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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 24, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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officials aren't ruling out that possibili possibility. eve an brief encounter would be huge seeing as leaders from both sides vbt met one-on-one in more than 30 years. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship, one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. >> the president also firmly talked about syria, saying the security council members must enforce a ban on chemical weapons and approve resolution that would penalize the country if the it doesn't hand over its chemical stockpile. he says failure to do so will show that the u.n. is incapable of enforcing international law. president obama also pressed for resolution for both sides of the
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israeli/palestinian conflict. that's the latest from the live desk. over the you. we are following new developments in the mall siege in kenya. this morning we heard more explosions and gunfire at a nairobi mall where militants are in a standoff with kenyan forces. those forces say they are in their final push. the country's interior minister says three soldiers died and eight others have been hurt. the city morgue is preparing for a large number of bodies. the kenyan red cross confirms at least 62 have been killed. but that does not include bodies that may still be inside the building. and we are getting a look at the militants who are carrying out the attacks. the pictures were posted on unverified twitter account from the terrorist group al shabaab. the account also tweeted that the hostages are still alive and militants are holding their ground. and right now a north carolina woman who survived the attack is on her way back to the
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u.s. b bendita is expected to arrive at dulles airport this afternoon. we spoke to hervey ya skype. >> we started to run and it was the second explosion which knocked us on the ground. ublgd hear while we were back there the methodically kind of going from store to store, talking to people, asking questions, shooting, screams, and then it would stop for a while and then they would go to another store. >> she and a friend found a place to hide. american security forces and the kenyan army rescued her after four hours. the 30-year-old woman moved from north carolina to kenya for work. meanwhile, there is new concern over mall security everywhere amid fears of copycat violence and other terrorism attacks. a spokesman for the international council of shopping centers says the u.s. department of homeland security will likely connect with corporate security chiefs and different law enforcement agencies as malls consider boosting their security. mall owners may add off-duty
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officers in the meanwhile. dominion power is working to get the power back on to a couple hundred people in reston after a transformer fire. you can see the damage from chopper 4. it happened outside an apartment building along sup seth hills road just off the dulles toll road. the fire did not spread to the building but it did knock out the lights. residents are being asked to remain in the building and not open their windows. turning to the weather now, and a chilly start to the day but beautiful sunshine out there right now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. is it tom kierein or chuck bell with us today? >> it is me, tom. >> welcome. good to see you. there he is. good morning. >> good morning. what a fresh and cool morning we have this morning. temperatures around the region under this beautiful blue sky are still on the chilly side. that's a live view from our nbc 4 skywatcher camera looking off to the north and west, absolutely gorgeous visibility. here's another view, one of our
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cameras. this is our prince george's county camera at national harbor overlooking the potomac rif, the wilson bridge on the horizon, alexandria, absolutely gorgeous morning. temperatures now are into the upper 50s near 60s, shenandoah valley around the bru blu ridge, what a great day for hiking if you have the day off, the blue ridge, skyline drive, great visibility there, chill in the air. closer to washington generally right around 60 degrees, the nearby neighborhoods in prince george's county, montgomery, fairfax, alexandria, arlington, falls church, most locations in the low 60s and it's near 60 around the bay. beautiful day on the bay as well under way. we'll look at your afternoon and the next seven days in just a few minutes, barbara. ? thank you, tom. one of the victims who survived the mass shooting at the navy yard is resting at home this morning. a woman who suffered gunshot wounds to the shoulder was released from medstar washington hospital center yesterday afternoon. these are pictures of the emergency room as patients began
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to arrive a little more than a week ago now. d.c. police officer scott williams remains in the hospital, but doctors tell us he is in good condition now. medstar also treated a wan whose head was grazed by a bullet. she was released last week. right now, family and friends of another victim are laying their loved one to rest. a funeral service for john roger johnson just got started at the good shepherd lutheran church in gaithersburg. tonight at 5:30, a viewing is scheduled to honor kathleen gaarde at the mt. castle funeral home in dale city. that will be followed by a memorial service for her at 7:30 this evening. happening today, loudoun county residents will get a look at what vdot has planned for a heavily traffic roundabout. the spot where route 50 and 15 meet at gilbert corner will be getting a makeover. megan mcgrath has more from aldi. >> at the auto service, the
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roundabout is well-known by customers. some have even nicknamed it. >> it's gilbert's corner and now, what, four circles. >> reporter: but whether you call it a squircle or its proper name, the round agt has spelled trouble. >> it's pretty confusing because you don't know which lane to be in that's going to turn or go around. >> reporter: located at the intersection of routes 15 and 50 in aldi, virginia, the roundabout was installed four years ago to ease traffic. and it worked. this time lapse video taking during this morning's rush hour shows a constant flow of traffic, no more long backups. >> it has made traffic much better. it was a gridlock here before they put the circle in. >> reporter: but in fixing old problems, a new one was created. since it was installed, the number of minor fender bernlds has essentially tripled. part of the problem? speeding. another issue is the two-lane
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configuration on route 15. >> it's not clear to a lot of drivers with the two lanes how you enter, how you merge, et cetera. >> reporter: but change is on the way. the roundabout will soon go down to one lane in all directions. vdot is also changing the pavement markings and signs to simplify things. and an increase in the tufsh chur will also force drivers to slow down. commuters just hope losing a lane won't slow down the traffic. >> it's going to back it up again, which is unfortunate because there's a lot of traffic that goes through there. >> reporter: vdot says that going down to one lane will only create slight delays during peak periods. as for the construction, it begins in october and should be done by thanksgiving. from gilberts corner, megan mcgrath, news4. now, some community activists had lobbied for that one lane configuration from the beginni beginning, although they're glad the change is being made now. they say it's a shame it will
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cost $300,000 though. vdot will discuss the project at a community meeting at aldi elementary school at 7:00 this evening. right now, there are just six weeks until voters pak new governor in virginia. coming up, the latest poll numbers and a closer look at why caterry mcauliffe is now in the lead. plus, why this morning's speech at the u.n. may not be the presiden
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we now are working to find out more details about a speech president obama will give on thursday in maryland. the white house says he'll promote his health care law at a community college in maryland. he'll also defend the law today alongside former president clinton. some republicans are trying to defund the law as part of their effort to avoid a government shutdown next week. the effort appears to be falling
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short. however, some of the senate's gop leaders are now saying they won't vote to block legislation to prevent the government shutdown. the house passed the bill last week. if it defunds the affordable care act, the one they plassed, democrats plan on rewriting it to restore that money. texas senator ted cruz has said he's prepared to filibuster any legislation that funds the health care law even if it means a government shutdown. the district's government has a contingency plan if the government does shut down. mayor gray says police, firefighters, and paramedics will be on duty. public schools will remain open. some agencies like the dmv and public libraries he says will close. trash collection would be stopped for a week, and there wouldn't be any street sweeping should the government shut down next week. we have new poll numbers in the race for governor of virginia. aaron gilchrist joins us now to break down what we found. aaron? >> yeah, barbara, democrat terry mcauliffe leading ken cuccinelli in our new nbc 4/nbc news marist
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poll. mccauliffe holds a five-point lead over the attorney general. cuccinelli led by three points in an nbc poll back in may. libertarian candidate robert sarvis also having an impact on this race. 8% of likely voters support him. 10% of likely voters are still undecided. kooup and mccauliffe square off in their first debate sponsored by nbc 4 and the fairfax chamber of commerce tomorrow night. julie kerry and i will be on the panel there. nbc 4 will broadcast that debate live at 7:00 p.m. tonight, though, the candidates for lieutenant governor will take center stage. republican e.w. jackson, democrat ralph northu plshgs face each other in a debate in arlington. dave culver will be there for that debate. on the's debate could be crucial in determine ing who wins the race here. these are the results of our nbc 4/nbc news marist poll. northam leading jackson by three points among likely voters. that is within the poll's margin
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of error. 13% of likely voters are still undecided. this race is far from over with all those undecided voters. >> tomorrow of course you're going to be out as part of the folks who will be talking to -- >> the debate with the gubernatorial candidates. yes. >> thank you so much. joining thus morning on that new poll in virginia is nbc's deputy political editor domenico montanaro. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> let's talk about the poll, the nbc poll that found that terry mcauliffe has pulled ahead in virginia. what do you think is the reason for that? >> well, over the summer we've seen a summer of mudslinging, negative ads, and clearly those ads have take an much bigger hit on ken cuccinelli than on terry mcauliffe. you see that in the fave on fave rating as well as with women. the mccauliffe campaign has focused heavily to suburban women in northern virginia and you see mccauliffe up by 18 points with women. that is a huge shift. bob mcdonnell in 2009 won women in virginia when he won his
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race. that's a big deal for cuccinelli. fave on fave also you see whether or not you like the person. cuccinelli's ratings have gone upside down now compared to terry mcauliffe, who's on the positive side. so when you look at the star scientific versus green tech auto stuff, clearly the star scientific stuff has had a little more of an impact. the mccauliffe people will say a lot of the stories that you see in all the stations, they tally all those up and they've seen more star scientific stories than green tech. >> and of course governor mcdonnell is not helping cuccinelli. >> in some respects, that is true. the governor's rate have come down. in the poll we had this morning it showed he had been at 61% approval in may, but he's still at 55% approval among virginia voters, and he has a higher favorability rating that either ken cuccinelli or terry mcauliffe, and virginia voters say if they were to be able to
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vote again plural ti would let mcdonnell have a second term. >> both candidates feel northern virginia is crucial to them. why? >> well, a lot of voters. >> true. >> votes are important. you go where the voters are. places like fairfax, prince william, you know, these are places where you have a lot of potential swing voters and, you know, it's something where the mccauliffe people have focused, it's where the cuccinelli people feel like they need -- they definitely know they need to make inroads and right now mccauliffe is winning that. >> let's move on to the president. he spoke at the u.n. he has another speech later today. that's considered more important. >> the syria and iran -- you know, the diplomatic avenues are certainly very, very important to the world. but, you know, on health care, he's going to be speaking at the clinton global initiative, both he and president clinton are going to be talking, they're going to vote to talk about health care and we're one week out from those exchanges being implemented and how president obama frames it today could very well lay the path for the argument he and other democrats and supporters of the law make
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in the next coming months. >> so we'll have to see what reaction is, gauge that reaction across the country to what he says today. thanks so much. good to see you. and for more from domenico and the rest of the nbc news political team, check out "first read" on and in just about an hour, maryland's attorney general will launch his bid to become the state's next governor of maryland. doug gansler will officially launch his bid at 12:30 today in rockville. it's the start of a seven-day statewide announcement tour that will take him to 16 different towns. gansler gave a preview of his message last thursday when he released this video on youtube. he's entering an already crowded race for the democratic nomination which includes the lieutenant governor anthony brown and delegate heather miser. and right now, rescue teams are looking for victims buried under rubble after a major earthquake struck pakistan. at least 39 people were killed in the magnitude 7.7 quake.
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it's the country's least populated province, but we're hearing that dozens of buildings collaps collapsed in a number of other villages. storm team 4 tom kierein is here right now. meteorologist. got a lot to -- for us to praise you for. you brought us another great day. welcome back. >> thank you. some like it cold. >> that's true. some like it cold but with the sunshine. >> yeah, and it was that way this morning. in fact, down into the upper 30s around dawn and speaking of dawn, i took this picture sunday morning overlooking the newly shorn corn field. you know it's fall when the corn gets cut. and the sun coming up in a clear sky there, just like it did this morning. there's a live view from our storm team 4 camera overlooking reston town center. on the horizon is frederick county, maryland. you can see clearly sugarloaf mountain, which is about 20 miles away, absolutely gorgeous under this royal blue sky,
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excellent visibility, low humidity around. there is the view from our storm team 4 skywatcher camera overlooking washington. we've got a clear sky, 64 at reagan national, dew point way down the low 40s, northerly breeze around 5 to 10 miles an hour. great weather for working outside or playing outside if you have the afternoon off. enjoy. right now temperatures around the beltway nearby neighborhoods in prince george's county, low 60s, upper 50s, near 60 in montgomery county and much of fairfax county, alexandria, arlington, falls church, the district in the low to mid-60s, right here the bay a little breeze off the water, it is in the low 60s there, away from the water near 60, near 60 shenandoah valley. into the mountains, many locations there in the low and mid-50s. but this afternoon around the metro area, right downtown should be into the mid-70s. but in the neighborhoods around our nearby suburban area, it should be just in the low to mid-70s. a little warmer in the fairfax
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county, maybe mid-70s there. we veal a light wind with lots of sunshine through the rest of the afternoon, and then this evening here's your temperature graph. it continue to drop again after sunset. in fact, sunset right around 7:00 p.m. by midnight. it's going to be back down into the upper 50s, and it will continue to drop all the way down to near 50 by dawn on wednesday. tomorrow afternoon, highs reaching around 80 degrees, lots of sunshine, gorgeous day, afternoon highs again on thursday up near 80 degrees. but morning lows will be in the upper 50s, and not quite as cold on friday morning near 60, much of the region friday afternoon, should be reaching the upper 70s. over the weekend, here's your storm team 4 seven-day outlook on saturday. beautiful day for outdoor recreation or if you have to work outside. beautiful highs reaching mid-70s. sunday, a little bit warmer, maybe up near 80 as well as on monday. next chance of rain, not until monday and it's a small chance. you can keep up with me 24/7 on social media.
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twitter and facebook. connect, post your photos and thoughts. love having you share and keep up with the weather 24/7 with our storm team 4 weather app. you can get it for free. google play, itunes store, and keep up with the weather when you're away from your tv. that is the way it looks. en joy the afternoon. gorgeous autumn weather. love this time of year. >> just beautiful. the leaves are starting to turn. >> just a ting of corner. >> up north probably in new england -- >> oh, yeah. starting up there for sure. yeah. >> thank you, tom. it's 11:22. still ahead, the common medicines that could cause an itching problem. plus the strength the u.s. senator is gaining from an 11-year-old boy. first here's a look at what's hot on
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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what would you do if you just won $400 million? the newest powerball winner said he danced around the kitchen with his dog the moment he found out he won the jackpot. the new mell millionaire from columbia, south carolina, claimed his prize yesterday. he's choosing to remain anonymous. he told lottery officials he stopped by the convenience store for some gas and hot dog buns last week, he didn't have the buns so he bought $20 worth of lottery tickets instead. it's official. the nats' season will end on sunday. they were eliminated from the playoffs last night when they lost to the cardinals. and the pirates and reds won their games. the nationals have just five games left this year. they take on the cardinals tonight and tomorrow before wrapping things up this weekend in arizona. and we're getting new information this morning on a shooting near north carolina central university. coming up how an armed men ended up on campus and how the university responded. plus getting their place in history. what jim henson's daughter is donating to the national museum of american history this
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morning. and it's a beautiful day out there. fall-like. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is coming back with a great weather report for us. he says this weather is going to stick around.
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while the u.n. general assembly happens in new york senator kennedy says he will sign the arms treaty. this would hope to keep weapons out of the hands of human rights abusers. the regulation has drawn big criticism in congress with some concern this could eventually lead to new gun control measures here in the u.s. the u.n. general assembly adopted this treaty back in april. three countries voted against it. they include iran, north korea, and syria. that's the latest from the live desk. barbara, back to you. the smithsonian gained a
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huge piece of america's childhood. jim henson's daughter just donated more than 20 puppets and props to the national museum of american history. news4's tony tull is live at the museum with more. which pup elts did they get? >> reporter: i got to say, i would say my favorite would be probably kermit. he's my guy. but, you know, today is the 24th. it's the anniversary of jim henson's birthday. that's why they picked today. very special. very nostalgic, barbara. when you walk into the room and you see these puppet, it really takes you back to your childhood no matter how old you are. the ceremony is going on right now. talk 20 henson pup elts to be donated. in the mix, miss piggy, better, elmo, some of the characters from fraggle rock. they will be in there. they'll join oscar the grouch and kermit the frog. they're on display here. one thing that's special, if you look at the display, they may look a little weathered because these are the first-construction characters. these were the ones used in the
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first shows, in the fist commercials that jim henson did. i was talking with dwight blocker, the curator here, and he was just speaking on the amazing legacy that jim henson has created and that they'll be able to display in the museum. also one very, very special person, the person of the hour here, his daughter, cheryl henson. she spoke to us about the local ties here in d.c. >> my father and my mother met at the university of maryland, and they were around washington, d.c., for many, many years. they got their start here with sam and friends on local television, washington, d.c. that it matters so much for us as the family to know that some of these characters are here at the smithsonian. >> reporter: and, barbara, shoutout to our colleague jackie benson for the history lesson today. a lot of people didn't know that jim henson got his start right here on wrc-tv back in 1954. so he's been around a long, long time. that legacy spans a very long time.
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now, this exhibit is going to start in november, and it's open ended. they don't have a plan to shut this down anytime soon so, if you're planning on coming to see it, you have some time to get down here. that's the latest from the mall. tony tull, back to you. >> some of my favorite characters in those pictures you showed us. thanks so much. we learned a set of metro keys were stolen from an arlington fire engine that was responding to an emergency call. sources tell news4 that engine 105 wutz unlocked and briefly unattended during a medical call in crystal city last wednesday. they say two men stole a forcible entry tool known as a hydraram and a set of metro keys, too. those keys can unlock secure areas of a metro station including surface hatches and tunnels. metro tells news4 appropriate steps have been taken to ensure that the system's security is not compromised. the arlington county fire department tells news4 measures have been taken to prevent a similar theft from happening in the future.
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and new this morning, police in durham shot and killed a man near the north carolina central university campus. the school was put on lockdown around 10:00 last night after getting a report of a man with a gun. police tracked him down early this morning in a wooded area. that's when he apparently threatened officers and police opened fire. the suspect's name has not been released. we're told he was not a student. also new this morning a 21-year-old man is in critical condition following a shooting in anne arundel county. he was shot just after 1:00 this morning at a gas station along hospital drive in glen burnie. they say he was a passenger in a car when a second car pulled up. the driver got out and opened fire, hitting the victim in the abdomen. the shooter got back in his car and drove away. police have not been able to find the gunman. the victim was take on the shock trauma in baltimore. and a new report is blaming a piece of equipment for this deadly parking garage collapse in bethesda.
11:34 am
according to "the washington post," a malfunctioning jack or cover extended scaffolding and that may have caused a 43,000-pound concrete slab to collapse at the westfield montgomery mall back in may. one construction worker died in that collapse. another was seriously hurt. county officials still have to decide whether to cite the general contractor whiting turner for possible violations of its construction permits. fire officials in silver spring believe discarded smoking material is to blame for a hotel fi fire that displaced dozens of people. firefighters report odd the days inn at 14th and eastern around 7:30 last night. the fire start tond ground floor and climbed up a wooden beam to the roof, catching everything in its path on fire. four rooms were destroyed due to water damage. once the fire was out, officials helped people staying at the days inn to find temporary shelter.
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virginia governor bob mcdonnell will pay his respects at the tomb of the unknowns this afternoon. at 1:15, mcdonnell will lay a wreath there. mcdonnell was an active member of the military starting back in the '70s. governor mcdonnell served 21 years in the u.s. army, both active duty and reserves, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1997. well, the relief won't stop even if the government shuts down. that was the message from vice president joe biden. he delivered that as he toured flood-ravaged airs of colorado yesterday. in an exclusive interview with nbc news, the government has a plan and money at the ready so people should not worry. >> all the emergency piece is funded. there's a $6 billion fund. but right now anyone listening to this broadcast should not worry that fema is going -- if there's a shutdown and god forbid -- there's no need for a shutdown, man -- if it were to happen, it will not affect any of the recovery work going on
11:36 am
right now. >> all the immediate response, congress fully fund this. this is what they call no year-end money so, just because we hit the end of the calendar year, it's not tied to that. >> early estimates have the damage hitting $2 billion, $135 million state and federal have been allocated just to repair the roadways. we'll check in again with tom kierein and find out more about our weather. he's out there to feel it for himself. what's it like, tom? >> i love this weather. it is fresh and cool. a gorgeous blue sky. and we've got bright sunshine. little bit of a breeze coming in. but it's still a little chilly. temperatures around the region with this a little bit of a wind are only in the 50s out of the mountains now. shep dowa valley around the blue ridge, it's generally around 60 degrees, and closer to washington we're in the mid sixty around the metro area. near the bay, it's near 60.
11:37 am
right in the bay, into the mid-70s, but in the suburbs, rural arias, highs just near 70. overnight tonight, another chilly night. by dawn tomorrow, the 40s much of the region to near 50 degrees, afternoon highs reaching the upper 70s tomorrow. another fabulous fall day. and we'll repeat this again on thursday, although maybe more clouds around. friday, should be bright and sunny, looks beautiful into the weekend. for your weekend outdoor plan, should have great weather, cool mornings, mild afternoons. next chance of rain monday, it's a small chance. otherwise a dry pattern continues into the first part of next week. barbara? >> absolutely beautiful, tom. thank you. after five mos closing arguments are expected to get under way today in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. jackson's family is arguing that aeg, the production company for the touring show he was preparing for, should be held financially responsible for the pop star's death. katherine jackson says the company hired dr. conrad murray.
11:38 am
murray was sentenced for manslaughter in 2011 for jackson's death. aeg live denies any wrongdoing, saying jackson hired murray himself. california just passed a bill giving teens a clean slate online. the billets teens remove embarrassing photographs and potentially damaging postings on social media websites. governor jerry brown says the bill is designed to give minors a second chance after they post something and later regret that they did. photographs or statements posted by teenagers could haunt them later when they apply for college or jobs. >> little do you know that your college application could, in fact, hinge on something that you didn't intend to be hurtful or harmful but it turns out was. >> the new law takes effect in january of 2015. president obama has officially kicked his smoking habit. cameras caught him saying that
11:39 am
in an unscripted moment after a u.n. meeting. it's a little hard to hear but take a listen to what he says caused him to quit. >> quit smoking. >> yeah. >> no, no. six years. that's because i'm scared of my wife. >> did you catch that? he said he put down the smokes because he's, quote, scared of his wife. the president has publicly admitted that he occasionally falls off the wagon. as recently as 2009 he admit todd lyghting up. it's 11:30. still ahead, what brings customers back to a restaurant? the answer may surprise you. has nothing to do with the food or the service. plus, the touching friendship. we'll tell you what brought this senator and an 11-year-old boy together. together. hey lena, what ya looking for?
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well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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♪ must be the honey! forget the food. a new study found that picking
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your favorite restaurant is all about the booze. research firm consumer edge insight says alcoholic beverages are the key to customer loyalty. the restaurant that most often keeps customers coming back for their selection of booze is one called buffalo wild wings. you may know it. applebee's came in second, followed by outback steak house and tgi friday's. they tied for third, actually. buffalo wild wings also took the top spot for the best prices for their alcohol. people with disabilities won't be allowed to skip long lines at disneyland and walt disney world anymore. the parks are changing their policy after widespread reports of able-bodied people hiring disabled bodied people to pretend to be family members for shorter wait times. the new policy is similar to the fast pass system that's offered to everyone who goes to one of those theme parks. lower calorie french fries
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and americans losing confidence in the economy. cnbc is here with more on those stories and more in the business report. hi, sima. >> good day to you. let's look at the markets. wall street little changed as investors digest the latest economic data, u.s. consumer confidence data fell ever so slightly to 79.7 in september from august reading of 81.8 as americans became less upbeat about the hiring environment in the u.s. meanwhile, u.s. single-family home prices rose in july at a slightly slower pace than what economists were forecasting. now, wall street also watching the latest developments at the united nations where president obama delivered a speech at the general assembly to world leaders. he spoke about how a diplomatic path with iran must be tested. and lastly, in an effort to cater to the americans that are watching their calorie intake, burger king is unveiling a healthier french fry which has 30% less fat and 20% less calories than burger king's
11:45 am
original fry. it's cleverly calling it s satisfries. it will be an additional option on the menu. barbara? >> have to try those out. thank you for that tip. >> mm-hmm. >> see you later. what are drug rashes? a body's reaction to a certain medication. the type of rash that occurs depends on the drug causing it and a person's response to it. what to look for if you are prescribed a new drug. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> if you're allergic to a drug, should you keep taking it? >> well, no, you should not, but most people don't even realize they're having a drug eruption. it's a myth to imply that it's always a new drug. you have to have a medication at least once in your system for your body to recognize if it likes it or not, so it could be the second time, it could be the thousandth or the millionth time
11:46 am
you ingested that medication. that's what you want to look for. in most cases people have been on the medication for quite some time. >> how do you know if it's an allergy or something else? >> typically with most systemic allergy, meaning something that you take by mouth or foods that you may eat, you're going to get itching. that's usually the premier symptom most people get. they may not see anything on the skin. they may even develop hives or what have you. eventually sometimes you can see rashes. redness, even in the darkest of skin color. this is a different type. this is actually when you do see a rash. now, this is what we call an acne eruption, but this one is hives. so you can see blisters. you can see dark discoloration on the skin. it can present itself in so many different ways. >> now, of course you should call your doctor if that happens. in most cases, will doctors say
11:47 am
stop the medication? >> well, i would consult a dermatologist because most physicians don't really recognize it probably as quickly as a dermatologist can. we see these types of e rruptio day in and day out. people come in and you say i'm itching and you examine them and there's nothing to see. one hallmark thing that i find in patients with drug eruptions is their itching is just out of this world. if i ask hem from 1 to 10 how intense is your itching they'll say 11. >> as a dermatologist, then, would you tell the person just keep taking it and we'll treat the rash or do you tell them to stop taking it? >> it's a systemic way that we have to go about it. one, i contact their primary care doctor or the prescribing doctor to let them know that this is possibly a medication, and them have them work with their doctor as far as eliminating or changing the medication. >> what are the most common drugs that cause itching and
11:48 am
rashes and eruptions? >> well, believe it or not, it's antibiotics. a lot of times, you know, for that matter we overuse antibiotics. but we're also developing e allergic reactions. that is one thing probably more common from infans on to the elderly. >> i see. i saw that you had a few other things. >> yes. your cardiac and hypertensive medications definitely we see in people who have hypertension, our elderly patients who are on maybe multiple drugs. when they are on multiple drugs we need to then weed out to see which one is the most likely candidate doing -- >> so people who have to stay on the medication, how do you treat the rash? >> it's very difficult. say, for instance, it's a cardiac drug and they need that cardiac drug, there's no other one that they can change to, now we're in kind of a -- between a rock and a hard place and we're in a dilemma that we need to work with the internist to figure that out.
11:49 am
for the most part we weigh the risk versus the benefit. having a heart attack versus itching, we're going to choose the treat them so they won't have a heart attack. so they're miserable with intense itching, so for the most part there are topical preparations that dermatologists can prescribe, anti-itching medications that can be taken orally. and we try to manage them the best way that we can. but, you know, sometimes it may reduce it by 50%, but, you know, that's better than nothing, i think. sometimes our hands are tied. >> do most of these eruptions happen on the rest of the body, not on the face? >> typically mostly neck down we see that. and rarely do' we see it on the face but it can occur on the face. >> thank you for telling us about that. a lot of people probably wouldn't thought to call a doctor ar have a dermatologist look at it and not related to the medication they were taking. >> yes. >> thank you for telling us about that. coming, can you trust your
11:50 am
favorite health app on your smartphone? plus, meteorologist tom kierein will be back with more. ♪ for a store near you go to
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the fda will begin regulating some smartphone apps. there are about 17,000 medical apps. most pose little risk. the fda plans to focus on apps that can be dangerous if they don't work right. those include phones that can turn devices into an ultrasound machine, heart machine or eve an glucose monitor. a heartwarming story that started in a double tragedy. nbc's i can't thi nbc's john yang tells us how a pair of unlikely friends is taking life one step at a time. >> reporter: at first glance, mark curt and jackson cunningham may seem unlikely buddies.
11:54 am
an 11-year-old downstate illinois sixth-grader and a 54-year-old senate freshman. but take a closer look and you can see what draws them together. both suffered serious strokes that initially paralyzed their left sides. jackson's was triggered by a blood clot when he was 8 years old. last year when he heard about curt's stroke -- >> dear senator kirk, my name is jackson cunningham. >> reporter: -- rehe wrote about his own recovery. >> all the therapy paid off. >> reporter: and tried to boost his spirits. >> do not give up on yourself. all the hard work is woth it. >> reporter: a small gesture that meant so much. >> it was by far the best letter that i got. >> what did it mean to you to have that encouragement? >> it meant a lot to me. i felt that i had to meet jackson. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. it stretched from the rehabilitation institute of chicago to the u.s. capitol.
11:55 am
kirk found out that jackson likes video games with zombies. >> it's just fun wasting them. >> reporter: you gave him a book about zombie ps. >> yeah. it's a good riff that we have. >> reporter: so good that it took over this therapy session. >> i need fresh brains. >> reporter: that playful competition spurs him. jackson recently started running, and now that's kirk's next big rehabilitation goal. >> look at that. >> reporter: someday is there going to be a footrace between the two of you? >> i hope, yeah. going to crush ya. >> reporter: the senator and the kid, separated by age but bound by the determination to rebuild their lives. >> let me just give you a quick hug. >> reporter: john yang, nbc news, chicago. >> great story. so tell us about the rest of this day with the weather and that what's going to happen tomorrow. >> it's just absolutely
11:56 am
gorgeous, perfect for outdoor work or recreation with low humidity, lots of sunshine, not much wind, landscapers are loving this. anybody who works in construction loving this kind of weather. have to work outside. package delivery people. they're still wearing shorts, though. they wear shorts in the winter, too, i think. right now it's in the mid to upper 60s throughout much of the region. afternoon highs should make it into the low 70s around the metro area, maybe right downtown, mid-70s, and in the rural areas should be peaking near 70. but out of the mountains, only in the 50s still. highs there, may only be in the low 60s. later today with that bright sun we will have a light win, then overnight tonight, clear, another chilly start tomorrow morning, afternoon highs a little warmer on wednesday and again thursday and friday. over the weekend, looks great. here's your weekend seven-day outlook. saturday, sunday, all the football games, outdoor activities on saturday looking great. sunday, a little warmer, up near 80.
11:57 am
next chance of rain and it's a small chance is monday. >> okay. at least we get a nice dry weekend. thank you, tom. that's "news 4 midday." thanks for being with us and tune in for our news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. we'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. with "news 4 midday." plan to join us. have a terrific day. see you in the morning. ♪ going to happen to you baby
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i do know that i want you. ♪. >> whoa. [applause] "access hollywood l live", that was on radio 1. welcome to "access hollywood live". i have a whew. >> the justin timberlake. in london and he's in rocking rio. now. >> he has a little hat on. >> over the weekend leno last tonight. kimmel shutting down hollywood boulevard tonight for jimmy. >> jet pack all over the place. that's one of the greatest songs. >> on the couch a man whoan


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