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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in overdrive mode preparing for president obama's inauguration. >> a blast of cold air settles in for your weekend. how low will the temperatures go for monday's inauguration. shocking allegations against the d.c. police. why crime victims say investigators are making matters worse. day three of the hostage standoff in algeria. the state department confirms one american has been killed. his body found inside the bp natural gas plant. algeria state news claims nearly 100 of the 132 foreign hostages have now been released. secretary of state hillary clinton expressed continued u.s. support for the algerian government and response to the standoff. >> let's not forget this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. >> u.s. officials tell nbc news
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that five americans were working in the plant. two escaped. two more are being held. the militants have offered to release them in exchange for two convicted terrorists in the u.s. a state department spokesperson says the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. now to the countdown to inauguration day. hundred of thousand of people will be descending on our fair city for the start of president obama's second term monday. tonight the stage is set. crews are putting the finishing touches on this big event from security to the social scene. we have every angle covered for you. erica gonzalez has a list arrivals. doug kammerer the forecast. first to shomari stone with a look at how restaurants and hotels are gaeearing up. hey. >> reporter: a lot of excitement in the district. outside pearl dive restaurant on 14th street. we went to different restaurants. a lot of them the wait is not too long. they're still accepting walk-ins. >> donna joyner and her mom wait
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to eat at old ebbott grill. >> it is historical. i think the numbers are not as string as first time around. >> officials are expecting fewer than 800,000 people. more than 2 million attended obama's first inauguration. most restaurants aren't taking reservations. some are. the majority are accepting more walk ins. >> filled to capacity. a lot of excitement about this year's in august ral. peop -- year's inaugural. >> some hotels are taking reservations like hampton inn on massachusetts/6th. rooms from $130 to $500. closer to the action on pennsylvania avenue, hotels like the marriott are filled. some high end hotels including willard intercontinental have rooms in high priced suites available. >> the last event was a special event. historical event. we are not as busy as last time. we are still, very busy.
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right now we have rooms left this weekend. hopefully pro lly prior to mond be sold out. >> hoping that people come out here to see the dr. king memorial in the district and transcend to dollars and that can help their businesses. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. >> for the next few days, d.c. police will have 6,000 extra officers to handle the inaugural crowd. all of them, men and women, of the national guard. they were sworn in today. and staff from 42 agencies will be operating the joint inaugural command center and they can monitor cameras from across the district. the coast guard is increasing security as well. a 30-mile no-fly zone in effect monday. so far no reports of any specific security threats. metro is preparing for inaugural crowd just as big as we saw in 2009. it will operate with 17 straight hours of rush hour service. but, be prepared. because, the smithsonian, the
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archives and mt. vernon square stations they will all be closed for security reasons. you drivers may want to avoid the downtown area completely. several streets will be closed. and so will the memorial bridge. parking is enforced. and d.c. taxis, a dollar surcharge for every extra passenger. >> how old will it be for the monday inauguration ceremony and parade. doug is tracking temperatures. doug. >> the cold is something we can get through. if it was rainy or heavy snow. really thinking about going down for the inauguration. and it is just going to be on the cold side. that's it. as long as you bundle up. you will be okay. want to snow you how cold. 9:00 a.m. getting down there early. sunshine. temperature of 27. look at the wind chill between 10 and 15 degrees by noon. 34 degrees. wind chill between 20, 25. 3:00, 30, 35 wind chill.
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little wind monday. that is going,000 to cause win chills early in the day in the teens. bundle up heading out to inauguration. temperatures tonight on the cold side. 25 in frederick. 25 in martinsburg. 28 towards manassas. a code nigld night tonight. nothing what we will see middle of next week. >> we have been warned. >> now to the big names making their way into d.c. for the inning a raui inauguration. >> erica gonzalez joins us outside the hamilton hotel. >> definitely, doreen. coming to places li s like hist hamilton, beyonce, jay-z, kelly clarkson, katie perry, brad paisley, james taylor, and a spanish rock group. there are other some other folks, eight to be precise that are creating a spotlight for themselves.
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discharged from the military under the repealed don't ask don't tell law, david hall prepares for history. >> just received a call last week asking if i would be welling to participate in the inauguration. >> the former air force sergeant and seven others will be citizen co-chairs in the president's inauguration. each represent ape ta task achi. walk the parade, attend the balls amuong other things. >> he met with the obamas yesterday for the first time. >> so done to earth. just a great guy. i can see why, you know he has that leadership. that i think we need, for this country to go forward. >> the famous picture of the first lady, donning her new bangs. look closely, there is hall. >> she was fantastic. yes, seems to be that her hair was the hit of the day. >> there will also be
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representatives there. troops that have been withdrawn from the wars in afghanistan and iraq, not to mention representatives of obamacare, as well as somebody representing the college side. pell grants. for a full list of the a-listers already making their arrivals here to the d.c. metro area. go to nbc live in downtown, erica gun zal is, news 4. >> and in other news tonight. one person is recovering after a dog attack on a playground. police in falls church are now looking for two men who let the dog run loose this afternoon this happened at thomas jefferson emmen terry, police are describing the dog, similar to a pit bull. the victim, an adult may need rabies shots if they can't find the dog. >> a look at a man wanting for attacking a girl on the way to school in maryland. a 16-year-old girl fought him off in fort washington yesterday morning. she told news 4 last night she kicked him and he ran off. police say the man frequents the area around lourdes drive and
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fort washington road. >> in an exclusive interview, the victim of an attempted rape told news 4 the police changed her story and reported it as an armed robbery. according to human rights watch that is happening too often. this woman claims a man put a knife to her throat and forced her to an alley. she disarmed him, screamed rain, that forced the attacker to flee. >> i did not feel like a victim until i started dealing with the police. they actually changed my conversation with the assailant. he asked for my purse. i said no. because nauof that he took me i the alley. human rights watch will release a report accusing the d.c. police of failing to document sexual abuse cases. the former mayor of new
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orleans is facing 21 corruption charges tonight. indicted by a federal grand jury on bribery, money laundering and wire fraud charges. nagan accused of accepting payoffs while the city struggled in the whaeak of hurricane katrina. and accuses him of accepting $160,000 from local business men in exchange for millions in city contracts. the can tractors have pleaded guilty and will testify if his case goes to trial. tonight, authorities have exhumed the body of a chicago man who was poisoned with cyanide after winning the lottery. the medical examiner's office wants to find out exactly how the lottery winner died. autopsy results could take a few weeks. the man died in july as he was about to collect the winnings from $1 million lotteryinitiall died of natural causes. a roll tielative asked for furt tests.
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>> a maryland man will go to prison for stealing thousand from undocumented immigrants. sentenced today to 3 1/2 years in prison plus probation. surveillance individually at maryland motor vehicle administration office in maryland. shows him walking inside to meet his victims. victims who were desperate for a driver's license and other legal documents. they would give him up to $2,000. prosecutors say he would take the cash and sneak out a back door. those controversial x ray scanners at the airport will be a thing of the past. travelers complained that they revealed nearly nude images of the travelers. well after the company failed to make the image less revealing, the transportation security administration, tsa, ended its contract. they'll be gone by june. dulles by the way the only local airport that is using those particular scanners. next, a violent attack on a subway as a woman gets tossed on to the tracks. why some are furious over what police did next. >> part two of oprah's lance
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armstrong's interview. tonight the one question that all most brought hem to tears. why he subway.
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a nightmare unfold in a subway station. a homeless man beat a woman on tuesday and through her on to the tracks. police searched for him for two
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days without alerting any one. the man was wearing a jacket. they didn't want to reveal their only clue. they arrested him wearing the jacket and carrying the woman's cell phone yesterday. the victim was not badly hurt. for the first time tonight lance armstrong is showing some emotion. with his television interview with oprah, he talked about the difficulty of telling his children he lied about doping. >> are you facing your demons? >> absolutely. >> reporter: on the second night of a revealing interview with oprah winfrey. >> what do you say to those millions of people who believed? >> i say -- i understand your anger. >> reporter: lance armstrong said losing his connection to his charity livestrong was his lowest point. >> the foundation was like a
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child, to make that decision and step aside was -- that was big. >> reporter: so was telling his real-life kids. >> i said don't defend me anymore. don't. >> during the first part of the 2 1/2 hour interview that aired thursday. >> did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. >> one word answers ended years of speculation and more than a decade of lies. admissions that don't sit well with some who loved the sport. >> apologies when you get caught don't mean a lot. >> reporter: fallout of years of denials to be determined. the seven time best in the cycling world may face lawsuits
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from sponsors and those he took to court when they told the truth. >> i am deeply sorry for what i did. r >> reporter: now that armstrong is admitting it to himself. and manti te'o is talking for the first time the world learned his girlfriend didn't exist. te'o in the midst of giving an off camera interview to espn interviewer. a picture tweeted. showing them. audio portions of the interview released late tonight. te'o says he was duped into an online relationship with someone posing as a woman. there are questions about when he learned it was a hoax? and whether he kept the story going. well you made it to the weekend. and, here to greet you is january. right? and doug. doug too. >> and, still got 13 minutes left, wendy. >> close enough. they'ren bed, you know. >> good, good. it's cold outside.
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as i mentioned not going to be. tonight is not nearly as cold as what it will be in a couple nights. we are going to go downhill big time over the next couple dates. take a look. pretty shot. national are bar camera. nice night out there. tonight as you can see. we are dealing with clear skies. a calm night right now. but the wind starting to pick up a little bit. that wind is having an impact. 40-degree number. the high temperature today. happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning. and then temperatures came down. and 30s all afternoon. 38 the afternoon temperature. only the second day this winter that temperatures stay in the 30s. the low, 34. where we sit right now. 34 degrees. look at this. the wind, south, southwest. our current wind chill, 24. it is on the cold side for sure. already down to the 20s. and around manassas. 29, baltimore. 32 in annapolis. right now coming in at easton, 28 degrees. what are we going to be seeing?
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aren't going to be seeing any rain anytime soon. i think we stay dry through next friday. chance for flurries, monday, tuesday. that's it. flurries at best. next best chance, actually accumulating rain or snow would be next friday. tonight, clear skies. we're going to continue to see the clear skies. that will allow us to continue to cool throughout the night. even with sunshine, we stayed on the cold side. tomorrow, we still have the sun. we get on the mild side. but the winds will be up. winds gusting upwards of 20, 30, maybe even 35 miles an hour. not going to feel as warm. see a cold front move through sunday. that will bring through windy conditions for sunday. stay mild. temperatures above average. it is this front right here. the cold air up to the north. and the jet stream change that takes us from cold, highs in the 30s and 40s, to arctic cold, with highs in the 20s and 30s. all of next week. will be in the 20s, 30s for just about the entire week. we are really looking at cold air. some of the coldest we have seen
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for some time. wind chills in the teens. temperatures, 20, 29 degrees. and wind chills between 13 and 19. when you wake up tomorrow morning. and tomorrow morning, temperatures warming up. 45 to 49 degrees. it won't feel that warm. gusting at 35 miles an hour at times. next couple days, and high of 47 sunday. still above average. here we go below average. 39 for your inauguration. 28 on tuesday. that is the high temperature, 28 degrees. wednesday, high of 29. a low of 16. some of you in the suburbs could be in the single digits wednesday morning. thursd thursday, high of 37. we start the warm-up once again with a hyigh of 45. brings us the next chance of rain or snow. watching that one closely. then after that one we get more arctic air. looks like the last part of january as we have been talking about the last couple weeks quite cold. >> better live it up this weekend. >> live it up. thank you, doug.
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>> coming up in sports. >> colook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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>> up ait is winter sports time. let's bring it on. the washington wizard put their new found confidence to the test. they take on the nuggets. pepsi center. nuggets, second best home record in the league. keep that in mind as you watch the 7-29 whiz kids known for having the worst record in the league. and coming back to pepsi center for the first time since being traded. feeling the love. second quarter. former wizard doing work. cory brewer. the alley-oop. mama would be proud of that one. threw down the dunk. led by five at the half.
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fourth quarter. wizard. down three. takes it himself. gets the shot to fall. and ties it at 87. well the nuggets, lawson looking for mcgee. going the other way. coming up with the steal. jordan crawford. sinks it. back after missing four games. with an ankle sprain. wizard take the lead. fourth quarter. guess what. almost late for sports. because -- they lead by three. with just 20 second left. >> wendy, you do sports. >> oops. excuse me. so, caps hockey. there is tb, and tbd. tb, tampa bay, the team the caps are facing tomorrow. tbd is to be determined everything else about the team. are they physically ready? comfortable with coach oates system? such a whirlwind week. caps barely had a chance to scout their opening night opponent. >> because of the shortened camp
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here. tough to focus on other teams when, you are working hard on your own team. so, you know start executing our system. and everything falls in place. every team is in disarray openi night. conditioning. the teamoff for guys. and last night they felt it on the ice. they jumped up a little bit to day. little happier. getting close to game time. >> and a victory. >> 112-108. ravens ready to rumble in new england. title game again the patriots. baltimore feels like it has momentum. ravens vivid memory. you may remember what happened
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in this game last year. the difference going to the super bowl not going to the super bowl. followed by a missed field goal. would have forced overtime. nobody would have believed it. a game they felt like they should have won. this year nothing but respect for their opponent. ray lewis, figures to be the best you have to beat the rest. >> we have a lot to deal with. probably, talking about, the best offense in football. probably the best quarterback. if you are going to go in the ring. why not go through the top. >> not revenge. welcoming a shot. >> super bowl prediction yet? >> going to do that now? >> harbaugh, super bowl. >> okay. i would look to
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president obama a new official port rich. showing him doing what he is doing right there. that is different when you compare it to the portrait in the first term. he was not smiling. he didn't have as much gray hair. evidence of how stressful the job has aged him. or he hasn't got a box of hair color. incredible light show, serves at the backdrop for a romantic wedding proposal.
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check this out. on a trip to iceland with his girlfriend, neuroscientist, shot several days of video , a time-lapse of the phenomenon. he reveals his big proposal. she said yes. the video end with the newly engaged couple standing under the shimmering green and purple lights.
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