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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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gentzler. >> i'm jim vance of the tonight the boy scouts of america is considering a dramatic change in the controversial policy of excluding gales as both members of the organization and in leadership roles. nbc's pete williams broke the story today on twitter and on msnbc. he joins us now with more on this major development of the pete, tell me more. >> they're going to vote next week, the national board of directors. what they say is they'll look at a policy that would end the national band, and end the national requirement that says no bay people can be admitted as either scouts or scout leaders. instead, if this policy is approved, then and it looks like it's going to be, it would be up to every individual scouting organization to decide for itself what policy to have, so you could well have some troops that will admit gale scouts, some that won't. the scouts say it would be up to parents and sponsoring organizations to decide where to send their children. >> do we know why they decided to make this move?
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>> they haven't said exactly why, but it's pretty clear. there's been a considerable amount of pressure on the boy scouts. you may remember that barack obama and mitt romney during the campaigns said that the scouts could change the policy. there have been very public expulsions of scouts that have caused something of a blowback, but i should also say the individual organizations say this is the wrong thing to do. the scouts have been pulled in both directions. this may well end up being a compromise that nobody likes. we've heard tonight from the southern baptist convex that they're very disappointed. others have said this doesn't go far enough,. >> kind of like don't ask/don't tell, a compromise like that? >> well, that would be for others to decide, but it's definitely a compromise. all the scouts will formally say is this is serious ly week in texas. >> do you have a sense of the time frame?
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>> yes, next week. >> okay. thank you. >> appreciate it. our team coverage continues in montgomery county tonight. jackie bensen reports on one boy coit who recently found themselves in the middle of a controversy involving this issue. jackie? >> reporter: good evening doreen. thises becoming a small part of history because of something they were forced to remove from the website. >> for real. it's something that i don't think we ever thought as a group could have in our time. >> reporter: the parents of cub pack 442 in the cloverly area of montgomery county, 20 miles from the nation's capital, have found themselves at the center of a national controversy. last week they were forced at the risk of the charter to erase this statement -- pack 442 will not discriminate against any individual or family based on
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race, religions, national origin, ability or sexual orientation. >> i think it kind of caught a lot of families off-guard when the boy scouts of america came out and reaffirmed their ban on gale and lesbian individuals. a lot of us feel strongly that that's not right. >> reporter: the supreme court has ruled that the ban was lawful, because it is a privately funded organization. but nbc news has learned change appears on the horizon. a statement issued today from the organization's headquarters in texas reads -- currently, the bsa is discussion potential removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation. it goes on to say the chartered organizations that oversee and deliver scouting would accept membership and select leaders consistent with their organization's mission, principles or religious beliefs. >> we didn't sneak anything under the radar. we actually came out and said we like to put up and follow their
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guidelines. >> pack leaders have told them some parents don't want their children to belong -- >> i'm a girl scout leader. that's not a exception, i'm glad to here they're taking the lead in that as well. >> you're supposed to accept everybody. you can't discrimination. >> reporter: now, pack leaders tell us that they are very much looking forward to getting on to the next big endeavor. they welcome new kids and their parents to join. next up in february, the pinewood derby. reporting live, jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you, jackie. immigration reform is one of the nation's most emotionally fahd topics. six years old a bipartisan compromise died in the senate even with strong backing from the white house. danielle lee is at capitol hill with details on a new plan that was unveiled today. the devil is in the details.
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a keel holdup could be how to create a tough, but favor path toward citizen ship. exactly one week after hesh a top priority, it's garnering moment temperature. >> for the first time ever, there's more political risk in opposing than in supporting it. >> this is consistent with our country's. >> eight leading republican and democratic senators are proposing an overall. the legislation would create a path to citizenship. secure the border and address -- reform of legal immigration system to keep families together. improve the xwloismt verification system. and allow more low-skilled
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workers to enter the country. >> there's no reason to delay. we are seeing a consensus building here. >> the white house says the proposal mirrors the president's priorities. he'll unveil his vision tomorrow. >> what you'll see tomorrow from the president is the very important part of this effort that is about engaging the mention people. we know we will win, because we know the momentum is on our side. >> that comes after a touch election reality. president obama won more than 70% of the latino vote, prompting some republicans to change on immigration. they want to make sure that path doesn't amount to amnesty. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle lee, news4. thanks, danielle. two sisters who live in maryland, one undocumented, the
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other a uss citizen, are afraid deportation will tear their family apart. their story comes up in about 15 minutes. roads were icy this morning, and then it started to warm up a little during rush hour. most of our hours saw some ice, sleet and freezing rain. the winter weather caused many school systems to start late. let's get the latest for tonight's weather. with veronica jansen. it's nice to say we won't have any icy issues tonight or tomorrow morning. we have conditions overcast and still rain showers coming through the area. you can see the line breaking up. to the north we have shower
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tiismt. league burg, too right around 50, some light showers, down to the south moving out of our area. so under an overcast sky, what we will have to deal with are areas of patchy fog, not just tonight, but even tomorrow morning, even be 9:00, 10:00 p.m. we'll be dropping to 39 degrees. we're calling that cool, and i'm calling the next two days way warm. wait until you see our temperatures going up up up. >> thanks, veronica. a man was found dead in an industrial building this afternoon. now police in prince george's county say somebody killed him. police got a called that there was a shooting at an auto shop in land dover. so as far as the police are not seeing any information about the victim or a possible suspect. just about 30 minutes ago, jury deliberations in the murder trial of a former culpepper virginia police officers wrapped
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up for the night. they met for more than three hours without reaching a vertebra. the officer is on trial for the murder of pa trisho cook. david culver reports. >> reporter: the courtroom more crowded today than any other day since this trial began last tuesday. the defendant sat through closing arguments showing little to no emotion. his attorney reiterating their claim that daniel harmon wright shot and killed patricia cook out ofself defense, the prosecution warning the jury, look at the inconsist any. >> my argument to the jury was he was not credibility, that they shouldn't believe them. when they don't believe them,self defense goes out the window. >> jim fisher speaking out after the case went to the jury. if you remove the concept ofself defense from the equation, then it's an unlawful killing, a malicious and unlawful kittle, meaning murder. >> reporter: murder, that's how the commonwealth describes the
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february 9th incident in culpepper. patricia cook in a lot clearly marked no trespassing. she was asked to leave. when cook refused, skyler called police. >> then he and cook got into a disagreement. he claims his arm was trapped in her window and started driving. witnesses testify they never saw that. still harmonwright fired seven rounds. in closing arguments. daniel hall told the jurors it's possible his client made the wrong call or used poor judgment, but is not guilty of a crime. >> it's going to boil down to a question of who you believe and the fundamental question is whether he on and offed unlawfully. the fact he trapped his fingers in the window and hit the gas, made him think he was under attack, she was willing to kill him. >> it would be up to the jury to
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believe when. >> reporter: the adjourn has adjourned for the day. when they reconvene, they'll have to decide whether harmon-wright is guilty or not. they have three different charges for murder. first degree, second degree and manslaughter. harmon-wright could be serving anywhere from one year to life in prison. in cull pepper county, i'm david culver, news4. closing arguments will begin tomorrow morning in the trial of john leopold. today, the defense rested its case. leopold has charged with misusing county money, also have a security details driving him around to different location at which he is alleged to have had an affair. john leopold's lawyer says the accusation that he used police for accomplice cal and personal services is too vague and that it does not constitute a crime. a maryland man walked into
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his estranged wife's workplace and shot her overnight. police say 50-year-old calvin cofield shot and killed himself. the victim survived, but she's in critical condition. that happened about 1:00 a.m. in the 300 block of harry truman parkway. in maryland there's a new delegate. darren swain took the oath of office for the 24th district's seat following months of controversy surrounding that seat, which was previously held by tiffany austin. austin was removed from office back in october after she took plea deals in two cases of misconduct. greg hall, another nominee to replace her was blocked after reports of his criminal background surfaced. governor martin o'malley appointed swain last week. swain previously had served in the house of delegates from 1999 to 2003. >> i've been here before, so i look forward to certainly
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connecting with old friends and looking forward to making some new. swain most recently served as. >> more than 200 dead. tonight we are learning who brazilian police have in custody after a deadly nightclub fire. reaction from the white house, 'egypt in a state notify emergency. >> 40 years of inactivity, and now this volcano is flowing freely. and new at 6:30, shots fired at police as they stormed a local apartment. we're hearing from so
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tonight parties in brazil have four people in custody in connection with the deadly nightclub fire. more than 200 people were killed in that fire over the weekend. they were in a nightclub, the owners of that club and two members of a band that were playing at a time are believed to be the ones in custody. investigators believe the fire started after a pyrotechnic display by the ban malfunctioned. funerals for the hundreds of victims got under way today. among the dead is more than 100 students from the fearby university. tonight the white house is condemning violent protests across egypt. more than 5 people have been killed there over the past five
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days. a state of emergency is in effect for three of egypt's largest cities. president obama's administration is calling for serious national dialogue. but in this report, opposition leaders are not willing to cooperate with new government rules. >> reporter: egypt's main opposition bloc, which is made of el bar tie and other candidates have rejected an offer to come to the presidential palace and resolve political differences around the negotiating table. in fact the opposition says they won't participate until president morsi cans also a newly approved constitution and more importantly dissolves the current government. for his part, though, president morsi does not seem to be acquiescing. in fact he believes he has the man dade to govern with the current agenda and issue a strong warning to the country and those behind the protests
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that have ravaged the country. he's declared a state of emergency in three cities along the suez canal, also imposed a curfew and given the military the authority to arrest civilians. it gives you a sense of the kind of tension that's grappled with egypt both political and on the street. meanwhile, unrest continues in the capital of cairo and in the cities where this curfew is supposed to go into effect for the next 30 days. protesters say they're going to break and defy that curfew by organizing evening rallies every night. nbc news, cairo. this peninsula is in the far eastern part of russia. a volcano has been erupting, so much so that it's created a lava lake. the nearest town is 40 miles away, so nobody has evacuated yet. scientists irkeeping an eye on it, though. people are told to keep gas masks nearby in case the air
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quality gets even worse. they are told certainly not to go anywhere the thing like that guy was. the volcano has been erupting since november. before then, it has been dormant for nearly 40 years. >> let me go get a sample of some lava. >> some hot flowing lava. makes me nervous. >> spectacular. we have had some wild weather today and the trend will continue. >> a bit of spring this week, and back to wind. which do you like? which season? you'll be able to pick at the end of the week, right? not going to have to deal with any freezing, icy conditions on area roads. what we will see is some fog out there forming. we have the cloud cover still there. we are looking at warm air that will stay over us during the overnight period.
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year temperature 44, for a high, that's the average, what you would expect for this time of year. the average high late april is 69 to 71 degrees. that's real important, because as you'll see on the seven-day forecast, it's going to feel like late april. rainfall today, just a few hind hundredths of an inch of rain. those are the areas that pickett up 0.14, 0.18 of an inch of rain. now some rain showers are just drifting through, really breaking up, not left with very much at all, exiting around, we still have light showers, up to the north in poolsville. this too coming to an end. so drying up, but still foggy conditions for the overnight period and tomorrow morning. we're at 42 degrees right now, not bad at all. don't even need the heavy coat,
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and you'll certainly not need it tomorrow. there is a weather system west of washington. here we are, that weather front, as the warm front comes through, the warm air will be coming in, a warm, very mild day for us, still some areas of patchy fog, that would be slow to move out, late in the day, too, maybe a bit of sunshine, coming near part of the day. that's the story for tomorrow, warm. we're still warm on wednesday, even higher temperatures. the warm air ahead of that next cold front that would be driving east within. by the time we deal with that weather front, there will be very cold air coming in behind it, clashing against the very warm air. what that will do is allow showers to develop during the asp on wednesday throughout the area, then some thunderstorms, maybe even moderate, heavy rain, and the early part of the night on wednesday. behind me, you're looking at
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some of the areas that could get half to an inch of rain. manassas, about a half inch of rain, culpepper too, a little heavier up to the north, heavier still even back to the west in areas around winchester or martins burg. i'm thinking for wednesday, thursday morning with the saturated ground we have, if we have that rain coming down heavy and heart, decreased be -- just some patchy fog. 39 at 10:00, call it cool for your overnight, then mild for tomorrow. we start out in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees with a light wind. wind out of the south tomorrow 5 to 10, feeling a lot like spring. we go way up here, close to 70 degrees on wednesday, close to 50 on thursday, in affect i think our temperatures will be falling on thurl when tha front moves through. windy and cold for friday. as we look at our weekend right now, just looking at the
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possibility of a few flurries. no major system coming our way, but we're right back to average. so from spring to winter. >> what a range. 69 and 26 on the sail sevme sev forecast. >> you really won't know what to wear this week. federal money could be on the way. the u.s. senate is expected to pass a $50 million emergency relief bill today. the vote is expected sometime tonight. president obama has said he will sign it into law. the house passed a similar bill two weeks ago. at least 15 billion from the bill will go to states, including maryland and virginia. some republicans who opposed bill worry it will add too much to the nation's dead. president obama is trying to get the support of the nation's police departments on his new gun control policies. the president met with police chiefs at the white house today, many of them from towns where mass shootings have taken place.
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the president says the changes should go beyond laws. he wants the police chief's help with how to get more trained officers on the streets. >> it's not only the high-profile mass shootings, it's also what happens on a day in/day out basis in places like chicago or philadelphia, where young people are victims of gun violence every single day. >> montgomery county police chief was also at that meeting. a senate committee will hold its first hearing on gun policies on wednesday. new details tonight about the case against a death row inmate who may be set free. we'll have reaction to the death of a woman who broke a color barrier. plus loam better ginnis on the runway, drivers pushing the pedal to the metal. coming up in sports before landing, the ravens got a super send-off in baltimore. plus tiger woods is off to a
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great start in the 2013 season.
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return now to one of the day's top stories, congress and the white house appear ready to work on a new compromise for immigration reform. on the local level, activists say momentum is on their side. chris gordon has the story.
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>> reporter: veronica is an undocumented immigrant. her 10-year-old sister was born in the u.s. and is a citizen. they live in maryland. >> something that i have always been afraid of since i got to this country, knowing that someday we might get separated, me and my sister behind. i was already separated from my parents, because they wanted to give us a better future. you know, it's time that you can never make up. >> by massing the maryland dream act -- who graduate high school and pay taxes. gustavo andres worked two years as an organizer for casa de maryland. >> it's a daily threat. it's something that i have personally lived with. >> reporter: and now this coalition of civil rights and faith groups, labor leaders and immigration advocates are calling for action on immigration reform in 2013. they say the time is right.
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>> with the passage of the dream act, with the passage of marriage of equality, the voters in this country want us to treat every who is here humanely. >> reporter: opponents vowed to fight it. >> to make all these people instantly citizen will put a tremendous strain on our social services system across the country. we just cannot afford it for people who don't deserve it. >> reporter: the call for action on immigration reform will focus on a massive demonstration here at the us capitol planned for april 10th. they say they are fighting for the future of the country we all share. at the u.s. capitol, chris gordon, news4. tonight the boy scouts of america is reconsidering its ban on gale members and leaders. the board meets next week to vote on that issue. nbc news has learned if the change is approved, individual scout groups would be able to
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decide for themselves whether gale people with join. >> the fate of ex-culpepper police officers daniel harmon wright is in the hands of the jury, but there won't be a verdict tonight. after about 3 1/2 hours, the jury has gone home for the evening. he's accused of shooting and killing patricia cook last february, claiming it was self-defense. prosecutors instructed the jury to weigh the inconsistencies in his story. there's a murder investigation under way. police found the body of a man about 1:00 this afternoon. he was inside an industrial building on rainswood drive in landover. the victim was pronounced debt on the scene. so far it's not clear who killed the man or why. >> a close cal for police in maryland. they owe their lives to the door that came between them and the drug suspect they were trying to arrest. pat collins has the story from forestville. >> 101, 102, 103 crime scene.
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>> this woman lives nearby and asked not to be identified. >> about 4:30 in the morning we heard a loud banging. we looked out the window and police were everywhere. >> reporter: this is how it went down. early this morning police raid that apartment. they're looking for drugs. it's a no-knock raid, so they take this battering ram. it weighs 90 pounds. they take this ram and hit that door, and hit that door, and hit that door. they hit that door so many times they have to get reserves to man the battering ram. as they're doing this, the guys inside, he grabs a gun and opens fire. the bullet goes right into the door, right at the kill zone, but this steel door blocks that
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door. the police on the other side saved by the door. >> you hear about how dangerous police work is every day. when you look at that door, you see a very real and frightening example of just how dangerous their work is. >> charged in the case action 25 years old jeremiah pearson, according to court records, he has at least three drug convictions, as well as a conviction for using a firearm while distributing drugs. >> what did police find inside the apart. >> officers found drugs, drug paraphernalia, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and that handgun. >> neighborhood reaction. >> it's a bad area. just had a murder last week. >> i don't know his name. i don't know nobody's name. only thing i know is my name, i come in and out and go about my business. i'm 77 years old.
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i want to live to be 80. >> reporter: tonight suspect jeremiah pearson is charged with taled murder. in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. >> the man who was once a teacher at a local preschool is now facing up to 40 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. the man's name is james douglas manning. prosecutors say he taped himself sexually abusing several 5-year-old children while he was teaching school in japan in the late '90s. they tracked him down in a national child porn sting. the federal appeals court listened to arguments today in the case of a man on virginia's death row. justin wolfe was sentenced to death for the murder for hire in 2001, murder for hire of his drug supplier. the judge ordered his release
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last month after allegations that the prosecution coercioned a key witness. prosecutors fought that decision. now wolfe's fate is in the hands of an appeals court. no word yesterday on when that court will issue a ruling. hundreds of death penalty opponents gathered in annapolis today. >> death row. >> hell no. >> death row. >> hell no. several groups rallied. they says repealing the death penalty would save the state money, calling for the money to be used for beefing up law enforcement resources. governor o'malley is also calling for a repeal. lawmakers in maryland are -- christine jones died this weekend after her house caught fire in temple hills on friday. tracee wilkins has more on her
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legacy. >> god makes no mistakes, and i guess hi decided he wanted to take her, but it was shocking to me. >> reporter: christine jones belonged to a distinguished group who could call themselves firsts. >> imcame to prince georges in 65. christine came to prince georges in '66. >> reporter: floyd wilson was the first african-american to sit on the council, and worked closely with jones. >> we formulated a democratic ticket, and christine was on that ticket with us. >> reporter: in 1982, jones was the first african-american woman for prince george's county elected to the maryland general assembly. she would go on to serve as assistant majority floor leader, also the first female chair of the legislate i have black caucus of maryland president she served three terms. >> it wasn't easy, but she had a lot of undergirding. there were people supporting her 100%. >> reporter: originally from a
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small segregated town in texas, jones was an educator, build for the challenges ahead of her, where there were many like her. >> she understood what racism really was like, and had experienced it. it wasn't something new. we've got it, let's deal with it. >> reporter: while everyone knew her described her as a kind person, she was also known to be a tiger when representing the interests of her -- >> you kill my dog, i kill your cat. in other words, this legislation is very important to me, so don't bother it. >> reporter: she and her husband were community activists until his passing several years ago. at 83, jones was still active and greatly admired. >> she was truly a committed person, and she was a mother, she was a teacher. she was a dedicated servant, and very since seer about her work. >> reporter: the prince george's county fire department is still investigating the cause of thursday's fire. at this point, no funeral
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arrangements have been made yet. a drag race closes down a runway at a popular airport. >> your recommendations for expectant mothers to protect their child from whooping cough. smoke-free cars, the fine that drivers could face if they're caught smoking with children in the kar. winter, spring, summer, you're going to need a scorecard. to keep up and know what to wear. that will come up in a few minutes.
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he was a furnish legend, folks, the founder of the ohio players, back in the '70s, they were in. today the music world is remembers leroy "sugarfoot" bonner. he leaves behind a legancy. his career spanned 56 of his nearly 70 years on earth. they're known for songs such as "fire" "love roller coaster" and more. he passed away in his home near dayton. today a bill allowing the state to buy the road and keep the tolls in check took another step forward. a house committee thor iced selling bonds. the bill's responsiblor joe may
6:41 pm
says the private company that owns it. is losing about $25 million a year. if you decide to light up in your car with kids in that car, it could soon cost you in virginia. a virginia senate committee has endorsed the bill that would make that illegal. the bill covers children under 15. breaking the law would bring you a $100 fine. a similar bill was killed in the general assembly two years ago. >> a new evidence to protect newborns from a severe and even deadly disease. whooping cough is a nationwide, did you babies can't be vaccinated against it. right now doctors are recommending pregnant women get the vaccine to give the babies protection right from birth. 40,000 people got whooping cough in the u.s. last year, most of them infants. 18 babies died from the illness. this just in now, just minutes ago, the u.s. senate
6:42 pm
passed a $50 billion emergency relief bill for victims of hurricane sandy. at least $15 billion would go to states including maryland and virginia. >> that's a big deal. >> it is. >> if we could endure this, maybe we'll get a good game on sunday. >> it's going to be a long week. coming up in sports, the wizards are looking to continue their winning ways. tiger woods is looking like the tiger of old on the links. plus the ravens touch down in new orleans, and so does dan
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nothing to worry about on area roads tonight or tomorrow morning. we won't have to deal with the ice. what we could see is some fog. here's a snapshot. clouds across the area and yes, some fog. most of the rain will be moving out, hanging back well to the west, but for tomorrow morning, dry conditions with just again the patchy fog, so if you have any traveling to do, heading out by air, make sure you check with your carrier. tomorrow afternoon, mild, very mild for this time of year, when you consider the average is 44, we may see a few breaks in the
6:46 pm
cloud cover, and get a bit of sunshine in here. then for wednesday, the early part of the day, drive. again, very mild, going up to close to 70 degrees. rain will start to make its way into the area, turn stormy late by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 p.m. the stront coffee will come through with a lot of rain and wind. so that for wednesday into thursday morning. an inch of rain into the system, as it wraps up, moves out by thursday morning. tomorrow morning, well above freezing, 34 to the north, 38 for your start down to the south. then the high temperature tomorrow, instead of just being in the 40s, we'll be in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees, 61 dull pepper, green belt up to a high of 60, even areas around herndon. that's a look at the next two days. the end of the week, back to winter, cold on friday, with a high of just 39. back to you. >> thanks, veronica.
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could we say something categorically here, that the nfl all-star game is probably the biggest waste of time in the history of the modern world, okay? can we agree? >> wait a minute. >> how about the trip to hawaii? >> second to that, the week before the super bowl, when all of jason's colleagues have just really are trying to find something relevant and new to take aboutivities the game has almost become secondary at this point. it's the media today, the halftime performance. >> but the games have been good in recent years. if you haven't heard by now, new orleans is known for throwing a good party. the stage is set for the ravens and 49ers to take over the big easy, but before the ravens left home, the fans sent them off in style. this morning, the inner harbor send-off took place. joe flacco with the camera phone reporting the festivities, but
6:48 pm
it was ed reed pumping up the crowd. >> yes, sir, baltimore. ♪ we got two tickets to paradise ♪ >> don't quit your day job, ed reed. then at 4:13, the ravens's plane touched down. to pick up the story from there, we send it out to dan hellie. ♪ >> reporter: one of the great cities in america, jason. you can hear the flavor, taste the flavor. right now we are standing on a balcony above where that gentleman was playing that fine music. this is the best place to be, on bourbon street. because pretty soon in a couple days it will be complete and utter madness. we're not there yet. the media arriving today. both teams now in town. just a short time ago, the ravens landed here in new orleans for super bowl xlvii. for the 49ers, this is almost old hat.
6:49 pm
they arrived last night, met the media and again this afternoon jim harbaugh and some of the players talked to the media as well. >> you know, we came from all the heart, the struggle, and now, you know, we have the opportunity we we fell short last year, had the opportunity to get back into the tournament and get to where we want to be. now we're trying to claim that trophy. >> reporter: you can still they're feverishly working on last-minute preparations, this is the corner of bourbon and bienville. before the masses start arriving on tuesday and wednesday going into the weekend. the city of new orleans expecting over a million visitors here during super bowl week. they're hoping that a billion dollars is injebbed into the economy. going to be a busy, busy week for the teams and for the tans. jason, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, dan. wale heard from the ravens
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tonight at 11:00. the pro bowl, a huge waste of time according to jim, was played yet, but trent williams did not participate after being assaulted in a nightclub in hawaii, according to "the hohn honolulu star advertiser" the owner 6 the club who hit him in the head has been arrested and charged. he reportedly received seven stitches, and there was -- he made hess first pro bowl this season after four years in the league. the nightclub owner has a lengthy rap sheet with ten total convictions and six felonies. more positive news, the wizards have been one of the hottest teams in the nba lately. tonight they're back on the hardwood hosting the kings. the wizards won seven of the last ten games, and are gog it by good team ball. john wall is making things happens not only for himself, but his teammates, 14 points, almost 6 assists a game.
6:51 pm
he well come a struggling team that got the best of them earlier this month. >> when you get into a situation where you're playing consistently, you want to continue on that path. obviously you tinker things based on the teams you're playing and what your game plan will be, but how we're playing and what we want to accomplish, you know, won't change much. >> randy wittman very excited about the home winning stream. they're tip off against the kings at 7:00. tiger woods is looking more and more like tiger woods. the tiger of old has a commanding lead, and today had finished up tonight. finishing on a monday due to weather delays throughout the weekend, now woods is going for his eighth win at torrey pines. he started the day with a six-shot lead, but in trouble on
6:52 pm
11. tigers in the stand, but check out -- rolls it right next to the cup, woods would tap in to save par. later on 18 tiger with a four-shot lead, he's going to put this one right in the cup. a little tap-in. tiger wins the farmers insurance open, it's his 75th pga tour victory, second behind sam snead. >> he needed that, didn't he? >> he did. started off the year with a great start. we didn't need dan hellie standing there showing off. >> with the music. >> short sleeves. >> thank you. it's going to be a long week in that regard, too, isn't it? >> um-hmm. coming up next, why vance wishes he was down in florida
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new details of a teenager who was shot and killed at a bus stop. how social media played a role in her death. he was born and raised here in d.c., but plays for the
6:56 pm
49ers. tonight hear from vernon davis' grandmother, as she opens up about the challenging year and hopes for the super bowl. >> we know who she's pulling for. last chance, veronica? >> cold for a while around here. a lot of folks ready to thaw out, shed a couple layers and get rid of the heavy coat. we'll be able to do that for the next two days. no problems with any ice for tomorrow morning. you look at the overnight and morning temperatures, nowhere do i think we'll drop down below freezing, so about 38 degrees inside the beltway to our north, 34, 36, 37 down south, rap hannic, the high tomorrow close to 60, then close to 70 on ben day. most of wes day is dry until the afternoon and evening, then it turns very windy on thursday, and temperatures will be dropping off, cold against, so we start off the workweek, it feels like winter, some spring
6:57 pm
and back to wind. saturday could see a few passing flurries, but certainly no big system for us. >> what a week ahead. thanks, veronica. so have you ever driven a loam better ginni? >> no. >> even sat in one? >> no. >> me either. lamborghini is celebrating its 50th anniversary. it's an italian sports car company, so they wanted to make a bold statement. they did that by going to the miami airport. it's the first time that airport has ever shut down a runway for a car company. what better company, except a vette. one of these got smoked. they are fast, but they did not take flight. they did, however, surpass 180 miles an hour. what is wrong with that guy behind there? he just pumped out. that speed, by the way, for a car is also a first for the miami airport. oh, my, lock at that. by the way, price foss that new
6:58 pm
car start at $397,000, which is why for all of us, we can dream. >> not gonna happen. >> we can dream. that's it. >> that our
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