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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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last week. >> the supreme court will hear arguments on whether or not they are able to great genens or p patent genes. american university students can get a look at the last two president elections tonight. david axelrod will be on campus tonight. >> more than six dc consillcons members will endorse bonds
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today. s she is running for an at large seat. bonds has been serving as an interim council member. >> 4:31 time for weather and traffic on the 1's. little drizzle out there tom. >> yeah, you will need an umbrella out there. we have scattered showers. not a lot of rain across virginia and the eastern shore. closer look here showing scattered showers here. montgomery arlington and fairfax. j just enough to make the pavement wet. temperatures in the low and mid 50s and in the mountains closer to washington in the mid and upper 50s. we are going to hold steady here in the 50s.
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here is your hour by hour forecast. we will be holding steady in the 50s. light rain and drizzle perhaps and then by noon time cloudy and temperatures should be into the mid 60s. look at the rest of the day the a afternoon and evening. that is coming up in ten minutes. let's look at traffic. g good morning. >> good morning, tom. good morning everyone. good mor%ing everyone. traveling the beltway both the inner and outer loops. still have construction zones to w worry about. canal road and chambridge road shut down due to construction. southbound 355. the left lane gets by only. in prince george county pp pennsylvania avenue. left lane is getting by in both directions. we have breaking news out of
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korea. > >> good morning. today is the anniversary of the birmg of knonorth korea's found and withins on whether he will use this day to test a missile celebrate. things appear calm as he will get ready to pay tribute. this after north korea turned down the proposal to talk of a decision. pa at the live desk. angie golf news4. >> kerry left japan this morning where he promised to protect the island nation from north korean threats. coming up at 7:00, the "today" show will sit down with john
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kerry to found out how the u.s. will respond if north korea launches a missile test. >> senators could vote as early as wednesday on one proposal to expand background checks on anyone buying a gun. we expect susan collins to vote for it. this week we expect to see an immigration reform bill. it will allow millions of undocumented citizens to become citizens. >% >> in fact there will think question questions to violate the law. but the type that there is no incentive to do it this way again. pk key senators will find out the
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pd details today. >> new controversy this morning surrounding the local man schosn to serve. his actions as the nation's top civil rights attorney are raising eyebrows. they are accusing him of being urged to drop a case. the cases could have returned $200 million to taxpayers. the justice department said they cleared the deal. new this morning, the faa orderiorde ordering special inspections for 787s. they are looking at the pins to remove tail panels. the corrosion protection was
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improperly installed. so far, there have been no accidents. today is the deadline to file your taxes. you have until midnight to get your forms into the mail. you canp get a six month extension. this year 90% of those filed electronically. if you own a small business you have a higher chance that the irs will audit you. the irs has a higher audit rate. study looked at irs data from small business owners. let's go back to angie golf. >> reporter: the death tall is rising. in iraq 27 people dead and more than 100 wounded.
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car bombs and explosions rattled baghdad and the city of kir cook. violence just a week before iraqis are set to vote before the 2011 u.s. troop withdrawal. at the live desk news4. >> spring is not over for millions of americans. still ahead, where people are getting hammered by winter. >> the surprising new way doctors think they can get rid of tumors. it i
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yet another spring snow storm has residents in the midwest waking up to more than a foot of snow. it caused blizzard like conditions. t this is a pile up on interstate 94 in minnesota. including one that was carrying pigs. psev several cars were involved in this accident. no reports of injuries to humans or the live stock. but that interstate is still shut down. >> this is why we can't live in minnesota. we we had a spectacular weekend here in the area. tom is here to let us know if that will happen. >> we had a few showers starting
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off this morning. there is the live view. where the cherry blossoms are still looking beautiful. 4:41 showing scatter ed sprinkls of light rain into west virginia. t these are going to be with us here for much of the morning commute. g grab an umbrella. pw we are into the 50s. that includes arlington and the district. and just about everywhere. we will have a few scattered showers and there is the time scale. it it looks like it will be cloudy by noon time and afternoon temperatures should make it into the upper 60s. it will be cloudy through the evening and temperatures by then will be dropping back down into the upper 50s. i'm back in ten minutes with a
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look at the week ahead. let's look at traffic. good morning. > >> good morning, tom. we have construction southbound 355. t the left lane is getting by there. earlier the construction on canal road has been cleareded and all lanes are open there. this is the inner loop and outer loop. left lane is getting by in both direction. >> controversy and confusion over the election to replace the president of c uuba. >> and why one of the countries
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venezuela has elected a new president. opposition candidate is refusing to accept the results of sunday's election. right now he is demanding a recount. the official return for the late hugo chavez's choice. at this point it is still unclear how long it would last. at the live desk news4. >> doctors at the mayo clinic is killing tumors by freezing them. they use a probe to apply extreme cold. they say the cold kills the cancer cells without affecting
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healthy tissue. >> 14 before the hour. in news for your health now. new evidence on how much anti-by ottics are prescribed. enough are being prescribed every year that 4 out of 5 of every americans could build resistan resistance. pharmacists say that has doctors changing their methods. >> instead of changing to a different anti-by ottic when one doesn't work they change the strength. >> over prescribing is highest in southern states. >> facebook wants to make sure you know how to protect your privacy in the network to teach teens and parents how to stay
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safe when they are using social media. he will announce details of the initiative today. >> maryland woman is fighting to protect women in the workplace. thee delivered packages for ups in 2007 when she became pregn t pregnant. she said the company told her to go home because she was a liability. >> i think it is terrible that they make a woman choose between her career, a job or having a baby. >> she sued ups and lost her case. since then the general assembly passeded a bill that bans companies for what they did to
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young. we were unable to reach ups however, in a statement publiced in the baltimore sun, the company made a statement that said they do not violate the americans with disabilities act. >> fire started in car parked outside garage. it quickly spread to the garage and destroyed at least four cars and caused explosions. police have not said if they have any leads and no one was hurt. georgetown university is hoping that it can find vandals. sound vanalised the furniture at this chapel. all of the religious symbols are okay. >> well, it is the news fans have been waiting for and dreading at the same time.
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the men's basketball team is about to lose one of its most dominant players. he is entering the nba draft this week. the 19-year-old ukraine yan has been praised for potential and a top ten pick. >> there is a new golfer wearing a green jacket this morning. adam scott won the masters in a playoff last night. it took two extra holes for him to beat the champ after they ended the day tied at minus fine and it is the first ever win at the masters. jason day finished third and woods for 4th. >> the or yioles -- baltimore h
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five hits and lost the they are off today and open the series tomorrow night at camden yards. they may be returning home but the nationals will open the series in miami. the braves swept them at nationals park. this was gonzalez worst start ev ever. the braves lead the nates in the national game east. check out what happened during the president's raise. the mascot maley broke out. they tried to get in on the fun. the capitol's mascot was one of them as well. >> thomas jefferson won the race. >> my good news.
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look, see? >> there you go. he managed to get around that mess >> someone can poke out an eye with that kind of mess. >> that is not a real eye. >> all right 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the one's. is it going to rain or end soon? >> not for a while. grab an umbrella. what a great weekend we had. this was in frederick county. with that warm weather we had last week. everything greened up quickly. post your pictures to nbc facebook friend me and i post a lot of those photos that send in. we have this light rain falling
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moving from southwest to northeast across virginia into maryland the district getting few showers across much of west virginia. this is a weak system to the south to give us scattered showers right now. high definition radar. and the district but it is tapered off here. the pavement is wet enough of a sheen of water on the pavement to make it slick. temperatures are in the 50s all the way to the beaches. right now low to mid 50s and the district and as we look at the day, hour by hour, we will have scattered showers around. and a cloudy sky. it should be cloudy through the rest of the afternoon. we have the pollen that was back
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over the weekend. i think the pollen count is going to be high today and on wednesday. >> partly sunny, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, slight chance of a shower each of those days and into the weekend. could get some rain showers and thunder on saturday. high 60s saturday and sunday. i'm back in ten minutes. looking at traffic now. good morning tom. light rain coming into the area is going to cause conditions. traveling in 95 northbound. up through springfield into the beltwayment we have no incidents to report. all travel lanes are open. traveling on 395 no delays as you approach the 14th street bridge.
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taking a look now at 270 conditions. >> all right thank you. >> today the boston marathon gets underway. runners spent the weekend preparing for that race. this year runners will pause for 26 moments of silence before the race to honor the victims. there is also a banner with 26 stars at the 26th mile markker on that course. it is a girl. >> she is named after both grandmothers. jenna announced her pregnancy on the "today" show in december. her husband joined her for the announcement. >> teen pop star is taking heat for a comment he wrote about
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anne frank. they posted this he visited the museum on friday and wrote in the guest book, truly inspiring to be here. hopefully she would have been a beleiber. so-called the comment insensitive. >> 4:55 coming up. it is suppoesed to be the happiest place on earth. >> did you know it can help you before the baby comes? we will explain. if you are booking that
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irnlgt well, you might want to check how many frequent flier points you have on your accounts. travelers let $16 billion worth of points go to waste in 2011 alone. >> it can get confusing with multiple airlines and credit cards. but the apps will ensure that your miles won't go to waste.
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it is worth donating your points to charity if you don't think you can use them. >> lull byes can hold big health benefits for premature babies. the most beneficial types of therapy were parent's soft singing and sound of a mother's heartbeat. >> that can help adults sleep as well. news4 today continues right now at 5:00 am. >> returning this morning, secretary of state, john kerry returning from his trip. >> and today is the day. you have hurn s


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