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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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washington. six people, including children, were hospitalized. sam ford is live with what happened. me arepeople behind boarding the place up, but early this morning it was a scary situation with the flames shooting into the sky, people screaming for their lives. fortunately, firefighters acted quickly. it was around 1:00 this morning this six unit behind -- the six unit to link behind good hope road became a raging fire. the family was screaming. >> neighbors felt powerless. >> they were halfway hanging out the window trying to avoid the smoke. >> inside was ms. dickens, with her two sons, ages 16 and 12, and two baby grandchildren. >> there was a lot of black smoke everywhere. gown,ll in her hospital she tried to lower her 16-year-
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old son out the back window so she could drop the grandchildren, ages 1 and 3 to him, but he fell. fortunately, firefighters arrived quickly and rescue the rest of the family bilateral. they were taken to the hospital. they were all later released, including the 16-year-old son, an anacostia high school football player. their sister was not home at the time. brother,was not for my my family would not have made it out. i think i daresay. are safe. god they >> happily, everybody survived. the family has lost everything. they are staying in a temporary shelter, but they have their lives. also, we want to make sure investigators look at a particular neighbor who they described as one with a pcp problem, who they another say may have almost cost this family their lives. reporting live from southeast
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washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> two friends of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are facing federal charges. a federal grand jury handed out the indictment against the two men, both from kaz extent. they are charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. days after the bombing, tsarnaev sent a text to his friends telling them to go to his room and take what was there. several items were removed, including a laptop and backpack. >> the coast guard has identified to maryland man who died when their catamaran capsized near ocean city. both men were 57 years old. they were on board the catamaran when the accident happened monday morning. two other men also went over, but survived. >> tonight, another scam targeting senior citizens in this area. the scammers were able to get
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$10,000 from one of their victims. rad bell is in bethesda with a warning from the police. we are on rockville pike and old georgetown road. up and down, the stretch of stretch of road and the various shopping centers is where these con men seem to be working. to help you better understand what happened, one of the victims very courageously today told us the story he says he does not want anyone else to be victimized. he is 77 years old. he is a caregiver to his partner, still works, and would like to retire. he is embarrassed he lost $10,000 to a pair of parking lot conmen. moment caught me at a where i was just feeling like i wanted to help the next guy. it started in this lot on rockville pike near old georgetown road last week. >> this jamaican walked up to the window. >> been the conn began.
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the jamaican man with all the money said he needed to find a certain apartment. the victim agreed to give him a ride. they went to a nearby community. the is where the man and crooked passenger and counter the second actor in the ripoff scheme. >> he came from nowhere. jamaicangain, the flashed a lot of bills. they said it should go on a bank, but he does not trust them. he challenges his victim to go drive bank, so all three to his bank. thinking he is helping somehow, the 77-year-old makes a withdrawal. >> they gave me $10,000, and i put it in an envelope. >> needless to say, the cash and men were soon gone. the police say the pair also snookered a 60 year -- 68-year- old woman out of $1700 with a similar ruse. >> you have to be very skeptical
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of anybody who approaches in a parking lot. >> the police say the bottom line is the old saying, if it seems too good to be true, it is. in north bethesda, brad bell, abc 7 news. are trying to remove green paint from the lincoln memorial nearly done. could bees well, it removed by tomorrow. if that happens, the scaffolding surrounding the memorial will be taken down. it was one of several iconic landmarks in the city damaged by vandalism. withyear-old is charged the facing property and was released to a halfway house. >> three tickets matched all of the powerball numbers from last night's drawing and the first big winner has come forward. one of the tickets was sold in minnesota. the other two were sold in new jersey. a 45-year-old project engineer from minneapolis accepted his check today.
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now as we wait for the other big winners to come forward, we are also learning of two $1 million winners in our area. horace holmes has that story. >> at this giant today, everybody seemed extra excited. , sorry, no cash this time. virginia'sawaited newest millionaire to walk through the doors. >> i heard that somebody won. >> the signs on the outside and inside of the store tell the story. a million-dollar powerball ticket was sold here. >> i did not win. i'm still broke. >> one of the tickets was bought in virginia, winning prizes. the biggest was the $1 million ticket, purchased at this giant. >> i played, but my numbers did not come. >> there was also a million- dollar to get purchased in dunkirk, maryland. the big prize jackpot will be split three ways.
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two winning tickets were bought in new jersey, the third in minnesota. is i ami am hoping yesterday's news as soon as possible. >> the annandale winner has not come forward yet. >> that is for the winner. happyrybody seem to be one of their neighbors is now living on easy street. a millionaire. now we have to go cry. >> the minnesota winter ball just two tickets. of course, he only needed one to win the big jackpot. as far as the local winners, we are still waiting for them to come forward. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> are you ready for some foot all? hard to believe, but the redskins are back in action for their first preseason game. >> against the tennessee titans tonight, but without their star
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quarterback. what can we expect? >> these games are fun for the fans to see the competition. everybody knows that kirk cousins will shoulder the bulk of the work through the priest with -- of the preseason rg3 out. he has a quick, live arm. he can flat-out spin it. what is hard about the preseason is the coaches have to decide how much of the offense they want to show before the regular- season starts. approach, great knowing he has to execute whatever they call. blockave been around the once. i have a little more experience. last year i played against the guys. now i am playing again starters. it adds a little more emphasis on making sure i'm doing things the right way. hopefully another good experience and take a step forward, and i will be excited and ready to go. >> kickoff is at 8:00. kirk cousins is the mystic.
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he is looking to perform well. this would be fun to watch the first team. coming up later, we will talk about the defense, a lot of new faces. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, why hundreds of children may not be able to go back to preschool this fall in virginia. away.rybody just walks >> and a local family say this man is creating tuition trouble for their son. >> it is not a panda, but the national zoo has a new baby to show well. >> first, flooding in the midwest and south.
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>> residence living near the port of tampa are free to move around. this morning, they had to stay indoors after a small fire broke out at the port. the fire released chemical fumes into the air. it broke out inside of a chemical tank but was quickly contained. workers were doing routine maintenance when the fire broke out. nobody was hurt. firefighters lifted the shelter in place order once the fire was
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out and the smoke cleared. southern california, firefighters are trying to contain a fast-moving wildfire burning on a mountain range. more than 1000 firefighters are battling the flames in the mountains 90 miles east of los angeles. thanire has scorched more 10,000 acres since yesterday and is threatening hundreds of homes. at least 15 people have left their homes. >> too much water across the country, people having to be rescued in parts of missouri and tennessee as floodwaters rushed in quickly. they are not in the clear just yet. torrential rain continues to pummel the midwest. parts of missouri had been soaked. 17 inches of rain since the weekend. >> as rapid as i have ever seen any water rise. >> roads completely washed out, ripped apart from underneath. this soccer field underwater. and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. >> what else can you do when you
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have that much water and the ground is saturated? there is nothing you can prepare for. just hope for the best. >> the heavy rain and storms can be blamed on a stationary for a asked stationary front hovering over the state. in nashville, tennessee, more than four inches of rain left much of the city underwater. >> everything was in there. everything out of the refrigerator came out. everything. electrical --e honestly, i don't know. northwestern arkansas was pelted this morning. roads and bridges flooded, and residents have been warned to use caution trying to get around. across the midwest, heavy rains may slow down, but the high water will take some time to run off. karen travers, abc news, washington. l.a., 1500 people out
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of their homes because of the fires driven by the wind. >> crazy. here we only have a few downpours. that is it. tomorrow could be more active as the cold front comes in. could be an active day with lots of showers and storms and we may have torrential downpours of our own. lapses fromis time the rooftop in arlington. looking across the city the past several hours. about an hour or so ago, the skies darken. a heavy rain squall moved across southeast bc, into northwest. that is kind of the pattern. but moreattered, widespread showers and storms. north of town, a look at the southern sections of frederick county, maryland, urbanna, cooling down. heavy rain across that section of frederick county. not far from there is barnesville, montgomery county, 74 degrees. .12 inches of rain.
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live super doppler seven radar, the band is lifting from the south to the north. millersville, up through millersville, heavy downpours, crofton, too, gambrell's. north of town, cross southern montgomery county, western howard county with heavy downpours. another batch further to the west we are watching. a few more to the northwest as you go across washington county. few and far between right now, but tomorrow, there will be more. a look because of this warm and humid air mass. haveedericksburg, they seen rain. 73 gaithersburg, cooling down. 77 at washington dulles. for the evening, scattered showers that will eventually come to an end. the temperatures hold in the 70s overnight. temperatures, the mostly in the 80s for the mid- atlantic and the northeast,
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sunshine to the north and south. 70s out to the midwest. spikes in the numbers. when you check into the central and southern plains, it is still mighty warm. for the first time i am thinking in about five days, not 100 degrees yet in dallas, but it is only 4:15, so still a chance, 99 in oklahoma city. and humid air, upper 80s tomorrow and saturday. in the humid air with the approach of the cold front from the west, showers and storms could be widespread tomorrow. this whole area developing ahead of the front with low-pressure developing along the coastline. i will eventually push the front through the day into saturday. sometimes these cold fronts are really dynamic. out the moisture and the clouds and turn bright and blue. not going to happen this time. slow-moving process, and i think the showers will and foremost area saturday morning, but when
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that happens, i think as we see in the animation for the futurecast, as we get through the day saturday, the front will be to the south and east, warm and humid, showers popping into the evening especially south and east of washington. it will be an improvement on sunday. the forecast, late tonight, showers come to an end. partly sunny in the morning. 84, thundershowers at midday. likely showers and storms through the afternoon, ending saturday, with an isolated in the afternoon. sunday improves, then back into the chance of showers again on monday and tuesday. >> ok, thank you so much. >> summertime. it could still take a couple of days before the national zoo's new arrival is before our eyes, these twin tiger cubs were born on monday. they will bond with her mother before zookeepers give them their first physical. >> she has been a great mother
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right from the get go. she was taking care of those cubs. >> the tiger cubs have not yet been named. they will go on display in the fall as part of a baby zoo. we are waiting to see if the giant panda is pregnant. the pigt is all about tonight, preseason football on abc seven and prime time. tonight, you can watch the returning world champs right here on abc 7 at 7:30, and stick around for abc news at 11:00. >> 7 on your side with a new round of crash tests. which small cars are more likely to protect you when a front end collision. >> a big-name rapper saul our story and has jumped into action to help the family of nine left homeless by a fire. >> and a local honor students
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>> small cars are big sellers these days, but some are concerned that drivers are former bulletin certain types of crashes. >> scott thuman shows us how the compact cars fared. >> it is the type of crash that happens on roadways thousands of times per year. watch closely.
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not quite head on, but the insurance institute for highway safety calls overlap frontal crashes, where part of the car's front and strikes an object. some popular small cars on the road don't make the grade in those overlap crashes. of 12 small cars put to the test, the honda civic received the top grade. the head and chest of the test dummy was protected. the airbag released on time and the structure of the car did not cave in on the driver side. the kia forte performed the worst. >> the structure collapsed. it is not doing a good job of controlling the motion of the occupant. >> the group has said they have built cars that best absorb impact in the center. a more head on crash and the left, the overlap crash on the right. the damage is much worse in the overlap crash. >> manufacturers need to figure
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out ways to better protect people inside. >> along with the honda civic, the dodge dart, ford focus, i you dialogue throughout -- hyn undai elantra also performed well. the honda civic, which received the best score, is also the top scoring car in america. the group did not test the second best-selling car in america, the toyota corolla, because the new version is coming out in the fall. journal motors, full wagon, and kia say they are reviewing the test results for their low- scoring vehicles. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> a group of leonardo da vinci's sketches are about to take flight at the smithsonian. the human flight sketches will be on display at the air and space museum through september 13 to october. it describes how da vinci thought that humans could fly
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one day. the sketches are on loan from a library in italy. it will be only the second time they have been on display in the united states. the way yourd, how baby is delivered could impact their development later in life. >> plus, a virginia teenager is missing and the mystery surrounding their disappearance. >> and a special delivery to a local senator's office today.
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>> sequestration strikes again, this time preschool children feeling the effects. >> parents marched to their local senator's office to get an answer about the education cuts that will affect headstart programs. greta kreuz has how thousands could be impacted. >> it is a 1-2 punch we are talking about. sequestration, which means 800 slots -- headrt start slots, and bigger reductions looming in the budget. through the doors, down the halls of senator tim kanes manassas office they went. >> these are the petitions that we have collected. >> more than 6000 petitions opposing cuts to virginia education programs. cut $70ess has already
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million from virginia schools through the sequester, and now paul ryan and other republicans in congress are looking to cut an additional $6.9 billion. >> affecting most deeply low income, at risk, and special needs families. this woman's daughter has down's syndrome. >> to make sure that she gets the education she deserves so she can be a functioning member of society when she gets older. >> sequestration has meant a five percent cut to head start or grams. -- two headstart programs. >> she is 15 months and she loves it. >> the kids learn developable skills and a loving environment and any cuts would be tough. >> they would have to figure out completely different alternatives to provide for her. it would be very hard. >> as for the petitions? >> we will make sure the senator
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gets word of the concern. >> and they're hoping hoping he will do something about it. aree headstart programs reducing staff or services instead of cutting slots. while the senate budget proposal that tim kanes supports would restore the sequester cuts and cut money, the house version would cut more. congress has until september 30 to hammer out a deal. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. has lefta mystery that a central virginia community on edge. the police are searching for a 17-year-old girl who just vanished. alexis murphy was last seen saturday night. she told her family she was going to lynchburg, but there was no sign of her until tuesday night when her car was found near a charlottesville movie theater. family members say murphy is not the type of girl to just disappear. you do not deserve whatever has happened to you or any of this. you're an innocent 17-year-old girl who has so much promise. >> the police do not believe
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murphy's disappearance is connected with the morgan harrington case, whose body was found two years ago after she vanished leaving a metallica concert in salads phil -- in charlottesville. another look at some of the top stories we're following. six people recovering after a fire raced through an apartment building in southeast washington . the fire broke out at 12:30 on denver street. a teenager had to jump on he went to escape the flames. six units were destroyed in the fire. the cause is under investigation. >> montgomery county police are warning residents about a new scam. an elderly woman and a man were recently duped. the scam artist approach the victims and a shopping center parking lot in north bethesda and offered them money, but stole thousands from them. >> and talking big money, three people will split the winnings from last night's powerball drawing. two winning tickets were bought
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in new jersey, one from minnesota. a million dollar ticket was sold in annandale, another was sold in dunkirk. >> and flooding across multiple states. i talked to diane sawyer about a daring rescue to save a baby that is coming up tonight on world news. it is the tale of different weather woes across the country tonight. >> fires and floods, and within the flood zone, we are with the parents whose baby was saved in an incredible rescue today. we will hear from them. also, go get your old cell phone , because we have a new way to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket. tonight, a market for real money coming up. trash, another's treasure, high tech version. watch the stories and more tonight on world news, right after abc 7 news at 6:00. moving on the northbound lanes of i to 70 in frederick. earlier the road was closed
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while workers replaced an overhead sign that was damaged in a traffic accident. this happened near i-70. maryland state police say a tractor-trailer left the roadway and hit a pole that held the sign. the tractor trailer overturned, the driver was injured. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> let's see how the traffic is flowing around the rest of the region. bob? this are starting on 270 afternoon, a couple of accidents, both out of the roadway. just volume delays at the moment. montgomery village most of the way through clarksburg, most of things are open. on the virginia side, the beltway, the woodrow wilson bridge, starting at van dorn street on the outer loop, heavy and slow, just volume delays. on the inner loop, moving out of slow around bethesda and
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silver spring. a crash on the inner loop near the baltimore-washington parkway. 66, just volume delays and traffic on i-95 on the virginia side, just volume as well. headed south through springfield and several stretches past triangle. that is the latest. back to you. up, high school kids and a hands-on classroom about the fbi. and new at 6:00, a warning about sandy cars.
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>> back in may, another media outlet profiled a senior foreign academic feet. now, they may have been left in the lurch just as the college tuition bill has come due. >> they called 7 on your side and kris van cleave is on it. >> i decided i would go to school. >> for 13 years, keith blocker had perfect school attendance. in may, he graduated fifth in his class at suitland high school and was profiled on the
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news, which prompted a phone call the family described as a miracle. son a four-year full scholarship to the college of his choice. we really thought this was a miracle. >> would be philanthropist is this man, gregory mcquain, and his offer could not have come at a better time because the family did not know how they would pay for the university of maryland. an e-mail promised an additional $1000 per month stipend. asked month, he gave the family a 1000 other check. >> he told me to hold the check until the following wednesday, which i did. he told me to keep everything he needs for school. any money that would be left out of the check, he wanted it to go to keith. >> but payment was stopped on the check, which the blocker say resulted in hundreds of dollars of bank fees they cannot afford. wo other teenagers,
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so this has devastated our budget. >> they e-mailed the man, who then promised an thousand dollars. that has not come through yet either. abc is kris van cleave, seven. he said he would bring a $1000 check to the broadcast center by 9:30 wednesday morning. he did not. we found him at his capitol hill apartment later that night. >> the scholarship money has been sent. the stop payment was not intentional. >> he blames a bank error that stopped payment on several checks and says his attorney will clear everything up today. blockert a check to ms. for $10,000. >> which they don't have. the thousand dollar check that you wrote was july 19. >> exactly. >> today is, what, august 7? >> i was away.
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as i said, goes through the attorney. >> the attorney said he had no comment on anything, refusing to even confirm if the man is his client. are waiting and wondering if this honor students college dreams are evaporating into a financial nightmare. >> he made a lot of promises, but he did not come with anything. >> we are still searching, hoping and praying for a marital. >> school starts in about three weeks. the promised scholarship means a big unanswered question. showed nohis account payments made, but the university says it is still processing incoming tuition payments. meantime, the family is hoping the man comes through, but have launched an online effort to try to raise money to pay for college. we will stay on this. next, why c-section babies could be more susceptible to development issues. >> it's amazing how people pour their hearts out. >> help pouring in for a family
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left him a spot a fire.
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>> earlier this week, we told
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you about a family from d.c. >> they lost their home to fire and were days away from being homeless, but a well-known rapper is stepping in to help. is not the only person stepping in. >> he is not. as soon as the show ended, the phone started ringing. one of the callers was the manager of rapper nas. they were watching the story and immediately decided to help. it is the power of social media. i wasgle tweet that said, " touched by the sad story of stanley young. hope this family it a marital." >> i was surprised how much they did within a couple of hours. it is so amazing to me. >> he cannot believe what has happened in just a few hours. the father of eight today was busy calling trying to find a home for his family. they were forced to move out of their northwest apartment after a fire broke out.
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just a year ago, he lost his wife, the mother of his children. >> my pride got in my way before this happened. >> the unemployed construction worker said he never wanted a handout. >> i am the father, i am the man, i have to do what i have to do to keep the family going. >> but the story ran two days ago and things quickly changed. saw it andnas moved, urging his fans to donate. >> it is amazing how people poured out their hearts. >> calls poured in, people wanting to know how to help. that you takeant it upon yourself to reach out. "this ister tweeted, the meaning of community coming together." >> she always wanted the best
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for her children. i think she is looking down on us now and showing she is with us no matter what we are going through. >> we check to the donation site. a just reached $27,000. nas promised he would donate five grand if it reached $20,000. amazing story. >> i love that. good job. >> she faced a year-long battle to win her independence. now a virginia woman with down syndrome is back in virginia, living the life she wanted to live. a judge ruled that she can choose her own course. the judge rejected her parents request for guardianship. her parents wanted to keep her in a group home, against her will. she wanted to live with her friends. they hired her to work at their thrift shop. jenny returned to work yesterday and received a warm welcome. >> how is the thrift store part
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of your home? >> i love it. i just love to be home. thank you! >> they will remain her guardians for a year, then jenny will become her own guardian. this was the first case that virginia recognized and supported a virginia -- a disabled person's ability to make their own decision. >> new information about children and allergies. research suggests the way that a baby is born may determine whether he or she gets allergies later in life. researchers found babies born naturally are less likely to develop allergies than babies born by c-section. the recent question mark babies born naturally pick up bacteria from the mother's birth now, which does not happen during the c-section. have you ever wondered why your dog yawns when you do? might be that fido feeling empathy for you. researchers found that dogs yawn or for ill play when their owner does, rather than a stranger.
5:48 pm
about half of adults experience contagious yawning, as do chimpanzees and baboons. becausenk my dog yawns he is bored. let's see what is coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan has a look ahead. >> i'm sure that is not true. reminderand emotional of the pain from war. it 140 mile journey that left service members with a defeat and tears in their eyes. what inspired their march. againstone strikes suspected terrorists in yemen, but are the strikes doing more harm than good? a local expert weighs in. >> we will see you later. >> no yawns. in the weather. today, newf
5:49 pm
information to pass along. updated their hurricane outlook the rest of the season, running through november 30, but does not really get active until august, september. namedhave been four storms so far. 6-9 will be hurricanes, 3-5 could be major hurricanes, only slightly less than their original outlook. we have a blog on the hurricane season, some background for why they're still calling for these big numbers of storms. check it out at . outside, scattered showers moving rapidly north and east of washington, closing in on baltimore. showers moving north and east of frederick, through western carroll county, the pennsylvania line, showers and storms across eastern west virginia. it will move to the east during the evening as well. reagan national, the air has cooled off.
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gaithersburg 73, quantico 85. this morning, the low was 76. i know you wonder, what is he doing, but it is interesting, i think it is, 76 was the low this morning. yesterday's high was only 74. folks, that is a value added content that tv is about. tomorrow, warm and humid, showers and storms more likely. they taper off saturday. the afternoon activities come in beautiful sunday, showers and back on monday and tuesday. back to you. >> nobody does the weather like that guy. >> nobody does football like tim brant. redskins, the the nfc east division champs, kick off their preseason tonight in nashville against the titans. get cousins is expected to most of the work with the first- team through the preseason. mike shanahan made it clear he does not intend to play rg3 at all until at least the opener against the eagle.
5:51 pm
rg3 in our all coverage since his injury, but mark your calendar, tuesday, august 27, 7 p.m. rg3 has a story to tell. it has been well-documented by nfl films. abc seven, a on state preview of rg3, a year to win. >> i just want people to see me for me. not everybody gets to decide who you are as a person. yeah, i'm rg3, the washington quarterback, but sometimes you need to know why people do what they do. >> you don't want to miss this, on and off the field, incredible video, riveting dialogue. it airs august 27 on espn. encore presentations will be seen right here on abc 7. scores were low in the first round of the pga championship after the rain softened the green.
5:52 pm
jim furyk set the pace. the greens were incredibly accepting for all shots. they were true for putts as well, five under par. two of birdie, he hit the first six holes, then he double bogeyed his final round, finishing one over par 71, 6 shots off the pace. they are in rain delay right now. a surprise from a fan. television ever likes to show fans running on the field, but reynaldo helbig i seemingly forever until security got there to take him away and escort him off the field. keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. >> was he well coming him? >> until the security comes. >> up next - >> they could be the future of
5:53 pm
the fbi, and the training is >> school does not start for a
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few weeks in virginia, but some high school students were already in the classroom today. >> in this class they are learning about fbi investigations and crime scenes. >> one more thing we are going to talk about quickly. >> you may not think the classroom is where these 45 high school students would want to spend the week ring summer vacation. but you probably have not met the students, the fbi future agents training program. they come from across america to the fbi academy in quantico to learn all they can, big and life in the fbi, including how to respond to a bank robbery and an explosion outside of a movie theater. it is all happening in the training town called hogans
5:57 pm
alley. >> did you see how tall he was? >> they're looking for clues, asking questions. some very animated volunteer actors. >> my kids, my husband's. oh, my god! >> one thing they could stress to the students, as the scenarios play out, it is not just what you say and do, it is how. >> we stress, number one, communication. >> you are calm, cool, collected. >> kennedy pierce is here from bellevue, ohio. >> i founded on the internet and said i want to do that. she wants to pursue pursue behavioral analysis and counterterrorism. we're all just working together,, trying to figure everything out. >> teamwork is the goal that matters the most. at the fbi academy in quantico, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> that is it for abc 7 news at
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5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> fears of a terror attack briefly prompted israel to shut down an airport today. incident in are matters across the globe, hours after three drone strikes in yemen. steve kennedy is following the developing story from the newsroom. >> according to officials, today's drone strikes killed 12 suspected military people. some say that signal success, the strikes are taking out terrorists. others argue they strut more bad blood and spread more conflict. today's drone strikes may have killed a number of suspected terrorists. one expert in terror
5:59 pm
organization sees the drone strikes as doing more harm than good. >> more drone strikes, more violence, more violence, more drone strikes, and the cycle of violence just goes on and on. >> he is a former pakistani tribal administrator and ambassador to the uk, now the chair of islamic studies at american university. he says the central problem has not changed since 9/11. repaired, the is violence will spill over. will continue to claim innocent lives. in that development, i'm afraid the united states will be involved in terms of innocent visitors. remain highsions and embassies remain close, an expert on jihadist violence and global security in america believes al qaeda as a whole is weakening, which reduces the immediate threat for now. >>


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