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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the nsa programs would have happened. gate, president obama announced a series of reforms for the controversy all nsa surveillance program. >> we can and must be more transparent. >> including a civil liberties officer at the nsa, a high-level commission to review the intelligence program, and coordination with congress to review the program that collects telephone records. >> it is not enough for me as president to have confidence in these programs. the american people need to have confidence in them as well. >> the president insisted the changes would have taken place even if edward stone in -- even if edward snowden did not leak the nsa programs. >> i think we would have gotten to the same place. >> but do the surveillance reforms vindicate snowden? he has been charged with three felonies, it and if you think c
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is innocent, the president said he should return to the u.s. and stand trial. >> there were other avenues available for somebody's tensions were stirred and thought they needed to question government actions. week, the white house said edward snowden was a factor in the decision not to meet one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin next month. but he was not the only one. the president said the u.s. russian agenda has stalled. it is not personal. >> i don't have a bad a personal relationship with putin. when we have conversations, they are candid, blunt, constructive. president obama heads off on a week long summer vacation. big battles over health care and the budget are looming when he gets back. more on theave much impact of the most recent round of terror alerts on our area coming up at 6:00. pled guilty to
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trying to blow up the federal reserve in new york will spend the next three years in prison. a judge handed down the sentence today to 22-year-old quasi- knotty. guilty toy, he pled trying to detonate a bomb with 1000 pounds of what he said were high explosives. the components were all fake. he had bought them in an fbi sting operation. in a letter to the judge, he said he was sorry. >> two bodies have been found but not recovered after a small plane crashed into an east haven, connecticut, neighborhood this morning. the pilot and two children who were inside one of the homes that were hit are still missings call. it took off from new jersey earlier today. there is a search for answers tonight after a woman abducted
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her road shoulder from children's national medical center in northwest washington, according to the police. the two young boys were there with a social worker who were concerned the boys might have been abused. jennifer donelan has more on what happened and what she found out about the mother's past. jen? >> maureen, that possible child investigation is the part the authorities cannot speak on at the time. they cannot tell us if the children were being physically abused, and if so who was doing the abusing. what happened yesterday when the mother showed up at the hospital began in all out area manhunt. in the midst of an investigation into possible child abuse, this 27-year-old woman is accused of stealing her own sons away from children's national medical center. police sources say the two boys, ages five and 10, wherein the custody of a social worker from the child services agency when they were kidnapped. >> me and my daughter pulled up to bring my grandson to the
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emergency room and there were a bunch of police cars. >> police sources say the social worker brought the boy to the hospital for valuation after one of them was found with bruising on his body. a spokesperson said the boys were not with their mother when they were picked up, so it was not clear how she knew they were at children's. she explained the social worker had just walked in the hospital with the boys and was checking at the welcome desk when the mother walked in, snatched the younger son, and walked away with both boys to her car just outside the door. >> it was crazy. to have so many police, especially in the hospital, and somebody to take kids like that. >> the social worker chased after the mother, as did security guards, but the three were gone. records in the district and prince george's county show that she has an arrest record, including prostitution and assault charges. for six hours, law enforcement scoured the area. just after 10:00 last night, adc police fbi task force located
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the mother and her son's at this apartment building in the heart of downtown rockville. the boys were taken back into protective custody and the woman was released pending the outcome of the now kidnapping investigation against her. we attempted to reach the mother , through her attorney. he was trying to reach out to her as well to see if she wanted to tell her side of the story. children's national medical center said the children were not registered as patients and were not in the care of children's national at the time of the event. reporting live from northwest, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. sincehas been six days alexis murphy disappeared from a gas station near charlottesville. car has7-year-old's been found, but no signs of alexis. now time is of the essence and the fbi is hoping surveillance pictures will speed the search. steve chenevey is on the story. sincehas been six days
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she disappeared, but time is critical for investigators who know the first few days are critical in any missing persons investigation. her last contact was six days ago at a gas station. investigators say even though it has been all most a week, they are not slowing down their search. the command center, they are searching by foot and helicopter, going over credit card transactions and surveillance video. >> she loved life. people love to be around her. aunt iss murphy's trying to understand what happened to her niece, somebody she describes as fun-loving but when not just disappear. >> when she was running late for curfew, she would call and say i am running 10 minutes behind, i will be home soon. for her just to go and not call is completely out of character. since has not called
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saturday, when surveillance video place to rent this gas station a few miles from home. the worker said that she saw alexis talking to a man at the pump before she drove away. a few miles away, investigators have combed a wooded area, searching houses where near her cell phone last give up a set of all. i guess they were looking for her. >> while the vehicle turned up a few days ago, 25 miles away insure lutz bill, investigators have not found her cell phone or any sign of her. >> we cannot give up. andely on our faith in god that she is with her wherever she is and he is keeping her safe and he is going to help her find her way home. >> investigators have been focusing their search on the country road where the last cell phone signal came from and across route 29, and a wooded area, an old logging road. another search happening a few counties away today.
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that search continues. investigators know the this is a critical point and they do not want to let up. the last time she was heard from was saturday. that is also the last time she tweeted. she had more than 12,000 followers and she tweeted several dozen times per day, saturday the last one. as for any connection with the disappearance a few years ago in charlottesville, morgan harrington, who was later found dead, at this point the police are not saying if there was any link between the two. reporting live from virginia, steve chenevey, abc 7 news. need yourria police help identifying two suspects involved in a series of commercial burglaries. the suspects in the surveillance to gain entryorce into the businesses across the region. these occurred between july 29 of themst 3, it in all during the middle of the night. anybody with information is asked to contact the police. >> arlington county police are
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investigating another tire slashing spree. the tires of 10 vehicles were/just today in the arlington view neighborhood. the police found a screwdriver nearby they say may have been used. the police are looking into whether the slashings are related to the tire slashings two weeks ago of 60 vehicles. >> the redskins preseason is getting off on the right foot after a win against the titans in tennessee last night. rg3 wasdespite the fact on the sidelines. holmes is in bethesda with reaction to the win, courtesy of the backup quarterback. you know that redskins fans love a good quarterback controversy. no doubt this season, though, iii isobert griffin roman the starting quarterback once he is ready to play, but meantime they are enjoying the backup. the redskins are finally back, playing real football games
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again. the talk after the exhibition game is all about the quarterback. not named robert griffin iii. >> kirk cousins. >> kirk cousins could very well start the regular season at quarterback. if griffin's surgically repaired knee is not ready to go. fan say after last nights performance, it looks like cousins is up to task. in the surprise of the game, the player must fans wanted to talk about today. >> i like the quarterback at the end. before lastl bad, night, no redskins fans knew who pat white was. >> he was very surprising, quick on his feet. >> he is a former west virginia quarterback who has been out of football the last couple of years. the skins signed him in the off- season. he did his best rg3 impression to bring the kids back from a one-point victory, opening a lot of eyes. wei think if rg3 is injured,
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have another quarterback who can step in and fill his shoes. >> are you excited? >> absolutely. 13-3. >> fans once again with high hopes for the really season, confident that the guy playing most -- playing the most important position on the football field. but -- >> i think we need rg3. >> we won't see him anytime soon. we will see the rest of the guys up close a week from monday. exhibition game number two is at fedex against the pittsburgh steelers. i've from bethesda, horace holmes, abc 7 news. sports, britt in mchenry will have the latest on the redskins, including the first preseason game. , the already contentious race in virginia's next governor gets kicked up another notch. came justate who short of calling his opponent a money launder. >> a retired woman pays out
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$25,000 for her and her friends to fly to las vegas but that nowhere. she turned to 7 on your side. >> plus, floods turning deadly out west. he could get worse before it gets better. >> no progress in the effort to contain a wildfire.
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>> more than two dozen homes are in ruins tonight after a fast- moving fire in southern california that has consumed more than 25 square miles and threatening more than 500 homes east of palm springs. six people have been injured, five of them firefighters. at last check, the fire was only 25% contained. in the heart of the nation is being blamed for at least four deaths tonight, including that of a four-year- old boy. people are risking their lives to perform dangerous rescues. storms are a staple of the summer, but in the southern plains they're adding stream. because the jetstream is much further south this time of year, we are seeing this pattern set up across oklahoma, kansas, and southern missouri. a pattern that dumped two feet of rain on missouri in the past
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week, from oklahoma to maine, a soggy path of destruction. roads turn to likes, fields of crops submerged, entire neighborhoods destroyed. >> a lot of people lost everything. >> the floodwaters leave their mark. on the inside, it is a scramble to clean up. >> just open the doors and let it run out. >> the surge of water in this town was so strong it overturned a refrigerator. if we don't find suitable housing, we could lose our foster child. >> the flood has left at least three people dead. some are not heeding the warning. this kansas man in the water telling would-be rescuers to go away. he was forced out and put under arrest. forecasters say the flood threat is real. storm clouds may have more soaking rain. plains havesouthern been under extreme drought, but there is only one way to get rid of extreme drought, and that is heavy rain. more than a dozen flood watches
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over the weekend. experts say if you live in a low-lying area, you need to remain on alert. >> look like another tough week and for those folks. >> the pattern continues with likely more storms. we have had some good downpours, heavy storms. i thought they would be a lot more widespread today. a really neat animation from the weatherbug camera in laurel, st. vincent kolodny high school. the clouds cap rolling in from the west. getting darker and darker, increasing into a thunderstorm. thunderstorm, heavy rain, strong, gusty wind. then he clears for a second. the next batch comes in. look at this, capturing the lightning strike. pretty cool, huh? werehappened the moment we doing to freeze frame for the animation. can a lucky hit there. the storm continued on its way out and we saw not so much
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to theg what an end rain. all of that has advanced to the east. 15 minutes ago, smacking into the naval academy in annapolis, the next weatherbug camera. the rain still flying, some lights out along the severn river, the bay is pretty much obscured. that is the area of heavy rain right now. doppler radar, annapolis, across the bay bridge, kent island, stevenson phil -- stephenville, that is where heavy downpours are. wind, aal rain, gusty lot of lightning spread over the bay. probably not a pleasant time to be driving across the bay bridge. that's just me. i would have somebody drive for me thomas save it for another day. in dunkirk, calvert county, clinton, brandywine, prince george's county. another storm to the south, across stafford county, headed towards quantico. there are storms there, but not
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a lot. the ones that are are producing rain are producing a lot. the cold front shows it very visibly on the radar, all the way back into kentucky. this front and its location tomorrow is the key to the weekend weather. starting monday, we had the weather friday, saturday, sunday, now it looks like the front will come through. now the question is how far will a get. we suspect it will cut across southern st. mary's county, north of richmond. that is important because the closer to the front is where the storms pop tomorrow. upperl still be warm, 80s, sunshine, tomorrow's rain chances will be south of washington. checked the temperatures. 93 at reagan national right now, 89 degrees annapolis. cooler with rain in frederick. still 92 in fredericksburg. factor in the heat index, based on the dew point, it feels like 102 in washington, culpeper,
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extreme heat, but it is only temporary. the air temperatures behind the front have dropped. 76 degrees in pittsburgh. changes are coming and i think the timing will be ok. to the southeast, warm and humid. another day of 100 degrees in dallas. refreshing dry air across the great lakes. it is a matter of waiting for the front to cross through. showers storms diminish overnight, ending. tomorrow, better shape come best chance of storms tomorrow south of washington, as indicated on the stormscan, improving weather on sunday. it little better weather tomorrow, most of the area will be rain-free. some rain on sunday and monday. this will be referring -- replaced by another cold front tuesday, x chance of storms around the area. sixoy behar wrapped up years as host of "the view" today. your highlights of her appearances and special guests
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meredith vieira, joan rivers, regis philbin, and joan bennett. she joined the show in 1997 and today she gave a special thanks to the woman who started the show, barbara walters. >> what can i say, barbara? tank you for asking me to join you at the table all these years. my life has not been the same sense, a really has not. you're such a legend and friend of mine. >> joy behar has not said what she plans to do next and there is no word on who will replace her on "the view." >> coming up tonight on "shark tank," entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for new twist on online dating, followed by a test of the human psyche, and then with0," ordinary people extraordinary luck, followed by abc seven news at 11:00. >> coming up, the new college semester is about to begin and brings with it a lot of risk. what local colleges are doing to help students from being hurt
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during what is being called this. the twoations fly as men vying for virginia governor appear together in manassas. >> >> tonight, a woman had to tell
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her friends and family that vacation is all. >> this after she spent more than $25,000. she contacted 7 on your side and stephen tschida tried to get to the bottom of this. >> she feels awful. r fries gave her money that she used to book a trip to l vegas. the night comes he is informing friends they are going nowhere and their money is gone. this is a list of all the people who were supposed to be going. >> they were looking forward t a few fun filled vase in vegas. >> was supposed to be monday, august 12. >> yeah, this monday. she contacted a travel agent. is just a feway days off and friends are asking if she has the tickets. >> we have nothing. >> she said she figured the trip fell through, but what about the money. both parties agree she paid more
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than $25,000. we went to the home of the travel agent. when we arrived, he did not want to talk. we asked the woman who opened the door some questions. why are they going on the trip? >> why? sure. >> where is the money. 7 pressed, henry russell, who claims to own the agency, wanted to meet in virginia. when we got there, the address did not exist. where is the money now? russell eventually called us back. he said he subcontractor with another traveled agent who made a mistake and the trip had to be canceled. he said the other agent has the money and he is trying to get it back. meanwhile, the woman is stuck trying to tell her friends, some who took vacation and arranged eldercare, to forget about the trip. >> very disgusted and mad. people want their money back. >> after russell spoke with us, waters said he called her and
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asked if she would agree to a refund in installments. she says the friends want their money now. we will keep you posted. austria? of the most, one recognizable and powerful people in the world a victim of discrimination? herh says that a clerk told something. >> the latest on a condition the police say was injured during a shootout. >> and so for the race for governor in virginia has been nasty.
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>> three months from election day in virginia and the gloves have come off in the race for virginia. as aat has been described nasty campaign escalated today at a foreman manassas. jeff goldberg has more from the newsroom. nastiness keeps getting more amplified. today, no exception. this round of debate was sponsored by four northern virginia chambers of commerce. the candidates met on stage together. each spent a lot of time bashing the other. >> with me, you know what you get. >> what we got today from ken
5:31 pm
cuccinelli was probably the harshest line of attack yet against democrat terry mcauliffe. >> he is an unindicted co- conspirator in a union election, money laundering case. ken cuccinelli-- repeatedly met in the investigation. between as a choice rigid ideology and compromise. >> terry mcauliffe who addressed a group of business leaders stepped up with a familiar line of attack against his opponent, labeling and anti-gay, anti- woman ideologue who likes to campaign on jobs. >> he focuses on divisive, sociological agendas. criticizedauliffe can cucina lay for opposing the metro expansion, and can cucina lay -- and can cucina lay criticized mcauliffe. >> there are problems with the truth. >> both candidates show they
5:32 pm
have one thing in common, pulling the other guy desperate. >> he is on the wrong side of every issue, so all he can do is personal attacks. thell he is left with is negative case of attacking me. he's doing that very thoroughly. >> mcauliffe today once again i to payon cuccinell back $18,000 in gifts that he received from a ceo, the man at the center of the scandal involving governor bob mcdonald. when asked by reporters, cuccinelli said paying back money something he cannot do from the from the perspective of his family budget. >> before we let you go, speaking of governor mcdonnell, news tenet of another potential scandal coming to light? >> the washington post is reporting that a radiologist from virginia beach is owed $50,000 to a real estate company by mcdonald -- by governor
5:33 pm
mcdonnell and his sister was later offered a board appointment. he turned down the appointment and said he does not believe the offer was related to the loan. the scandals continue for governor mcdonnell. >> thank you very much, jeff. a police shootout in waldorf. a suspect was critically injured at his home on lancaster circle. deputies were trying to serve him with a search warrant when they say the man walked out with a semi automatic rifle and opened fire. the authority say that started a shootout. the man was hit multiple times. >> there were probably about 15 shots, then the police returned fire. houses had to be evacuated. deputies initially thought other people were inside the home, but turns out the man was alone. no word on his identity. fbi is hoping surveillance photos will help find a missing 17-year-old girl.
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alexis murphy poss family has not seen her for six days. said that she planned to drive to lynchburg. her car was found in a charlottesville parking lot, but there was no signs of her. afterung boys are safe their mother allegedly kidnapped them from children's national medical center. the police in the boys were in a social workers custody because of concerns they were being abused. the mother reportedly snatched the boys from the hospital lobby and quickly fled with him in a car. the police later located them at a rockville apartment and took the boys back into custody. a nearlyent obama held hour-long press conference this afternoon before heading on a week long vacation. he laid out a plan to make the nsa surveillance program more transparent for the american people. yell so spoke about edward snowden, saying he is not a patriot and has been charged with three felonies. and we will hear much more about the president's news conference coming up tonight on world news. i spoke with diane sawyer about
5:35 pm
what else we can expect. >> hello, the flash floods continue to strike across this country tonight. oneill show you how quickly can come around the corner and bury a car. that you couldw be allergic to a be staying at any age even if you never were before? tonight, stick with us. we will show you three things that you can do to make sure you do not get stung by a bee, and that is coming up. >> watch those stories and more tonight on world news, right here after abc 7. >> it is time to check the friday evening traffic. bob and learned within the wto p traffic center. >> friday afternoon and spot showers have kept traffic very slow. a lot of heavy volume, just on the beltway, kenilworth avenue. slow in each direction, all lanes open, no incidents.
5:36 pm
95 virginia, heavy volume. there is a crash southbound in newington on the right side. bumper south of dumfries, off and on through stafford county. 66, traffic is moving pretty well for the most part. traffic on the inner loop of the beltway out of tyson's all the way through silver spring, a lot of volume, same with i-95 north to baltimore. for those going to the eastern shore this weekend, it will take a wild to get to the bay bridge, a lot of volume east of annapolis -- it will take a while to get to the bay bridge, a lot of volume east of annapolis to the toll booth. up, how local colleges are looking to educate incoming students about the dangers they face their first time away from home. >> she is a world-renowned dr. and the mother of two, but that does not stop her from traveling the globe to help others.
5:37 pm
>> and at 6:00, new details about the plan to honor the godfather of go-go, chuck brown.
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>> tonight's working woman is a physician who specializes in high risk pregnancy, a high stress job in itself. >> she is also busy spreading our expertise around the world and raising two children at the same time. dr. sarah is the director of the parity needle -- perinatal center at the nova hospital center. >> i have been here nine years. i have seen them with the loss of a baby in their arms. it is intellectual and -- >> it's difficult. job,spite her challenging she wanted to give back in other ways. once a year she travels to
5:41 pm
ghana to train young doctors. >> i trained doctors. >> this woman was her most memorable delivery. she could see the babies in distress. >> this woman had had two children before. a live baby was born, but she wanted her picture taken. she says this statue is a constant reminder of the women that she meets. >> the lady is pregnant, she has wood on her head, but she also has a kid in her hand. >> she and her husband, also a doctor, host international interns in their home in cheerful stop they also have two daughters, ages nine and 11. >> at the end of the day, i am happy to go home to them. at the beginning of the day, i am happy to come here. >> she now works just five miles from where she grew up. she is preparing for her next
5:42 pm
trip to ghana in september. >> oprah winfrey, one of the richest women in the world. even she felldly, victim of discrimination. what she said, coming up. how a store is explaining. they collect the red zone, the hot zone. the time when college students are most at risk. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late.
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so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] oa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.
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>> in the coming days and weeks, millions of children will move away from home. with a lot of risks, especially the first few weeks of school. atberly suiters is georgetown university with what is known as the red zone. kimberly? >> this is the beginning of a young student's life. because of pressure from congress, title ix last week and some students themselves, universities are forced to educate them about abuse, what to do if it happens to you, and how to prevent it. they call it the red zone.
5:46 pm
>> if you don't know the party scene or who to trust. >> the first six weeks on campus. the lot of students in college dorm, essentially the first time they are away from their parents. >> when most sexual assaults will happen. >> it is shocking and scary. >> jordan smith arrived as an incoming freshman. >> i'm worried about it. we are taking self-defense classes. >> they are days away from a first week requirement at universities across the country. of the 400 colleges participating in the online program. >> students and parents expect their children to be educated. students are starting to hold their universities accountable for teaching them sexual assault prevention strategies. >> the information will reach half a million students this year. >> a lot people are worried about why am i taking this, why
5:47 pm
am i wasting my time, but it is really helpful. >> learning statistics like 40% of students are high-risk drinkers. >> a lot of guys don't think it happens here and they would never do it, their friends would never do it, but i know girls that it has happened to. >> they learn firsthand how important it is outside the classroom. of different ways that you can be discriminated against by gender. just today, we learned four vendor build full all players have been -- football players rape of aindicted of woman on their campus at vanderbilt. isa store owner says racism not the reason oprah winfrey was discouraged from buying a luxury handbag in switzerland. to looksaid she tried at a 38,000 other crocodile clerkg, but the store
5:48 pm
refused to show it to her saying it was too expensive. the store apologized, but a owner called it a misunderstanding and says the salesperson simply wanted to show winfrey it is available in other materials. winfrey earned $77 million last year. >> so she can afford it. she could afford several. >> yes. now let's see what is coming up tonight at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom. >> just a short time ago, president obama announced a series of changes to the nsa surveillance program. why the president says these changes would have happened even if edward snowden had not leaked the information. and more on the terror threat in pakistan with people living in the d c area concerned about loved ones overseas. that and more coming up. beer is raining from the skies of south africa thanks to
5:49 pm
flying robots. part of a beer delivery service during an outdoor rock festival, customers can place an order using a smart phone app and it uses a gps to find their location, then drop the beer from the sky. it even has its own parachute. the service is free for right now. you apparently have to go all the way to south africa to do that. heard of cats and dogs, but raining beer is something new. live super doppler seven radar, severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now. for portions of charles county, fairfax county, prince william county, but it has zoomed in from humphreys across the river into western charles county. that is where the heaviest downpours are right now, moving from west to east. east of town, prince george's
5:50 pm
county, especially anne arundel county, or heavy rain going through annapolis right now as well. as we look at the cold front, cooling on the stormscan stretching from lexington, kentucky, to the northeast, west of hagerstown, northeast pennsylvania into southern new england. once that clears overnight, shower and storm chances diminish. the problem is tomorrow it will only go so far south and east of exactly sure'm not how far south and east of washington it will go. that is important because most of the area will be rain free, upper 80s, but those areas close to the front, south of washington mainly, they could have pop-up thunderstorms. 93 washington, 89 frederick. i need to fredericksburg. -- 90 to fredericksburg. we drop into the 70s tonight. sunday night and monday, check out the perseus meteor shower, up to 100 meteors her our. find out more at there is a blog for everything you want to know.
5:51 pm
partly sunny, thundershower south tomorrow, 88 and sunshine on sunday. and i'm finished. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. night, the last bucket hat on the sidelines watching everything. he was taking it all in. >> they did get the victory in nashville. actually sit and watch the entire preseason football game, most friends will give you a hard time because the games don't count. for the diehards, they saw pat white house game winning drive last night. lu showed some great cuts. made an immediate impact at safety. kirk cousins did his thing. mike shanahan calls him very impressive this preseason. you're his cousins on what it takes. >> i really just go out there.
5:52 pm
it is unique working with different guys. i think it is something we would like to see happen. it is a constant growing process. i got more comfortable the first two weeks of training camp. i'm sure want to talk to you later i will be even more comfortable. it is a constant process. year 3, 4, 5, beyond, i will be more comfortable. >> the nationals face another division foe tonight, eight games back in the wild-card race, facing the phillies tonight. dan herron is on the mound against former national john landon. look atbaseball news, that little tyke with david ortiz during the national anthem. himid of course give
5:53 pm
back to the parents. unfortunately, it was not good luck for the red sox. they lost 5-1. awe. >> starting them young.
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>> for years, d.c. drivers have been used to keeping an eye out for red light cameras and speed cameras. >> yes, they have. now a new camera has captured attention. at first glimpse, the camera at 42nd and van ness streets in northwest looks like a stop sign camera. but as we found, it has a much different purpose. >> from afar, it is not obvious. even up close, you may need to look twice. >> looks like a speed monitoring device. >> close, but not accurate. it does have cameras and it faces the intersection of 40 2nd avenue and van ness in northwest. the intersection does not have
5:57 pm
lights. just two stop signs. last year in september, metro police chief cathy lanier said you would soon see stop sign cameras. we were told 32 cameras would be placed around schools and busy intersections. michael pierce just moved here from oakland, california. >> it saves money from having a police officer out here, i guess. >> coming from oakland, he said he is used to a world saturated with cameras. there it was an issue of safety. >> the days of public anonymity are gone. >> we went to the intersection. >> i don't see them as much as i should. i tend to make you slow down. >> she thought it was a speed camera. the silver spring resident has never seen a stop camera. this makes her nervous. >> do i have to go to absolute dead zero or my catch me? >> it turns out she does not
5:58 pm
have to worry and for now only certain types of drivers better think twice. the camera was placed there to detect oversize trucks driving where they should not be. a few weeks ago, it was placed there, still in test mode. that means no tickets have been issued. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute abuse,n the history of it is right to ask questions about surveillance. obama trying to make it clear the government can be more transparent and the way that he conducts surveillance programs. this afternoon he called for a series of changes. the surveillance programs came under fire after former nsa employee edward snowden leaked details about the programs. >> the president said he wanted to make changes before the
5:59 pm
controversy. kris van cleave has more on the top story. >> the president took wes chins on a wide variety of issues. the federal reserve to obamacare. he used the opportunity to defend the surveillance program and announce additional changes aimed at increasing transparency. moments later, he refused to assess the recent drone strikes in yemen that have been stepped up since the terror alert last week. while the president came to talk about the ongoing controversy surrounding the nsa surveillance program, it was impossible to ignore the looming terror threats facing american diplomatic posts across the muslim world. president made a distinction today between what he called a week in the core al qaeda that the u.s. on 9/11 and regional extremist offshoots. gothey have the capacity to after our embassies. they have the capacity potentially to go after our businesses. >> the focus on preventing terrorism is the center point of the nsa surveillance program, says mr.


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