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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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bigger clash over the debt ceiling. >> the president says i'm not going to negotiate. sorry, it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: yes, it does, says mr. obama. so far, so far as we know, no major compromised by the president in the deal to keep the government going. again, the senate votes tomorrow, then back to the house that, so far, has been where the tea party has been calling the shots. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> we spoke with many local students in the audience for the speech. they plan to sign up for the health plan. news 4s prince george's county has more. >> reporter: they were clear on why they chose prince george's community college after graduating. for you it was about money? >> yeah. >> reporter: and saving money? >> yeah. >> i would regret taking out a
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$20,000 loan knowing you can take the same classes cheaper. >> reporter: they were among hundreds of students listening to president obama speaking about the affordable care act. >> i was excited. i got here early, 7:00. >> reporter: what started as excitement changed. >> the same way you shop for a tv on amazon, you go on and start looking. here are all the options. >> i like that he put it to amazon. >> reporter: that comparison and the mystery surrounding the access to the health care act that may intimidate the students it's meant to help. >> i didn't know what it was. i don't really understand. now i see it's important. >> reporter: they are planning to transfer to four-year universities and apparently on their parent's health insurance. they will have health care options when saving money becomes more important. >> i am at that age where now it
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would have been time for me to get dropped. now that it's until i'm 26, that gives me more leeway to get my life ready. >> reporter: president obama spoke for nearly an hour today. there were two points he drove home over and over again. first of all, october 1st, you can sign up for the plan. january 1st, it goes into effect. in largo, i'm tracee wilkins. news 4. iran's new president called on israel to sign off on an international treaty that bans the spread of nuclear weapons. it came at a high level united nation session in new york. he said any use of a nuclear weapon is a crime against humanity. a senior state department official says they don't expect tonight's meeting to resolve issues, but are hopeful they can continue to tread forward. >> our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.
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a group of activists are calling for the release of an american pastor detained in iran. he's an american citizen facing an eight-year sentence. he's been beaten by prison guards. he's been found guilty of undermining state security after a network of churches. today marks one year since his detention. we have a developing story involving the deadly mall attack in kenya. security workers setting off controlled explosions in the nairobi shopping area. they will continue to do that. the goal, to destroy all the bombs planted by the terrorists before investigators start studying the crime scene tomorrow. meanwhile, the al qaeda group behind the killings killed three others in attacks near the somali border. the attacks will go on until all kenyan troops are out of somalia. we are getting a better look at the damage inside the mall.
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the kenyan government released new images from the scene. burned cars still smoldering. much of the parking garage in rubble. the attack on the mall left at least 72 people dead. investigators believe more victims may be found inside parts of the mall that collapsed. tonight family and friends are gathering to remember a teenager murdered at the viewing for 18-year-old kenny diaz at aur lady of angels catholic church in virginia. he is being remembered for his love of sports. he played football for woodbridge high school. he coached younger children in the sport. his funeral will be tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, 12 people are now under arrest in connection with his killing. police are now charging four of diaz's friends with attempted robbery. diaz was with the four when they tried to rob samuels. they say it was pay back for her robbing one of their friends and
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connected to a drug dealing. it led to diaz being stabbed saturday at a prince william county park. the seven alexandria police officers who shot and killed a man in february are now cleared of wrong doing. the final report that came out today shows the officers fired 37 rounds. two of those hit a 30-year-old. as news 4 mark segraves reports, seller's family is not convinced they acted in self-defense. >> it showed the incident. i didn't see a gun pointed. >> reporter: it's not what police say is on the video. they say it shows police trying to negotiate with taft sellers, a marine that suffered mental issues. >> he took an aggressive posture and pointed a gun at officers. >> i couldn't see he has his gun in his hand. >> reporter: officers fired 37 times at sellers only hitting
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him with five of the shots. >> we did not determine there was an excessive amount of rounds fired. >> reporter: chief cook says there are questions about the accuracy of the shots fired. of the seven officers who opened fire, only two of them hit the suspect. >> it would be a concern for us to review the number of rounds that did miss and we are looking at that from a training aspect. >> reporter: chief cook is not releasing the video out of respect for the family. family members say they have questions about why so many shots were fired and whether sellers really did point his gun at police. >> it's whether or not the family believes we have done a clear and objective investigation. >> that leaves a question in my mind that a police officer jumped the gun and fired first and caused a reaction of all the police officers to start shooting. who knows? who knows?
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>> now the family acknowledges taft sellers was struggling with mental issues. he sought help at the v.a. the finalings of the police report are set to go for review by the u.s. department of justice. wendy and doreen? >> thank you. maryland could become the first state to require police and other first responders to get special training in how to handle people with disabilities. the governor supports the idea. this is after the death of robert ethan sailor. he had down syndrome. three deputies handcuffed him and placed him on the floor of a movie theater. sailor wanted to see the movie, "zero dark thirty" again. a guy dressed in blue
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medical strubs robbed a bank. he handed a note to the teller on old branch avenue in temple hills. he got the money, jumped in a car and got away. we are waiting to learn what sparked a fire that spread through this house in bethesda. had to be treated for minor injuries. $52 million, the university of maryland may have to pay $52 million for an exit penalty for leaving the big ten. an appeals court will decide if they can make the school pay up. in court, lawyers for the university argued that states enjoy sovereign immunity that protects them from lawsuits and the school is a state institution. acc lawyers say immunity does not exist across state lines or in contract claims. it could take months before they make the decision. a stripper and a mayor. what cory booker had to say
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about his twitter conversations with an exotic dancerout west. a comedian did not find a journalist tweet very funny. what happened that led the comedian to get criminal charges. >> what did they not answer in the debate. the i-team looks into a growing trend, vandalism at the national parks. veronica, how is the weather? >> another afternoon in the 70s. another dry day for us. rainfall for the month down
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let's go to the live desk. we have breaking news out of maryland right now. chris? >> we are following a tweet that says multiple pedestrians struck outside northwestern high school in hyattsville, maryland.
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chopper four is on the scene as you see. this is in the 7000 block outside northwestern high school. the tweet came from mark brady, the public information officer of the prince george's fire department. we are told there are injured people, patients on the scene at this time. however, no fatalities. we do not know the number of patients. news chopper 4 just arrived on the scene as we push in here, we will see ambulances on the scene. crews working. this is just outside northwestern high school. it all happened just about 15 minutes ago. the ambulances and ems, emergency medical services technicians on the scene of an incident with injured people. pedestrians struck. now that looks like it may be a parking lot just outside of northwestern high school.
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that's near the university of maryland. it's on aldephi road. we are going with the tweet because it comes from mark brady, with the prince george's fire department. we are waiting for updates. we have a ground crew goungs going to the scene with shomari stone and news 4. you are looking at live shots, a situation developing. people injured, no fatalities. a pedestrian struck outside northwestern high school in hyattsville. i'm chris gordon. >> u.s. senate candidate corey booker is defending his online relationship with a stripper. the mayor of trenton, new jersey is tweeting back and forth with a woman in oregon. lindsay lee showed up the exchanges. she asked booker if he became president one day, could she be the first lady. booker said his communication with lee isn't going to change
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anything. when somebody like this person extends kindness, i respond. lee says the messages are innocent and blown out of proportion. the senate election is less than three weeks away. debates are designed to get answers to questions. last night's face-off between the candidates for governor, come were answered and some were dodged. julie carey reports at least one was a surprise. >> reporter: like most candidates, republican cuccinelli and democrat mcauliffe. for cuccinelli, a plan to cut taxes and pay for it by closing tax loopholes. cuccinelli will lie on a commission to make the choice. why not name them now so voters know? >> what we are going to do is rank them. we know what they are. they have been identified. >> what are they?
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>> there's literally scores of them. >> reporter: for terry mcauliffe, spend more on teacher's skalry and community colleges. what is the price tag? we tried to find out. >> when i'm governor, we are going to look at the efficiencies to bring into the government. >> i want to clarify, no price tag? >> reporter: they were pinned down on other issues. cuccinelli says he's against the government shutdown. mcauliffe favors an assaults weapon ban. a surprise question, unusual unity, should the redskins name be changed? >> i don't think the governor should tell private businesses what they do. >> i think it's up to them entirely. 80 years of history with that team is hard to leave behind. >> i think that was the only thing they agreed on. terry mcauliffe got a boost to his campaign.
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the political action committee decided to endorse him and the democratic candidates for lieutenant governor. ken cuccinelli previously had an endorsement from another key business group. >> interesting and you were in the middle of it. tonight, advice from national health experts to plan now to get a flu shot. flu season starts a month from now. you may not have that much time. it takes two weeks to be fully immunized. we could have another season like that. there are more flu vaccine options available this year with some protecting against three or four strains. make your plans now. >> it doesn't feel like flu season with this beautiful weather. >> no, no. instead of tracking storms or anything crazy, even hurricanes, i have been tracking sunshine. keeping track of just how dry we are across the area. you heard me say earlier, we are down two inches of rainfall for
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the month of september. we have had two decent systems this month to come in and through the area. one of them was this past saturday. look outside, nothing but sunshine. the sunsetting way before 7:00. by 7:00 p.m., just a few clouds. partly cloudy, 71 the temperature. comfortable conditions for 11:00 p.m. in fact, we are going to be clearing out and dropping to the mid-60s by 11:00 p.m. the reason that it's been so dry over the last couple days is this area of high pressure producing dry conditions. some relatively cool conditions here in the great lakes throughout ohio and pennsylvania. this high pressure system will be hanging on and staying put until at least the mid part of next week. for us, producing clear conditions, mainly clear conditions. tomorrow morning, a ripple in the atmosphere that happens now and then that comes through the area tomorrow morning.
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starting out about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., until 11:00 p.m., we could see a sprinkle out of the system. i don't think it's enough to warrant carrying along the rain gear or umbrella. throughout the afternoon, more sunshine, partly sunny skies. it's going to look like another repeat of today, then friday, late, we have the clear sky. we do it all over again saturday morning. again, the reason for that, we have this east/northeasterly wind that pushes more moisture into the area. mid-70s, the sun comes up and burns off the clouds. mid-70s with a few clouds for saturday afternoon. tomorrow morning, 48 degrees around leesburg and bethesda and oakton toward college park, the temperatures starting out around 55 degrees. up to the north, mid-50s, but, again, these warm days and the clear, cool nights that have allowed some of the leaves to change color. look at this photo from
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rockville, maryland. seeing the color change here. more color change around skyline drive. it's going to be a perfect weekend for taking in a little bit of that fall color. skyline drive, pennsylvania, up to the north and areas of new york are seeing moderate color in the high spots. for us, again, a little shower early tomorrow morning with cloud cover. still a good looking day. it's the afternoon that we break out from under the clouds and get the sunshine. upper 60s by 11:00 a.m. mid-70s by 3:00 p.m. you are not going to need a jacket for tomorrow afternoon. fredericksburg, 75 is the high. culpeper hitting a high temperature of 75 degrees and down toward orange, 76 tomorrow afternoon. so, good week. we have a lot of events listed on the website. good weekend for festivals and we have them all listed. seasonable sunshine. perfect fall weather. it's the early part of next week
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we start to see the pattern change. it's going to warm up and get closer to 80 degrees. there might be a day or two above 80 degrees. it's going to turn humid, too. wednesday, thursday of next week and right now it's looking like the best part of rain. thursday, i'm thinking we could have showers around here as we get around 80 degrees for a high. we could also be looking alt a thunderstorm or two. now, it doesn't look as though we are going to get a lot of rain. i'm not overly optimistic with us getting decent rains from that system on thursday. look at this, a couple dry days coming up. good weekend. wendy? >> sounds good. thank you, veronica. we are learning more about the car/pedestrian accident in hyattsville. chris gordon is at the live desk with an update. chris? >> we are watching the scene develop from northwestern high school in hyattsville. it happened within the past 23 minutes. we have eight students injured. six we have seen loaded on to
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ambulances taken to area hospitals. we are told prince george's hospital center, one may be taken to children's hospital. the students are teenagers, 14 and 15 years old with non-life threatening injuries. they are being treated and triaged and taken to the local hospitals. mark brady from the prince george's county fire department is updating us. you are looking at live pictures. mark, i understand we have you by phone. can you give us the latest information? >> caller: what we understand, there was a vehicle traveling toward the rear part of the northwestern high school in the 7000 block in hyattsville. as the vehicle went down the hill, there's a lot of after school activities, athletics and groups at the school. it's an active population here. for whatever reason, the vehicle failed to stop.
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struck eight students. the students are all high school aged. we believe they go to northwestern. there are a mixture of male and female. they are being transported to trauma centers. i must emphasize, none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. some are minor and traumatic. at this point and time t injuries appear to be life threatening. >> when you say traumatic, you are talking broken bones? >> reporter: can you repeat that? >> broken bones, but nonlife threatening. >> right. bruises, lacerations, scrapes, broken bones. we are taking every precaution possible. transporting them to different area hospitals. >> mark brady from the fire
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department, can you tell us, did it happen in a parking lot at northwestern high school and did the driver stay on the scene? >> caller: yes, the driver remained on the scene. the police department will be leading the investigation. >> mark, thank you very much for joining us live on news 4 as we look at the chopper shot. eighteen agers injured at northwestern high school as a vehicle in the rear of the school failed to negotiate a downhill and hit a group of eight. this is chris gordon at the live desk with the latest. >> thank you, chris. well, it was raining ash. we are following a massive building fire in detroit. >> special dogs are helping employees at the navy yard cope with last week's shooting. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. the district of columbia is
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
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here? i'll have the story coming up. firefighters have contained the massive blaze at an old factory in west drouchlt since it's abandoned, it's going to burn as they try to control the flames. no injuries reported. there is a lot of smoke that can be seen for about 30 miles. no word on the cause. the healing process continues at the washington navy yard with the help of a unique group. dogs that are part of the response team were on hand to greet and comfort workers at a navy yard parking lot. they have been on site since last thursday as employees try to cope with the deadly shooting. the crisis team works in places affected by disasters and tragedies. the team will stay at the navy yard for a few days. you would think journalists and comedians have a lot in common. people are talking about a war
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of words that turned to violence in a comedy club last night at a d.c. improv during a celebrity fund-raiser. journalist josh rogin was live tweeting during the show. as dan nainan took the stage, he said the jokes weren't funny. news 4 spoke the nainan and he was trying to stand-up for the amateur comedians performing for charity. rogin declined to comment to news 4. when the affordable care act takes effect, smokers are going to have to make a tough decision, kick the habit or pay a smoking surcharge that takes effect on tuesday. it could increase health care by 50%. chris gordon explains why smokers are being singled out. >> reporter: they can develop health problems like lung cancer, heart attack and stroke.
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their medical treatment adds to the cost of health care. george washington university law professor has argued since the 1980s people who engage in dangerous health activities like smoking should pay more for health insurance. >> i think the 50% surcharge is the most effective way to get them to quit. those who refuse, it's high time they pay the costs rather than the majority of us who are nonsmokers. >> reporter: there's disagreement on that, not just from smokers. >> they oppose the use of tobacco surcharges in insurance. they are not a proven way to help smokers quit and they can make health insurance unaffordable for tobacco users. >> reporter: they decided not to charge them for. in maryland and virginia, the 50% surcharge on smokers goes into effect next tuesday.
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they have estimated the surcharge will increase health insurance costs by $12,000 annually per smoker. maryland and virginia employers will pay it or pass it on to workers who smoke. d.c. employers are exempt. >> i shouldn't be charged extra for smoking. it's a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: how far is that argument going to fly do you think? >> not very far, but it's worth a try. >> reporter: there is one sure fire option. >> i'm going to stop smoking altogether. i'm not going to pay. i will give it up. >> reporter: chris gordon, news 4. let's go back to breaking news. students hit outside a high school. jim handly has the latest. >> we are getting our first look at the vehicle involved in the accident. let's go to a live picture. this silver sedan with front end
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damage and damage to the front windshield. this car, according to investigators struck eight children standing by involved in an after school activity in northwestern high school in hyattsville. three children are going to children's hospital, three to med star and one we know of at prince george's hospital center. they have non-life threatening injuries. these pictures from earlier, too. chopper 4 is over the scene as well. this car was going downhill and didn't negotiate the turn as the driver should have. that driver did stay behind on the scene. investigators, ambulances, still on hand right there. we saw at least three children, again, ages 14 and 15, taken away on stretchers, put into ambulances and again, taken to three hospitals. these are live pictures right now from this area. again, this is behind the high school, northwestern high school. this afternoon, all happened about 30 minutes ago. that's the latest from the live
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desk. wendy and doreen? >> thank you, jim. a new money man is in town for the district and the $11 billion budgeth. mayor vincent gray nominated jeff dewitt to succeed dandy. a key question is whether the cfo will remain independent of political pressure and the mayor. >> reporter: jeff dewitt of phoenix, arizona, arriving with mayor vincent gray marking a new financial sheriff to oversee every dollar the city collects and spends. alice led the search committee. >> he's ridden in on a horse in his cowboy boots or something. >> reporter: despite the week humor and mayor gray fixing his tie, it's a serious moment. dewitt joins a city whose
6:34 pm
finances 15 years ago were near bankrupt but no longer. it has a $1.5 billion surplus. >> this city is doing better than any city in america. city or state. this isn't des moines, it's washington d.c. the key issue is whether he'll maintain a strong independence required by congressional law. >> i believe he is everything i'm looking for. >> reporter: mayor gray has been criticized for unsuccessably pressuring them to boost the estimates. >> you will be independent from the mayor? >> thank you for that question. that's actually a similar question asked in the interview as you can imagine. you have to maintain that independence, no matter where you are the cfo. there are times you have to say no because of government. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4.
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right now, heavy equipment taking down a historic d.c. high school that stood for decades. crews demolishing the hold high school in northwest. a new school opened this year for the students. the grads admit it is tough to see this building go. it's a sad day. i have so many memories of this school. got here in 1980 in the tenth grade and graduated in '83. it's a sad day to see the building coming down like this. >> the site will be turned into a football field and track for the new school. dunbar was the first high school in the nation for african-american students. it originally opened in 1977. trouble on a popular stretch of road, it's collapsing and getting worse for drivers. >> vandalism at national parks. the news 4 i-team looks into the trend.
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will last when we return. if you missed a sunrise this morning and haven't seen anything beautiful today, take a look at sunset. it is gorgeous. out there right now with a few clouds. we are going to see more clouds by tomorrow morning. let's take a look at things across the area right now. first, we are going to head all the way west to butte, montana. this is completely different than what's happening on the east coast. they have a lot of snow, 18 inches of it and could get another two inches on top of that. it's still snowing there now. monday, they switch to rain. the first winter storm warnings in montana, the northern areas of the rockies around here, quiet. we are tracking nothing but sunshine and dry days. 47 by tomorrow. 56 in d.c. 51 in alexandria.
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it comes with cloud cover across the area early. wheaton could see sprinkles early tomorrow morning. not enough in the way of wet weather early on and until noon to warrant carrying an umbrella. mid-70s by the afternoon. we break into the sunshine. we break into a pretty mild day, too, by afternoon. look at this. 76 degrees alexandria. dale city, great falls highs tomorrow in the mid-70s with no rain coming our way through the weekend. back to you. we have some even bad -- even worse news for people who use the cut through in rock creek park. adam tuss found more erosion on the stretch of this road. a couple years ago, heavy rain and melting snow washed away part of the culvert. it is getting so bad, crews had to move protective walls in, narrowing the travel lanes. d-dot says that's to keep cars away from the area where there
6:41 pm
are growing cracks. the bridge will eventually be shut down to make permanent reports. next, new developments in the case of a woman accused of throwing paint inside the national cathedral. >> what's ahead in sports? >> wait until you hear about alex ovechkin's travels. he's doubled the work. we'll explain from him coming
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up as news 4 at 6:00 continues. the woman accused of spla splashing paint inside the cath theed ral is not up to be charged. she's charged with defacing it with green paint and is
6:45 pm
suspected, but not charged with doing the same thing at the lincoln memorial. 9,000 cases of vandalism at u.s. parks since 2009. some of it ugly and offensivoff. it's costing taxpayers a lot of money. the park service is particularly worried about a new trend with vandals. >> reporter: crews needed three weeks and a fifth round of paint to clean off the green paint. parta beth helps clean naxal parks in d.c. >> reporter: it must be frustrating to see what's done here? >> absolutely. i love the national parks. they are
6:46 pm
nature(eqncha clean up in the since. spray paint near the old salem church. trees tagged. and a substance poured on the e01w>y?xf e01w>y?xf >04ntr n'%j cameraviral.i ;9"o them. twitter, facebook, instagram, making the vandals more bold and making the graffiti viral. >> what they are defacing is not
6:47 pm
a rail car. j
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we obtained records showing theg times each year. vco1a)náqa9eme games. >> this team is going to be rg],! hey? 9ph.linju easy. it'sop for three weeks, we have heard a long list of problems. rg iii's injuries. a few moments of encouragement like last game. at 0-3, players and fans agree, it's time to stop talking and usx% the defense suck, the offense suck. everybody sucks. you know, that's what happens with 0-3. wed.to01 we are about our day, handling our business. it will turn around for us. all it takes is one win to get
6:49 pm
it rolling. >> one win is all it takes. >>76trouble? challenges for the redskins. you have a mobile athletic lfozat0 cleara a1zr, > suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter after a helmet-to-heldment hit. today, he received clearance to return to practice. 7kn we'lldxh adj will practice for both these guys. the main focus is still on pryor. >> ready for terrell pryor.
6:50 pm
he's a dangerous weapon. we feel like he's going to be out there. 01#g 't think aá will rewrite the book. >> we're preparing for both. we are leaning toward pryor. he's the designated starter. pryor with his legs and arm and áf:.b
6:51 pm
i have opportunity to do that kind of stuff. they tell me yeah. you haved coit. it's a lifetime opportunity. remember when the nationals weren't around @d
6:52 pm
untrained gerbils can play like that. how impressive is that? that is the washington federals who make the list at 13. the federals went 7-29 in two years of existence, 1983 and 1984. >> a cleveland franchise? >> that was number one. i googled the name before i came out there. i think doreen worked there. sorry. they are on the list. >> do you agree with that? >> they have a tough time. >> thanks. up next, we'll update the breaking
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one final check on the breaking news out of hyattsville. it unfolded an hour ago. chopper 4 over the scene. eight students hit at northwestern high school. this is in the parking lot behind.
6:56 pm
the driver did stay behind on the scene. we showed damage to the car, the front end of the car. eight students, 14 and 15 years old transferred to the hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. shomari stone is on his way to the scene. he'll have the latest at 11:00. >> thanks, jim handly. nbc "nightly news" is coming up next. >> see you at 11:00. have a good one.
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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on our broadcast tonight, wanted. an international arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who has been called the white widow. the question is was she among the attackers at the mall in kenya? time running out before a big deadline now days away. it's getting ugly in washington. tonight can anything be done to save our government from itself? ready or not the new health care law is coming and it's causing confusion. tonight we'll take on your questions with dr. nancy snyderman. and rosie the riveter, a world war ii original, now 93 years old and still on the job. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. the americans have now arrived in force. dozens of u.s. investigators are now on the ground at the scene of that mall massacre in nairobi, kenya.


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