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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. starting off with a little patchy fog in some of the rural areas. otherwise no travel problems weatherwise. you will need a light jacket, though. down into the upper 40s in montgomery county, prince lliam and fauquier, down through near stafford and spotsylvania as well. upper 40s. closer to washington, fairfax county, near 50 as is much of prince george's county. the district is in the low to mid-50s. charles county now is in the upper 40s to near 50. by 8:00 this morning, we'll be in the upper 50s much of the rebe john. by 10:00 should be into the mid-60s. partly cloudy through the morning. just a very light breeze. then by noontime it will be mild. we should be in the low 70s around much of the region and partly cloudy sky. hometown forecast in loudoun county, leesburg, there by noontime should be around 70 degrees and partly cloudy. a look at the rest of your monday coming up in about ten minutes. now let's check traffic this monday morning. danella? still checking on early morning construction. so things that happened overnight in the process of
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being picked up. we'll head down i-95 in virginia and talk about it right now. if you're traveling making your way between prince which wiilli parkway and the beltway, your lanes are open early for folks traveling northbound and southbound there were two separate work zones set up, blocking the left lane at some point and traveling near dumfries road had at least one of your lanes blocked as well. that looks to be clear. so far as you make the commute between dumfries and head up to the capital beltway, i-95 in virginia, your lanes are open. in fact, as you continue on to 395 checking for work zones there, that's clear. for folks traveling 395 at duke, heads-up. a broken down vehicle off to your shoulder lane. aaron and eun, over to you. news 4's news desk. a small jet crashes into the ha hangar at santa monica's
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airport. it went off the right side of the runway and struck the airport. no word yet on casualties or how many were inside. a plane this size can hold eight passengers and two crew members. back to you. the first group of inspectors is heading to syria. their plan is to scrap the country's ability to make weapons and destroy their current ones by mid-2014 after a resolution promising to get rid of syria's weapons supply in response to it an attack that killed 1,400 people. israel's leader comes to the white house. benjamin netanyahu meets with president obama later this morning. the meeting is expected to focus
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on stability in the middle east particularly with developments in syria. netanyahu is also expected to caution the u.s. on how to deal with iran just days after that country's new president had a historic phone conversation with president obama. investigators looking into what cause add fire on the bay bridge sunday evening. as you can see it was a scary scene, smoke pouring are from underneath the westbound side of the bridge. the flames shut down traffic in both directions for two hours starting about 6:00. news 4 learned construction crews were working on the bridge earlier in the day. no one linked the work being done to the fire, though. maryland highway engineers say it's safe to drive on. you can see more pictures from the bay bridge fire on our website go to all eyes are on a newborn this morning in fairfax county as the baby's life hangs in the balance after a fatal accident. police say 44-year-old abraham aragon was driving the wrong way
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down the parkway when he hit another car head-on. the pennsylvania couple in the other car survived but the woman went into labor. she delivered the baby safely but the family remains in the hospital. aragon died at the scene. now some breaking news. out of iraq a wave of car bombings has left 24 dead. officialses in baghdad say the parked car bombings exploded in outdoor markets and parking lots. the deadliest in the eastern san jose neighborhood where seven people lost their lives. 75 others were wounded. attacks in different parts of iraq including two suicide bombings in the country's northern kurdish region killed 46 on sunday. more than 4,500 people have been killed since april in attacks. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> mollett green, thank you. today is the last day you can visit the national aquar july. after 81 years it will begin
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closing its doors in the basement of the commerce building. renovations are forcing the aquarium out. the owners are look iing for a w location. the staff is planning to move the animals to the national aquarium in baltimore. well, here is a stat to put redskins fans at ease a bit this morning. eun is all smiles. they head into their bye week. one team has started 0-4 and made the postseason. that tells you how big yesterday's win over oakland was. they beat the raiders 24-14 in their first win of the season. head coach mike shanahan says he's proud of how the redskins played even after trailing 14-0. >> that's what you've got to do to win here. you have to fight for a full 60 minutes. i talked to our guys before the game. that's what it was going to take to win and, fortunately, we fought for the full 60 minutes. that's what it took. that was shanahan's happy face. did you see that? >> did he smile like a tiny bit? >> let's not go that far.
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the next game is in dallas against the cowboys october 13. you can see it right here on nbc 4. >> here is the crazy thing, we're one game out of first place. the giants lost and the way this league is playing we could win and maybe even go to the playoffs. seriously, it's amazing. puck back that alarm, the school program that is letting hundreds of northern virginia kids sleep in this morning, plus, why it can could cost you if you don't keep careful track of your banking activity. >> also ahead, the housing crunch forcing more and more people out of a popular virginia community. october just a day away. we're enjoying another taste of sum he, though. what you can expect.
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happening today d.c. and transportation leaders celebrate 25 years since union station reopened its doors. the a number of businesses inside the station are celebrating as well and throughout the day you can see a number of artifacts, photos from throughout the years as well as interactive model of future plans it to expand the station. union station was originally built in 1907. it cost $160 million to restore and reopened in 1988. 4:40 now. one of the wealthiest counties in northern virginia may be facing a housing crisis. more and more of you are being priced out of the rental market in arlington county. according to "the washington post" a study by the county found over the past ten years
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average rent has jumped 47%. the average salary has increased 37%. half of the counties make $60,000 a year or less meaning they have to compete for a shrinking number of low cost apartments. well, a new plan for the stalled celebrate virginia north development. the fredericksburg freelance star reporting silver companies proposing a new 192 unit apartment complex as part of an 18-acre development project. it would support the nearby law enforcement training center on celebrate virginia parkway. they will present its proposal with the planning commission. the praef proposal was rejected over the summer. 4:41 now. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we had a beautiful weekend. beautiful. and we'll keep the beauty going. good morning. starting off, though, with a chill in the air. partly cloudy. in the 40s much of the region.
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by 8:00 in the 50s. partly cloudy by noontime. the low 70s during the afternoon. peaking into the upper 70s. a look at your week ahead had, seven-day outlook is coming at 4:51 as well as a look into october. that's coming up in about ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? well, for folks traveling in charles county, heads up. out of la plata northbound 301 as you make your way past 6 and centennial street construction off to the right. the ramp to 32 is completely blocked by an accident involving a tractor-trailer. aaron and eun? danella, thank you. a new chapter in the amanda knox saga. what we can expect as her new trial gets under way. >> the special honor in store for the late pope john paul ii and how local catholics are
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good morning, i'm molette green at the live desk. reports say this morning one hit north waziristan. the first hit a compound also in north waziristan on sunday. i'm molette green at the live desk. any minute now amanda knox will go back on trial in italy for the murder of her british roommate. the american student was acquitted and released back in 2011 but italy's highest court decided to overturn the case citing inconsistencies including question of a motive and dna evidence as reasons to retry the case. knox will not travel to italy for the trial. she may testify on video. coming up, amanda knox's
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ex-boyfriend is sitting down with savannah guthrie in a "today" show exclusive. we'll find out if he plans to return to italy to testify in the case. 4:46. today the brother of hollywood star mia farrow is expected to be sentenced for sexually abusing two boys in maryland. john charles farrow pled guilty. two men came forward saying he abused them when they were younger. it happened at his home in the edge water area. he faces up to ten years in prison. new surveillance footage could lead police to a string of unique robberies in northeast d.c. in all the robberies the criminals used tazers to steal from their victims. take a look at this. the video here shows the three men walking near 12th and n streets around 4:00 in the morning when the first robbery was reported. two other taser robberies reported later the same day a few blocks away.
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police describe the men in the video as persons of interest in the case. d.c. police asking are for your help to find a man who sexually assault add woman and then stole from her. the woman told police she was forced at gunpoint into an alley in northwest around 2:30 yesterday morning. the suspect assaulted her, then stole several of her personal items. he fled the scene on bike. if you know anything about this attack you are asked to call d.c. police. today montgomery county lawmakers and police will explain the na law that criminalizes synthetic marijuana. drugs like can k-2 and spice are sold in tobacco shops and convenience stores. in some case available for purchase with no age restrictions. starting tomorrow it will be ill lael to buy the drugs. today's news conference kicks off at 10:30 in rockville. there are a few other laws taking effect in maryland tomorrow that you need to know about. a heads-up for drivers. talking on a hand held cell phone while driving will be a primary offense. police can pull you over just for talking on the phone without
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a hands-free device. all passengers, even those in the back seat, will have to wear a seat belt. new gun laws take effect tomorrow. you will not be able to buy 45 different types of assault weapons or magazines that hold more than ten rounds. gun buyers will have to be fingerprinted. hillary clinton is getting involved in the race for governor of virginia. she is hosting a fund-raiser for terry mcauliffe at her home in d.c. mcauliffe is a longtime friend of the clintons. former president bill clinton has hosted a number of fund-raisers already. this will be hillary clinton's first political event since leaving the state department. if you live in virginia, the state is creating a database with your personal information. according to "the richmond times dispatch" it will include your trifr's license number, address and other information. the state says the electronic database will uncover fraud. the aclu says it makes it easier for someone to invade your privacy. 4:48 is your time. commuters in new york and k
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connecticut may get a little bit of a break. about half of all trains are finally able to run along a busy stretch of track that lost power last week. crews have been working round the clock since wednesday to get temporary power working. tens of thousands used the metro north railroad every day to get between manhattan and new haven. authorities say a permanent fix is still weeks away. back to work for members of the u.s. supreme court. justices start the fall session with major decisions on the agenda, among them whether argentina should pay more than $1 billion in debt this could change how governments deal with creditors. argentina has petitioned the supreme court to review the case running from a long stemming dispute with hedge funds. it is getting harder and hard harder to hang on to your money but not the reason you might think. banking fees have risen for the 15th straight year hitting a record high. the average overdraft fee went up 3% to $32.20.
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in fact, the study by the financial magazine bank rate showed it is cheaper to borrow $100 from a payday lender than overdraft your account. lenders charge an average of 18%. the cost for using an atm that isn't affiliated with your bank went up as well, 2% more than last year. new this morning for the first time in 13 years coca-cola is not the most valuable brand in the world. according to an annual report, apple is now at the top spot. google took second place followed by coke, ibm and microsoft. not surprised at all. >> apple is doing it for sure. >> keep coming up with new product, new upgrades. 4:51 on this monday morning. tom kierein is joining us here in the studio now. you say we're going to continue this lovely weather. >> i got out and was hiking the and la
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appalachian trail. this is what it looked like to the west of frederick on saturday. and not a lot of color in the trees. you can see the forest floor there is carpeted with lush, green ferns and a lot of people were there hiking up to annapolis rocks where the view from there is spectacular. i'll show you a photo later on. right now there's the sky over washington. it's mostly clear. we can see the autumn constellations. 58 now at reagan national. the dew point's at 52, partly cloudy. but it's down into the 40s in our western and northern suburbs and out around the shenandoah valley into the mountains. only in the mid-40s this morning. eastern suburbs near 50 degrees. there's a little patchy fog. some of the rural areas near the bay so watch out for that as the morning progresses. hour by hour we'll have a partly cloudy sky, temperatures by noontime should be into the low 70s. we ought to be hitting the mid-70s much of the region but may hit upper 70s right in the city by perhaps around 3:00 or so and then this evening it will begin to drop back a little bit under a mostly clear sky but, overall, a gorgeous day is coming up.
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this is the last day of september and as we look into october here's what we have in store. chuck bell is joining us now live on the mall with a look at that. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tom. from america's backyard hear on the national mall where temperatures are only in the low 50s first thing this morning, we're almost 4 inches behind in rainfall if you just look at the months of august and september as we go into october we only average about 3.5 inches of rain. now we can get a lot more than that. the wettest october on record, 2005. not that long ago with 9 1/2 inches of rain. the biggest thing you'll notice are the falling temperatures. we lose ten degrees of average high and average low temperatures during the course of the month of october. so do expect a big cooldown and typically, tom, october is the last month we see 80s until next spring. >> our average highs by the end of the month down to the mid-60s. average highs now mid-70s and
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we'll be above that today and way above it tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. it'll feel like summer in the afternoons with highs reaching the 80s. lots of sunshine. we'll keep this warm, dry pattern going. the seven-day outlook into friday and saturday, partly cloudy. highs up around 80. the next chance of rain may not be until late on sunday. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. look who is here now. danella is looking at your first 4 traffic. good morning, tom. i was hiking this weekend. no pictures. it's a quiet, private hike. let's head over to anne arundel county. next time i'll take some pictures. i'm not as cool as tom when he hikes. let's head over to anne arundel county for folks traveling i-97. this is southbound on the ramp to 32. i'm tracking an accident and here is what happened. it involved a tractor-trailer so right now the exit ramp to 32 is blocked. the tractor-trailer also that accident involved a fuel spill,
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so that's what will take tame to clean you. if you're traveling i-97 heading southbound you cannot take that ramp. good news here earlier construction westbound at nutley. that's clear. this is a live look at 29 as you make your way in centreville in both directions eastbound and westbound you're clear. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. we all know the saying here, breaking up is hard to do. >> but coming up on "news 4 today" at 5:00, why social maed yeah sites like facebook are making it hard er for people to move on. >> first, though, no need to get up early. the program at one virginia school district that has hundreds of kids sleeping in. >> anyone with a long commute will appreciate why filling up at the gas station is becoming less of a pai
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a consumer alert at 4:57. gas prices are dropping and they could keep falling for the rest of the year. aaa mid-atlantic says drivers should expect more falling prices as production companies switch to a cheaper winter blend and crude oil prices drop. but, that could change if there's a hurricane or anything that disrupts production. aaa reports the price for regular is $3.55 a gallon in the district now. $3.36 in maryland. $3.17 in virginia and on average $3.49 for regular unledded in f
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west virginia. there may soon be a new way to commute between annapolis and the district. the maryland transit administration is considering adding a new stop at the new carrollton metro station on two bus routes from annapolis. maryland cut a previous with bus route four years ago because of budget cuts and low ridership, but increasing development around new carrollton has them rethinking that route. for the first time maryland is finding state casinos for instances of under aged gambling. 30 known violations so far this year. under a new agreement signed last week maryland will play $20,000 for four incidents in hollywood casino will pay $10,000 for two. the state can impose a fine up to $5,000 per incident. right now there is no punishment for the young people caught gambling. what would you do for an extra hour or two of sleep? >> what wouldn't i do? >> some students in fairfax county are finding out. the countywide school program is allowing seniors to drop their first class of the day to get a
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few more zs. the opt-out program is part of the push to get a later school start time. about 5% of the class of 2014 is enrolled in the program as of now. in order to get more pillow tame and less cla time seniors must be on track to graduate, get permission from their parents and the principal and be able to get to school without relying on the bus. currently the first class of the day for fairfax high schoolers starts at 7:20. principals in it d.c.'s public schools, "the washington post" reports that only about 45% of principals received ratings of highly effective or effect. more than half of the principals earned developing or ineffective ratings. the bottom 8% with ineffective ratings lost their jobs this past spring, based on observation and student progress. 4:59. to molette green with breaking news. we have the very latest on
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some special events taking place in washington, d.c., in and it tis persuasion of pope francis' announcement of when pope john paul ii will be made a saint. to celebrate the official cannonization announcement the blessed john paul ii shrine in the district will offer special events throughout the day. the shrine is off michigan avenue in northeast near the catholic university of america. you can go there from 10:00 a.m. this morning until 8:30 p.m. i'm molette green at the live desk. 19 hours and counting. the fate of hundreds of thousands of federal work eers remains up in the air this morning as the threat of a government shutdown looms large. >> plus, shutting the doors at a local landmark. what's next for the smithsonian's -- what's next for the national aquarium as the current location closes for


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