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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 10, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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metro is meeting to make sure you can get and when the crowds arrive later this month for the presidential inauguration. the transit system must also decide how to pay their bills. what their decision will mean for riders. and good morning, everyone. welcome to this "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. it's thursday, january 10th, 2013. right now metro is would being to finalize the budget and even though they say they don't plan to raise fares there would be plenty of things to affect those that rely on that service. adam is live at metro headquarters. adam, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, keith. a lot going on here at metro headquarters today. the meeting actually still going on with a lot of discussions and
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so far, we've heard about plans for metro's budget for the next fiscal year so why should you care about their budget? it gichs you an insight into their window, what the plans are going forward. some of the ways metro wants to spends its money next year getting everything ready for the silverline, the new line from falls church through tyson's corner. they plan a continued aggressive rehab of the red, orange and blue line so expect more track work and delays on those lines for next year. the good news? no fare nshs are expected next year. and that's a good thing but metro says it's assumed there will be fare increases in 2015 and 2017. today, metro also taking about enhanced bus safety. that, of course, following a couple of recent incidents on metrobuses and we expect to hear about inauguration plans. we'll be here to hear it all. reporting live at metro headquarters, news4. >> a lot going on and you're on top of it.
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and the weather and the possibility of 70 degrees this weekend? storm team4 meterologist tom kierein joins us where if first forecast. it can happen in january. and we may do it. i'll have details coming up. but right now, we've got quite a bit of sunshine after mostly cloudies came through and an area after green to the left of your screen. that's a little bit of rain and a weak area of low pressure getting closer tomorrow. between now and then we'll have quite a bit of sunshine through the afternoon but right now quite cloudy over the shenandoah valley and the mountains where dark blue is still in the chilly low 30s. but in the lighter blue areas, right now in the 40s. shenandoah valley and northern and western suburbs and right around washington temperatures are climbing into the upper 40s to near 50. reagan national is at 51. much of prince george's county near 50 and ew in arlington and fairfax county and mid 40s in montgomery county. that warmup on the way for the weekend, we'll talk about that and a look into a big change
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coming next week. that's all in just a few minutes. barbara? >> tom, thank you. here's your mid day traffic with danella seabrook with the latest. are we looking at problems? >> we are, keith. we'll start what 395 making your way northbound at washington boulevard. crash involves a tractor-trailer off to the right lane and we'll talk about delays as you're traveling northbound 395, the hov lane around glee you're heavy. construction, 66 at the beltway the right la is blocked so delays for you at 66. making your way from fairfax county parkway to the beltway that drive will take 22 minutes. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. new this morning two home fires left families without a home. first in prince george's county a fire started in the basement of a home in mitchellville around 2:00 on the 3200 block of vista road not far from route 50. the fire spread to the rest of the house. no word on if anyone was injured or how that fire started.
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and in fairfax county, a fire started on the back porch of a townhouse in oakton. it broke out just after midnight on bushman drive not far from i-66. the fire went to two alarms and quickly spread throughout the home. everyone did get out okay. the cause, though, is still under investigation. right now the old say, "its a two-horse race." virginia lawmakers make a strong push to can convince the fbi to move to northern virginia. a stakes holder meeting is taking place. prince george's is also fighting the bring the fbi to maryland. the relocation could bring with it about 12,000 jobs and a cut of the agency's $8 billion budget. this morning, several new incentives are on the table after virginia governor bob mcdonald delivered his state of the commonwealth address pushing a $3.1 billion transportation plan including more money for
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the dulles metro extension and funds projects that could relieve traffic jams in northern virginia and an education plan pushing teacher pay raises, new jobs and investment in charter schools and you were abling the general assembly to put politics aside and get to work. >> if politics trumps effective governing then we all lose. if we're remembered at all, then we'll all be remembered for what we actually get done. not what we promised to do. >> mcdonald also wants to eliminate the gas tax and make up the difference by slightly raising the sales tax. the number of flu cases across the u.s. continues to multiply. so far, 44 states are reporting widespread flu cases. in boston, things have gotten so bad that the mayor has declared a public health emergency. emergency rooms throughout that city are reporting overcrowding and a low supply of flu vaccine. four flu-related deaths have been reported in boston already.
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our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman was in boston to see how bad things are. >> i've been to two major hospital emergency departments in the last three days and i have to tell you've none seen anything like this in the united states. >> southeast virginia, hospitals in the hampton roads you're are urging all patients and visitors while at the facility. the best advice? get a flu shot now. a piece of history to talk about. the godfather of go-go will forever be part of the district. the mayor signed legislation finalizing plans to build a yug brown memorial. tony is live at the wilson building. hey, tony. >> reporter: hey, chuck, keith, good morning. what we for naught would be a memorial turned out to be an outdoor amphitheater and it's going to go to langdon park. these are from downtown. it will gobbi 20th street nees in ward five and will be called
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can chuck brown music pavilion with 900 seats and stainless steel and it will be have wooden ak settlements. the majority color is fuschia and it will have a profile of chuck brown on the side and give the history and all he did for d.c. the builders that did this, they are the 'same folks that restored the howard theater so they are well known here in d.c. and the mayor says he foresees them doing a very good job. chuck brown died in may of last year, 75 years old, commonly known as the god father of go-go. the mayor talking about times when he saw chuck as well. >> chuck will be remembered as an ever-present musician. i can't imagine the number of times, i can't even count the number of times i saw chuck perform and he was always upbeat and energized and enthusiastic
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and always connected with the audience in a way only chuck could. >> >> reporter: they project this may be done by the summertime and people talking about the impact chuck brown had. if you look at the backyard jooirngyard band, i remember being in l.a. and hearing about his impact. he was a big key here in d.c. and didn't mean to call you chuck, you look nothing like him. we're getting ready to see this outdoor pavilion where a lot of people will see comedy shows and musical shows and show case what d.c. has to offer. that's the latest from downtown. keith, back to you. >> if you refer to me as chuck brown again i'll give you a big hug if i can have a life that great. >> that's a big compliment here. >> yes, it would be. and meantime, barb, later we focus on the wilson building for another reason. a, we don't want to focus on.
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>> we won't talk about it quote but it's coming up. 8 minutes after 11:00. the effort to save a group of whales trapped in ice. and why time could be running out. plus, a look at who was left off the list that has entertainment reporters shocked. stay with us.
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afghan president hamid karzai is at the pentagon meeting with outgoing defense secretary leon panetta. a pentagon spokesperson said the two will discuss a broad range of issues concerning afghanistan's future as part of a busy week for the afghan head of state. tonight he meets with secretary of state hillary clinton before meeting with president obama tomorrow. and in about 30 meant, vice president joe biden will host gun rights' owners and advocates as part of his gun control task force. the nra has other gun owner groups and sportsmen all headed to the white house. walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer will attend a separate hearing with attorney
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joan eric holder. yesterday the task force met with victims groups and gun control supporters who say that they were encouraged by the conversation the task force is expected to make its recommendations in about a month. new this morning, a major announcement about the presidential cabinet. this afternoon, president obama will nominate jack lew secede timothy geithner as secretary. he's currently the white house chief of staff and budget director. he will be nominated at 1:30 this afternoon and we'll stream it live on don't miss it. talk about funny money, cash may look loopy if lew is confirmed. doesn't this look like a scribble? it's his signature. the treasury secretary's signature appears on all printed money so these loops may pop up on fives, tens and 20's.
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outgoing treasury secretary timothy geithner's signature improved greatly when he took office. the president is also now looking for a new labor secretary. hilda solace resigned yes and will likely return to california and run for a seat on the los angeles county board of supervisors. three say they'll stay on, attorney general eric holder health & human services secretary kathleen sebelius. look closely at president obama when he takes the oath of office during his second inauguration. you'll notice he'll have his hand on two bibles. one was used by abraham lincoln and the other by martin luther king jr. and it has extra significance for the inauguration because it takes place on the federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader. the president used the lincoln bible when he was sworp in four years ago and he'll use his wife's family bible for a
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private swearing in at the white house the day before the public ceremony. a developing story out of cap da. right now marine biologists are trying to save whales trapped in ice. the 11 killer whales are sharing a single hole and the hole is shrinking as temperatures drop. one scientists think the whales got stuck during a sudden freeze. canada's government says it is aware of the situation and is trying to figure out what can be done. their temperatures are dropping and ours on the rise? >> parts of siberia are 60 below zero right now and up in northern alaska, it's 25 below zero for the last couple of weeks. here? where's winter? nowhere near. gorgeous sunrise this morning in case you missed it this is the view from our hd city camera. this was right before sunrise at 7:20 a.m. on this thursday morning. you can post your pictures to weather and
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follow me on twitter and friend on facebook. earlier this week i traveled to vienna in fairfax county and visited the vienna elementary school and talked to fourth graders about all different types of weather and the importance of paying attention to the forecast and the importance of when you hear thunder get inside and talked all about different types of weather, severe weather. fourth graders have already had a unit on weather in the fairfax county public school system and they had it also in second grade and will have it again in sixth grade. a great introduction to all the sciences. i thank the teacher in the back on the left, jeanne foster o'for the invitation. right now, the temperature is right around 50. as well as right around washington we've got a mostly clear sky here and a few high clouds over the shenandoah valley and into the mountains and they'll drift over off and on during the afternoon. right now, 51 at reagan national. montgomery county, mid 40s.
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right now upper 40s in prince george's county. near 50 in vienna in fairfax county. across much of northern virginia and culpepper up to 55 and it was at freezing this morning. fredericksburg at 55. we have a rain system that's along the gulf coast and it will weaken as it heads off to the east producing a few sprinkles in southern west virginia and into the southern ohio valley but that will drift north but get closer to us by tomorrow. here's how things will look going forward. this is as of this evening. a few high clouds coming in. by dawn tomorrow, mostly cloudy and a cloudy day on friday and those areas in color. during the afternoon and moving in late friday night. lots of sunshine and a few high clouds coming through. we ought to be in the low 50s and in the mid 50s to our south. it's going to be holding steady where these temperatures are right now with a northeast breeze. and then overnight tonight,
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partly to mostly cloudy and during the day on friday, highs into the low 50s but a good chance of rain moving in the metro area during the afternoon and evening and earlier in the day out of the mountains and that will end probably before dawn on saturday. then saturday afternoon, sun back. it will feel like april in january. into the low 60s on saturday afternoon and it may even be near 70 degrees for a few fleeting moments on sunday afternoon. doesn't last long but it could be that mild on sunday afternoon. and then starting off next week, could get chilly rain. january, acting like a winter month again and by midweek and toward the end of the week turning colder is the way it looks right now, stay tuned. >> thanks, tom. and we'll check on the mid day traffic again. >> danella, you're normally bubbly be nothing to be bubbly about right now? >> unfortunately not. seeing problems in virginia, in burke, northbound lanes, lee chapel road at covered bridge
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road, all of those lanes are blocked by a crash. checking to 395, the crash here is in the hov lane and this is as you travel northbound at washington boulevard and you can see it involves a tractor-trailer. northbound hov lanes and i slow. construction not bad in montgomery county and as you travel southbound connecticut avenue at university off to the right lane here you'll see roadwork. not bad. back to you. 11:19 is your time and still ahead, we'll introduce you to some talented local students who express themselves through poetry. and one of your resolutions may be to lose weight. we want you to have resolve when it comes to working out without hurting yourself. later in the show we'll show you how. here's a look at what's hot on [ fingers tapping ]
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each year the after-school program d.c. scores, puts on a poetry slam highlighting the original poetry created by elementary school and middle school students in the program. two students from the slam, join us this morning with the program's director. great to see you, cory. >> thanks for having me. >> and you brought some more winners with you today. we're so happy to see them. welcome to you both. what's your name? >> christian. >> and you wrote a poem, right? >> yeah. >> how old are you? >> 10. >> what great i grade are you in? >> i'm in fifth. >> and your name? >> casteni and you wrote poem. >> they builds teams for
11:24 am
after-school programs for over 1,450 d.c. outat 42 elementary and middle schools instilling physical it inness, a sense of community and self-expression and we combine soccer and poetry and spoken word and community service. >> how did you get them inspired? >> in 1994 with just one teacher as marie reed elementary school, a teacher named julie kennedy started playing soccer with her students after school and then the weather got bad as it does this time of year in d.c. and the other thing that was important to her along with soccer was poetry, so when the weather got bad they moved into the classroom and started writing poetry and it just happened to be a winning combination that we stuck with ever since. >> so, cassidy, we'll start with you. you redefor your poem? >> yes. >> let's hear it. >> i am diamond, i can shine and against the sun and no one can shine like me. i'm strong, beautiful and unique. no one on earth is quite like me. what makes me smile is when
11:25 am
others smile but sometimes when i'm angry i'm like boiling steam. my expresses and feelings are my own but no one is quite like me. i'll never hear such kind and i'm free as a plum and oh i think i dance, i sit alone. and that is what makes me a diamond. i am not the same as you and that's okay, because there's no one i'd rather be. i'm a diamond in the sky. >> and you certainly are. no one is like you. very unique. beautiful poem. christian, your turn. >> life, it has a crazy way of explains itself. it's not only about the riches and wealth it's about survival in life. a roller coaster. that's the only way to explain it. every time things go wrong you can't have a fit. life has ups and downs and you can smile is and sometimes frown. you can always get your way, you
11:26 am
just have to live day by day, and even though it hurts you can lose your composure, and pull yourself together and know you're not a loser, you're a soldier. >> beautiful, wonderful! so well spoken. you both did such a great job. you think you want to be poets when you grow up? >> probably. >> in addition to something else or is that it? >> addition. >> what else would you like to do? >> soccer player. >> i guess you're getting the practice with both through d.c. scores, how about you? >> i want to be a book writer, author. >> fantastic. well, thank you very much for bringing them back and you guys did such a great job and we're very proud of you. maybe you'll turn out to be the poet laureate of the united states some day. thanks for coming. d.c. scores is always looking for help for these programs. so you can contact them, get more information and go to d.c. for more information. again, thanks guys, thanks for
11:27 am
coming. it is 11:26. coming up in the next half hour, jerry sandusky back in a pennsylvania courtroom. lawyers say he deserves a new trial. and a local bridge with serious signs of aging. what's being done to fix the problem. and it's thursday. time to look ahead to the weekend! tom kierein says it's going to be warm up out there even more than it is today. we
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right now on "news4 midday", metro is working to finalize their bucket for the year and the agency has pledged to not raise fares for riders but matters like the new silver line rehabilitation of the red, orange and blue lines and an inauguration security are all still up for discussion. gun rights advocates are on their way to the white house to discuss gup control with vice president joe biden. the nra will be at the table and walmart will take part in a separate hearing. biden will sit down with the
11:31 am
video game and entertainment industry's later in the day. new today, convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky is back in court when his attorneys make the case that the former penn state defensive coordinator did not get a fair trial and they claim they did not have enough time to prepare their case because of what they call a deluge of evidence against them. a jury convicted sandusky of child abuseless psalmer and received a prison sentence of 30 to 60 years. a 19-year-old daycare employee faces child abuse charges in maryland. jonathan cumming admitted to kicking a toddler. the daycare was being run out of a home in upper marlboro. police say it was not licensed and has been shut down. police are looking into whether cumming was involved in any other abuse cases. police are trying to figure out how a driver suddenly veered into a construction site killing two workers. 42-year-old luis todai of buoy and victor jeek son of northeast washington were killed yesterday morning. they were working along the
11:32 am
highway near the town of northeast maryland, near the delaware wlien when the car hit them and they died at the scene. jackson was the father of 15 children. his mother says the youngest, just had a birthday. >> we just celebrated his youngs one's birthday on saturday. he turned 3. that's a really -- >> the driver of the car was not hurt and no word this morning if charges will be filed. meantime, if you're one of the 70,000 drivers who take the frederick douglass bridge each day, this is what's below your car beneath the bridge. rust, erosion and even holes. engineers say the 63-year-old bridge is in bad shape but is still safe enough to use. plans are in the works to replace the brimg with a new $660 million bridge. construction could start next year. this is a nice day to get out and walk. let's talk to tom kierein about our forecast for today and the rest of the week, tom? >> perfect for outdoor exercise
11:33 am
now. or just a recreational walk around gorgeous blue sky over us now. we've got a bit of chilly breeze. there's the live view from the city camera showing the sun-splashed skyline of washington. we have some clouds off to the west. there's a view of union station, the flag blowing in a bit of a breeze out of the north and northeast at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. we've had some morning clouds and they've broken up but they'll close back in later this afternoon. rain way out in the midwest now. that will be arriving tomorrow, and out there, it's only in the upper 30s but closer to washington, it's near 50 degrees. it may climb another couple of degrees for highs later this afternoon. right now in the suburbs and rural areas most locations in the upper 40s and overnight tonight will cloud up and tomorrow, cloudy and highs low 50s. we'll probably get rain moving in tomorrow afternoon and evening earlier and ending before dawn on saturday. and a beautiful weekend to follow and should be hitting the low 60s on saturday afternoon.
11:34 am
upper 60s on sunday afternoon and then starting off the week with some chilly rain maybe on monday and tuesday and feeling more like january toward the middle and end of next week. that's the way it looks right now. the mid day traffic, danella, any better news than last time? >> no, still dealing with a couple of issues. the first one we saw earlier this morning in howard county a crash resulting in downed wires and they're still working to clear the roadway so if you're on old frederick road expect the closure between backen drive and raleigh tavern lane and another look at 395 northbound, the hov lane, the tractor-trailer crash taking up the right side of the roadway and you can get by but to the left lane and we're seeing delays along 395 northbound in the hov lane. so i-95 southbound, jammed. prince william parkway, your left lane taken away. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. new today, details about the brain of the late nfl great
11:35 am
junio junio juniors say you. they say he had a degenerative brain disease. he was suffering from cte which leads to dementia, memory loss and depression and is associated with repeated head injuries. it's also been found in dozens of other nfl players. this comes as the nfl faces lawsuits by thousands of former players who say the league withheld the information about the harmful effects concussions can have on their health. in other football news d.c. maier vincent grey said held consider changing the redskins name if the team moves back into the district. >> i think it has become a lightning rod and i would love to be able to sit down with the team and i'm happy to do that. sit down with the team and others concerned and see if a change can be made. obviously, our basketball team did that.
11:36 am
>> some people say the name redskins offensive to native americans. the mayor and other city leaders have talked to the team about possibly bringing a new stadium where rfk is located now. the skins are being blasted for the turf at their current home. the nfl players association is demanding better turf at fedex field. the union says the field was in horrible condition before sunday's game against the seahawks. and the players involved in that game agree. >> this is terrible. this is terrible. >> one of the seahawks players yesterday humid strong words about the field. michael robinson compared the conditions to working in a sweat shop. he shot this video of the field just before the game. you might notice something different if you go past city hall today. that's the wilson building here in washington. d.c. mayor vin september grey is paying up for a bet he made with seattle mayor over the past weekend's redskins' game.
11:37 am
the two mayors bet that whichever team lost would have to fly the other city's flag in front of their city hall for a day. well, as you know, the burgundy and gold lost to the seahawks on sunday which means they'll be a green seattle flag along pennsylvania avenue at wilson building all day long today. and the redskins are hopeful robert griffin iii will be able to start by next season. he under went major reconstructive surgery on his right knee yesterday. dr. james andrews repaired his torn acl and lcl. he expected rg3 to be healed in six to eight months. griffin's skd major surgery on his right knee. tore the same acl back in college. exercise can give you a better body but you can hurt yourself if you overdo it or don't exercise properly. dr. ray man salano is here with tips on workouts gone bad. let's get to rg3.
11:38 am
we heard his recovery time could be six to eight months? is this realistic? do you expect him to be ready and ready to play well at the start of next season? >> i think closer to eight months is realistic for two reasons. his conditioning before the injury. it was phenomenal. and secondly, he understands what's expected of him, not just mentally, but physically, during this rehab process because he's been there before. >> and he has a lot of pressure. that entire frap chiez is counting on him. >> meantime, in terms of pressure, people pressure themselves to have awesome bodies to lose weight, to get in shape, to tone their muscles. they want to see the veins. they want to bulk up. they want to get cut up. but people overdo it sometimes. >> they'll really do. >> how can you avoid that? >> they'll really do. the simplest and best way to avoid doing that is to allow yourself more time. more time for simple things that people oftentimes overlook like warming up before you start working out. >> i remember playing basketball
11:39 am
when i did play and one day i was just going out there and i hadn't plays in months. i didn't stretch or do anything and i thought i was moving well and pop, torn achilles and i haven't played since because i haven't committed to doing what's necessary to get on the court and play but if you're not committed you tell people, don't do those activities. >> i think people should stay active and do activities but warm up. increase your blood flow and get your heart rate up. go through some sport specific stretches depending on the type of activity you're going to take on before you do something like approximately basketball, for example. >> when it comes to lifting weights we all see the muscleheads in the gym and they walk around like this and they can barely move their arms and even though i'm not a weight-lifting expert i know they're not going it correctly. how should people learn to lift weights correctly. >> form is extremely important. proper form isolates the exact muscleshat you're going to work out. so if you pay attention to form,
11:40 am
you're not only going to get a more beneficial workout but avoid injuries like neck strain. back strain and even joint pain and tendinitis and things of that nature. >> don't try to set records by pushing up more weight than you need. >> guys are guilty of that. guys, typically, when they've been away from the gym for a while they come back and think they can pick up where they left off and that's not the case. you have to ease yourself back into the workout in order to avoid those injuries. >> and lastly, dr. so la no, is doing the same routine a bad idea? shoochbt you change it up? that's what i've heard. >> i'm glad you brought that up. you should change-up your workouts. one that doesn't just include strength training but something that makes your muscles more last iic pilates or yoga. light jogging or swimming is extremely beneficial while you're working out but mix it up. crosstrain, so to speak.
11:41 am
>> so you mix up your routine and you want to realize what you're capabilities are. don't lift or bite off more than you can chew and definitely take the proper precautions and warmup. >> if you have doubts consult a trainer. a lot of trainers at gyms willing to help you get that process rolling and once you're comfortable you can do it on your own. >> thanks for the tips. >> good to see you. the time 11:41 here on "news4 midday." still to come, oscar history. the youngest-ever nominee? who is that? and the car that parks and drivers itself! [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon,
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it is the car right out of the future. a new car designed by audi that drives and parks itself. you got to see it. the 2013 audi ces is driving itself right there. look at it. engineers began planning the car years ago and this year it's finally become a reality. this is the only car of its kind, we understand. the car is equipped with two
11:45 am
settings. manual and automatic. but engineers say they probably won't begin mass producing this car for another decade. >> i have a 2006 a 4 and it doesn't park itself. weekly application for u.s. unemployment benefits rose slightly last week. here's cnbc hampton pearson and he joins us live with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> how you doing, keith? believe it or not that was good news on the job market. however, it's not enough to keep stocks from basically trading in a flat to slightly negative range so far today. the major average this hour, yes, the dow is up by nine but the nasdaq is down two. and the s&p is barely up two points. the headline number on weekly jobless claims increased by 4,000 to a seasonally-adjusted rate of 371,000. but the previous week wees report was revised downward by 5,000. so the net overall result, slow but consistent gains in the overall job market and that's what wall street likes.
11:46 am
stock in ford motor company is up about 2% after the automaker said it would double double it's quarterly dividend to 10 cents a share. it's been nine months since ford reinstated the dividend. the government consumer finance watch dog rolls out new rules aimed at curbing risky mortgages. new restrictions on bankers and lenders and more responsibility to verify borrower's records and total mortgage payment cannot go over 43%. interest only in no-doc loans are banned and limits placed on tease irrates that balloon after a few years. this afternoon, president obama is expected to nominate jack lew to be his next treasury secretary replacing tim geithner. lew is currently white house staff and he's known as a tough bargainer and was involved in the debt ceiling with congress back in 2011 and, of course, the recent fiscal cliff talks.
11:47 am
republicans aren't excited about the pick but it's unlikely they'll be blocking that nomination. keith, back to you. >> all right. thanks hampton. >> you got it. we introduced you to a wonderful young man who was really hoping a family would come forward to adopt him after his appearance on "wednesday's child" last spring. we think the right family didn't happen to be watching so we want you to have an opportunity to meet ronald again. there was a chef's coat and an apron and finally, the making ronald ready for his first real lesson in cooking. >> you ever worked with pan he ta before? >> this chef of the art institute of washington's culinary school was giving ronald, an aspiring chef, a lesson in making pasta carbonera. his social worker says being a chef is one of the dreams that he has for the future. but she says he'd really like a future that would include an adoptive family. >> he's a sweet kid.
11:48 am
the thing that's so amazing about him is he really wants to do well and be adopted. >> do you think you'd like to be a chef? have you ever cooked anything? >> uh-huh. >> i cook spaghetti, eggs, omelettes, my own version of jambalaya. >> he likes to be creative and work alongside chef robinson. he's doing well in school and as 15 he says he has a few things he'd like to do some day. make a family proud of him and wants a family that cares. >> the emotional support of a mom and a dad. and that's really what he's looking for. he's a really good kid. >> when the pasta was done he plated it, topped it with the egg and sprifld it with more pancet pancetta. the best part of having cooked here was getting a taste of success. >> what do we think?
11:49 am
>> scrumptious. >> please call our special adoption hotline or logon to our home page at and search "wednesday's child." you know what i like about jambalaya, you put all these different things in the pan and mix it up and it tastes great. it seems like that man, he has a lot of wonderful ingredients. >> he's terrific. i hope somebody calls. he's a great guy and would be wonderful in a family with those that love him. still to come, plenty of options for inauguration day. what are some of the coolest? and the oscar surprises. the nominations were announced a few hours ago and one film getting the biggest praise? stay with us.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
the 85th academy award nom nags are out and they were announced early this morning. m melissa mollet is here with who's up. >> best female and male? >> that's us. >> i know you're a movie buff. what was your movie of the year? "argo" and i just got a
11:53 am
director's cut and it got stuck in my dvd player. >> you have to hit eject. >> i tried. it was a great movie. >> we'll it's making headlines but not for making some lists and we'll talk about that. one movie that leads the pack with ten nominations, best picture, director and acting honors. >> we're pleased to announce that the film selected as best picture nominees for 2012 are -- "lincoln" steven speilberg and kathleen kennedy. daniel day lewis. >> "lincoln" with the most nominations. and "life of pi" ahead of "zero dark thirty" and "les miz" which had been considered front runners. "argo", beast of the southern and in the best actor category, youngest and oldest. 85-year-old emanuel riva and --
11:54 am
she was sick when she shot beasts of the southern cloud. this is first to be nominated for best picture, best writer and all four acting categories since "reds" from 1981. most surprising. snubs today. no catherikathryn bigelow. she won an oscar. no ben affleck. this is the movie everyone is talking about. it got a best picture nomination and that's really probably the shocker of the morning. also, i believe i'm right, no quinton tarantino? and he's the director's director. >> the show is on february 24th. set your dvr and eject "argo" and for more on the nominations, more on the actor and actress categories. you can logon to and don't forget, that's not the only show in town. the first big awards show this
11:55 am
season is this sunday night, the 70th annual golden globe awards right here on news4. tina fey and amy poehler your hosts pop jody foster up for a big-time award. check it out. and the movie also topped this week's weekend scene. we have some ideas of the things you can do in this week ahead. one of them is a movie "zero dark thirty." why is it people are just being able to see it here in washington now? >> it's just being released. the general release date, it's been released in new york and l.a. and a it's gotten an excellent review. it's about the assassination of osama bin laden and what it took and a lot of women were involved in the effort and the actor here is jessica chastain and she's fantastic. the film opens on friday. >> you excited about seeing it?
11:56 am
i know you love movies? >> i have millions of movies. >> i was watching the oscars and i have to see all of them. let's move on to something you can do after the movie. a new bar in the area. >> the a&d neighborhood bar on 9th street is so interesting because it's not just a bar, it's what we're going to see on 9th street. we're seeing this neighborhood take off like we saw 14th and u in previous years and it's a really cool space offering sort of twists on cocktails, sandwiches, market-driven food. really good and pretty inexpensive. >> wow. let's talk about the inauguration. we're about a week and a half away right now pap lot of folks are planning and you have u got ideation. tell us. >> we all know by now the one official ball the public can attend to see president and mrs. obama was sold out so now you're looking for other alternative and if you still want to go to a fancy ball there's lots of them. try checking out some of the state society balls. the black tie and boots ball. the gaylord is a big event every
11:57 am
inauguration. the kentucky bluegrass ball. and that event actually has a bourbon tasting before it kicks off. the state balls are great. if you want to find out more we have a whole list of them at "washington post".com. >> will the president and first lady stop by? >> we haven't heard. >> in previous years we've seen president bush and laura bush. we don't know where he'll go? maybe illinois? maybe hawaii? >> it will be fun even if you don't get a chance to see them so thanks so much. >> for more ideas logon to under the going out guide and "washington post".com. here's a lookal some stories we're following for the this afternoon. coming up this afternoon an news4 at 4:00, why local thieves are trading laundry detergent for drugs. and a controversy over quinton tarantino's new movie.
11:58 am
and coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, the holidays are over but now time to use your gift cards. liz crenshaw takes a look at the changes in the rules and how to get the biggest bang for your card! join us for news4 starting at 4:00. keith? >> thanks so much, pat. and finally, props to maryland, voted an join us tomo morning. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon?
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