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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 5, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we sure are. let's go to meteorologist chuck bell. he's in storm center 4 with a look ahead at the weekend. >> hey, richard and angie. good morning to both of you. a good saturday morning, everybody. first weekend of a brand new year. what a beautiful, bright start it is. temperatures mostly in the 20s and 30s right now. 38 downtown at national airport. even culpepper, which was one of the cold spots an hour ago, is up to 38 degrees. fredericksburg, 32. leesburg at 36. under that blue sky, no rainfall to worry about just yet. way down to our west and southwest, that's the little area of moisture that's coming our way for the overnight hours tonight, which may bring us a chance for a little light snow in the area. not looking for a lot of accumulation, but snowflakes may be spotted between midnight tonight and early, early morning hours tomorrow. your saturday afternoon, nothing to worry about. sunny, a little breezy, on the chilly side, but pretty typical by january standards. highs today in the low and mid-40s. then this evening, that's when the cloud start rolling back in
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and we could see the first snowflake potentials around 11:00, midnight. we'll talk more about that and of course the redskins forecast and the seven day. all that is coming up in a few. >> all right, chuck. thanks. the next 24 hours might seem like an eternity as the entire town waits for the biggest game in five years. >> tomorrow's battle with seattle marks the return of the playoffs to d.c., and players say fans could be the difference maker. carol maloney is here with a preview of the game. >> good saturday morning. the skins are 1-0 all time at home at fedex field. so there's not a lot to go on historically if you're trying to predict what kind of advantage the skins will get this weekend. what we do know is the current playoff bound skins are counting on having the 12th man. the postseason pandemonium really started at fedex field last weekend versus the cowboys. skins are riding a seven-game win streak, four straight at home. the burgundy and gold have to
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like this. skins are 13-2 all time at home playoffs games. the seahawks are just 1-8 on the road in the postseason. the players say the fans have a job to do this weekend. >> i expect our crowd to come out, to come out and be loud and support us. there's no reason they'd be any less excited than they were for the dallas game. for the dallas game, they were awesome. having a good home crowd really does a lot. i think seattle is 8-0 at home. if we can get that kind of atmosphere for our game, it should mean a lot. >> they've been great throughout the year. the atmosphere last sunday when we played dallas was so electric and so exciting for us. i know kpating for this fan base. they deserve a team that wins. they deserve something to be -- someone to root for. it's good that we can be at home to give them that. >> chris cooley, beyond excited for his first ever playoff game at fedex field. he said in '07, the seahawk fans were so loud he couldn't even
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hear the plays being called in the huddle. sounds like a challenge. now it's pay back time. >> oh, boy. pay back. thanks, carol. sunday's showdown has been the talk of the town since the redskins' decisive win over the cowboys last weekend. today the chatter and excitement is reaching a whole new level. news 4's derek ward continues our team coverage. he's at the tasty diner in silver spring this morning. good morning, derek. >> reporter: good morning. we heard a lot of talk about the 12th man. the 12th man has got to eat. this is one of the places they like to come. take a look back there. that's the unofficial redskins corner. you have a bunch of fans back there, bunch of redskins faithful who gather here every saturday before a big game like the one that's expected tomorrow. now, it's been since i think 2007 was the last time the redskins made the playoffs. the last two times they made the playoffs, they lost to the seattle seahawks. there's a lot riding on this game. we talked to some of the fans about that.
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>> to be a winner feels great. to have someone like rg and the rest of the team, to have them all as one unit, fantastic. we love it. >> we were talking about rg3 a little bit coming in and the role he's playing here in the city. >> yes. he is really an asset to the community. i was saying that this man demonstrates the ultimate character that we would want our children to have. i'm really enjoying it. he has elevated the morale and everything in this city. it's a unifying process. >> reporter: indeed, unifying it is. take a look. it's even on the menu here. i'd like to thank the folks at the tasty diner for accommodating us this morning. go redskins. more coming up on news 4. for now, we're live from silver springs. >> all right, derek. thanks a lot. this morning, we know who
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will sing the national anthem before the game. ♪ and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> that is the voice of dc washington. yes, that is his real name. washington blew the roof off of fedex field last weekend. the team asked him to pump up the crowd again tomorrow. the 57-year-old father of three is not a professional singer and says he doesn't even warm up. stay with news 4, of course, all weekend long for the latest on the run up to the battle with seattle. and you can get full coverage any time on we also want to see your redskins spirit. you can send them to
9:06 am or tweet us @nbcwashington using #skinsfans. new this morning, a tsunami warning has been canceled after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake rocked the coast of alaska early this morning. the quake was centered about 60 miles southwest of port alexander, alaska. a tsunami warning was quickly issued along a 700-mile stretch of coastline. most communities have only seen small waves. there are also no reports of damage or injuries. this morning, police are trying to figure out who's behind a drive-by shooting that left a maryland teenager wounded. it happened last night around 7:30 in the town of great mills, st. mary's county. three teens were out walking when a small vehicle pulled up and someone inside fired shots. a 15-year-old was wounded. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police are offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. if you live in montgomery county, police wanted you to keep an eye on your mail. police are investigating a series of thefts in which
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someone stole mail people had put in their mailboxes. they then took any checks and tried to cash them at area banks. police say if you have important mail, you should take it directly to a post office or drop it in a postal service mailbox or consider not putting up your mailbox flag because that could be an alert to thieves that there is mail waiting in your box. and the time right now is 9:07. coming up on news 4 today, a bizarre flight. how a passenger ended up taped down to an airplane chair. plus, the warning for parents after a parent unwrapped her kid's suspicious looking candy. and redskins versus seahawks. who are you rooting for this weekend? search news 4 today on facebook or twitter to join the conversation. don't forget to send us your fan pictures. we're back in a moment. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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an american eagle pilot is
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facing charges after tsa agents say they found him drunk on the job. the 48-year-old was arrested friday morning in minneapolis while doing preflight checks in the cockpit of a flight bound for new york. agents said they smelled alcohol on the pilot before he boarded the plane. the pilot was given a breathalyzer test by police and removed from that plane. no passengers were on board at the time. american airlines says they are conducting a full investigation. a bizarre scene on board an international flight to new york has the internet abuzz. passengers taped a drunk man to his seat. check the picture out. a witness took the photo of the man. passengers described him as being drunk and out of control on a flight from iceland yesterday. the man reportedly tried to choke a woman next to him and was screaming that the plane was going to crash. new york's port authority confirmed that they did take a drunk passenger into custody after the plane landed, but he was not charged. >> i'm wondering who had all that tape with them. >> yeah, another good question.
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the time right now is 9:11. the redskins aren't the only local team getting ready for a big game. >> next, the transformation happening in baltimore ahead of tomorrow's ravens matchup. plus, tracking one of the worst flu seasons on record. what doctors have to say ant your chances of getting a flu shot if you haven't already. now let's head over to chuck. >> it's a beautiful way to get your weekend started. i think it's going to be a beautiful way to get your weekend finished. it's the middle part i have some concerns over. we'll talk about any opportunity for snow this weekend coming up. lucky charms?!
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president obama returns to washington today after finishing vacation in hawaii. he and the first family are wrapping up a vacation there that was cut short last week by fiscal cliff negotiations. locals and tourists alike caught a glimpse of the president and first lady as they had dinner
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last night at a restaurant in waikiki. and we're getting a better look at what the president's cabinet could look like next term. the white house says the president has no the made a final decision. last month the president did nominate john kerry to be the next secretary of state. ailing venezuelan president hugo chavez could postpone his swearing in if it's not able to take the oath next week. that's according to the vice president. he made the comments in a televised interview yesterday. opposition leaders argue that new elections must take place if chavez is unable to be sworn in on january 10th. the vice president says the constitution allows for him to be sworn in by the speak court at a later date. chavez is recovering from his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months. caught on camera, a man leads police on a chase and tries unsuccessfully to get rid of the evidence.
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dashboard cameras were rolling during his chase through a georgia town with speeds reaching as high as 85 miles per hour. suddenly, the man pulls over along a bridge. he runs out of the car, chucks a bag full of cocaine worth $120,000 into the flint river, and then he surrenders. but it was all for naught. police say the bag was vacuum sealed and just floated in the river, making it easy for police to actually find it. well, police are warning parents about a new way some kids are getting away with drug use. take a look at this. police say it looks like candy, but it's actually marijuana. a suspicious parent outside philadelphia brought it to police to have it looked at. detectives say it's designed to have the same effect as smoking pot but avoids detection by not having to light up. >> it can easily fly under the radar. most parents wouldn't think twice about this, think it was drugs. same thing with teachers and law enforcement. >> i feel like kids are always coming up with something new in
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terms of doing drugs in school and ways to hide it. >> investigators also say it's parents who have to be the first line of defense against drugs. this year's flu season is on track to become one of the worst on record for the united states. according to the centers for disease control, 41 states are reporting widespread flu activity, and that includes maryland and virginia. even though there's not enough data to put d.c. on the same level, doctors say cases in the district started spiking here this week and the strain of flu that they have seen circulating is particularly severe. doctors say the best way to avoid the worst of it is pretty simple. just get the flu shot if you haven't already. there's plenty of vaccine this year. >> yes. >> number one thing, keep your hands washed. and never touch your face with your finger if you can help it. that's another thing. >> that's why i've been using the kleenex. >> touch the desk, stick your finger in your eye, that's trouble. >> well, i noticed there's sun outside. are we going to get much help from it? >> yes, we'll get a decent
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amount of help. that's nice news. we're off to a cold start. many spots below the freezing mark this morning. most locations above the freezing mark. most spots, i think, headed into the 40s. nothing too bad about that by early january standards. what a beautiful, bright blue sky we have right over washington early this morning. there will be some clouds coming in starting late this afternoon into this evening. ahead of that, boy, is it going to be a nice day to be outside today. if you have an opportunity, take the dog out for a nice long walk around the block this afternoon. good january weather around here. clear skies, sunshine, 38 now at national airport. winds remain out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. that northwest wind, 10 to 15 miles per hour the rest of the day. we'll keep windchills in the 30s for most of the afternoon. current temperatures, mid to upper 30s around town. still a couple cold spots hanging on in the upper 20s and low 30s. windchill values, generally in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees right now. windchills this afternoon mainly in the mid to upper 30s.
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your hometown forecast in front royal, virginia, 30 degrees with the sunshine. up to 41 by 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, topping out around 42 for a high this afternoon. clouds starting to come back into all of our neighborhoods by 6:00 this evening. by after midnight to about sunrise tomorrow, there may be a chance for some very light snow showers to come into the picture as well. you can see here on storm team 4 radar. this is not anything close to us just yet. all the moisture still way back here across western parts of tennessee and northern mississippi. it's going to take a good while for it to get here. the air mass we have overhead is really, really dry. so most of those rain drops will evaporate before they get to the ground. that being said, our chilly and dry saturday will turn into a cloudy saturday night and an opportunity for some light rain showers or even some light snow showers coming through. again, not looking for much, if anything, in the way of accumulation. then the drier air and sunshine back in place by about noon tomorrow on into the early parts
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of the upcoming week. a relatively dry, clear stretch coming in. here we are at 1:00 in the morning. not much going on. cloudy skies around. maybe an opportunity for a little bit of moisture sneaking on in. with temperatures at or just below the freezing mark, some of that could add up to a little bit in the way of snow. how much snow? maybe up to an inch from essentially the i-95 corridor north and west. not going to be a big deal. conversational snowflakes at the most. today, sunshine this morning, giving way to afternoon clouds. certainly a nice day today. then sort of the reverse tomorrow. cloud in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. great weather for the redskins game tomorrow. kickoff temperature around 42, 43 degrees. here's your all-important seven-day forecast. nice january-like weather around here for most of the upcoming week. our next bigger chance for a precipitation event looks to be wednesday night into thursday. snow lovers, i'm sorry. that one looks like it'll be mostly rain. >> there's still a lot of winter
9:22 am
left though. >> there is. >> can't give up just yet. >> hopes are still there. >> thanks, chuck. coming up here, the extra plans in place at the national mall to accommodate a huge inauguration crowd and their powerful smart phone devices. and prevents a frozen tundra at lambeau field even though temps in green bay could be in the teens at kickoff today. we'll have more on that coming up on news 4 toda [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers
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add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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well, there won't be snow on the football field this weekend where you might there there would be. in green bay, crews cleared the bleachers at lambeau field of the snow. this weekend, crews don't have to worry about the turf. the packers are using a system that actually heats the field and keeps it from getting icy and dangerous. temps there are supposed to be in the teens tonight when the packers take on the minnesota vikings. and of course, that's just
9:26 am
one of the playoff matchups you can catch today here on nbc 4. at 4:30 this afternoon, watch as the bengals take on the houston texans. that's followed by that battle between green bay and the vikings at 8:00 p.m. keep it here after football for news 4 at 11:00. meantime, the baltimore ravens are getting ready for a big playoff matchup. people there are showing their team spirit in some pretty creative ways. baltimore gas and electric lit its downtown headquarters with purple lights last night, casting its entire building in ravens colors. the company says they'll keep the lights this way for as long as the team is in the playoffs. the ravens face the indianapolis colts in baltimore tomorrow. exciting time for all of them too. >> sure is. the time now, 9:26. then there's that other game, something like the redskins, maybe the seahawks battling it out. >> i don't know what you're talking about. up next, see how the quarterbacks match up. and new this morning, firefighters release new information about a huge fire in maryland that sent one woman to the hospital. you're watch
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the washington redskins versus the team from that other washington. >> from the players to the talk around town this morning we're looking ahead to the big game. we're now just seven hours away from the kickoff of the nfl playoff season. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. it is saturday, january 5th, 2013. we have two games on nbc 4 today. then, of course, tomorrow the redskins, the game that people have been waiting years for. >> we are so fired up about this. the fans, everyone. i don't even think they care about what the weather is going to be like. >> let's find out anyway. let's go outside to meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. i think people care a whole lot. it's just hard to tell whether dry weather favors the home team or the visitor since they're coming from a rainy place. i say the dry weather favors the
9:31 am
redskins tomorrow. dry and cold for sure. if you're headed out to the game, you'll definitely need something to keep you warm. outside for now, what a beautiful morning here in upper northwest washington. this is the view from our tower camera, which is about 503 feet above my head looking out to the west this morning. not a cloud just yet. that will not last all day long. we'll pick up mid and high-level clouds later on. windchills generally in the upper 30s and low 20s. the breeze averages about 5 to 15 miles per hour much of the day. those rain drops and snowflakes to the west is our opportunity for some light snowflakes and snow showers during the overnight hours tonight. nothing to worry about on your saturday afternoon. really, nothing to worry about tomorrow for the redskins either. 38 to 43 during the game with a clearing sky and southwesterly breeze. what little chance we have for snow tonight isn't going to add up to much, and it sure won't stick around for long.
9:32 am
we'll talk about that and look at the rest of the seven day in a few minutes. back to the warm, toasty studio. >> that's been the story of your life. not sticking around for long. >> i know. i did not get snow for christmas. and an ugly beatdown in the cotton bowl. >> sorry. >> thanks, chuck. new this morning, a woman has died after fire tore through her home. chopper 4 flew over that home just off the expressway last night. firefighters rescued the woman from her home. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. no word this morning on exactly how that fire started. investigators say the home did not have working smoke detectors. another fire rescue yesterday. this one with a dog and a retired fire lieutenant springing into action. smoke poured from the home in maryland yesterday. the homeowner was trapped inside, but she was in good hands. a retired firefighter was in the area and smelled the smoke. when he got there, the woman's
9:33 am
dog pumpkin was waiting and immediately led him to her. >> came up to me, started jumping up on me. next thing, he got down and ran over to the door where she was at and was trying to get back in there. when i looked, i could see her underneath the smoke and then the flames coming out the top. >> mills managed to pull the woman to safety. she was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. tomorrow's showdown with the seahawks may come down to the performance of the two rookie quarterbacks, both of them have made a big splash so far this year. so let's see how they measure up side by side. russell wilson against rg3. both of them have had record seasons. let's start off with russell wilson. he had 26 touchdowns. he tied peyton manning's rookie record. when it comes to interceptions, just ten.
9:34 am
then down to the passing yards, 3,118. rushing nearly 500. now let's go to rg3. he came in with 20 touchdowns. he had fewer touchdowns than wilson, but still impressive. however, his interceptions, five. that's half of wilson. then passing yards, 3,200. rushing yards, 815. these guys have met before, and clearly they have mutual respect for one another. >> robert's done a tremendous job all season. he's a tremendous quarterback. he leads his football team in the right way, in the right fashion. he's a great human being. i've met him several times. you know, i'm very, very happy for him. he's done a great job this season. >> me and him last year duelled it out for one of the records. i don't remember which one. it's just good to see him being so successful. at the same time, i want our defense to shut them down. >> and those two guys definitely have been the talk of the town. now the excitement has reached a
9:35 am
fever pitch with the game just a little more than 24 hours away. derek ward is at tasty diner in silver spring to see just how pumped up fans are getting. what are they saying, derek? >> reporter: they're saying a lot of things. we just compared quarterbacks. the tasty diner is a place for the redskins faithful. that little room back there, the unofficial redskins corner. you can see the posters back there. redskins are in the playoffs first time since 2007. the last couple times they made the playoffs, they lost to seattle. there's no talk of that now, but you know what? there are a lot of dallas fans in this town. of course, we found one among the redskins faithful back there. you might say there's one in every bunch. how does it feel to be a cowboys fan now? >> oh, now? no, no, no. >> he jumped on the bandwagon. >> i feel good to be among my redskins brothers.
9:36 am
>> no, you don't. >> i do, i do. you believe that? >> reporter: well, maybe he'll have some humble pie. i don't know if that's actually on the menu or not. what is on the menu, go redskins. we'd like to thank the folks here at the tasty diner for accommodating us this morning. by the way, all of those men are members of the male chorus at the zion baptist church. that explains the civility there among some of the members who are dallas fans. he'll have to atone for that tomorrow. the teams will atone for it at fedex field. live in silver spring, back to you. >> thanks, derek. remember to stay with news 4 throughout the weekend as we bring you continuing coverage of the battle with seattle. you can get the latest on the matchup any time at time right now is 9:36. next, the dollar figure giving us a better idea of how much damage superstorm sandy caused. plus, your tweets going into the record books housed here in d.c. it's happening.
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the shock for two kids who sat courtside at an nba game last night. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good!
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superstorm sandy victims are finally getting some help from congress. more could be on the way later this month. yesterday, lawmakers a i proved the $9.7 billion package to help pay flood insurance claims for families and businesses. the governors of new jersey and new york say that is just a down payment and much more will need to be done. speaker john boehner has promised that the house will take up a broader $51 billion package later this month. new york city has been working overtime to recover from the storm, literally. the budget office reports the city spent more than $154 million on overtime pay for the sandy cleanup. about 46% of that went to police. sanitation workers got about 35%. the total doesn't even include overtime at public hospitals,
9:41 am
mass transit, or public housing. a serial groper in northern virginia may have struck again. the latest case happened thursday night around 5:45. police say a man suddenly approached a 30-year-old woman near briarwood court and patriot drive while she was jogging. the woman told police the guy grabbed her. she screamed, and then he ran away. no arrests having have been made, but police believe this man could be responsible. this could be his 15th attack in fairfax county since early september. a new app to get rape cases reported it getting high marks from the district's top cop. acquaintance and date rape increased by 108% on university campuses in the district last year. u ask d.c. hopes to stop that. the information is tailored to each of the district's nine
9:42 am
universities. >> the other thing nice about the application is that a friend or a family member can use it if someone comes to them and says, you know, something happened last night, and it was a really bad situation. i don't know what to do. >> so far, more than 1,000 people have downloaded the app. today we're going to learn more about a new mobile app for some schools in d.c. the d.c. charter schools is hosting an expo for parents this afternoon where the school system is supposed to launch its new app. the mayor is expected to be on hand for the unveiling of the my d.c. charters mobile app. it's designed to provide details information for parents. today's expo at the washington convention center runs from noon until 4:00 p.m. thousands are expected to attend. inauguration now just a few weeks away. but the obama and biden families want to celebrate it with more than just the usual tradition. the presidential inaugural committee is calling for a national day of service on
9:43 am
saturday, january 19th. it will coincide with the inauguration as well as martin luther king jr. day. the committee has a list of ways to serve on its website at you can bet that quite a few of the hundreds of thousands flocking to the national mall will have smart phones. cell phone companies are getting ready. "the washington post" says at least nine temporary cell phone towers are coming to places around the mall. the change comes after many complained about slow service at the last inauguration caused by bandwidth congestion. that was before many people had more high capacity smart phones. and it's a sign we're in the digital age. billions of tweets are being archived for the purpose of history. the library of congress says it's collected about 170 billion tweets in the last three years. twitter is apparently donating much of its archive to the library. what's likely to be the most noteworthy?
9:44 am
the very first tweet posted back in 2006. a viewer said inviting co-workers was the first tweet. librarians are working on a way to store and search all of the messages, which is kind of scary. >> you never tweet me inviting co-workers. now for a preview of what's inside the pages of this week's kids post. >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, a distinguished bird showing off its magic. the story behind fairy tale classics, and one kids collection that's just fantastic. joining us is tracy grant. nice to see you. >> good to see you again. >> hope you had a great holiday. >> you too. >> well, first up, where to see the bald eagle this time of the year. >> it turns out, who knew, this is a wonderful time of year to catch the bald eagle in flight in the washington area. the females are getting ready to nest. the trees are open. so you can see them. if you happen to see a bald eagle pair, how do you -- who's the female?
9:45 am
how can you tell the female? the smaller size? no. exactly the opposite. females are bigger. >> very interesting. >> so in sunday's kids post, we have lots of fun facts about eagles and where you can see them locally. >> magnificent birds. >> they're amazing creatures. >> next we're talking about the mastermind brothers behind the famous fairy tale books. >> the grimm brothers, it's 200 years since the first publication of their fairy tales. they're the brothers who collected the princess and the pea, snow white and the seven dwarves, little red riding hood. in monday's kids post, we tell kids about how these stories that are now part of every childhood came to be. >> and those stories have been reimagined and told so many different ways now. these are the original story tellers. >> these are the originals. they're very hot now. fantasy land and disney land, tv, lots of -- the grimms never go out of style. >> that's right.
9:46 am
finally, a civil war card collection. >> in wednesday's kids post, we tell the story of adam webb. he's 11 years old from manassas. the national park service, in honor of this civil war, put out a set of 189 trading cards, like the ones you see here. and adam collected all 189 from boston to south carolina. he collected all of them. he loves the civil war. he's a great story. he's in wednesday's kids post. >> impressive. all right, tracy, thanks as always. for more, visit or and click on kids post. that's kids post this week on tv. >> that was cool about the eagles. i like that. >> i've seen a few running along the river early last spring. i noticed i never really get that close to one in the wild. they're big. >> they're huge. >> i was just glad he didn't look like he wanted a runner on the menu. it was a big bird.
9:47 am
>> a lot of people run outside during the winter. today could be a decent day. >> excellent running weather for winter standards around here. the sun is out. that's the most important thing. there's no ice on any of the running ways around the region. that's also a positive. you probably do need a little extra thermal warmth. plenty chilly outside first thing this morning. and the january chill is going to stick around here for much of the next couple of days. nowhere near anything called record cold. our record low for this morning was 3 below zw zero. temperatures outside now closing in on 38. having just been on the front lawn here at channel 4, that northwest breeze is a little more substantial in our neighborhood.
9:48 am
34 right now in rockville. southern prince george's county in the mid-30s. just a little bit of a breeze out there has the windchills to the upper 20s and freezing mark. your redskins forecast for tomorrow, late afternoon into the evening, temperatures low 40s at kickoff into the upper 30s by late in the game. under a mostly clear sky. sun will still be up when the game starts, obviously. second, third, fourth quarter will all be in the dark. the earlier game tomorrow, the ravens hosting the formerly baltimore colts. now the indianapolis colts, obviously. temperatures in the low to mid-40s for that. dry conditions. not terribly cold either. again, indianapolis, they're a dome team. maybe playing in the chill outside will favor the ravens. on the radar, not much to show you. the precipitation i'm watching is still way out here across western tennessee. the later models have been coming in this morning and indicating our dry saturday is intact. clouds coming in late tonight.
9:49 am
now the computer model is sending a little less moisture a little further to the south. i may be optimistic hoping for up to maybe an inch of snow north and west of the washington area. then the drier air comes right back in. on our microcast model here, you can see up close and personal the clouds coming in late tonight into early tomorrow. any precipitation chances are just now down to the south. the previous run had just a little more moisture along the i-95 corridor. so we'll see how it all shakes out. don't expect much in the way of snow accumulations around here. generally up to, that's the maxim maximum, i think. so sunshine this morning. high clouds coming in later this afternoon. on the whole, not a bad day to be outside today. and tomorrow will also be a good, usable outdoor weather day. some clouds around late tonight into early tomorrow. nothing to worry about. staying dry monday, tuesday. just as we get more moisture coming our way, temperatures back in the 50s. that will probably be rain wednesday night into thursday. @chuckbell4 is the twitter handle of your choice for all
9:50 am
your weekend weather updates. i'll be sending them out. you'll be reading them. >> wow. i can't believe snowflakes overnight, though. >> so few of them. >> can't make everyone happy. chuck, thank you. well, breaking news. this just in. a son of the famed fashion designer is missing. rescuers in venezuela say his small tourist plane vanished off radar. the plane had six people on it. if you are a relying on metro to get to the redskins game, you might want to give yourself some extra time. there is track work on the red and orange lines this weekend. on the orange line, buses are replacing trains between vienna and east falls church. that means the dunn loring and west falls church stations are closed. on the red line, trains are single tracking between shady grove and twinbrook and between judiciary square and rhode island avenue. all that work should be done by
9:51 am
the monday morning rush. it's a huge milestone for a local organization that's touched so many in the washington community. tomorrow kicks off the jewish community center of greater washington 100th anniversary. it later became the jccgw and moved to rockville. this weekend, the organization is setting a century of memories with a day full of events at its center in rockville. the family friendly fun kicks off tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. nine minutes now until 10:00. next, how the washington region is showing off their team pride. >> and starting them early. how much younger fans are [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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.,5@o06ñe some kids got to see an nba
9:55 am
super star up close and personal. l.a. clippers center blake griffin landed right on top of two young kids at the staples center when he went to save a ball. it was a rough landing, but griffin made sure everyone was okay. and it's a big weekend for the nfl. a big day for the terps in college park too. >> plus, the wizards push brooklyn to the brink. it's all in your "sports minute." >> good morning. i'm carol maloney. your "sports minute" begins with nfl playoff. though we're a day away from the redskins battle with seattle, the postseason does start today. first up, bengals and texans face off in the afc wild card at 4:30 p.m. while the vikings and packers match up at 8:00 p.m. in the nfc wild card. both games can be seen here on nbc 4. to the hardwood. last night, wizards hosting the nets. bradley biehl scores a career high 24 points, including this three to send the game to double overtime. but it's not enough. joe johnson's jumper with 0.7
9:56 am
seconds in the game proves to be the difference. wizards fall and drop to 4-27 this season. and today in college park, the 12-1 maryland terrapins open up acc play against virginia tech. noon tipoff at the comcast center for the terps and hokies. i'm carol maloney. have a great saturday. well, you have been great about sending us your pictures of your redskins pride. here are just a few that we've gotten from a family of rg3 jerseys to the hogettes. the burgundy and gold is everywhere. please keep those pictures coming. just e-mail them to or just tweet us @nbcwashington. >> skins with an "s," fans with an "s." it seems like we're hearing
9:57 am
the song "hail to the redskins" more than ever, even from the littlest fans. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is 2-year-old levi from gaithersburg. his dad sent us this video. remember, you can see more videos and photos like these at i think -- i bet his dad must have pushed him way before this. he must be singing this song at the end of the lullaby. >> some fans are so hard core they teach that song before the abcs. >> that will do it for news 4 today. thanks so much for joining us. >> of course, we'll be back here starting dark and early tomorrow morning at 6:00. until then, make it a great saturday, everyone. lucky charms?!
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