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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight, welcome to inauguration weekend. the festivities have begun, including a concert for the kids. and there was big star power everywhere you looked. the big crowds are here too. lines starting to form at restaurants. traffic getting heavier on the roads. what you need to know to get around. plus, game on. the caps back in action. but with that long lockout, we'll tell you if the team was clicking on all cylinders. >> good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. people starting to pour in all over the place for inauguration weekend. we have team coverage tonight. we're going to tell you how to get around this weekend. chuck will have the forecast for the big day. but let's begin with the parties. darcy spencer live in northwest tonight. the scene of one of the early inaugural balls. hi, darcy. >> reporter: hi, jim. there was an awesome concert tonight at the washington convention center. then we made our rounds to a couple galas, including one here at the renaissance hotel.
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♪ >> reporter: the stage was set with star performers at the kids' inaugural ball at the washington convention center. usher kicked it off. ♪ i will never make it without you ♪ >> reporter: the event hosted by first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden was in honor of military members and their families. >> when i think about what makes america great, i think about all of you, our men and women in uniform, our military spouses, and our amazing military kids. >> reporter: the concert was just one of several events held across a district just two days before the second inauguration of president barack obama. ♪ at the renaissance hotel, the illinois state society hosted an inaugural gala. these women traveled from wisconsin to take in the events. >> it's been fantastic. it's just a lot going on, different activities, so it's just been wonderful. >> reporter: and at the national
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museum of african art, there was a gala in honor of the tuskegee airman. this man traveled from georgia. it's indescribable, really. it sort of helps to look back to see where we came from. and we have come a long way. so we're very proud of that. >> reporter: so the partying is continuing tonight here at the renaissance. the official inaugural ball is going to be held monday night and the president takes the official oath of office tomorrow at the white house. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. >> and president obama declared this a national day of service in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. the president and first lady spent the morning with 500 volunteers working on improvements at burrville elementary school in northeast. on the national mall, about 100 organizations offered volunteer opportunities at the day of service tent. thousands of people signed up, some even building a new
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generation of volunteers. >> it's important to have my children with me, because they get to see the importance of serving others. we're all a team, so we want to serve our community and give back. >> chelsea clinton was among the volunteers in the district today. she was bagging groceries for seniors at friendship collegiate academy in northeast. and a great day out there for all the volunteers. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here now with more on what the rest of the weekend is looking like. chuck, is it going to be getting chilly? >> it is going to start to trend colder, starting a little bit tomorrow, then another shot of cold air on monday. and another one behind that on tuesday. it promises some of the coldest air in two years. for now, though, certainly not all that cold outside. temperatures in the although to mid 40s here at 11:00 at night. overnight lows dropping only into the low and mid 30s. so really not cold by january standards. more sunshine coming our way for tomorrow. but there's an opportunity maybe even some snowflakes on that
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inaugural parade. we'll talk about that and the big chill coming. don't go away, jim. >> snowflakes on the parade, really? okay. maybe word is in there. we'll stay tuned. if you are out today, you already saw it. lots of traffic and a lot of road closures. and tonight some streets are already shut down in the heart of dc. and by monday morning, a lot more. drivers being advised to avoid downtown completely. on metro, you want to get a fare card before monday. tomorrow is a good time to pick up one of the special inauguration smart trip passes being sold at several stations across the metro system. monday, metro is open from 4:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. rush hour fares and service in effect all day. the smithsonian archives in mt. vernon square stations will all be closed for security reasons. and we have all the road closure and travel information also on our website at click on locals guide. and also send us your photos if
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you're out and about this weekend. tweet@nbcwashington or on instagram, just add #dcgraham. sports now. the caps finally got their season going on the road tonight. jason pugh is here. and jason, kind of as expected, they were a little rusty. >> i said earlier today they might not look the way you want them to look right now. but i think -- towards the end of the season, though, i think this team will be where they truly want to be. with the 48-game season, it's a sprint, not a marathon to the playoffs. no team in the nhl wants to get off to a slow start and the capitals are no different. in a high-scoring contest tonight in tampa, it was the caps who didn't have enough fire power in the end. alex ovechkin getting set for this game. there's his first-year head coach, adam oaks. lining up 3-2, loses it, the turnover and fires off the pads. and volski is there to clean up
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the mess. we're tied at 3. later in the third, still tied at 3. capitals with two men in the penalty box. st. luis, second goal in the game. lightning take a 4-3 lead. they add two more goals. they go on to win this one 6-3. tonight, adam oaks suffered his first loss as caps' head coach. moving on to the diamond, it's been a very sad day in the baseball world. two legends are no longer with us. last night, former orioles' manager, earl weaver, passed away. weaver might be remembered best for his fiery confrontations with umpires and the winningest manager in o's history, cleedle the team to a championship in 1970. >> it's a sad day for any of us who knew earl, but also a sad day, i think, for anybody that
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had been involved in orioles baseball. >> there is a lot of emotion in the building today. there is the reason they call him the earl of baltimore. >> weaver died last night on a orioles-sponsored caribbean cruise. he was 82 years old. another legend unfortunately passed away today, as well. >> yeah. >> "stan the man" cardinals' hall-of-famer passed away. >> two big losses. thanks. still ahead, the crowds. they have arrived. >> reporter: i'm jackie bensen. on the national mall. the streets of the district are alive with visitors, even at this hour. i'll have that story coming up. plus, gun shows in it three states. what happened at all three shows that sent people to the hospital?
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president obama is pledging support tonight for algeria after an attack on a natural gas complex. algerian special forces stormed the facility again today, bringing a bloody end to the four-day standoff. algeria says all 32 islamic militants were killed, but so were at least 23 hostages, 7 of them in today's raid. some foreign workers are still unaccounted for, and at least one american is among the dead. five people accidentally shot at three separate gun shows today. the first incident happened in ohio. police say a dealer accidentally pulled the trigger of his semi automatic handgun and hit his friend in the arm and leg. the victim's injuries weren't serious. in north carolina, a man accidentally fired his shotgun while unzipping its case. two people were hit and taken to the hospital. and in indiana, a man shot himself in the hand as he loaded
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his semi automatic. still ahead tonight, the inaugural influx, the crowds are already here as we get ready for the inauguration. we're going to take a look at where some of the visitors hail from. plus, chuck is back with a look at monday's forecast. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia,
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chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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they began arriving, even though the crowds for barack obama's second presidential inauguration are not expected to meet those of his first. a lot are enjoying the sights and tastes of the nation's capital. jackie bensen is joining us from
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the national mall tonight where you made some new friends, did you, jackie? >> reporter: we did. and jim tonight we met a lot of people who were very excited to be in town for their first-ever presidential inauguration. on u street in northwest washington, people waited in line with delighted smiles on their faces to enjoy the half smokes at ben's chili bowl. president obama ate here and they plan to do the same. >> we came from houston, texas. and we came because it's the inauguration. a once in a lifetime experience. >> from kentucky. >> reporter: and why did you come? >> we're barack obama supporters. and my daughter lives in d.c. so we're taking advantage of having an escort. >> i'm from dallas, texas and i came because i wanted to be a part of history and this inauguration. >> this is my very first one. i'm excited about it. because it really is history. i'm 77 years old. so it's the first for my lifetime. >> reporter: their mom says 8-year-old faith and 5-year-old
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blake were just too young to come last time. >> we are from carrollton, georgia, 40 miles east of atlanta and we came for the inauguration of obama. yay! >> reporter: traffic slowed to a crawl with people coming in from maryland and virginia to enjoy the festive weekend. on the sidewalk, crowds slowed to see and buy prints by a local artist. >> they said why don't you do martin luther king and president obama together. so i did it. >> reporter: monday's swearing-in ceremony did not prevent visitors from enjoying the breath taking beauty of the national mall at night. and tonight would be the night to go out and look at the different sights, get a half smoke, because as we heard chuck say, it's going to get colder. it feels good right now. reporting live on the national mall, jackie bensen, news4. >> looks beautiful behind you, jackie. thanks so much. and they've covered the grass on the mall, to protect it. >> protect it from the crowds,
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not from the cold. >> yeah, from the crowds. how cold is it going to get? >> the colder air is definitely coming. and we're going to catch a little bit, because i think the heart of the cold air doesn't really get in here until we get into the morning tuesday. that being said, it's going to be plenty chilly for folks who are going to be spending an enormous amount of time in the great outdoors on your monday. for now, though, what a beautiful saturday night here in the nation's capital. a clear sky still hangs overhead. and temperatures have really stayed quite mild by mid january standards. we're still in the 40s in most areas. our average high temperature this time of the year is 43 degrees. we're still 44 here at 11:00 at night. courtesy of a south breeze at 13 miles per hour. southerly winds will hold overnight low temperatures tonight above freezing in most locations. 30 now in frederick, maryland. 43 degrees in culpeper and towards bristow, virginia. 46 in fredericksburg. and your planner for tomorrow,
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chilly sunshine. pay no attention to the drizzle, full sunshine, mild and 50 tomorrow afternoon. and then cooling down just a touch tomorrow night. overnight lows tomorrow night again in the 30s. so as far as the radar goes, nothing coming out of the sky for tonight. or for tomorrow. that is welcome news. but a very active weather plan. windy and colder air just up to our north is coming our way. it starts to arrive monday morning, and the real cold stuff gets here monday night. so clear skies, not too cold tonight. off to a bright and sunny start tomorrow. cold front number one comes through tomorrow. it will switch our winds back around to the northwest. that's when the cooling begins. but the real heart of the cold air arrives here during the course of the day monday. and as the front comes through, it might be able to actually wring out a couple snow flurries during the course of monday afternoon into monday evening. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. is it not look like anything in the way of accumulations but nonetheless, snow flurries will get everybody's spirits up just a touch. overnight tonight, generally
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clear. that south breeze will stay up. so overnight low temperatures tonight, mid to upper 30s. then tomorrow, mostly sunny, breezy again but on the whole, a pleasant day to take in the sights of your nation's capital. winds switching northwest tomorrow. your inauguration planner. the march to the mall. 7:00 to 11:00 in the morning monday morning, in the upper 20s to mid 30s. pomp and circumstance, swearing at noon. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40. and parade weather, cold with flurries, temperatures dropping back into the mid 30s. yes, indeed. it is going to be cold, cold, cold around here. >> okay. we get the point. >> we have not had had a sub freezing high temperature in two years. tuesday and wednesday both may very well be sub freezing highs. >> so wear layers. >> that's right. >> make sure you've got a hat, gloves. >> if you came to stay the week, you better have brought a heavy coat. >> okay, chuck. thanks so much. come up in sports, tough first night for the caps. jason is up next with more
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all right. hockey is back and the capitals would like to start over again. >> if they could have a redo, that would be great for caps. wanted the season to start but also wanted a victory tonight and they didn't get that. of the six times the caps played the lightning last season, five games were decided by one goal. tonight's season opener was sure to be a close game. but this time around, it was the caps that came up well short. adam oates behind the bench for his first game as head coach of the caps. we pick it up in the second period. caps trail 2-1.
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joel ward and jason working the puck in the corner. the pass gets deflected and ward is there to stuff it in the net. take another look. the great pressure by ward. it's his second goal of the game. and we're tied at 2. later in the period, lightning up 3-2. voytek with the puck, loses it here. mike ribero fires off the pads and wolski, tied at 3. third. two men in the penalty box. st. louis. lightning take a 4-3 lead. they add on two more goals. they double up the caps tonight, 6-3. and coach oates sees a team still learning out there. >> it's tough. it's going to take the guys a while. you know? and we've talked about that and hopefully we can win enough
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games until it becomes automatic. tonight wasn't our night. but there is a lost positives in the game. and we'll talk about that on monday. >> to say the washington wizards are a different team with john wall would be an underestimate. not only have the whiz been who are competitive with wall, but he's bringing out the best in his teammates. wall is averaging just under seven assists since returning, and the wizards are 3-1 this year. randy whitman, one of the many people happy to see the team superstar back on the court. early on, it was the other team's point guard, chris paul. he's going to drive the lane here. he gets the layup to go. finally get on the board, it's 5-2. the big man backs down blake griffin. beautiful looking hook shot here. 16-14, wizards lead it. the clippers, they're currently up now 42-33.
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someone not named otto porter jr. has to step you are for georgetown. once they announced greg whittington was spenlded indefinitely because of academic issues, the hoyas have skrugd struggled. hoyas in tampa looking for their third win in a row. first half action, hoyas, they're on the run to smith. rivera with the dish to aaron bowen for the slam. led by eight at halftime. second half, usf up five. otto porter from beyond the arc and it is good. game high 21 points for porter. georgetown within two. later in the half, bulls on top by three. smith rivera takes it himself and finishes with the lay-in. hoyas down just one now. 12.2 seconds to go. hoyas still trail by one. porter trying to make something happen here, but he loses the ball. it's stolen by victor rudd of south florida. and south florida would hold on
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for the victory over georgetown. 61-58. the patriots' center, george mason playing host to hofstra. second half, patriots on top by one. vont misses the jumper, but the spot up for the tip-in. later, mason leads by nine. hofstra with the press. wright on the court makes some pay with the jab. he had 21 points. george mason, they win it 57-46. mark terjin and the terps taking on unc. tar hills nail it. 24 points, 21 came in the first half. later it's dexter strictland with the steal. he's going to finish the other way 21 turnovers in this game for maryland.
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they trailed by 22 at the break. second half, terps down 13. dez welsh off his own miss puts it back in. but the tar heels, they were just too much. they never felt threatened. they take this one 62-52. the good thing about this hockey season, even though the caps lost, they play so many games, they're right back on the ice a few days later. january 22nd, tuesday at the verizon center. >> moving fast. thanks. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a great night. we'll see you here tomorrow.
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