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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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for gun control. calls after the massacre in newtown. a new credit card fee becomes legal tomorrow. what you should look out for before you take out the plastic. the nats big signing. teddy gets new competition for the president's race. a developing story in virginia tonight. a massive house fire in fairfax. cell phone video captured the flames. the fire broke out in the 9,000 block of shelly krasnow lane. one person was flown to the hospital with burns. darcy has the latest developments for us. hi, darcy. >> reporter: yeah, the fire broke out down the street, around the corner from where i am standing. the man remains in the hospital tonight after he tried to put the flames out himself. the cell phone video shows flames shooting in the roof of a
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million dollar single family home in fairfax. >> it was pretty shocking. the flames were coming out of the roof, probably 30 feet above the roof. very intense fire. it took a while, even with all the water they put on it to knock the fire down. >> a man in his 80s had to be flown to a local burn unit after trying to put it out himself with a bucket of water. >> he was injured. he's been flown to washington burn center with respiratory-type injuries. >> reporter: the flames broke out on the second floor and quickly spread. officials say the victim brought his wife to safety and went in without immediately calling 911. >> this was a delay in notification of the fire department. he made several attempts to fight the fire and retreated from the home. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. >> we also would love to find out what happened. everyone i talked to in the
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neighborhood is anxious to find out the cause so we can take preventative action if we have to. >> reporter: investigators say one firefighter was taken to the hospital after suffering minor burns to his hand. live from fairfax, darcy spencer, news 4. thousands marched from capitol hill to the washington monument today supporting gun control and efforts to reduce gun violence. planning for the march began soon after 20 children and six adults were killed at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. many demonstrators held signs with the names of the victims. a smaller group opposing gun control also made its voices heard. >> it's overwhelming to know there's this much support and that i believe it's going to make a big change. >> our civil liberties, as enumerated in the bill of rights are absolutely protected by the second amendment. without the second amendment it is a slippery slope to evoke
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oour other civil liberties. >> nra ceo is expected to testify at a senate hearing. violence continues in egypt. 30 people killed, hundreds injured in protests. the egyptian troops have been deployed to try to control the violence. the protests erupted after 21 people were sentenced to death in connection with a deadly soccer riot that killed 74 people last year. the violence comes a day after nine people were killed in protests against egyptian president mohamed morsi. much of the country stuck in a deep freeze after a mild start to winter. chicago got the first inch of snow in almost a year on friday. tomorrow, ice could lead to travel delays and power outages in the midwest. southern states have been bath battling winter weather from tennessee to the carolinas. streets and sidewalks were coated in ice and snow and we
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got out of the deep freeze around the washington area today. boy are we in for a roller coasr the next week. kim martucci is in the weather center with a preview for us. >> jim, it only took 108 hours to get above freezing since midnight last tuesday. that's how long we were below freezing. at noon we ticked up to 33. happy to say we managed a high of 37 this afternoon. at this late hour, temperatures are easing back down in to the 20s. right now we're 30 but 21 gaithersburg, 23 frederick and 29 la plata. everyone is in the 20s tonight. not as cold as where we have been but a chilly start to your sunday morning. our snow shower activity has winded down. we had flakes off and on throughout the day but nothing really accumulated. let me help you plan through the day hour by hour tomorrow. low to mid-20s. 30 by 11:00 with bright sunshine. middle to upper 30s on the way.
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i have to talk about a hiccup to your commute on monday morning. that involves ice. more details when i see you next. >> okay, kim. thanks. signs posted outside of a club in northeast where five people were shot this morning. d.c. sound stage on benning road closed for now. police say a man opened fire inside around 2:30 this morning shooting a woman and four men. all of them expected to survive. there's a surveillance camera above the entrance to the club, but we don't know if it captured any video of the actual gunman. a manassas man is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his own son. police say joaquin rams took out multiple life insurance policies on his son prince. the 1-year-old drowned at his home last october. the boy's mother said she fought to keep her son from having unsupervised visits with his father but the judge granted his request. >> all i know is i dropped off a healthy boy that morning.
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i was chasing him around harris teeter and he was laughing and smiling and at 2:00 in the afternoon he was dead. >> mcleod says police and the court failed her. she says she plans to fight in family court so no child or mother has to go through what she did. rams is expected to appear in a prince william county court on monday. an 18-year-old is under arrest charged with robbing hotel guests at gun point in hill ver spring. police say jackson jewel yanss you jackson stole cash and other items from eight people in homewood suites hotel last night eight victims were at the hotel for a party or small get together. police found julius on a ride-on bus with the gun and items he stole. he is held on $150,000 bond. there will be competition for george, eddie and you can
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call this new acquisition as william howard taft who will join the race this year. taft of course our 27th president and the first to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. he supposedly started the tradition of the seventh inning stretch. bill and teddy started to trade smack talk on twitter. we will see how taft does when races coming up in april. will you soon pay for using plastic? retailers will be allowed to charge a fee for you to swipe your card, but will they do it? >> a top senate democrat says he will not run again. what it means for the next election. hear from the musical guest on snl. kendrick talks about
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president obama is praising senator tom harkin tonight after the iowa lawmaker announced he will not run for re-election. harkin served in congress for nearly 40 years and the announcement sets up a likely battle between parties to fill his seat. vice presidential candidate paul ryan will be sitting down with david gregory on "meet the press" tomorrow to talk about the future of the republican party. that's tomorrow at 10:30 here on nbc4. starting tomorrow, you might have to pay more for using plastic. retailers argue since they have to pay a fee for every transaction, they should be allowed to pass that fee along to the consumer. if there is a fee they must disclose it at the register or
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on their website. it is up to each individual business to decide and many large retailers say they have no plans to actually charge a fee. snail mail will cost you more starting tomorrow. the postal service is raising the cost of a first class stamp to 46 cents. other shipping prices are going up by 4%. they are trying to make up for billions in lost revenue thanks toe mail and other technology. he's considered a rising hip hop star and tonight kendrick lam lamar performs on snl. and the deep freeze continues in parts of
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burt reynold on his way to recovery after reportedly having a bad case of the flu. he was put in intensive care unit because of dehydration but his representative says he still has his good sense humor and will make a full recovery. kendrick lamar will perform on saturday night live. >> his album earned a gold plaque and he paid us a visit saying thiz favorite rapper was the late tupac and dmx inspired him to jot down ideas for his own rapping style. from there i wanted to be the best at it.
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i went back and visited jay-z, studio 16 and have been developing since. years of practicing and going through trial and error i came to my own sound and that is lamar. >> he has skits featured on his album and he is hoping snl producers help him showcase the talent tonight. adam levine will host. it starts here after news 4 at 11:00. which is where we are right now. >> yes. >> time to talk about this roller coaster. it's really going to warm up. >> which wardrobe do you have out this week, spring or dilemma? >> it is a dilemma for me. >> you have to be ready for 60s coming our way. we will wrap up the weekend tomorrow onuiet weather note. monday morning where things get dicey if not icy. look around. we have clouds heere and there n patches. the temperature is not too bad.
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if you are stepping out on the town it is 30 degrees. winds are rather light. no big windchills to talk about either. as we head to the overnight hour, temperatures will be diving down to the 20s. already in the 20s to the west in reston. college park 27. here's how things are unfolding. some sunshine back tomorrow. not too many flurries like we saw today. as the day wears on we will see an increase in the high clouds as we head to the overnight hours. in the morning we have possible icing coming our way. i paused this at 8:15 and it could linger. milder 40s once we get rid of the cold air trapped at the surface on monday morning. then a big warmup. let me show you where it is coming from. it's coming from the gulf coast
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states. on monday it is in texas and then on tuesday the ohio valley and by tuesday it is coming up here. it sticks around in to wednesday, as well. 63 is the forecasted high on wednesday. the average high for april 4th is 63. april-like weather moving in our direction for sure. it will be chased away on wednesday by this front. we might even get thunderstorms in here and definitely some soaking rain. we will take you through the seven day and break it down. remember, monday morning is the tricky part. lows around 30 or 29. any moisture moving in should fall in the form of ice. then the warmup here and a really nice day. tuesday is my pick of the week. it should be dry and we should be 15 to 20 degrees above average. how about that? then we have to throw in an upside down kind of day. why is it upside down?
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because the low will happen in the afternoon and the high in the morning. 52 degrees and then it will turn windy and cold. look at the temperatures in to the end of next week. highs back down only in the 30s. it will feel more like winter. so a hiccup of some ice on monday morning, warm in to the 60s middle of the week. end of the week we are cold again. got all of that? >> got it. up and down. coming up
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wimpltss ards are picking up steam. >> yes, they are. >> they are really good now. since the return of john wall and key players on the roster it has been the wizards getting the right bounces. another team effort at the verizon center extended the winning streak. john wall and the wizards all smiles after winning two of the last three. pick it up in the second quarter. wiz on the break. 16 points for the big man. wizards up by four. he is showing wall isn't the only one that can dish it out a pass to webster for the dunk. wizards on top 56-46. late in the game, wiz ahead by four now.
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knocks down the jumper. 15 points and 16 rebounds. wizards win the second straight 86-73. >> we're continuing to move, share the ball, trust in one another from an offensive standpoint and that was really -- i'm really proud of them. >> that was the best game we have played. in terms of scoring and defense was at an all-time high. actually getting after it. keeping it from doing what they wanted to do and getting out. >> the next home game is against the kings on monday. at the verizon center it was the hoyas turn to shine. georgetown fared well against ranked teams and had another shot. the hoyas are 4-1 and someone else stepped up. georgetown welcoming the big east fifth ranked louisville to the verizon center. second half action.
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georgetown up by three. marquel starks showing off the moves here. nice handles. goes up for the jumper. he had 17 points. that tied the game. later in the half, cardinals down by two. russ smith, a wide-open for the slam. dante drives the lane and misses the floater. bowan is there with a beautiful put back. an amazing play. hoyas lead 52-50 and hold on for a huge upset over number five louisville 53-51. elsewhere the terps paying a visit to cameron and number one ranked duke. terps on the run. wells to howard. his three is off the mark. charles mitchell is doing the dirty work down low. 13 points for mitchell.
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terps on top early. second half, duke taking control. up by nine. cook the pass to rasheed and he sinks the three. six of eight from three point land. cook drives but mason with the reverse jam. great play by the senior who had 19 points. blue devils cruise over the terps 84-64. the cavaliers hosting boston college. pick it up in the second half. ball movement is the name of the game. justin anderson, true freshman coming off the bench and helping out. he finished with 16 points and that put uva up by two. later on, paul finding mitchell down low. he throws it down with two hands. how about the freshman one more time? this is too easy for anderson. uva goes on to win it 65-51.
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moving to baseball. even though spring training is a few weeks out, the nats haven't forgot about last season. starting fresh is the mind set going in to the new year but the players haven't forgotten how last year abruptly ended to the cardinals it. >> is something that gives you a sour taste in your mouth and you want to get out and get the new season going and prove we were the better team last year. and hopefully we can do that this year. >> you don't want to remember that of course. you want to remember how it tailss because you don't want to happen again. we had a great year and great team and we will be even better this year and got a great bull pen. got laroche back which is exciting and i'm excited to go to spring training and get things done. >> look at it as a stepping stone as to what we want to do this year. you have to feel good about what we did but still have that bitter taste in your mouth so you have to fix that this year. >> like the beard.
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>> with the new additions safe to say it is world series or bust for the naths this year. >> maybe they need to get the blood flowing. >> they will be worn out. worn out this summer. >> see if this may help them. >> screaming. more than 150 people starting off their day with a chilly dip in the potomac river, part of the polar bear plunge at national harbor. no thank you. one of the goals of the event to raise awareness for global raiselook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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it's a smart way to go. that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. can i get you anything else, mr. president? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, uh, no, no, i'm fine. thank you, jeremy.


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