking for anything in the way of accumulations. passing snow showers may occur on our overnight hours tonight. for now, though, nothing to worry about to get your weekend started. a clear sky is lingering over washington first thing this morning. temperatures, well, it is january after all. statistically speaking, this is coming up on the coldest time of the year here in washington. even though it's going to be chilly outside today, it's certainly not going to be cold by winter standards. 37 our current temperature at international airport. dew point, 18 degrees. the air mass over us is extremely dry. only 46% humidity this morning. winds out of the northwest. that northwest breeze is going to stick around for at least the front half or two-thirds of the day. keep your winter jackets on the ready. temperatures mostly in the 30s.
6:50 am
there are some chillier 20s out towards culpepper county. 32 now in winchester. windchills are also in the low to mid-20s for most. so gloves and mittens for sure. your hometown forecast in front royal, virginia, current temperature, 28 degrees. up to 36 by 11:00 this morning. plenty of sunshine for the first half of your day today. picking up a couple clouds later on this afternoon. temperatures into the low 40s by 3:00 this afternoon. mostly cloudy, back down to about the freezing mark by 11:00 tonight. then overnight tonight, there you go, look at at. a chance for maybe a passing snowflake or two towards the predawn hours of your sunday morning. no moisture too close to us just yet. here's where the moisture is coming from. back down across parts of the midsouth. light snowflakes to the west and north of memphis, tennessee. that's the little slug of moisture coming our way. chilly and dry today with plenty of sunshine on your saturday afternoon. all the action this weekend is packed between about sun down
6:51 am
tonight and sunrise tomorrow morning. clouds, yes. maybe a quick little drizzle drop or snowflake or two in the overnight into the predawn hours tomorrow. then the clearing returns and drier air comes back into the picture for tomorrow afternoon, more importantly for the redskins game tomorrow night. here it is on our future weather forecast. up close and personal here into the late night hours tonight. 3:00 in the morning, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. that's when they have the opportunity for a snowflake or two. today, morning sunshine giving way to afternoon cloud cover. breezy and chilly today with temperatures generally in the upper 30s. here's the all-important seven-day forecast. redskins game tomorrow, nothing to worry about weatherwise. if anything, it might do us a little good to have a couple snowflakes around. that will not linger towards game time. skies will be clear by kickoff. nice sunny, dry, chilly weather early next week. next chance for rain, not snow, wednesday, thursday time frame. >> all right. mark your calendar.
6:52 am
some students from stone bridge high school in virginia just got back from performing in london's new year's day parade. news 4 northern virginia reporter david culver caught up with the jet lagged students as they arrived. >> reporter: inside the airport, there's a lot of waiting. >> about an hour and 45 minutes. >> reporter: huddled under the international arrivals, an eager group of parents and siblings. some, like karen, up on her tiptoes, a little more anxious than others. she hasn't heard from her son tyler. he's been out of the country for a week. >> not one phone call. he's in trouble for that right now. >> reporter: teresa holds tight to her phone, hoping her son remembers everything. >> i don't care about the luggage, but i want the trumpet back. >> reporter: from 3600 miles away, the parents watched online as their children marched down london's historic streets. >> i think it does bring recognition to our school and
6:53 am
our community, definitely. something to be proud of. >> reporter: back in the waiting area, good news. >> they landed. yay! >> reporter: and after clearing customs, the cheers started. >> welcome home! you're on tv, smile. >> reporter: he is happy, if only a little tired. >> it was more difficult than i thought it would be, but i'm glad we got to go. >> reporter: the band director had to keep tabs on all the teenagers. >> the biggest time is whenever they get spread out a little bit. i have some in front, some in back. it's like, where is everybody, and how do we get them back together again? >> reporter: and what about karen's son tyler? why no phone call? >> i couldn't get my phone card to work. she didn't hear from me at all. >> not at all. >> reporter: so does that excuse work for mom? >> apparently it does, because it also happened to a couple other kids where the phone card just didn't work. but that's okay. >> reporter: the build up, the parade, the homecoming, all of
6:54 am
that over and all those students back in town just in time for exams. david culver, news 4. this isn't the first time the stone bridge high school band has performed for london's new year's day parade. the last trip was four years ago. they hope to return again in another four years. >> wow. well, the redskins' winning streak has everyone singing hail to the redskins this week. >> and it's not just the adults. next, some of the youngest fans are showing off their team spirit.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
it is a big weekend for the nfl and a big day for the terps in college park. >> plus, the wizards push brooklyn to the brink. it's all in your "sports minute." >> good morning. your "sports minute" begins with nfl playoff. the postseason does start today. first up, bengals and texans face off in the afc wild card at 4:30 p.m. while the vikings and packers match up at 8:00 p.m. in the nfc wild card. both games can be seen here on nbc 4. to the hardwood, last night wizards hosting the nets. bradley biehl scores a career high 23 points, including this three to send the game to double overtime. but it's not enough. joe johnson's jumper with 0.7 seconds in the game proves to be the difference.
6:58 am
and today in college park, the 12-1 maryland terrapins open acc play against virginia tech. noon tipoff for the terps and oh hokies. have a great saturday. you've been great about sending pictures of your redskins pride. we've seen everything from a class full of rg3 jerseys to somebody's pooch wearing the burgundy and gold and even grandma looking pretty mean in skins shades. please keep those pictures coming our way. you can always send them to or tweet us using the hash tag skins fans. >> everyone is showing that redskins pride in one way or another. it seems like we're hearing the song "hail to the redskins" more than ever, even from the littlest fans.
6:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is 2-year-old levi from gaithersburg. his dad sent this video to us. remember, you can see videos and photos like these at >> okay. he is so adorable. you actually have to watch the whole thing. we could talk all day about what what it's going to take for the skins to beat the seahawks, but when it comes to our kids, our own path collins found they have one simple answer. >> they know what it takes to win football games! [ cheers and applause ] and what's that? >> rg3! rg3! rg3! >> smart bunch out there, i tell you. these are students from the holy redeemer school. they came to class decked out in their burgundy and gold gear. as pat had


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