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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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>> that's the best graphic ever. >> we are not letting that happen. i mean, i could see it if weird al had to sit outside. right, al? >> yes. >> that would make sense, but not a star of hoda's magnitude. >> did you hear that? it is try day friday, we're going to try a coffee drink. >> you said we. >> we. >> we are. >> and we are? >> the guy with the shoes. i showed you his feet. >> nice feet, a lovely smile. one of these days if things go as well as they are, you might get to meet him. >> you met him. >> i have, but i haven't spent enough time with him. >> what about blake? >> blake has to pass judgment. because when pigs fly. >> stop saying it.
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>> a lot of money on the graphic. that's it. >> so blake loves him and blake is coming to the concert. >> that's what i was asking. that's what i mean we. >> i wouldn't just go with my dog. i'm not weird. >> you go to the movies alone. >> that's different. >> all right. so lets try this coffee. >> national coffee day sunday. >> are you a big coffee drinker? >> i'll have a couple of cups. anyway, national coffee association says most americans drink more than half -- what? >> somebody has been drinking more than coffee when they wrote this. they drink more coffee than they need each day is what i think they tried to say. they never graduated from elementary school. >> here is our coffee drink. we're drinking something a little different. we've got coffee cocktails, medium dark roast from coffee of grace and cognac cherry brandy.
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>> we love her. >> robert dinero's wife, a beautiful lady, supports farmers in rwanda. $12.50 for 12 ounces at coffee of >> i can't start today this way, even i. >> really? >> and i can't drink any coffee after noon, or i am wide awake. >> that's good. >> it doesn't keep me up. i can drink coffee at night. it doesn't keep me awake. >> what does keep you awake, wild woman? >> scary movies. don't say when pigs fly. >> i'm not going to say when pigs fly because that would be too much and i know when to stop. i love pigs. >> all right. so what do you eat in the car? >> i don't usually eat in the car. >> you don't? >> what i do eat, i meant to confess this the other day. once in a while -- we had a lot of construction work on the
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property because of damage from hurricane sandy. as a result the guys are working hard. they are working hard and you want to feed them. we ate a lot of takeout food this year. >> what did you have? >> we had so much domino's pizza, so many big macs. stuff we normally wouldn't eat normally. it's easy to feed everybody and they are grateful. >> what's your favorite? >> what i do eat in the car, because i can't say no to it. if you've gone to mcdonald's or burger king or wendy's, one of them, and the french fries are hot. you dig in. you don't eat your burger, that would be crass. you've got to go for the hot -- they're not hot when you get them home and they don't taste the same in the microwave. >> this is how much i love them. when i'm driving i'm a ketchup person. i'm figure to tell you how i do
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it. i put it right here, one hand, take ketchup packets and squirt them in the bag. >> hoda, that takes two hands. >> you do it right before you leave. it's all ketchupy. you dig your hand in, and you get one and eat it and you go back in. that's how you do it. then you have it all over your hands. >> doesn't matter. then you know you're having fun. >> no, i only do it alone. >> would that make you a pig? surveys what people eat when they drive. candy bars, french fries and doughnuts popular. >> pizza and tacos, weird. >> scary. the taco should never be eaten. you can barely eat that at home with two hands and a napkin in front of the tv. >> i find myself eating much more when i'm by myself. when i'm in the car, i don't think anyone is looking at me. >> who have you been spending time with? you've never been thinner, never looked better.
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i'm not with you all the time. >> i eat alone at night. i don't feel that comfortable eating in front of people, eating a lot. >> when you and i go to places we pig out. >> we have our lamb chops, not a tooth that doesn't have stuff in it. frankie and johnny's and have our shrimp scampi. >> so good. >> now you know way more than you care. we have to say we have a great hair and makeup team, they are incredible. >> they are. >> there was someone who put this website out, danny evans. he wanted to see what some people with hair and makeup teams would look like if they didn't have hair and makeup team. what would a listers look like without glamming them up. in fairness some know how to do their hair and makeup pretty well. others, not a clue. lets keep that in mind when we go to pictures from the '80s and photo shop. >> we're going to try to guess these.
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we don't know who they are. >> that's scarlett johansson. >> oh, my god. that's from the '80s with the mall hair. >> that's a felony. >> what else? i like it, though. >> who is that? who is that? who is it? who is it? >> the beckhams. >> the beckhams? david and victoria beckham. >> that is just wrong on every level. >> oh, my god. that is rihanna. >> oh, that was a good one. >> oh, my gosh. boy, that's unbelievable. angelina and brad pitt. >> yes, grasshopper into her ear. she looks more frightened than usual. >> that's -- >> meryl streep? >> madonna. oh, my gosh. that's madonna. >> this guy should be arrested.
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jay z and beyonce. >> they don't look so different. >> beyonce does. >> jay z not really. >> lady gaga. why did we know that was her. >> because she looks like that sometimes anyway now. she does. she does all these extreme things. >> go to this website. >> it's the name of -- >> if the shoe fits. >> all right. miley cyrus's parity, wrecking ball video. >> wrecking ball music video we showed you. it's been seen by 150 million people. >> as it goes with these kind of things, parities pop up. here is a favorite. it's called the pet collective. lets take a look. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> cute. very cute. adorable. it's friday, you know what that means. >> time for friday funny. unless they are naughty, it's hard to find good jokes. i'm grateful to facebook fan brenda buckley. once upon a time there was a very handsome camel named alfred. he had two huge camel humps on his back. he fell in love and married a beautiful female camel named marie who had one perfect hump on her back. as time passed they became the proud parents of a wonderful baby boy camel. but he was born with no humps on his back. the camel parents thought and thought about what to name their
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beautiful boy. then it came to them. we'll call him humphrey. >> that was ridiculous. >> do you know how much brilliant acting it takes to make that work. >> can you look at what's in my eye line. bambino and blake playing cards. >> looks like he put his paw in a socket. >> bambino, absolutely perfect as usual. >> blake looks crazy. >> time for johnson's baby of the week. we like to announce these. new moms and adorable additions to their families. our first is sillas alan debruyn born in michigan. the parents love snuggling with him. >> of course they do. >> you love snuggling with blake. >> next is larisa renee gillman. born in texas. the first girl in the family. she has three big brothers who are all probably very, very protective of their little sis.
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>> elia grace grasmick weighing 7 pounds, two ounces. in aurora, colorado. her mom says her daughter is very expressive and likes to make funny faces. >> last johnson's baby of the week, brinly marie gosch. her parents allison and cody told us this little girl shares the same birthday as her 1-year-old brother. so september 4th is doubly special in their house. congratulations to all of our babies. if you want a chance to appear on "today" show baby of the week, where should they go? it klgn i take the am track to see my mom. there's a guy named marty who is a red cap. the red caps help you get on the train. he's retiring after 40 years. he's from ireland. he's a great guy. >> tomorrow he's retiring. >> saturday is retirement. we want to wish marty a happy retirement. he's a great guy. thanks for the years.
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>> this made us laugh musical parities of our favorite. >> weird al has something for kids. it's his second children's book. it's adorable.
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♪ >> funny man, it's okay. weird al yankovic is best known for song parodies. but he's now pleasing a very different audience. >> the three-time grammy winner is out with his second children's book. it's called "my new teacher and me!" we love having you back. >> we do. i don't think you're weird. i think you're adorable. >> don't tell anybody.
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>> i won't. it will ruin your career. >> it's one of those books when you start reading it, you actually read it out loud. that's what i found myself doing. >> that's the idea. >> i really enjoy and appreciate actual rhymes, perfect rhymes. you were excellent through the whole thing. >> i've been working. i've been practicing. >> there's a great message in this book. tell us about it. >> it's a celebration of imagination. it's a story of a kid named billy. it's a first day of school. a back to school book. he's got a powerful personality, speaks out for himself. his teacher mr. booth is by the book, by the rules, authoritarian, doesn't have a sense of humor. billy's tall tales don't sit well with him. >> and he gets more and more angry. >> we're so used to seeing you do parodies. what one do you enjoy the most? we were watching a couple of clips and loved it. >> hard to say. if i had to pick, i usually pick white and nerdy. that's so autobiographical. i have a lot of experience on that one.
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>> what inspires you. what's going on out there today. what song would you pick out of today's top ten? wrecking ball? >> i don't think too many people want to see me naked on a wrecking ball. i've taken a survey -- >> i had a dream about that. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was wild, you were great. >> i'll have to rethink that then. >> certain things just scream at you and say this is the one. >> there's a lot out there that needed weird al treatment. they are really asking for it. >> what do the artists say when you pick one of their songs and do a parody on it. >> it's usually very complimentary. lady gaga said it was a rite of passage for a weird al. you have the grammies, if you're lucky, you get a parody. >> first of all, everybody that knows you thinks you're a lovely, lovely person. >> oh. >> you are. >> thank you. >> i don't know. it's weird.
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>> you've got a 10-year-old daughter. >> i do. >> does she take after you? >> in a way. she's very artistic. i wouldn't say she's weird. she's got some musical talent. she wrote a little song at home the other day and i produced it. she doesn't want anybody to hear, just family. >> she loves animals. >> yes. she's a big animal fan. >> what's your dream for her? do you have an image in your mind of where your daughter is going to be in ten years? >> i can't imagine. i wouldn't have known i'd be doing this 30 years ago. she has a lot of interests. sort of like the theme behind my first book, you can be anything you want to be in life. you don't have to be narrowed into that. you can do a lot of things. >> we talked last week hoda, they have a new survey that says parents aren't reading to their children anymore. it's really affecting them. you obviously had parents that read to you and great memories and kids love books and they love what's important in life. >> i have a love for children's picture books.
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apps are great. electronic gadgetry is fine. nothing beats a parent sitting with a kid and holding a book. the whole tactile bonding experience. >> yeah, and the illustrations too on this book. >> i love this. >> hargess. he's wonderful. >> did he do the other one as well? >> he did. the whimsy and -- >> humor. >> attention to detail. such a perfect match. >> has your daughter read this? >> she was the proofreader. she corrected the syntax and grammar. >> of course she did. >> she knows how to spell it right then. >> we wish you luck. >> thanks for coming in, al. >> given me permission to write parodies under the name allie yankovic. okay? so we're going to have those coming to you. >> thanks so much. is there a polite way to turn down being a bridesmaids? >> i don't know. we'll answer that question and other etiquette questions coming
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stop! >> what are you talking about? >> okay. my things are showing and that could be embarrassing. >> how do deal with those people who make you turn red, dog gone it, especially your spouse or good friend hoda. >> that ever happen to you? >> all the time. >> what do you do if frank embarrasses you. >> what do you do? you haven't seen him lately, have you? >> that's ridiculous. you embarrass me. >> i thought this was over. is it still on?
2:27 am
how do we stay on the air, hoda. >> i don't know. >> probably more time than we were told. maybe they told us but we were drunk and didn't hear them. >> if you need some ideas for your kids' room, we'll show you how to shop your house and upcycle. >> we love it. >> icona pop. >> the song for us. >> they rock. >> way too much for this. way too much time in life. oy.
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♪ we're back on try day friday. what to do if someone you loves embarrasses you. >> or how to get over it when a well meaning friend makes you blush. >> "wall street journal's" elizabeth bernstein tackled this topic. in a relationship column called "bond." >> she'll tell us what we found. a psychiatrist here to tell us
2:30 am
how to get through it. >> hello. we all go through that at times. >> we certainly do. it's one of those things sometimes, lets say, you're at a dinner party, your boyfriend is talking loud and it's bugging you and you feel embarrassed. >> guilt by association. >> that's exactly what's happening. you feel they represent you. oh, my gosh. they are going to think i'm with this clown. like don't i have better taste? >> yes. >> yeah, and didn't you? >> what did you do? >> well, you've got to understand where it's coming from. sometimes targeting directly towards you, sometimes not, just loosey goosey feels right. so it's a matter of understanding it may be coming from a place, hey, me and this person have a good relationship when we do wacky things and we like to share that with the world. >> like sometimes kathie lee shares with the world i have a stomach issue. that's embarrassing. i just sit there and smile. >> she's doing it. >> this is one of those things i
2:31 am
know -- >> makes for good television. your career is on fire. in a real relationship as opposed to this phony one that we have, what would you do about that? go to your friend and say, what the heck are you doing? you're embarrassing me. >> the embarrassment comes because of the violation of the trust and the privacy. >> yes, it's a violation of the trust and the privacy. >> get over it. sue me. >> you go to your friend and say, hey, here is the deal. i really love where your coming from. >> i really love where your coming from. >> for future reference maybe not share that. >> for future reference, maybe not share this. >> you also have to just accept your friend for who she is. >> that's true, hoda. so get over it. >> sometimes parents embarrass their children. they say, look, i love you so much, i get the right to embarrass you. i wouldn't be your mother if i didn't embarrass you. i've heard that a few times. >> that's a problem. >> yes, she is. >> parents, you never are too old to be embarrassed by your
2:32 am
parents, probably, but you want to also if you're the parent have that relationship go well. you want to be aware if you're doing something to the child that is upsetting them and try to hold back on that. >> when i'm out with a couple and the wife is with the husband she's apologizing, i feel bad. i'm thinking why are you apologizing for this guy? i like somebody that says he's crazy, he's fun. >> what am i going to do with ralph? >> right. that's fun, as opposed to -- >> don't do it if his name isn't ralph. help someone. >> what you do in that situation, again, you know, it's tough because it's a reflection on us. try not to take it quite so personal. >> you can laugh it off. you can't change your mother. you can change your husband and maybe should. -- >> you can change your husband and maybe should. >> people are not paying as much attention to the embarrassment. you have it on the spotlight. >> right. >> all right. >> did you learn anything?
2:33 am
>> that you're going to embarrass me tomorrow again, i'm sure. >> on monday. you'll have to wait till monday. time to clear out the clutter in hoda's house. how to upcycle junk and create something cool for your kids. right after this.
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all right. if your child has outgrown their nursery and you're ready to redesign their bedroom, you could save money using items around the house. >> here to show you how and put us to work, author of
2:38 am
upcycle celebration. it's all about reinventing yourself. danny. >> all about reinventing yourself. >> i was hoping for a new attitude about me. >> no, not so much. what's going on? >> kids' toys. how adorable is this idea? >> darling. >> you grab a branch from the yard, drill two holes, grab a rope and they have a place to swing. >> that's adorable. >> you're batting 1,000 but we have a long way to go. >> are we going to be making something. >> grab an old sweater and grab a can from your recycling bin. see these cozy covers. >> they are cute. >> wrap it around the can. you guys can do this. anyone can do this. you wrap it around the can. >> meaning hoda. >> you're embarrassing me again. >> cozy little sweater covers.
2:39 am
>> what do you mean we're done? we haven't got it on the dad-gum can yet. >> done. >> i like to do things properly. >> you didn't cut it. >> i don't know how much i need. keep going. >> weekend project. okay, guys. look at this. >> no thank you. thank you. >> okay. this button art back here. >> that's pretty. >> milkshake, star, french fries. >> you made these yourself. >> it takes a couple hours. >> wild night last night. you and about a million buttons. >> oh, my gosh. take a piece of chalk. you're doing it wrong. basically do the outline you want to do and use white craft glue to adhere the buttons to your design. what are you making? >> i'm making a person.
2:40 am
>> i'm making lips. >> you need maybe a tenth of that glue to do the project. >> she made a little head. i'm trying. >> you take the glue and literally put a dot of it on the back and you stick it on and you're done. this is going to take forever. >> we believe you. >> there are billions and billions of legos out there. you can upcycle them to make -- look how cute this is. it's a little key chain holder for hoda, you're apartment. >> that would go with any decor. >> the trick is you take one of these lego pieces and do whatever saying you want. you have to buy special pieces at the lego store to hold it. put your key faub on there. >> that's too much work. >> keep it there. >> we're talking kids. they have library cards. >> we're talking kids. i forgot. it's been three minutes. that's actually cute.
2:41 am
>> take a shopping bag, okay? cut out a square here and here, get a handle, you get a little basket to hold your toys. >> how cute. how did you do that again? >> literally two squares. you cut out the sides. it's really easy. imagine like a tiffany bag you have or something, you can upcycle it to a really pretty container. >> danny, you're adorable. we don't care what anybody says. we like you a lot. >> what do they say? >> coming up, how to handle guests who invite themselves over for fun. >> answer your etiquette questions after this. who loves danny? >> we do! [ male announcer ] only degree antiperspirant
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has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you move the more it protects. ♪ do more. ♪ degree. it won't let you down.
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it not always easy to know how to handle life's situations. we asked you to tweet us a couple questions. >> modern manners and etiquette expert. >> we're nervous. we're scared of diana.
2:46 am
>> jennifer in texas, she tweeted this. when addressing her child's teacher, should she use mrs. or simply the teacher's first name. what do you think the etiquette is for this? >> i think you should always start with a title, mrs. or mr. or ms. then let the teacher let you know what they want to be called. i think the worst thing you can do is call that teacher by her first name or his first name and then expect to be called by that yourself. >> skpaktly. -- exactly. >> like i'm more important than you are. >> say you're my age and kid's teacher is 12. you know, do i have to say ms., mrs. ann. >> okay. when you have a little preschool child, they usually go by the first name. you call her miss sally because your preschooler does. >> that's an easy one. >> as we get into middle school. we know the teachers, we're
2:47 am
volunteering. we're friends, our kids are on the same basketball team, volleyball team. we've gotten friendlier. again, in front of the kids you call them that. >> if family members invite themselves over for a football game, does she provide the food and beer? >> she doesn't have to answer the door. >> uninvited guests! >> miss modern manners. >> she has to learn to say no. no nicely. i'd love you to come over but today is not a good day. >> if they just show up. >> if they show up and see you through the window. >> food. >> give them what you have. >> go out to 7-eleven and pick stuff up and come on back if you want to. >> just give them some food. >> what if you don't have any food! >> get some food. dog food. >> what if you don't have money
2:48 am
for the food? >> alyssa in virginia, she was invited to be a bridesmaid. but due to financial and time constraints she needed to decline that invitation. what should she do. >> let them know quickly, carefully and in person when you can. >> why? >> why? >> if they want to know why? >> i love you. i want to help you do invitations, buy your shoes, find the venues but it's a cost constraint for me. and i just don't have the time. but i will be there and -- >> it happens. money people understand, time not so much. >> it happens. if you're in person you can give her a hug. the bride is going to be very gracious and say i understand. >> i don't know. i don't think she's going to be gracious. if i invited someone to be a bridesmaids and she said i don't have the time. if she didn't have the money. i'd say, i'll help you pay for the dress. >> say she's in another state, she doesn't have the time. >> say she's in another state
2:49 am
and there's flights involved. >> it gets very expensive. >> all right. marie in connecticut wants to know etiquette in a smelly situation. home odor is a situation with so many implications. what should she do if she's in someone's home and it smells icky. >> and it stinks. i want to know if it stinks in one room or all the way through the house. >> it's stinky, smelly, crappy house. >> you have to think about the other person. do you want to hurt their feelings? >> how about never go again? >> do you want to be their friend? >> how about never be their friend. >> go outside. >> it smells like a skunk in here. >> you don't want to say it. or a cat box. what you say is we are close enough friends that i feel free to tell you that i think you have a problem with your air conditioning vents. >> that's a good one. >> i would fall for that. >> thank you.
2:50 am
[ all speak at once ] >> thank you. coming up, you're going to love it. >> a performance by icona pop. >> we love them. >> this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> the swedish electronic pop duo, icona pop, has one of the hottest summer songs called "i love it." the two friends are aino jawo and caroline. >> we had to write it phonetically. the two friends are aino jawo and caroline hjelt. >> aino and caroline. >> so good. >> in stores this week. if it's anything like their first, you're going to want to get out your dancing shoes. >> you guys write your own music. >> of course. >> they don't lip-synch, they sing and everything. >> we play real instruments, write real music.
2:55 am
we are real persons. >> you are good friends. we can tell that sitting with you. >> we're best friends. traveling around the world with my best friend. life is pretty sweet. >> that's great. >> is the new song you're playing for us as catchy as the one we fell in love with this summer? >> i would have to say ya. >> this song is actually a little less hate in it, because i love it was a song about coming out from a heart break. this is more about all of the love. about finding your element to express yourself. >> ladies, you're going to head over and perform your next single for us. ya. >> here is icona pop singing "all night." is it a dirty song? >> well, it's what you make it. >> off their debut album. this is icona pop. ladies, take it away. ♪
2:56 am
♪ we always dreamed about this better life ♪ we always felt it coming on ♪ in paradise ♪ in paradise ♪ let's go walking hand in hand ♪ ♪ we can make the wrong turn right ♪ smash the club we can rock this deep ♪ ♪ we don't need no sleep ♪ and it feels like we could do this all night ♪ ♪ we could do this all night ♪ everything is all right ♪ in paradise ♪ in paradise it feels like ♪ we could do this all night ♪ ♪ we could do this all night ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ give it a shot ♪ come on baby ♪ we can hit the light ♪ make the wrong turn right ♪ we can smash the clock ♪ make the clock go rock ♪ we could go deep ♪ we don't need no sleep ♪ and it feels like ♪ we could do this all night ♪ we could do this all night ♪ it feels like we could do this all night ♪ ♪ feels like ♪ we could do this all night
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♪ all night all night all night ♪ ♪ come on baby we can hit the lights, make the wrong turn right ♪ we can smash the car ♪ we don't need no sleep, and it feels like we could do this all night ♪ ♪ we could do this all night ♪ we could do this all night ♪ we could do this all night ♪ yeah everything is going right ♪ ♪ we got the key to open paradise ♪ ♪ yeah paradise it feels like ♪ we could do this all night h.
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you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks doing? how are you folks doing? how is it going? how are you doing?


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