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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 12, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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dulles, 68 winchester, 70 hagerstown, 70 quandt. our weather headline, it's going to be warm. upper 80s to near 90 degrees this afternoon. a few thunderstorms will be possible late today. now, tomorrow, thunderstorms will be more widespread and there's a slight risk that some of them will become severe especially south and east of the metro. after that much cooler from mid to late in the week and we're going to be surprised how cool it will get. details on that coming up in your seven-day forecast. from the belfort furniture weather center it's time to go over to wtop and rob woodfork is over there this morning, hey, rob. >> hi, jacqui, good morning, things are moving along well on the interstates, however, we will start in bethesda where there's road work going on along on 355 southbound jeans jonesburg road and shell doneham drive. shouldn't see too much of a delay at this point but expect it to build if it stays in place
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for the next hour. 95 looking good, smooth ride from laurel to the beltway, inside the beltway on 295 the ramp to eastern avenue, there's a crash involving an overturned truck on the left side. the through lanes are open. 95 looks good in virginia, dale city, woodbridge through newington, travel lanes are open. rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center. jummy and scott back to you. >> thank you, rob. investigators in st. mary's county classified a suspicious death as a homicide. minetta strickland was found over the weekend. detectives are gathering leads in this case and they're saying if you know anything please give them a call. >> also new this morning, we know that one man is dead after being hit by a car in prince george's county. this happened just before 11:00 in upper marlboro.
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the driver stayed on the scene and police say alcohol was not a factor in this accident. the road is back open this morning. >> and we've got good news for drivers this morning. gas prices, they're going down compared to last week. >> and we could see prices drop even more as we head into the fall months. >> good news for summer travelers. gas prices are coming down. the national average for a gallon dropped to $3.56, that's down a nickel from last week. >> never penny counts, it goes town your budget. >> this is just the beginning. by autumn, after the peak summer driving season, it could drive down to $3.40. >> it would be a great thing for me. i'll come into the city more often with my car. >> after three straight years of rising prices the gas average for next year is expected to be $3.37, the lowest average since 2010. don't look for prices to fall much more. >> the days of the national pump price below $3 is likely a thing
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of the past. >> just last month gas prices shot up 15 cents in one week causing big pain at the pump. but today prices are better. according to one gas survey, charleston, south carolina, has the nation's lowest average price at $3.27. according to aaas the national average is falling because crude oil prices are lower and if there are no major hurricanes threatening refinery production experts predict prices will stay the way they are or fall. >> time to check on business headlines and big changes are in store for disney's theme parks and they are, we're told out of the world. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. good morning. >> happy monday morning, jummy and scott. big deal done over the week, rom well collins agreed to acquire carlyle group's r rank,
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$1.4 billion, making it the biggest every space and defense deal done this year. it helps rockwell expand business outside the cockpit with the ground based navigational networks. speaking of deals, walt disney acquired lucas film for more than $4 billion, if you're a big star wars fan, the movie is going to play a bigger role at the themes parks. disney made hints over the weekend while highlighting attractions, expect to see star wars characters in the parks. disney is planning to create star wars land at mgm studios in florida. bad news here, it's not just the government tracking your every move now your favorite store you shop in may also be tracking you as well. i'll explain coming up in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc7 news. back to you.
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>> ok, linda, we'll be looking forward to that one. thank you so much. it is 4:35 and 73. >> still ahead on "good morning, washington" it's almost back-to-school time. we'll show you what d.c. school is doing to keep students safe after a rash of violent
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>> 4:38 on this monday morning as we kick off our work and everyone looking forwards to what kind of weather we're going
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to have. >> that's right, we'll head over to jacqui jeras to see what the weather will be like, jacqui, some good news this week. >> yeah, you know, we've got a few complications, i guess, in the week forecast but ultimately as a whole we've got a really nice week to look forward to. couple things to you will watch out for today. first of all, it's going to be very warm. in fact, a lot warmer than we've been the last several days. 75 is where we're starting already. we've got a little bit of cloud cover. as you look at the satellite and radar picture you can see there have been a few stray storms moving across southern parts of pennsylvania but steering clear of our area and i think they'll do so for the majority of the day until late afternoon and evening we could see things moving on in. partly cloudy skies, 77 degrees at 9:00, by noon today we'll be up to 76 and look at this upper 80s by pack with a stray thunderstorm. we're getting close to the 90-degree mark for the first time in a while but thunderstorms tomorrow could be strong, we'll talk about the timing and a cooldown in your
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seven-day forecast a few minutes away. right now we need to find out how things are moving on the roadways with rob woodfork on wtop. >> things are moving well jacqui on the interstates, on the beltway all travel lanes are open. we'll start off with a live shot, in case you don't believe me. 495 controlsville, moving along at speeds, a few headlights there. moving to the maps we're still operating in the green on the beltway there and we have some construction 355 southbound after jones bridge road, you are getting by single file to the right. no major delays with that as of now but expect that to build as we move along in the morning drive. 270 looking good in both directions, both north and south should find all the travel lanes open 66 a smooth roll gainesville east toward falls church and inside the beltway towards town. 395 moving well toward the 14th street bridge. incidents or accidents conditions, just continue to watch out for a crash on the ramp from 295 southbound on the
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eastern avenue. last check we had overturned truck on the left side. it's passable. you should find the through lanes open on to 95 itself, rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center, back to jummy and scott. >> rob, thank you. 4:41 now, 73 degrees. >> and coming up, we've got a major announcement in the disappears of a virginia teenager. what the fbi is now saying about that case. we'll have that next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per r month.
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verdier. >> checking our top stories at 4:43 on this monday morning. suspicious death in st. mary's county is classified at a homicide. the body of 32-year-old moneta strickland was found on three notch in mechanicsville. police are trying to find out who may have killed her and why. a pedestrian is dead after a accident in prince george's county. a man was hit by a car in largo road in upper marlboro. the driver stayed at the scene and police say it was not alcohol-related. the trial of a man who allegedly killed shawn taylor, former redskins, is being delayed again. eric rivera's trial was supposed to start today but a florida court postponed it until september 16th. taylor died in 2007 after shot at his home in miami. >> a major announcement in the case of a missing teenager. the fbi said it made an arrest
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in the disappearance of 17-year-old alexis murphy. jay korff has the story. >> it has been more than a week since loved ones heard from 17-year-old alexis murphy. the nelson county, virginia resident vanished last weekend. surveillance pictures showed her from a gas station not far from home. investigators say they picked up her cell signal a few miles away and searched for days in weeded areas and homes but to no avail. tuesday her car was found in charlottesville to the north. friday we spoke to her aunt. >> if she would be late for her curfew she would call and say i'm running 10 minutes behind, i'll be home soon. for her to just go and not call, it's completely out of character. >> the family remains hopeful that murphy will be found alive. authorities are also stressing that they are still actively searching for murphy and still need the public's help if they hope to find her. we should note that
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investigators are telling us that this early and sensitive juncture of the investigation, they are not willing to release the suspect's name. in the newsroom, jay korff, abc7 news. >> a 2-year-old child in rhode island is safe this morning and two men are in custody suspected of murdering two people and kidnapping that little boy. police confirmed isaiah perez was found in providence and is safe. officers were called to a mom near providence early sunday morning, that's where they found the two people who were murdered and discovered that the toddler was gone. police arrested malcolm cole and daniel rodriguez. it's still unclear what fin relationship they have with the victims. >> college students around the country are heading back to school this week, but at howard university, there's added focus on security after a shooting of a student in july and the rape of a campus visitor a few weeks later. one former student said he was warned about crime as he arrived on campus. >> they said that by the time you graduate you'll know thrice
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three people who have suffered from violence, assault, robbery or something of that kite kind. >> the school is counseling students on safety. there are shuffles to off-campus apartments. undercover d.c. police officers will also patrol the campus. >> there's new controversy following the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. it centers around part of a mural dedicated to trayvon martin in tallahassee. that mural depicts zimmerman firing a gun at a person wearing a hoodie. the words "we are all trayvon martin" are written in several languages on that mural and includes images of civil rights leaders such as martin luther king jr., the muralist said it's part of the peace organization dedicated to create awareness of suffering through art. sentencing face of bradley manning's court martial. prosecutors called the final
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witness on friday at understood mead. he faces 90 years for giving classified information to wikileaks. he leaked that material to expose wrongdoing. >> the father of nsa leaker edward snowden told abc he'll soon visit his son after getting a travel visa from moscow. >> at this point when you consider many of the statements made by leaders, leaders in congress, they're absolutely irresponsible and inconsistent with our system of justice. >> snowden said the u.s. poisoned the well against his son and it's unlike he'll ever get a fair trial on espionage charges. >> a temporary feeling of safety overseas as the number of u.s. embassies and consulates closed because of a terrorist threat have now reopened. the u.s. closed 19 of its embassied last week. while many of them now back open, the embassy in yemen will remain closed because of continuing concerns about potential terrorist attacks by al qaeda. the u.s. consulate in lahore,
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pakistan, is also still closed. it was shut down last week due to a separate threat. >> 4:48 and trains will be running again in san francisco this morning. a judge brought the planned strike by the two unions for the bay area rapid at any rate agent. judge ordered them not to strike while they tried to work out a new contract. workers walked off the job for four days last month and were threatening to strike again. the governor, jerry brown, requested a 60-day cooling-off period and the judge agreed. >> this is a good time for maryland shoppers to buy back-to-school outfits. the fax-free week through saturday, $100 or less you won't have to pay the state's sales tax. no limit on how many items can be purchased at the same time although items such as backpacks and school supplies will not be tax-free and if we're talking about backs-to-school that may
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mean one thing jacqui jeras will do the bus stop forecast every week. >> wake every up with the weather forecast. >> i can't wait to bust that thing back up, that's for sure, 6:15 and 6:45 by the way, if you're a parent and enjoying the last few weeks of your summer. 75 degrees, it's feeling like summer, isn't it? dew point's at 70, so fair amount of moisture and feeling like on the muggy side. 68 in gaithersburg,72bwi, fredericksburg is 73 degrees as well. we've got a little bit of fog which has been developing in a few spots. winchester visibility has dropped to half a mile. .3-mile for you in culpeper. use a lot of caution, leave extra room between you and the car ahead of you here. five miles in manassas, doing just fine for the most part in the metro area but there could be a few patchy spots so keep that in mind.
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a frontal boundary that's been stalled near us all weekend long, really since late last week is still hovering around the region but we're finally making progress with this thing as we head into tomorrow. there is a slight chance of an afternoon, late afternoon and evening shower or thunderstorm, but tomorrow will be the bigger day, and a few storms could be strong or severe, especially south and east of the metro area. so keep that in mind. let's take you through time, show you what to expect throughout the day,. we're making the upper 80s to near 90 degrees with an isolated shower or thunderstorm late tonight and into this evening. but tomorrow, look at this, much more widespread even in the early morning hours and i think it could be strong or severe with damaging winds being the primary threat by about 5:00, 6:00, that cold front's going to pass on through and we're going to sweep in much more pleasant hour. you'll be surprised when you see the seven-day forecast. hold on one second for it. highs today will be near 90 degrees, partly sunny skies,
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patchy fog early, isolated thunderstorms late. tonight a stray shower or thunderstorm possible. 67-74 degrees. are you ready for it, tomorrow we'll make it in the middle 80s but look at the big drop behind that cold front. it almost feels like fall here, once again, with a taste of the highs in the upper 70s and our overnight temperatures dropping back down in the 50s. you're going to be thinking sweaters almost by the middle to latter part of the week. latest on the roads this morning, here's rob woodfork. >> well, it's good news with the weather and good news on the roads so far, jacqui. we're degree traveling interstates. we'll actually get a live look at i-270 middle brook road, all the travel lanes are open and moving along at speed. moving to our maps we're moving well on the outer loop of the beltway, just continue to watch out for the work zones, 355 southbound after jones bridge road, single file, no major delays but expect that to build throughout the morning. 295 should find the travel lanes
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open however the ramp to even avenue, southbound ramp to even avenue, a crash involving an overturned tractor-trailer along the left side there so you may have a little trouble skirting around that on the ramp but, again, the through lanes on 295 are indeed open. route 50 checks in just find from annapolis and bowie headed in town should find everything up to speed there and 95 virginia rolling well fredericksburg dumfries points to the north. >> rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center book to jummy and scott. >> incredible video of a daring act hundreds of feet up in the air. we're going to have the story behind this amazing high wire stunt.
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>> we just have an amazing example of honesty by a good will employee in california. she was sorting through donations when she found an envelope containing more than $10,000. it was among sweaters and old toasters and it appears the money really didn't mean to be donated so williams said she thought about keeping it but decided to hand it over to her boss. >> there was an envelope full of cash. my concern was somebody without that money and i would like for them to get it back. >> if the donor does not come
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forward for the money within 120 it will be a donation to goode will, williams will be awarded 10%, $1,000. >> working on a tight robe 400 feet above ground would be hard enough. now imagine doing it twice in a matter hours each time without a safety harners. one of china's best known acrobats completed that feat over the weekend. once at day, once at night. thousands watched as the acrobat walked over two apprentices on a high wire robe. >> you should do that. jacqui and i will be the apprentice 'tis and you can walk over the tight robe, in rosslyn. >> not at all a rating stunt. we'll do that. thanks, jummy. >> no problem. a pickup truck slams into the bus. wait till you hear how old the
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driver was that caused this
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>> coming up, new details involving a suspicious death over the weekend in st. mary's county. the latest from investigators. >> one person in the hospital this morning after a fire breaks out in southeast washington. >> and another holdup in the murder trial for the man accused of killing a member of the washington redskins. "good morning, washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now.


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