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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 29, 2013 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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and the range of the blue ridge mountains. in town, not too much in the way of fog. in the cooler, western and northern suburbs, touches of fog will be found. 50 degrees andrews air force base. there are 40s on the map. loudoun county, you folks in chantilly off to a bit of a start first thing. temperatures generally in the 50s. we'll stay in the 40s and 50s through 8:00, 9:00 this morning. more sunshine than we were treated to yesterday should make for a pleasant afternoon. temperatures later on today generally speaking in the low to mid 70s for a brief time. back to work and school forecast coming up in a few minutes. a government shutdown looms. new from overnight, republican-led house approved a temporary spending bill that delays the affordable health care act until next year. >> because of that condition, the white house has promised to
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veto the entire bill. lawmakers began voting just before midnight, sending it to the senate for its consideration. brian mooar has all the action on capitol hill. >> tonight, the republican majority will vote to shut the government down! >> saturday night fireworks on the floor of the u.s. house. >> you can yell all you want. >> with a government shutdown looming on tuesday, republicans passed a spending package doomed to fail because it mandates a one-year delay in obama care. >> why are we doing this? number one, this is a program that is too expensive to afford. >> we'll give a stark choice to the president of the united states and the senate. >> democrats say it's no choice the all. >> the senate won't take it up, the president won't sign it, house republicans are shutting down the government. >> and because of that, not all republicans are on board. >> we can't let the government
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shut down. >> a contentious day. >> this is a five-minute vote. >> wrapped up with a series of late-night votes. >> the rules are suspended, the bill is passed without objection. >> there was little movement in the impasse that threatens the government shutdown on tuesday. brian mooar, washington. the house unanimously passed a bill to mac sure military members get paid even if there is a shutdown. lawmakers are not in session today. the senate expected to take up the house bill tomorrow when it reconvenes. however, senate democrats are expected to strip the delay to the affordable health care act. if lawmakers can't pass a budget by end of tomorrow, the federal government will shut down. tuesday is the day people can start applying for health care under the affordable care act. and coming up on "meet the press," texas republican senator ted cruz sits down exclusively with david gregory, who made headlines for his 21-hour
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filibuster like speech reeling against obama care. hoping to meet with an imprisoned montgomery man while in cuba. alan gross was arrested in 2009. the cuban government said he was spying for the u.s. gross maintains he was setting up internet for the jewish community on the island. he is serving a 15-year prison now. no word on whether jackson will be granted access to gross. he is there to speak on ways to improve u.s./cuban relations. maryland police say around 11:15 yesterday a woman walked into the bank of glenn berney. bank employees say the woman walked out as calmly as she walked in. if you have any information, you're asked to contact glen
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burnie police. happening today, the final day of this year's gun show. it's seen a surge of people from maryland thanks to new legislation. maryland's new laws will ban 45 different kinds of assault rifles, 20-round magazines and require fingerprinting when purchasing a gun. it will be open 10:00 this morning until 5:00 tonight. another gun show is scheduled for the end of november. soon, you can make your home out in tyson's corner. high rise in the area developers are calling tyson west along leesburg pike and the new toll road where the station will be on silver line. 700 apartments along with business and office space. it already features a walmart and 24-hour fitness center as well as a renovate ed sheraton
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hotel. >> redskins still looking for their first win. let's hope they get it. the skins lost a close one 27-20 last week. the d has been a weakness as they opened the season. teams play on the same team oakland's baseball team won their division on a week ago. we are hoping for the best. >> let's hope rg3 is right. he said we want to start winning and winning this week. >> we don't want rg 0-4. that's what we've heard. >> i don't think he wants that either. government shutdown is the big talk around d.c. this morning. we're going to listen in on what many of you are saying is happening right now, or not happening we should say, on capitol hill. praying for victims of the navy yard mass shooting. plus, what you can expect plus, what you can expect for the weather.
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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that's pretty nice there. took advantage of a great day weatherwise yesterday. blocks all around the area were shut down for this festival. it's been around 16 years now, featured live music and community 5k. it's also home to the annual d.c. chili cookoff. for 25 cents, visitors got to taste some of the hot concoctions. >> certainly did. nice day yesterday, chuck. >> yeah. >> what should we expect today? >> yesterday we had more of a cloud challenge than i expected to have. i apologize. it was not as sunny as advertised. but i guaranteed no rain and there was no rain. >> it still felt nice.
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>> it did feel nice, i must say. it made it up to 73. i forecasted 74. i really thought we should see more sunshine yesterday. today we'll start out with sunshine and much like yesterday we'll have a little bit in the way of cloudiness starting early this morning into this evening. for now, a very nice way to get your day started. capitol hill starting to turn out the lights on the washington monument this morning, one section at a time. nice way to get your sunday morning started, in the cool 50s around town. there are plenty of chilly 40s on the map, up north and out west. light to medium weight jacket first thing this morning. damascus, all in the mid 40s in upper montgomery county. upperville and loudoun county, in the 40s. milder inside the urban centers
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and by the bay. parts of the shenandoah valley, mart martinsburg, quarter mile visibility. there are areas of locally dense fog to be watched very carefully first thing this morning. that should be eaten up by mid to late-morning sunshine. most of the afternoon will be in the low to mid 70s. another fairly nice day. temperatures very close to average. then things will start to clear out just a touch after the sun goes down. much like yesterday, even if your sky clears up over your head, don't worry, it's not going to rain. the air at the surface is really, really dry. anything that would come in would evaporate. coastal storm stays offshore. meanwhile, back out to the west. what looks like could be our next rain chance. unfortunately, the way things are set up in the atmosphere, this high pressure will hold on tight and keep both of those chances of rain away from us. redskins on the road looking for a win today, out in oakland,
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california. no chance for rain there. game time temperatures will be in the low 70s. a cool start and mild enough afternoon. i do think we'll see to partly to, at times, cloudy sky. not as cloudy as it is this morning. hard to believe, tuesday is october 1st. boy, will it feel a lot more like early september than early october as temperatures will climb in the low 80s around here. we could see four days in a row to start out the month of october 80 degrees or better. we could really use a drop. the next chance for rain will be saturday next week. that will make it 14 days since the last drop. we could really use moisture around here. >> stretch of weather looks like southern california. >> i know. it's perfect. >> starting a new trend here. >> great convertible weather, chuck. >> if only my convertible were
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back. >> that could be a problem. >> thanks. we'll be back in 15 more minutes with the top stories. with sirium xm radio, reporters notebook. maryland is in the news and it seems everybody wants their handguns. they're not waiting until, what is it, october -- >> 1st. >> 1st. jerry, what's happening? >> this is the same old thing we heard every time we have this so-called new law on guns, the fact that people will rush to the gun stores or the gun shows and buy all the guns they can before october 1st, because the new laws will be a little stricter. although the police claim that they're not going to really enforce, overly enforce but rather they're going to work with the people. >> but michael lee from wamu-fm,
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it's creating a backlog that can't even keep up with background checks. isn't that a potential danger given what we just experienced here in the washington area? >> there's 1,000 applications every day. they have to deal with this backlog. it's part of a trend. we've seen spikes in gun sales after obama was elected. new jersey had a similar spike when they were considering gun legislation. people were worried they might not be able to get their guns and ended up buying a lot more guns. last year was a record year of gun sales for a long time. these companies, like bushmaster, are making a lot of money. they put in their financial report that they're expecting the results of the election to increase gun sales. >> but, jerry, is this because of the election? is this a result of obama or is this a result because they think that elected officials in the state of maryland will be taking away people's guns? >> well, if you look at from the
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bush -- the company itself, if you look at it from their perspective, the gentleman -- the governor of texas was just recently here. >> yeah, he was here to try to go convince gun manufacturers to leave maryland. >> exactly. i think it will work out. one thing about this law, joe, if you have an application already in, they won't necessarily call you to reapply again. that may alleviate the rush of people trying to get guns before october 1st. >> this is really about, is it not, michael, that people just don't want background checks? isn't this nra at its best in terms of frightening people saying, look, they want to do background checks. we don't want this?
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is that part of it? >> people that want guns in maryland don't want to have to deal with these new laws, the background checks and the more restrictive measures that are part of the new law. so, they're trying to take action now before the new rules go into effect. in maryland they've actually had to bring on all these employees from other agencies to help do some of this background check. >> let's stay in maryland for -- because finally, attorney general doug gensler finally -- surprise, surprise, he has announced -- >> all summer. >> he has announced that he's running. is there an advantage to waiting until this late in doing it? >> i don't know about the advantage there. he has some tough competition. and the two people running against him, i call them issue people. for instance, you have the first
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woman gay running against him. >> we should point out we're talking about the governor's race. >> the governor's race, right. but also you have lieutenant governor anthony brown, who is very popular. mcculskey came to give him an endorsement, senator mcculskey. and he has endorsements across this board. we talked about it all summer. when is he going to announce? and it was the lead up to that. waiting all this time, i don't see it will have any affect. >> any indication who is left to endorse gensler for governor if most -- i mean, what are you hearing? >> you were mentioning issue people. he does have an issue, which is the corporate income tax. he has talked about reducing it. that's created somewhat of a conversation on the campaign trail between the different candidates coming up with different numbers. some of the republican candidates want to reduce the
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corporate income tax. one of the republicans has a smaller number, one has a larger number. and one of the democrats has a question in terms of how they're going to pay for it. >> does gensler have financial, organizational advantage? has he taken the time to pull that all together? and does this now give him a chance to jump out in front? >> gensler has a good record in maryland. >> he has a lot of money, too, doesn't he? >> i was going to say, but he has to have a lot of money because there's big bucks going in for anthony brown. and the gay community is in back of heather. so, the way i see it, it's going to be a tug of war but i don't think gensler can pull it off. >> you saw it on television. you were there. you saw it on tv, but you were there on site. what was your reaction?
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>> you know, the -- >> for virginians? >> coming out of the debate, there was not a lot of momentum-changing comments. especially the fairfax chamber debate has the reputation of candidates making gafs in terms of changing the race. we didn't see these major gaffes. it's sort of a debate perpetuates the status quo. terry mcauliffe is leading in the polls. they feel like that's a victory for them. >> you're at home, jerry, watching on nbc 4. >> right. >> what is your -- >> there was a lot of dancing around. both gentlemen had a lot of information. like you said, what was concrete coming out of this debate, but there were questions that couldn't be answered. >> such as? >> cuccinelli, for instance. he talked about how he was going to reduce the loop holes in the
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budgets and the question was asked by chuck todd, what loop holes? he couldn't answer that. then on the other side, you had the question about monies going into a budget to support education and various social issues. and yet mcauliffe could not answer that. >> real quick before we go to break, you had the real news that came out of it was that it was negative. >> very negative. >> they swiped at each other. >> that's all they did through the whole thing. i looked at this thing and i talked to some people who were with me. and people are saying over and over again, they're tired of this negativity in these elections. >> if you were a voter watching that debate and wondering which of these candidates should i vote for? what are they going to do if elected governor? you would not have heard too much from that debate because they spent their whole time swiping each other. we're going to go to the district next, continuing with more of reporter's notebook.
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let's face it, he has now announced running to the mayor. it sounds to me a little campaign here. i have government employees who support me. in addition to that, the fact is that we still are under the congressional charters and so like -- what is it, the attorney general? d.c. attorney general said, look, this could be illegal. number one, congress has to make the final say. how are you going to make everybody in the district of columbia, all of the employees, that is, how are you going to make them so essential?
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>> michael, here is what the mayor is saying. wait a minute. why should we, who pay billions of dollars in taxes, why should we be held hostage because congress can't get its act together? they're talking about closing down the motor vehicle, they're talking about trash collection. this is going to have a tremendous impact on the district of columbia, probably unlike any city in the country. >> parking tickets. pot holes. recreation centers, libraries. >> do you think he was right in what he has done? >> it seems pretty clear that the mayor and the d.c. government are willing to push. and even if there may be legal constraightens, it seems like they may push past that, some sort of legal brinkmanship. we would likely see some sort of confrontation coming up soon on that. >> jerry, what do you think congress would do with this? what will they do with this? they have got their own problems. >> right. >> what do you think they'll do?
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>> i just don't see -- and people i'm talking to -- this is not my opinion, but people i talk to on the hill and out in the community, a lot of people don't feel that congress is going to bend to the district of columbia's rules. they haven't all this time. why should they this time? >> the impact this has, i assume, michael, the mayor must be concerned about that. you have federal employees who live in the district. they may be -- not furloughed. they won't work. they won't get a check. you have to close down the city. that means they don't get a paycheck. this has an economic impact on the city that could be two-fold. >> i think that's why it's pretty clear that the d.c. government is willing to push and sort of do anything in their power to force these appropriations, just for sort of local government that happens everywhere else. i saw a quote from one of the elected officials in d.c. they said everybody else in the
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country is ignoring this thing, so we should, too. >> we'll stick with wages and closing down, people losing jobs or being laid off. i was at a rally this week with actual employees who work in government buildings. they might be the janitors. they might be working the sandwich shops, union station, the ronald reagan building, the museums. and these are underpaid people. they delivered, i think, over 250,000 signatures to the president. >> right. >> this week. i think most people don't realize that these folks, for the most part, are terribly underpaid. and many of them can't afford to live in the district of columbia. do they have an argument? >> they have a big argument. number one, you're talking about the government, federal government that, what, advocates fair wages. i mean, they've been talking about being -- when it comes to
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campaign trails and going out in the public, we hear not only federal officials, but people, period, in government saying you should be paid such and such amount of money. yet the federal government is r renigging on that. >> more than a decade ago, the city of alexandria is the first city in virginia where the local government decided it would have a living wage for all of its contract employees. and so there's this mandate that dates back more than a decade in the city of alexandria, where people do recycling, janitorial services, they have a living wage. arlington followed suit. there are a number of localities in virginia. the federal government could use that as a model. >> speaking of making money, let's talk about these traffic cameras. >> right. >> to actually hear someone
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say -- i mean leave the city because of these traffic -- are they -- we only have about a minut minute. >> and hopefully not speeding. what do you think, quickly, 30 seconds for each of you? >> there are a lot of complaints of people, the way people drive today. >> good thing or bad thing? >> well, what do you mean, the cameras? >> yes. >> good thing in many communities, in many neighborhoods, because people go through these neighborhoods like they're on a racetrack. also the biggest thing, joe, they are ignoring the laws. and so, therefore, the police department says, let's put cameras out there. >> the last 30 seconds to mike. >> something to remember with these cameras, facial recognition technology. if you're wanted by the fbi, a deadbeat dad, this technology can identify your face. people in florida tried this a decade ago and didn't work. the technology was not good enough. it has not improved. >> good thing or bad thing? >> well, if it's catching
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criminals, it's a good thing. if it violates individual liberties, it's a bad thing. >> all right. it's a good thing. it really is. it's a good thing. >> if you don't want cameras, drive right. >> all right. last word, jerry. last word. thank you for joining us. hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss in for richard jordan. we start with the morning planner. >> many of you are headed out early, maybe for that early morning workout. cup of coffee. we need another one. right? >> uh-huh. >> i'm already on my third cup, to be perfectly clear. outside, we have temperatures in the 40s in most of the suburbs
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to low 50s inside the urban centers right now. 55 in arlington and falls church. 50, though, at restin town center. and just about ready to drop in to the upper 40s for charleston as well. a lot of 40s on the map. by 8:00, 9:00, everyone should be in the 50s. low 60s by 10:00 am, upper 60s by 11:00. pleasant day coming our way. mix of clouds and sunshine, metro areas basically in the low to mid 70s. the clock is ticking toward a possible government shutdown. late last night, the republican-led house passed a bill that would temporarily fund the government and delay the affordable health care act. it now goes to the senate for consideration. harry reid says it will reject the measure.
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lawmakers have until tomorrow night to agree on a budget. new fiscal year begins tuesday, the same day that americans can sign up for health care under the new affordable health care act. home to several federal agencies. all of them can take a hit if the government shuts down. darcy spencer has reaction from people along the national mall. the federal government is edging closer to a shutdown. the house gop attempting to undo health care reform known as obama care as part of any deal to keep the government running through october 1st. we talked to people on the national mall tonight. many of them tourists. do you think the government should shut down? >> no, i don't. because there's no telling what will happen when the government shuts down. that's unknown territory. the stuff we've already seen from the sequesters and what that's affected, there's no telling what will happen when the government shuts down. >> if it happens more than a third of federal employees would be furloughed.
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federally funded museums, including the smithsonians and the zoo would be closed, which could devastate tourism. >> people come here to do sight seeing, see everything. yeah, if there's nothing open, then they're not going to come. >> while it appears that a deal won't happen, many still have hope that it will, including federico lorini, from spain. >> cannot shut down. >> it happened 18 years ago. >> it is a risk, but what are the consequences? >> reporter: d.c. mayor vince gray has taken steps to protect the district in the event of a shutdown, declaring all d.c. government operations to be essential. so if the federal government closes, he says d.c. will be open for business. reporting from the capital, darcy spencer, news 4 today. defense secretary chuck hagel is criticizing congress, saying threats to shut down the
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government is dangerously short sided. if congress fails to agree on a short-term spending plan, defense department employees could face furlough. it could delay payments to troops serving in afghanistan as well. congress passed a bill to make sure military members get paid even if there is a shutdown. passing a bill aimed at improving the safety of drugs made by compounding pharmacies. those pharmacies could voluntarily register with the food and drug administration. it comes nearly a year after a meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people and sickened hundreds more. a compounding company that was responsible for that has since closed. as these issues move into next week, you can get more in-depth coverage by our political team on happening today, a service to remember all the victims of
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the navy yard massacre. head to the temple on cipriana road at 2:30 this afternoon. they're inviting anyone who wants to remember the navy yard victims to attend regardless of faith. tomorrow will mark two weeks to that fateful day that 12 people left for work and never returned home. today all the families of the victims now have a place where they can visit their last ones, last two victims laid to rest yesterday, mike ridgell was buried in southern maryland. gunman aaron alexis shot him and took his gun. he was 52 years old and had three daughters. in northeast d.c., network security administrator sylvia frasier was laid to rest. she was 53, had worked at the navy yard for 13 years. her sister said it gave frasier a mission in life. >> it's what she knew to do, was to serve. she was loyal. she was a friend and she served.
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that's really her testament. she left a legacy of love. >> she lived in charles county. she and all the navy yard victims will be remembered at an interfaith service this afternoon. navy yard community is also recovering. families and community members came out for the annual barracks row fall festival yesterday blocks from where the shooting happened. including music, art and plenty of food, a community volunteer said it was really important for everyone to keep thriving. >> it keeps getting bigger every year. and i think it demonstrates the resiliency of the neighborhood. we just all love it here and this is a celebration of that. >> on top of the community outreach, the event featured a cooking competition just for members of the military. well, plan ahead for metro delays today. crews doing track work on the blue and orange lines, trains running every 16 minutes. the work happening between the
6:35 am
mcpherson square and smithsonian stations, making repairs, fixing tunnel leaks and ceiling tiles. metro will close five stations on the red line next week. not just your health care policy that could change when the affordable health care act kicks in. how your trip to the doctor's office could also be different in the future. >> we'll now begin boarding all parents with small children. >> is and all children traveling with small parents. >> of course. that makes perfect sense. "snl" back at i
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house republicans pushing the fight over the health care act back to the senate. >> democrats now have to choose between the president's signature legislation and a government shutdown. joining us to talk about it all is "meet the press" moderator
6:39 am
david gregory. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. let's talk about this late-night vote and how it really changes things. it's perhaps the most dramatic face-off we're seeing between the president and house republicans. wouldn't you say? >> here we go again. i think we're having a government shutdown. there's nothing in the way of the government be being shut down at this point. it's possible the senate could take something up without getting into the weeds in all of this, make some adjustments, send it back and perhaps in a face-saving way get a vote that would keep the government open, but the leader of the democrats in the senate has said no way. the white house has said they would veto anything that looks like what the house has sent over. so, we have an official staring contest now. come monday night the government shuts down and we go from here. i have talked to republicans and democrats over the past day and nobody at this point is prepared to say they know how this ends. >> for some reason, this seems different than all the rest of
6:40 am
the situations we've gone through. it seems more serious like we're right at this point. >> what's really serious is what's ahead, which is the debt limit fight, because the government shutdown is surmountable, incredibly disruptive. it has an impact in our area for sure, federal workers, national parks. people will feel both inconvenienced and worse. i don't medium to minimize it in any way. shocks for the nation and economy that take a long time to overcome. that's a great fear. this is a giant protest over obama care. those leading the protest, senator ted cruz is my exclusive guest this morning. they don't have the votes to undo the law. they have put in place a protest to disrupt the functioning of government at this point. >> you talk about senator cruz. we watched him with his over 20-hour talk-a-thon in protest of the president's health care law. he can't get the votes. what is the end game?
6:41 am
what does he want? >> it is now clear. if the goal is to defund, to dismantle obama care, he is not there. he certainly is bringing a lot of attention to this there's a political end game here in terms of this being something that's a key part of the mid term races around the country. but not in terms of dealing with the legislation itself. so, the idea that the protest gets democrats to decide, which is what he needs, isn't foreseeable at this point. >> do you think people are just fed up again at this point, the average american whose looking at this again and congressional approval ratings are not where anyone would want them? >> they can't get any lower. anyone looking at how washington doesn't function is look at this and thinking this has got to be beyond the pail. secretary of defense, former senator chuck hagel saying, while he is traveling overseas, that the country is getting to the point where it's ungovernable. i think you'll see a lot of that frustration, plain frustration.
6:42 am
what's the level of engagement? there's a real danger here. people look at washington and see it as more and more irrelevant to their lives because of the inability to get things done. >> this is probably going to consume you on "meet the press" today. >> yeah. we've got senator ted cruz, our round table with chris matthews, jon huntsman and others, tea party congressman. there's other big news, this story about iran and the u.s./iranian negotiation over that are nuclear program. we'll talk about the meaning of that as well. >> thanks, david. >> okay, guys. in the week ahead many americans can shop for health care insurance, all part of the affordable health care act which aims to give people more access to cheaper coverage but also changes the way we're treated by our doctors. >> nor even ndoreen gentzler.
6:43 am
>> reporter: president elect of the american academy of family physicians says one of the biggest changes will be more attention to prevention. so, things like screenings, flu shots and some medical tests will be free. >> this is huge because a lot of what goes on in the expense of our current system is that diseases manifest because we don't have people coming in for prevention. >> reporter: but with so many more people having access to health care, along with an aging population and more medical students going into specialty fields, experts say another big impact of the aca could be a shortage of general practitioners. they're anticipating a shortage of 50,000 doctors by the year 2020. that could mean number three, the person seeing you at your next doctor's appointment may not be your doctor. and some question whether that's a good thing. >> a lot of things that can be done in my office or in our
6:44 am
practice that doesn't require the physician. so you may well see a nurse practitioner, a p.a., maybe just a nurse visit for blood pressure check. a lot of chronic disease and prevention can be handled by many members of the team. >> for some things, you may not interact with your doctor at all. expect to see more reliance on the internet as doctors transition to electronic medical records. >> and that means to go ahead and make sure we have access to for patients called a portal where you can alcohol's your record, ask me questions. you can take care of things before you come in so we can focus on the most important. >> doreen gentzler, news 4. many americans can begin shopping for health care plans. small businesses have another month to shop for plans for their workers. big companies have until the year 2015. maryland family will be assessing the damages today after a fire destroyed part of their home. emergency crews reported to the
6:45 am
scene in chevy chase around 8:00 last night. neighbors on connecticut avenue said they could see thick, black smoke coming out of the third floor. the family escaped safely and the fire was contained to one house. no cause has been released as to what sparked the flames. we wanted to thank every one of you who came out for our nbc 4 all-state community shred. take a look. really great turnout at prince george's community college inlargo. some people said they actually came more than an hour early to shred their documents. >> 6:45, must have been 100 cars in front of me. >> shredding personal documents, this is a great way to protect against identity theft. we'll have another one very soon, so make sure you check out for updates and information. >> who doesn't like coffee? today is a great day if you need that morning jolt. it's national coffee day. that means you can get a free cup of coffee at a handful of
6:46 am
places in the area. some shops offering discounts on free coffee, only if you buy something else. make sure you check with your local store first to check to see that they are participating. and certainly we could use some coffee here. >> i'm already on cup number two. >> really? >> i'm going to go to cup number two. >> you need to catch up. >> i switched to water now. >> i get so jealous. i'm having a pumpkin spice latte, cappuccino. >> wow! >> whatever happened to -- >> i know! >> thanks for inviting us. >> i know! we're up and at it, ready for another great day, little more sunshine. >> we need a little more than we had yesterday. i think we'll have a little more sunshine today than we did yesterday. clouds built in pretty tough. didn't get a whole lot in the way of sunshine between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. today, much of the same. we'll have a beautiful start just like this. this is exactly what it looked like yesterday morning as well. and just like yesterday, i do think we'll have what we call a
6:47 am
little bit of self destructive sunshine, get it is turning over a little bit. once you get things turning over, you bubble up a little bit of cloud cover. we'll watch that later on today. just like yesterday. even if you start to see more clouds than you want, don't worry, there's no chance for rain again today. we will be 100% dry no matter how many clouds we end up with. we're off to an absolutely gorgeous start first thing this morning. sun doesn't come up until a smidge after 7:00 am now. winds remain out of the north. they're not too terribly strong, averaging 7 miles an hour right now, keeping that north to northwest wind in range. maryland is at 47 degrees this morning. mt. arie at 45. hagerstown at 51. west virginia, in the mid 40s. low 40s now for parts of the shenandoah valley. where the temperatures are coolest, there are areas of thick fog forming. martinsburg has only one-quarter mile visibilityight now.
6:48 am
living or traveling near interstate 21, watch out for a little bit of patchy fog first thing. sunday starter, sun comes up at 7:02. 9:00 am, mostly mid and upper 50s. 60s by 10:00, 11:00. gradual increase by cloud cover late this morning into early this afternoon. storm team 4 radar shows no rain too terribly close to us. these showers offshore will stay away from us. area of low pressure out there and high pressure over new england. that's the reason for that general northeasterly flow. that's a dry air mass coming down the front range of the mountains. no chance for rain today. the redskins are on the road, as are the ravens, in buffalo. ravens are way out on the other side of the country in oakland. low 70s, decent amount of sunshine. there will be no weather problems compared to some of the college games yesterday, specifically in the pacific northwest. fall foliage, definitely getting to be that time. not much color in and around town just yet. we're still way early for that. little bit of color across the poconos and the real high spots
6:49 am
in far northern-most west virginia already starting to see at least a little hint of early fog color. for us today, little more sunshine. we will see a little bit of cloud cover later on this afternoon. skies once again will clear out overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning probably not as cool as we are now. then tomorrow, this is when things really start to get nice. the warm week begins, starting on your monday. and it looks like we could see four 80s in a row to get the month of october started. it will feel a lot more like early september. 74 today, the coolest day of the next week. we'll be 76 tomorrow, more sunshine. cloudy skies late monday night into early tuesday. what's left of those midwest showers tries to come our way. could get a sprinkle in the mountains of west virginia early monday into tuesday. no real chance around the metro area all the way through the coming week. i really think our next real shot of rain is next saturday, which will make it two weeks since we've seen anything.
6:50 am
>> not that we're complaining. >> not just yet. we will soon start to complain. >> i'm still thinking about the free coffee. >> we'll get there in a second. >> that's true. i tweeted out -- there's a bunch of different places around here to get a nice cup. i just put that online. moving right along. did you turn in early last night? you missed return of "snl." don't worry. don't worry. we have the
6:51 am
6:52 am
i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
6:53 am
good sunday morning, everyone. redskins are in oakland. they hope to pick up the first win of the season with any team that starts out 0-3, there have been criticisms for everyone. redskins linebacker says they're not worried about what anybody says. they just want to get out and
6:54 am
win. >> everybody has their opinions, defense sucks, offense sucks. everybody sucks. that's what happens with 0-3. we're very confident. we're not having our heads down, going about our day, handling our business. it will turn around for us. all it takes is one win to get that thing going. >> only one game left in the career of manager davey johnson. nats helped to sweeten the sendoff. he did his part on the mound, haren did. chad tracy gets in on the action, crushing this pitch to center over the pool. solo shot. they go for a sweep for a final win of davey's career later today. hope your sunday is a good one. it was a big night for comedy as a classic came back to life on the small screen. >> and live from new york, it's saturday night!
6:55 am
>> oh, yes. 39th season kicked off and nothing was off limits. >> i have a complaint about obama care. my iphone 5s broke and i took it to the genius bar and they would not fix it. i mean, what the hell is that? >> all right. okay. see, i believe you're confusing obama care with apple care. >> either way, happened on your watch. >> that's too much. with former head writer and funny girl tina fey hosting, the cast spoof most of pop culture, include i including senator ted cruz and obama care took a few shots. they're trying to get back to the magic with edgier laughs and a bit less comedy and a couple fresh faces. >> let's meet them. come on out here, new kids.
6:56 am
>> "snl" cast welcomed six new faces, like the guy who made all the at&t commercials with kids. miley cyrus will take the stage as host and musical guest next week. watch it here on nbc 4, saturday night at 11:30. i'm sorry, i'm just distract zpld tina fey is like the funniest person on the planet. >> she was treated like a rock star. >> of course. >> she was. >> she's great. we're back with a check on
6:57 am
6:58 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm jim handly. welcome to "viewpoint." helping students and families across our region and the country succeed. our guests this morning, david cohen, executive vice president of comcast. welcome back to "viewpoint," david. >> jim, it's great to be back. thanks for having me again. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc 4, we are proud to say. you are back in town -- >> as are we, by the way. >> good. very good. it's mutual. back in town once again, and this is -- washington is truly a second home for you now. >> my family might say -- might argue which is the second home and which is the first home. >> yeah. this week, you've been busy here. >> right. >> one of the big things is a launch. we are kicking off the school year and it is year three of
7:00 am
internet essentials. >> correct. jim, you'll remember, internet essentials is comcast's opportunity to address the digital divide. it's the largest, most comprehensive program to address bro broadband adoption in low-income communities in america. we announced at the beginning of this school year that through the first two school years, 22 months, we have successfully signed up 220,000 families, about 900,000 low-income americans to the internet. most of them for the very first time in their lives. so, 900,000 is a pretty big number. your viewers all realize that. if i tell you it's 50% more than the total population of the district of columbia or equivalent to the entire population of the city of san francisco, you realize that by signing up the equivalent of entire cities of low-income americans to the internet, we are beginning the process of closing the digital divide. >> that puts it into perspective.
7:01 am
tess all about access. we're showing some video here. earlier this week, you were at neville thomas. you visited the school last year, too. tell me what you hear from students you see and how they light up when they hear they're going to get reduced prices on computers and broadband access. >> it's students and parents. i have anectdotes and statistical research to confirm this. young people understand how important access to the internet is for their education and their lives. this is a technology innovation that's being driven by the young people. they're going home, telling their parents, gee whiz, i have homework to do. i need the internet to do the homework. that's something the parents are not used to. the internet and computers and digital learning didn't exist when they went to school. so i could tell stories all day. but one of my favorite stories
7:02 am
involves a mother who told me what a difference internet essentials made in her life, that she had two kids who were four hours a night on the computer doing their homework and how amazing it was to be able to do this in their house. this was not meant to be leading with a -- what did your kids do before you had internet in your house? she looked at me and said i'm almost embarrassed. i'm used to coming home, having dinner, packed our kids in the back of the car and we would drive to the mcdonald's and i would pass my smart phone into the backseat and the kids would take turns doing their homework on the smart phones, using the free wifi from the mcdonald's. >> wow, if that isn't telling. >> and i said to myself, you have got to be kidding me. it wasn't funny. i wasn't going to make fun of her. here is a mother who was so committed to the education of her kids that she would drive them three or four or five
7:03 am
nights a week to a mcdonald's and give them a smart phone so that they could do the computer that required internet access to the backseat of their car. and it's a poignant story. i'll be honest. i just can't imagine my kids doing their homework on a smart phone anywhere. how do you edit a term paper on a smart phone? >> this is something that we all take for granted. these children are obviously at a distinct disadvantage in terms of the competitiveness out there, because it's all technology driven now. >> it's a 21st century, life skills are absolutely competitively driven. if you just focus on the education environment for a second, there's so much digital learning technology now, which is beginning to be deployed in the schools. and so kids are in school. and they're getting digital learning and the benefit of it in schools. by the way, president has an initiative call the connect ed initiative to ensure that 99% of
7:04 am
the schools in the country are connected to high-speed data services. they can take full advantage of these internet-enhanced digital learning materials in the school room. but you don't get the full benefit of that if you can't go home and do your homework on the internet. there's an integrated learning model that goes from the schools and getting the schools connected to the internet to the home and having the homes critical conditioned to the internet. a study that recently came out said 77% of teachers are now assigning homework that requires internet usage to be able to conduct the homework. >> if you don't have it, you are left out. >> three-quarters of -- for three quarters of the teachers, classrooms in america, if you don't have internet access at home, you're falling behind. >> we talked about the students and parents. i can only imagine what you're hearing from the teachers. >> the teachers feel -- absolutely feel emboldened by this. they know the strength of these digital learning materials. i've been in several round tables with teachers where
7:05 am
there's actually been a discussion where teachers say, when i'm sitting in a classroom and half the kids or three-quarters of the kids don't have access to the internet at home but a quarter or half do, do i assign homework that requires the internet? do i hold the kids back who have internet at home? or do i run the risk of having the kids who don't have internet at home falling further behind? what a horrible con undrum for teacher. what we're trying to do is empower this entire integrated learning material. making sure our kids have high-speed internet access so the kids and parents have the ability to take full advantage of the tools available today. >> i want to talk about the parents and families and how it's not just the students, too, who benefit from connecting. >> absolutely. >> we'll be right back. as we go to the break, we'll put up two web addresses, one in
7:06 am
english, one in spanish to learn more about internet essentials. more about internet essentials. stay with us. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
7:07 am
siemens. answers. we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
7:08 am
we're back on "viewpoint. david cohen, from comcast, is our guest this morning. we also mentioned that parents are taking advantage. it's really the whole family gettiget ing connected. there's a lot more than just homework. >> that's right. what's amazing -- you and i know this. we see the way internet is used in our homes. i talked about how children are probably driving that. once broadband is in the home, it's empowering and enabling the entire family. so, one of my favorite statis c statistics, today, 85% of the fortune 500 companies only accept job applications online. if you want to apply for a job in this country, you want to
7:09 am
everyone is for a job in this country, you have to have some basic internet skills and having the internet at home is really helpful. i mentioned that we have 900,000 people now subscribing to this service. we can do real opinion survey research with them. when we asked what are the uses of the internet now that you have it in your home, number one answer, 98% of the families say they use it for their kids to do homework. 94% of the people say they think their kids are doing better in school because they have the internet at home. about two-thirds of the families surveyed say that the adults in the household use it to surf the internet, use it for other purposes. it's a tool that makes the entire family connected and enables the entire family to have the advantage of the internet, including access to health care, information and access to government services and benefits, more adult-related
7:10 am
activities, if you will, than just doing homework for your kids. >> you were quoted in a broadcasting and cable magazine this summer calling this access to computers and broadband -- >> i wish i could claim i came up with that all on my own but i didn't. i was doing an internet essentials event in atlanta with xhoong john lewis and congressman lewis, your viewers may know, is now the last living speaker in the martin luther king march on washington for jobs and education. >> just saw him at the 50th anniversary. >> and he made a speech and everyone in atlanta knows who john lewis is and knows about that story. he talked about how he marched in washington and selma to promote civil rights in the
7:11 am
'60s, equal right to sit at a bar stool at a kitchen counter, the right to sit anywhere on the bus and not just the back of the bus. we have an access issue and a justice issue that is just as important to the future of our society as the civil rights issues of the '60s and that's access to internet, access to broad band. just as he was fighting for swrus and for the opportunity for people to have a job and educational environment, regardless of the color of their skin, we're fighting today for people to have equal access of the internet for purposes of doing homework, equal access to health care, news, information and services and equal access to jobs and the opportunity to find jobs. and so he called this the 21st century civil rights issue. it was a poignant statement. when you think about it, he's exactly right. it's the exact type of access
7:12 am
issues that are now implicated by denial of equal access to the internet as were denied through more blatant discriminatory conduct in the '60s. >> spot on. how do you quantify the access, when students going to college maybe would not have without this? when do you start to see those results? a few years out still? >> a few years out still. you need more, what they call longitudinal research. of 96% of the families believe they're doing better in school because they have access to the internet. and the anecdotal stories are amazing. i remember a story involving a mother who actually tried the
7:13 am
internet essentials and a child in our digital connectors program, very intensive after-school digital literacy training. her son was a bit of a troublemaker in school, was not going to school every day. but she said he was a smart kid and we signed upped for internet essentials, put him in the digital connectors program and one night i'm walking by his room and my rule is, you know, lights out at 11:00 and you're not allowed to use your computer. so i walked by the room and sort of see a faint light under the door that looks like the glow of a keyboard. so i knocked on the door and i push my way into the room and i said, what are you doing? i see him sort of on the bed with the computer. and he looked up and said, mom, mom, i'm so sorry. i know you don't want me to do this. she said, well, what are you doing? and he said i'm on the internet and i'm looking at colleges, websites of colleges. >> wow! >> and the mother turned to me
7:14 am
and looked and said this is a kid who wouldn't go to school and now he's breaking his curfew in his room with his computer looking at college websites because now he knows that's where he's headed and that's what he wants to do. >> a parent's dream zblie think she would tolerate the breaking of the curb ffew. >> i would say. we'll have more, so please stay with us. [ taps baton ] [ dings ]
7:15 am
♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ i'm angie goff. here are some of the stories we're following right now. overnight, the house passed a temporary spending bill that delays the affordable health care act for one year. a look right now at the capital. the senate could take up the house version as early as tomorrow. senators will most likely strip
7:16 am
the delay in the affordable health care act. there will be an interfaith service to remember all of the victims of the navy yard shootings at the vishnu temple this afternoon. can they win? that's the questions on the minds of the redskins fans after a loss to the lions last week, looking to snap out of an 0-3 slump. they play against oakland today. now back to "viewpoint." and we're back with david cohen, executive vice president of comcast, our parent company. you're in town this week for a big launch, a partnership. tell us about promise neighborhood initiatives and how you folks are working together. >> earlier this week, we announced a unique and, we hope prototypical d.c. promise neighborhood initiative in the
7:17 am
kennelworth community. it's a partnership built upon broadband digital literacy, three components to it. the first is that dcpni will purchase and distribute 300 net book computers to residents of the community along with what we call opportunity cards, which is a new innovation in the program this year. this card is actually worth $60 toward your internet subscription, 50% discount on one year of internet service. we'll go and dcpni will distribute these to residents of the community as well as the computers to help induce sign-ups in the community. second, comcast is providing courtesy high-speed data service to the computer center so that kids and their parents can go to that computing center, get access to high-speed data service in the community. and then, third, we are
7:18 am
partnering on a community wide series of digital literacy seminars, training. the nature of the partnership as a whole is that we are connecting this community from the school and the classroom where these new digital learning tools are being used to the community, where kids can do their homework after school before they go home and then to the home where this internet service will be available for homework, for research on the web, for the parents to apply for jobs, et cetera, et cetera. >> that's exciting. >> to launch the partnership, we also announced earlier this week that comcast is donating 30 of those net books and cards to dcpni to get them started on that net book commitment. >> fantastic. you enhanced speed s and other changes this year, too. if somebody is thinking about this or knows somebody in their
7:19 am
family who needs this, or a friend down the street, how do they apply and get involved? >> you've been showing there's a toll free phone number with a dedicated call center 1-855-8-internet. you can be sent directly there. we have made it easier to sign up. there's actually an online application tool on the website. you can sign up online if you have access to a computer at work or regional computing center and internet essentials call centers, our experts can take you through the application process. we keep making the program better and better. the speed is 5 meg down, three times faster than when we originally launched this program only two years ago. it's a very attractive product. it's $9.95 a month for the internet service, no charge for
7:20 am
the modem, no installation charge, no contract. you don't have to buy any other comcast service. it's a great deal and an attractive opportunity to advance your kid's education. >> i was reading earlier we've got more than 200,000 students in the greater washington area who qualify for reduced or free meals. that's one of the bars you have to meet, right? >> right. >> you've expanded schools into parochial schools, charter schools. >> and home school kids, anyone who is eligible -- who would be eligible to participate in the national school lunch program. that's the only eligibility criteria. and we have -- in the d.c. metro area now, we've signed up about 20,000 individuals. and, by the way, we sign up 50% more people on the second year of the program in washington as we did in the first year. it's an accelerating rollout which is exactly the trajectory we're trying to look for.
7:21 am
and i think it's because the program is beginning to take hold. people are talking about it. they're seeing it. we heard from an amazing student earlier this week from cesar chavez high school, public charter high school, who talked about the internet and how his friends now come over to do his homework at his house and they have the internet and he has the internet and they don't have it at their homes. you can bet those kids are going home to their parents and saying we need the internet at home and here is an amazing program to help us get the internet. >> word is out. we'll be back to wrap things up. stay with us.
7:22 am
7:23 am
welcome back to "viewpoint." our guest again, david cohen, executive vice president of comcast. giving back and investing in the community is nothing new for comcast. it's always been a priority.
7:24 am
one of the things we have footage of, too, is something that's unique to the company. this is get iting all the employees, families and friends as volunteers to swoop in, like an army of green shirts we had this past april. >> jim, we call this comcast cares day. we don't mean that comcast doesn't care year round, because we do. but in one day, we try to run there i am, proof that i was here. >> hands on. >> we try to do a corporate day of service where all employees and family members and friends have an opportunity to come out. and, of course, since we have combined with nbc universal, it's now comcast nbc universal cares day, all around the country, including in washington, we are joined by nbc universal colleagues. this year, a record breaker for comcast cares day. 85,000 volunteers. >> wow! >> employees, members of their families, friends, came out and volunteered in 39 states, the district of columbia and seven
7:25 am
foreign countries. this is the first international comcast cares day again because of nbc universal presence in europe. and it was amazing. we worked on over 850 projects. like what you saw, by the way, at neville thomas and cesar chavez school. that's where i was earlier this week, announcing the internet essentials program as well. we were planning -- assembled picnic tables, painted picnic tables. the best part of comcast day is seeing the look on the kids' faces when they come back to their schools, seeing new playgrounds and new landscaping and new picnic tables. we did a butterfly garden at neville thomas this year. and it's amazing. but it's also a great day for the employees of our company. and i know in talking to the folks here at wrc that it had the same impact at nbc
7:26 am
universal. the employees come back so charged for the opportunity to have given back and to have participated, and to get their hands a little dirty and get their pants a little dirty, bring their kids and show that as a corporation, it's great to have a heart and a soul and the connectivity with our communities is so terrific, and it's true in tv and it's true in cable distribution. the more connection you have with a community, the healthier, more vibrant the community is going to be, and the healthier, more vibrant the company is going to be. >> where do you see internet essentials ten years from now? >> i am hoping we will have equivalent broad band adoption rates in every community regardless of the zip code of that community and the income level of the parents. that's the goal. >> thanks for inspiring us once again. >> thank you. >> we thank you for having us in. now back to news 4 today.
7:27 am
enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. game changer. a late-night vote sets up a face-off on capitol hill. this morning, reaction as lawmakers push us closer to a possible government shutdown. good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. we watched a critical vote in the house. now some saying we could actually be headed toward a government shutdown. >> reaction on that in just a moment. first, we want to talk about your sunday forecast. chuck, it really looks like we are closing out the last weekend of september on a nice note. >> you bet we are. 73 degrees yesterday and i think we'll probably be 73, 74 again
7:28 am
coming up this afternoon. it's a beautiful morning outside. little bit of fog outside in the shenandoah valley. you can sort of see a little hint of low-level fog there. mostly clear sky overhead. temperatures are in the chilly 40s in a lot of the suburbs this morning. leesburg, ash burn, 46. 49 in reston. so your sunday planner, off to a partly cloudy start first thing. decent amounts of sunshine this morning. just like yesterday, i think we'll have extra cloud cover during the afternoon. no rain today. we'll talk about the week ahead in a few minutes. >> thanks, chuck. partial government shutdown, new overnight, republican-led house passed a bill that would temporarily fund the government and delay the affordable health care act. the white house is promising to veto any bill that delays the health care law. meanwhile, lawmakers have until tomorrow night to degree on a budget. new fiscal year begins tuesday, same day americans can sign up
7:29 am
for the health care under the new affordable health care act. shortly after the vote, house speaker john boehner released a statement saying, quote, repealing the medical device tax will save jobs and delaying the president's health care law for all americans is only fair, given the exemptions the white house has granted to big businesses and insurance companies. lawmakers not in session today. the senate expected to take up the house bill tomorrow. senate democrats are expected to strip the delay to the affordable health care act. if lawmakers can't pass a budget by the end of the day tomorrow, the federal government will shut down. now tuesday is the day people can start applying for health care under the affordable care act. earlier this morning, we got reaction from "meet the press" moderator david gregory, who talked about how average americans feel about congress. >> i mean, this is ridiculous. anybody looking at how washington doesn't function is looking at this, thinking this has just to be beyond the pail.
7:30 am
secretary of defense, former senator chuck hagel, while he is traveling overseas, the country is getting to the point that the country is ungovernable, given the way congress is behaving. >> senator ted cruz sits down exclusively with david gregory, who made news for his epic 21-hour filibuster-like speech. you can watch the interview on nbc 4 beginning at 10:30 this morning. reverend jesse jackson is spending time in latin america in the hopes of helping some imprisoned u.s. citizens, currently in cuba. gross, serving a 15-year sentence, was arrested back in 2009. this, after being suspected of spieg for the u.s. he maintains he was just setting up internet for the jewish community on the island. a midday robbery at a glen
7:31 am
burnie bank has authorities asking for your help. just after 11:00 yesterday morning, a woman walked into the bank, walked up to a teller, passed a note demanding money. the teller cooperated and handed an unknown amount of cash to the woman. the woman walked out of the bank and walked down first street. you're asked to contact crime stoppers if you have any information. happening today, final day of the gun show at the dulles . xpo center. the surge is mostly expected by marylanders in anticipation of the state's new gun legislation. on tuesday, maryland will ban 45 different kinds of assault rifles, 20-round magazines and enforce fingerprinting when trying to purchase a gun. and today a movie that may haunt some of us will close its first weekend in theaters. >> blue caprice tells the story
7:32 am
of the beltway snipers. in 2002 the men kill ed 10 peope before they were caught. >> random target. total chaos. >> a searing depiction of the men who brought terror into our lives "blue caprice" is based on the beltway sniper attacks. >> it focuses on the genesis of the relationship between the father and son who perpetrated the crimes. >> wanting to explore how violence becomes a national outlet for expression in america. over 20 days in october 2002, john allen mohammed and lee mal vchl o killed 10 people before they were caught sleeping in the now infamous blue caprice.
7:33 am
>> the same biases i had, he's a monster, he's this, he's that. i don't want to touch this character. >> meeting mohammed, who becomes a father figure and a tormenter. >> how many people have you killed? >> i'm sorry. dad! dad! >> it travels down a twisted road of retribution, manipulation and brainwashing. >> want to try it? kid's a natural. >> not trying to provide any easy answers. it's only trying to create intense humane dialogue. >> he says he had a physical reaction, was overwhelmed by the movie when he first washed it, eliciting thoughts that many will find familiar, like it or not. >> humanity. can you believe it? that, as an artist, is what i
7:34 am
was going for. if we get this right, people will be in conflict, at odds what they think they know about this human being. >> only the last ten minutes addresses the actual sniper attacks, about as much time as those of us who lived through them could handle. aaron gilchrist, news 4. >> "blue caprice" is playing at the west end cinema in d.c. and in silver spring. why leaders in kenya have issues with a travel advisory put out by the state department. what likely sparked this fire in a high rise apartment. and the end of an era for washington and their baseball team, the washington nationals. we're talking about it all on air as well as online. join us on facebook and twitter. we'll be back in a moment.
7:35 am
7:36 am
7:37 am
investigators are sifting through the ruins in the deadly kenya attack today. the attack killed 67 people. the kenyan military said its first goal is to identify specifically what caused the large explosions inside the mall, triggering the three floors to collapse. agencies from u.s., britain and germany are all participating in the investigation. in the wake of the kenyan mall attacks in the u.s., the u.s. government has issued a travel advisory for the country, which upset several kenyan officials. state department issued the advisory friday, which made specific references to the mall attack. kenyan authorities believe the advisory could hurt tourism there. its foreign minister called the
7:38 am
statements unnecessary sbun called for, noting that the group responsible for the attack targeted kenyans. red cross is helping 40 senior citizens after a fire forced them from their retirement home out in phoenix. take a look at this video right here. all the response that came out to help. firefighters were able to put it out very quickly, but they're still not sure what actually got it started. several people were treated for breathing in smoke. no one, thankfully, though, was seriously hurt. firefighters say an electrical problem sparked this fire that left hundreds of people homeless. this happened in new jersey, right across the river from manhattan. you can see that the fire lasted much into the afternoon yesterday and into the night. the five-story apartment building, dozens of families live there. one firefighter did break his ribs, trying to rescue some of those family members, but no one else was hurt. >> the bad habits some of you have that might get you a ticket
7:39 am
from police, starting tuesday. plus, 700 homes, stores, even walmart. where this
7:40 am
7:41 am
the "today" show is next on nbc 4. it starts at 8:00. >> let's get a preview from erica and lester, joining us live from new york. good morning, guys.
7:42 am
>> hey, good morning to you guys. we know what's keeping you there busny washington. we're live in washington as well this morning where it is looking more and more likely we are, in fact, headed for a government shutdown after a long night that stretched into the wee hours of the morning on the house floor. what happens now and how exactly could it affect you? we'll answer those questions. we'll go live to italy where amanda knox, accused of killing her roommate, trial is set to go on without her. we'll look in the best and the worst tv sign-offs i history. >> we talk about the best tv -- not sign-off, but how about ten years of lester holt? >> i'll be signing off after this. >> no, no, you're not allowed to sign off after this. we are celebrating his decade here as the anchor of this program. we have a lot of laughs, lot of fun look backs and a surprise or
7:43 am
two. >> low-key. >> looks like interesting video there, lester. >> yeah. >> and i might add -- >> some brought back good memories, some painful memories. >> the superman costume. >> seconds after that shot, i broke my foot during that particular shoot. you look at it and go, ha, ha. i look at it and go, oh, i remember how much that hurt. >> you look as great as you ever did, lester. >> thank you so much. >> looking forward to that. >> see you guys. moving on today, race for the virginia governor. terry mcauliffe, which might be hosted by a political heavyweight. news 4 tomorrow night secretary of state hillary clinton will be hosting a fund-raiser. politico is reporting a second fund-raiser will take place october 15th in new york city. tickets to the second event will be sold for $25,000. in the meantime, republican candidate ken cuccinelli does
7:44 am
not have any campaign events posted on his public schedule at the moment. today, development is officially in the works for a mixed use development. >> in tyson's corner. look at the map here. that's where you'll find the developers are calling tyson's west. fairfax county board of supervisors approved plans to build a high rise apartment, where the silver line is going, too. these are the artist's rendering, showing what you can expect. spring hill station on the silver line will be. it will include 700 apartments, along with businesses and office space. that spot features a walmart, 24-hour fitness center and renovated sheraton hotel. a lot going on there. >> metro crews are doing track work on the blue and orange lines. trains are running about every 16 minutes or so. the work is happening between the mcpherson square and smithsonian stations. crews are making repairs, fixing up tunnel leaks and ceiling
7:45 am
tiles. metro will close five stations next week on the red line. >> starting tuesday, driving and talking on a handheld device in maryland becomes a primary offense. violators could face a hefty fine. not everyone may be familiar with the cell phone laws in our area. hang up or go hands free. the message dialed up loud and clear for thousands of drivers along wisconsin avenue in bethesda. >> that explains why i have been pulled over in the past by an officer driving past with my cell phone on. >> reporter: now that he knows about the new law, he will think twice. >> sometimes you need to communicate. obviously the call can wait and safety is very important. in our minds the alternative is texting. >> reporter: when it comes to handheld and texting bans. in d.c., there are both bans. in maryland, the ban moves to a
7:46 am
primary offense tuesday. and there is a texting ban. in virginia, no handheld ban but there is a texting ban. some chatting away, not aware that the change is around the corner. >> i did not know that. >> reporter: safety groups like the governor's highway safety administration says they expect enforcement to step up. once, it's a $75 fine. twice, $125. three times $175. some local drivers say they've already paid the handheld price. >> when it first started in d.c., i got caught twice in my neighborhood. one of my daughter's teachers was walking by so it was really embarrassing. >> it change your behavior? >> oh, yeah, because the fine is big, too. >> another law in maryland takes effect tuesday that requires all passengers, even though in the backseat, to wear seat belts. violators will be fined $50. >> good trick. purse, put the phone in the backseat of the car. >> there's really no excuse anymore. >> i would agree.
7:47 am
>> any sort of distraction. >> i see it often at the red lights. people think it's okay to -- they're at a stop. but it's not because you're holding up traffic because you're not moving. >> exactly. >> people's tolerance for how long will you wait after the light goes green before the honking starts? >> like half a second. >> you have that long. >> not even that. >> good day to take a drive, chuck? >> you betcha. we're back from the shop. it's been there since memorial day. no top-down driving for me all summer and i'm still on the wait list. yikes. >> still in the 80s, though. >> if have a convertible and an empty seat that you toent know what to do with, give me a shout. i'll come ride around in your old car today since i can't in mine. bright sunshine, early sunshine. probably just now leaving the face of abraham lincoln inside the memorial. if you've never been down there at sunrise, you can get sunlight all the way on the inside of the
7:48 am
memorial but it doesn't last very long. 55 at national airport right now. winds will remain out of the north and northeast today in that five to ten-mile-per-hour range. not a big, breezy day. mid county highway all the way north toward frederick, maryland, hagerstown, in the 40s. low 40s in the blue ridge and shenandoah this morning. 50 degrees now in fed rick'sburg. 51 in quantico. frederick county, maryland, out towards martinsburg, west virginia, quarter mile visibility there. be a little bit careful. petersburg, west virginia, also zero visibility in the morning fog. that won't last long. sunshine should eat away most of the fog by about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning, left with a sunny finish by the morning hours. later thaven, clouds will be back in this afternoon.
7:49 am
not rain-making clouds. all the rain chances will be staying away from us. this weather front, which looks like it will be bringing us a rain chance, it's not. dry air in places will take care of that, no problem. for today, gaithersburg, 71. few fair weather clouds late tonight and back in the chilly 50s to get your monday morning started. back up into the mid 70s for tomorrow's recovery. your future weather forecast. mild day coming. sunshine we see this morning will cause more cloud cover to form by late morning and through the afternoon hours. it will remain rain free. sunshine will be blocked out from time to time, skies clearing out a bit overnight. not as cool tomorrow morning as it is this morning. then that will start to warm up, finally starts to return. a warm week is coming. how warm? we may have 80-degree weather on the first four days of the month of october. today, the 29th and tomorrow the
7:50 am
30th, mid 70s. tuesday, the beginning of october, how about 8 2, 83, 83 and 82 for the first four days of october? that is unusual, not unprecedented but unusual to get that warm of werth for that long of a stretch. another dry, warm week coming. >> we are eventually going to need the rain, right? >> northern maryland needs it already. we've had a little extra rain here in town. we don't need it as much. everybody can sure use a little drink. >> every little bit help. thanks. moving on, the redskins still searching for their first win. game four this afternoon. skins visit oakland to play the raiders just before 4:30 pm. skins lost a close one last week, 27-20 to the lions at home. the season still young. 0-3 hole is a hard one to climb out of. after this, the team gets some time off. next week is their bye week.
7:51 am
>> no playoffs for the nats, making their match-up the last of the season. it's not just manager davey johnson's last game of this year but of his career. since taking over the club in 2011. the team will try to give him one more win this afternoon. >> did a great job. i wonder if he wishes that strasburg stayed in to pitch in the playoffs last year. >> you can only look back and wonder. >> wish davey the best. the freshman cast season premiere of "saturday night
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
let's take a look at the week ahead. president obama will host israeli prime minister beng man netanyahu. here is a look at the white house right now. the two will talk about progress and status negotiations between israel and the palestinians, talk about developments in iran, syria and other topics in that region. >> things will look a little pink next week. october is breast cancer awareness month. the national cancer institute estimates there will be more than 243,000 new cases of breast cancer cases in men and women this year. early detection is the best defense. regular self exams, mammograms are the best way to find cancer early. we were fast asleep, i think, but another season of laughs kicked off last night
7:55 am
with the 39th season of "saturday night live." >> and live from new york, it's saturday night! >> the iconic show came out of the gate swinging with a sketch about the confusion surrounding obama care, possibly the brainchild of host, former cast writer tina fey. in her
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. breaking overnight. one step closer to a government shutdown, fireworks on the house floor. >> you can yell if you want, you're not silencing the voice -- >> in a late night vote the republican majority passes a bill that will never get through the sem kratic senate nor past president obama. what snou how much pain will you feel if the worst hapts? we're live in washington with the answers. inside the massacre, startling new pictures emerging this morning of the aftermath of the terror attack in kenya, giving our closest look yet at the devastation after a week long standoff with terrorists. and happy anniversary lester. he's been going strong for ten years behind the "weekend today" anchor desk. we'll take a look back and


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