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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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little sunshine late in the day but late this afternoon and into the evening hours thundershowers will return and they could bring some heavy downpours. what about the weekend? hey, it's friday, everybody wants to know. the weekend is looking better but we can't rule out wet weather all together. i'll explain in your seven-day forecast a few minutes away. but right now from the belfort furniture weather center it's time for traffic. rob woodfork is in for amanda today, hey, rob. >> hey, there, jacqui, good morning and we're enjoying a good morning on the beltway as you can see, we're operating in the green in maryland and virginia, no incidents or accidents reported this hour. we're looking good inside the beltway on 295 coming in on pennsylvania avenue suitland parkway, should find travel lanes open. good go from annapolis and bowie. one problem in anne arundel county westbound 200, before you get to oak dale road some reports of accident activity on the right side, that's creating some delays if you are headed that way but right now in virginia we're rolling steady on
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i95 coming up from fredericksburg to dumfries, all lanes open, clocking that at 19 minutes according to our system. again, no reported incidents traveling on the beltway so should be a good roll for you there. i'm rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. jummy and scott, back to you. >> thank you, rob. new this morning a specific threat forced the state department to evacuate most personnel from the consulate in lahore, pakistan to the main embassy in islamabad. the government also warns americans to delay any travel to pakistan. officials say several foreign and indigenous terror groups are a potential danger to u.s. citizens throughout that country. >> and president obama is likely to be questioned about the global terror threat at a pre-vacation news conference today at the white house. he already knows to expect questions about the growing strain on the relationship with russia. >> we had a lot of fish to fry, if you will, with the russians.
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>> one op one meeting with president vladimir putin during a trip to russia next month, we're going to have a lot more that coming up in a live report at 6:30. >> a woman is in custody after police say she abducted her own sons and then led them on an hours-long manhunt. the two boys are now back in protective custody this morning. our john gonzalez has more on this developing story. he is live outside of d.c. police headquarters in northwest washington. john? >> jummy, a possible child abuse case turned abduction. this morning we're told the two boys are safe and sound but still a lot of questions this morning. this was a seven-hour manhunt and it all started, of all places, at children's hospital here in the district. police calling this a parental abduction. now, we want to show you a couple of photos here. this is 27-year-old mikisha funderburk. she is the mother of 5-year-old markale and 10-year-old marquis. she was last seen on surveillance video at about
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4:00 yesterday afternoon just outside children's hospital. moments after, police say, she kidnapped her own children while they were with a social worker inside the hospital. now, the boys were initially taken from their mother and brought over to the hospital because of reports that one of the boys was bruised, he had bruises on his body. now, it is unclear if the children were being seen by a physician at the moment or they were in the custody of protective services when they were taken by the mother. this, again, was around 4:00 in the afternoon. a busy hospital. one big question this morning, how was the mother able to leave the hospital with the children without being checked out? hospital officials have not returned our calls. now, we're told this morning that the mother and the boys were found somewhere in rockville. and, again, the boys have not been harmed. they are safe and sound, we're told. charges against the mother, well, they are pending. reporting live at d.c. police headquarters, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> ok, john, thank you.
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>> we are learning more this morning about the winners of the 448 million-dollar powerball jackpot. 16 employees from a new jersey county garage will split their share of that $448 million. they join a man from minnesota who stepped forward yesterday. we're still waiting to find out who owns the third ticket. that one was also sold in new jersey. >> it is 6:05 and 75 degrees outside. still ahead here on "good morning, washington," found a way for college students to pay off their student loans. >> also ahead making the first day of school smoother for a >> also ahead making the first day of school smoother for a little girl by
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"the dheocratic pay of virginia sponsored this ad." ken cuccinelli is on a mission. he wants to overturn roe v. wade, in virginia, to make all abortions illegal. cuccinelli even tried to bully the state board of health to get his way. the virginian-pilot said "the consequences of such a politically motivated precedent could be significant."
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cuccinelli's war on abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us. >> welcome back. friday morning as we take a live
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look at the u.s. capitol and you can see that flag waving pretty good this early in the day. >> a little bit of wind out there. we know, as i said earlier, we'll be playing peek i biowere the sun and peekaboo with the rain, too, jacqui. >> most of the rain comes late this afternoon, this evening, so keep that in mind for your planning purposes. this morning we just have 79 degrees in d.c. very, very warm for 6:00 and the breeze south southwest at 12 miles per hour. we should make it in the upper 80s this afternoon as the cold front gets a little bit closer. ahead of that front we're bringing in that southerly wind so that's why it's bringing our temperatures up and it's also pulling in all of that moisture as well. we should sweep this front through here i think by tomorrow and get a little bit better of a weekend. if you're traveling today there are likely delays in the northeast as well as the mid-atlantic and perhaps in the deep south because of thunderstorms and low clouds. our express forecast we're planning throughout the day, 78 degrees with the shower to
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the north at 8:00, 82 and partly sunny at noon and 82 and thundershowers possible at 5:00. the forecast is minutes away. right now our traffic information, here's rob at wtop. >> thanks a lot jacqui. looks like a lot of people started their weekend early. not seeing much in the way of volume on the roadways. 95 northbound through quantico and dale city headed for the beltway, should find all your travel lanes open and moving at speed. 95 in maryland the same story, no incidents or accidents on your way from columbia down towards college park and the beltway and the outer loop of the beltway looking good, still operating on the green there, meaning that you're moving along at speed between 95 and 270 and we'll get a live look at 270 right in the area of shady grove road, building volume there, but, again, all lanes are open and no major tieups as of now. i'm rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. let's go back to jummy and scott. >> all right, thank you, rob.
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6:10 is your time and coming up, we'll find out if adam caskey will take the plunge on the bonsai palestine. >> i've got money on it that he does. and still ahead how much does it cost to own a piece of tv history. cost to own a piece of tv history. the famous l
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>> good morning, washington. welcome back, i'm meteorologist jacqui jeras. looking at a live picture from rehoboth beach, delaware. pretty picture: our ultraviolet index is up a little bit, number nine, very high category. we should get sunshine between the clouds especially in the middle of the day. i'll have your seven-day forecast including a good look
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at the weekend a few minutes away. jummy and scott. >> ok, jacqui, thank you. a thrilling new ride at six flags features plenty of twist and turns. >> we've been waiting for this all morning long because adam caskey is at the bonsai palestine and ready to -- bonsai pipeline and ready to take the plunge. adam? >> adam caskey, 60 plus seats in the air -- feet in the air. bonsai pipeline at six flags america. pass the high test. i did take one ride down. in order to get a video, cool vantage point for you viewers at home once i get to the bottom of this. so we start by opening the capsule and there's six capsules up here, all on this platform. and so they're able to handle quite a load of people. so i'm ready to step on up and
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if you don't mind taking the microphone from me when it's time to jump in. all right, let's do it, here we go, here's the noise. there we go. here. thank you. all right, get on in your capsule. trap door at my feet. i'm standing almost vertically right now. got to cross your arms. cross your feet. head back. back, a little bit back. i hate this part. i hate this part! whoo! whoo! [laughter] >> thank you, amy, for holding the microphone. that noise, the little clunk,
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clunk, and you wait, whoosh you get thrown down. honestly you don't realize what happened till your halfway down the slide, then it gets dark and that's when it whips you around the tube. different vantage point, i was wearing a camera right before the segment and let's watch that video so you can kind of see what it's like to be inside the ride and i get in the capsule just like i showed you live on tv, looking down, the suspense is killing you and then all of a sudden, whoosh, the bottom drops out, the floor literally drops out from underneath you and you slide straight down, get whipped around a few turns and come out the bottom. it's a quick ride. so they can handle a high volume of people with the six tubes that are coming down, the six capsules and the fact that it's a pretty fast ride, you get many opportunities to ride it here. exceller rating. i got over my phobia of tube water slides this morning. not to say i'm going to be riding them very frequently in the future but this is fun, this
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is definitely exhilarating. it's 74 here at the storm chaser truck. warm and muggy the rest of the day, even on into the weekend, great warmth. great weather to enjoy the pools, water slides and hurricane harbor here at six flags. back to everybody inside. >> it looked like half a second he was at the end of the slide. >> you don't have time to get over the phobia. >> i like how there was no microphone in between so we couldn't hear him scream. >> you can get a little more adam time monday morning outside the metro station, silver spring, shades, adam will be giving them out. passing out sunglasses. >> you'll need them this weekend, finally, right? haven't heeded them a lot this whole week. but we have improvements on the way. the weekend is looking better and better all the time. this morning it's still very cloudy and very overcast and we
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do have a couple of very light showers on live super doppler you can see them into northern maryland and west virginia and winchester you're getting a little bit wet at this time as well. not terribly heavy but as i say an umbrella will be good. dry and cloudy, breaks in clouds here and there. 75 in gaithersburg, 73 in culpeper, 73 in martinsburg and the temperature in annapolis this morning is 77 degrees. we're going to stay pretty socked in in the clouds through the morning hours, midday nice break, then heavy downpours late in the day. the cold front stalled out just off to our west and that's what's been keeping us in that unsettled weather pattern. the jet stream on top of us as well. but i think we're going to make a little progress as we head through the night tonight and through tomorrow and the weekend forecast has improved. pretty good since yesterday as well. our futurecast will show you those chances of showers lingering through about the middle of the morning.
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i think it will steer clear of the metro through the morning but this afternoon you can see things will start to kick up once again. we could see heavy rain at times. .50-inch to inch an hour will be a possibility with the heavier thunderstorms and we could see standing water on the streets of the urban areas. tonight the rain pulls out but lingers to the south. i think that will be the case into early saturday morning and then into saturday afternoon, it looks like we're going to start to cool things out. i think that cold front's going to pass on through and most of saturday looks great and so does most of sunday but we can't rule out rain chances completely. here's your forecast in detail. partly sunny, showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, 85-90 degrees. tonight mostly cloudy, showers and thundershowers possible, mainly this evening. 68-75. and our seven-day forecast here, showing i tomorrow we'll see partly cloudy skies. stray shower to the south possible and then only a 20% chance of afternoon thunderstorms on sunday so the weekend overall looking good but we'll be wet again to start next
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week. that's a look at your forecast, it's friday, the commute, things starting to pick up in volume, rob, what's happening? >> not too much on the interstates, jacqui, we're ?axz there, 70, travel lanes open, no problems, building in volume right around 109 but, again, looks like it's clocking at 57 miles per hour so not quite slowing you down just yet but certainly on the way. right now 267, the toll road moving along at speed if you have a morning flight out of dulles shouldn't have any traffic issues to slow you down. 66 running well in both directions between gainesville and falls church, 395 should be already headed to the 14th street bridge. may have some trouble on route 110 northbound near marshall drive, got a report of one overturn with delays coming off i-66. i'm rob woodfork from the wtop traffic center, let's go back to jummy and scott. >> stocks have snapped a three-day losing streak.
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>> that's right and the love boat has sailed its final voyage. here's "america's money" with diana perez. >> good morning. topping "america's money," stocks opened higher this morning after snapping a three-day free fall. the dow and s&p 500 were up yesterday on good news about jobs. taxpayers 10 billion-dollar check from sallie mae and that means it's paid 90% of 117 billion-dollar bailout during the housing collapse. the ncaa is redesigning its official online store as it stopped selling football jerseys and other school-specific merchandise. it comes amid a lawsuit in which the ncaa is fighting current and former athletes over the images and likenesses. the final asking price for a piece of tv history. the love boat cruise ship has taken its final voyage to a wrecking yard in europe where it's returned to scrap. the centerpiece of that hit show. male narrator: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial and join
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male narrator: commemorate the war of 1812 our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial and join
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commemorate the war of 1812 our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores.
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visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. >> around the nation anthony weiner is in fourth place now in the race for new york mayor according to a new "new york times" poll. the city council speaker christine quinn in first place and has the support of sydney leathers, the woman behind the sexting scandal with weiner. >> president obama is expected to sign the bipartisan bill slashing interest rates on student loans. stafford loans interest rates doubled on the 1st. >> great story here. a 5-year-old california girl starting kindergarten next week is about to get her wish. >> that's right. alexia berry has leukemia and lost her hair during
6:26 am
chemotherapy. all she wants now is hair. her father, though, couldn't afford to pay more than $1,000 for natural hair pieces from a salon. salon employees decided to raise the money themselves to pay for them and make alexis' wish to come true. >> great to see. >> 6:27, still another half hour of "good morning, washington." >> the redskins kicked off their preseason but the ravens may not >> the redskins kicked off their preseason but the ravens may not have mad
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>> straight ahead at 6:30, waking up to a new terror and travel alert for americans overseas. this time in pakistan. >> plus president obama addresses the strained relationship with russia that some consider the worst since the cold war.
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>> you've heard of a message in a bottle, now an artist is sending a message in a can. four-course meal. "good morning, washington," friday, august 9th, i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. we'll start over with weather, head over to jacqui jeras for our forecast, good morning, jacqui. >> good morning, guys. another cloudy start. a few showers this morning, lots of clouds, peeks of sunshine, heavy rain in the afternoon, yeah, we've heard that story before, that's what we've been seeing all week. showers in west virginia and northern maryland. they're all very light and i do think they'll stay away from the metro area this morning and then we'll watch for development late in the day. so warm and muggy once again, feeling very humid and sticky. afternoon showers will be heaviest late today and into the evening hours and those downpours could cause a little bit of standing water on the roadways. the weekend forecast has been looking iffy all week long but it's starting to look better.
6:31 am
rain not ruled out all together but sunshine in your seven-day. details from the belfort furniture weather center in just a few minutes, first amanda starting the weekend a little bit early so rob woodfork joins us from wtop. >> she's not the only one, if you're commuting in anne arundel county, crash 59 southbound near 178 near the hawkins road overpass, causing delays as you make your way, too, 50, 50 itself bowie annapolis, clear. 295 no problems toward the 11th street bridge but reports out of arlington county of a crash near 110 near marshall drive that has all the lanes reportedly blocked in one direction heading to crystal city to 66, although lanes are open, access from 66 to 110 is blocked so you need to make alternate plans. 95 moving along well through
6:32 am
virginia, everything up to speed between stafford and dumfries, in fact, you're getting from one point to the other there in 12 minutes, approximately. i'm rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. let's go back to jummy and scott. >> thank you, rob. new this morning, the state department evacuated most personnel from the consulate in lahore, pakistan, to the main embassy in islamabad because of what they say is a specific threat. the government also warns americans to avoid traveling in pakistan. officials say several terror groups are a potential danger to u.s. citizens throughout that country. >> well, we expect to hear from president obama about the terror threats. during a news conference at the white house today, he's also expected to address the frosty relations with russia. our brianne carter has more on that, she's live outside the white house this morning. bri? >> good morning to you, jummy. we expect this is going to be one of the first chances for reporters to be able to question the president on a host of different issues including the
6:33 am
terror alert as well as the relationship between the u.s. and russia. as you may recall last week president obama cancelling his scheduled one-on-one meeting with russian president vladimir putin for september. now, we understand, according to the white house, that they cited several different reasons as to why this may have happened, saying significant progress on a wide array of issues had been made. and we do expect that they will expand on this later today during the press conference. one of these issues we know is syria and the two sides very different on that. now, other people say that they believe that putin's decision to grant temporary asylum to edward snowden may have been the tipping point. >> you can say that edward snowden is the straw that broke the camel's back, kind of the factor that sent this relationship from frosty to deep freeze but the fact of the matter is the past few months have been spectacularly unproductive.
6:34 am
>> and so we understand that this is coming on the same day that there will be other talks here in washington about the relationship between u.s. and russia. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart will be meeting later today at the state department. now, the president's press conference is currently scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon. this all coming before he heads out of town for a week-long vacation. resort reporting live outside the white house, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> bri, thank you. in other news a court battle edward snowden uses to shut down. the company's owner said he suspended operations after soul-searching. he allowed members to send e-mails impossible to read without a password. >> leading police on a manhunt that lasts hours. the woman allegedly took her children from a local hospital. john gonzalez is right outside police headquarters in northwest with more on what's happening. john?
6:35 am
>> scott, a possible child abuse case here turned abduction and this morning still a lot of questions. we're told the two boys that were taken are safe and sound this morning but this was a seven-hour manhunt and it all started of all places at children's hospital in the district. d.c. police calling this a parental abduction. 27-year-old mikisha funderburk you see there, she's the mother of 5-year-old markale and 10-year-old marquis, she was last seen at the hospital on surveillance video just outside of the hospital at around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday, just moments after police say she was kidnapped -- she kidnapped her own children while they were in the custody of a social worker there at the hospital. now, we're told the boys were initially taken from the mother and brought to the hospital because of a report one of the boys had bruises on them. it's unclear if the children at that moment when they were taken
6:36 am
were seen by a figures or in the custody of child protective services but this happened at 4:00 in the afternoon at busy children's hospital. one big question this morning -- how was the mother able to leave the hospital with the two children without being cleared. hospital officials have not returned our calls. we're told the children and the mother were found in rockville somewhere, in rockville, montgomery county. the boys, again, not harmed. the mother, well, charges are pending this morning. reporting live at d.c. police headquarters, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> johnny, thank you. 6:37 your time and the redskins, they're back and they opened their preseason by squeaking out a 22-21 win over the titans. >> robert griffin iii dressed, he was warming up during the pregame upped but the coach kept his word not having him start. curt cousins. pat white.
6:37 am
beautiful play by pat white as he converts a two-point attempt avoiding overnight. good for him. >> a little bit up the road the reigning super bowl champions baltimore ravens blew out the buccaneers. joe flacco had a good opening night. pierce had the highlight night in the rainy and sloppy conditions, you see there, great run for a 20-yard touchdown but he may have injured his knee so we'll keep you updated on that one. >> hmm. all right, 6:38, 74 at least and still ahead on "good morning, washington," the fcc tries to cut down on the bills for prisoner phone calls. >> also ahead usher is heading to court to fight to keep his kids. we'll be right back.
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>> 6:42 on this friday morning, we're happy because we've got some good weather on the way. >> yeah. >> and we're taking a live look earlier at the capitol. remember that shot the flags waving. >> we have a breeze, that helps especially when the humidity is high. my goodness, weather you can wear, give me a break, right? but look at this beautiful picture, isn't that gorgeous this morning, 6:17 the official sunrise time. 79 degrees is our temperature starting out our day extremely warm. we've got a few showers, live super doppler~7 showing we've got a few of them there in the panhandle of west virginia and few in maryland but it hasn't amounted to much and it should stay out of the metro area i think this morning. but later on this afternoon
6:42 am
things are going to starts to kick off again and we could see heavy downpours. the best opportunity for that will be between 3:00 and 8:00 this evening. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. what about that weekend forecast? i'll have it for you when i see you again. hopefully good news on the roads this morning. amanda is out and rob woodfork is in there, hey, rob. >> jacques, bad news on 270. headed northbound near middle brook road, a reported vehicle fire with a possible crash in the right lane. if you stay to the left, you should be able to get by with minimal, if any, delay but, again, that right lane tied up near middle brook road so use caution there. no reported incidents on 395 orr 66 headed into the town but route 110 near marshall drive closures associated with an overturned vehicle. delays 66 getting into rosslyn and access 66 to it 10 is -- 1
6:43 am
hen limited if not blocked. 66 outside the beltway moving along steady, no reported incidents or problems there. continue to expect delays in anne arundel county, the crash after 178 blocking the left lane at last report. i'm rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. jummy and scott, back to you. >> all right, thank you, rob. coming up, beyonce stirring up a social media frenzy. >> as she always does. plus a message toward a 12-course meal and it's all in a
6:44 am
>> 6:45 is the time on this friday morning. happy friday, everybody. we've got a very warm and muggy start. if you're thinking about the beach this weekend, live picture
6:45 am
of rehoboth beach, pretty cloud, 78 degrees. ultraviolet index, breaks in sunshine, uv index up to nine, high category, sunburn in 20 minutes. lather up if you're hitting the beaches for today. weekend forecast minutes away, back to you, jummy. >> jacqui, thank you. heading around the region now, the lincoln memorial green paint could be cleaned up today. crews are almost done and the park service says they're removing the scaffolding. several monuments were vandalized with a woman who has been charged with defacing the nat cathedral. >> ken cuccinelli and terry mcauliffe will answer questions from a business panel in manassas. the battlegrounds forum sponsored by several control chambers of commerce, 10:00 a.m. at the performing arts center. >> the federal communications commission is expected to
6:46 am
approve limits on how much companies are charge for inmates to make phone calls. today's vote would limit charges for 21 cents a minute for debit or prepaid call and 25 cents minute for direct calls. families have been pushing for set rates. they usually pay for the bills to speak with loved ones. police searching for a man who killed a man on wheeler road 8:00. the suspect believed to be wearing a white tee shirt and red ball cap. >> police investigating an accident involving one of their cruisers. late thursday night on university boulevard at east wayne avenue in silver spring. the cruiser and another car collided. we're told there were no serious injuries. >> around the nation, 6:47, following a very kind of disturbing story out of south florida where police say a man shot his wife and then posted a picture of her body on facebook.
6:47 am
prosecutors charged 31-year-old derek hudena with first-degree murder after police say he confessed to killing his wife in self-defense. the crime scene photo was up for more than five hours before facebook removed it. >> a man suspected of kidnapping a 16-year-old california girl may have rigged his car with explosives. police are now looking for james dimaggio and hannah anderson up and down the west coast as well as mexico and british columbia. the bodies of the andersons' mother and possibly her younger brother were found in dimaggio's burned out home. >> the huge wildfire in southern california is now 20% contained. the fire destroyed more than 26 homes and is threatening about 500 others. about 1800 people have been forced to evacuate that area. that blaze broke out wednesday afternoon about 90 miles east of los angeles and it spread pretty quickly and now covers 22 square miles but it's still unclear what started this fire. >> days after usher's son nearly drowned in a backyard pool the
6:48 am
boy is now at the center of a custody dispute. the singer's ex-wife requested an emergency hearing that the judge scheduled for today. the 5-year-old got stuck in a pool drain, if you'll recall and nearly drowned. tamika filed for sole custody earlier this year saying usher travels too much to watch their two children of the singer was not home at the time of monday's accident. >> we haven't seen this much made out of the new hairstyle since the first lady debuted her bangs. >> leave it up to beyonce. she debuted a pixie shorter haircut, she put it on her instagram page. the new look shows a lot of confidence. speaking of beyonce her husband jay-z was in town with a concert with justin timberlake. >> some of us got to see them. >> i was there. talking about weather we got a nice bit of rain before and
6:49 am
after the show. >> it was right when jay-z was singing a song. >> "cry me a river." >> the effects. >> that's what jacqui said. >> timingwise for the rain today it's going to be a lot like what we saw yesterday. 3:00 is when we had the heaviest of downpours. this morning we're mostly dry. sprinkles up to the north. 79 in d.c. and then we see that sunshine peeking at us again today so it's going to be in and out of that cloud cover, once again, today. our temperature in frederick this morning, winchester good morning, 73, 73 in culpeper, 78 in quantico and we're 75 degrees at dulles airport this morning. so the clouds stocked in once again today. you can see the showers pushing in from the west. i think most of that action won't come until after the noon hour, once again, this frontal boundary has just been out there
6:50 am
the last couple days and keeping us in this warm and muggy air mass with occasional little disturbances triggering the showers and thunderstorms. that cold front should be making some progress now throughout the day today and we finally see a little bit of hope down the line for your weekend. it looks like that front's going to pass through late tonight into early tomorrow hoping it's not going to stall on top of us so that brings more certainty than normal for our weekend forecast but here's our best thinking at this point. the showers stay to the north this morning. then this afternoon they become more widespread all across the area with those heavy downpours. as we head into the overnight hours maybe just a few light showers lingering to the south and i think that will be the case in the early part of saturday but by saturday afternoon i think we'll see a fair amount of clearing and the front stays to the south and so overall the weekend is looking a lot better. your forecast today, partly sunny, showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. 58-90 degrees. tonight mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms possible, 68-75. tomorrow maybe a stray shower to
6:51 am
the south. otherwise a partly cloudy day, 89 degrees, isolated shower possible on sunday. look at that most of the weekend looks decent. rain returns early next week and the temperatures will cool down a little bit. let's find out what's happening with traffic this morning. rob is in, hey, rob. >> hey, there, jacqui. we have problems in i-270 near middle brook road. accident activity in the middle lane. you can exit on middle brook road after the incident. expect to see some light delays as you approach the scene. southbound travel, though, should find all the travel lanes open. we're actually moving at above average speed so good news for the southbound commuters. right now 110 near marshall drive in arlington still dealing with the accident activity, overturned vehicle there blocking access from 66 on to 110 so that's if not all the way blocked certainly limited. expect to see delays and follow detours if they are, in fact, still in place there. 97 southbound after route 178
6:52 am
continue to watch for the accident activity along the left side. remember, you can get all of this information and more on 103.5 fm wtop in your car, traffic on the 8's here on wtop. rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. jummy and scott? >> and a good friday morning to all of you. coming up here an abc news exclusive to bring you a remarkable story of the fbi reopens a nearly 50-year-old mystery, a case involving kidnapping and his taken identity. the story coming up right now after months of work by barbara walters, brian ross and so many great folks here at abc news, barbara's going to join us this morning with more on that incredible story. the man you just saw there. and kenny chesney in the park. lots to get to this friday. that's all coming next right here on "good morning america." >> looking forward to it, thank you, josh. 6:53 now and that means it's time for the friday express. >> here's what you need to know before you go. the metro track will slow things
6:53 am
down for riders red, orange and blue lines. minor service change will impact the greenbelt station on the green and yellow lines. >> 66th annual montgomery county fair begins today in gaithersburg that features food, rides and contests. and pig races and the lawn mower races. it runs through the 17th. >> new jersey workers say a group of 16 workers will divvy up the powerball jackpot. we're waiting for the other winning ticket in new jersey to step forward. a minnesota man claimed his part of the jackpot yesterday. >> here's a look at today's top stories. >> john gonzalez is live in northwest. john. >> scott, two boys allegedly kidnapped by their own mother have been found, according to d.c. police, a social worker yesterday took the boys to children's hospital after reports of possible abuse. well, the mother, 27-year-old mikisha funderburk, seen here on surveillance video, went to the
6:54 am
hospital and took them back. all three were found late last night in rockville after a seven-hour search. brianne. >> john, president obama barack obama holding a press conference this afternoon here at the white house. reporters will get a chance to ask the president over a number of big issues happening over the past couple weeks including the latest terror threat. we expect another big issue, the relations between u.s. and russia. as you know, president obama cancelling that scheduled one op one meeting with president vladimir putin scheduled in accept september. it will be held at 3:00 this afternoon. jacqui. >> well, the clouds and the sunshine mixed together, again, a stray shower to the north this morning otherwise partly sunny at 9:00 and 73 degrees by noon. partly sunny, muggy, 82 and showers and thundershowers expected late this afternoon and into the evening hours, rob. >> jacqui, continue to watch out
6:55 am
for the crash on 270 northbound near middle brook road. that was blocking the right lane at last report. we have a live shot of the beltway, you should find all lanes open. i'm rob woodfork from the wtop traffic center. back to you guys. >> rob, thank you. kobe beef, ricotta, salad, bread and pie, sounds like a pretty good meal. >> not bad, right? now imagine those ingredients and many more all in one can. here it is. although don't worry, look, this isn't coming to a store near you anytime soon. it's actually something you cannot buy because it's one artist's commentary on how he says companies bombard people with gimmicks that, quote, diminish their products to turn a profit. hmm. >> that looks so horrible. i couldn't imagine trying to eat something like that. >> i'm trying not to look at it because, you know -- >> it's probably got -- it was
6:56 am
like of like where you chewed the gum and every single flavor, right? >> end the day on an exciting note. adam caskey is live at six flags with some fun. hey, adam. >> good morning, i'm having a blast here with my friend bugs and tweety. i rode the bonzei pipeline. i have a vantage point of what it looks like. you hop in the tube, looking down at my feet, the suspense waiting the floor to drop out. and you hear a clunk, clunk, and whoosh, the george, the friendly lifeguard sent me down the slide. it gets pitch black in the middle and that whips you arounds and you feel g forces into
6:57 am
6:58 am
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our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. good morning, america. and breaking now, floods and fires across the u.s. massive downpours overnight, causing dangerous flooding in 16 states. this walmart under water. dozens rescued, including this baby. meanwhile, hundreds of homes are now threatened in the west. breaking overnight. 16 county garage workers in new jersey, set to come forward as the newest powerball millionaires right now. but get this. they are back at work this morning, with their golden ticket. and actress rhea remini, taking her battle to a whole, new level. a showdown with the church of scientology.


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