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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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now at 6:00, the u.s. on a brink of a military strike against syria. >> i have not made a final decision. >> no one ends up being more worried than me. >> as the president deliberates 1v am0h00o7a's punished for killing innocent gñlpk gñlpk >> speaks out in condemnation and then nothing happens. >> an escalating situation in the world's eyes. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> president obama is asking for support for military action. he's still weighing his reaction to the response of the use of chemical weapons. the white house has just released this photograph of the president latest. danielle? >> while president obama says he that hasn't made any official decisions on new details about the attack syria, an attack is danielle leigh
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and more like a question of latest. when, not if. president obama is considering a limited attack. >> a military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long-term campaign. >> reporter: obama is steadfast, something must be done. >> the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry revealed unclasfied intelligence indicating that the syrian regime prepared for the chemical attack for days and that the attacks targeted these congested neighborhoods after being launched from areas controlled by assad, killing more than 1400 people. >> this is the indiscriminate inconceivable horror of chemical weapons. this is what assad did to his own people. >> reporter: a growing bipartisan group of lawmakers is
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demanding president obama seek their approval before taking action. >> the president can and should call us into a joint session. we can be here within 24 hours. >> a new nbc poll shows half of americans oppose taking military action. lawmakers are also hesitant. >> if we can do something to discourage assad from using chemical weapons without enng war a a long-term kwhi commitment to the united states, i'm open. the united nation's investigative team leaves syria tomorrow but that investigation won't reveal anything the u.s. doesn't already know. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle leigh, news 4. some inside syria appear to support u.s. intervention. amateur video posted online today reportedly shows about 100 people in a western province of syria calling on president obama to intervene. nbc news cannot authenticate the
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video as the community responds to today's developments in washington. richard engel reports. >> reporter: secretary kerry says they know where it was fired from, regime areas, knows where they handled, in rebel-held areas. knows what happened when 90 minutes later the bodies of more than 1400 people were collected in morgues and hospitals. no shrapnel, no blood, just men, women, and more than 400 children wrapped in still clean burials. many wondered whether this military strike would take place. the u.s. says no final decision has been made but tonight after secretary kerry has given this speech, it seems little doubt which direction the united states is now headed. richard engel, nbc news, turkey. >> concern over what may take place slowed the stock markets today. here's a look at the dow and you
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can see the biggest dip took place after secretary carry began speaking. the dow jones ended down 30 points to make august the worst month in more than a year. for the latest on the crisis in syria, "nbc nightly news" has coverage from around the world and that's following this broadcast. 18 hours after a red line train derailed, metro officials say they still don't know what caused it. service on the red line between the stops was disrupted for most of the day while crews worked to remove that train and repair the damage left behind. derrick ward is in northeast now with more on what we can expect from that on this labor day weekend. derek? >> reporter: typically metro with the less disruptions and that's the plan here and they had to do it earlier than expected after some unexpected incidents this morning.
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you might as well say it was a dry run. >> it's been a pain in the butt, yes. >> that was a typical reaction when the train derailed about 12:30 a.m. the train came to a stop just north of the station. >> there were two sets of wheels. one on the fourth car and one on the fifth car that became derailed resulting in damage from the equipment at the third rail. >> the train was being removed for repairs. there were no passengers on board and no one was injured but it closed down the rail line for the morning rush. shuttle buses replaced rail buss. >> when it doesn't work, they have the buses out here for us. yes, they do. i have to say that. but i still don't like it. >> reporter: track crews worked continuously to repair the sections of track and at 1:30 in the afternoon after a pass by a test train, it was reopened and the disruption was behind them for a while. there's another red line disruption coming this weekend and there will be no service on
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the red line between forest glenn. this one is no accident. >> this isn't part of our capital rebuilding program. it is very important for to us rebuild and help improve our reliability here at metro. >> reporter: now, while the train ended up near a switch rail, they don't think that was the cause. the incident started somewhere off the track. that investigation continues. we're live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. >> thanks, derrick. here's more on the weekend track word on the red line. the silver spring tacoma and brookland stations will close at 10:00 tonight and stay close through the end of the day on monday. the fort totten will reopen for the green line only. free shuttle buses will run at all of the affected stations. quite a few of you got the chance to hit the roads early as some people got out of work early before this long holiday
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weekend. here's a look at traffic on the bay bridge heading to the bay bridge. not looking too bad. how's the start of our weekend weather? amelia is in for dug with that. >> doreen, it's going to be a beautiful evening, plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. our high today, 87 degrees and we're still at 86 and as we work our way throughout the evening hours, a nice breeze until the sun sets just before 8:00 and mainly clear skies at 9:00, 10:00 prk m., we're still going to be in the mid-to upper 07s. now, for tomorrow, hot. warmer than today. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be around 90 degrees. 91 for those of you in the disstrict. there's also the chance of some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. coming up in about ten minutes, i'm going to let you know if you can expect rain for your saturday afternoon. >> all right. thanks amelia. and now to an update on the deadly shooting of a fairfax county police yesterday, we confirm the name of the man who was killed, john gear.
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he was 46 years old. this video obtained shows the standoff yesterday in front of a springfield, virginia, townhouse. police say they negotiated with gear for about 40 minutes. they say he barricaded himself and chose to cooperate. details of the actual shooting have not been released by police yet. tonight, the police at george mason university are investigating the shooting on campus involving one of their own officers. two young men accused of hitting a police officer with a car before the officer fired shots. northern virginia bureau reporter now on campus with reaction to all of this. david? >> as promised, we promised to show you the mug shots just before coming on air. i'm going to show them to you in a moment. meanwhile, the suspects are being held just a couple miles up from where we are standing. they are accused of driving their car into a george mason university police officer and then allegedly that happened in this garage just behind me.
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>> how is she doing? >> she's doing well. i can't obviously comment on her specific medical issues but she is fine. >> that's george mason university police chief eric heath. he shared with us today details of an overnight shooting. it happened around 1:00 in the morning inside this on-campus garage. police responded to find the men allegedly intoxicated. the suspects jumped into a car and drove off hitting one of his officers. her partner fired a shot to stop the car. >> right there and supposedly it happened right here. >> reporter: on campus today, the women were upset but they dpin didn't find out about it right away. >> i have not received any e-mails and my parents either. they are signed up on the system. >> i didn't get anything. i never heard about it. my friend told me last night. i wished the university did something better about it or
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they took better precaution with it. >> reporter: we asked the chief why an immediate alert to the communities. >> other students agree and continue to feel perfectly safe on this campus. >> things like this, they don't seem to happen. >> usually it doesn't happen. you have to live day by day. >> my first is that those suspects were not students at george mason university and reporting live. a proposed merger of american airlines with u.s. airways the timetable was announced today at a hearing in the district. it's a schedule that the
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airlines favor. to prepare for the case and asked for the trial to start and it's too far off. earlier this month, and the justice department sued. navy sailors are getting new uniforms. they are going to head out two sets of flame-resistant coveralls combat units designed to be self-extinguishing. tonight a bill requiring walmart to pay its workers in the district what is caused a living wage, the citying sitting on the desk of mayor gray and has ten days to sign or veto the bill. it starts on tuesday. mayor gray says he's concerned about the legislation affect on
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economic development in the city. walmart has said if the district acquires a higher minimum wage it will cancel plans to build three stores here. the bill requires walmart and other big box retailers to pay employees 12.50 an hour. a bar brawl and a man is in the hospital fighting for his life. a marijuana growing operation in a house. >> it seems like we're hearing more stories about pregnant women who don't make it to the
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four students are trying to calm down after a shooting. the security will be increasing the patrol. one man demanded snart smartphones and money. . a bar has been closed after a brawl left two people in critical condition. one man was a good samaritan who tried to break up the fight. >> reporter: just before 5:00, a
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notice was posted in adams morgan. it advised that the bar and restaurant has been ordered closed for 96 hours by the police chief. this follows a melee inside the bar. among those trying to inject a man after he hit a man with a glass. he strum stumbled down the stairs and broke his neck. he thinks the closing is a harsh punishment for the bar's owner. >> of course the owner is a very nice people and she opened for everybody. we don't know if this is a criminal or somebody coming for a fight or just it's a business and she's trying to make a couple dollars to pay her bills. >> reporter: in addition, the suspect suffered severe injuries
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in that fall. he, too, has a fractured skull. jackie benson, news 4. tonight, mayor bob filner is off the job. he stepped down about an hour ago after nine months in that office. he's accused of sexually harassing women. the allegations came rolling in after an anonymous tip in june. his communications director quit after he asked her to work without underwear. he says he's the focus of a lynch mob and apologized for his behavior towards women in a video message last night. there are reports of a first of its kind move from a supreme court justice tonight. jim rosenfield is at the live desk. jim? >> supreme court justice ruth ginsburg will be presiding at the marriage of john roberts.
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she was asked because she's a long-time friend. this summer, the court delivered a landmark ruling to expand federal recognition striking down part of a law. at the live desk, jim rosenfield, back to you. we have a holiday weekend coming up. amelia segal, welcome. >> thank you. first time to be here on a friday evening. >> and pressure for you on a holiday weekend. >> that's right. a sunny, dry weekend, that's not exactly the case for the forecast. there is a chance for a storm pretty much each day but i do want to stress, plenty of dry time for your weekend. a live look outside right now, wall-t wall-to-wall sunshine. maybe you have travel plans? it's not impacting road
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conditions. we're hot outside. 86 in washington. 84 in gaithersburg. elsewhere generally in the mid-80s. we're in for a mild evening and overnight tonight the temperatures don't cool off too much. we're still going to be in the upper 60s. washington, you drop to a low of 71 degrees n addition to that, the humidity will remain high not only tonight but right on through your labor day. the satellite and radar, though, confirming hardly a cloud in the sky across the area. so mainly clear skies and what that's going to mean as you start off your saturday, here we are at 7:00 a.m. on future weather. beautiful sunshine and mostly sunny skies, we will notice more clouds and it's still dry across the area. tomorrow afternoon, starting around 3:00, 3:30, there's a chance of scattered showers and storms but mainly back around that i-81 corridor. we're talking about areas like hagerstown and back towards
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petersburg, getting into the early evening hours, 6:00, still a threat of shower or a storm, mainly outside of the d.c. metro area, for sunday, a better chance that you are dealing with a shower or thunderstorm. that threat starts around noon and it's going to continue into the evening hours. your hour by hour forecast, a mild start, temperatures soar into the low 90s. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon hours but mainly well west of d.c. as we talk about labor day on monday, a better chance of rain. in fact, the best chance of rain out of saturday, sunday, and monday. so, the morning we can't rule out a shower. sun she intervals throughout the day and then getting into the afternoon and evening hours. about a 50% chance of scattered storms and some of those storms on labor day could be strong. we're going to continue to track that severe weather for our
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labor day holiday. but it's hot. this whole weekend. so maybe you're heading to the beach to cool off? temperatures there are going to be in the 80s for saturday, sunday, and monday. the chance of a late-day shower or storm on sunday and also a threat of a shower or storm on monday. more dry weather here. back at home as we take a look at your storm team 4 seven-day outlook, about a 30% chance of that afternoon shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. again, i do think that you tomorrow will be mainly dry again. that best chance back around the i-81 corridor. for sunday, some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms are more likely but notice these highs in the low 90s. monday, we will be tracking some scattered showers and thunderstorms. mainly in the afternoon. it's the hit or miss activity that is not going to be a washout on monday but we can't rule out strong to severe storms on monday. tuesday, maybe a lingering shower or storm and then a big pattern change next week. wednesday, thursday, and friday,
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beautiful weather. the humidity drops off. we're talking about high temperatures in the low 80s. jim, doreen, back to you. >> thanks. summer vacation is in its final few minutes. news 4 will be there on tuesday as students head back to class. we'll have complete coverage of the first day rush. we're going to start coverage on tuesday. coming up, how a bank teller's husband helped track down an accused robber. plus, what does a mid shipman really remember? coming up in sports, the defense rises to the occasion as the curtain comes down. robert griffin iii has been cleared to play and you can hear the relief of his teammates. plus, maryland's most electric player is ready to open
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electric player is ready to open up the season with "as governor bob mcdonnell returns thousands of dollars worth of gifts to campaign donor jonnie williams, attorney general ken cuccinelli says he's not giving anything back." "attorney general ken cuccinelli making quite clear tonight --- he will not be following the governor's lead" "cuccinelli received more than 18-thousand dollars worth of gifts" "they include a $1,500 catered thanksgiving dinner, private jet trips and vacation lodgings."
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ken cuccinelli. helping himself. not us. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future.
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staying ahead in a constantly evolving world. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. tonight the i-team is looking at the unexpected births of babies in cars and on the way
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to the hospital. we look at this trend and what is behind it. >> reporter: amir taylor is healthy and sleeping well at night. the 4 week old born after his mom, sharon tay lor's daughter, went into labor there. >> i'm blessed. i'm truly blessed. it's the second time my daughter has had her child in a strange place. >> reporter: another of her child born in the second floor bathroom. born during morning rush hour off of i-270. dan swanson hugged the 911 operator who talked him through his wife's delivery of their new baby aria. she gave birth through the open passenger door of their car in a driveway here along nebraska avenue in d.c. en route to a hospital in silver spring. when the news 4 i-team started digging, we went through birth records and though there's no significant category for
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roadside babies, we spotted a 20% surge in 2008 in children born outside of birthing locations, hospitals, clinics, homes and delivered by untraditional types of people, not midwives or nurses, even though the national birth rate declined. after the news 4 i-team compiled their birth records, including untraditional births. in virginia, 26 babies delivered by nonbabies and book fors in nontraditional locations over a 12-month span. 700 plus in maryland. the data is precise. delivered by doctor who is are new and not recognized for the state's database. >> when is a child coming into the world? it's definitely a memorable event. >> reporter: also bursting those cu curbside deliveries, the d.c.
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region's intense track. >> if a woman is caught in labor, especially if it's her second or third or fourth or fifth child, things may be coming very fast and the traffic that i really do believe is a big factor. the news 4 i-team found the number of women choosing to give birth at home has soared by 50% since 2004. a centers for disease control researcher told us one in five of those women ends up in the hospital usually due to complications. a man and woman in anne arundel county are facing drug charges after a police busted them for al marijuana grow house. officers went into that house last night and seized nearly a pound of what they suspect to be pot with an estimated street value of $4300. they found more than two dozen plants and equipment for growing. they were both arrested and live
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at that house. tomorrow, a hearing continues to determine whether three football players will face a court-martial for the alleged rape of a fellowship man. this has also painted a picture of the academy's party culture. pat collins reports. >> reporter: the tug-of-war for the truth. defendants attorneys peppering the accuser about what happened that night. what she did or didn't tell investigators about that night. and over and over the accuser would say, as i previously stated, i don't remember. as i previously stated, i don't know what happened. it's been a torturous tug-of-war for the truth. the scene, this party house outside annapolis, prosecutors say three navy football players sexually assaulted a female
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mid-shipman during a toga party in 2012. the accuser says she was drunk and doesn't know what happened. the only evidence that there was sex with the abusers comes from statement made by the three mid-shipmen suspects but they say the sex was consensual. the trial decision. this is how it works. the investigating officer presides over the hearing. he reviews the evidence and then maims a recommendation to the naval academy vice admiral michael miller. it's admiral miller who decides whether this case goes to trial. the lawyer for the accuser is against having commanders make that kind of legal decision. >> there's this inherent bias. these are people that are under his chain of command. they are his subordinates. they are people who work for him. so it's a very flawed system. >> mids after midnight. the side stories coming out of
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this sex hearing are things you're not likely to see in the naval academy's recruiting brochure, stories about casual sex, binge drinking, secret fra turn teas and a not so secret unauthorized party house. it costs about $45,000 a year to educate and train a mid-shipman. in addition, they are paid a salary, ranging from 100 to $600 a month. testimony in the sex case hearing is scheduled through sunday at the navy yard, pat collins, news 4. new developments in to our newsroom. jim rosenfield has that. jim? >> a couple key items to tell you. the new report claims that the syrian military is preparing for a possible u.s. strike by possible attack sites. syria has thousands of soldiers in prison due to doubts about
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their loyalty. militia that supports the government have been moved into damascus. president obama says he hasn't decided how to respond and in the meantime we also have this just in from reuters. the five permanent security council members that it may take two weeks before the final results are in on analysis of samples that experts collected at the site of those chemical weapons attacks last week in syria. before those test results are back, that's according to diplomats from britain, china, russia, and the united states during a meeting in new york. those diplomats telling reuters on condition of anonymity.
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we're waiting for any possible action by syria. for now from the live desk, jim rosenfield, back to you. the search for a gunman in a triple shooting near the bay bridge is stretching into its 19th hour. someone opened fire on a group in a town of graysonville. three men were hit. all expected to survive. police increased patrols near an elementary school since the gunman is at large and there's no clear motive. a local firefighter got a little more than he bargained for when he surprised his wife at work with flowers. john says he just wanted to do something nice for his wife. but he ended up helping police catch a bank robber. mark segraves has our report. john is a soft-spoken former marine who just wanted to do something nice for his wife's birthday so he bought her flowers at the bank where she works. >> i try to think of people when i can.
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as mark and his wife were in the parking lot saying their good-byes a. motorcycle pulled in and drove right up to the back of the bamnk. the rider went in wearing his helmet and then he had a bank employee right by his side. >> she starting pointing and saying, hey, he robbed me, he robbed me. >> reporter: he showed a teller a knife. he said, you know what this is. it's a robbery. >> the teller complied and gave him bags full of money. he said, you will walk by me as i walk out of this bank. >> reporter: the man got on his motorcycle and took off. he got on his truck and went after him. >> he recognized once we started leaving the shop that i wasn't just following behind, that i was coming for him. and he decided to take off at that point. >> reporter: wired calls his wife still back at the bank. she called the police and relayed the suspect's location. they were able to set up road
6:35 pm
blocks and the suspect crashed into a tree. he was arrested and the money recovered. >> i was in the service for a while, in a marine corps. so i guess it just comes second nature when somebody hurts somebody you tend to want to take care of that. >> reporter: mark segraves, news 4. a search tonight for a man wanted in connection with a bank robbery in temple hills. prince george's county police are asking for the public's help to find 51-year-old edward murphy of north d.c. they say he walked into the sun trust bank on old branch yesterday and told the teller that he wanted cash. he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. an elite university cheerleading squad suspended for hazing. there's a new place for young kids in the district to play. and heading into the weekend, doreen, temperatures are in the 90s each day. there is a risk of stormy
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and we're looking at the chances of showers and storms this afternoon. about a 30% chance. the best chance is around the west to the i-81 corridor. as we talk about areas in northern virginia, hot tomorrow and hot for everybody. you're all around 90 degrees with maybe an isolated afternoon storm. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms for our sunday. that timing begins around noon and will last into the early evening hours. about a 40% chance on sunday. the best chance of rain, unfortunately, on our extra day off, on labor day. some storms on monday afternoon could be strong to severe. we're going to continue to monitor that potential for you and there's also a chance of an early morning shower on monday. still only at 50%.
6:40 pm
it's not an all day rain or a washout. there's going to be a scattered hit or miss activity. you can see we're hot and humid over labor day weekend and then we start to see a pattern change. cooler temperatures on tuesday, high of 85. still a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, though, and then beautiful weather next wednesday, thursday, and friday with plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. >> of course. once we come back to work. thanks, amelia. >> uh-huh. kids in the district have a brand-new place to play and learn tonight. the playground is officially opened. now, it's not your typical playground. the design is inspired by civil war history. it even has a community garden. it's at martin luther king avenue and elmira street. >> must be fun.
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>> it is. ever wonder who visits the white house? why now? you're going to have to wait years to find out. >> jason, what do we have? starting the season off on the right foot, a redskins player makes the right play in the preseason tune-up and rg3 is
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. white house visitor loads are not visitor information. a federal appeals court made that ruling today. it's a legal setback for a private watch dog group who asked to see the visitor log are from the first six months in office. documents like that are not subject to disclosure under the freedom of information act. it means the visitor records will remain confidential for up to 12 years after president obama leaves office. a new start for a rescued bald eagle. it was released today after a rocky start in life. it was born earlier this year at a national park near williamsburg but it was blown from it is nest when a storm
6:45 pm
rolled through there in june. efforts to renest it did not work. they took the bird in and released it today. the eagle is fitted with a gps transmitter. wildlife officials will be able to track it for two years. an entire cheerleading squad has been suspended for a full season. there was an alleged hazing incident and they are not releasing details about what happened but it involved multiple members of the cheerleading team. it did not happen on campus and no one was hurt. the suspension went into effect last week. they have won many alcolades including taking the top championship in april. jason has sports tonight and we're talking about our home football team and i love santana moss' comment when y'all went there today.
6:46 pm
we'll hear about that in a minute, won't we? >> yeah. he's tired about talking about rg3. we are ten days away from that monday night showdown between the redskins and eagles. in that match-up, we will see robert griffin iii. rg3 tweeted the good news. coach shanahan has said that dr. james andrews has a concern about robber. no matter that concern, this is a major boost for this team in tampa bay. dr. andrews evaluated rg3 for 45 minutes before the game as griffin held his usual pregame workout. it's been seven months and three weeks today since griffin had his knee surgery. his recovery has been amazing but we expect to know him best.
6:47 pm
obviously robert is that type of athlete. i'm not surprised at all. >> of course, when they are ready, we are ready. preparing for him to do what he wants. >> he's the type of person he is. a sure will and determination to get back, you know what i mean, i'm not surprised. that's the type of guy that robert is. >> overall on defense, the redskins continue and press holding tampa to just 12 points last night. the skins brought the pressure, including this play by rob jackson. he's going to sack the quarterback and the offensive line. taking them both down. the biggest play came from rookie david, though. intercepted his former colleague in the second quarter. returning that one 35 yards.
6:48 pm
pat white set up a touchdown. he's been pleased with the play the first preseason. >> i feel pretty good about it. i'm just looking forward to carrying everything positive into the preseason. >> it was definitely good. i was like, man, i haven't touched the ball in forever. it was definitely good to get my hands on the ball. it was good. >> so final roster cuts for the redskins and everyone else around the nfl will come together. teams have until 9:00 p.m. to turn in their 53-man roster. all right. now to college football and the season kicked off last night. tomorrow they start their new season. one of the biggest stars was the wide receiver from good council dazzled as both a freshman and returning kicks from maryland. he was so good last season. he had five different quarterbacks throwing him the football because of injuries. he still managed to hack nearly
6:49 pm
900 receiving yards along with six touchdown receptions. they expect more great performances. >> he's a huge playmaker and he's really stepped up as a leader. he became more vocal. he's matured. after one year. and it's just really exciting to see him grow and it will be exciting to see what he does this year. >> he does things that not many people can do. he's definitely very gifted. it's great to have practice against him because if you see something that you don't get to see very often and it makes us better and he makes the team better and it's just good chemistry. >> the next step is being a believer in and off the field. we're going to come out fine. we're going to show them what we can do and it's going to be a great way to start off the season. it's a good team and i can't wait to get out there, to be honest. >> best thing about him, his
6:50 pm
haircut. he calls it the juice. i love that. >> okay. we'll take it. >> digs was named to the all acc team as a specialist. 12:30 tomorrow is the kickoff. virginia he can it, they play the number one team in the country in alabama. that contest is set for 5:50. in tennis, the u.s. open in 2011 he came up short in the finals. he looks to be on a collision course and with andrew murray. taking on benjamin becker, he was in trouble early on, first set tiebreaker. in the near court, he's going to blast a forehand to becker who returns it. check out this nice little slice there. becker can't get there. he takes the first set, 7-6. after taking the second set, 6-2, on the serve, the triple match point and no chance for becker there. he wins it 7-6, 6-2, 6-2. a few quick baseball notes before we let you, the nationals
6:51 pm
open a three-game set with the nets. also, morris played four seasons in d.c. before being traded to seattle before last january. they take on the yankees tonight. a lot is going on in football, baseball. >> we love it. >> doing good. >> we're not done with you yet. >> no, we are not. remember how you were mentioning looking forward to the maryland game because they were playing the arch rival, your ala mater? >> yes. >> well, you've got to be careful how much you share with us because look what we found. jason pugh played defensive end. that was about 80 pounds ago. >> i thought i destroyed that photo. oh, man. >> look how slim and trim jason is now. and a huge guy. 295? >> i do look kind of scary. >> that was when i was a real
6:52 pm
man. >> how did you do that? >> how did i get that big? >> now, how did you get that small? >> stop eating. >> stop eating. >> man. >> a lot of people want to know your secret that. is a big dude there. >> a news for your health story. >> something in there. we want to know more. >> good stuff. >> if i were facing you, i'd
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and the best chance of rain over the three-day weekend, unfortunately on labor day, the bonus day, a 50% chance that showers and thunderstorms that hit or miss activity and some of those storms could be strong on labor day. >> all right. thanks amelia. you know, there are two things most people despise, being lied to and there are two kinds of people that we respond generally. those who tell us the truth and those who respect our intelligence. such a person was the late john wilson. now, there are more than a few people in this town that don't know or maybe even never heard
6:56 pm
of john and that surely is their loss. john wilson was the chairman of the d.c. council when he died 20 years ago this year. he was, in my view, the finest elected view that this country ever knew. that is, in part, because john would not lie to you even -- and i suspect sometimes especially if the truth would hurt your feelings. i recall a conversation years ago when the city was in a steep decline towards insolvency. i was complaining about the one city agency that operated with brutal efficiently, parking enforcement people, and compared them to an ixtapa agency. it was a bona fide and if he had anything to do with it, which he did, they were going to ratchet it up even higher so if i wanted not to pay the fines and don't park here illegally and he would
6:57 pm
be salivating over this newest announcement that speed cameras and red light cameras are not enough. now they are going to put up and stick you up with stop sign cameras and then crosswalk cameras. here now is the difference between john wilson and those governing now. john would not be insisting time after time after time that all of these cameras are all about traffic safety and good for you. he would declare that the cameras are the best thing that ever happened to a city coffier and are the most efficient money makers that they ever had with for one would be much more inclined to do just that if these elected officials would just stop lying to me and playing me for a chump. fact is, i'm never going to buy into these cameras. there's something way too orwelian about this whole thing and all i ask about those who insist on ripping me off and then telling me it's for my own good is that you at least kiss me first. that's our broadcast for now.
6:58 pm
"nightly news" coming up next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> on the broadcast tonight the strongest casor on syria. the obama administration calling president assad a thug and murder for chemical attacks on his own people. secretary of state john kerry laying out the intelligence for a war-fatigued nation. >> some cite the risk of doing things, we need to ask, what is the risk of doing nothing? >> tonight, u.s. warships are in position. will the president give the order to strike? "nightly news" begins now. [ music playing ] . >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york.


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