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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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we're delighted that you're here with us today. >> we certainly are. ah! >> it's official. according to "people" magazine -- want to give the news. it's good news for bad news. >> if you're single, it's great news. george clooney is, in fact, single. we sort of -- we announced it yesterday. we weren't 100% sure. >> and being nbc news we wanted to be fair and accurate. >> double confirm it. anyway, "people" magazine says stacy ended the relationship because she wanted kids and a family someday. and her quote is she knows where george stands on that. >> yeah. >> what do you think about some of those guys -- we know men like this -- who just want to be bachelors. it seems like everyone is trying to get them down the aisle somehow. >> another one bites the dust! >> yeah. >> i had a relationship like that with a very, very fine guy who just had been married before, had children and didn't want to go down that road again. and when your biological clock is ticking and that's something that you care deeply about, and i did the same thing.
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and right into the arms of frank gifford who already had three children as well and had grandchildren and said -- you know what he said? i always appreciated it. he said, you know what? i had a chance to make that decision. i can't withhold that from you. how can i ask you to accept my children and grandchildren and not give you children of your own? >> i do think there are some guys who may be better as bachelors. george clooney was married once a long time ago. >> realized marriage wasn't his thing. but was marriage to that woman not her thing? we should say that her name was talia balsam, not call her that woman. >> he did say a lot of his friends are always saying, why don't you get married. some of his friends are divorced, he said in previous interviews, that why would he want to get married? >> although his mom and dad had a great marriage. didn't they? no, they did. >> they did. and everyone is alive -- >> no, they're not. oh, they're not. even i know that. if that's the worst thing i do, i guess that's okay.
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i'll say and how's your mother. they go, she died. and i go -- i'm -- i didn't know. >> but that is a terrible feeling no matter what the subject is. if you walk up to someone and say how's your wife, and he says well we've been divorced, it's been a horrible -- you get this horrible feeling. >> just the other day. i used to know her years ago. hi, how is so and so. she goes -- gone. i didn't know if they had gotten divorced or he had had passed. he had passed. so i don't ask anymore. i don't want to be rude. i'd rather they think i don't care that i embarrass myself again. how am i supposed to know when every single person leaves this planet? >> well, it's hard to keep track. >> and a lot of people die every single day. i can not know everything, hoda woman. >> it happened like that on father's day. like you did to that one guest we had. we had had a guest on, she's like happy father's day to everyone. she says, hi, daddy, i love you. i go, our daddies are dead.
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>> she said that. it was terrible! let's talk about texting. so here's a question for you -- >> you sure you don't want to talk about this first? this is the cutest. look at this. this is hodi on the day she adopted blake. >> look how miserable blake looks. just look at -- honestly, just look at his face. he's thinking -- what? >> he's thinking, damn, i thought she was going to take the shitzu. >> don't say that name. can i say you something -- he's so cute! sfles's so happy now. >> "paws chicago" has a great magazine. they were the ones who i adopted from. >> now we can talk about sexting. so here's a question. do you think sexting is cheating. they surveyed both men and women and most believe that sexting is cheating, which i think is a no-brainer. if you are sexting, which doesn't necessarily mean sending photos of yourself, but it could just mean intense flirting.
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it's bad. >> then why is the word "sex" involved in it? >> because you're going beyond flirting. you're going beyond flirting. >> then it would be called flirting if you're flirting. >> you're going beyond. >> if you're going beyond that and including sex in any aspect then it is called sexting and that therefore makes it wrong. >> but flirting's okay? where is the line between flirting and sexting? >> you tell me, hoda, because you are the most tactile person on the planet. you are. and the men do not have a chip -- they do not know the difference between you being friendly and interested. they don't know. >> that's a very good point. >> they think if you go like this or you hug them a little tighter, you give them a little peck -- they think you want more. >> no, and we don't. >> guess what? we don't. we're just touching you because you're there. >> we feel sorry for you, and we're trying to be nice. all right? don't then go -- don't text us
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afterwards going what are you wearing right now? none of your business! all right. so sexting is definitely cheating. >> yes. >> most men who are surveyed think a kiss is not cheating. >> not a kiss. that's not the way it was worded. kissing. kissing, which is -- >> they don't count kissing as adultery. >> well, you know why -- >> a kiss on the cheek when you greet someone is not. french kissing for an hour and the half in the back seat of a cab? >> the reason that 60% of men said it is cheating and only 34% of women said it is cheating is because 60% of men are doing that, and they don't want to feel guilty so they are kissing and saying i'm not cheating, it's just a kiss and so what, it's not cheating. >> okay. we'd love to know what you all think. >> i think what's worse -- i'd rather my husband had a one-night stand that he was drunk and he felt terrible and apologized -- wait. let me finish. >> where is this going? >> there's more. there's more -- than if
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they were in a long-running kind of emotional relationship with someone, constantly on the phone or calling or meeting -- >> we'd rather they have an affair than fall in love. >> yeah, or just -- i think a one-time, one-and-done, terrible, i feel awful, i shouldn't have done it, please forgive me, that's one thing. i think the ongoing sharing and calling and lying about it. >> being deceptive about it. >> yeah. here's the thing. if you're already flirting like that, then you're sexting or you're kissing, you got major problems in your relationship. you just do. and you need to -- and the hardest thing to do is find yourself in a position like that where you want it to go further because it is obviously giving you something you don't have at home. the hardest thing in the world is to stop, realize it is something about your relationship that is wrong and stop it when you most want it. that's tough to do. go back home and fix your marriage. if your marriage matters to you. >> yeah. well, how about the women who
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sext when they know the guy is married? i think that's so sick. why would they do that? it's terrible. >> because they're sluts. >> okay. anyway, move on to the next topic. all right. we're going to take a first look. there is a trailer out there. there is another elizabeth taylor -- >> this one is called "burton and taylor." >> we saw the lindsay lohan one. >> that was liz and dick. >> liz and dick. can we watch a clip of that? >> let's do. your favorite one? >> i hope. >> he's dead. >> oh, no. >> that is hoda's single favorite moment. >> i hope you were going to pull that click. >> can we do the sack of potatoes one where she falls? there is a new movie that only chronicles for a very short time. ♪
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>> told me not to do it. >> we never read it. >> what are you taking? >> we're addicts, elizabeth. you and i. >> love is not a drug. >> isn't it? >> she looks great in that role. >> she's a terrific actress and i'm glad to see her playing something other than what we've come to know her lately as. she's always playing -- >> goofy. >> she's so good at it that everybody goes, let's get helena bonham carter for that. >> i thought it was helen obama carter. >> helena bonham carter. >> i thought it was helen obama -- >> obama? >> i just run it all together. >> no. she's a terrific actress. did i ever tell you the story, the one time -- i got to be friendlier with her after this. but the very first time i ever met elizabeth tyler, did i ever tell you this story? are you interested or are you going to zone out on me? >> no. i can't wait.
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>> we were at some event and the press -- they pull up everybody to have a picture taken but not everybody all at once. elizabeth was being honored at something, i think. and frank was, as well. that's right. i don't know what it was. so anyway, they all of a sudden it's me, frank and elizabeth taylor. that's it. standing there with like this paparazzi craziness going on. and i say, what do you say to elizabeth tyler? you know? so i lean over to her, and i go, my husband hates these things as much as you do. and she goes, i doubt that. that was it. that was it. i went, oh! why didn't i just keep my mouth shut. >> you still are remembering it. >> you know what, and then later i -- neil sedaka and i saved the day for something and the next day she sent me flowers this big.
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when i think about it, it was a pretty stupid thing to say. frank has never had the kind of attention that she did and it was a stupid thing to say. >> no, it wasn't stupid. >> at least i didn't ask her how richard burton was. "he's dead." big shout out to rehoboth. they love you. >> because you screwed up yesterday. >> >> did they want to hodi on your kotb? >> brothers in a taco stand. off-screen they have never met until now. it's a huge reveal. "turbo" stars. they come face to face right after this. [ male announcer ] they say he was born to help people clean. so it was no surprise when he set out to give the world the hardest-working, best-smelling cleaners he could. like mr. clean with the scent of gain. that combines irresistible scent and powerful cleaning. and his lemon-scented anti-bacterial spray
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see, he's chewing his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus fiber is a complete multivitamin... plus a good source of natural fiber in a great tasting gummy for adults. 'cause who says healthy can't be fun! new one a day vitacraves plus fiber. 'cause who says healthy can't be fun! what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy. we have done something we don't often do. we came outside. >> to watch hoda's hair frizz. >> oh, my god. >> anything could happen. that's right. we're here because a new animated film is coming out called "turbo."
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the actors in it, michael pena and luis guzman are actors as we know, but they play brothers in this movie and they've never met before so they are going to actually meet for the very first time right now. okay. the brothers who own a taco business called dos bros tacos. >> hence the truck. we're going to go to a clip -- tape. somewhere. >> no, tito, that doesn't sound crazy. dos bros tacos and sushi? that was crazy. >> what? people love sushi. >> taco man and his sidekick -- the churro. oh, that was off the hook crazy! >> crazy awesome. but this, tito, this is in a category all by itself. >> oh, my god. >> now for the big moment. >> i've been waiting. >> who's in the taco truck? >> that's luis. >> hello, luis! >> hey, michael pena! >> what's up, bro? >> oh, man. >> look at you two.
2:19 am
>> i can't take it. >> how are you doing? how are you doing? how are you doing. >> hello. welcome. nice to see you. >> now you guys had met before this moment at some point? >> never. >> that's the point. >> we play brothers. >> you were separate. >> that's darn good acting. >> we were separated at birth, and then we did a movie together and i was like that's my long lost brother. >> so tell us why there is a taco truck with us here today, gang. >> you got to have food wherever you travel. you got to have good food. >> craft service. >> so it is our version of good tacos and -- >> but you play brothers who are in a struggling taco business. >> we are taco salesman. l ochlt sch los -- >> i meet turbo and we have like little snail races or whatnot. my son loves the movie, by the way. i have this bright idea, like if we have a fast snail, why don't we just put him in the indy 500 and he thinks i'm crazy for it.
2:20 am
and i don't know why. >> i still think he's crazy. >> who's behind this picture? is this a -- who's the filmmaker? >> dreamworks. >> dreamworks so they put a lot of money into this thing. >> what did your kids think of this? >> my kids? they haven't seen it yet. they're all teenagers but they'll be seeing it with me tonight. >> now is this something for teenage kids too, or is it more for the younger kids? >> oh, no, man. i think it is for the younger kids all the way up to senior citizens. it just catches so many great elements of fun, of life, of -- >> real life lessons for grown-ups. what are they? >> i mean it's basically like two sets of brothers that are dreamers that want to do something with their lives. i'm like, to be honest with you, just like us. we did have to do some kind of dreaming first to get where we are at. >> when you first told your family you wanted to be actors, what was the reaction? >> my family said, please, go.
2:21 am
>> really. >> please, get out of here. no, i'm kidding. but i grew up really poor. like, hey, you want to stay poor, go. >> how about you, luis? >> hey, what are you thinking? get a real job. "that is a real job, mom." >> it took a long time to pay off. >> but did you bring us a taco, guys? >> i guess -- >> is it party time already -- >> this is your first time on the show so the answer is, yes, it is party time. you guys, we wish you the best of luck. >> we wish you great success. with dreamworks behind you, i don't think it is going to be a problem. >> cheers, guys. >> cheers. >> to "turbo," opening i got a feeling this friday in theaters everywhere. oh, july 17th. okay. we'll be right back. i have no idea what's coming up next. neither does holdda. we'll find out when you do. of hair? [ female announcer ] introducing clear scalp and hair beauty therapy. ♪ like good soil is to a tree, so is a well-nourished scalp
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♪ let's get -- it is time for sara breaks
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out of the city. this week our girl sara got a little down and dirty. >> that's right. she headed just outside the windy city to do it. >> yes, i laced up my sneakers and put on my tutu to participate in this women-only dirty girl 5k run. for a day full of girl power and good times. i'm here right outside chicago and i'm here to get down and dirty. i meet my team. the buffalo bosom buddies. a group of friends running for breast cancer survivors. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: then we're off, conquering the obstacle course. this is how i get into every red carpet event. go right under the rope. whoo! little more confident when i got up here. finally, we get a little dirty.
2:27 am
even better muddy! woo! you don't know how good that feels! who's a little angel on the christmas tree! i could totally see hoda doing this. totally it. >> how does that feel? >> aaagh! >> who's a little angel on a christmas tree? with a shower cap on. can i get a hug? yeah, we're hooking arms. grab the bosoms next to you. not like that! woo! ♪
2:28 am
>> whoo! >> i'm going to go first in my pit. oh. >> was it weird that i did this we scaled the final hurdle. >> oh, this is not good. not good. don't do it that way. officially dirty girls, we crossed the finish line. we celebrate by making mud angels. >> mud angels! ♪ at the end, a picture perfect day. >> got something on your face. >> oh, my gosh! >> those take place throughout the country so i brought back a mud slide. >> wow. >> it has milk in it -- >> >> it has -- oh, yeah, hoda, i'll taste yours.
2:29 am
it is my buffalo glass from my team, buffalo bosom buddies. >> how long is that race? >> well, we walked a lot. i would say it took us probably about 30 minutes, 35 minutes. it is a 5k but you lose track of that very quickly. >> looks like fun though. >> you made some friends and bonded and things. >> you sure did. >> and hoda is going to do it maybe next year. >> definitely, okay. if i can wear a shower cap. >> more mud, sweat and tears. kathie lee will check out our survival skills. >> and we are and what your guy is really thinking. and then we'll answer all your relationship questions. plus, taking your favorite outfit and making it look even better.
2:30 am
2:31 am
♪ we're back on this booze day tuesday with the other view and the guy who is about to fill you in on what's goes on inside the mind of a man. >> that's right. >> his name is matthew. >> we love him. >> author of "get the guy."
2:32 am
can we ask about eva longoria first? her and ernesto from the show -- she said there was nothing, and then -- what is going on? >> she has some splaining to do. >> what is going on? >> i know as much as you guys do. no, no. i found out the same time you did. and i -- >> you knew. you're the expert! >> well, this is the thing. i was being polite in not talking to them about it. because, you say, well, they'll tell me when the time is right. >> okay. the time is right. >> they're out and about as a couple now. right? >> they are. it seems that way. >> the show didn't work but they did. >> they got something out of that show. let's go over to sara. what do you have? >> our first question from allison -- why does a guy tell a girl that she's really great when he's just not interested or ready for a relationship right now? >> well, firstly, the first and not so nice reason is he doesn't really think she's that great. the second reason is he's not at the right stage of his blueprint. every guy has a blueprint -- >> do they? >> yes. yes.
2:33 am
>> you don't need to take that attitude. i just wonder because all guys are different like all women are. some guys just seem like they haven't thought about anything! >> no, no, that's the clever thing guys want you to think. i just haven't thought about any of this. the truth is the reason he can't do it is because he's thought too much about it. he's thought about his future and where he wants to be in certain areas and is the time right right now for me to do this or should i be working hard. he's thinking if a woman comes along at the wrong stage of his blueprint, she could be the right woman and still he finds himself saying, not right now. >> i don't -- is that true? if gisele bundchen walked into a man's life ten minutes too soon and it is not going to make a little bit of a -- >> okay, but, don't assume a guy can't change his blueprint but certain things need to happen
2:34 am
for a guy to change his blueprint. we call it the rare gemstone effect. when a guy finds a woman that he think is rare enough that he's not going to find another one like this, he'll change. suddenly he starts questioning his blueprint, should i be committing right now. but what women have to figure out is how do i create that rare gemstone effect, how am i going to show a guy that i'm the person he's discovered and he's not going to find one like me again. >> okay. >> good luck. >> next question from kaley -- when a guy says he is not much of a texter does that mean he doesn't text much or does he just not want to talk. i always figured if a guy wanted to talk he'd find a way. should i move on? >> it can mean that a guy can trying to lower your expectations initially. if i say this now it is an expectation of what she'll want from me later on. when i don't text it, i said it in the beginning so i was honest. >> it is like the george clooney effect. >> no, no, no. >> he's honest with the woman at the beginning of it. listen with, i don't want to get married, let's have some fun. isn't that the better way to go? >> yeah, but here's --
2:35 am
but i believe people have to decide what's important to them and what's not. women -- is it really about how much a guy texts you? of course it is not. it's about how much he shows you he cares, he's thinking about you, he loves you. all of those things. if a guy calls you ten times a day saying you are the most special woman in the world to me, you really care he's not texting you in between? >> but also he'll annoy you. ten times a day? >> here's the difference. in life we have rules and we have standards. a rule would be you have to text me ten times a day for me to be happy. a standard is i need to feel a certain amount of love from you. however i get that. if women focus on the standard, not the rule, they'll be a lot happier. >> that is incredibly wise for a young man -- a guy who is as young and inexperienced as you are. see? i think you got it. that's brilliant. >> thanks. >> he was worth it today. >> he was. >> today. >> good to see you. how to take outfits you already have and make them look even better on you. >> bobbi will show you right
2:36 am
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>> announcer: "today's style" is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to see good with this from "today's" style experts. it is time for "today's style" and we are taking your look as he said from good to so good. let's admit. we all have those go-to outfits that we think we look great in. >> but we're going to show you how to take those looks to a whole new level. >> who's here? >> one of our favorite people, b.t.! >> we love this segment. it's really taken off. >> really excited. everybody has sent their photos. most of the photos looked great. >> but you're going to make them look even better. >> ashton from virginia. what did you think of ashton? >> i really liked what ashton was doing here. trying to combine a few pieces and style a look. but, what i thought she could
2:41 am
do -- she looks so good -- was to open up a little bit. when you see the side by side, it is a really subtle difference but sometimes when you want to look polished you don't need to cover up so much. the high neckline was kind of overpowering her. so opening it up and something pushing the sleeves up just to her elbow opens you up. >> is that a watch you took off -- >> we took off the watch just to kind of show a little more skin, a little less going on. i made the nude shoes. it didn't compete with the color. >> nice. a cleaner look. >> francine from the dominican republic. she sent you a photo. >> francine was so adorable. i really liked her outfit so i wanted to kind of play with proportion. this is something i talk about in my book, the power of style. something that i like -- i loved the color, i loved the straw hat. the pants. because if you see the side by side, francine's top was a little long for her which actually made her look a little shorter. but if you raised the top and you give her a wider pant, that balances her shoulders, she'll look a lot taller instantly.
2:42 am
and so if you're looking -- you know, you can look online. go to, and get bobbie's type advice. but this is something that can really help. >> charlotte from north carolina. she said she wanted to photoshop this outfit. >> charlotte tweeted i want to see what you can do with this. it's great. i love that she's having fun with fashion. and what i did is this very subtle -- i think she might be interested -- if you see the side by side -- cropping her jeans. it looks so good because the jeans are a statement but they're not taking her over. you'll see her first and then notice the great pants. and then the nude shoe. >> which gives her a leaner line. >> the white shoe was actually pulling more attention, it was another thing to look at. if you're going to make a statement with something bold like a graphic dress or a pair of pants, just go for that statement and try to let everything else fall away. >> all right. now ron from d.c. >> this is a go-to summer outfit, t-shirt and jean shorts. most people are like, okay, what are you going to do with that?
2:43 am
here's a styling tip. i wanted to switch her into a more feminine top because jeans are more masculine and opposites attract. so when you see this side by side going with something a little softer and flowy brings it all together and -- >> simple thing like changing the top. >> literally all i changed. >> looks cute. >> something really simple. if she wanted to stick with that t-shirt, make the shorts white so it kind of blends together. >> the last thing we had, lisa from texas. >> lisa from texas. she's wearing a dolman sleeve top that you'll see everywhere in stores right now, it is back. here's the deal. some body types it will work for, but on her if you get rid of the sleeves and you see the side by side, it is amazing how instantly it changes her figure. sometimes those sleeves can make you look really broad on the top for our body type. >> for heavily bosomed ladies.
2:44 am
>> if you have broad shoulders and a narrow hip, that's actually going to help and make it softer but in her case she could really useless volume. >> love you, sweetheart. >> we love you, bobbie! coming up, the next big thing you'll be craving. >> the best products from the fancy food show. >> oh.
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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ movies have the oscars television as the emmys and broadway has the tonys. today we're about the sophie, one of the most coveted awards in the food industry. >> yeah. the annual fancy food show wound up here in new york. susie was one of the judges and she brought along some products. she is going to announce the winner of the outstanding new product category right here. >> this is big. but what is exciting about this,
2:49 am
as a judge i had to take 452 different products. we narrowed it down to this group, of which the winner is here. let's get started. it is all about local. this is from big picture farm in vermont where the goats graze in the pastural countryside. have a cocoa latte caramel. and it's got a little shot of espresso in it from the local mocha joe in brattleboro, vermont. come on, how good is that. >> real good. >> you have to go from the caramel to an edamame. in your palette. this is edamame. do you know where it's coming from it now comes from america. it's been coming from china. this is from the great soy belt of arkansas. you pop them in boiling water, a little bit of salt, then cool them down. how good are those? >> did you salt them? usually -- >> a teeny bit of salt. >> okay. >> aren't they yummy? they keep their shape and american made. every lunch box in america will now have the teriyaki gimme. gim is korean for seaweed.
2:50 am
so it's the gimme. do you think we'd had that in your little metal lunch box -- >> you sure kids are going to like this? >> it's got teriyaki -- it is gooey. i thought it was going to be crunchy. >> seaweed has that little -- >> i love it. that's going to be interesting to see kids take to it. >> never stand between me and the cheese pavilion at the great fancy food show. these are little pearls of goat cheese from ireland. just have a little -- >> i'm doing this because hodi can't. >> don't worry. i'll have another piece of seaweed. >> a little sunflower oil. it is from pure goat curd. it is like a little explosion in your mouth. >> it's really good. >> okay. the point breeze branch of cheese. this is their new bay blue. it has an earthiness. a little more fudgy texture. it's got a mushroomy and caramel finish. totally different profile. >> that's mean. >> that's delicious.
2:51 am
>> flavor profile for cheese. >> do you want to smell it? >> no, i'll just eat seaweed for the rest of the segment. >> this is what i call the adult pantry. this is a truffle mac. >> go for it. >> just a little bit of cheese to finish it off. how yummy is that? that you can keep in your pantry, you come home from the trip on the weekend, you say, honey, how do you feel about truffle mac? alfredo sauce. this little container does an entire pound of pasta. have some more seaweed, hoda. >> maybe you can help me, sara. because i'm eating -- >> sara, you want to come in? then we've got seafood bisque from oregon. then we've got tabbouleh from san francisco. a great mediterranean flavor. your agave. >> and the award goes to -- >> what's the award?
2:52 am
>> and the award goes to -- [ drum roll brg [ >> is it the seaweed? >> it is a tie! >> between what? >> for the cheese. >> hoda, do you want to present the award? >> no. >> want some seaweed? cheese is big. thank you. >> thanks for having me. we're going to try to get out of here alive, everybody. >> we try to do that every day. survival. bear grylls puts us to the test.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
♪ i'm gonna make it get ready to have the time of your life. internationally noted mentor bear grylls has done it on and he's lived to tell about it. he's the host of a new reality competition called "get out alive with bear grylls." >> wow, sounds like fun. >> where 20 contestants to pushed to the limits in the while and it looks pretty terrifying. >> he's also the author of a new book, "a survival guide for life." how to achieve your goals, thrive in adversity and grow in character. go into show business. >> how are you. >> welcome. >> good. >> your show just before we get to our little competition, your show is pretty incredible. it is not a competition to see who gets to finish the race first. it is about guts, determination -- >> what it's about, the wild revealing character
2:57 am
and putting people under the squeeze, and either they'll crumble or thrive. >> what do most people do? >> punt it. but they learn. as the exercise goes on, it becomes more and more full on and the terrain is harder. you see some real heroes emerge at the end. >> you have emts on stand-by? >> yeah, but they're generally about ten miles down the valley drinking cups of tea. very important thing in the wild, you've got to know a few knots. you got to know a few knots for life. so i'm going to show you one that looks like that. grab your little string, okay. we're going to -- the way you remember it is we're going to make a loop. the rabbit comes out of the hole. it goes around the tree. >> wait a minute, i got to watch you. >> i'm with you. >> the rabbit is not hanging around. >> no, i know. >> then it goes back down the hole. then we pull it tight. >> okay. i wasn't -- >> did i win? >> you're both dead. >> we're both dead?
2:58 am
>> just remember, if it all goes wrong -- >> i think i get it. >> if you don't know knots, you lost. that's the final tip. over here, sometimes you have to hunt your supper. take that. we've got a target. a bow and arrow. keep the weapon pointing down the range. don't hit the cameraman. >> where is it? >> pop a balloon. >> good job. nice. >> mine's not -- should i take it off? >> now we reload. >> good luck with that, k.l. >> careful. there are real needles on the end. >> and then reload. hold it. >> there is one thing to be able to make the shot -- >> you need to put another one on the top. >> don't point the thing at me. it's one thing to be able to make the shot when you're in a studio and it's all nice but can you make it when it counts, when you're up against it, when you're under pressure? >> ow! ow! ow! you're mean. >> can i ask a question? >> took your shot. >> how do you -- >> ow!
2:59 am
>> there you go. >> now we've got it. >> bear, we wish you the best of luck with your show. >> don't shoot it! >> watch the show "get out alive with bear grylls" airs monday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. >> exercise and what it does does to your body. have a great tuesday booze day, >> i'm here to help. you and i


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